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pppipg Constantly at it Brings Saccess.
.. .,any a new business
lvd'ts many an old busLr
.-.N-V.Vovk.S many a large b
. , I. r.
r r. .
Mr. p. Wyckoff has hrniiyi.t a
something of a curiosity in the way of
prolific bearing plums. It is a single
branch cut from one of his trees and in
me space ol one innt on.l
IC manv a dull business;
'srilES many a lost business;
sAVk-S many a failing business;
CUKES success in any business.
half tliere
He Visits One Home Twice Within a
The hearts of our people go out in
37 well developed plums all thor- deepest sympathy to Mr. and Mrs
...scudiciously," use the columns
;Vf . '.., rnin I. RAF. A nro-
- 1. i( I' J mr I
newspaper, it circulates
' "' ,hout Vance ni adjoining
dr av
an intelligent and prosperous
,r traae is wen
l "
1j c. I 1 col.
"i 4.r0 hOO
:oo ;ooiioo
4 OP I xooii.'too
r.oo' o.oonroo
7UO!1 1 ootuonn
s r.oi r.ooiunoo
I r,o.
l r, oo
18 00
24 OO
2H 00
70 OO
85 00
, ., , i ." no; 1 h oo';:j." OOt."00l 0000
,,! i t isements to tie published
..'nil uii'ler, must be paid for Id
i H iv. -rtisiiiK for a shorter time
,!iiliis considered trmiHient
nuts rendered quarterly
iVertisemcnts published for a
,t of ! ilne.
-Yemenis, to appear among
will l- charged 10 cents per
i ;nV. !iion, and 5 cents per line
it thereafter.
,.rt isements, hitch as admtnis
l , Tutors' notices, commission,
ales, summons to non
will he charged for at, rates
V .'xf-l't when they exceed a
I s(, ;!'. in which " '
tlx our own price, mi
nsutioii is small and
.i.i t, take risks or wait me
..i.roiis to pay.
tires, resolutions or respect,
, 'mined' for at the rale of one
! iiift i'C cash must accompany
i -i.t. I" cases where friends and
I,, iijipcrarc concerned no charge
1, tor I lie first ten lilies ahout lt
iit;ies not exceeding that in
uuu.y matured. It is what is known
as the Abundant, and ia n ft
7 v ai iv bjr y
m quantity and mmlitv f th
truit. Mr. Wvflfnfr MM
three years old in fine bearing Tie
says there are probably three bushels
of plums on them.
Capt. Crocker writes that we were
mistaken about his being appointed
County Examiner of public schools.
e louud Ins name in the list of Ex
aminers as published in the public
school edition of the News and Ob
server, and as we had made no inquiry
on mat point naturally interred that he
had been appointed as staled in our
last issue. This correction is made
to save unnecessary trouble to teach
ers and to Capt. Crocker.
The attention of the ladies is called to
a nice lot of beautiful new prints just
"wived. H. THOMAKOV
E. E. Hight, the jeweler.
succeeded by Might & Co.
has been
a pr-4
George B. Harris in their double be
reavement. The shadow of a deep
grief has twice darkened their home
within a week. Two precious little
children have been taken from the
happy household group and two little
places are vacant around the family
altar. Friday morning the death angel
claimed a bright and beautiful little
girl aged about three years, aud ere
the flowers had withered on the new
made mound beneath which the lovely
form was laid to rest, another precious
bud was plucked from hearts already
anguished. Yesterday afternoon the
baby idol of the household a sweet
little girl one year old, died after a
short but severe sickness of whoopiug
cough complicated with other troubles.
Doth were unusually bright aud at
tractive childreu and the heartfelt
sympathy of the community is ex
tended to the stricken parents in this
hour of their sore affliction.
..'hi to
must l
I I.--
Firemen's Tournament.
The State tournament of the colored
fire companies will be held in Hender
son August 8th. The colored firemen
of the town are takinir active stens
toward perfecting all arrangements and
making the affair a creditable aud
successful one.
In this connection we note the liberal
spirit of the Town Commissioners in
voting an appropriation of $225 to
Enterprise Hose Co. No. 1, for this
i r- r
Il:.lrini I. !;;, No. lilii,
A . I'. V A. .M.
v i,i -t 'ltied:is in eiich month at
,. . :n:d tliiid Tuesday nights at
1 ! ,i I 1 .
nl rm
4 liapicr, Ifoyal Arcli
-ccoml anitjointli Tuesdays in
ii, at 10 a. III.
7 " J. 's- . . "
Nice lot of very iiretty Dress Goods
just received by II. Thomason. The
price is no less attractive than the
goods, either.
- . .
Wagons $25.00 e.-ieli at Crow & Mars-
ton's, Henderson. N. C. -
Death of Mr. Haywood Harris.
In the death of the venerable gen
tleman whose name heads this article
Vance county loses one of its best and
most worthy citizens. He died at his
home near Middleburg Sunday night.
His sickness was brief and his death
was a shock to his friends. Mr. Har-
was an honorable, upright man,
q.uiet and dignified in manner, indus
trious and frugal in his habits, and his
life and character were an example for
hi3 fellow-men. He was a farmer and
loved the pursuit of agriculture in
which he was very successful. Mr.
Harris was about 74 years old, we
That tired, all cone feelinir, loss of
appetite, caused by improper dieting, can
oe easily eradicated by using Johnson s
Emulsion of (Jod Liver Oil. Pleasant to
the taste. Pint bottle. tl.OO. Melville
Dorsey, druggist, Henderson, N. V.
See those new prints just received by
H. Thoiiiason.
- - -
Sunday-School Convention.
The programme to be observed by the
Sunday-school Convention of Albemarle
Presbytery, heretofore mentioned, is an
interesting and attractive one. The
convention will meet in Henderson July
.'JOtli and be in session three days. A
large attendance is expected. Among
the speakers will be such well known
ministers and laymen as Ilev. W. D.
Morton, I). I)., Rev. C. G. Vardell, Prof.
.lames Dinwiddle, Mr. A. M. McPheeters.
Mr. H. E. Shaw, Mr. Walter Bullock, Mr.
J. It. ioung, Mr. V . S. Primrose, Itev.
K. Y. Hind, Itev. F. II. Johnston, I). I).,
Itev. T. I). Thomas, and others.
That tired feeliue should be overcome
at once or it may end most seriously. Tak
lioort s Aarsapariila now and prevent
siokness and suffering later in the season.
Hood's Pills are the best family cathartic
and liver medicine. Harmless, reliable,
If you wisli to get your foot in it that
is a good thing you should see Hardee's
Shoes. He makes a specialty in this line,
and has them to suit all buyers. The
prices tire ri'oht.
For the hkst
earth, go to
and i hkafkst Shoks on
Zuii'um ': 1 0c rviL"iTMiirPRI "5AT
i" ; 1 ' ? Yb ! -?-"! Y"6
& 9"jl0"j ! 1 ri2TT3"
I 14 Zj iG I !7 36 1972.0"
? 1 : 2 2 i Z 3 : cr 1 5 ! 262 7"
l'or l.(v Trices
On Lime. Laths, Shintrles,
hums ;iik1 Windows, call on
I .-.. lit 1 -.1 1 T. 1:
; nice bi iiiecnciiinliers for
W. E. MOSS & CO.
I am prepared to supply blacksmiths
with coal, in large or small quantities.
The best for their business, l'rieescheop.
Quietly Married.
At the residence of Mr. W. D. Bur-
well, home of the bride, at 9:30 o'clock
Wednesday night of last week, two of
Henderson's well known young people
were united in marriage. They were
Mr. W. W. Parker and Miss Tempie
Burwell. The affair was a very quiet
one but few of their friends being in
formed of their intentions until after
it was all over. The ceremouv was
performed by llev. Junius W. Millard,
of the Baptist church. Mr. aud Mrs,
Parker left ou the orth bound At
lanta Special for a visit to Baltimore
and other places.
The bride is an estimable young
ladv. of lovely character and attractive
niesence and has a larsre circle of
friends and admirers. The groom is a
popular and successful druggist and a
worthy and popular young gentleman
who has the confidence and esteem
of those who know him.
Save Your Fruit.
inere is euough iruit wasted on any
ordinary farm where there is an
orchard, every year it fruits, to pay the
taxes ami buy most of the necessary
supplies if taken care of. This ofteu
goes to waste,Jthrough carelessness, but
oitencr for want of a. ite outlay and
needed information. Caumng fruit is
a simple process and cans are cheap.
An j' person of ordinary intelligence
can get cans and information at places
where they are sold, and with the
fruit ready cau earn several dollars per
day that generally goes to waste
This fruit thus saved keeps indefinitely
and can be sold for cash or traded for
other necessary supplies. Further,
our raerchauts prefer it as it sells bet
ter, eats better aud is more satisfactory
every way.
People who have fruit can easily save
it if they will and turn it to a more
profitable use than feeding hogs, or
allowing to fall oft and rot.
Act upon the suggestion and next
winter when coming to towu to trade
bring along canned fruit to exchange
for suzar, coffee, &c. You do not
need any fancy labels, people cannot
eat labels, but they do love nice south
ern grown ripe fruit. Burlington Ntws
Morehend City.
It is always a delight to spend awhile
at Morehead. The attractions are
many and varied, the breezes cooling
aud refreshing, the salt air exhilarat ing
aud invigorating the environments in
every way health-giving and pleasure-inspiring.
Morehead is by odds .North Caroli
na's chief seaside resort. Nowhere is
the fishing better, the sailing finer.
The surf is unequalled, the beach
broad and long. The hotel accomoda
tions are unsurpassed, and altogether
it is just such a place as suits the re
quirements of both the invalid auu
pleasure seeker, the old aud the young
The Atlantic Hotel of course is the
Mecca to which all passengers are
bound who visit Morehead. Its
accomodations are ample, its manage
ment first-class. The originator, arch
itect and first stockholder of this vast
establishment needs no introduction.
The reader as every one else knows
him and to say Morehead without Dr.
Blacknall would be like Morehead
without the Atlantic ocean, would be
to state a truism. He has lost none
of his snap and knows exactly what
to say and do to make every one feel
at home. Long may he live to greet
his thousands of friends and may it
often be our pleasure to meet his
cheerful smiles at the Atlantic.
The attendance has been very good
this season. There are visitors from
all parts of North Carolina and many
adjoining States, Virginia, Teunessee,
South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and
elsewhere. During our stay we
noticed the preseuce of many promi
nent visitors: Gov. Carr, ex-Senator
Jarvis and wife, Judge Geo. II. Brown
and wife, Col. Julian S. Carr and fam
ily, Mr. John II. Winder, General
Manager Seaboard Air Line, and wife,
Mr. Ashley Home, Mr. D. Y. Cooper,
Mr. Pulaski Cowper, Dr. G. W.
Blacknall aud wife, and others, inclu
ding between 35 and 40 editors, a few
of whom were accompanied by their
wives or daughters.
Annua! Inspection.
Col. A. L. Smith, of Charlotte, In
spector General of the State Guard,
held the annual iuspection of the
Vance Guards on the 18th. He was
assisted by Major B. S. Royster, of
Oxford, Assistant Inspector General.
Oar boys were out in full farce and
in their neat uniforms, polished accou
trements, and soldierly bearing, did
both themselves and their officers great
Col. Smith expressed himself as
thoroughly satisfied with the drill,
equipments, aud generally creditable
condition and appearance of Capt.
Jones' command.
We heartily commend the diligence
and proficiency in military matters of
Capt. Jones, his officers and men, and
hope they will not only keep up their
present standard of excellence, but
continue to improve uutil they are
pointed out as the crack company of
the State Guard a credit to the county
aud sure and reliable preservers of the
peace and good order of the commu
nity. -4e-
The llestilt of a Trial.
Cannkltos, Ixd. " I have used Sim
mons Liver Regulator, manufactured by
J. 11. Zeilin & Co., Philadelphia, and
found that for indigestion aud liver com
plaint it is the best medicine I ever used."
E. E. Clark, Your druggist sells it in
powder or liquid ; the powder to be taken
dry, or made into a tea.
Another lot of nice Wash Dress Goods
just received at H. TUOMASON S.
The way to reach catarrh is through the
blood. That ringing sound in the ears and
loss of smell is caused by catarrh. John-
sou's Sarsaparilla and Celery treats this
disease successfully. Try it and you will
not be disappointed. Price, large bottles,
50 cts. Melville Dorsey, druggist, Hen
derson, N. U.
You can find a nice line of Brilliants,
Dimetvs, Linens, Crepon, and Silks very
cheap-at H. THOMASON'S.
Keeping Everlastingly at It.
Genius is really only the power of
making continuous effoits. The line
between failure and success is so fine
that we scarcely know it when we pass
it so flue that we are often on the line
and do not know it. How many a
man has thrown up his bauds at a time
when a little more effort, a little more
patience, would have achieved success
As the tide goes clear out, so it comes
clear in. In business, sometimes,
prospects seem darkest when really
they are on the turn. A little more
persistence, a little more effort, aud
what seemed hopeless failure may turu
to glorious success. There is no failure
except iu uo louger trying. There is
no defeat except from within, no really
unsurmouutable barrier save our own
inherent weakness of purpose. Elec
trical News.
We regret to aunounce the 6erious
sickness of Col. S. S. Cooper.
Mr. John D. Cooper and family are
home from a pleasant stay at Old
Mr. and Mrs. Jos. R. Estes, of At
lanta, are visiting Mrs. J. V. Ponton
in Ileuderson.
Misses Sue aud Ilettie Williams, of
Warrenton, are the guests of Msss
Mattie Lehman .
W. H. Nelson, who is in the dru
business at Kineville. Mo., has so mucl
confidence in Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera
and Diarrluva Remedy that he warrants
everv bottle and offers to refund the money
to any customer who is not satisfied after
using it. Mr. JSelson takes no rlsK in
doiiisr this because the remedy is a certain
cure for the diseases for which it is intended
and he knows it. It is for sale by Melville
Dorsey, druggist.
a elpar. soft, rosv complexion is the
desire of every lady. Why not give John
Oriental Soan a trial? Inere is
nnthincr to compare with it as a skin
heantifier. Two cakes in a package. 25
cts. Melville Dorsey, druggist, Henderson
N. C.
North Carolina Local flinisters' Con
The Question of Pensions and th
Enormous Amount of Money Paid
Out for Such Purposes.
Washington, D. C, July 22, 1895.
Editor Gold Leaf. I notice in your
issue of toe loth vou quote trout an
xchange, "The country "h annual pen
sion bill may be reduced to 10O,O00,OOO,
but it will not be in tbiacentury. Nearly
600,000 applications for pensions are
now on nle at ashington i uy ana
many new ones are added to the number
every week." Having become somewhat
familiar with the pension business I ven
ture a few remarks on the subject, feeling
that while it may be to my personal dis
advantage to do so, it is certainly the
duty of ever- good citizen to lie out-
poken in the denunciation ol fraud
wherever found, particularly when it is
against the government, especially when
so many people think it iamarf to"beat"
the government, neare all well aware
that the criminal hesitates aud shrinks
from the first crime, but each additional
act makes him bolder until he believes he
has a right to take even the life of his
fellow-being. And this is about the way
with the pension business in the hands
of unscrupulous politicians, pension
agents and pensioners. Thirty years
ago when the civil war was just over the
Lniou soldier that was Batisned with a
pension of 2.00, $4.00, $G.OO and f 8.00
per month, according to his disability;
he or his family or dependent relatives
(if he left any) are now drawing from
J6.00 to $72.00 per month, and hun
dreds of clerks, attorneys and medical
examiners are kept busy reviewing their
claims for increase which are repeated iu
most cases as often as the law permits
them to apolv. which is every six months.
A majority ol the clerks in tne pension
office are old soldiers drawing both good
salaries and big pensions, aud in most
cases when an applicant applies for a
pension or an increase iney win aumn
uim regardless oi wueiuer ne is enuueu
to it or not. This state of things has
gone on until the old soldiers think the
government must give them whatever
they demand, even though the balance
of the people have to go on nan rations.
It was said not long since by a mau oi
prominence from one of the Northern
States, that if his State were to make an
absolute failure in a crop they could
get on very well on the jiensiou money
alone that was turned loose in that
From what has come under my own
observation I am sure that if the pen
sion list was reviewed case by case, by
an impartial board of examiners that
$00,000,000 would pay every deserving
old soldier a good pension, but instead
of that I believe if the Republicans get
control of the Government again they
w ill pass something like a service pension
act, and if they do it will take something
like $250,000,000 to pay them during
the life of this generation.
A great many frauds have been shown
Of the Condition of the Citizens
Bank, of Henderson, N. C, at
the Close of Business on July
11th, 1895. Made at the Call of
the State Treasurer.
Loans ,-in.I
Over dnsils.
Due from r.,itikw.
Furniture ..n 1 fixture
Current x; ci;.m,
Cllh mid r:is!i ite ns.
li vi;ii.rni:
tuck ! lid ill.
4;i .(.-;
4S.7S1 m;
'-VJT'.i .'.
1 :t l UH
?'!'.n.i :iM
High Grade Tobacco
Fndivided prntiti.
l.'poiU st:!ij t to ehek.
i 'tie to private r. inkers.
Cu-li ierVilhvk nil tt .-Hiding,
Certified cli.rk.
Publication of Summon;
North Carolina, i tlie. Superior Court.
auce County, S
The Thomson-Houston Klectric Coni
panv. a corporation suing n behalf of
l'.seit and the corporators, creditors, dealer,
and others interested in the affairs of The
Henderson Electric and tlas Light Com
pany who shall, in due time, make them
selves parties to this special proceeding
ml contribute to the expense thereof,
The Henderson Electric and das Light
Com pan v, ami others. Defendants.
The State of North Carolina to the Sheriff
of Vance County. Greeting : Vou are
hereby commanded to summon The
Ileuderson Electric ami ias Light Com
pany, a corporation, and the corHrators,
creditors, dealers, and others interested
in the affairs of the said Defendant Com
,nv if tr !. found in vour couutv. to be
and appear before the Clerk of the Superior
Court of Vance county, at the court hoti.e
in Ileuderson, N. C.,on the yth day of
August, 1S9.V to answer the complaint or
the Plaintiffs above named, which will be
deposited in the Cilice of the Clerk of said
Court within ten davs after the issuing of
this Summons. And let the said Defen
dant take notice that if it fails to answer
the Plaintiff's complaint within said time,
tlie Plaintiff will anplv to the Court for
the relief demanded in the complaint.
Total, $l!l.o;2.7o
I, Win A. Hunt, Cashier of the Citizen
Rank, do solemnly swear that the above
statement is true to the best of ac
knowledge and Micf.
Wm. A. 1IFNT, Cannier.
Sworn to and stibsrrilnsl Ishire me
this 2lth day of July. lN'l.V
P. T. .Ior:s, Notnrv i'ublie.
Cornet Attest.
.1.15. Owkn, I
S.AMrt:i. Y ATkis, ' Directors.
John D. Coopkh,
dant corporation and for the application
of its assets to the payment or lis uebtt.
Herein fail not and make due leturn of
up and cut off and is continuing to be this Summons.
If you don't see our display of U-.uit ilul
Drv (iooiIs and TrimmiiiL's. Notions.
'' .lo? MiHinery. .V.. You'll regret it f.,rcr
the Code for the dissolution of the Defen- if you are clesi
Any one wishing a bill of lumber cut
cheap, in small or large quantities, will
leave orders at the coal yard. 1 am
prepared to do it on short notice.
.1. S. PU1T11UUSH.
Wa'i-rmeioiis. eautalotipes and small
pieutitiii in inarKei.
:ii t- ;i re
.ilile rains have blessed grow-
' hereabouts within the past
j!iH;i- :
'ill l.i-.vn
is better public
are beneficial to
need oi'thc hour
(Jooil roads
and country.
At this season it is important to be
in : i' about what one eats and drinks
ii niiii t In preserve health.
Dr. F. A. Mac
i r- : t i': oilice a 1
:a An Mi-t. Persons wishing to make
i n m iMiients with him will bear this
:ti In tnl.
t 'li ie a number of our people will
.Lu'.tl.-w ,'ii to Norfolk on Freelandl
A 1 ,
The ladies should call at Thomason's
nnd inspect the new Spring Dress Ooods
which he has just received.
All kinds of metal roofing, guttering,
Ktiontinir. etc.. done at short nonce.
Pi-ires satistactorv and worKmansnm oi
the best. Henderson Sheet Metal Works,
R. II. Hayes, Mannger.
Tobacco Flues.
We are prepared to furnish tobacco
flues iu anv style and number at lowest
prices, workmanship guaranteed, ne
have had 1 years practical experience
and know the business, (live us your
orders. Henderson Sheet Metal Works,
R. R. Hayes, Manager.
Excursion to Norfolk.
Freeland & Co. will run an excur
sion from Durham to Norfolk Thurs-
,t Animal Kib Thev have had ex-
icon will be absent perienceiu such matters and the affair
art of the first week ,)romises to be well conducted in every
respect. Reduced rates have been se
cured at the hotels and the attractions
of the twin cities, Virginia Beach,
Ocean View. Washington and Balti-
morn are sufficient to induce large
numbers to take advantage of the op
portunity presented to visit them at
Bucb tt e cost. iV rate oi sj.uu ior
the round trip from Norfolk, has been
made to Washington ami Baltimore, by
the elesant steamers plying between
iimi TinintR. fivinc the tourist 12
hours in the capital city.
TVnin w ill nass Henderson Thurs
day morn in r. August 8th, at 10:10.
Fare for the round trip to Norfolk,
. on. Do not forget the day and
it whether it date.
Tniiw iii Mi hack and irroins sunnressed
and hichlv colored urin and all kidney
and blood troubles quickly relieved by
Johnson's Kidnev and Liver Regulator.
.'5 and SO cts. Melville uorsey. uruggiM,
Henderson, N. C
- excursion Thursday, Aug. 8th.
,.r the round trip from Ilcnder-
Dr Morion, chaplain of the
i: i i CuunU. will preach a special
:::m:i to tlis company at 11 o'clock
it: lav morning. His subject will be
Dr i; Smer.lon recently sold a tine
vv to Mr. .1. P. Taylor. The pur
i is -i iiil.e of stock and knows a
tliin-' when he sees
'e a i ow r horse.
I; - with re-ret that we learn of
l! critical siokness of ("apt. .1. 15.
W!. t.-. one of our most venerable cit-!.-ci
ll.s condition is such as to
- ::a his family and friends.
The Methodist Episcopal Sutnlay-
!; i had a pic-nic Tuesday, llicy
r!.i oat to Finch's grove, a few miles
i'ie country, and everybody old and
had a pleasant time.
The tloi.i Li:ak is indebted to Us
t.ii:;ed voun- legal friend Mr. Julian
F. 1:, for kind assistance during
i! ' o i ior's absence. He takes hold
''' a veteran and is perfectly familiar
'.. the luties of the editorial chair
Tin- statement of the Citizens Hank
i '-.boshed in thi issue. It makes a
exhibit of business done and em-
!..i'..e its substantial condition in a
that must bo gratifying alike to
'-iVu ers and fiiemis of the institu-
1 1 ' article printed on the hrst page
week from the Winston Tobacco
''I-, will doubtless be read with
-''"est. We regret that the cut does
!imv to better advantage. Such
is nt adapted to ordinary news
t purposes.
1 II. Cill, Clerk of the Superior
publishes a summons in this
wherein the Thomson-Houston
't'if Company and others are
Prettiest lino of ladies' umbrellas
town .!irire variety irom wiiieu
select. cry nobby and cheap.
11. thomason.
I tit
and the Henderson Electric
-as I.i-ht Company are delVn
l'lisons interested will take
and be governed accordingly.
pivpnred to do all kinds of
pi ri.bm- ;,.,, water titting. Keep an
''--iji-ttn.-ut of hose tixtures for repairing.
' I'a tubs, toilets, A;e., a specialty. Hen
SI ' M' tnl Works, R. P. Hayes,
Thomas & Co. Are Frauds.
Those of the editorial fraternity who
worp at. Greensboro will recall what
was said about Thomas & Co., alleged
bankers and brokers, of Chicago, and
their ndvprtisincr proposition made to
some of the members of the Associa
tiou. While we did not hesitate to
characterize the concern a fraud at the
time the followiug postal card (priuted)
from Lord & Thomas, the well known
Chicago advertising agents, in repiy to
letter from us askiuc certain infor
mation about Thomas & Co., explains
Chicago, July 15th, 189a
Dear Sir : We have been creatly
annoyed in receiving from newspapers
all over the country circulars Irom
Thomas & Co.. alleged bankers aud
brokers of this city, in which they
claim thev have done business with us
and were unable to obtain satisfactory
r 1 11T
..,r ThA t!iMr rtrare is laise. we
have done some little business with
them, cash iu advance, aud later took a
little order payable weekly in advance,
which we have cauceled, as their
.oti.rt1 nre such that we decline to
lmsiiiess with them ou auv basis
Yours truly,
Lord & Thomas
They Fit" Nobly.
The Durham Light Infantry returned
yesterday from Ocean View where they
have been in camp a week. They
carried down 42 men, rank and file,
and reported having had a big time
generally. The officers of the company
are : J. A. Sneed, captain ; 13. C
Woodell, first lieutenant; W. II. Rid
dick, second lieutenant; W. C. Lyon,
first sergeant ; A. Crumpecker, second
sergeaut ; W. S. Howen, third sergeant ;
W. W. Thompson, fourth sergeant;
Dr. A. Cheatham, surgeon. They
weut for fun aud recreation, aud had
it. There was no military duty of any
kind, of a compulsary nature, and the
soldiers had just what they went for a
regular holiday pic-nic.
The Vance Guards met the visitors
at the train aud escorted them to their
armory where refreshments were
served. These consisted ol breads,
meats, pickles, and other eatables,
lemonade, punch, beer, cigars, &c
That the spread was heartily enjoyed
was shown by the way the boys " fit"
around the festive board, and as the
Durhamites departed they gave three
cheers for the Vauce Guards.
. .
Chamberlain's is the best of all. Viucent
J. ISarkI, of Danbury, Iowa, has used
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy whenever in
need of a medicine for coughs and colds,
for the past liye years and says : " It always
helps me out. If anyone asks me what kind
of cough medicine I use, I reply, Chamber
lain s. that is the best ot all." "Jo ind ooc,
bottles for sale bv Melville Dorsey , oru'gist.
Mr. W. E. Maseenburg and sister
Miss Tucker have gone to New York
on a pleasure trip.
Mr. Randall Pope, of Florida, is vis
iting the family of his father-in-law
Mr. C. McNair in our town.
Mr. Manson Foote has returned
from a pleasant outing at Nag's Head
and other points in Eastern North
Dr. F. R. Harris and Andrew J.
Harris, Esq., have returned from Ros
ton and other points of interest, pleased
and refreshed by their trip.
The Sun says that Mrs. W. II.
Wester, of Henderson, who has been
visiting in that city, left Friday for
Oxford and Buffalo Springs to stay
r while.
Miss Lemme Jordan returned Mon
day night from a brief but pleasant
visit to Morehead City, having joined
the writer in Raleigh Friday on his
way down from Greensboro.
Dr. J. II. Tucker and wife, Mr. J.
R. Young and daughter Miss Lottie,
Miss Sallie Clary and Mr. W. A. Hunt,
are home from Boston and New York.
All report having had a most delight
ful time.
Mr. D. Y. Cooper and son Sidney
returned from Morehead City Monday
night, their stay being cut short by a
telegram announcing the sickness of
Mr. Cooper's infant son. The child is
now much better we are glad to state.
Dr. Charles Ira Wyche, a talented
and popular young son of Vauce
couuty, who has been making head
quarters in Kansas City for some time
as Western representative of a large
New York drug concern, arrived yes
terday and will spend a while here.
J. E. Ingle, Jr., went to Oxford
Tuesday ou legal busiuess. Judge
Starbuck is holding this term of Gran
ville court, and Mr. Ingle reports that
the bar and people generally are very
much pleased with his conduct of the
court. There are several interesting
cases on the criminal docket.
Mr. Will Whitfield, son of our towns
man Mr. B. Whitfield, left Monday for
New Haven, Conu., where in future he
will make his home. He already has
two brothers who are doing a successful
business in New Haven, and expects
to become a machinist and settle there
himself. He has our best wishes for
his success in his Chosen vocation.
. "
The world measures a man by his
success, li lie suceeeas,ne is au njui
iu public estimation, no matter by
what means he has attaiued it. The
world has not time to look into the
methods by which the success has
been attained aud whether they be
konorable or otherwise.
There are some imporant lessons to
be learned from this fact: foremost of
which is that every man should Btrive
for success. Applause follows it.
Everybody bows to the winning man.
But, important as it is to succeed, suc
cess ought to be gained only by hon
orable means. Honesty is the best
policy, and the wisest in the end,- and
a permanent success can only be at
tained by honorable means. Many a
mau gaius temporary success by dis
honest means and flourishes lor a while,
but he is found out and his succoss flits
away, and is gone. Exchange.
The twenty-sixth annual session of
the North Carolina Local Ministers'
Conference will be held at Rutherford
College, Burke County, N. C, oue
mile from Connelly Springs depot,
August 14-18.
On Wednesday night, the 14th of
August, President Will S. Abernathy
will deliver the address of welcome to
the Conference.
Rev. W. P. Williams, President of
the Conference will respond.
Rev. D. II. Tuttle, of Raleigh, will
attend the entire Conference to aid in
special work.
J. H. Keith, D. I)., of Tennessee,
will be present with specially prepared
talks. His power as an eloquent
speaker is well known.
Rev. Barth. Soulier, pastor of the
Valdese colony of Burke county, will
deliver an address ou the history of
the colony something new to our
Dr. J. A. Reagau, of Weaverville
College, has consented to deliver a
sermon or address on a specially pre
pared subject.
Rev. A. B. Crumpler, evangelist,
will emphasize the doctrine of holiness.
Rev. G. II. Detwiler. D. D., Presi-
eent of Judson College, will preach
nnd en force the tenets of the highest
Christian life.
These and many other speakers are
expected to make this Conference of
unusual interest.
The Dr. R. L. Abernathy memorial
exercises will add much interest to the
The cheap summer excursion rates
on the railroads will make it easy for
all persons to attend. The hotels and
boarding houses will accomodate large
numbers at low rates
The Tabernacle is one mile out from
Counellv Springs Station. Hacks
nlwavs on hand. Those interested are
cordially invited to attend and partici
nate. Editors and Ministers will be
entertained free of cost while ou the
srrounds. Levi Bransou, Secretary,
Raleigh, N. C, W. P. Williams, Pres
ident, Davidson College, N. C
done under this administration but it
can only be done to a limited extent so
long as the majority ol txaimners who
pass upon these claims are old soldiers
and Republicans, who are disposed to
admit every claim they cau.
I noticed recently in Punk a cartoon
which ridiculed the great army of pention
ert, and in the issue following was pub
lished a letter written to the editor from
Cincinnati demanding an apology. Of
course he declined to do eo ' and said
among other thiugs in reply (a copy of
which I send you) "Steadily, year by
year, the honest veterans have passed
away and their places have been taken
by men who traded on their memories.''
$100,000,000 of unjust pension money
wrung from the poor overburdened tax
navera of this country at such times is
no small matter: but if the Republicans
get control again it will be nearer f 200
000,000, and I think it is about time
the people of this couutry were having
their representatives look after this
little matter.
Eighteen years ago a widowed mother
died nearTownesville. N. C and left to
me by will her four little boys, all of
whom have now grown to manhood and
are doing well, and I have recently had
the pleasure of a visit from two oi tnem
with their charming young brides, in the
selection of which they showed botli good
judgment and taste. I refer to Messrs.
Joseph 11. and louis r.stes, now oi
Atlanta, ua, the lormer oi wiiom is wen
known to the people of Henderson.
July 17th, 1HU3.
I). II. IllLL, Clerk of the
Superior Court of Vance county, N. C.
T. T. Hicks. Plaintiff's
Thomas M. Pittman, S Attorneys.
lpon me bv a nusi i;een iiuij
leads to
nervousness, chronic dyspepsia and
great misery. The best remedy is
vnciish Snavin Liniment removes all
hanl. soft or calloused lumps and blem
ishes Irom norses, oiooa spius, euros,
splints, sweeny, ring-bone, stifles, sprains,
nil swollen throats, coughs, etc. Save ?50
by use of one bottle. Warranted the most
wonderful blemish cure ever known. Sold
by Melville Dorsey, druggist, Henderson,
V, feb2.
of cures such a
no other medicin
can boast of, has
been won during
Jhe past 25 years
by Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical
The worst forms of
Scrofula, Salt -rheum.
Tetter, Eczema, Erysip
elas, Boils, Carbuncles,
Enlarged Glands, Tu
mors and Swellings, are
cured by it.
Mrs. JoHtt O. Forrxa.
of S3 Chajnn Street, Can
andaigua, N. T.. says:
I was troubled with
eczema, or sals-rheum.
seTen years. I doctored
with a number of our
borne physicians, also
with Rochester, New
York, and PhiladelphU
doctors, and received no Mrs. Pobtxr.
benefit. I paid out hun
dreds of dollars to no purpose. I have taken
ten bottles of toe ThacoTery' and am en
tirely cured.
The reason why some towns graw
iutocities, while others remain villages
is because there are meu of push and
energy who are not afraid to spend
time and money in erecting factories,
organizing stock companies ami all pull
ing together. Let the people of the
town lay aside all differences and pull
together. If you can't pull, push.
Weldon Air.
How's This?
We offer one hundred dollars reward
fnr anv case of catarrh that cannot be
cured by takinti Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., prop rs,
Toledo. Ohio.
We. the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in in all business
.. - .i cn.n.:nll,. nlila tn i r,.,
transactions, au ouaiKMii)
mi on,r i I irt inns made bv their firm.
West Truax. wholesale druggists, To
ledo Ohio.
Waiitinf. Kinnan & Marvin, wholesale
l iwririfta TOledO. UlllO.
Hairs Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Price, 75 cents per
bottle. Sold by all druggists.
Mniirus Jokai. the distinguished Hun
garian poet, novelist, historian and pa
triot has written ior me August, uumuer
of The Forum a highly interesting article
entitled "My Literary Recollections,"
practically an autobiograpny oi nis me.
in tho unmo nnmner OX HC TOrum
tremelv valuable and inter-
esrinn- article on the "Opening of the
p.!,.. 4rehive" bv Professor Eric
Schmidt, of the University of Berlin, who
hah charge of the fioethe Archives for
several years.
Chamberlain's Kye and Skin Ointment
Ia uneo trailed for Eczema, Tetter, balf-
Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Nipples, Chappeu
Hands, Itching Piles, Rums, Frost Bites,
Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Eye Lids.
v-, . , ..... n- . . I
t or sale DV aruggisis at i, cenia per uui.
For putting a hoise in a fine healthy con
dition try Dr. Cady's Condition Powders.
They tone up the system, aid digestion, cure
loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct
kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving
. i i . i i.-.,-
Hew Hie IU ail U1U or vici-wumcu ujw., '
cents per package. For sale by druggists
Sold in Henderson by M. Dorsey, druggist.
In the arithmetic of Heaven, noth
ing counts but love.
A horse kicked II. S. Shafer, of the
Freemver House, Middleburg, l., on
the knee, which laid him up in bed and
caused the knee joint to become, strfl'. A
friend recommended him to use Chamber
lain's Pain Balm, which he did, and in two
davs was able to be around. Mr. Shafer
. J . .i i
has recommenaea u 10 many oiners aim
savs it is excellent for any kind of bruise
or sprain. Ihis same remedy is also
famous for its cures of rheumatism. For
sale by Melyille Dorsey, druggist.
There is many a silent throbbing
corn that beats beneath a nice dress
. .
A Strong Fortification.
Fortify the body against disease
by Tutt's Liver Pills, an abso
lute cure for sick headache, dys
pepsia, sour stomach, malaria,
constipation, jaundice, bilious
ness and all kindred troubles.
"The Fly-Wheel of Life"
Dr.Tutt; Your Liver Pills are
the fly-wheel of life. I shall ever
be grateful for the accident that
brought them to my notice. I feel
as if I had a new lease of life.
J. Fairjeigh, Platte Cannon, Col.
Tutt's Liver Pills
nil ill
executed to me by R. L. Daiiigerfield and
wife Sarah Daingerfield. on the LMith day
of April, 1HH7, which is registered in Vance
county. Rook in. pages 487, c, and at
request of Mr. J. C. Hood, the holder of
th debt, secured therein. 1 shall. ON
lH'ts sell at public auction, to the highest
bidder for cash, at the court house door in
Ileuderson, Vance county. N. C, the fol
lowing property to-wit : A certain lot or
parcel of land situate, in the town of Hen
derson, N. C, adjoining the lands of Mrs.
Florence Davis. Dr. C. S. lioyd, V,. F.
Burnett, Mrs. W. R. Henry, and others,
and bounded as follows : Regin at an iron
stake about r,i(i feet West from the inter
section f Nicholas street and Chavasse
avenue i P. i n tt and Daincei field's line
and nn i he ace N.V'.t, W. 140 feet to an
iron stake Dr. C. S. Boyd's line, thence S.
11, W. 'JOj feet to an iron stake Mrs. Flor
ence Davis' and It. L. Daingerfield's cor
ner, thence S. 7!. K. 240 feet to an iron
stake said Mrs. Florence Davis' and R. L.
Daingerfield's other corner, thence S. 11,
W. H5 feet to an iron stake on Davis
street, thence N. 7'. E. l!0Mi icet along
Mrs. W. R. Henry's line and C. F. Bur
nett's line to an iron stake, thence N. 11,
E. 1'Jj feet to an iron stake on Chavasse
avenue. It being the lot with improve
ments thereon whereon R. L. Daingei field
and wife formerly resided and where Mrs.
Florence Davis now resides, ami the
vacant lot just in the rear of said lot which
is used as a garden and fruit lot.
Time of sale : Monday, August .'Oth, isil.1.
Terms Cash.
Place : Court House Door, Henderson,
North Carolina.
This July 24th, ikhs.
D. Y. COOPER, Trustee.
A.C. Zom.icokkek, Attorney.
rous of replenishing )imr
stock ot wearing apparel with pretty
and seasonable goods. Don't forget
that in saying thii we refer to prices
as well as quality and completeness of
stock. We can say nith confidence
that the ju ice of these goods was never
lower, cr the stock more attractive
than now. Will you come and see?
S. k 0. W ATKINS,
Leading Dry Goods and Notion House,
iii:m)i:kson, n. c.
means so much more than i,
you imagine serious and
fatal diseases result from
trifling ailments neglected.
r Don't play with Nature's i
greatest fift health.
rts. wt.'il J?
rally cx
lie: '.as, J)
Relief in Six Hours.
nistressinc Kidnev and Bladder diseases
mlieved in six hours bv the "New Great,
spilth American Kidnev Cure." This new
remedy is a great Tsnrprise on account i
its exceeding promptness in lelieving pain
in the bladder. Kidneys, uacs anu every
part of the urinary passages in male or
female. It relieves retention ot water ana
pain in passing it almost immeaiateiy. n
you want quick relief and cure this is your
remedy. fold by Mellville Dorsey, Drug
gist, Henderson, N. C.
. .
Dr. Geo. Smerdon, at his home near
Williamsboro, has a number of im
proved blooded cattle fine milk cows,
beautiful young heifers and male and
female calves which he will dispose
of on very reasonable terms. His ob
ject in selling is the iact that be is
If you are tn.Wt.x
out ol sort:
and gvn'
have no at i"".ii-
and tan't
beifin at otic, tat
injf the moM 1 c!i i
mtfti-iii.w I ti )ij,
Pro-Ail s i
l-rs. A lr-.v !.-
tics culi 1 t.
emits f-c.-n
ft Ut iw- t
I te'th, a Ii .1 1 i V
I j li'-ai.t V t jki-. .
It Cures
JJ red by a Trust Deed executed to mo
by McD. Edwards and w ife, on the 1.1th
day of July, ls.iJ, and by consent and at
request til all the patties interested I
OF JULY, IS'i.'i, sell at public auction to
the highest bidder, for cash, at the court
house door in Henderson, Vance county,
one certain tract of land in Vance county'
N. C. Mtnate on the East side of the
Raleigh .V Gaston railroad, adjoining the
lands of G. II. Fleming, V. M. Right,
Win. Blanks, John Rowland, and others;
it being the tract known ns The Solomon
Tract ami fully described in said Trust
Deed w inch is registered in Vance county.
Book IS, page 141. Containing 172. acies
more or less.
Also one other tract of laud situate Iu
Vance county, and bounded as follows:
Begin at a Spanish oak on the Raleigh it
Gaston railroad thence West along I yn
bank ro.nl to Spanish oak. thetiee South
along the old Henderson road to Baleigh
iV Gaston railroad, then North along rail
road to beginning, containing six acres.
Said land till I v described in said Deed.
This June 2,11 h, '.:.
A. C. .OLLICOFFER. Trustee.
Execution Sale.
JJ my hands issuing from the Superior
Gourt of Franklin county, iu favor of .las
II. Lassiter and against J. T. Edwards I
will sell by public auction, for ensh, at
the court house door in the county of Vance
IH'.I.I, all the right, title, interest and estatw
oi .1.1. r.d wards in and to the dower land
of Elizabeth G. Orrill ; said land adjoining
the lands of .las. H . Lassiter, . T.Garrett,
and others, and containing atxiut eighty'
three acres.
This :;rd day or July, A. D . lw.-,.
W. H SMITH. Sheriff.
Ihomas M. Pittman, Plaintiffs Attorney.
Commissioner's Sale.
Superior Court of Vance county in an
action therein pending wheriu James II.
Lassiter is Plaintiff and ;eoree ISurhm
and his wire Jeannette Burton, are Defen
dants, 1 will sell by public auction, for
cash, at the court house door in Henderson
ON MONDAY, AUGUST 3TI1, 11.1. one
lot oi land in V ilitamsboro township
containing one acre, adjoining the lands
of James Burton on the Noith, Misi ! a
Evans on the Ninth, Albert Knight in n
East, and by the Oxford road on the V.:-,t :
it Is'ing the lot purchased by George
Burton from S. S. Cooper.
This 2nd day of July,
Llttl6ionHloll Softool
Business institute,
AUGUST 20, 1895.
Dysp? psia,
ii.- i
Ih.-s .
Kidney and Liver
lifd Blood
Nervous ailments '
s ccmpIsiriCs.
n-;.i- :t ! i rrsel red
r -v
in.- vi : '. nihil i aiekun-
i ii :r-;i.tf:i two Jo stamp we
d v : "';' Lcxutiful World' 1
arc'7H c-'tw.ix. co. UL";vorE. mo.
o'li ge Pn-purut (irv,Ciinriierf-i;iI, Teleg
raphy, Shorlhutel ;ind 1 ytiewril in ',
For Catalogue address,
july 1S-1 til. LlTTI.KTON, N.
When Baby was nick, we gaTe her Castoria.
When she u a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she bi-canie Miss, she clung to Cantoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria.
ito, mi human, manee on horses, dogs
and all stock, cured in 30 minutes by V ool
ford's Sanitary Lotion. This never fails.
Sld bv Melville Dorsey, druggist, Uen
dersnnlN.C. apr.-.
tiir of the estate of the late Chailes
Watkins liefote the Clerk of the Sutior
Court of Vance county, this is to notify all
persons holding claims against said estate
to present them to the undersigned on or
before the Pith Jay of July, W. or this
notiee will lie pleaded in bar of their
recovery. Persons indebted to said estate
must make immediate payu ent.
This Pith July. I'i3.
Executrix of Charles Watkins, dee'd.
Richmond, Va.
I wajrr every man and woman 1b the fnitad
Btate interested in tbe Opium and ''
fcabita to have one of my booki on these dis
eaaec. Addreis B. M. Voolley, Atlanta, Ua.
Uoz. S83. and one will be cent 70a free.
II. Thomason is offering big bargains
in grjcerin. aud you are invited to help
yourself to uny extent. There is no ex
cuse for living poorly wheu you can get
all the iK-cet-suries of life at such low
price. Quality is the firt consideration
with Thorn anon. Inly the bt is good
enough for his trade. Buying, as he
doe, in enormous quantities, he gets the
advantage of large discounts and is thus
enabled to sell as heap as he doe.
Thos. S. Kenan, Attorney General, Ac, J
Central Agi icultural .Society, et al.
lior Gourt of Vance county in the
above entitled cUse, all persons w ho were
stockholders in the " Central Agricultural
.Society," of Henderson. N. C, and those
who teprcseiit stockholdor by assignment
of sbjck or otheiwise, and all persons
holding claims against aid Njciety, are
notified to tile their stock or claims with
the tiiidet-igned or make prf of same
ON OR BEFORE 1ST A CGI ST, is 1.1. in
order that a muhU amount now in the
hands of the Gb-ik of the Su-tioi Court
may be distributed. The amount w ill be
paid out to jM-isotis showing themselves
entitled thereto after that date.
This June 21th, 1J3.
Clerk Su-rior Court of Vance count .
tor ot the last will and testament of
Thomas A. Davis, deceased, I notify all
p-rsons having claims against him to
exhibit the same to me 011 or before the
12th day of Jnly, ts';, or this notice will
be pleaded in bar of any action thereupon
July sth, l'.ii.
E. G. BUTLER. Ua bnky, N. C.

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