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THAD R. MANNING, Publisher.)
O-a.h.ox.hst-a., Oarot nsr a , Heaven's Blessinos -A-TXE3srr ELjeir,
NO. 15.
' : I1
'For Charity Suffereth Long."
Mrs. Laura C. Phoenix, nilwaukce. WU.
"Matron of a Itenevolent Borne
and knowing the good Dr. Miles' Nervine
h.is done me, uiy wfcdi to help others, over
mmeg my dislike for the publicity, this
litter may give me. In Nov. and Dec, 1893,
The it mat em had the " Latlriitpe,"
ami I was one of the first. Resuming duty
u won, with the care of so many sick, I
0 il not regain my health, and in a month
1 bcranie mo debilitated and nerrmim
from Bleepicssncss and the drafts made on
iii y vitality, that it was a question if I could
po on. A dear friend advised me to try
Mtr. SSilem' Ilemturative Aervine.
I took 2 bottles and am happy to say, I am
In better health than ever. I still continue
It oeeamioital ume, am a nerve food,
as my work is very trying. A letter ad
dressed to Milwaukee, Wis., will reach me."
June 6, 1804. Mrs. Lack a C. Phoenix.
Dr. Miles' Nervine Is sold on a positive
rnaranteo that the first bottle will Denefit.
All druggists sell it at $1,6 bottles for $5, or
It will twtsent, prepaid, on receipt of price
by the Dr. Miles Medical Co., Elkhart, lad.
Dr. Miles' Nervine
Restores Health
Surgeon Dentist,
i iknderson, north Carolina
All work in operative and mechanical
der.i-.try. No charge for examination.
oiiice : Dr. P.oyd's old rooms, over
Cooper & Mitchell's store.
j ii. ititiimuits,
Office: In Harris' law ouilding neai
court house.
J -yli. l'. S. IIAKICIS,
J-jifOmce over K. 0. Davis' store, Main
Street. ian. 1-a.
Undertaker & Rmbalmer,
Fine and Meaiam Grafle Famitnre. &c,
ti'ckkk ucif.msc.,
rc a source w co:;.,or
:irc :i source t i" c;;:c, also. J
If vo-.i c..: for your child's J
licaiti', snd for illustrated X
book on t'.ic disorders to which
children arc s:i'jcct, and
which Prey's Vermifuge
h..s cured for 50 vc.irs.
Oue bottle by mail f r -Ti e.-nts.
E. & S. Kit EY,
LSaltlmorr, Sid.
That's the Ki'.ii I Keep.
I woiii,; niot :ep.'ctfull Inform the
public tli.i! I am at my same old -M;.d,
11e.11 1 ore "s it 1 iiLi" store where 1 nave a
Complete aoi'tllietlt of
Nottiiuc tut I'UKE GOODS allowed to
den.- hi 111 v house. My
Kcels anything in Henderson, the so
c.iiled Co.. per Com not excepted. All 1
a'; U a trial, and von will he convinced.
Mv prices are LOWER than the lowest.
1 HUMS (.'ASH . Give me a call.
8500 Reward!
WK will pr.y the above rewr.nl for any case of
I. -ver Complaint. IK-spepsia, fick Headache. In-
cohoii Conjuration or Costiveness we cannot
-'.::e with West's Vegetable Liver Pi!ls, when
tV.e liireciions ate strictly complied with. They
purely Vegetable, and never fail to give sat-
action. SiiErarCoateJ. Large boxes. 25 cents.
ware of counterfeits and imitations. The gen
ii ae manufactured onlvbv TIIK JOHN C. WEST
Your address, uith six cents
in stamps, nuuicd to our Head
quarters, II Kit S".t S'tD,
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sampies. ai.tl r. Is ; 1 st It
measuren ctu, t f o r y. !y fa
mous $3 pai'ts ; Si.:ts ;
Overcoats. UVJ5. r. .1 1 . r?
to order. AqCI.s w.u.ird evi ry
New Pijnsoalh Co.
rUTCJ P A PTTJ mar be found on file at Gea
LU.I.O X jiX P- 1 low, 11 & Co s Sewspapet
4 rtising BuicanUO Spruce H J. where advertising
utr;.. t may ti- made tor . I SEW YOKH?
1 iff
He;Preaches to a Congregation of 8,000
Ladies Talked of the Evils of So
cietyDancing and Decollette Gowns
Points His Hearers to the Work
Wherein Their Influence Might Be
1 Atlanta Constitution. 1
"I want you women to show that
8,000 women can gather together and
be quiet. The men came out Sunday
afternoon and took their medicine.
Now, I want you women to take your
medicine. I know it will be a little
hard but it will do you a lot of good.
I will take this text:
" 'I beseech you therefore, brethren,
by the mercies of God that ye present
your bodies in living sacrifice to God.'
" I beseech you therefore, sister, I
will say. There are three adjustments
in this world. No one is adjusted un
til they first adjust themselves to God.
Then adjust yourselves to society and
then to yourself. Now, with these
three points carried you need have no
trouble that you cannot overcome.
"There is no relation in this world
from which so much g'od can flow to'
the world than that of mother. There
is no relation in this world that is
dearer and brighter to man than that of
wife. There is no relation in this
world that requires more piety, more
goodness than that of mother. To
mother let me talk a few moments.
There is no relation in this world from
which so much prayer and thought is
required than a mother for her chil
dren. Woman has1 vantage ground
that no man ever had. There's no
great man who didn't have first a good
mother and then a good wife.
Suppose that an angel was to come
down from Heaven and announce that
some mother had given birth to some
immortal child in Atlanta. How the
people would come from all over the
country to s& this child. And sup
pose it was announced also that if
the mother reared this child right it
would live in glory forever, but if she
neglected it, it would die and go down
to woe forever and forever. Do you
not think that people would rush to
Atlanta from all over the country to
see that child? All the people would
say what pains ihey would take in
training that child, so that it would
live and be immortal forever. But,
listen, mother, every child that is born
into your home is just that sort of
a child, and if you will nurture and
train it right it will do right and be
immortal. It is a fact that if you
train it right 'twill live with God for
ever. There are some texts in the Bible
that we can explain on no other hypo
thesis unless we consider that there are
good mothers, in Atlanta are 1,000
temptations for its young ladies. Good
God, give every man a good mother
and lei them live by a mothertha will
anchor ihem to the right and preserve
them to the good of this country.
At a mothers' convention held in
the east one mother arose and said: !
think we should begin to train a child
at six years of age.' Another mother
said she thought five years old was the
proper time and so on down. Then
an old gray haired grandmother got up
and said: I'll tell you when to begin
to train your children. Begin twenty
years before the birth of the child to
its mother.'
Whatever is true of mother is true
of wife. Listen! 'Ill tell you there's
many a man who would" never have
walked a step in righteousness if it
hadn't been for his wife. When a
man is better than his wife there is
something going wrong right there in
that home.
'I believe the greatest monstrosity of
the nineteenth century is a godless
woman a godless woman. I can un
derstand why a man sins. I can un
derstand why he will curse, and drink
and play cards. I have st' died these
things. But i lie gieau-st mystery hi
this world to me is that mother wln
sits and loks into ihee)ts of herswect
angel children ani says I am not cit
able of training these children in the
right way. Oh, how I pity a woman
who acknowledges thai she cannot
raUe her children aright.
' The days are evil. Sister, your
husband needs all the help he can get,
and God has placed you in a position
where you can help him more than
any one else in this world. (Aniens
f-om the women.) I don't believe
there is one mother in a thousand that
makes up her mind that she will sever
herself from everything that will . is
lead her children. There are thous
ands of little boys in Atlanta to-day
who are orphans in the most awful
sense of the word (aniens.) Every
woman in this house ought to have re
ligion that you know you have got.
I'd hate to admit that I had religion
and didn't know it. There's no en
joyment in such religion. I heard one
old woman say that she enjoyed good
health. That's
If you've got
religion you ought to enjoy it.
"I want to say a word to some of
.1. 1 11? t .!
1 you moiners nere. vnen you say me
grand old Episcopal church don't ob
! ject to card playing, dancing, betting
j and drinking you misrepreient your
i own church. And when you say the
j Methodists, Presbyterians, Catholics
; and Baptists don't object to these
i things you misrepresent these churches.
If I wanted u quit running after the
flesh and the devil, I'd just quit lying
on my church.
We sell Clothes at a price which is equitable and most
satisfactory for high class garments garments acknowl
edged the most superior as to quality and style. Condi
tions are ideal for serving you. Come and inspect the
weaves, colors and patterns whether you buy or not. Our
stock surpasses all past seasons. Schloss Bros' and
Strouse Bros. & Co's perfect-fitting, tailor-made Cloth
ing a specialty with us. Best that is made. Quality of
material, fit, finish, price all to your liking. Big line
of cheap and thin Clothing. In Children's Suits we have
more novelties and lower prices than ever before.
Bay State Shoes for wear, fit and general satisfaction
can't be beat. Our $3.00 Shoe for men is the best in the
world. We have the most exquisite line of Spring and
Summer Shoes for ladies ever seen in Henderson. All the
most fashionable styles in both low and high goods black
and all colors. They are new they are pefect pictures
a thing of beauty and a joy forever. " Zeigler's Shoes are
still the favorites. Finest hand-lasted, famous for beauty
of fit and finish, ease of wear and durable quality.
Dress Goods
Here will be found everything to please and interest
the ladies. An immense stock of Dry Goods of the latest
importation, from Paris, Berlin and other fashion centres.
Notions, Laces and White Goods largest and prettiest
line ever brought to Henderson. Thompson's Glove-fitting
Corsets best in the market. Hosiery, Cottonades,
fancy stuff, and all the latest weaves and fabrics.
We are sole agents for the genuine
have a large stock of other makes in
The celebrated Wilson make of Hats
all shades, sizes and prices stiff and
and little men. See our line before you
In a word,
"You old Peachtree, Capitol avenue
and Whitehall street sisters you've been
blessed. Your husbands have pros
pered and have built you nice houses
and you are living in big society places.
And here are your daughters running
aboui here at night half dressed, with
their dresses cut low in the neck. It
embarrasses, me too see such. I al
ways feel like telling them to put on
my coat. (Amens) I am talking
fact- to you women. If you just knew
how vulgar men gazed upon their bare
skin you'd know I'm talking facts to
you. I wouldn't put such on ray
pointer dog. If I had a pointer dog
and wanted to dress him ua Vi eovesr
, him all over tail and all laughteir..)
1 Why will women dress this way? Eu"s
j a my-tery I can'i understand. VVoatem
; ought to be the leaders of the niodiestj
.of this country. (Amens.)
j "Wry, you women, do you knoy
ih.it )our daughters are exposed ic
j the indecent gai of vulgar men?
1 When I see the cigarette cards and bc
! oiher vulgar pictures ot women scat
1 tered around I think of these low-necked
I dresses. You're out of the raises, of
I society. You girls, if you couVJS know
' the vile thoughts men have of you
j when they gaze upon your decol-
j lette gowns at these entertainments, as
you call them, you'd fly home tt your
mammies screaming.
"If Sam Jones does talk plain he
talks common sense and common de
cency. You fine Peachtwe women
you say, 'He'll do io talk i slums and
low-down people, but not to us no,
not at all!" Why you are the very
old gals I am after. Yon wximen need
it and I want you to take your medi
cine this afternoon.
"'ou can go tc the devil if you want
to, but I am going to warn yju against
it. If you haven't got enough cloth
to make your girls a whole dress I'm
j sorry for you. My wife is sitting here
listening to every word 1 say and I am
certain that I'm. not oing to shock
her modesty, and if -your modesty is
shocked, it's because it ought to be
shocked. Some things are wrong, and-
j there is nothing between Heaven or heir,
i that can make them right. A woman
who thinks a decollette dress is modesc
j is left.
j woman's duty to take the arm.
I "The other day I aw a big. talf.
Winter to Spring.
We Are Ready
There's an air of
newness through
out our Store.
Never More did
we come before
the public with a
stock of which we
felt prouder.
Dunlap Hats, and
all the new shapes.
Youman styles
soft Hats for big
comparison of our Goods and Prices is cordially invited.
Henderson, North Carolina.
lanky fellow walking along with a girl
on his arm a little bit of a dudene
she was and he was nearly lifting her
off the ground. That was a beautilnl
sight. As long as I've been married
I've never taken my wife's arm. She
always lays hers up in mine and we
walk along all right. (A'mens.) You
women turn your daughters a-loose.
You don't see her any more after she
leaves home with a young man who
is perchance as unclean as the devil
until two or three in the morn
ing. Mother, you don't know where
that daughter goes. The young man
comes back by an ice cream saloon
and frequently it is 3 o'clock before
he rings the door-Dell at the girls
home. Mothers. I say to you, in
the name of God, stop it now! That
noble woman. Miss Tucker and there
is not a nobler woman in thi country
than she stood up before the ladies
at Trinity lastSundiy and asked which
was the worse for her, to g to these
houses and try to reclaim the lost and
fallen women or for the girls of the
town to go with uoys who were them
selves lost and unclean? Law me!
Miss Tucker can'f 0 with the hand of
an angel and pull a poor girl out of
these nouses, but these boys walk the
streets with your daughters. If there's
a man in the world that'll build a
I wall a mile high around pure girls that
man is me.
"Aglin a lot of you women have
punch-bowls and wine suppers. Ain't
vou pretty things! A Methodist,
Presbterian and a Baptist woman act
ually set out a junch bowl to a crowd,
of young folks at their home and I was
told that they only drank the punch,
but after awhile before daythey got
tr ririnkine the pure old rye. These
were nice girls, too. Nice, yes, very
nice. I don't care if folks are worth
a million dollars I don't care what
kind of a house people live in, I put
character before appearance and God
befi re gold. The men look their med
icine, and now I want you to take
yours. Mothers, listen to me: I tell
you as a Christian and as a friend, you
can't guard too closely the sanctity
and modesty ot your home. (Amens.)
Society is the cause of nmetenihs ot the
divorce cases in the courts of this land.
And then look at the grass-widows and
the dog-fennel widowers.
"I know there's a lot of you good
old sisters who would like to retire,
but I've got you in here and you can't
lor the Change.
livery department
is replete with a
well selected line
of the choicest
and best goods
that money can
buy. We name a
few things :
The largest stock and best assortment of Furniture to
be found outside of the regular wholesale houses. Every
thing you can think of under this heading we have.
Pailor, chamber and dining room sets; chairs, tables,
desks, wardrobes, lounges, etc. Big line of Matting
cheap and pretty floor covering in all the choicest pat
terns. Baby Carriages in all designs and styles of uphol
stering. White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers and Re
frigerators. Lamps and lamp goods, woodenware, etc.
get out. You may say that Sam Jones
is a fool, a mountebank, but there's
not one of you in the audience th it'll
look me in my face and say that I
don't believe what I say. You Chris
tian mothers are nodding your heads
at me and you society women look like
something hacked.
"I plead for home. If there's a fel
low that ain't interested in home that
fellow ajn't no kin to me. I was at
home some lime ago and while there
I asked my.wife what was the highest,
slickest steepest hill she ever had to
climb in keeping up with the children.
"I'll tell ou the hardest pull I
have,' my ife answered, 'it is keeping
them from doing what other children
do. If it wasn't for them wanting to
do what other children d I could get
along with them all right."
"Now you old society sis'.er, you've
caused my wife trouble in raning 'he
children and I am going o lay it onto
you right now. There ain't a god
mother in the world that hisn't iried
to pull her children up the sijne
hill. How many sound taters d 1 yosi
have to put around a rotten one to
sive i ? God bless your soul the rot
ten tater will get all the sound ones.
Thai's what's the matter with the
churchea this town. Oh, the devil
try in these churches. The preacher
gels up every Sunday morning and
here is abut how the -ermon g'esj
Here am I, John Smith, D. D.' Then
he preaches John Smith dignified in
stead of Jesus Christ crucified, and then
the announcement that the choir will
sing, a cornet, next a duet and then
c mes the little sermonent. If the
people don't help to get the churches
out the devil will get the whole thing.
I ani a man that wants to see every
Southern home a home in the right
sense of the word. Here's a preacher
over here" who says he preaches these
things, but the papers won't publish
them. Well, I don't doubt it. He's
in the suburbs. There's not a man
who preaches up town that'll do it.
"I can preach a sermon in any
church in this town and split that
church wide open. And I'll n t tell
anything but the truth either. When
I jumped on ihe club I'd be sure to
get some one and I'd touch them
them when I got on ihe brewery and
the like. I do believe the devil has
gone around and farmed out his busi
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money. Majestic Steel Ranges the greatest cooking
apparatus in the world. All styles and sizes to select
from. Richmond Starke Dixie Plows, (sold only by us).
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hoe made. Shovels, Spades, Axes, Nails, Locks, Hinges,
Spokes, Rims, Hubs, Wheels, Horse Shoes, Grain Cradles,
Harness, (buggy and wagon), Paints, Oils, Varnishes,
Putty, Glass, Gun--, Pistols, Fishing Tacklle, Bats, Balls,
and sporting goods generally. Full line of Table and
Pocket Cutlery, Crockery and Glassware.
The Millinery department will be found up to its usual
standard of excellence and completeness. The fact that
Miss Thomas is in charge is sufficient guarantee that the
stock embraces every article of fashionable and tasty wear
and decorative dress for the feminine head. Her selections
of Hals, Bonnets, Feathers, Flowers and Trimmings of all
kinds were never prettier or more profuse than this season.
Our line of Gents' Furnishing Goods was never larger
or more attractive. Big assortment of Shirts and Cravats,
Collars, Cuffs, Handkerchiefs, etc. We have a beauti
ful display of new Spring and Summer styles. Umbrellas,
Trunks, Valises, and everything for men's wear and use.
in every department
ness to members of the chtrrch in this
city. The devil has got one old sis
ter going around getting up wine
suppers, another one whist parlies aid
another one organizing progressive
euchre parties."
Mr. Jones here stopped and drew
two pictures. The first was where a
little girl had a cross mother and every
time she went to her mother for a
thimble or scraps to make her doll a
dress that mother would scold her and
send her away. "By and by," said
Mr. Jones, "lhat girl comes to be
eighteen years old and she's just like
her cross old mother. If I had to
marry one I don't know which I'd
take, but I believe I VI take the old
woman because she'd die sooner and
get out of the way."
The other picture he drew was that
of a little girl with a kind mother
one who gave her little daughter just
ihe very kind of scraps she wanted to
make her doll a dress and bought her
a thimble just to suit her little finger.
"When tint girl come to le eighteen,"
said Mr. Jones, "she was ihe light of
h-r h line, a benediction lo the church
ami a pure, sweet girl just like her
'Then the evangelist continued in
his talk to mothers.
"Mother, you be true to your home.
Run the devil out of it and keep it as
oure as ihe morning dew. An angel
came down from Heaven one bright
sunny day. When he had lo go back
he decided to carry some memento of
the earth back with him. He gathered
some sweet fl wers, a babe's bright
smile and a mother's beaming love.
When the angel had reached the gates
of Heaven he looked and saw that the
the flowers had drooped and died, the
babe's smile had withered away, but
ibe mother's love! Oh, yes, it was
beaming still. It is the only that
reaches to heaven.
"I believe that if I had married a
society woman I would have been dead
and in hell long ago. But if I had
died in my sins I could not have looked
back and said ray wite ever did one
thing to lead ;ne wrong."
Pure Blood is the safeguard of health.
Keep your blood pure, rich and full of vi
tality by taking Hood's Sarsaparilla, and
you will not need to fear the attacks of
Hood's Pills cure liver ills.eonstipation.
Jaundice, sick headache, billiousness. o.
Advertising does the business.
How to Save the Manure from the
Stable and Barn -yard Best fTeth
ods of Applying it What Chemicals
Pay Best With These Manures-
Helpful Hints on Small Fruit Cul
ture, &c, &c.
Editor Farmers' Voice: By long
odds the most important question to
every one who tills the soil is that- of
manure. No matter what he grows,
whether it be the grossest staple or the
most delicate fruit or garden product,
his success depends more upon a wise
system of manuring than anything
else. It is also a question whose im
portance must increase rather than
lessen. Yor by far the greater part ol
the agricultural lands of the country
are yearly deteriorating, getting poorer
under the treatment they get. At the
same time competition is getting
stronger and the necessity of the use of
wisdom and economy in all agricultu
ral methods becoming more impera
tive. While my experience has lain mostly
in fruit culture, I have for many years
grown grain and grass crops as a rota
tion. My soil runs alt the way from
extreme sandiness to black muck in
one direction and to the closest red
clay in another. My experience has
covered summers so wet that even
grass would not grow, and it has con
vinced me that the usual methods of
crop fertilizing could be greatly im
proved by following a few simple rults
All stable or barnyard manure should
not only be saved, but saved in such a
way as to lose no part of ils value.
Manure in horse, stalls I leave un
touched till it is hauled out and broad
casted on the land. Cleanliness is
preserved by adding bedding as need
ed. If the stall is dry and enough
litter used, the accumulating ma
nure soon packs firm enough to form
a good floor, which is yet so absorbent
that not the least quantity of the liquid
manure is lost. Manure saved this
way has fully twice the value of that
treated in the usual manner. Thor
ough composting is, of course, excellent.
But where one man composts manure
properly, 20 carelessly throw it out
either to heat and fire fang or to be
leached by rains, either process render
ing it nearly worthless.
Manure from the milk cow stalls,
which have to be kept clean, should
be composted with kainit or some good
absorbent as fast as removed. The
barnyard proper should be so arranged
and protected from drippings that the
accumulating manure will not lose by
leaching. Straw or litter of some kind
must also be liberally used. But com
paratively few farmers depend upon
the above manures alone. Most of
them buy more or le.;s fertilizer be
sides. This is all right provided the
right system is followed. As far as my
observation goes the right sjstem
is not generally followed. When fer
tilizers are used in connection with
manure, it should always be as a sup
plement to that article, and their in
gredients should be such as to supply
the properties in which the barnyard
manure is deficient. Where a moder
ate quantity of this manure is used in
"connection wilh green manuring, (the
turning under of rye, peas or clover),
little ammonia (the most expensive in
gredient of fertilizers) need te bought.
What will be needed will be the com
paratively cheap ingredients, potash
and phosphoric acid.
Of all soils, and especially on sandy
soils, I find potash to be what is most
needed and what gives the quickest
and largest returns. It is the height
of unwisdom to use either stable ma
nure or green manuring without it.
One btindred and fifty pounds of
kainit or 100 pounds of muriate of pot
ash and 100 pounds of dissolved bone
well mixed and sown and mixed with
earth in the drill before planting, pays
irsrnst manifold on anv cron and on i
irs cost maniio a on any crop ana on
any soil that I have tver tried it. It
is also an excellent spring top dressing
for all kinds of grain as well as for grass
and clover. It will usually pay to.
use it much more liberally for this
purpose and where no stable manure
is used to add one hundred pounds or
more of nitrate of soda;
Orchards I would plow shallow and
top dress with the above in very early
spring if not done the fall before. Here
but little of thi nitrate will usually be
For small fruit I would drill in the
mixture before planting. I use as much
as 500 pounds per acre of it, being
careful to mix it well with the soil by
means ot a light harrow. Where in
tensive culture is to be followed (and
in fruit alxive all things intensive cul
ture pay-) heavy quantities of kainit
or muriate of potash or dissolve I bone
and bone dust can U; profitably ap
plied if broadcasted and thoroughly
harrowed in. Thus applied 1,000
pounds of kainit (or 250 pounds of
muriate of otash and 500 pounds
dissolved bene or bone dust is not ex
cessive. 1 find it to be also unsurpaased as
top dressing for small fruit applied in
February or March over plants at the
rate per acre of 300 pounds of kainit
1 (or 20 pounds of muriate of potash) and
200 pounds dissolved bone (cone oust
is too slow here). The result is not
only more fruit, but larger, firmer, bet
ter flavored, better colored fruit.
O. W. Blackball.
Kittrell, N, C.
Arnold's Bromo-Cellery. Try this un
rivaled remedy for headache. Neuralgia,
Sleeplessness. lcts.
People often wonder why their nerves are
so weak; why they get tired so easily;
why they start at every slight but
sudden sound; why they do not sleep
naturally; why they have frequent
headaches, indigestion and nervous
The explanation is simple. It is found in
that impure blood which is contin
ually feeding the nerves upon refuse
instead of the elements ot strength and
vigor. In such condition opiate and
nerve compounds dimply deaden and
do not cure. Hood's Sarsajiarilla feeds
the nerves pure, rich, red blood; gives
natural oleep. j erfect digestion, is the
true remedy for all nervous troubles.
Is the One True Wood ruriner. f 1 ier Itottla.
Prepared only by C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell. Mass.
m rk cure i.ivrr ins; uy 10
1 IUUU a nils take. easy to operate. 25c
100"" ( ?few designs 3c and upl XV a r -
c,,..w J K'wt Eft r'5 " " I rente l
aampics Isorderssame low rates to suit
Free. 1 s"n(1 8C- fr postage; or imm
'deduct when ordering J eyb'ck
F. II. Cady,805 Westinr Street Trov., K.I.
Liberal IUcoiinl to t'luba & Agents
is u
and is the result of cold
ana sudden rllntntio
cnanges. it can be cured
by a pleasant remed
which is applied directly
into the nostrils itiim.
quickly absorbed it gives
tenet at once.
Ely's Gream Balm
isaPKnowidi M lm l... ,., ..
V - "'W. OIH'HN HUU rlt'l) HM'S
mtnsa,,1Par!uir8iA,la:' Vuia '"'
niatlon, Heuls the Mores. 1'rotectB the Mem-
by ins!? Ct l,,K nt lru-'K'" r
ELY BROTHERS, 50 Warren Street. X. Y
Cleuera and bouitifiea th hair.
Promote a luxuriant irtnwth.
Faila to BMtora Orn
Curo irmlp diim hair f iiin.
g'c.aridtl niat Druptiaa
TheonlT ureCumJ.Coni.. tiu,, ,n paio. ttmm mm.
C'felpbmU-r'a Kna-Uah IMuan.4 liraatf.
-toTa. wrlclaal aad Oaly Uraalae.
I n.r 1st for rhtrheatw Xntttmh tHm J
a(BJ rr-llaWtaj. J W I . W MWm
ltira. aw-tled with bltM rihhoa. Take
la tamp far iwrttcuiar. wwttmMiwlw ul
"ttollef fr T4.4,M in Utter, by rrlwru
Mall. I A.MMI Tratinuniala JV.. Jaa-
ttm mnd iMttttftoaia. At Drwfiila. mr mmmS
SteelgPeonjrojal Pills
tHESCH. Mt and reliable rare
nn tl.n m -... 1 A.
iuoii. vi eoainn aoJU only bf
For Sale tor PHIL A. THOMAS.
The Fertilizers used should always sup
ply the plant with its fayorlte form of
food. It lias been shown at experiment
stations in the several IStates, and has
been the experience of toltacco growers
generally, that Dried Hlood contains the
best form of ammonia for raising fine qual
ities of tobacco. This is esix-cially so re
specting the bright variety. Our own field
tests fully confirm this, and as this form
of a'""10'" i the nianufac"' of
ur fertilizers. It can i readily see., that
the Armour Fertilizer Works are in
a position Ut offer the very choicest good.
Potash should w. in the form of high-grade
sulphate, as any form containing chlorine
will be especially injurious to tho leaf.
Chicago, 111,
N'oiivhview, Vs., Match 12,
Mn. Oko. Giiknshaw, Henderson, .N. C.
Yours of the mh in-.t. to Imml and noted.
In reply would say that 1 used last seavm
270 pounds per acre of Armour's All iSolu
ble Fertilizer on my tobacco, and must say
that 1 am we I pleased with the result in
every way. I made a good sized rich and
colory crop, more wrappers in it than I
ever made with eight to ten hundred
pounds ot low grade goods. My fertilizer
last year cost me ?4.'.W per acre, and on
crop of 1894 it cost me 00per acre. I
was then using a low grade stuff and my
iwj crop Is a great deal belter in every
way, heavier and not so much diseased,
notwithstanding we had quite a protracted
drought during the months of July and
August. My land is nearly all fresh and
Is light and gray. The lauds around jour
place will, 1 aoi sure, give good results
from the use of four to five hundred
pounds to the acre. It will make you a
fine crop of bright tobacco with good body,
size and colory. You can safely put out
Armour's Tobacco Ouano and have no
fear as to their results. I will cheerfully
give any information I can at any time to
help the farmers in your section to make
two-thirds of their tobacco crops good in
stead of as they are at present, making
two-thirds bad with low grade goods.
Yours truly,
Henderson, N. C.
Thlaj remedy betaf In
jected directly the
eat or utw mui
the Geatit-Lrtmajry
Organ, require at
are or diet, iw
arxateed la 1 M 1
day. MaBs.II plalapaek.
ace. by at ail, Sl.O.
Mold aly by
For sale It PHIL H. THOMAS.
1 r yv ,
i i. lESA
I - w
If u O 1 1 "or
1 Ul I Vi latha

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