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Keeping Constantly at it Brings Success
y-o FATES many a new buines.;
CKt" kGES many n old busmen;
tPHESfcRVES many s large business;
REVIVES many a dull business;
RESCUES many a lost business;
SA VESmany a failing business;
btCUKES success in any business
a -vertise Judiciously," use the columns
t'1 1 ,i-.t an intelligent and nrosoerous
t3J .'lubes' trade is well worth seeking and
, jv:n.
rTtes of advertising.
I inh:2 in.3 In.
l o
1 BO 200 4 50
8 00
28 00
70 OO
85 OO
i r.oi
:roj 800) eoo
:O0 4 00 800
s.-ioi roo 900
: r.oi
4 no
i!2. 7001100
40 OO
55 OO
1 7." i
.r.O HBO 1500
W00I12 00 2000
; iol
.IIH12IIO 1500 26 OO
V'-'bii-I executora' notices, commlfwloners
I Tnify' sales. Bummonn to tion-resl-,t
A'- will be charged for at rates flxed
' '' x''--t when they exceed a certain
mt ' Mee. In wlilch case we reserve the
i'i.'t t. tlx our own price.
T.i inrv notices, resolutions of respect,
t w.ii he chargeI for at the rate of one
.", ... r word; and the cish must accornpa
' iii:iiiis'cript. In eases where friends
, .'...tr-.ns of the paper are concerned no
will "r tne first ten lines
v.I.t Ti worils or articles not exceeding
t,t':n length.
1 J-m
For Low Prices
On Lime, Laths, Shingles,
Doors and Windows, call on
John B. Watkins.
M.:i!:iv was a legal holiday Labor
1 1,.- traded School will begin Sep
, n,(.. r loth.
UIicii the icy blasts of December
ci.mi- then we may be cool.
II,.- ncent rains have broken the
1, . -.ell and living is now more a
rk is progressing right along on
H, e new brick store of Mr. S. Wat-kin-,
nient billed last week.
Minv persons took advantage of
li,.- cheap excursion rates yesterday
I. , vi-it Norfolk and Washington.
In Warren county Mr. J. K. IJur
r iu.'-li- ran ahead of the ticket. The
awnie majority was about 1,000,
while lie received 1,106.
I!.,- lir-t new bale of Vance county
( .M in has been marketed. It was
h . iiit l.v the Henderson cotton mills
ao 1 brought '.I cents a pound.
The Coimtv Commissioners met in
r.-iiin: session Monday transacting
tin- Limine business and drawing the
jiirv fur October term of court.
l! will not be long before you will
he wanting some of that hot weather
v.. ii have been kicking: so much about.
An ! then you'll wisli you hadn't.
Advertising is valuable exactly in
l.rnportioti to the extent to which the
thing advertised is found to bear out
the "claim made for it. Montreal
;'':in.) Witnrss.
Hie Vance t'.uai is, about :U strong,
under command of t'apt. Poythress,
left yesterday on a trip to Washing
ton." Chaplain T'uttle went with them
as the guest of the Company.
Mr. A. Nicholas, candy maker and
i teetioner, has moved next door,
the place he was in being wanted by
Mr. John D. Fox who will occupy it
a a general merchandise store.
There is no use trying to disguise
the fact that this editor is growing
old. We celebrated another birthday
anniversary on the 4th inst. And
vet w; hope to live to be much older.
The .ite of the Seaboard Air Line
freight depot, recently burned, is
h. nig cleared otT preparatory to be
ginning work on the handsome new
hi ii k warehouse to be erected thereon.
Thoe persons who propose to pay
us in wood had better bring it along
hefnre cold weather and bail roads set
in or we be removed to some other
climate where it may not be needed.
It is desired that all pupils of the
traded School shall be vaccinated be
fore the beginning of the term on
Septeiuper 10th. See notice of Su
perintendent Alderman in another
ule a delegation went from Hen
derson to Raleigh to attend the Con
rcMonal convention today. They
i. v solid for Cant. Shaw and if he
d.i.-sn't rct the nomination it will be
ii " fault of theirs.
The fall term of the Graded School
will lu-tMii Mondav. September 10th.
bet the little folks be ready to enter
in the oneninir dav. It is always
in . re satisfactory to both pupil and
t. a. her to have them begin at the be
Your fall goods are now in or will
K'.iui arrive. To sell them thev must
he properly exploited. Tut an ad
vertisement in the tiOi.i i.kak ana lei
vi'ur former patorns and prospective
customers know what vou nave anil
the inducements you are prepared to
"Her to secure their trade.
A party of ten or twelve Henderson
"t'ortsmen went out toward Williams-
i,i Friday deer huntinr. Thev had
'!-t rate luck bringing back a doe
and a fawn. Mr. C. A. Lewis had the
lienor of killin"- the first and Mavor
s"iitherland the other. Sid Cooper
lid the driving" having his splendid
I'-ack of hounds along.
The Newport News Herald of the
-i; i savs this of a well known gentle
t":u and amusement celebrity who
i soon to make Henderson a visit:
The Kino; 0f Minstrels, the most en
Unisiustie of Ohio Democrat, the most
'ir seeking of political prophets and one
uaioiiir the most polisned ot genial gen
t'etiifi), spent yesterday in the city and
U'S name is Al u. lield.
Mr. Charlie Elmore, who has been
clerking for Davis & Rose for some
time, quits to take a position as flag-
wan on the Seaboard Air Line Kail
way between Ridgeway Junction and
Kii'hinond. If he shall become as
capable a railroad man as his father
he will have no cause to rejrret hav
hegun his career in so modest a
t he rates arc cheap, the route di-
r, ct and service unsurpassed bv the
he Annual Convention of the Nation
d Baptist Association at Richmond,
September 12th-20th.
i ..-. I iiIvrtisfnientH, to appear among
, mutter, will becharged 10 cents per
!-lor ti rt insertion, and 5 cenU per line
1 !' . .... ir.riion thereafter.
The W eldon Eair will be held this
year October 30th, 31st, and Novem
ber 1st and 2nd. Prepare something
for exhibition farm products, live
stock, machinery, vehicles, works of
art, etc. The premiums are liberal
and the awards will be fair and im
partial. Write for premium list to
the secretary W. B. Green, Weldon,
N. C.
Mr. K. A. Crockett, who "has for
'some time been serving his numerous
friends and patrons at the well known
house of W. W. Reavis, has severed
his connection therewith and can
now be found selling solid leather
boots and shoes, fine and stylish
clothing, etc., at the old reliable
house of Mr. Nathan Lehman, where
a visit from his friends will be
welcomed and highly appreciated.
Attention is called to the advertise
nient of T. W. Wood & Sons, seeds
men, Richmond, Va., which appears
elsewhere. Every farmer should have
a copy of Wood's Annual Catalogue
of seeds and grain for fall planting.
It tells all- about grass and clover
seeds, hairy or winter vetch, crimson
clover, seed wheat, oats, etc. Sent
free on application. Write for it and
prices of any seeds or seed grain required.
Pigs For Sale.
( j-osM lift ween I'oland China and Red
Jersey. For furt her particulars apply at
this office.
. .
An Item of Interest.
The Henderson Tannery, L. T.
Howard, proprietor, is an industry
which is destined to grow into greater
proportions and iaiportance. He has
demand for all the hides he can get,
the capacity of his plant being great
ly in excess of present supply. The
leather turned out is of superior
quality and Mr. Howard has worked
considerable quantities up into har
ness for which he has constant and
increasing demand.
See your Agent at once as to dates
and rites bv the SEA HOARD AIR
LINE RAILWAY to the Annual Con
tion of the National ISaptist Associa
tion (colored), Richmond, Va.
- - - -
Taking a Needed Rest.
Miss Palmer, the trained nurse who
has been engaged at Mr. I). Y. Cooper's
and Rev. M. H. Tuttle's for several
weeks, went to Littleton Saturday to
spend awhile with her mother and
take a much needed rest before re
turning to Raleitrh. Miss Palmer is an
expert in her line of work. Her
womanly character, gentle manner,
sympathetic nature and oblisrinjr
spirit peculiarly lit her for the duties
of the sick room and endear her to all
with whom she is thrown.
Ahvav. on hand a fresh lot of Straight
and Patent flour nt LOWEST PRICES,
Spare the Trees.
"Woodman, spare that tree." Aud
Mr. W. W. Reavis thinks this gentle
admonition should apply as well to
street commissioners and town offi
cials where shade trees are concerned.
Hence his protest against removing
the trees in front of his property on
the corner of Main and Breckinridge
streets. The trees remain and the
sidewalk is being fixed up all the
same. Shade trees ought to be set on
every street in town instead of cut
ting them down.
Tickets to the Annual Convention
of the National Baptist Association
colored), at Richmond, good for thir
teen days by the SEABOARD AIR
Services at Presbyterian Church Next
There will be services in the Pres
byterian church next Sunday. Pastor
Shaw will reach home with his family
to-day or to-morrow. A communica
tion from him says all are in usual
health, although he has had very lit
tle rest since he left owing to the
death of his father, sickness of his
brother Judge Shaw, and assistance
rendered his mother in business mat
ters. Mr. Shaw savs he will be clad
to ret back home again.
Drs. Byers and Byers.
A number of our citizens have
availed themselves of the opportunity
to lie treated by Drs. Byers & Byers,
the specialists in the treatment of
diseases of the eye, ear, nose and
throat. These gentlemen will re
main in Henderson but a short time
longer, as thev have engagements to
till elsewhere. Persons who may
wish to consult them would do well
to call earlv.
Office at J. E. McCraw's, opposite
Presbyterian church.
A Talented Young Lady.
The Raleigh Pott says this of a tal
ented young lady who has many
friends and admirers in Henderson,
Miss Annie Page, daughter of Rev.
J. H. Page, and sister of Mrs. F. R.
Harris, ot this place:
Miss Annie M. Page, daughter of Rev.
Jesse II. Page, of the North Carolina
Methodist Conference, has accepted a
position in the faculty of Peace Institute
as teacher of French. Miss Page has had
splendid advantages, including an ex-
tenuea trip to r.urope. tne institute is
to be congratulated on this addition to
its able faculty.
Death of Mrs. Ben Brame.
Mrs. B. F, Brame died at the home
of her husband between Dabney and
Williamsboro, Friday morning. She
had been sick a long time. Mrs.
Brame was about 47 years old and
leaves a husband and four children.
She was a daughter of Mr. George
Smerdon of this county, and sister
of Mr. A. L. Smerdon, of Henderson
The funeral was held Saturday
afternoon from the Methodist Protes
tant church in this place, the pastor
Rev. J. S. Williams conducting the
services. Interment at the cemetery
Everything to eat, fresh and up to
uuie, at ii. a uu.viAou.1 o.
Business Constantly Increasing.
Mr. John D. Stallings, the popular
fancy grocer, says he did the biggest
business in August that he has done
in any one month since he opened
That speaks well not only for Mr
Stallings but for our people. It
shows that tbey appreciate merit
Mr. Stallings deals in only the best in
his line and his prices are reasonable.
He is careful and accurate, fair in his
dealings and attentive to business,
with a sincere desire to please his
customers at all times.
When you want a pleasant physic try
the new remedy. Chamberlain's Stomach
and Liver Tablets. They are easy to
take and Dleasant in effect. Price 25
centa. Samples free at Dorsey's drug
Tbe New Methodist Protestant Church
a Credit to That Denomination and
an Ornament to the Town.
The new Methodist Protestant
church is nearing completion. All
the work has been done with the ex
ception of putting in the pews, ar
ranging the lighting effects and a few
minor details. The carpet is down in
the main auditorium and the seats
will soon be placed in position.
These were made to order according
to tne diagram furnished by the
architect by the Grand Rapids Manu
facturing Company, and they have a
man here putting them together.
lhe seats are of pretty design and
very comfortable.
Ihe stained glass windows are
things of beauty. There are two
large memorial windows which are
works of art. They have been great-
y admired by every one who has seen
them. The front window bears this
inscription: "In Memory of William
Harris, founder of the first M. P.
church in Henderson." At the top
there is a cross with rope and anchor,
an urn and flowers being below. This
window was put in by the church.
Two smaller windows are on each
On the left of the entrance is the
other window (or windows, rather,
for there is a group of them) a coun
terpart of the others in size and
shape, but of different style as to
design and coloring. There is an
open Bible at the top and the ligure
of a crown at the bottom ot the cen
tral or memorial window together
with this inscription: "Dictated to
the Glory of God and the Memory of
ii. t. Harris, by his Sons.
Our Methodist Protestant friends
have cause to be proud of their new
house of worship. It is of brick,
handsome in architectural design,
commodious in size, conveniently
constructed and inside and out it is a
thing of beauty. It is au ornament
to the town and a credit not only to
the congregation in Henderson but to
that denomination throughout the
Diseases of the Eye, Ear, Throat and
Nose Skillfully Treated.
Drs. Byers & Byers, the ppecialists in
the diseases of the eye, ear, nose and
throat, have located for a limited time in
town at the residence of Mr. J. E. Mc-
Craw, opposite the Presbyterian church.
lhese gentlemen are well aud favorably
known throughout the State as skilled
n their special work and are worthy of
he full confidence of our people aud no
one would make a mistake in consulting
them. Their stay is limited and all those
who desire to consult them for these
diseases should do so at once.
Ofllce opposite Presbyterian church.
Sneeial attention will be o-iven to
the comfort and pleasure of those
o-oino- hv thp SEABOARD AT It LTNk
RAILWAY to the Annual Convention
of the National Baptist Association
("colored), to be held in Richmond
September 12th-20th.
Barnes Big Clothing Store.
You will not fail to see the adver
tisement of Barnes Big Clothing
Store. And seeing it the next thing
to do is to go there and see the
matchless stock of new fall and win
ter goods displayed. They have a big
line, all styles, sizes, qualities and
prices and can please every taste and
purse. Overcoats, clothing, furnish
ing goods, hats, trunks, valises, um
brellas, etc., at such values as even
Barnes has not offered before. Go
and see for yourself.
See list of farms and town property for
sale and rent by J. L. Currin, real estate
broker, and don't bother about the cen
tury you are now living tu lustsoyou
can secure bargains by making a deal in
dirt with him.
Represents a Reliable Concern.
We had an agreeable call yesterday
from Mr. G. O. Casner, representing
the Chamberlain Medicine Co., of
Des Moines, Iowa, whose well known
remedies have for several years been
regularly advertised in the Gold
Leaf. The object of Mr. Casner's
visit was to renew his advertising
contract and incidentally his acquaint
ances with this oflice. .there is no
more reliable concern than the Cham
berlain Medicine Co., nor are there
any better proprietary medicines put
out than theirs. And if any house
has a cleverer representative than
Mr. Casner he doesn't travel this
Tickets on sale for the Annual Con
vention of the National Baptist Asso
ciation (colored), at Richmond, Va.,
September 10th, 11th, 12th, good
until September 22d, inclusive. Take
WAY. Henderson Cotton Uinning Company.
The Henderson Cotton Ginning
Company has been incorporated. The
incorporators are John V. Cooper,
C. W. Finch, S. S. Parham, J. Hill
Parham, W. Brooks Parham and A. C.
Zollicoffer. The capital stock is
8,000, and application sets forth that
the business of the company shall be
the purchase and sale of cotton and
cotton seed, the erection of cotton
gins, ginning aud pressing of cotton,
the manufacture and sale of cotton
seed oil and fertilizers. The period
of incorporation is fifteen years.
. -
Wood & Sons' Fall Catalogue.
The time of fall planting being at
hand particularly valuable and ol
timelv interest to our farmers and
L c cj
gardners is T. W. Wood & Sons' Cata
logue of Seeds and urain lor ran
Planting, a copy of which the Gold
Leaf acknowledges receipt ol. it
gives very full and complete informa
tion, uot only aDout iarm crops, dui
also about vegetables that can be
grown to advantage and profit in the
fall. It tells all about tne best
methods of seeding Lucerne, or
Alfalfa. Clover, Winter, or Hairy
Vetch, and other valuable crops
which are becoming so popular now
This Fall Catalogue will be mailed
free upon application to T. W. Wood
& Sons, seedsmen, ruenmonu, a.
Horner Supply Company.
The Secretary of State yesterday is
sued a charter for the Horner Supply
Company, which proposes to conduct a
tile, fertilizer, cotton and
cotton-seed oil business at Manson, War
ren county. The incorporators are J.
D. Cooper ,S. S. Parham, J. H. Parham,
W Rmnka PftrhAm Thomas G. Horner
and A. C. Zollicoffer. The capital stock
is $6,000 and the duration ot tne corpo
rnt.inn is fifteen Tears. Raleich Post.
These are all Henderson men and
with the exception of Mr. Horner, are
members of the Parham Brothers
Supply Company and the Henderson
n.nninor fnmmnv inst incornorated.
r 1 J j r
Continned good fortune to these en
terprising, public spirited gentlemen
Al O. Field's Greater Minstrels to
Open the Season at Cooper Opera
House September 15th.
If Manager Brooks Parham keeps
up the amusement season at Cooper
Opera House as well as he will open
it Henderson theatre goers will have
no cause for complaint certainly. He
will open with Al G. Field's Greater
Minstrels Saturday, September 15th.
There is no better organization of the
kind and Manager Parham is fortu
nate to secure them. This will be
their first appearance in Henderson
and a great crowd will greet them.
The Norfolk Virginian-Pilot says this
of the company and the performance
as seen there Friday night:
Last night Al. G. Field's Greater Min
strels wan greeted by an audience which
filled the building to its utmost capacity,
and this aggregation of funmakers and
specialists succeeded in arousing their
audience to a degree of enthusiasm bord
ering on an uproar as each number was
presented by artists, each of whom enjoy
the distinction of first place in their
special line of work.
To mention the best features of Mr.
Field's performance it would be necessary
to print his entire program. Suffice it to
say that he has all of the old favorites
besides many newandattractivefeatures,
including a tribe ofj Moorish Mamelukes
in the Oriental spectacle, "'The Fete at
Go to the Annual Convention of the
National Baptist Association (colored)
at Richmond, Va., September 12th
20th., by the SEABOARD AIR LINE
Mrs. Geo. A. Rose has gone to
Panacea Springs to stay awhile.
Nelson W. Willis, of the Gold Leaf
force, spent Sunday in Durham.
Mrs. G. II. Fleming and daughter
are guests at Mr. E. E. Hight's this
Mrs. O. P. Shell has returned from
a pleasant visit to Virginia Beach and
Mrs. Swann has been quite sick
for several days but is somewhat bet
ter at this writing.
Mr. James Davis came back from
Virginia Beach Monday enjoying a
few days' stay at that delightful sea
side resort.
Mrs. J. D. Rose has returned from
Washington City where she has been
for some weeks visiting her mother
Mrs. Lucy Young.
Messrs. Clarence Wyche and Wil
liam Horner came tin from Roanoke
Rapids Saturday night and spent Sun
day in Henderson.
Mr. Theo. Stallings has returned
from a stay of several days in War
ren county spent with his son Mr.
Peter M. Stallings.
Miss Lillian Fountain, of Rocky
Mount, who has been visiting her
uncle, Dr. H. II. Bass, in Henderson,
returned to her home Monday.
Mrs. Manning, whose serious sick
ness was mentioned last week, is much
improved. She is now free of fever
and is getting along very nicely.
Capt. R. I. Cheatham, of the Sea
board Air Line Railway, with head
quarters in Atlanta, was here for a
short while shaking hands this week.
Capt. James B. Young, a former
Hendersonite, but now of Cleveland,
N. C, is the guest of his nephews
Messrs. J. M. and I. J. Young in Hen
derson. Miss Mamie Moore and Masters
Perry and John Rose, who have re
cently got out from a protracted spell
of fever, have gone to the country
for awhile to recuperate.
Capt. C. J. Smith and Lieutenant
A. S. Renn, who hold positions with
the American lobacco Company at
Durham, came down Saturday night
and spent Sunday at home with their
Mr. Fred Mitchell, of New Bern, is
a Henderson visitor the guest of his
sister Mrs. C. M. Cooper. Having
lived here at one time he has many
friends and acquaintances who are
glad to see him.
Mrs. W. E. Moss has returned from
Franklinton where she was called on
account of the sickness of her mother
who was visiting there. Mr. Wester
has been sick also but both are now
getting on very well.
Mr. Bassett Ingle, who has been
;re visiting his father Rev. Julian
E. Ingle the past few weeks, left Mon
day for New York where his friends
are pleased to know he has been doing
well since quitting college.
Mr. Penn Thomas, who has faith
fully served as one of the clerks in
the post office, has resigned and re
turned to his home in Henderson.
We regret to lose him as he is an ex
ceedingly clever gentleman. Oxford
Public Ledger.
Mr. W. S. Clary and family, return
ing home to Rocky Mount from the
Western part of the State, stopped
over in Henderson Tuesday night
with Mrs. Lizzie Clary. As former
citizens of Henderson they have
many friends here who were glad to
see them.
Mr. Frank Page, who will be the
superintendent of the new Harriet
cotton mill, spent a short while here
last week the guest of his sister Mrs.
F. R. Harris. Mr. Page is a son of
Rev. J. II. Page and like his beloved
and venerated father one has only to
know him to like him.
Dr. Hufham was called to Scotland
Neck last week to officiate at the
funeral of Mrs. O. K. Taylor one of
his former parishioners. She was a
daughter of the late D. Edmondson
and was a lady of lovely character
and Christian graces greatly beloved
by a wide circle of acquaintances.
Dr. John Hill Tucker is home on a
month's leave of absence. Dr. Tucker
holds an important position in one of
the leading hospitals in New York
citv, a position which was won on
merit and tendered him soon after
his graduation from the Virginia
University Medical College. His nu
merous friends are glad to see him.
Capt. W. A. Weddin, of Gravstone,
passed through Saturday on his way
home from the Western part of the
State, lie has been in the Balsam
mountains and at Asheville the past
two months for the benefit of his
health. He was much benefited by
the change having gained several
pounds in weight and five times as
much in strength he said.
One fare for the round trip to the
Annual Convention of the National
Baptist Association (colored). Rich
mond, Va., September 12th-20th., by
A Conscientious Physician and Typi
cal Southern Gentleman, Born April
29th, 1832; Died June 23rd, 1900.
In the August number of X9icitzk's
Magazine, published at Norfclk, we
find the following article written bv
the editor. Dr. George I. Nowitzky,
which we are sure will be read with
melancholy interest by friends of the
late Dr. Cheatham:
By the death of Dr. W. T. Cheat
ham the city of Henderson, N. C, lost
one of its ablest and most useful citi
zens Vance and other adjoining
counties to which his practice ex
tended, a conscientious and honest
physician, the State of North Car
olina, one of her most loyal sons of
the medical faculty, a cultured gentle
man, who was always willing to give
the benefit of his many discoveries
and inventions to his fellow-practitioners
the literary world, the re
search of a magnificently endowed
One of his books should never go
out of print, being doubly useful,
containing facts of great value to the
physicians, but so thoroughly qualified
that it is of incalculable benefit to the
He was charitable, without ostenta
tion. Honorable in all his acts. When
called to the bedside of the sufferer,
he knew no difference between the
rich and poor.
As president of his State's Medical
Association his rulings were always
wise and equitable. He had a kind
word for the distressed and encour
agement for the weary.
Dr. Cheatham had repeatedly ex
pressed a hope that when the final
summons came, it would find him in
sufficient health to be engaged in his
professional duties and this wish was
gratified, for the Doctor had just re
turned from visiting a number of
patients and retired to his room for a
little much needed rest, when an
angel of God gently touched him and
bade him appear before the Master he
had served so well.
It is unnecessary to close with the
oft quoted, well-meaning lines, "Rest
in peace." He is resting in peace,
for Heaven was made for just such
men as Dr. W. T. Cheatham.
Have you a sense of fullness in the re
gion of your stomach after eating? If
so- you will be benefited by using Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets.
They also cure belching and sour
stomach. They regulate the bowels too.
Price 25 cents. Sold by Melville Dorsey,
Editor Clark Jealous of Us.
The Landinark is pained to learn that
on last Saturday night some sneakthief
invaded the premises of Editor Manning,
of the Henderson Golo Leaf, and "stole
six chickens and two large hams." We
are distressed on account of the misfor
tune which has befallen Bro. Manning,
but we are consumed with curiosity to
know how a country editor happened to
have such a great quantity of rations on
hand at one time. It may be that some
of his rich kinsfolk died and left him a
fortune and that he proceeded to celebrate
by providing material for a square meal;
or it maybe that Mr. Manning had be
come infected with the idea of putting on
style and laid in the "six chickens aud
two large hams" just for the "big of the
thing." If the latter is the case he de
served to lose his meat. Statesville Land
mark. We confess to having lost some
chickens. How we got them it were
base impertinence to ask lest the
answer tend to confound us with that
numerous class of patriots whose
wives support them. As for the hams
we did not realize what we had lost
until informed by the Landmark.
Had we known that the thief was
possessed of "two large hams" the
incentive to catch him would have
been greater. We could have used
the meat in our business.
Do Your Feet Ache and Burn?
Shake into your shoes Allen's Foot-Ease,
a powder for the feet. It cools the feet
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000 testimonials. It cures while you walk.
Try it to-day. All druggists and shoe stores
sell it, 25e. Sample sent FREE. Address
Allen s. Olmsted, LeKoy, JNi. i . Aug. 23.
Review of Reviews for September.
In the September Review of Reviews will
be found a comprehensive treatment of
the "imperialism issue, with particular
reference to Mr. Bryan's Indianapolis
speech. The editor's review of Mr.
Bryan s i'tnlippine propositions will be
read with interest, alike by the adherents
and the opponents of the Democratic
candidate's policy.
Major John H. Parker, L. S. v., who is
stationed at Tanauan, Batangas Prov
ince, Luzon, contributes an incisive state
ment of the actual present needs of the
Philippine Islands in respect to the main
tenance of order, the establishment of a
school system, the introduction of im
proved farming implements, the building
of railroads, and the readjustment of
tariff relatians. Major Parker empha
sizes the importance of a specific declara
tion by Congress as to our policy in the
The subject of theillustrated character
sketches are King Humbert, of Italy,
and Collis P. Huntington, the American
railroad king.
Mr. Edward J. heeler describes that
unique political organization known ns
the National Prohibition party, and
sketches the characters and careers of its
candidates in the present Presidential
campaign Messrs. Wooley and Metcalf.
The articles on China, elsewhere men
tioned, are particularly opportune and
interesting one of the most instructive
and readable features of the magazine in
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured
cannot reach the seat of the disease. Ca
tarrh is a blood or constitutional disease,
and in order to cure them you mnst take
internal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
taken internally and acti directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces. Hall's Ca
tarrh Cure is not a quack-medicine. It
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F. J. CHENEY, & CO., Toledo, O.
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The Annual Convention of the
National Baptist Association (st
ored), Richmond, Va., September
12th-20th., will be a memorable oc
casion. All good Baptists will take
For Infants and Children.
Tbe Kind You Hare Always Bought
Bears the
Signature of
Booked for the Season ot ioooiqoi at
Cooper Opera House.
The following attractions have been
booked by Manager Brooks Parham
for the season of 1900-1901 at Cooper
Opera House. As will be seen by a
glance at the list many of them are
new while others are old favorites:
Saturday, September 15 Al G. Field's
Greater Minstrels.
Wednesday. October 1 Hoyt's Comedy
Company, presenting the latest farce
comedy success, "O'Flyn's Birthday."
ednesdav, October .'1 The Dan Pack
ard Opera Company, carrying a superb
orchestra and full military band, will
present the comic opera, "The Circus
October 8, 9, and 10 Palmer s New-
York Stock Company in popular reper
toire at popular prices.
Uctober 1M and 1! Mr. Jean Elmore
will present a repertoire of successful
plays, supported by a superb compdny.
1 uesdav. October 30 A. O. Scammon s
Company in "Town Topics."
lhursday, November 8 t racW-a-J ack
Monday, November 2G A. Q. Seam
mon's Company in ''The Sleeping City."
Friday, December 7 "Too Rich to
Marry," by Edward O wings Towne.
lhursday. December 20 "sandy bot
tom," by a superb cat of Metropolitan
Saturday, January 12 -where is
Thursday, February 7 A. O. Scam-
mon's "Side Tracked."
Friday, March 1 A. ii. Scammon's
pleasing success. "The American liirl."
Friday. March 22 Barlow & Wilson's
Greatest Minstrels on Earth.
Tuesday, April 2 "Other People's
The Andrews Oiera Company, a iirime
favorite in Henderson, will come some
time in November.
In addition to the above there will
be a number of other high class at
tractions, the dates of which will ap
pear later.
Cuts and Bruises Quickly Healed.
Chamberlain's Tain Balm applied to a
cut, bruise, burn, scald oc like injury will
instantly allay the pain and will heal the
parts iu le?s time than any other treat
ment. U nless the injury is very severe it
will not leave a scar. Pain Balm also
cures rheumatism, sprains, swellings and
lameness. 1 or sale by Melville Dorsey,
It Will be Held at Greensboro on Octo
ber Qth-uth, and Will be a Great
An occasion to which a great many
people in North Carolina are looking
forward with interest is the Central
Carolina Fair, to be held in Greens
boro on October 9th-l 2th. It will be
one of the biggest fairs ever held in
the South, and will be attended by
thousands of people.
lhe othcers and directors of the
Central Carolina Fair Association are
among the leading men of North Car
olina. They are receiving the en
thusiastic support of tbe business
men of the State, and neither money
nor pains will be spared to make the
fair a complete success.
It is impossible to enumerate the
attractions of the week. Suffice it to
say that there will be interesting and
entertaining features on each of the
four days. The exhibits will be full
and complete, embracing everything
ever seen at an up-to-date fair or ex
position, while the very latest at
tractions will be secured for the
For those who are fond of such
sport, there will be horse racing on
each of the four days of the fair.
lhe purses are the largest ever offer
ed in North Carolina, and a number of
the fastest and most noted horse3 in
the country will be there.
All the railroads will offer greatly
reduced rates, which will enable every
one to attend. The rates will be as
low as were ever offered.
The people of progressive Greens
boro will do everything in their power
to make the occasion a memorable
one in the history of the State. Every
visitor will be cordially welcomed and
assured of a pleasant time.
good digestion; sound sleep; a
fine appetite and a ripe old age,
are some of the results of the use
of Tutt's Liver Pills. A single
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wonderful effects and virtue.
A Known Fact.
An absolute cure for sick head
ache, dyspepsia, malaria, sour
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bilious fever, piles, torpid li ver
and all kindred diseases.
Tutt's Liver PiUs
G. A. Coggeshall, M. D.,
Physician and Surgeon,
Office in Cooper Opera House Building.
t&irPhone No. 70.
New Store! New Goods!
I have just opened a first-class
in the Owen Davis block, next to Jas.
A. O'Neil. I carry a nice line of
Books, Stationery, Musical Instruments,
Pictures, loYelties, Etc.
I also FRAME PICTURES on short
notice. Cive me a call.
Re.-Iectfully yours,
Baker and Ice Dealer.
Prompt attention given to out of town
Soda Fountain. Ice Cream Saloon.
The moct popular resort in town.
The next session begins
The First Monday in September.
For further information apply to
V. T. ALLEN, ) p .
Epsom, N. C
Metal and Canvass
and Linen Lined.
Club Bags, Telescopes and
Dress Suit Cases.
All NEW and at CL05E FIGURES.
.... tJlve us a Call ....
Thomas & Newcomb,
Henderson, N. C.
We Solicit Your Business
General Merchandise.
jj. OUK
New Lines for SPRING OF 1900 Have Arrived
and are on sale. We show a more complete stock
than ever before, and as we were successful in
placing many large contracts to good advantage, we
will continue our policy of low prices, and offer
many lines of our goods at a less price than the -
manufacturers will accept orders for.
j Our Millinery
is complete and ready for orders.
Just One Word
i Fall Tmie of 1
( Lewis W. Barnes,
oarlDCK amd IRoger Iriurroyghs
wi ihpfln 'fcmnti flhiP lh2nllgnrror' X
Largest Dealers in the State, Selling at LOW PRICES,
The instruments we sell are all guaranteed by tin; 'inakr-rK. Our good ar
bought direct from the factory at l-owcst I'riceH and lhi-y re -old to all at
one uniform Low Price. No deception, no trick a 'practiced by many
agents, but uniform fair treatment to nil alike. V- guarantee our price
as low as any one as low even a manufacturer ht-ll at Retail.
We make this a reliable store to trade at. Your litilc girl can buy a
cheap here as the biggest Bargain Driver in lhe land. It par vou to deal
with a reliable store. Write us for catalogue and ricea.
E. M. Andrews Furniture and Music Co.,
Charlotte, N. C.
New Cotton Ginnery of Beacom Brothers,
With JOHN W. ADCOCK a manaT. find a corn 'f psperutincd nun in
charjr-, with the lntet improved PRATT rtL'LLEK GIN we ran guarantee
best sample, yield and price t all who have cotton jrinned with an.
Also Buggies, Wagons and General Merchandise at
.... Unheard of Prices For Cash ....
Years to serve,
:pure, fresh, :
Quality first, price next, is my
motto. I handle only the let
of everything in my line.
Teas, Coffees, Spices.
S Pickles, Sauocs.Cat sups.
Canned Goods, all Kinds.
New Catch of Mackerel.
2 Roe and Cut Herrings, Z
m Breakfast Paeon.
Canvas & Country Hams,
Z Flours, Sugars. Lard, 2
Syrups, Molasses.
5 'Ptaanc jj.--"- """ 2
Department j
Tbe Standard Pianos of tbe World.
The Chickening,
Ivers Pond,
and KJngsbury.
of the Best

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