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The Gold Leaf.
JJookek Washington- has cause to
wish to be saved from his fool friends.
"Kiloo stands by Bassett," says
the News and Observer. Of course;
what else did you expect?
Perhaps Dr. Iiassett thoiight.Judge
Feebles was occupying too large a
place in the public eye for the time
.Juice Pkkblkh should feel kindly
toward Dr. Bassett for diverting at- j
tention from himself by the hitter's
fool utterances on the negro question.
As iiktwkkx Roosevelt and Ilanna,
we lx'lieve with the right man the
Democrats could beat the former
more easily; but between the two for
President we rather take our chances
with the latter.
No, it was not the business of the
County .Superintendents to rebuke
Dr. Dassctt, but they did it all the
same. The introduction of the reso
lutions of censure and the individual
expressions outside of the meeting
showed where the County Superin
tendents stood.
Coiu-ord Times has changed
i weekly to a semi-weekly,
whereupon the Wilmington Messen
ger congratulates Hrother Sherrill
upon the improvement of his paper.
,We fail to see where the improvement
comes in, although the frequency of
a good thing ought to count in its
favor. The Times was such a good
paper as a weekly we doubt if it can
be improved even as a semi-weekly
However, we tender congratulations,
To.nckksh is in session and the fa
miliar face of our old friend the Con
Kressioiiul Heron :irain dispels the
gloom of our sanet um sanctoriiim.
Life is not the same when the llecori
docs not come to our table. We al
ways enjoy its f tinny jokes, humorous
articles on the tariff and interesting
romances on the race problem and
Southern franchise question. Xo well
regulated newspaper office can afford
to be without the CongressioiiaJ Rec
ord. Ask I'm le Sam to X if it is not
already on jour exchange list. It
aids digestion, is conducive to sleep,
promotes longevity and comes in
handy for single wrappers and
kindling purposes.
Editor Poc Makes Amende.
Raleigh Tiint-H.
Soon after the great (ireensboro
gathering of the lar Heel dans from
all parts of the United States, the
Progressive Farmer made the state
ment that Senator Ransom, who
spoke on this occasion, was in his
dotage and ought not to be allowed
to go to public assemblages of this
sort and make a, spectacle of himself.
It was a surprising statement, and
it seemeu to unpleasantly surprise
the State. It is a pleasure to see the
following amende bv Lditor roe in
the last issue of ihv Progressive Far
'We make mistakes, as some other
people do, but we hope we shall ever
have the manliness to acknowledge
our mistakes when we see them. Re
reading our rather hastily prepared
account of the (ireensboro reunion,
we are convinced that one reference
to an aged and distinguished Xorth
Carolinian should not have been
made because it was unnecessary
and because it was so unfortunately
worded as to suggest lack of respect
lor a man lull ot years and of honors
io one, we are sure, is lurther from
sucu a leeling than we are; and our
wm uuirii tt.iS I CI OUeSllOIl I lie WIS-
. . 4 .. 1 - ' . . ..
(lom nt trfll 1 (T on tlia rnniitntmim
. - f-, v. . . w.v. M ruiuviviio
v" 'fJ L-Lii dun mhuu I lie eilCCL Ul
!.:...:.. ii i i .
1'iiiifiiiig iiiciu lonvuni IS merely IO
time strength and eloquence.'
Mr. roe, the editor of the Farmer.
is one of the liest balanced men on
the press of the State. And vet men
of such discerning judgment as his
lose their poise sometimes. It is verv
difficult for a newspaper man to keep
the scales delicately adjusted all the
time. In the hurry of his strenuous
lite he slips a cog now and then and
says something for which he is after-
warn sorrv. It was evidently so in
this instance. We owe a great deal
to the old war horses. Senator Ran
som is Xorth Carolina's most distin
guished citizen. His services in the
past decades have been beyond esti
mate. It was he who saved theState
from the carpet-baggers of recon
struction by his appeal to Judge
Brooks, of the Federal Court, when
the Xorth Carolina Supreme Court
declared that the Xorth Carolina judi
ciary had been exhausted. Vance and
Ransom made a team of wheel horses
in the United States Senate that
caused Xorth Carolina to rank in the
very forefront of the States for able
and statesmanlike representation.
Ransom crowned his public service
by holding the position of ambassa
dor to Mexico, and in his last days is
spending his time like Ciucinnatus.
He is today the State's greatest cot
ton farmer.
Even if Editor I'oe believed his
harsh statement to be true, he erred
in expressing his sentiments, as he
now so bravely confesses. It takes a
high-minded man to make an apol-
Beauty is only skin ilwp. but the force
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tain from which they flow, when the Blood
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when the Blood is pure Beauty blossoms in
face and form. Rydales I.irer Tablets
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ular, prevenrs tlie blood becoming ladened
with bile and waste matter, make the skin
clear, eyes bright and beauty more than skin
deep. EAil.E PHAH.1IACY.
Bahsett'h bad break may not jus- mniance, unci u.e aueei i.u... Mr. Williams, was placed on tlie com- districts, ami at least two ortnree oi
tify his being asked to resign, but a to "- Out there mitt e to escort in the new Speaker them will have a PP
man who hold the opinions he does two thousand or twenty-five todred Z toTtn
could not teach a boof ours. t Lf JE? SacKSc SiXoLSoJit
Col. W.T. Iilackwell-"Buck" Black-
well, as he was familiarly called the
father of Durham died at his home
in that place at 11:45 o'clock last
Thursday night, aged G4 years. He
was stricken with apolexy some days
before and from the first it was feared
that his illness was fatal. In the
death of Col. Blaekwell a remarkable
man and a notable character in the
history of Durham has passed away.
The funeral was held Sunday after
noon ami was largely attended. The
wurnain.xn says icwas me oucuwuu
fv 1 C1 . J J ! . ,
of a great outpouring of the people,
the first Baptist church being
crowded to its utmost capacity,while
thousands, who could not gain ad
arrival of the remains
"The procession was nearly a mile
length. The civic portion was con
j,0 d of the city officials, the various
orders, and there were not less than
three hundred men in line. These
were followed by citizens, carriages
and six street cars filled to overflow
ing. The streets were lined from the
church to the cemetery. The church
and the Dull factory bell tolled during
the services.
"The floral tokens of esteem were
the largest collection seen in Dur
ham, and the most beautiful. They
were from the various orders, the
graded schools, and citizens in gen
Jt was a notable Mineral ot a re
markable man. Durham -has paid
the last tribute
I 'a. a. . i: l i r-.-. il,n I
of respect to the men in public life today, on the com
town, and he now niittee on rules with himself. That
founder of the
rests in the bosom of the locality he
loved so well
Ik it
was notorietv
Passett was
after he i
retting it.
The Progressive Farmer, of Ral
eigh, is the best farmer's paper we
know of. regardless oi section. It is
thoroughly interesting from begin
ning to close. Moreover, it is sound,
editoriallv, and preaches ;io false
doctrine. Concord Times.
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A Thank-Offering.
The people of Xorth Carolina know-
that tlie orphanages of the State rank
among the greatest, most beneficent of
our institutions.
An institution which rescues innocent,
IielpIesHCluIurenfrom the wreck of homes,
tics of life, gives them kind care, advan
tages of school and traininir in industrial
brandies, and moral and religious in
struction, surely has the strongest of
claims upon the heartiest sympathy and
support oi an 01 our people.
Many who have had the care and train
ing in our orphans' homes are todav liv
ing upright ( hnstian lives. We know
not what their lives -would have been
without this help at a critical time, with
out training in their childhood.
-The importance, the necessity of such
work is becoming more and more appre
At no time in the year is more done for
this worthy cause than at Thanksgiving
and the practice of giving to the support
of the destitute, homeless orphan children
in tins nine is nttingand coinmendab e.
We are glad that Thanksgiving Day is
growing to lie distinctively "orphans'
nay m .ortu rarohna.
(ratitude to (Sod. which must fill the
heart na we meditate upon Ilia mercies,
I leads out into service for hinunnitv.
Mav tlie thank-offerings to thisgre.it
c"u.t,e t,,,s ThankBRivins manifest in a
plain, practical manner true thankful
ness on the part of a people greatly
May our gifts prove even a deeper in
terest in this most worth v work nf curing
lorand training our most helpless and
m'tH1.v enuaren
I v.. V xrt.- ..
I ivuu V ITIiai I uu Are I UK III jr
.1-1 . 1 ' -w . , ...
Tnnir ,ii.p t ...f,nil ,.:.M.,i,..;.,tn.i
I ........ .... ....... , ,..,,,.,,,,,,,
' every not tie snowing that it is simply
rou anil cuinme in
t'ure. No Pay. ."i(lc.
a tasteless form. Xo
Mr. Coghill Explains His Position in
Signing Call for the Dispensary
I.... r. t
i.i'iicuc ciin. ii ijkai-: inasmuch as
many of my friends seem to consider mv
signing the petition for the call for an
election on the question of dispensaries
1 .1: ..:n : .... ' .
uiiu uisiuienes an commutinc mvsa t to
the advocacy of the dispensary," I wish
I 10 8a.v t,iat !t was not in my thought to
vote foror support the dispensarv move-
nicnt in any way, but I desired the privi-
lege oi saying that, so far as mv vote
could bar them, uo distillery should ever
run in this town. 1 was particularly
anxious concerning this, having a hint
tnnt sucii nn enterprise was contemplated
and I did not wish to see the cup of in
temperance and immorality, now already
full, overflow its brim and hoielessly en-
guu our youtn and manhood in tilth and
I am aware that most of those who
enjoy twittinsr me about this thinsr fullv
understand my position, but this will ex-
plain to those who might lie misled by
inem, wnen tney attribute motives to
me that have no foundation. This is mv
only reason for appearing iu print. Mv
work was all anti-saloon, opposed to
one as well as seveu. Wishing the cause
of true teiuiM?rance every success and
hoping to see the good day in our town
when wo shall have an issue in which I
can join heart and soul against the
liquor traffic in any form.
Yours trulv,
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Special Session Called for the Purpose
of Putting Through the Cuban Reci
procity Preposition.
Charles A. Edward' Washington Corrwpon-
The special session of the 58th Con
called bv the President for the
purpose of working through the
Uuoaii reciprocity jhjijoiiiwii jo uw..
in session.
The "opening of Congress was very
much like the opening of ny Con-
. i 1 I riM . , . 1 I
"ress that has preceded it.
Tlie He-
publican programme went through
as slated. "Uncle Joe" Cannon was
wollKnnfc.rn.nrfliiirr to schedule
anf the 1Ion j0j,n Sharp William?,
Qf Mississippi, was the nominee or the
Democratic party as predicted in this
correspondence away iawu tumr
The defeated candidate ror speaker,
that has been heard on the floor of
the House for m
many years. The daily
papers all over
the country have
commented on it as such. Mr. il-
Hams has already made good the
i: .c l,: ';,! 4i,., i,0 Jo
" "?r r r ;r, r:
leader ot the I louse on tne uemo-
cratic side. He has had the good
. -w r il 1-k I
sense, as his friends knew he would
have, to give his chief opponent, t Me
Hon. Champ Clark, of Missouri, the
appointment on the Ways and Means
. s.t i,ii,ut- i,r,wro
' ' I
tiiatcau come lu .i wmundi. ,
Uillianianoc oniy snoweu ins geuer-
.T.... . .i 11" I
osity by tins action, out nis good
sense as well, for -Mr. Clark is one ot
the ablest Democrats in the Congress
nnrt osin do effective work against the 1
Republican party in that position,
Mr. Williams not onlv has done this;
he also has placed Hon. David A. De
Armond.of Missouri, one of theablebt
IS I lie most, iiuui iiuii' cuuiuiiuce in
the House, for it controls all legisla-
nv.in;it r.r from t ip raw. miri
enntrnls nil debates. He will 'be all-
somte.y n vamauiu mi lhu vi t. a.m
to Mr. viniamsin tne ueuates uiui
Will come on tins Winter. Air. n il-
liams has also placed the Hon. James
T. Lloyd, of Missouri, back in his old
place as the Democratic "whip" of
the House
That is an honorable and respon
sible position, for the "whip" of the
House has to see to it that a major
ity of the members in the city are in
their seats and votingon any propo
sition in which is involved tlie party
policv; Mr. Llovd was for Mr. llarli
against Mr. Williams, and thisaction
of Mr. illiams not onlv was lust
and good sense, but it was generous
as well. lie has thus justified the
prediction of his friends that he was
big enough to lead the minority to
things they Ciin boast of in the" next
campaign, as i nave previously re
marked in tins correspondence, the
DemocracA" can be congratulated on
the leadership it possesses in the
House for the next two vears. fook
out for John Sharp Williams.
A cold is sometimes contracted while re
maining inactive for awhile in an uncomfort
able room or a cold draft and by falling to
sleep under like conditions. But most colds
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left with us. That kind of business
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selling Groceries.
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John D. Stallings.
1 jmr
Indications of a Close Contest in the
Race for Goveanor Gorman and the
'residential Nomination Other
Raleigh. N. C, Not. 10, 11)03. f
Within a vear from this date a new
(,nTPrnor Gf North Carolina, and other
state executive and judicinl and ledla- :
i . 1 nHt.iilj will Vio l
live UUlt-CClti UIHI tuuuij uiiittuip, . ... uv.
elected. Most of these will be nominated
by their respective conventions within
seven or eisrht months and yet no one
can accurately orconfidently predict who
even the next governor win ie, to say
nothing of the '-smaller fry. bteuman,
Turner, Doughton, Glenn and Davidson
all annear to have a lanre following, es-
peeially in their respective congressional
ouslv mentioned in com
.rnnernatorial nomination of the
il nomination oi the uemo
cratic party is Col. L. Ranks Holt, the
prominent cotton manufacturer of Ala-
mance county. Present indications point
to one oi the closest contests oi many
vears. and so far it seems to be "nip and
tuck"' between the three leading aspi-
indeed the coming year promises to be
one of tne mo8t interestinir, politically,
ftmi the Presidential and Congressional
contests will be unusually exciting.
Many of the leading Republican papers
seem to stand in mortal fear of the?iom-
mation oi benator uorman, ami are Try
it K'iim rn ii-i if nil 1 1 1 o f '. Ti I n ( ' V
i, t, i;.ir,;i r.anAiA,t
t. HVJ til(tt tin cx i irniuvniHu tuiiumu v-
Senator Gorman would command the
conlijence of that mighty force in every
election up North, the business interests
of the country," as well as the support
of his native "solid South,- and that
would elect him, tor uotn lac connnence
notions and performances. " ith an
election next year, and four years of
power liefore him, he would be less cau
tious than ever, ana there s no telling
what he might do, said a prominent
Northern business man and capitalist a
few days ago. This fear of Roosevelt is
more wiuespreaa ana zenerai mine .oriu
an mst Ieol,le ln TIle noucn are a are
Goy A k Senator Simmons, and
mna. r,,mMM nrAni-ni.mi.ipod
(!nril1M men. while Senator Overman
&nd the others are "friendly"' to his nomi
nation. It is not yet known what figure
ex-President Cleveland will cut in the next
national convention and campaign.
There ore many, including not a few
rsorth Carolinians, who believe he ought
to be nominated and forced to accept, if
need be. Others think not, and still
others say he will not allow the use of
his name in the convention.
"There is no class of people so difficult
to organize in their own interests as the
farmers of the South."' is a statement
that has been made to nie on high au
thority several times during the last few
years, and some of the largest and most
intelligent farmers of Xorth Carolina have
endorsed the truthfulness of the asser
tion when I repeated it to them.
Nevertheless, another attempt is being
made this week to organize the tobacco
growers of North Carolina and Virginia
into an inter-state alliance, the meeting
is being held at Danville, Va., beginning
Tuesday of this week. Col. John b. Cun
ningham, President of the North Carolina
Tobacco (j rowers Association (the North
Carolina Farmers' Protective Associa
tion), and some other prominent Tar
Heel tobacco producers, are in attend
ance. In the meantime the local news
papers of Durham, Oxford, Wilson, and
other leading tobacco markets, are. pub
lishing accounts of large sales of the
weed on the warehouse floors at greatly
improved prices the fa. intra lh p.-re
ported an boinpt " ncvtieficil " With the
prices obtained. Better grades of tobacco I
were sold, as a rule. All of which is en- j
couraging, and very welcome news. -i
During the agitation of the liquor ques- j
tion in North Carolina this year elections ;
have been held in 27 towns, 18 of which '
voted for prohibition or dispensary and !
against the open saloon, and 8 voted to '
remain "wet." At one place the election I
has not yet been held. Durham is the
largest town to adopt prohibition since :
Raleigh tried it some 1 5 years ago. and
much interest is felt in the result of the '
trial there.
The Trinity College boys have formed .
a tennis association and several new '
courts are being made. The baseball men j
at Trinity are preparing for next spring :
by taking cross-country runs of two and j
four miles every week. Manager Gib-
bons says he will have a fine, winning !
team for l'.iOt.
A jury here last week awarded a white I
boy named George Smith, a brakeman,
30,000 damages against the Seaboard
Air Line 11. II. Co., for the loss of a leg
and arm. The boy, who is 1!) years old
now, was receiving $ 2.1 per month at the
time of the injury, so the jury paid hiin a
like salary in advance for 100 years as a
solace. Next clay the judge set the ver
dict aside as being excessive and against
the weight of evidence.
The Thanksgiving-dinner turkey's cry
of distress is being hauled to town by
our country cousins this weeR.
Furniture House.
When You get the
oujjj;uoc uiai
is made for A. T. BARNES'
Wedded to One of Washington City's
Charming and Popular Young Ladles
"at io O'clock Saturday flomlnj.
Special to Baleigh Post.
Washing tox, Nov.' 14. A marriage
in which a wide circle of friends in
this city and all North Carolinians
will be deeply interested was that j
which took place today at 10 o'clock. !
when Miss Lillian L. baum became
the bride of Judge Jeter C Pritchard.
News of the inceresting event was
known only to a few intimate friends
and it was decided to have a quiet
home wedding, the original plan for
a church wedding being abandoned
because of illness in the family. The
ceremony was performed at the home
of the bride, 1817 M street, and was
attended only by members of the
family. Dr. F. I). Power, pastor of
Garfield Memorial church, was the
officiating clergyman.
The nuptial event possesses a
double interest for North Carolinians.
The bride, who is one of the most
attractive and gifted 3"oung women
iu the capital, is of North Carolina
parentage. Her mother was a daugh
ter of the late Dr. Clements; and is a
native of Halifax county. She is
also a niece of Capt. T. W. Mason
of Northampton county. Miss Saum
is the daughter of Mr. J. F. Saum, a
well known merchant of this city.
She is a musician of decided talent
and is exceedingly popular in a large
tjsocial circle.
The groom is too well known in
this State to need introduction.
Since the close of Iris eight years' ser
vice in the Senate of the United States
he has become a temporary resident
of Washington by reason of his ele
vation to the Supreme Court bench
of the District. He has conducted
himself as a jurist so as to win the
favor and approval of the people find
he has friends by the score in the Na
tional capital who wish for him and
his a life of happiness and success.
Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard left for New
York after the ceremony. They will
return Monday in time for Judge
Pritchard to resume his duties on
the bench. After December first they
will be at home at their handsome
new home, 1480 Euclid street.
Social Train to filclioi
lalspii Day, M 26
FOOT BALL G A M E University of North
Carolina vs. University of Virginia,
Thanksgiving Day, November 2oth,
Richmond, a.
DEBATE Richmond College vs. Wake
Forest College, Thanksgiumg Day, No
vember 2Gth, Richmond, a.
On account of the above occasions the
Seaboard Air Line Railway will operate
a special train from Raleigh to Richmond,
Va.. and return on Thanksgiving Day,
Nov. 20th. .Train will leave Raleigh at
7 a. m.; returning, leave Richmond at 12
o'clock, midnight. A rate of $2.50 will
apply from all points between Raleigh
and Norlina inclusive, and train will
make stops at these points.
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eleven weeks I was once more strong
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, i i in i n in- mn ii . inmy.-Af-
Wfe, jsI .-sSilfes-. mates',. .&. .emifrr.. .MH'. .an;. ..ttw. .mm,, .mm,.. .. ..wwilto,. HVfo.
w And 1H1 ai f IK
Our Stock was never larger or handsomer and
now. Everything for the Home, the Kitchin, the
anirmLi ur mavh-KLtIIN LMIINA JUST
V V pleasure in showing the ladies this line.
Large assortment of Crockery at all prices. All grades Best Goods
for your money. Large Shipment of Glassware just received Lamos
.mf GOdS U kindS Big line FIower Pots Small-
est to Oye Largest Size.
We Guarantee to Give you U,e Best Goods for 75e Least MnnPv
0 crs
fm.. j&BQh. dto. jm ismtk aa mnk. m. . : .
mr sa sJ? ms&m,& m-.s. s m m it u if M..I
1 : F8 k Q&M InOne Day S
iyi ake Laxative Brcmo Quinine Tablets. o A
Se'cn I.Szcn Loxcs scld is. past 12
T5he Largest Supply of both on this market.
We guarantee quality and prices. Your or
ders will be given PROMPT and PERSON
AL attention.
Slciidmon fFnci Company.
UPTOWN OFFICE: Opposite Post Office.
X PHONE 15b.
Remodeling Defective Work a Specialty.
Browne & Pearson,
All Kinds of Pump
Home Office:
Portsmouth, Va.,
...Your Patronage Solicited...
Atleatioi is CoM to a Beanlifal New Line of Ml Gods.
New Prints. Percales, Flannelettes, Out
ings, Vicugna, Cloths, Ginghams, Plaids,
Crepe Flannels, Rosetta Cloths, Olym
pians, Brown Domestics, White Goods, &c
Mot eiH Gta for Mien, LaSies anfl CMta.
HATS, SHOES, &c. Nice line of Crock
Henry Thomason,
Phone 18.
ladles trom 31.U to SilO.UO. New de
signs. Very pretty.
Carpets and Druggets, pretty and
cheap. Latest patterns.
Beautiful line of Window Shades from
10 cents to $1.50. Lace Curtains, &c.
. W ardrobes. Hall R.acks, odd Chairs,
easy ILockers, comfortable Lounges,
cosy Couches.
Chamber and Parlor Suites, from the
Cheapest to the Finest Grades. Dining
Room and Kitchin Furniture, Side
boards, China Presses, etc.
our Brass and Enameled
colors. Big line of these goods. Very
pretty designs.
Felt, Hair and Combination Mat
tresses. All sizes and prices. Bed springs
Ue Best Made.
See our Brussels Carpets at 50 cents
a yard. Nothing better for the money.
Mattings from 10 cents a yard up.
Linoleums and oil cloths. Big stock at
Low Prices. Folding Beds from $12.50
up. Roll Top Desks from $15.00 to any
price you wish to pay.
months. This SignatHTC,
au to i
. : m
. Q
President and Manager,
Work Ol Specialty.
'Phone 43.
Henderson, N. C.
the Prices cheocper than
Office. Big line of Centre
RECEIVED. Will take
From $16 to $30.
Beds in "
Cures Crip
Two Days.
on every
box. 25c.
i J.

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