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Advertising Brings Success f
Tii.it it . p.-ivs to fi.fl v.-'i-l ise in the Gold
a L,ea.f i-s liovti tiy it- well tilled f
f & ;i Jv rti.sin i !u:ms. jj
Sensible Business Men I
i I) i !iti;.)iitit)iii- to perul iood f
i nioii-y v!:!-r; no appreciable A
i ; urns m-4ii.
v W
) That is Proof That it Pays. )
r.-vrri!r!3 Medium
Cr'lLc-iJt-r UifceS.d of
The most vide-aw&is L ,
efut men use ita eolntnu ...
the highest
i Satisfaction to Themselves.
TH4D R. MANNING, PflMster.
0-ARox,i3sr, Oaroliita, jEHje-a-ehst's ZBLEssinsras Attend "EDee.
NO. 49.
Is altin to insanity. Many a woman re
alizes this as she lies awake hoar by hour,
(peopling the
darkness . with
phantoms, start
ing at the creak
ing of the bed or
the rustle of the
Such symptoms
iu general point
to disease of the
delicate womanly
organs, and a
constant drain of
the vital and
nervous forces.
This condition
cannot be over
come by sleeping
powders. The.
diseased condi
tion must be
cured before th
consequences of
disease are re
moved. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription cures
the womanly diseases which cause nerv
ousness and sleeplessness. It is the best
of tonics and invigorants. nourishing the
nerves, encouraging the appetite and in
ducing refreshing sleep.
$50O Howard for Women
Who Cannot ho Curest
Proprietors and makers of Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription now feel fully war
ranted in offering to pay $500 in legal
money of the United States for any case of
Leucorrhea, Female Weakness, Prolapsus,
or Falling of Womb, which they cannot
cure. All they ask is a fair and reasonable
trial of their means of cure.
" My wife was sick for over eight years," write.
Albert II. Fulte, Ksq., of AHaniont. Grundy Co.,
Teiin. "She ha'! uterine disease and was treated
by two phyaicians and got no relief. At last I
read about Dr. Pierce's medicines and we de
cided to try his 'Favorite Prescription.' I sent
to the drug store and got one bottle and the first
dose pave ease aud sleep. She had not slept auy
for three nights. Being sure that it would cure
her I sent for five more bottles and when she
had taken the sixth bottle she was sound and
Dr. Tierce's Pleasant Pellets should be
used with "Favorite Prescription" whea
tvr r a laxative is required.
t 1 1 i :
-or Tin:-
OKI Dominion Line
.Makes n inont ;it tractive route to
Kxpri'ss Mt. -unships lc
dnily. I'xi-i pt Sunday, at t
York "lli'iit. affording
through passi'MfriTK from
west and West to visit
iv- Norfolk, Va.,
.110 . in., for Ni'v
opportunity for
the Sotilli. Soiitli
liiuoiiil. Old Point.
Comfort . Iit.'iii Vicv
(1 Virginia l'cnrli en
roii tc
7-'yVir tiikifs and L'ciicrul information
fipplv to I'.iilroail ticket iifients. or to M.
Cl: ilVKM,. liiii.-i-.-il Afjent. Norfolk, Ya ; T. V.
M A YKI!. Agent, 1212 Kant Main St.. Kieli
inoiiis. Ya.
Yiee Pres. & Truffle M'lijr'r.
(Jenenil 1'aHnenger Agent,
New York City, N. Y.
DeWitt Is the name to look for when
yci. go to buy Witch J-Urel Salve.
DeWitfs Vitch Hael Salvo is the
original and only genuine. In fact
DeWitt sis the only Vltch Hazel Salvo
that Is made from tha unadulterated
All others are counterfeits base Imi
tations, cheap and worthless even
dangerous. DeWitt's Witch HaielSalvo
Is a specific for Piles; Blind. Bleeding,
Itching and Protruding Piles. AlsoCuts,
Burns. Bruires, Sprains. Lacerations,
Contusions, Boils, Carbuncles. Eczema.
Tetter. Salt Rheum, and ail other Skin
runPAUED bt
E.C. DeWitt 4 Co.,
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The Direct Line to oil Points.
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ment on all Through and Local
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Gars on all Night Trains; Fast
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Expeditious Journey. ......
R. L. VERNf )N, F. R. DARBY,
T. P. A., C P. & T. A.,
Charlotte, N. U. Aslieville, N. V.
9 No Trouble to Answ er Questions
Gen. Pass. Agent
5 tire Signs
Of the
1 t mer
IR a-grfttln cool and coolarj.
Frost a-comin in de night,
Ilicka'nuts an' wa'nuts fallin.
fossum keepin out o' sight.
Tu'key struttin' in de ba'nya'd.
Nary step so proud ez his;
Keep on struttin", Mistah Tu'key.
Yo' do' know what time it is.
Cidah press commence a-squeakln',
Eatin' apples ato'ed away;
Chillun swa'min' roun' lak ho'neUl,
Iluntin' aigs ermung de h:--.
Mistah Tu'key keep on gobblin'
At de geese a-fiyin' souf;
Oomph! Dat bird do know what's
Ef he did he'd shet his mouf.
Pumrkin gittin' good an' yallah
M k me open up my eyes;
Se'-rns Ink it's a-lookin' at me,
Jos' a hi'in dah sayin', "Pies."
Tu'key gobbler gwineZroun' blowln',
Owine roun" gibbln' sass an' slack;
Keep on talkin'. Mistah Tu'key.
You ain't seed no almanac.
HTEAII.S DAT TU'KEY CiOHi!bh.ti 1-ilAL.Uin'.
Fa'mer walkin' th'o de ba'nya'd
Set-in' how fings i3 comin' on;
Sees ef all de fowls is fatt'nin';
Good times comin's, sho's you bo'n.
Hyeahs dat tu'key gobbler braggin";
len his face break in a smile; '
Nebbah niln', you sassy rascal.
He's gwine nab you atter w'ile.
Choppln' suet in de kitchen,
Stonin' raisins in de hall;
Beef a-cookin' fu' de mince meat.
Spices groun"; I smell 'em all.
Look hyeah, tu'key. stop dat gobblln';
Tou ain' luned de sense o' feah;
You ole fool, yo' naik's in dangah.
Do' you know Thanksgibbin's hyeah?
Paul Laurence Dunbar in "Lyrics of
Lowly Life."
The TIinnksKivIn;? Pumpkin.
It is the lady pumpkin that is inva
riably chosen for the honor of the
Thanksgiving menu.
For the benefit of those who are un
versed in the mysteries it must be said
that the lady in the case betrays her
sex by a marked delicacy.
The outer skin is absolutely smooth.
No little knots or blisters, such as be
long to the male pumpkin, disturb Its
The flesh within will be found of un
usually fine grain, and the "stringi
n"ss" so much disapproved of by the
pie maker will be entirely lacking.
St. Louis Republic.
Turk tp to Date.
The Gobbler In this age of the
horseless carriage let me suggest a
turkejiess Thanksgiving. Life.
Very i'rohablc,
"What are the probabilities for to
morrow V" asked the star boarder of
the drug clerk, who was looking over
the paper.
The drug clerk turned to the weather
page and. seemingly unconscious that
the landlady was behind him, read,
"For tomorrow and Saturday hash,
followed by turkey soup and cro
quettes." Judge.
A Happy TUonsrht.
First Poor P.oy Let's go round
the Astorbilts' for Thanksgiving.
Second Poor P.oy What for?
. First Poor P.oy Their dining room's
fixed so's we can see 'em eat. Life.
A Tender Episode.
"Bring home a turkey; don't forgit,
And praties. I'at; we need 'em."
"Ah. Biddy, if you asked for it
I'd get the Bird of Freedom."
"The eagle: Sure he'd be enough
To keep us from starvation.
But wouldn't he be rather tough?
He's oulder than the nation."
"He tough! Bedad. you're off the track;
Columbia heaven defend her!
Puts him upon the dollar's back.
And then he's legal tender."
Munsey's Weekly.
Do you take them? Hancock's Liquid
Sulphur baths are as delightful as they are
benetieial. The medicinal and tonie effect of
sulphur baths by absorption of sulphur
through the pores of the skin acts directly on
the blood, purifying it. aud removes all un
healthy secretions from the body. For sale
at The Eagle Pharmacy.
Value of Repetition.
Fourth Estate.
An experienced advertising man
ager, employed by a large establish
ment, says that repetition is a thing
to be paid for; that he would pay
much more for an advertisement
which appears every day in a news
paper than for the same in a month
ly magazine. "Readers are more lm
pressed by seeing an ad. many times
than by seeing it once.
The Freak Period.
Thomasville Charity and Children.
We have readied it in North Caro
lina. Let no man become alarmed
or discouraged. There is a feeling
among a coterie of small minds -that
the thing to do now is to belittle our
good State and discredit the progress
cnat nas been made, liut like the
frogs in the bottom of t he pond their
noise is greater than their number.
We are roundly abused because we
glorify our State. This is the way
with the freaks. They are as con
scientious as men of their mould can
be. They imagine they are suffering
persecution and that thj.v are the
victims of their own heroic convic
tions; but nobody is hinderiug them
and they are enjoying all the liberty
they could ask of rushing into print.
To be sure they are being roasted
alive, but they have all the oppor
tunity they could desire of defending
themselves. They, no doubt, fall
back on the assurance that they are
the only men brave enough to tell
the truth, when in fact they are not
telling the truth at all; but they think
they are, and so it is all the same to
them. The freak is a curious animal.
He is so very self-confident. He
smiles at Satan's rage and faces a
frowning world.. He bares his bosom
to the storm and invites the darts of
the malicious and ignorant. He is a
daisy all around. However, the staid
and sober sentiment of North Caro
lina remains unchanged and urn
touched, by the freaks. Our people
majT not be the best, but they are as
good as the world holds and they
know it. Thej' are going serenely on
their way, unmindful of the tempest
in the teapot, and when they need
advice they will turn to some other
source than the freaks to get it. Mr.
John Bassett Spencer, or whatever
his name is, who holds down a little
professorship at Trinity College, 1m
agines that he is the faculty of the
Lniversitv of Chicago, the storm-
centre of freakdom, and that his
voice will be heard through all the
lan l. So it will, but not in the way
he expected when he wrote his opinion
about race equality. The parent who
will allow a son to remain for
moment under the influence of such a
man who holds this gentleman's sen
timents deserves exactly what he will
get. Let. the freaks have their day. It
does them lots of good and will hard
ly harm anybody else whose mind is
Beauty is only skin deep, but the force
tain from which they flow, when the Blood
is charged with impurities Beauty disappears,
when the Blood is pure Beauty blossoms in
faee and form. It) dales Liver Tablets
keeps the Liver healthy and the Bowels reg
ular, prevenrs the blood becoming ladened
with bile and waste matter, make the skin
clear, eyes bright and beauty more than skin
deep. IJA;i.K I'lIAIt.-rl ACV.
Crumpacker and Crum.
Charlotte News.
The Crumpacker Resolution has
again been introduced in Congress,
the aim of which is to punish the
Southern States for the elimination
of the ignorant negro vote by reduc
ing Southern representation in Con
gress and in the electoral college. At
the same timethe .president sent in
the nomination, for the third time, of
of the negro, Dr. Crum, to be collec
tor of the port at Charleston. Thus
at the opening hours of what we
should hope will be the last Republi
can Congress for a long time to come,
the negro issuers fairly and squarely
drawn and thrust upon the stage of
national politics.
Let it be remembered then 111 days
to come that it was the Republican
Congress and a Republican President
and the Republican State platforms
like that of Ohio that injected the
nigger issue." The Democracy need
not be afraid to meet it, though thei
poor negroes may well pray to be
delivered from their fool friends. The
South can stand that as a political
issue. ie cool down after an elec
tion, and then we understand the
negro any way and make all due
allowances for bad leadership and
child-like ignorance. But let this issue
be carried to its passionate conclu
sion in the great cities of the North
and Northwest, where the negro is
already unwelcome, where the labor
ing classes look upon him in much
tne same light that thev do the Chi
naman as an interloper, stealing the
white man s bread, and the negro will
have to emigrate. We need more of
them in our cotton fields and kitch
ens, and the emigration will be a prof
itable one to the oouth, as well as to
the Democracy in robbing the doubt
ful States of the most regular Repub
lican voters, the issue can be dis
cussed later. This is just to say that
the Republicans started it and to re
peat that Ay cock will be the man to
tell the folks up North how the mat
ter stands.
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Blood Balm Co. , Atlanta, Ga. Describe
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letter. ESThis is an honest offer medicine
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Drug Stores.
TG, beautiful, brave and wise,
the wild turkey is Ideal game
for the United States. He la
big enough to satisfj some of
the material craving of even the big
game hunter. He eludes the still hunt
er as subtly as the shiest d-jer. He
gives the cross country rider, coursing
hiui with hound and horse, a run that
often is equal to fox hunting. The
wing shot finds him equal to the occa
sion. He is the finest game bird In the
world. Not even the royal auerhahn,
sole living representative of the an
cient big game world of Europe when
the huge aurochs crashed through the
forests, can compare with him.
Hunting the wild bird with hound
anil horse is sport for the very select
few. for not only is it necessary to find
the birds first, but they must be found
in open country where they cannot es
cape too readily by flying into cover.
Therefore, coursing is limited to open
country where the turkey, not having
been hunted too fervently, is Incau
tious enough to feed in farm lands and
open, flat country. The dogs are sent
in to cut off the retreat to the woods,
and then the mounted men break out
of their hiding places and pound down
on them.
The wild turkey flies and runs alter
nately, lie lopes like an ostrich, though
not so fast, and whenever he thus takes
to running the dogs and horses gain on
him. When they get unpleasantly close,
up booms the big bird and flies like a
feathered projectile straight ahead un
til be has reached a safe distance,
when he pitches again and resumes
It is cieau sport and exciting enough
to hurry any man's blood. But the
true hunting of the wild turkey, with
shotgun or rifle, that tests a man's
strength and cunning aud woodcraft
and patience to the full is still hunt
ing. It may be enjoyed still in some parts
of Pennsylvania, but the best territory
for It is in the southern states. Vir-
ginia offers it in the country on both
sides of the Blue Ridge, although it is
not necessary to go so far to reach
haunts of the fine game. Culpeper
county, where President Roosevelt
hunted, is only a short distance from
the national capital and well east of
the mountains.
When a wild turkey is tracked on
snow he will lead the shooter a chase
of miles. The turkey can hear as
keenly as he can see. A cracking twig
underfoot will startle him more qnick-
ly even than it will a deer. Often the
man will not be able to get a shot, al -
thougli he may follow a flock all day
long. Often he will get his shot only
after he has actually walked the birds
down tired them out by close, patient,
grim pursuit. The man "who can do
that is an athlete.
West Virginia contains thousands of
acres of hunting country that is in
many respects as wild as it was be
fore the white meu landed in America.
Western North Carolina has turkeys,
particularly between the Blue Ridge
and the Great Smoky mountains, and
thence on across into Tennessee the
turkey hunter can still find surpris
ingly large tracts of hunting country
Where not only turkeys, but deer and
bear, hide in the thickets. Boston
Disastrous Wrecks,
Carelessness is responsible for many a rail
way wreck and the same causes are making
human wrecks of sufferers from Throat and
Lung troubles. But since the advent of Dr.
King's New Discovery for Consumption,
Coughs and Colds, even the worst cast's can
he cured, and hopeless resignation is no
longer necessary. Mrs. Lois Cragg, of Dor
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great remedy is guaranteed for all Throat
and Lung diseases by Melville Dorsey, drug
gist. Price, 50c and $1.00. Trial bottles
Didn't Want the Money Wasted.
Goldsboro Headlight.
A gentleman in this city last week
added the following words as a codi
cil to his will: "I hereby request ray
wife in case any man shoots and kills
me to spend not a cent of my estate
to prosecute him, but save it for her
and the children to live on."
The South and the Negro.
Birmingham Times.
It is painfully apparent that the
press throughout the country is con
tinually awaiting in breathless ex
pectancy an opportunity to laui'ch
forth in sensationally headed edito
rials upon the race problem. It is
even more noticeable that the petty
politician and the sensational stump
speaker grasp with avidity the slight
est pretext to belch forth their worth
less opinions upon a question which
invites the careful consideration and
deepest thoughts of our brainiest
etatesmen. To the Southerner who
is thoroughly cognizant of all the
characteristics of the negro race, and
who understands his nature, disposi
tion and idiosyncrasies, the sugges
tions and remedies by which this mo
mentous problem is to be solved, as
offered by the Northern politicians
and biased editors who have never
been thrown in contact with a dozen
negroes at the same time, is too ridic
ulously absurd to be seriously con
sidered. There are men of the South
who in moments of excitement put
forth the impossible suggestion of
deporting the negro to the Philip
pine Islands or to some other dis
tant shore, when there is about as
much likelihood of this being done
as there is of sending him to Mars
or some other terrestrial planet.
There is, in cur humble opinion,
but one solution of this condition,
and that is to accept the situation as
it is, and use our brains to intelli
gently adjust a condition placed upon
us by the Creator. The hand of des
tiny has at all times been clearly
shown in connection with the exist
ence of the African in America. He
was brought here unwillingly, by
force, in chains and irons, and as
such we gladly accepted him. What
he has been since that period we made
him, and what he may accomplisn in
the future we are directly responsible
for. The negro is as much a part of
the South as are its cotton helds, and
he is more closely identified with its
history than any product which maj
be found within its boundaries.
The true Southerner knows the
negro, appreciates his worth, and is
at all times ready to extend to wor
thy members of that race the right
hand of assistance and is the first to
encourage his efforts and to praise
him for the successful termination of
6ome undertaking. The negroes
those worthy of the respect of man
kind, know this, and we lay down
the gauntlet and defy the most pre
judiced of our Northern critics to
point to a. single instance where a
worthy negro has ever Peen reiusea
assistance in any part of the bouth
On the other hand, the Southern
man, worthy of that title, under
standing the emotional temperament
of the negro and his inclination to
follow an intelligent leader, looks
with a feeling of repulsion, disgust
and abhorrence upon the contempti
ble efforts of unscrupulous politicians
to play upon the susceptible feeling
and trusting confidence of the negro
to his own political and industrial
A Good Name.
From personal experience I testify that
De Witt's Little Early Risers are unequaled as
a liver pill. They are rightly named because
they give strength and energy and do their
work with ease. W.T. Easton, Boerne.Tex
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are so pleasant and effectual. They cure bil
iousness, torpid liver, jaundice, sick headache.
constipation, etc. They do not purge and
weaken, but cleanse and strengthen. Sold at
Parker's Two Drug Stores.
Shall Nothing Abide?
Raleigh Times.
Some days ago we heard a patri
otic citizen complaining that the au
thorities (we use this word for the
lack of more definite information
had sent to Pennsylvania after oak
trees to put in the place of the old
trees which had been removed from
the capitol grounds. We thought he
had good cause for complaint, and
think so now. The thing that makes
the whole thing laughable is, that
some specialist in dendrology has
discovered that the physical condi-
j tion of the soil in the capitol grounds
, has so changed that it will not pro-
duce now a natural North Carolina
oak !
We would like to see an elaborat ion
of this idea, for we are at a loss to
guess whether it is to be accounted
for from scientific causes or whether
it is to be referred to social or politi
cal influences. At any rate the peo
pie will be interested to know just
what has taken place to change the
nature of this particular soil at the
capital of the State. Just think to
what we are coming! We thought we
were first at Bethel, but they say we
were not. We thought our record at
Gettysburg was safe, and that has
lightened the burdens and softened
the disappointments of many an old
soldier; out now the race is to be run
over again to see who really did reach
the goal first. When the ragged and
foot-sore North Carolinian turned hi
back upon his great leader and start
ed to his home of povertv and deso
lation, the thing that gave him joy
and hope was, that he was the last to
give up the struggle; but lo and be
hold 1 altera third of a centurv has
passed, others have risen up to claim
this distinguished honor. And now
to cap the climax, our soil refuses to
grow our own native oaks, and we
are forced to import a foreign species.
Next thing we know our title, which
we have heretofore regarded as safe,
to the "Tar Pitch and Turpentine,"
will be ruthlessly claimed by another,
and the world-wide fame of "North
Carolina corn" may yet pass away
and not leave so much as the aroma
of its former excellence.
Why should Mr. B. R. Lacy be ex
pected to preserve the traditions of
Mosely, Macon, "Wiley and Vance by
wearing genuine North Carolina jeans
while the rest of us are asked to rest
under the shade of Yankee oaks?
And a
Copyright, 1902. by Mary Winthrop.
TTASPER PEYTON was a stranger
In a strange land. The fact was
most unpleasantly brought home
ti h:ai at every opportunity by
the good people of Oreville.
He was a sweet temiered fellow, and
it disturbed him mightily when his ef
forts at sociability were Ignored. "How
can 1 Help it that there was trouble at
the works and that my predecessor
was fired?" he exclaimed ruefully to
Maria. "I didn't know it when I ac
cepted the position of superintendent."
Maria sniffed. She had her opinion
of people who failed in appreciation of
her young master. Had she not come
all these weary hundred iuile6 for the
sake of his sunny smile?.
But Maria did not know that most of
Jasper's irritation was caused by the
house nest door. No, not the house. It
was a pretty little frame dwelling, em
bowered in vines and. banked iu scarlet
sage. It was the girl. She had a scorn
ful mouth, an aggravatingly tilted nose
and a pair of dark eyes.
He found out that her mouth was
scornful when he met her outside the
gate on the second day after his ar-
rival: She was
that his neighbor
so undoubtedly pretty
Iy "good morning" had
unusual fervor.
And the girl there was a contemptu
ous curl on her iip, and her eyes flash
ed before she lowered her long lashes.
She passed on without a word.
Jasper stared after ber in astonish
ment and then cursed the custom that
some small towns have of aping city
conventionalities. Later he found out
his mistake. The girl's name was Carl
ton, aud her father was the man whose
dismissal had made room for Jasper.
There was a L'uhIi on the young man's
cheek as he realized that the girl held
him accountable for the change of fam
ily fortunes.
By dint of carefully veiled inquiry
he found out much more. Mr. Carl
ton, it seemed, had obtained an in
ferior position in a town fifty miles
farther south. But as he hoped for a
better opening In the near future he
had delayed moving the family goods
and chattels. There was much not
often included iu the latter terms
rosebu.-dsen coaxed to splendid size and
bloom through untoward frosts and
protracted drought, turtledoves that
whirred and cooed and sunned them
selves on the fiat rcof of the ban to,
and the tine nock of turkeys. Marion
Carlton refused to part with one of
these. Had she not triumphantly
reared The entire hatching when the
spring winds, p'p. tats and other ene
mies of ttu keykind had dashed the
hopes of neighboring raisers? If any
one was to least on fat turkeys, lying
peacefully on snowy pillows of mashed
potatoes with garlands of parsley
round their necks, it should be- the
Carlton family. And as the Carlton
family had but two members, Marion's
will was generally law.
The frost bad turned the scarlet sage
to black, aud the vines no longer
screened the house next door. But
every falling leaf seemed only to add
to the rampart that the girl's pride had
raised. She was evidently a favorite
In the town, for in the evening the
young folks trooped to her door, aud
through the partition walla came
bursts of laughter and snatches of mu
sic. That they all followed Marion's
example in leaving him strictly alone
was partly Jasper's fault. After the
first few rebuff's his free and easy
manner changed to one of aloofness.
Maria sighed as she noted the
change. "And it's the hard hearts
you're all after bavin'." she said as she
6at in Ler kitchen and listened to the
laughter from the house nest door.
Just thin Jasper dashed into the
room, crying joyfully: "Hurrah. Maria!
We're in luck: Here's Aunt Jane writ
ing that she wants to be sure that we
have a line Thanksgiving turkey, and
so she is sending us a live one. I can
jujtt fancy how good he will taste with
some of your prime dressing."
Maria tieanicd. She was proud of
her cooking.
Jasper went to the freight office the
oexl evening and escorted the turkej
home In person. When it was tethered
to a stak m the back yard, Maria
could not hut declare that IS was the
fiuefet turkey she bad ever seen, Infi
nitely finer than any belonging to the.
house next door.
Iiut. alas, there was no chance for
comparison. Others besides Marion bad
evidently watched the growth of her
turkeysand took an interest, a proprie
tary Interest, in them. The next morn
ing her turkey house was empty.
Marlon cried. Here It was only two
days to Thanksgiving dinner and her
father's long expected visit, and there
was a dearth of turkeys In Oreville.
She was at an upper window gazing
disconsolately toward the empty poul
try house when her glance happened
to stray to the yard of her neighbor.
She saw the turkey" tethered to the
post. Instantly she thought she recog
nized It as her favorite gobbler. It was
a case of mistaken identity, but there
la much of a sameness in turkeys.
Ah. so he wna the thief U Rut where
wer-the others? Doubtless he had
made way with them. Here her tears
flowed again. It was a melancholy sat
isfaction to think how perfectly she
had diagnosed the strauger's character
at that chance meeting so niauy weeks
before, but it was not a material com
fort. Meanwhile there was equal distress
in the house of Peyton. Maria's sister
was ill. and she must come at once.
She had departed with many tears and
Jasper after seeing her off had re
turned home in a melancholy frame of
mind. No Thanksgiving dinner for him
now. lie must eat at the hotel. And
the turkey?
Just then a most brilliant Idea came
to him. He had heard of Miss Carl
ton's loss. Why not give her his tur
key? But a very astonished face met him
next door. Was his conscience nlready
troubling him? Marion's cheeks were
scarlet with anger as the unconscious
young man presented the turkey In his
most polite manner.
He had scarcely finished when the
avalanche fell. His turkey! For how
long had it been his turkey? Since last
night. It was adding insult to Injury
to return as a gift what he had previ
ously stolen.
Jasper's bewilderment had changed
to anger.
"You accuse me me?" be exclaimed
incredulously. "But it is only on a par
with your previous actions. Permit me,
madam, to inform you that the turkey
arrived by express last night. You can
get the express agent to verify my
words. 1 can only hope that you will
enjoy my turkey as much as if it had
been one cf your own." Aud before the
girl could speak he had bowed ironical
ly aud v:;s gone.
It was the next evening that there
came a timid tap at Jasper's door. It
was the girl from the next house. Her
long lashes hid the dark eyes and the
scornful month trembled. Only the
nose still tilted aggravatingly. "I have
come," she said in a very small voice.
tu aj that I sin sorry. The express
agent toiu un- j ..... j
it. Thev have caught the thieves who
stole my turkeys."
Jasper was silent. It was undoubt
edlv cruel of him. bui he had suffered
Th" trii-l went ou bravely, though
there was a choke in her voice: "And
and-I've come to ask you whether you
won't come over and iave some of your
tmkev with us tomorrow. I'at her will
be home, and I know he will be glad
to meet you. Won't you come?"
Jasper saw tears shining behind the
long lashes. His heart beat strangely
as lie took her outstretched hand. "1
sli iil hi" gb'd to come." he said quietly.
Hut it to;k Maria a long time to get
lis; d to tin in w state of affairs.
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