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The Gold Leaf.
Fayettcville Obnerrer.
Fayptteville's esteemed citizen, Mr.
Ci. II. Haigh inspired to musing and
moralizing during the past summer
amid nature's glories of "The Land
of the Sky" contributed to the Mes
senger of Hope the following lines,
"God's Love," beautiful in expression
and touching in sentiment:
''Thou, Lord, hunt bn ho good, no kind.
My every thouphtof Tbeenbould beof love;
Oh, would that Thou wast ever in my mind.
My every thought and prayer with Thee
"Thou giveBt my health, mv utrength, my
I that vnlk agaiunt Thy will:
Bnt by Thy help I surely shall not fall.
The power Thou givest Hliall hold me
"How oft. alas! the tempter comes too near,
Aud strives to bunish loving thoughts of
And I forget awhile, and have no fear,
And say and think what should not be.
"Father, jiive
me more strength, a holier
And guide my
footsteps by Thy spirit
And then erelong I'll see the angelie throng
abo ve,
And in that shilling host are some of mine.
"So let my heart le where my treasures are,
And let me be forever praising Thee;
And, be the time of parting near or far,
My grateful pun le: "Thou lovest me.' "
Why is a Newspaper Like a Woman
One bright friend came in the other
day with what he thought was
ItW'l ...
ny is a newspaper like a wo
The various answers were:
Because both have to be known to be
JJecauHe both are good advertining nie-
Itecause both have to be pressed.
JJecause it sometimes changes its dress
ana tens tales.
The correct anHwer is:
Because every man should have one of
his own and not be running after hi
neiguoor s.
Advertising Proverbs.
Mahin's Magazine.
The demand does not go astray if
the names of dealers appear in the
People like to have you confide in
them, t rankness is a great untier o:
purse strings.
When a man finds a dailv delitrht
instead of a daily duty in his' business
It becomes his profession.
Belief is contajrious. You must be
lieve in your own business before vou
Invite others to have faith in it.
There are two kinds of advertise
ments those that have something
i . i ...
10 say and tlios;; that Lave to say
N.ot only must an advertisement
tickle the visual sense, but it must be
of personal interest, forcible enouirl
to push itself into the heart of men's
If 3-011 cau just make "ends inppt,'
without advertising, with it vou can
make them lap over far enourh to
ti a, magnincent uouoie bowknot o
The advertiser's opportunity lies
111 me met mat demand is perpetua
and that the public is constantly
waning to ue advised as to the best
means of supplying its wants.
Some Causes of Hard Times.
A writer in the Burnsville Eagle,
wriimg aoout the complaint of hard
times and the scarcity of monpv in
that county, gives the following as
some 01 the reasons therefor. And
what applies to that section will hold
good elsewhere as a general thing.
ne says:
We buy more than we produce.
mere is too much flour and bacon
Bhipix-d here every year.
The things we ought to make at home
we are buying.
We let timber go to rot and buy our
mow biockb, single trees, axe handles and
We throw away our ashea and buy
nv(ii ami jiiif greane.
We give our beef hides away and buy
name-strings and shoe-strings.
We waste our manure and then buy
We buy garden seed in the spring and
cabbage in the winter.
We let our lands grow up in weeds and
buy our brooms.
We waste the wax out of our Dine and
gum trees and buy chewing gum for our
We build school houses and hire teach
ers and send our children off to be edu
cated. We raise dogs and buy wool.
And about the only thincr in this rnnn-
try that there is an over production of
re pontics ana dog ticks.
Praise Your Wife.
The following, which is taken from
an exchange, is worthy of thoughtful
consideration by married men gener
ally: "Praise your wife, man, when she
deserves it. It won't injure her any,
though it may frighten her some from
Its strangeness. If you wish to make
and keep her happy, give her a lov
ing word occasionally. If she takes
pains to make you something pretty,
don't take it with only, "Yes, it "is
very pretty," and let it go at that.
It will take you only a minute's time
to kiss her and tell her she is the best
wife in town. You will find it to he a
paying investment one which will
yield you a large return in increased
care and willing labor for your com
fort. Loving praise will lighten labor
wonderfully, and should be frequently
Increased Tax Valuations.
A compilation of the abstracts of
property tax valuation from 85 of
the 97 counties furnished as required
by law to the State Auditor shows
an increase of $49,851,717 over the
valuations previously in force. There
are fourteen counties yet to report
and it is estimated that these will
run the total assessments up to about
160,000,000 increase.
The abstracts show that the largest
increase was in Buncombe $2,31f,
119, and the smallest in Tolk, with
142,852 increase. Counties having
more than two millions increase are
Buncombe, Mecklenburg and Wake.
Seven others have more than one
million increase.
WASTED Trustworthy lady or gentle
man to manage business in this county and
adjoining territory for house of eolid finan
cial standing. 20 00 straight cash salary
and expenses paid each Monday direct from
headquarters. Expense mdtaev advanced
Position pnaauent. Address Manager, 605
Uonon Bldg., Chicago."
Pennypacker Has Gratitude.
Charlotte Observer.
Governor rennvpacker, of Pennsyl
vania, a creature of Senator Quay,
enumerates in his Thanksgiving proc
lamation, a number of things for
which his devoted people should be
thankful, listing their senior Senator
among the number. "Jn manliness
and intelligence," says Pennypacker,
'and in a rare order of ability, there
has never been in public life in Amer
ica Matthew Stanley Quay's equal!"
lit was said some years ago by one
public man in ISorth Carolina, that
"he had every quality of n dog ex
cept gratitude." Certainly it cannot
be charged that Gov. Pennypacker
lacks this.
Must Serve Out Their Sentence.
Greensboro Church Record.
The case of the gold brick men sent
to our State jienitentiary from Guil
ford county for attempting to swindle
Paul Garrett has been carried to the
United States Supreme Court, and
that body has decided that they have
no authority to interfere. The men
must serve out their ten-years' sen
tences unless pardoned, which we pre
sume they cannot hope for. How
ever, one of them, sentenced for seven
years, was pardoned by Governor
Aycock. Judge Brewer, who wrote
the decision of the Court, declared
that North Carolina is to be con
gratulated rather than condemned if
the effect of the sentence will keep
similar criminals from her borders.
The Negro in the North.
f harlot te Observer.
The killing of Mr. Green by a negro
in New York, as was to have been ex
pected, has revived the discussion of
the race problem, but in this instance j
it is being confined mainly to the j
Northern papers, liefernng to the
murder of Mr. Green and to other
crimes, the Philadelphia Ledger says:
"The effect upon the Northern mind of
deeds like these is bound to be profound.
There has been up to now a wide differ
ence in the attitude of the two sections
of the country toward black men; but
there is much evidence that the view tra
ditional in the North is changing; that
a different temier is forming; that a new
disposition as to the treatment most
wisely to be accorded the dark-skinned
race is being born."
Some of the Southern papers, mor
alizing on the "awakening" of the
North are disposed totalk of chickens
coming home to roost, but in the
fact that the North has found itself
up against the negro question the
Observer cau see no cause for levity.
It can but think of the negro in the
North, when the people there are
aroused against him, and it feels
sorry for the negro.
Everybody's Magazine for December.
The new publishers of Everybody's Maga
zine declare the holiday hwue of the publica
tion to be much the best they have yet pro
duced, it is not the typical Chrintnian num
ber made up of stilted fiction and pictures of j
the fentival iu many lands. It is just an espe- ;
cially lively and entertaining magazine, full
of really good stories, clever pictures, and
well written and timely articles.
In Everybody's one never finds a distin
guished name tacked to a dull tale. Among
its contributors are the ablest writers of the
day, but it is in connection with their best
work, not their pot-boilers. The reading
public, which hns become familiar with O.
Henry, Juliet Wilbor Tompkins, and F. Wal
worth, for instance, will find in the holiday
issue the most successful story each has writ
ten this year.
The other items in a lone tableof contents.
seem to bein the same category. In the midst
of nil this excellence, however, there are some
renlly conspicuous features: notably, Booth
Tnrkington's "Boss Uorgett." the first short
piece of fiction the author of "Monsieur Beau-
caire has written in the last three venrs It
is a political story, giving the young cham
pion of reform from the standpoint of the
boss, and for comprehension of character and
pure literary skill it must figure as one of the
most powerful thinirs Tarkimrton 1ms vet
Another bin tliinir the m.-imizine hns is
Eugene Burnand's pictures of Bible scenes.
reprodured for the first time in America.
uurnand is the trreatest nainter nf s:ierel
subjects since the old masters, and his studies
of the Saviour and the Last Supper are of ex
traordinary interest. In this number a new
department, "The I,lavere."a irossinv resume
of theatrical doings, by Hartley Davis, set off
with superb pictures of the stars and lesser
stage luminaries, is inaugurated.
Making clay brick may not be alto
gether so pleasant to some rentle-
...... V. n a a ii.
iiu;ii b i taste as niaKin; jrohl brick,
but the Supreme Court of the United
States says North Carolina is doing
the right thing under the circum
stances. Greenville Reflector.
brings infirmities, such as slug-
:?:i uoweis, weaK kidneys and blaa
1 &3
have - specific effect on these organs,
stimulating the bowels, causing them
to perioral theJr natural functions as
in youth and
to the kidneys, bladder and LIVER.
They are adapted to old and young.
The following Toll Kates will be in
effect on aud after May 1st, 1902.
subject to change or correction
Ayden, 45 Louisburg. 20
Boydton, 25 Morehead City 75
Buffalo Sprigs 25 Nashville, 30
Burlington, 40 New Berne. GO
Beaufort, 80 Newport, 70
Chase City, 30 Oxford. 15
Clarksville, 25 Plymouth, 50
Chapel Hill, 35 Baleigh, 30
Dunn, 45 Roanok'Bapids35
Durham, 30 Rocky Mount, 35
Enfield, 35 Scotland Neck, 40
Franklinton. 15 Selma, 40
Goldsboro. 45 Smithlield, 40
Greensboro. 45 Spring Hope, 30
Greenville, 45 Tarboro, 40
Hamilton, 45 Wake Forest, 25
Haw Hirer, 40 Warren ton. 20
High Point, 50 Weldon, 35
Kinston, 50 Wilson, 35
Littleton, 25 Winston, 55
F. C. Toepleman,
General Superintendent
Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic
has stood the test 25 years. Average Annual Sales over One and a Half Million
Dottles. Does this record of merit appeal to you ? No Care. No Pav. 50c
gtosed with every bottle b TeaCVntWae of Ctove's Zw'l iSf VC'
Paine's Celery
Rheumatism, which does its terrible work
in the muscles, joints, and tissues, is caused by
uric acid which gathers in the blood. To get
rid of this poisonous acid which produces the
irritations, pains, agonies, inflammations, and
swellings peculiar to rheumatism, Paine's
Celery Compound should be used without
delay. No other medicine gives such prompt,
cheering, and happy results. It is the only
medicine that prevents a return of the dreaded
disease. Paine's Celery Compound braces
the nerves, the blood is quickly cleared of ell
irritating poisons, tissue and muscle are built
up, and the digestive organs perfectly toned.
Do not treat with indifference the slightest
rheumatic symptoms; the early use of Paine's
Celery Compound will save you weeks and
months of suffering. Mr. S. D. Conway,
St. Louis, Mo., was permanently cured by
Paine's Celery Compound after repeated fail
ures with other medicines and physicians; he
" I am 64 years of age, and have lived ia
St. Louis 27 years, and all this time with the
exception of three years, I have served in the
Engineers' Department as Inspector. Last
winter I contracted rheumatism and was laid
up. I tried all remedies and doctors, but all
failed until I struck Paine's Celery Compound,
which has made a permanent cure in my case.
I have recommended it to many, and they
have used it with the same result."
Mb 014 Clones Looi lew
Direction book and 45
dyed samples free.
Burlington, Vt.
- A Tfc
Mel:! '.;.
pOUUlii'd A
"Why ure
Of tli:' low
ii!,. i..ni:icr. svia,i how
1 -.iiii.-ys w-tc. pro
unuiulruni. Turkeys tin Drum Corps
Creation"' Give it up?
Bo-;'..:.- l:c all
O-'J c-ii!" ii tli;:
carry Drumsticks.
ed A blow from the
r:it:;,:iv!i r.f the I-'io-k who Overheard
"Spare Me." said the young Fellow,
asKiiiniiig tl:c I Jefe:isi ve. "I can give
you A lieitcr mw. Why do Turkeys
li.ivp No iien'.ifterV
The I:i ni.-iivli blustered Around and
dr:igg;il bis Willis, looking very
Fierce. U" knew !: ouijlit lo L;iCv.
but couidn i foi the Life of llim re
member Sis he lowered. :;t the Cul
prit ;:-ked Severely:
"Well. Sir why do TurUcjs have No
Here.:! ie:V
"i'eei.use I bey havt their Necks
Twirled in This."
Pooh!" s;.id ;lie Patriarch Con
temptuously. "'1 hut was around on
Crutches win
Now, here is
C:lilght on tl:t
Adam wore Kilts.
Something new that I
Wk;g. We :ue All to
IH ury I'lekeii Til!:; jeyr.
"What!" Shrieked A giddy
with a pink Civst. "Not on Your lifeV"
".No. Siliy, but :is Soon :is it is Over,
it is the old W;;y of Turkey Under
taking and The only Way. In Phila
delphia, where I Chipped into the
World. Dry Picking was the Correct
Thing All the old families held to It.
That gives Turkey Feathers the ehauee
!r their Lives. Turkey Tails for Fans
-I am told the Aborigines quite Dote
in Them."-Chicago Record-Herald.
Thankssl'lns In Porto lilco.
In Porto Uieo Thanksgiving day. or
"Dia de Gracias," as it is there termed.
Is honored by the closing of govern
ment offices and appropriately ob
served. The stores are open on half
time only, the plantation works are
idle and the people of town and coun
try seize the occasion for an inter
change of visits. As an excuse for
Idleness merely the Porto Rican labor
er hails the "Dia cle Gracias" with joy
and promises himself indulgence In a
"danza" or perchance a surreptitious
cockfight. The bulk of the population
has been convinced that Thanksgiving
Is a day to be celebrated with almost
as much gusto as the "Cuatro de Ja-
1 Ho," or glorious Fourth, and even with
out tne mental reservation many were
accustomed to make at the commemo
ration of our republic's natal day. no
official affirmation,, being needed as to
Its right to "follow the flag." New
York Post.
Thnnknsl vlngc Decorations.
If one has access to country fields in
November the glowing red berries and
vines and branches of gorgeous hues
that may then be had offer most artis
tic material for Thanksgiving decora
tion. The downy thistle balls picked
at the right time are effective mixed
with autumn viues and berries.
It should not be forgotten that au
tumn leaves may be gathered at the
moment of their greatest beauty In
late October or early November and
beautifully preserved by being dipped
lightly in a weak gum arabic water.
When dry they should be kept In lKxes.
carefully and lightly packed, as the
treatment makes them very brittle.
Dy this method, however, their colors
ore preserved, and they may be used
repeatedly. lI::rper's P.azur.
DeWitt's rjgja Salvo
For Piles, Burns, Sores.
Corbitt Buggy Co.,
Sold in Henderson by Parham Bros. Snpply Co.
Dcs(Tl;:!lon of an Old Time Ttrnnkl
griviug Dinner In New Enelaad,
The Thanksgiving feast of a century
ago had a charm to it that today seems
tc Le lacking, says the Seattle Times.
Here Is a description of one of these
"In the great red farmhouse on the
hill preparations were begun long before
the day. The turkey that stalked before
the dooryard bad been watched with
hungry eyes andTattened -with urgent
care. Pumpkins bad been brought from
the cornfield to sun themselves on the
wood pile. Ah, it was a sure sign of
the day's approach, and they might
have defended their right to be there
without being laughed at by the an
cient chronicler's words. 'Let no man
make a jest at pumpkins, for with this
-fruit the I,ord was pleased to feed his
people to their good content till corn
and cattle were increased! A goodly
supply cf ;:!! garden vegetables was at
ban: Apples and pears, the best In the
orchard., ha, Uen gathered and hidden
away in the dark to mellow. Alas for
the feast if there was not molasses
en-.iugh to be had: There could be none
without it. Stores of raisins and citron
!:: ! hen laid i:t. so there was some
1 1 . ; ? ; .l; f;.r tlie ;r!:- to do while the boys
looked after the popcorn, which had
bee;; soiling in their w'ood shed
ci ai f'.n'i . or picked up walnuts under
the old sLagbark tree in the pasture.
Then there was a deal of work neces-t-r.y
v,;thii! (he house the wedding
c! i ii - te I)!- brought out. the brasses all
c !- polished, especially the ancestral
:".n'U ':., r.nd the spare chambers to be
i."iJ'T. wi
i.. :
tU: :
corner all ready for
!;;e-!-:i'iu.;. Crandpa and grand-re-
;; feigning sovereigns, and
iinhi was a royal one. The night
l:.!'.!r:s. ; :iig they are all there,
and ;.e daughiers-in-law have stowed
their ones away in big feather
beds, a tbizen. more or less, in each, like
sardines, and tlip youngsters have gone
to their pillow light in the attic chain
"Around the huge open fireplace, by
the light ef Its burning logs, those boys
of the olden times spin their yarns of
childhood days and crack their jokes
until the laughter changes to tears and
they are ready for the evening prayer
and the tender good night. And then
the Thanksgiving morning! It is clear
and cold, perhaps the first snow upon
the ground, for P.oreas was wont to
contribute something unusual before
the days of weather reports. AH the
family are at church it was expected
and the proper thing, for family reli
gion was on dress parade and the
gray haired parson, regardless of the
passing time, rises to the occasion in
fervent words of gratitude to God for
his abundant mercies. Then comes the
dinner, skillfully mauaged by the maid
en aunt-God bless her! an indispen
sable condensation of virtu.' on such
occasion:-!, a dinner not so elaborate as
How the
not so ele
t H. I I lil 111.
eyes dance, even
those of the babe in the big board era
die who has n a part or lot in it. The
turkey, of course, is there, crisp and
brown, as only one can be which has
been slowly roasted ' clore the tire and
basted from Hie dripping pan beneath
Vegetables of all sorts load the table:
delicacies, too. that have been wait
ing long for that hoar, aud numerous
mysteries "of their old fashioned culi
nary art. Then there ;ire pies of sun
dry kinds, the chicken pie among
then!", ti.it best of all and can we
trust our feelings to mention thorn?
ucnuine j
tins. Itavi
each A
there is
ters in tli
inipkin pies baked ill Fquari
only four corner pieces to
the evening shadows fall
lirand assembly about the
How merrily the corn sput
poppi-r! How. familiar the
soe nd
in ti;e
of the nuts cracked on the
'iov.i'1 What apples and compe
n parini: them without a break
oUiei! having: The cider flows
from the great earthenware pitcher
never became oid in those days."
A Ptsrecn '"e I'nr T!anIisglTl:igf.
Pluck i:P.'l dress sis pigeons, split
: in halves down the breast and
Put somo small disks of salt
in a large saucepan over the fire,
n fried crisp remove the pork and
m a large onuia. cut in thin slices,
-t th- ta fry a nice brown in the
'! hen nut in the pigeons and let
i U-.-i! .: n on Loth sides; add a little
brow :ted
er them
:ier t!ie tnrus are well
j our iii enough water to cov
to !ia!f their depth, season
i s.;:; a:;tl pepper and let tnem
si -inner x
add half
bubbles :
Weil diss
S;ir it h;
Next Ink.
nicely in
i-nily till Uite tender; then
a 1 1 1 1 of cream, and when it
hi twn tahlespoonfuls of f'.our
ived iu half a pint of cream,
i-kiy to keep from lumping.
out the pigeons, lay them
a deep linking dish, pour the
gra vy over them: make a rich pie crust,
roll it out. lay it over the birds, mois
ten the edge of the dish so the crust
adheres, cut a few little gashes in the
crust, stand the dish In a moderate
oven and let the pie bake three-quarters
of an hour. Cover the top with
buttered paper to keen it from burn
ing too fast,
character and good reputation in each
htate (one in this conntv reotiirod) to renrp
oent and advertise old eHtahlinhed wealthy
immuesM nonse ot solid financial p.tnnriing.
Salary f 21.00 weekly, with exrwnBes ndiii-
tioitnl. nil payable in cash direct each Wed
nesday from head offices. Horse and carringe
furnished when net'pssary. References. En
close self-addressed envelope. Colonial,
L i 1 1 ; i 1st., Chicago .
Vegetable Prcparaltonror As
similating iieFoodGr.dReguia
ting liieStoiaachs andBovls of
Promotes Diges'don.Choerful
nessandltesLCcntciins neillier
Opium .Morphine ncriincral.
PmikM Scat'
SoAtlle &Ult -AulK
Sent r
Jifpenniiit -hi
ffsnwd , Sugar I
hittaytetH. rtaror.
Aperfecl Remedy forConslipa
lion , Sour Stomach.Diarrlioca
Worms .Convulsions .Fcvcrish
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
PacSinule Signature of
Orator, Entre Nous Club.
176 Warren Avenue,
Chicago. III., Oct. 22, 1902.
For nearly four years I suffered
from ovarian troubles. The doc
tor insisted on an operation as the
only way to get well. I, however,
stronp-ly objected to an operation.
My husband felt disheartened as
well as I, for home with a sick
woman is a disconsolate place at
1 . A . .11 J , i i
ueei. a. lrtenuiy uruggist aavisea
him to get a bottle of Wine of
Cardui for rne to try, and he did so.
I began to improve in a few days and
my recovery was very rapid. With
in eighteen weeks I was another
Mrs. Stowe's letter shows every
woman how a home is saddened by
female weakne3 and how completely
Wine of Cardui cures that sick
ness and brings health and happi
ness again. Do not co on suffer
ing. Go to your druggist today E
aim ktsiire a 91 .w Dotue ot Wine
of Cardui.
mmmsi...-. . . . .. , - -
he Home of
For AH Grades of LeaJ
The Oldest and Best Equipped Warehouse in Town.
Wilt Unsurpassed Facilities, Plenty of Capital and Capable Assistants
We Promise Our Patrons -The Best the Market-Affords."
Personal Attention to All Business.
Shipments from a distance receive as careful attention n if
the owner was here to look after his interests ! in Per"on
Por Infants and Children.
fiTfio Kind
You Have
Bears the
Vjr for Over
Thirty Years
We have them for (lie
Kr m 17 1
I W3l
m nil 1
m 1 11 i.tEK9.z. 1
0 eTMisr'
m I 1 W if
1 iEEl3a5SgMB 1
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you all about
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AtluU, Ga.-S3 S. BrM4 Bt. :
jxiu t liiii tiiwiui' m w fall goods at
TH Oil A SOX'S. riionelS.
Trade W5arx
Copyrights &c
Anyone sending a sketch and decilTt Ion may
qnlckly ascertain our opinion free whether an
invention is probably patentable. OoTunmntoa
tions strictly confidential. Handbook ort Hments
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nothiiiK butt! very U.
good money can h, 1 P
Tl.i belnK the crip a ,V ,
kimlh. f liiRrrdieHsfor rplu"-
Air Line Railway,
L.AriAt icw UKLEAN5, am,
Mil; I II U AIM).
No :u
Lv New York P It Ii 11 J m ,
Lv Philadelphia 44 ;; L. :
it 4.1 liYn
Lv Wuebington VSl! j 7(0i,m i,1'
Lv Kicbmond SAL , '
Lv Petersburg " J 1 1 7 pro l-'1
Lv Norlina " 1 ;:, um tp
:,'m sua
'"J Sm r ...1
Lv Henderson
Lv Uali'igh
Lv Soutbern l ines
Lv II a rule t
Lv Columbia t
Ar Savannah
Ar Jacksonville
Ar St Augustine
Ar Tampa
7 IK
fiCOum SxJ
, --'um lo
iuuuam lag,
Xo.33 V.
Lv New York N Y I' &Nt7 am n v '
Lv Pbiladelpbia
am (i;
10 Hi
am 11 2i J
Lv New York ODSSCu t.'l oil
Lv Baltimore BSI'Co
Lv Wusbington N & V ,S D .
Lv Portsmouth S A 1
Lv Weldon
Lv Norliua "
Lv Henderson "
Lv Kuleigh "
Lv .Soutbern Pines "
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ii 4-. im ii: z
-'I'l'ani 2ii.
4 tt am im.J
Lv llamlet
Lv Wilmington "
Ar Pharlotte
Lv Chester "
Lv Greenwood "
Lv Athens "
Ar At lanta t
Ar Augusta C & W C
- -L:1J "ra 1(1 li' i
1 -"'iimllJ
l-'-'Wl'm 3433
" I'"! t"5(ij
Ar Macon C of Ga
Ar Mftfiili. r. A- v --
Ar Nw Orleans L '& S
( am
7 15 am
A-r aBUT'lle X C & St I. t; i 1 1 n zj
Ar Memphis " :i 45 ,,, M,
Daily Ii
Lv Memphis, NC & St L 12 45 u (j w
Lv Nashville, " 'l.lllmn 9.tJ
Lv New Orleans L & N H 15 pm ..
Lv Mobile 1 JO inn
Lv Montgom'ry A & W l'; 45 am i "oT-j
Lv Macon C of Ga M(Mi.im 42iiJ
Lv Augusta C & W C 1 0 1 tt am
: n
Lv Atlanta
Ar Athens
Ar Greenwood
Lr Chester
SA L 12 00 u hid
" 57 pm 11 1
5 15pia so;.
" 7 17 pm 4i:
7 25 pm 301
Lv Charlotte
Lv Wilmington
Lv Hamlet
a :tu pm
luaopm T'Ktjj
Lv Southern Pines "
Lv Ualeigh '
Lv Hetulersou "
Lv Norlina "
Lv Weldon
Ar Portsmouth "
11 lSpm hi:
1 25 um 11 1:
2 5K am 12."e
' 45 am 14"
ri5Hm aw
MM) am 53;
Ar Washington N & W S It ....
0 M
At Baltimore U S P Co tC3lJ
Ar New York ODSSCo t5i
Ar Pbil'delphiaX Y'P & X 15 4i pm 5 1 r
-ir icw lorK " H .i mil Mm
Noai Nnti
Lv Tampa
Lv St Augustine
S A L t 0(1 um H3M
5 40 am C2(
Lv Jacksonville " H45m 720
Lv Savannah " 115 pm 12 Hi
Lv Columbia 5 " (; .",5 pm 53"
Lv Hamlet " loanpra K"
Lv Southern Pines " 111pm S 45
Lv Raleigh 1 25 am 11 W
Lv Henderson " 2 5h am 1 If
Lv Norlina " a 4(1 am IK
Lv Petersburg ' 5 4! am 4'
Ar Richmond " C, .'15 am 4"
Ar Wnshfngrton WS I!y Id Hi am
Ar Baltimore P It K 11 25 am 11 2"
Ar Philadelphia " 1 :'. pm 2M
ArNew York " 4 15 pm 030
Note t Doily except Suml.iy.
tCentral Time. 5 Knsti rn Tim.
Z. P. SMITH. O. P. A.,
Rah'igh, N. C.
K. II. P.KADY.Ap'-
lIi IllllTBOD. J
Tonsorial Artist,
Ben Fitted id Slaying Parlorli
Double Daily lex
Carryingr Pnllman Sl???-, C.'.::
(a la carte) and Chair c.ri- (! ;
Electric Lighied T"
Blrmlogjiaai, Hcapfti-, a :
Texas, Oklafiona aad laii
Far West a 3d Kcr:?.r::t
Dc3Criptiv-; litrat.ir-.
ranged and throucn rcscr
upon application to
W.T. SAUNDtKS. Grs 1
P.E.CLARX. Ta.P.'-
M t mm I'm 1 m
W. T. SA
Gmn'l Ac -

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