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rKE Gold Leaf.
Tin ilSDAY, Jl.'LY 2f,, 1 !.
T!i iHirlmiii Ifmil'J ivninrS;.-? tlat
it is nut a .saf- proposition to jiiI"
liat a town is worth by tin- tax
oks." Tli'-' Ifrnil'l ilitor must
avf hud hi miinl on Wilmington
Mfii he wroto tliat arairraiIi for it
in not ! (i'-Mi.-l that tin-re is a
ool ileal of taxaiii'- n crt y in t liis
1-1 1 f ft I ill t 11 OIK.
WII W II I'll liOl I M L I "I I I 1 J I Mi 1,1, wim-
at in tlii-way ot taxs to support
: ritv, stall- anu county jrovern
i"nt. 'it 1ojssi-iii that tliues!iOuU
.' soiik- wav of making tln.-si' people
-ar tlii.-ir sliare of fruviThiiK-ht ex
ensi's. Tln-re is oik.- tiling sure, the
.oor man can't lol;;-; lii taxes. He
as to come tip every time. If lie
oes not ilo so his wayes, if he is an
mploye of some t her person, are
;arni-heeil. If working for himself
.t- has lo;o ilowa in his jeans and
sli up the amount. Tin- man who
lodee.s the t.ix assessor is the man
f means, the financier, the Hchemer
ho thinks the chief em of life is
kuceesful financiering of any kiwi.
fhe man who "iv-r in his property
or taxation at its full value lias to
ay for the tax h.!. is also.
Io our wealthy citizens jrive in
heir proper! v at any thini'ik'-af-tir
.ablation? It tliev lii so woum not
In-total valuation in this county be
ar irn ater t Iian it is.' J- art in-rrnore
he percentaw of taxation woul'J lie
. " 1 . 1 1 i ..,.,a.i
audi lower ana ine iiuiuch nnum
!. borne bv all alike. The man who
as propertv worth one thousand
Ioliars should not be compelled to
ay a "Teat deal heavier tax in pro
M.Vtioii than the man who counts his
wait b !.v t he tens of t liousandsor the
1 " C.I I I i 1. .1 .
niiiilreds 01 1 iiousanus.um neuoe.-, .-,.
The man who is wort h a hundred
hoii.-aud dollars should pay one
lUielreii times more tax man
iciihbor who owns only one thous-
mil dollars worm 01 woiin unu.-s,
nit how many of them do it? They
lodire the tax and the pom- man
oots the bill tor them.
Of course some people won t like
his kind of talk in a Wilmington pa
er. but we feel conlident that every
nan who has any acquaintance with
he irencral manner of the e-ivine- in
A taxes int. his count v will endorse
le correct ness of our position. If
ill property were ;ivcn in for taxa
tion it would not cost those w no
ay as much as it does now. In
Tensed valuation would, of course,
educe nercent aire of taxation. H 11-
nilllfXt ( ;i .1 esse n
What the Mcssi'iii-r says .about
lax dodders m ilniiii" ton, applies
wit h equal force to I enderson, though
erhans not so larn "Iv. It anv one
doubts this let him iro to the tax
1 1 . .
ooks and seefor himself. .Soinopeo-
!e are never so poor as when they
o to list their property for taxa
turn. I here are those wuo ;ive mas
the total amount of their personal
k rrv w ft l" twxii.'nlwili I in.l ''"'''i"
urnnure, etc., a sum not, in excess
f the value of the contents of a sin
gle room in the house, some times.
This is not rilit and there ouht to
be some wav to -rot at a fair vain
ttion of all the taxable property
The burden of taxation should be
more equally distributed.
We believe also that land valuations
ire too low. If the valuation was
raised tin' tax rate could be reduced,
bo that the burden on the tax payer
would be no irreater. This would
make a better showinu; for the wealth
of a comniunitv and create a better
impression 01 t lie condition ol the
loi iti.i:i.vv. Page & Co.. publishers
of New York (.'it v. have gotten out a
book entitled "Cotton," which is of
unusual interest and full of infor
mation bearing on this important
subject. It is the joint work of Dr,
"las. w . l.iirckett. ate nrolessor
of agriculture in the North Carolina
College of Agriculture and Mechanic
Arts, and Mr. Clarence II. .Poe, editor
of the 1'roLfi't'ssi re ',- rmoi: The book
is said to be well w ritten and compre
hensive in character, and altogether
an interesting, readable, and practi
cal exposition of the great subject of
cotton: is handsomely printed and
conspicuously illustrated from actual
photographs. While we have not
sten a copy we are prepared to be
lieve as much knowing the ability of
the authors as we do.
Congratulates Editor Douglas.
The Charlotte Ohsn-ver congratu
lates Mr. Robert 1. Douglas on his
appointment as postmaster for
(Ireensboro, in the following:
The fscrver presents its respectful sal
utations to its esteemed neighbor. Mr.
Robert I. Douglas, the editor of the -dnst
rial JVcics of (ireensboro. on account
of las appoiutment as the post-master
of his tow n. It does not hapieii to have
11 jH'rsonal acquaintance with him, but
it does know from the editorial page
of the JmJu.-trinl -Yens and from the
common saying of the country, that he
is a man of truth and honor nud very
much of a gentleman. His paper is the
only serious competitor theOwerrer has
but it does not object to this, but rather
likes rivnlry pitched on the plane offered
by its 'ireensboro contemporary.
Fearful Railroad Wreck.
One of the most disastrous railroad
wrecks the Seaboard Air Line lias
had in a long time occurred Sunday
night between Hamlet and Monroe,
when a passenger train and freight
rau together. The list of dead is
given at from 22 to 29, with as many
more injured. The engineer aud fire
man on the passenger train were kill
ed while the engineer and fireman on
the freight saved themselves by jump
ing. Most of the killed were negroes
the number of white peersons losing
their lives being four, the engineer of
the passenger train, the baggageman
and expressman and one passenger.
Blame for the accident seems to rest
with the operator at Monroe who
failed to deliver orders to passenger
train. The accident occurred at a
curve one of the sharpest on the
Seaboard's system, and the engineers
did not see the danger ahead until
the trains were right upon each other.
! Duties of the Insurance Commis
sioner. I 'rom the "Laws in Regard to In
spections and InvestiatioD8,''(of in
I cendiary fires) Revisal of 1905, the
following is taken:
IHIU. Commissioner to take testi
, uiony, cause arrests and prosecutions,
and furnish information to solicitor:
It shall he the duty of the insurance com-iiiihsioin-r
to examine, or cause examina
tion t he made, into the .cause, circum
stances and origin of all fires occurring
w ithin the .State to w hich his attention
has been called in accordance with pro
visions of the next preceding section, or
by interested parties, by which property
is accidentally or unlawfully burned, de
stoyed or damaged, whenever in his
judgment the evidence is sufficient, and
to specially examine and decide whether
tin; lire was a result ot carelessness or
the act of an incendiary. The commis-
ioncr shall, in person, by deputy or
otherwise, fully investigate all circum
stances surrounding such fire, and, when
in his opinion such proceedings are neces
sary, take or cause to be taken the testi
mony on oath of all persons supposed to
be cognizant of any facts or to have
means of knowledge iu relation to the
matters as to w hich an examination is
herein required to be made, and shall
cause the same to be reduced to writing;
and if he shall be of the opinion that
there is evidence sufficient to charge any
person with the crime of arson, or other
wilful burning, he shall cause such per-
in to be arrested and charged with such
offense, and prosecuted, and shall furnish
to the solicitor of the district all such
evidence, together with the names of
witnesses and all the information ob
tained by him, including a copy of all
pertinent and material testimony taken
in the case.
l sici. . . r,s. M. j. l'.mi. -. :ss7. s. J: 11MJ3,
7 1 '..
The expenses of these investiga
tions are paid by a tax levied on in
surance companies although 00 per
cent, of the property of the State is
not insured, and the investigations
are as much for the protection of the
citizens of the State as of the insur-
uice companies. Section -482 pro
lM:i-'!. Special tax on fire companies to
defray expenses. Any expenses, includ
ing counsel fees, expense of deputy, de
tectives and officers, incurred by the in
surance commissioner in the performance
of the duties linpos-ed upon hun by the
provisions of this subchapter, shall be
defrayed bv the fire insurance companies
doing business in this State and a tax of
one tilth of one per centum on the gross
premium receipts of all such companies
is hereby levied for this purpose, to be
collected by the insurance commissioner
as other taxes on insurance companies
are collected. The commissioner shall
keep a separate account of all moneys
received anil disbursed under the provis
ions of this section, and shall include
same in his annual report.
l!o:t, ,-. 7 lit, s. 2, 1'.iul. c. ,H7, H. ik IS'.tO,
.S. s. (i.
Twenty Years Battle.
"1 ;in a Inner in a twenty yenrbuttle with
i lnonic pili'H and maliiriiiint sores, until I
i-iei! IJiicUlen'rt Arnica Salve, which turned
tin- tide, bv curing both, till not a trace re-
mum." writes A. M. Bruce, of Farmville, Va.
li.-st for old fleers, Cuts, Burns and Vounds.
2"i- at Mdvillit DorsVy's drugstore.
Ought to be Elected by the Poeple.
Pittslioro Record.
Postmasters ought to have been
included iu the resolution adopted
bv the Democratic State convention
at (ireensboro, which demanded the
Mi" VfioSfrfe.0 cT)Pef n$b&$ll
come in contact every day with their
postmasters, and are in closer touch
with them than with their senators
and federal judges.
In this State the postmasters are
appointed upon the recommendation
of the chairman of the Republican ex
ecunive committee, regardless of the
wishes of the patrons of the severa
offices. Very few postmasters in this
State would hold their offices if the
people had a voice or vote in their
appointment or retention.
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A Busy Medioine for Bu9y People.
BrlngB Golden Health and Renewed Vigor.
A. specific for Constipation, In.tipestlon, Live
nu Kuloey Troubles-. Vimples, Eczema, Impun
u:ooi. Mad ureatn. Sluggish Bowels, Headaoh--
ar.a isnoRcne. it s u.ci-y Mountain Tea in I ah
rorin, ;.- eems a hi.x. (lonuine made
:' :.liste3 Drcu Company, Madison, Wis.
Cigarette Smoking.
1 .11 inliei t on HobeHoninn.
The Norfolk and Western railroad
has issued orders prohibiting its em
ployes from smoking cigarettes, and
they will have to cut out the little
coflin tacks or hunt another job. The
Brotherhood of Engineers and Fire
men, it is reported, look upon the
order as an infringement of personal
liberty and will oppose it for that
reason. Let it be interference with
personal liberty, if the railroads be
liove'it is to the best interest of their
business to employ teetotalers in
every respect they' should do so.
If any employe does not want to cut
'em out he is at liberty to get anoth
er job. It is our opinion that he had
better be glad that some one is trv-
ing to break him of a habit he would
not quit himself.
1 here are diderences of opinion .as
to whether the use of cigarettes hurts
one's health or not. That denends
on several things. The more he
smokes the worse he is hurt and the
less he smokes the less he is hurt.
We often hear a fellow say he has
smoked for years and years aud don't
helievecigaretteshurt him. Perhaps
before he gets through telling you he
will cough a "cigarette-cough." We
believe that a man can smoke cigar
ettes and live a long time, but under
as favorable circumstances he would
live longer without them.
We have never been able to under
stand the inconsistency of the tem
perance forces in their attacks. We
never hear any of our temperance
societies speak out against the use
of cigarettes. It is the evil of whis
kev. Asthma Sufferers Should Know This.
Foley's Honey aud Tar has cured many
cases of asthma that were considered hope
lees. Mrs. Adolph Bnesing, 701 West Third
St., Pavenport. Iowa, writes: "A severe cold
contracted twelre years ago and was neg
lected until it finally grew into asthma. The
lxst medical skill available could not give
me more than temporary relief. Foley's
Honey and Tar was recommended and one
fifty cent bottle entirely cured me of asthma
which had been growing on me for twelve
years. If I had taken it -t the start I would
have been saved years of suffering." Melville
Diarrhoea by
The Educational Test
The Immigration Bill, With the
Educational Test Incorporated,
Will Keep Out 75 Per Cent, of
Those Who Desire to Come
South, Says a Well-informed
Mill Man Bill Characterized as
a Blow at Southern Manufact
urersSenator F. M. Simmons'
Position With Reference to the
'harlotte Obwerver.
The labor problem is of vital con
cern to every Southern manufacturer.
Mill men all over the South areiooK-
nir towards Europe for a solution,
in whole or in part, of this question.
The action of several of the local
mills a few weeks airo in sending a
special representative abroad for the
purpose oi Dringmg uaeh.iuiiuigni.uio
is significant.
A prominent mill man was discuss
ing this matter with an Observer re
porter yesterday. He said:
"The" manufacturing industries of
Charlotte are considerably concerned
over the immigration bill which pass
ed the Senate last spring withadras-
tic educational test clause incor
porated. By a small majority the
Jlouse rejected tneeaucationai ciause
and, instead, adopted a substitute
providing for a commission of nine
to consider the matter and to report
on the most feasible means of dealing
with the immigration subject. Owing
to the determined opposition of Sen
ators F. M. Simmons, of North Caro
lina, and H. C. Lodge, of Massachu
setts, the Senate and House conierees
failed to reach an agreement and as
a result the whole matter went over
until the next session.
"The Junior Order of United Amer
ican Mechanics and the American
Federation of Labor are working
determinedly to have the bill passed
with the educational test. During
last winter, the Junior Order main
tained elaborate lobby quarters in
Washington and it is estitimated
that they spent at least $50,000 to
get the educational clause through
Congress. Having failed to secure
its passage througk the House, tlve
Order, re-inforced by the Federation
(if Labor, is working more deter
minedly to have the clause become a
law at the next session of Congress.
It has been stated, and the state
ment has never been denied, that
every Senator and member who did
support the educational clause will
be t he target of the Junior Order and
the Federation of Labor in an effort
to defeat them for re-election.
"Senator Simmons was the first
to introduce the edncatioual clause
to the immigration bill when the bill
came up for consideration in the Sen
ate. On Ma3r 23rd, he introduced
an amendment which required all in
coming immigrants to undergo a
strict educational test ' before they
were admitted to this country.
"Senator Lodge immediately of
fered a substitute for the Simmons
amendment which the latter accepted.
Senator Simmons made an hour's
speech in favor of the Lodge amend
was agreeu to wicnouc a division.
"The New England mill ownersand
manufacturers are working with the
labor organizations for the passage
of the educational clause. 1 here is a
provision in section 38, or what is
known as the educational clause, ad
mitting immigrants from Canada
and Newfoundland after a residence
there of three years. This provision
makes it apparent that the exemp
tion was inserted for the benefit of the
New England manufacturers in se
curing labor to the disadvantage of
the Southern manufacturers.
"The educational clause, if it be
comes a law, will prevent 75 per cent
ot the incoming immigrants from
entering this countrv.
"The prospects are now that the
bill, with the educational amendment,
will pass Congress at the next ses
"The bill without the educational
clause, provides sufficiently against
the entrance of the undesirable im
migrants and there does not appear
to be any good reason for the ed
ucational provision."'
. .
tor bloating, belching, eom stomach,
bad breath, mnlasHiniilation of food, and all
Bj mptoins of indigestion, Ring's Pyspepsia
Tablets are a prompt and efficient corrective.
Sold by the Kerner-McNair Drug Company
The Merchants' Journal and Com
Wilmington Messenger.
The July number of the Merclmnts'
Journal and Commerce is the "Con
vention and Association Number."
It is also the first number of the nub-
lication'sjhird year. It is handsomely
gotten up and contains an account
ot theannualconvention oftheXorth
Carolina Retail Merchants' Associa
tion, recently held at Morehead Citv.
with portraits of officers of the asso
ciation and leading business men of
the ftate. 1 he paper is a consolida
tion of the Merchants' Journal of
lialeigh and Commerce, of Atlanta,
the latter having been recently nur-
enaseu by the owners of the Kaleigh
i i . .
journal. Mr. Norman H. Johnson is
editor with a full staff of able assist
ants. The publication is designated
as "a magazine of business men." It
is the official organ of the North Car
olina Retail Merchants' Association;
the Virginia Retail Merchants' Asso
ciation; the Association of Wholesale
Dealers, Millers and Manufacturers
of the Carolinas, and the Merchants
of Georgia, Florida and Alabama.
With such a patronage it is bouud to
succeed if it keeps up to its present
high standard of reading matter and
mechanical work.
$ioo Reward, $ioo.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
learn that thereis at least one dreaded dis
ease that science has been able to cure in all
ita stag, and that is Catarrh. Hall e Ca
tarrh Cure is the only positive care now
known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cnre
is taken internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of the dis
ease, and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature in doing ita work. The proprietors
have so much faith in its curative powers
that they offer One Hundred Dollars for any
case that it fails to cure. Send for list of
testimonials. Address
F. J. CHEXEY & CO., Toledo, 0.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Tak Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
The Southern Life Insurance Co.
What People Say Who Know Us Best
The following correspondence between Hon C B. Patter
son, Congressman from the Sixth District of North Carolina,
and Senator Tillman, of South Carolina, explains itself:
Hon. G. B. Patterson, March 20, 190G.
House of Representatives.
My Dear Sir: The Southern Life Insurance Company, of
Fayetteville, North Carolina, has agents doing business in
South Carolina. These agents have asked me to investigate
the business standing and character of the directors in order
to have them feel assured that they are representing a concern
that is in the hands of honest and decent men. It is a great
deal of trouble to put you to, but as most of them live in Fay
etteville, you can find out without much bother about those.
I would be glad to have you get this information, and of
course I will be glad to reciprocate should opportunity offer.
What you may write will be confidential unless you .want it
made public. Very truly yours,
(Signed)' B. R. TILLMAN.
Hon. B. R. Tillman,
United States Senate.
My Dear Sir: Your letter of March 20th, requesting me to
give .you my opinion of the business standing and character ot
the d irectors of the Southern Life Insurance Company.of Fay- .
etteville, N. C, has been received. In reply I beg to say that
I know every one of the forty directors personally, except one, ..
and I take pleasure in assuring you that they are all men of
the very highest character with splendid business records.
With one or two exceptions they are men of large means, in
the aggregate representing several million dollars. A number
of them are worth one hundred thousand dollars and more
each, while one or two are probably worth as much as five
hundred thousand. They are from the cream of the business
men of my section, and I know naught but praise to say of
any of them. I can say nothing more than that they are suc
cessful, honorable business men, of whom my section is justly
proud. ?.
With assurance of my highest esteem, I am,
Yours very truly
(Signed) G. B. PATTERSON.
The director who Mr. Patterson does not know person
ally is probably Mr. Neill McQueen of Ludouici, Ga., who
left Cumberland county, N. C, a poor boy, in the seventies,
and is now a wealthy and prominent banker, and General
Manager for the Southern Life for the State of Georgia. Un
der his management the Southern Life is meeting with un
precedented success in the Cracker State.
District Manager for Southern Life Insurance Co.
A. W. Gholson Co,
(Successers to Hight & Co.)
Jewelers eoid Opticians.
I have this day sold out my Jewelry and Optical business to Messrs.
A. W. Gholson & Co., of Drakes Branch, Va., together with my good
will, and I bespeak for the new firm the patronage of my former friends
and customers; and I myself will be found in the store for the present
at least to serve them for the' new firm.
Henderson, N. C, June 24, '06. HIGHT & CO.
3 5 3
Having bought out the firm of Hight & Co., Sewelers and Opticians
of this place, we desire to advise the public of this fact, and to solicit
the continued patronage of the friends and former customers of the
firm of Hight & Co., as well as the patronage of the public generally,
L-iT-otn,V'ntaiaJby courteous and polite trpat-.
ment to all; prompt and careful attention to an utuuuess entrusted to
our care; and as good work as can be put out at as reasonable cost as
possible. As soon as possible we intend to open up a full line of up-to-date
goods when you will hear from us again through these columns;
and we respectfully ask that you look out for our farther "ads."
A. W. Gholson (St Co.
The ITecklenburo; Hotel
And nineral Springs,
Where You Combine Health, Rest and Recreation.
Its waters used conjointly, have given
wonderful results in eczema, all ner
vous, blood, kidney, digestive disor
ders, rheumatism and catarrh.
Its splendidly equipped Sanitarium,
operated in connection with Hotel.
(No consumptive or contagious cases
Its Hydriatic Department, embracing
the celebrated Baruch System of
baths, exhilarating and beneficial.
Its large airy rooms, broad halls and
corridors, perfect ventilation and its
picturesque location.
Its beautiful winding walks and drive
ways, through romantic woodland.
Its well equipped livery, comprising the
best ladies' and gentlemen's saddlers
and roadsters, and ponies for the
Us varied amusements, consisting in
part, of splendid Orchestra, Dancing,
Bowling, Tennis,Golf, Billiards, Pool,
Trap-Shooting, etc.
Its Social Features are characteristic of
the highest class of patronage, which
is drawn from the most prominent,
and aristocratic people throughout
the country, yet the freedom from
formality makes it akin to one big
family. It is the "Southern Society's
CHASE CITY, Virginia.
which we would be pleased to have you call and examine. It's
a pleasure to show our goods whether you wish to buy or not
Reaches tha Spot
Stops pain instantly
The Graat Pile Cora
Pat up in tnbes witfc
rectal ncsxle.
March 27, 1906.
Us Cuisine
and service is strictly first-
The Season of 1906 promises to surpass
all previous records, both in number
and personnel of its guests.
Large bookings have already been made
of prominent people who will take up
their Summer Kesidence at The Meck
lenburg. It is the the most accessible all-year-round
high class Health and Pleas
ure Resort in the South.
Telegraph and Long Distance Telephone
in Hotel.
Its New Summer Schedule of trains will
afford additional facilities for reach
ing The Mecklenburg.
New Trains will be operated between
Jeffress Junction and Chase City,and
Chase City and Richmond. At Jeff
ress Junction, connection is made
with mid-day trains from Norfolk
and Danville; also from all points in
Eastern Carolina and Virginia.
A Postal will bring full information,
also handsome booklet, diagram,
rates, etc.
Waters for Sale in Henderson by M.
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Thomas Brothers.
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Samuel Watkins,
The Larc eat and Best Equipped Fitting; School for Young Men and Boys in
the South.
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present management. Four courses. 966 studeats last year. Terms
moderate. Situated near Greensboro. N. C, one thousand feet above the
sea level. For beautiful catalogue address t. A. and M. H. HOLT, Principals.
Every money lender knows that there is much trou
ble .and responsibility incident to the safe and judicious
loaning of money. The security should be ample, the
tide must be clear, the property should be kept insured
in solvent insurance companies for the benefit of the
lender, the mortgaged property must be listed properly
for taxation, the taxes must be paid, and interest has
to be collected when due. The Henderson Loan
and Real Estate Company looks after ail these
details and relieves the lender of all responsibility, by
lending his money for him on securities to be approved
by him, accompanied by the following guarantees to the
lender 1 . The tide of the property upon which the
loan is made is guaranteed. 2. The security is guaran
teed. 3. The interest is guaranteed. 4. The insur
ance is guaranteed. 5. It is guaranteed that the prop
erty is listed for taxation from year to year, and that
the taxes will be paid annually. So that every loan the
lender has, in addition to his mortgage as security, the
guarantee of The Henderson Loan and Real
Estate CompeLiyy.backed by its assets and with
out any expense to him, List your money with us.
Re S. ncCOIN, Sec'y and Treas.
HENDERSON, : : North Carolina.
- - $200 .
$75, 100, 125, 150.
$25, 30, 40, 50.
$10, 12.50. 13, 20.
- $23.
designs. Come in
The gain in new building and in
dustry in Henderson is greater
than at any period in the hiatory
of our town.
The Citizens Bank
solicits its proportion cf the insur
ance on these new buildings.dwell
ings, etc, and guarantees prompt
service and lowest posnible rates
to its customers.
insurance Department
Citizens Bank.
The following portions will bear in muni
that thy left watches with the late Walter
i. Powell lor repair
W R.Lanier, Harry Magl.y, J. A. Warren,
U.T.Clapton, A. A. Parks,
J.IMIarrifl, E.I.Kittreli,
WalterJones, U.P.Pbilip,
II. H. Chambers. A.O.Eavins,
Austin Jones, A.C.S.Kobinson, N.H.Crews,
Mack Jones, Jas.Hookaday, Jas. Jobiinon ,
Hugh Unnt,
C E.Cobb.
altr edden, Ed Thorna.
Payton Taylor, J.A.Brame,
PlammerFang, Jno.SoIomon
Earl jr, Thomas, Jas. Solomon,
("has Andre wn, John I5ullo k.
J.T. Shotwell, W.C. Pear ,
R.A.Hendemon, John Banket t.
Grover Kearnev.Lnther Eatou.
Ike Wrenn,
J.w.uiacknaii, utis Wrigbt,
Marsbai Alston, Anthony Plnmmer.
The above named persons will please rail
at my office at the earliest date powtibk? anl
get their w atcbes.
I also hare eight watches left anlaheted.
Owners of these can Ket same by calling and
establishing satisfactory proof of nwnerwbip.
R. 8. McCOI.V,
A. G.
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer la . .
Shingles. Laths. Lum
ber, Brick, Sash, Doors
and Blinds. Fall stock at
Lowest Prices. Opposite South
ern Grocery Company.
Henderson, N. C

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