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You are right by
that it first writing an
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Worth Having setting forth the
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people of Hen
derson and sur
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uterus or otner peivjc orgaTT iiyen In
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CrcLcKerr For
HERE are sev
eral kinds of
crackers, in
cluding; whip
crackers, but
one pC the most
Interesting Is
what may be
termed the fire
less cracker.
This Is usually
somewhat in the
shape of a fire
cracker, and it is
loaded, though
not with an ex
plosive 4which
requires fire to
set it off. The
cracker now un-
is tbe Ions paper covered tube, with
fringed euds. which we see frequently
at dinners or evening parties, contain
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by the ends :uid pull hard, and it opens
with a pop. It cracks; hence the name
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ciTwkcr i wry popular.
in Eiiur!::nI there is one "crackery"
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000,01:0 crackers every year. Nearly all
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Still others p;;ste the labels and the
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hive of industry. The one .nentioned
employs about 700 girls, whose deft
fingers collectively turn out thousands
of crackers a day. Special machines
are used for making the fringes, print
ing the pictures
and cutting out
the caps, masks
and other sur
prises which th
crackers contain.
Crackers fur
nish great fun
at a social enter
tainment. There
is always the
agreeable antici-
patiou or crack
ing open the hid
den mystery and
finding ut what
It may be. . As
in firecrackers.
in nrecraeivcis,
t, nnt rfiversitv of sizes and
mere i .
styles in the tireless cracker. Occasion
ally one is made as large as one of the
cracker girls, and it requires. : the
tren-lh of two men pulling each at
oS end to crack It. The pop in this
cracker, of course. Is correspondingly
lowd. But the siat fireless cracker la
merelv a freak, like the gigantic cigai
V: r.,y n.ivprtisins purposes
mat is useu ' - . ,.
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II I -rJ
' JI h
t- tuLt, iiaiue Hits iiiarji xoiii-
iOk well. She came from old
j Puritan stock on her fa-
' y ther's side and from a r.o-
k. x lonial Virginian family on
TT 1fnM .
her mother's. She had the
tall and forceful figure of her New
England forbears added to the tender
jrrace of the southern woman, una wltii
these she had the beauty . of sweet
brown eyes, waving brown hair and
such a color and complexion that they
xmight he called fairy gifts; also she
had visions of a career,
i She was not left unsought. An anx
I ious line of admirers filed through the
i wide gates of the old plantation home
and walked un between the box hedges
j to the wide veranda, where Mary gen
erally sat with her maiden aunt, the
latter making wonderful devices in tat
ting, and Mary, with her easel before
her, perfunctorily making sketches
which she rarely finished, but which
her aunt religiously preserved.
The Boutwell plantation had been a
large one before the war, but under
the inefficient care of the aunt had
dwindled steadily. Miss Boutwell had
unlimited power as guardian to buy;
sell, mortgage or borrow and lend.
The first waruiug of the final calamity
came along late in the fall and was in
the shape of a threatened foreclosure
of the mortgage on the last of the once
vast possessions the big and almost
empty house. Mary had spent money
lavishly in college and gave and lent
as her generous aunt had done in igno
rance of the real state of things. On
the 1st of January this money must be
paid. The aunt had been notified, but
let the matter drag, as she felt that
something would turn up to save their
home. Mary was trying to understand
the situation, but in vain.
And the young men came a-wooing.
They were all made welcome by the
romantic aunt and all invited to dinner
or supper, with the old open handed lib
erality, but Mary showed no favor to
any or e. But that Is not saying that
she did not think often of Bert Alh?n.
She could appreciate his character.
She had just come from college, where
much stress was laid upon mental at
tainment, aud she wondered how
it was that a young man ouly a clerk
in a lawyer's oliice could have learned
so much. She knew that he had lived
all his life here, that his parents had
died poor after the devastating war,
that he had had a bitter struggle, but
she could not understand how he had
learned so .much that the other young
men were totally ignorant of art. for
lnstau e, art. from its first inception
to the present day. in a!! its branches
aud ramifications.
What fcbo did not take into account
was that Bert had known her from In
fancy and that for her sake and to be
nble to properly appreciate her career
liJ gave every moment he could spare
to the study of all that books could
teach him and that when he had busi
ness north he fairly haunted the art
galleries and picture stores and stu
dios. IIH heart stink as the conviction
was forced upon him that it would be
uiauy years lefore Mary could hope
for success, if ever, for somehow he
came to see that, while she had unde
niable talent, she was not a genius,
and he knew that she had not the pow
er of steady and continuous work,
which sometimes almost equals real
genius. And he felt, too, that he could
plan a career for Mary that would be
far more satisfying to her than the
painting of mediocre pictures, but he
dared not give voice to his thought
The autumn passed, while Bert tried
In every way his fertile mind could
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This noble creature was in a small
neighboring place to which there was
no railroad, and Bert had had his
friend make a large box in which to
bring him to Mary's Lome. The box
was large and really quite handsome
and was provided wi tha li" holes. The
splendid dog would be taken in it to
the plantation" smd. sat on fife veranda,
in daylight, or, at least, that was
Bert's plan. A letterwas- written and
inclosed in a strong envelope, which
was also to contain the key to the pad
lock, and in Bert's pockets were tacks
aud a hammer to fasten it on; the-top
of the box. .
Friday aftemooii-Mr. Burnside pass
ed away in the ; arms of his young
clerk. The old man had sincerely lov
ed Bert, and Bert loved him, though
Still somewhat in awe of him.; Bert
was : truly grieved, but "men must'
work," so Bert hastily gave the neces
sary orders for the ; funeral Sunday, .
and tl-K'ii he rushed to his- friend to see
f.bout shipping the dug so that it. should
reacli Mary's hoi.ne .iit llw precise time.
When Bert reached the little town he
went t (lie express otiiee and by un
usual offers uianagt'.d trt -"persuade; them
that the dog be delivered as he wished,
though they would have to ride nearly
all night. But there whs a moon. They
were to fellow as soon as they could
hitch up.
But when Beit reached his friend he
found him in bed, so he would have to
get the dog ready for shipment him
self. He went to tbe stable and found
the box. It was large and roomy and
had foft hay on the bottom. But
Frince Roland was as big as a man.
and. Bert began to wonder if this box
would lc large enough for so mon
strous a dog to turn in. lie tacked the
letter containing the key to the self
locking padlock on the top. and then he
thought he would get in himself and
see if it was large enough. lie found
it quite roomy enough, and the warmth
was agreeable. lie lay down'and curl
ed around in a comfortable position
while wondering what Mary would
say to the dog and fell sound asleep,
lie was worn out with three nights of
watching, and be slept so soundly
that he knew noihing of what took
place after.
What did happen was this: Tbe men
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invent to find some way to further his
own cause with Mary arid to save her
home. .The -week before Christmas
had come before he 'could do more than
sigh Over the hopelessness of it all.
Marv had determined to have a "
Christmas such. as she iimt eeu liv tne -
Theajrd-'aji the homes., of her. school-,
mates a big tree andjrc.s.n.is .teK'ati,
Bert rode out every day as soon as J
his duties were done t.6 help Mary' tn
the decoration of her tree, Ohd.tbey ail
. anticipated much pleasure, ; . After" the
children had gone: home: with their
presents the young folks were to have-4
games and a supper aud a good old
fashioned Virginia reel.
Christmas fell on Saturday this year.
Bert had expected to le there every
evening during the week to help, but
Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and
Friday passed without a word from
him, nor did he come.
At first Mary was surprised, then
hurt, then indignant. Ho should have
sent her word at least if he had not In
tended to ct'.nie, and she went about
with n hi'ititeiied color, but with a
heavier heart than the occasion war
ranted or Nile realized. The skies were
dark and ifie house glfKiiny. jiad she
was growing ve retired of the whole
thing since Bert had noxcome to help,
lie was 'i c:s;:il!e and so cheery!
Well, she had lived twenty years with
out him t'tvl il )'.il!!t'ss would not die if
he did not conif at all.
The re::son f Bert's apparent defec
tion was that Mr. Burnside. his em
ployer, was dangerously ill. He was
nlnno in tlu frli1 li:irln! no roloHvn
living, aud it became Bert's duty to
remain with him aud take care of him,
for Mr. Burnside could not bear Bert
to leave- him. Bert had written to
Mary. and. with the strange generosity
which strikes any man when it regards
the woman he loves, Bert gave an old
negro a dollar to take tbe letter. The
dolhtr and a saloon proved too much
for the old man, and the next morning
I he was carried to the calaboose, while
the letter lay a soaked scrap of paper
in the mud.
Mary loved dogs. Bert Knew this
and had intended n sive her a superb
fct Bernard do? as her Christmas clft
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Gogit'tightg-Wp bjf Olive - Harper.
Came for the. 0dpg, found the, big box
;w.ith;;.the;jipk,t)nsnapr that shut
as ihcyw.-'.w-hat In the seinidarkness
they tliought wifsff the dog and loaded
.It: in -the- wagon.:- The weight and sub-
dtred shoringmade.. them .feel sure the
.;'!i; - ww
.. alary und dier ; household were all
rastir;; : as. this;-was Christmas morning,
and ,llie.re' was much, to do". Through
vflje;.: dim JigM of ; the ,early-- dawn they
sa w two men' tugging; an Immense box
tp. lift 'ft carefully -out...
::Mary. sent- two other men' to help,
and ; the;.: strange Jociking"- box t was
bronght fo "the veranda. She wondered
wbM lt :coukV..b' ''"" ! " . z '.
The expVessman took his receipt book
to Mary yvho inechanically signed It
hiie she'-looked; at the awkward box
soe: T:;-" ' ?V "
.:t :rjek"bu'.'itifi -a .dawg,c''; said one of
the' merr."ihe' other ?then pried off the
-la; .-that ;hQl.d lb letter and handed
if.sto Mary,1 sayfng:? " l u"
jf yWll take; out that ; there key
y-cPfta.ke him pitfV c '
aT4e,' men both had. a faint fear that
the dog was-deadf, as he had made no
6"6u!id, though coming over the rough
rohtl they had traveled and with their
ears bundled as they were they could
. not VhavR, heard-- it had he 'barkfjd-
Mary gave them the- fcey and read the
tufobtt It, was:.0 T .
:T3earifTss "Mary 1 beg you to accept
the orie'yp'U wiil. find In this box as your
Cfirtmaa- gift. ;h will love and protect
you :anil bo devoted to yoir alone as long
ear Kb lives, asking but a little of your
priceless love in return. " Wishing you a
merry Christmas. BERT ALLEN.
Somehow her. heart grew lightefT her
cheeks grew red and her' eyes Sparkled.
So he had not forgotten her.
"We will take him out for you," sajd
one of the men again. '
"Go and get a big piece of meat and
a basin of water, Billy, and then we
will ojien the box. He will be strange
at first," said lary, while' her aunt
looked afraid.
"Oh, I know the dawg. He's a fine
animal," said the first expressman.
"He's as gentle as a kitten, and he's
young, but as big as a man."
- By this time the water and meat had
come, and the expressmen opened the
box, but to their surprise they found
a man in it. He made no reply to
their questions. They finally got him
out, and then he proved to be Bert
Allen, limp, pale and scarcely able to
He tried to collect his senses and un
derstand how tc.came to be here on
Mary's veranda. At last be saw and
recognized the letter in Mary's hand
and stammered:
"Miss Mary. I don't know how it has
happened that I am here in tho place
of Prince Roland, but if you read the
letter over arxl take me instead of him
for your Christmas gifC
"It is torn-old out here. Mary, bring
him into the sitting room by the fire,
and I'll t-ll Dinah to hurry the break
fast. And you. men. come out and
! bave gouie hot ;offt? " TbU from xhe
aunt, who was quit- enjtijtti to see
that the btt thing to do was to give
the young xop!e a chanc? to talk It
The .tphrd of it all ji that Bert
stayed and iiijH-d with the tre and
also that here was a wedding in May,
when Mary dHlwrately abandoned her
career and vetth'l down for life as a
happy wife ami mother. Bert inherit
ed a comfortable fortune from Mr.
Burnside. r.nd so with "neither pover
ty nor gre.it ruhiV tluy were very
happy. Mary Ut cp- in the garret tbe big
box where once the boxer was boxed-
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A Christmas
Sleigh 'Ride.
Copyright, 1907, by Frank H. Sweet.
HEY started
from the old
farm gate.
The happiest
boys alive,
"With Rob, the
:rtn, and
..Rust, his
And Unole
Jack to
The snow was
packed that
Christm a a
The moon was
round and
And when the
bells began
to chime
They all began to cheer.
Chime, chime, -chime, chime such - a
merry load
Sleighing in the moonlight along the
river road!
They passed the lonely cider mill
That's falling all apart.
The hermit heard them on the hillfc
It warmed his frozen heart.
They cheered at every farmhouse gray,
With window panes aglow. .
Within, tho farmer's wife would say,
"Well, well, I want to know!"
Chime, chime, chime, chime such a
noisy toad
Speeding by the homesteads along the
river road!
The river shone an icy sheet
As o'er the bridge they flew.
Then down the quiet village street.
Their Christmas horns they blew.
The sober people smiled and said,
"We'll have to give . them leave
Boys will be boys to .make a noise,
Because it's Christmas eve!"
Cftime. chime, chime, chime such m
lively load . ,
Scattering songs and laughter along
the river road;
But now it's growing hard to keep
Awake, and
now it seems
The very bells
have gone to
And jingle in
their dreams,
rhi lane at last,
the farm gato
And grandma
cries: "It's
Why, what a
peck of ap
ple cheeks
These boys
have brought
us back!"
Chime, chime,
chime, chime
hungry 'load, ,rs 'ACK.
Rosy from the Christmas ride alsr.g
the river road!
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