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popular with money savers.
FIRST It is a safe bank.
SECOND It is a bank for all the people rich and
poor men, women and children.
THIRD It is courteous to depositors and aims to
accommodate them.
FOURTH It allows a reasonable rate of interest
on money entrusted to its care.
FIFTH It invites new accounts from all who wish
to save or invest money.
J. B. OE WN, President. W. A. HUNT, Cashier.
On Lumber, Lime, Shingles
Doors, Windows, Frames, Oak
Mantels, Tiles, Grates, &c. j
1 net t'lierry .1 nice and Vinol at I'AU
KKk'.S. It is tfu.iranteefl.
1 7U.oi;i:-ni:sT uuadk straight
JL anl Patent at lowest prices.
AJ ANTED Trustworthy man or woman
V in ai'!i roiinty to ul vf-rtim-, rwive
orilfi-H nnl inminH bumm-HM for New York
Mil ()rl'r IIoiihc. 1 8.00 weekly; position
periu.'iiieiit ; no in vf-Htmiit rffjuireii. I'rpvioun
fiTifin-f not, fSHTitinl to -iirOKinK. Spare
time vuliiii lilt. Knclorte w:lf lul'lreMwd en
velope for full piirtieiiliint. AdilreKH. CUirke
'... WlifjIeHiile lept., 10.1 Park Ave., New
UI.TJ your Mutter and Kkjh to The
) Wliitten Grocery (,'. We jay cranh
or trade for name. I'hone 4.".
y'Y line Lawn GraHH Heed and Gar
) NwmJh at j
I OKI: the new Kood at II. TIIOMAS
1 ON'S. They are beauties and
i cheiper t Iii h HeaHon.
I "I I rilKN you read ahont Vinol, Hexall,
' H and other remedies in other
paper, make up your mind to get them
nOIt WONT Dwelling r
v j 1 cupied liv Mtk. Kingletr
recen tly oc-
n on (,'heHt-
i till t atl-Uif ttnnAt!nl1if .1 nn.n
tit. nurtl;. 1 iiirj in 1 1 1 Lie l 1 l. C licvv
fhoiine and in firnt-elaHH condition with
"s all modern improvement!. Apply to
j W. I). liUUWKLL.
i. el of Spanirih peanuts for planting
for wale. Glean and Hound. Price $1.10 j
almnhei. .. S. I'OYTIIIIKSS.
Ti: have a few nice HAMMOCKS
V we are going to clone out
I'hone 4.". ' y
"JT'Olt SALF Fine young mule. Sound
.A and gentle, and all right.
J fume? If ho, try Chimes. 2o cents
an ounce lens than the Xorfolk price, at
i Mrs. Watkitm Rolmnls of Raleigh,
is the finest of Mrs. Annie Robards.
Mrs. Iiatlger II. Ilurroujrhs of Ports
mouth, is visiting Miss Willie Parker.
Miss Lucy Petty of Carthage, is
visiting Iier sister, Mrs. YV. P.. Wad
dill. Mrs. Jennie Hart of Louishurjr, is
visiting friends and relatives in Hen
derson. Miss Florence Renfroe of Bridge
port, Ala., is visiting; Mrs. S. P.
Mrs. W. C. IVtrv. Jr.. of Charlotte,
is visiting Mrs. W. IS. Waddill in
Miss Heslope Purefoy of Asheville,
is visiting the family of Prof. J. T.
J. W. Heck advertise 50 town lots
to be sold at public auction Monday,
May 10th. Terms easy.
Mrs. Rosa Bryan is quite sick and
her condition causes grave anxiety
to her family and friends.
Mr. E. CI. Butler has been confined
to his home several days quite sick
with n severe attack of grip.
Mr. J. 1). Cooper has returned
from Hot Springs, Ark., where he
spent several weeks very pleasantly.
Misses Helen Harris and Isabel
Perry came from Raleigh Saturday
and spent Sunday with the home
Mr. ami Mrs. A. C. Zollicoffer and
Master John Milliard, returned Tues
day from a week's stay in Washing
ton City.
Miss Fannie Mclntyre has come
home from Raeford where she has
been teaching the past session, her
school having closed.
Miss ( Jertrude Chadwick of Boston,
Mass.. who has been visiting Mrs.
Brooks Parlmm in Henderson, left
for her home Sunday.
Miss Willie Smoot. Mrs. Jnsner
Rowe and Miss Dollie Smoot of Rich
mond, were the guests of Mrs. C. A.
Lewis a short while this week.
lr. N. Rosenstein, eye specialist,
announces his regular 'appointment
for Henderson next Wednesday,
April isth. For one dav only. At
Massenburg's Hotel. Examination
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Toepleman left
last week on a ten days trip to Wash
ington, Philadelphia and New York.
Mr. Toepleuian weuton business and
-Mrs. Toepleman accompanied him for
the pleasure of the trip.
Miss Doza Mitchell and Miss Mar
garet Bryant of Richmond, who con
tributed so much to the very enjoy
able musicale Mondav night were the
guests of Mrs. S. P. Cooper during
tneir stay in Henderson.
Key J. A. McClure. Mr. C. A. Lewis
and Mrs. Samuel Watkins went to
Lnheld Tuesday to attend Albemarle
I resbytery. Mr. Lewis goes as com
missioner from the Henderson church
and Mrs. Watkins as representative
)f the Ladies' Missionary Society.
on ehould not delav under any circum
stances in cases of Kidney and Bladder
."uoie 10a enouid take something
promptly that you know is reliable, some
iSa.8 &e DeWitt's Kidney and Bladder
, " ,ine? unequaled for weak back,
uarfcacbe. inflnmmntinn f , wiji
bus u ttuutfr.
rheumatjc pains, etc. When yo ask for
Zl 8 Kidnev and Blazer PiH be sure
ThT f fmt.iopntiA A . 4.
substitutes. Insist upon getting tL
Dr. II. II. Bass returned to Atlanta
last week after spending a few days
here with friends having come up on
business.. He says he and his family
like Atlanta and have become recon
ciled to it as home but it is not Hen
derson. Mrs. Ida Bass returned with
him and will spend some time in At
lanta resting and recuperating her
We had a call Monday from Mr. B.,
Rutherford, advance representative
of the John H. Sparks Show, an ad
vertisement of which will be found
elsewhere. This attraction as an
nounced will be here next Thursday,
April 29th, and its eornincr will no
doubt draw a big crowd. The show
ground will be on the Lassiter lot,
Montgomery street, the other side of
the railroad.
Mrs. Jane Harris was brought
home Sunday from Wnynpsville very
sick and her condition has not irru
proved. She had been visiting her
sister. Mrs. Hunter, in San Antonio,
Texas, and stopped in Waynesville
on the return trip whpn she was
taken sick. A special car was char
tered to bring her home, her sister,
Mrs. Hill, and her niece. Mrs. J. P.
Carraway, (formerly Miss Tempie
Hill) nurse and child coming with her.
mm v
Surprise Marriage.
Mr. Richard Fox and Miss Abbie
Thome were married on the 12th, at
the home of Rev. C. E. Newman who
performed the ceremonv. Ifc was a
runaway affair the family and friends
of the young people being taken
quite by surprise. The bride is a
daughter of -Mr. and Mrs. Eugene
Thorne of Henderson.
During the Hprinsf vpry one wonld be bene
fited by taking Foley's Kidney Remedy. It
fiirniHhes a needed tonic to the kidneys after
the extra strain of winter, and it purines the
blood by stimulative the kidneys, and causing
them to eliminate the impurities from it. Fo
ley's Kidney Remedy imparts new life and
vicor. Pleasant to take. . Sold by W. W.
PARKER, Druggist.
Judge Connor to Speak.
Judge Henry G. Connor will deliver
the tddress at the closing exercises
of Middleburg High School Friday.
He will come from Raleigh on No. 38
and speak at 2 o'clock. A number
of persons from Henderson will no
doubt go to hear Judge Connor.
There will be a picnic and the oc
casion will be fittingly observed.
Middleburg school is one of the best
schools in the county and the people
of the community are justly proud
of it.
State of Ohio, City of Toledo, I
Lucas County. 88- '
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is
senior partner of the firm of F. J. Cheney &
Co.. doing business in the City of Toledo.
County and State aforesaid, and that said
firm will pay the sum of ONE HUNDRED
DOLL RS for each any every case of Catarrh
that cannot be cured bv the use of Hall's
Catarrh Cure. FRANK J. CHENEY.
Sworn to before me and subscribed in my
presence, this 6th dav of December, A. D.,
1H. A. W. GLEAS0N,
(Seal.) Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
and acts directly on the blood and mucous
surafces of the system. Send for testimoni
als free. F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Closing Exercises of Bona Vista
High School.
Closing exercises of Bona Vista High
School were given Wednesday, April 14.
Mr. J. W. Bailey, of Raleigh, made a
most interesting speech, which was en
joyed by all. The recital given by the
music class under the, direction of Miss
Mabel Harris was very good, showing
-That the instruction has been thorough
and well done. At night, though it was
a very bad night, a large crowd assem
bled to hear the sermon by Rev. R. C.
Craven, of Henderson. The sermon was
a strong one and full of useful thought
for the young.
The past session has been the most
successful one of tne scnool a History.
Patrons of the school express themselves
as being delighted with the work done
in all departments. 126 pupils were en
rolled during the past session and more
interest is being shown tban ever Detore
The following pupils, having perfect
attendance daring the session, witn no
tardy marks, are placed on the honor
roll: Miss Telitha Parker, Miss Mary
Edwards. Miss Lessfe Finch and Master
1 .aivrenee Parker. These DUDils have
not only been perfect in attendance but
faithful to all duties.
Letter to Prof. J. T. Alderman,
Henderson, X. C.
Dear Sir: We should like to set your
boys and girls at work on this question
in arithmetic and casuistry.
A farmer is fattening three hogs in
three small pens; they have equal room
and straw and care, and are fed in these
three ways: First hog, on a certain pro
portion of milk and cooked corn meal;
second hog, on the same, hall water;
third hog, on tne same, nan water ana
nawdiiat. How lone will it take, how
ranch will they weigh, how much will
they eost. and wnat 11 tne prone ne on
the three?
And a similar Question in pignentry
That same farmer is" going to paint
three barns, same size; and he says to
three painters: "What'U you take to
paint tnat barn;
First painter scratches his head a few
. j ..tmi j :i r -rk
minutes ana says: i w uu ii iur ov
Second painter: "75 '
Third nainter: "S97.48.
Will they each get a barn to paint, or
one get two, or one all three, or nobody
anv; and what'Il they make on the job?
That's about how painting goes some
times. But there is a way to reckon: $3 a
gallon. The difficulty is in snowing now
many trallona tn bnv. There's a way
out of that.
Buy the least-gallons paint, Devoe.
No matter how much one buys; he re
turns what's left; costs nothing.
Yours truly,
P. S.-The Allen-Moss Hardware Com
Opening Postponed.
As will be seen by farther announce
ment of the Tar Valley Manufactur
ing Company, printed on the oppo
site page, tne opening of tneir big
new roller mill has been delayed for a
few days. This has been daft to un
avoidable.causes set forth in the ad
vertisement, and instead of starting
up on, the 20th as originally an
nounced" water will be turned on and
the machinery begin to whir on the
30th. This announcement comes
after the advertisement was printed
on the first page of the paper. A
cordial invitation is extended to the
public to be present on the opening
day or visit the mill at any time and
inspect this modern and thoroughly
equipped plant of the Tar Valley
Manufacturing Company.
Mecklenburg Hotel Burned.
The Mecklenburg Hotel, Chase
City, Va., famous as an all-the-year-round
health and pleasure resort,
was destroyed by fire last Friday
afternoon. Fortunately there were
only about 30 guests there at the
time and 'he fire occurred in the day
or the consequences might have been
more disastrous. Ihe names were
discovered by guests on the lawn,
who saw smoke issuing from the slate
roof, and the alarm was given imme
diately, but the fire-fighting facili
ties were wjiolly inadequate to cope
with the fire raging fiercely. All the
guests escaped and the most of them
saved all their personal belongings
before the fire reached the lower floors
of the structure, but much of the fur
niture in the UDPer rooms was
thrown from windows and destroyed
or battered.
The Mecklenburg, which was a
beautiful hotel situated on a com
manding elevation with broad slop
ing grounds, was an expansive frame
structure, built 10 years ago by the
Mecklenburg Springs Companv at a
cost including furnishings. $200,000.
It had 200 guest chambers all well
furnished. At the time of the fire, it
was owned by the estate of M. L. T.
Davis, of Norfolk, and others, and
was leased and operated by The
Mecklenburg Mineral Springs Com
pany, v . T. Hughes, president, who
had conducted it for several vears.
The owners carried only $75,000 in
surance on hotel and equipment.
it is to be hoped that the hotel will
be rebuilt. It is too valuable a prop
erty to remain unutilized. The burn
ing of the hotel of course will not in
terfere with the shipment of the cele
brated Mecklenburg Mineral waters,
hthia and calcium chloride
Itch cured in 30 minutes by Woolfords
Sanitary Lotion. Never fails. Sold by
W. W. Parker, druggist. je-26.
50 TOWN LOTS to be
sold at public auction
ecuted by Caleb Hunt and wife, Cath
erine Hunt, on the 16th day of November,
1U08, and recorded m Register of Deeda of
fice in Vance county, in Book 49, page 62, 1
shall sell for cash by public auction to the
highest bidder at the Court House door in
Henderson, N. C, on
Monday, May 24th, 1909,
at 12 o'clock noon, two town lota described
as follows:
1st Lot Begin at corner of lot No. 1 of
Graded School property sold to R. S. McCoin,
on Breckenridge street, in Henderson. N. C,
and run thence N. 89 W. 157 feet to a
stake on Baker street; thence along Baker
street N. 1 E. 50 feet to a stake on an alley;
thence along said alley S. 89 E. 119 feet to
UrecKenridge street; thence along Brecken-
rige street S. 37 E. 62 feet to the begin
ning; being lot No. 2 in plat of Graded School
Eroperty. This lot has on it a four room
Lot No. 2 being the lot bought of J. W
nalstead which deed is duly recorded in
Book 15, page 199, in Register's office of
Vance county less the two lots sold to Green
Hunt and Ossie Hockaday. This lot is 50
feet front, running back 129 feet, lying be
tween the lands of Green Hunt and J.M.
This sale is made at the request of the
holdar of the note secured by the said Deed
of Trust.
This April 21, 1909.
Some odds and ends all stand
ard goods which we are going to
sell at a sacrifice price.
The ladies will do well to come
at once and take advantage of
this opportunity.
Having bonght out the stock and
succeeded Mr. J. H. J. Ayscne, I will
continue to conduct the Grocery
business at the same place (between
Allen-Moss Hardware Co's and
Parker's drug store.) It is my pur
pose to carry a choice and fnlllineof
Staple and Fancu
Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Con
fectioneries, Country Produce, But
ter, Eggs, etc
Prompt attention to all orders
and quick delivery made. Tour
patronage solicited.
Phone 17.
Artistic and Enjoyable.
The musicale given at the Grand The woman's clubs of Henderson ' A second surprise marriage in the
Theatre Monday night by Miss Willie mi Friday afternoon what wa lamily of Mr. Eugene Thorne oc
Smoot, assisted bv some of Piich-' designated as Reciprocity Day. Thatcurred Monday when bis daughter,
mond'a noted musicians and vcalist
was a very enjoyable occasion, cred
itable alike to the ladies and gentle
men who took part therein and the
worthy object in which they were en
listed. They came under the auspices
of the Kings Daughters and the tt
gret is that there was an unoccupied
seat. Those who stayed nway were
the losers. We cannot undertake to
bestow upon each lady and jrntle
man the meed of praise that is their
due. Suffice it to say that every
number on the program 'as well
sustained, and each appearance wasi
the signal for an encore, r ollowmg
was the program: ,
1. Greetings to Spring Strauss
2. The Swallows Cowan
Mr. Canepa.
3. Reading "Casey at the Bat,"
Miss Bryant.
4. Felicita Ardita
Mrs. Rowe.
5. II. Pescatori Gabussi
Mr. Canepa and Mr. Martenstein.
6. Annie Laurie
f a 'Lectric Curler.
1 Reading b Sunday Fishin'.
c Ma Mefdis Foot.
Miss Bryant.
2 Rosalie.. DeKoven
Miss Mitchell.
3. Reading "The Soul of the Violin"
Miss Bryant.
The Two Grenadiers Schumann
Mr. Martenstein.
Estudiantina Income
Mrs. R0we. Miss Mitchell.
Spring Song
MisB Doza Mitchell Soprano
Mrs. Jasper Rowe Alto
Mr. Columbus Canepa Tenor
Mr. Austin W. Martenstein Bass
Miss Margaret Bryant Reader
Miss Mary Willie Smoot.. Accompanist.
Get a small can of L. & M. Home Finish
Varnish all ready for use front Melville
Dorsey, Henderson, N. C. Clean the
furniture with soap and water and wipe
dry. Then anply one coat. It will make
old furniture new at a cost of almost
Silver Wedding.
Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher R. Harris
have issued invitations to the cele
bration of the twentv-fifth anniver
sary of their marriage as follows:
1884 1909
Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher R. Harris
request the honor of your presence
on Friday evening, April thirtieth,
on the occasion of their
Twenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary.
Fletcher Reese Harris.
Helen Cary Page.
No presents.
"If s Your Eyes," My Dear.
That give you a "dreadful headache."
When you have a constant headache and
cannot find its cause, better see us
likely to be eye trouble, and we stop eye
trouble after careful examination, with
proper eye glasses.
will be at Henderson Wednesday, April
28th, at Massenburg's Hotel, to fit you
with glasses. One day only. Consulta
tion free. .
We are making a specialty of
Renovating Panama Hats.
Bring yours
Aronson Clothing Store.
We have made a big addition to our stock of HIGH GRADE
FURNITURE: and expect to continueto add to it, thus putting our
selves in position to supply the wants of all comers.
Rugs and Lace Curtains a Specialty.
We have cut the prices on these goods and are doing our share in fur
nishing the homes in Henderson with such. , .
Agency for STUPMAN ORGANS of which we carry,a good line in
stock. Come in, examine these organs and let us give you prices.
Henderson Furniture Company.
I beg to announce that I have just opened a new
drug Store with modern, up-to-date fixtures and
equipped with a complete stock of pure, fresh
drugs, including Druggists9 Sundries, Toilet
Articles, Fine Perfumeries, Candies, To
bacco, Cigars, Soda-water, etc.
My stock will demonstrate that I have everything
carried in a first-class drug store. 1
Agency for Maillard's Candies.
Come and inspect my place under Croatan Club.
Near the post office.
H. . nmOl'JER, Proprietor.
PHONE No. 7. ' ,
Reciprocity Day of Woman's Onbs.
" '"fay a special program ot eser- f
ciKes in which representatives of all
the various clubs of the town partici
pated and which a few outsiders wera
privileged to enjoy. The exercises
were held in the auditorium of the
Central Graded School building and
the program which was very appro-
Criate and entertaining was admira
ly rendered and thoroughly enjoved
by all present.
Mrs. J. T. Alderman, president of
the Kensington Club, presided, deliv
ering a brief but fitting opening ad
dress in which was explained some
thing of the work of the woman's
clubs and the spirit of the afternoon's
exercises. At first it was designed to
have only the ladies, members of the
various clubs and any guests of
theirs, when it wasNJecided to extend
an invitation to some of the gentle
men the Contemporary Club, whose
guests the Indies had been on differ
ent occasions. And a number of the
sterner sex gladly availed themselves
of the opportunity to be with mid en
tertained by the ladies.
The first number on the program
was an address, "The Work of Club
Women, by Mrs. W. W. Parker, pres
ident of the Tuesday Club.
. Second, piano solo, Polonaise in A,
(Chopin) by Miss Mabel Harris,
(Alma Club) who is chairman of the
music committee of the State Feder
ttionof Woman's Clubs.
Third, readings from John Charles
McNeil, by Mrs. Geo. A. Hose, (Tues
day Club.) -
Fourth, piano duet by Miss Mabel
Harris and Mrs. S. P. Cooper, (Alma
Fifth, song, Don Carlo, (Verdi) by
Miss Olive Harris (Alma Club.)
Sixth, readings from Sam Walter
Foss, the "Yankee Poet," by Mrs. J.
H. Bridgers, (Tuesday Club.)
Seventh, music, mandolin and
piano, by Mrs. S. P. Cooper and Miss
Mabel Harris, (Alma Club.)
Eigth, readings from Shakespeare,
"Taming of the Shrew," by members
of the Students' Club, (Miss Birdie
Watson, Miss Lula Paere, Miss Elea
nor Oliver, Mrs. Phil Thomas, Miss
Ethel Plummer, Mrs. L. U. Goocb,
Miss Claud Hunter, Mrs. S. P. Cooper,
Miss Olive Harris, Miss Eula Greg
ory.) At the conclusion of the well ren
dered program and responses to
hearty encores dainty refreshments
were served and the occasion was
voted a very delightful one by all
present. v
mas. o. o. white
Especially invites you
to look over her beauti
ful line of
and other Millinery nov
elties before buying.
New goods arriving
every week. '
Opposite Samuel Watkins.
around to
Married Monday.
Miss lJattie PearL and Mr. II. V.
Bennett were somewhat clandestinely
married.- The ceremony was per
formed by Rev. K, M. Andrews at
his place Of resideneeat 12,o'clock,
the yoilhjr couple learinir immedi
ately for a trip to New York, Niagara'
Jtaus ana Philadelphia. There were ;
only a few immediate friends to wit- j
ness the marriage. The family were
not let into the secret. It was known
that the marriage was going to be
but it was not expected to take place
so soon and in the manner it did.
Mr. Bennett formerly lived in En
field but for some time past be has
leen living in Norfolk where they will
make their future bome.
Farmers Organize.
A meeting of farmers of Vance
county was held in the court house
on the 10th for the purpose of effect
ing an organization among them
selves1 to be known as the Farmers'
Equitable Organization.. The object
is mutual benefit and protection
the promotion of farming interests
through the means of co-operation
and closer relationship brought
about by intelligent understanding
and organized effort. There was a
good attendance reDresentative in
personnel as well as numbers and
geographical representation .and
much 'interest and enthusiasm was
ruanlft'sted. ,
H. M. night was chairman and S.
P. Brummitt secretary. J. C. Wil
liams of Tennessee, organizer of the
Farmers' Equitable Organization,
was present and delivered an address
explaining the objects and purposes
oi tne organization and urging why
action should be taken by the farm
ers of Vance as elsewhere. W. B.
Daniel spoke also, making a ringinjr
and effective speech which was well
received. Brief remarks were made
by others after which an organiza
tion was effected, the following offi
cers being elected:
President W. B. Daniel.
Vice-President S..H. Satterwhite.
Secretary S. P. Brummitt.
Up Before the Bar.
N. II. Brown, an attorney, of Pittafleld.
Vt., writes: "We have used Dr. King's New
Life Pills for years and find them such a
good family medicine we wouldn't b with
out them." For Chills. Constipation, Bilious
ness or Sick Headache they work wonders.
25c. at Melville Dorsey's drug store.
John 11. Sparks Show Billed to Ex
hibit in Henderson Thursday, April
29th. Free Street Parade at Noon.
The fountain of youth the circus
will be in Henderson next Thursday,
AdhI 29th. And when we say it is
the Jobn H. Sparks Show that will
give pleasure in itself. No show
that comes to Henderson is held in
higher repute than this particular
one, directed as it is with a keen re
gard for the comfort of patrons.
Show day will begin with a street
parade starting from the show
grounds at 12 o'clock noon. The
Sparks Show management refused to
cut out this display of the circus
when the idea was suggested by other
managers, and have added more ex
pensive features than ever. All o1
the men, women and children con
nected with this show, horses, ele
phants and camels are to participate.
Everyone in Henderson remembers
the fine appelrance of the people,
animals and properties of the Sparks
pageant when last seen here. The
people were well groomed and con
tented looking, the horses high-bred
and high-stepping, the exposed wild
animals splendid specimens, the
bands musical, the clowns oddly
funny, the riders graceful and taste
fully drepsed and ll other things,
some familiar, others not, as circus
parades go, were appropriate and
ProminentMn the list of performers
with the Sparks Show are the 10
Valentinas, Petit Family, Ellitle Sis
ters, wonderful Cahill Family, Blanch
Turner, Afton, the Up-side-down
man, mnny ciowns, penormuig
lions. elephants, acting dogs, edu
cated horses and ponies areconspicu-
ous features in the varied program.
Two performances, at 2 and 8 p. m.
Teople past middle life usually hare some
kidney or bladder disorder that saps the ri
tality, which is naturally lower in old ajre.
Foley's Kidney Itemedy corrects urinary
troubles, stimulates the kidneys, and re
stores strength and vieor. It cures uric acid
troubles by strengthening thekidneys so they
will strain out the uric acid that settles in
the muscles and joints causing' rheumatism.
Sold by U. V. PAKKEB, Drugjrist.
Special Values in
lO and 25 cents.
The B0ARDMAN line for Ladies,
The LENNOX line for CMdr.n,
The WEBER line for Men.
Thomas & Nevcomb.
I risxrer -rnurrfi on m 1T a LW1 in
TV, HHntHl on the. 17th dar of Mar
i 190G, bj Gorsre T. Merrimon, whicb i re
corded in Book 21, on paj? 161. drfaoJt
having txen made 10 tne payment mnwi,
ball eell lor cam a on
Monday. May 17th. 1909,
linn iloor in Henderson. th
I fnllnirillir I. it tit Und tO-Wit? AdlOiBtOZ
Hutton (now rairr), Boiierc cwnui, wwjjw
T. Merrunon, SUria Brown, (now Andr
aon), Simon Mfrrimon,Moe fbeatbam aad
other, aame being lot bonght by A. J
IJarrjt and wife the 1 7th of May. 1 SKW. S"
said Deed for bonndariea, et. Thsa i a nie
paatnre, already nnder wire fence with edar
poata. "
Henderson, X. C April 12, WrJ.
Accumulate a. good bank account In
- . Mj!w4 true as a dollar or two."
Henderson, N. C.
Ready to figure?
Cost by the gallon that's one way.
The number of f t.' Ions that's another.
It calls for Dev? every time. It costs
Jess because it take ; less gallons.
153 years of honest paint making back of
every gallon you spread.
Allen-EIoss Hardware Co.
The besT: styles ever, the sort that distin
guishes the wearer as a man who knows
the latest in Shoes that ivelf dressed gen
tlemen wear. All lengths and widths, in
Gun Metal, ViciKid, Patent and all the new
shades of Tan. We can fit your foot and
your pocketbook both to your liking. Nice
& nd
ANDREW J. DAVIS, Jr., manager.
The WMtten
New Store
We have opened a Fancy
ten & Co.'s old stand, and have a nice line of
and our prices are just right. Send us your orders and
we will give you the best
Hit April 4th. h Momm (VikB.
and rpotiwi book j.
county KKitr' dHatilt bio bK
( ... rm.ll thWMlf. I b It II I"-! I for
r-mnb at Um i'onrt Ho Aoor la IIdroi,
Monday. April 2fch. 1909.
the following loU of land. to-rit: lat. Beieln
at a .tone ou an alley 16H Umt wide, mn
nin W.from a new street at a di.te of
102V4 ft from aid new trel ami ma
Wet ale UK il alley to a tona: taew
a t (ivU. ut to a atone: tbene E. 102Vb
feet to a Ktone; thenc Xortli 12 Wt U
the beginning.
-A ILMrin at atsin UnM Cheatham i
old eoraer on alley and run 't W Wt to a
- . ... . .... . i 4J . w
tone in w . A. rnep ow nw, wmn' r-
along th PLeSi line 110V4 feet to a etone-.
tbenre Eaat i feet to a atone; tbenc Nort h
110H feet to the bejfinniDK.
' - A.J. HAURIH.
Henderson. S. t Man 24 . 1 Wi'i.
topped lo 81 miaate
are with Dr. ttaonp a
Cronp fetaady. Una
test will rarely ptova,
Ha rcaniUaz.. mo di
And fortune will favor' you.
"There's no friend so
We have nine hundred
well satisfied depositors
and would like to have
your name on our books.
Grocery Co.
- Now Goado
Grocery Store at W. T.Whit-
and Freeh
goods on the market.
Execution Sale.
band. Woed from the Hafierior f'ourt
of Vnif 'ofy, i faecr of Milliard Wyrhe
and ajcainat Ales. Wyebe, I will ait by pab
Ile aoetion for eaah a t the Court lioaa doc-r
in li enderann. on
Monday. May 17. 1909.
the f am being the 6 rat day of the Mar term
of aatd eonrt. all tb iatereet of Ales. Wyebe,
hia eqairy of redemption, legal right of ra
demption and reveraioavy interest, together
with all and every other iatereat he may
bar fa and to that lot of land situate in the
town of Henderson, eovaty of Vance, and
Ktat of North Carolina, bounded and de
arribed aa folio a : Begin at a atone, Anais
tead Fleming's eoraer, oa the North aide of
Net 'atreet, running in front of Billiard
Wrrhe'e lot; thenre along aaid ateeet East
183 fnet to a etotw. thete X. 1H E. 177 fret
to a atone ia Pylvia Itake line: then S.
W. UlU feet to a stone; thenre rt. 4 2 W.20tt
feet to the beginning, being the land em
braced in mortgage from HiWiard Wyebe and
wife, Pattie, to A. V. Bobbttt, dated March
29, 18V2. and registered In the ofllee of the
KgMter of IVde of Vance eonnty ia Book
No 11, page 801.
Tbie April 14. 1 90ft. -
treea. A tafa and pleasinrv rnp Me. Dra!
fitflit kind.
Sold by alt druggists.
paay sell our paint.

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