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Worth Haring
i mipiurcp
Be Sure
If Ysi Wilt
t You are right by
fii-Hf. writiner an
To reach tbe
people of lien
deron and or
roondiog coun
try, let them
know the induce
menU you hold 1
out to get their
trad by a well
displayed adrer
tiaement ia
u . "
J ad vertieement
petting forth the
mv Diieturee
bargains you of
fer, and insert it
in the GOLD
LEAF. Thus
prepared for bus
iness, you can
Then fin ahead.
I is
;Yirtl3 Advertising
j kvijky imv
flaga aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Ml DUdllltwv
THAD R. MANNING, Publisher.
Carolina, Heaven's Blessings Attend
NO. 20.
i r i rv.
"Words of Praise
For the several ingredients of which Dr.
Pierce's meilicinf s are com;osed, as iven
by leaders in all the sovcral schools of
ni'fliino, t-hould have far more weight
th;:ii any amount of non-professional tes
timonials. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrip
tion has tiik bjldge of honesty on every
bottle-wrapper, In a full list of all its in
gredients printed in plain English.
If you are an Invalid woman and suffer
from frequent headache, backache, gnaw-in-
dstri in stomach, periodical pains,
di.-agreIhle, catarrhal, pelvic drain,
draggiifedown distress In lower abdomen
or pelv)t, perhaps dark spots or specks
danclg before the eyes, faint spells and
kindl symptoms caused by female weak
EC, obgthrjr derangement of the feminine
organs, vtf cm not do better than taka
Dr. I'ieryefc Favorite Prescription.
The hi sital, surgeon's knife and opera
ting taliy may be avoided by the timely
uso of M'avorlte Prescription" in such
cases. Thereby tbe obnoxious PMmln-
iions ati.i io.-;ti ?r-;it.'iif-ELis of the fami
fi'iyirlari can he avoided and a t fiorvmw
cuiifv: of successful treatment carried ou
Prescription " m composed of the very best
native medicinal roots known to medical
science for the cure of woman's peculiar
ailments, contains no alcohol and no
Larmful or habit-forming drugs.
Do not expect too much from "Favorite
Prescription; " it will not perform mira
cles ; it will not tlisolve or cure tumors.
No medicine will. It will do as much to
establish vigorous health in most weak
nesses and ailments peculiarly incident to
women as any medicine can. It must be
given a fair chance by perseverance in its
use for a reasonable length of time.
triini ;is a MM.(iti)t" for "ir"r'ly "f
iSicl: women are invited to consult Dr.
Pierce, by letter, free. All correspond
ence Is guarded as sacredly secret and
womanly eoniidences are protected by
proff.sifin:il privacy. Address Dr. II. V.
Pierce, i!ii:i';:l(). N. V.
Dr. l'icrci s J'leasn. 'lets the best
laxative and reti:l;it i the lowe!s.
TIm v invi:'or;i te stomach, liver and
l On- a laxative ; two or three a
ciitiiirtie. i.a.sy to take as candy.
Dr. S. R. Watson,
Dental Surgeon,
N. C.
o:fi.- ov.t !I. !. Onvis, Sons & fo's store
(l)r. Friink HarriH'H obi office )
Orf-ce hours 0 A. M mi. 1 to 5 P. M.
Miss Delia Wheelers,
Graduate Nurse,
Henderson, - - N. C.
Phone No. 3ooB.
Office in oung Block.
Oflic- hour-: '. . m. to 1 . m . :5 to p. m.
Residence Plume KH; Ollice Phone 25.
Estimate furnished wlien desired. No
chnve tor examinat ion
5f TP
Laxative Fruit Syrup
Pleasant to take
The new laxative. Doe3
not gripe or nauseate.
Cures stomach and liver
troubles and chronic con
stipation by restoring the
natural action of the stom
ach, liver and bowels.
Refuse eubot'.tutea. Price 6O0.
For Sale at Parser's Mi Store.
fity Barber Shop
Murrell S: Page, Proprietors
An Easy Shave !
A "Slick" Hair Cut !
Is what you jfet every time von patronize
this shop. We are ex periei. ;ed Harden, and1
irive every customer our very In-st service.
Shop newly furnished throughout. Chairs
upholstered in Irnter clean, cool, Kiinitary
W solicit your patronage,
Stop That Cold
To check enrl v rolils or firirne with "PreyentlcS
mentis sure riefcitt for llu'timonla. To stop ft cold
wun rreventics is siiicr than to let tt run and De
oMifreil to cure it afterwards. To be sure. Pro
venues will euro oven a deeply seated cold, but
taken early t the snoezo stage they break, or
head off theso early colds. That's surely better.
That's why they nre rjiije.l Preventlcs.
Invent ics a re little Camly Cold Cures. No Quin
ine, no physic, nothinc sickening. Nice tor the
children and thorouKhly safe tx. If rou feel
c hilly, if you sneeze, if you ache all over, think of
lY. ventics. I'romrtuos may also save half your
fii:al sickness. And don't fonrt your child, if
there is feverishness, nijrhtor day. Herein prob
ably lies Preventics' jrruatest efficiency. Sold in
tuxes for the pocket, also in 25c boxes of 4$
I'rovcntics. Insist oa your druggists giving loo
A. G. Daniel,
Wholesale and Retail
Dealer in . .
Shingles. Laths. Lum
ber. Brick. Sash, Doors
and Blinds. Fun stock at
Lowest Prices. Opposite South
ern Grocery Company.
Henderson. N. C.
t&0 3!
Fortieth Anniversary.
N. W. Ayer & Son, Well
Known Advertising Agency
of Philadelphia, Round Out
Two Score Years of Honor
able and Successful Business
Life Event Celebrated by
Great Banquet at Which
Representative Men of Pro
fession, Journalists, Com
mercial Leaders and Em
ployes are Present-
Tlie followinr will bp read with in
tArpst hv newMpnpr men nnd others
trironp;hnnt thp country who will offer
rnTiirrn filiations to the popular nnd
Hwepsefnl firm mpntioned upon the
rplebration of Hip fortipth annjver
nrv of the bprinniner of their nusi
riPHs rarepr:
Philadelphia. Pa.. April 24 The
fortipth nnhivprHarv of the founding
of the house of N. W. Aypr & Son. a
lendintr ndrertisinp; ajrency of the
eountrv, as well as flip snecespor of
the pioneer adrertisinir a'enev. was
eelphrtecl tonijrhf at. thp BeMpvup
Stratford bv a banquet tendered by
the firm to upward of .r00 crupts.
romp.-ifcinrr their 100-odd emploves
and the most prominent men of the
eountry in advertising; circle, jour
nalism and immpnse enfprpriRPs and
industrips in eommprcial Unes.
It would 1m impossible to conceive
of a more fittinsr illustration of the
trrowth of the advertising idea, as a
business-j-its importanre as a factor
in modprn commprcp.
The rupsts at thp notable banquet
were seatetl at about nine p;reat
tables one table running the pntiw
lencth of the immensp ball roonv
and projpctin"; therefrom, eijrht
pronprs, eaeh one over fifty fept lonp;
an d accom m od at i n tr o ver fi f t v puests.
At the head table were the fourmem
bers of the firm F. Wayland Aver,
Henry N. McKinney. Albprt G. Brad
ford and Jarvis A. Wood together
with the puests of honor.
Following the invocation, the pood
thingH provided were heartily dis
cussed. Durinjr the progress of the
banquet, speech and pleasantry were
indulged, entirely in an impromptu
mnnner rendering the occasion still
more social and familiar in its aspect.
There was no formal program of
speech making.
The tables were decorated with
simlax and trailing arbutus. ' The
head table bore six enormous baskets
of flowers, many of them being:
orchids and other rare blossoms.
Each of the eight shorter tables bore
three enormous baskets of flowers
similar in nature, but all varied and
variegated as to color. At each
plate was placed a butonniere, and
every man present found when he sat
down that a little bunch of the very
best possible cigars was waiting for
his use, tied with ribbons of the civic
colors of Philadelphia.
At a given signal, James A. Bu
chanan, the dean of the business get
ting staff, rose in his place, and
catching Mr. Ayer's attention, in a
very apt speech presented him with a
massive sterling silver loving cup.
Mr. Ayer, although taken completely
by surprise, accepted the gift in a
most felicitous way, even though he
found it difficult to express himself
under the circumstaces. This event
was characterized by an immense
amount of enthusiasm on the part
of all present. The cup was indeed,
a tribute which any man mijrht be
proud to receive from his friends,
business associates and employes.
Upon one side was inscribed the fol
lowing: "Presented to F. Wayland
Ayer by the employees of N. W. Ayer
& Son at a banquet commemorating
t he fortieth anniversary of the found
ing of the firm." Upon another
side appeared these words: ' "Belle-vue-Stratford,
Philadelphia, April 24,
Upon the third side, "There is no
better motto than 'Keeping ever
lastingly at it brings success,' and
no better example of it than F. W.
The letters "F. V. A." were in Mr.
Ayer's characteristic style of signa
ture affixed to the mass of documents
which has passed through his hands
in tbe past forty years. At the close
of the banquet which occurred
promptly at 12 midnight, all present
rose to their feet and joined the quar
tet in sinsring "God Be With Us
Until We Meet Again."
In 1867, Nathan W.Ayer, a native
of Connecticut and a graduate of
Brown University, removed from
Western New York to Philadelphia
to continue in a private school the
work of teaching, to which his life
had leeri devoted.
In 1808, his son. F. Wayland
Aver, then a student in the Univer
sity of Rochester, New York, followed
him to Philadelphia to seek his for
tune in business. Without friends,
acquaintances or business experience,
he did not readily find remunerative
employment, and, as a temporary
expedient, accepted an engagement
as solicitor of advertising for a re
ligious weekly newspaper.
April 1. 18G9, the firm of N. W.
Ayer & Son was announced. George
O. Wallace was its first employe.
In 1873, Mr V. Ayer died, and
at the begint. , 1874, Mr. Wal
lace was admiv.- J to an interest in
the business, which continued until
his death in 1887.
Henry N. McKinney entered the
employ of the house in1875, and be
came a partner in 1877.
Albert G. Bradford removed from
Albany, N. Y., in 1884 to enter the
employ of the firm and was admitted
into partnership ia 1898.
Jarvi A. Wood engaged with the
1 house in 1888 and became a partner i
; in 1898. !
I April 1. 18G9,the Avers, father and
son. started the advertising business
ar 53(1 Arch street, with an invest
ment of $250.
In the fall of the snme year they,
removed to 719 8anom street. In
January, 1872. larger quarters were
again necessary, and they went to
733 Sansom street.
Again outgrowing their accommo
dations, they removed in 187G into
the bnUditr then being: erected for
the Philadelphia Times, at Chestnut
nnd Eighth street a. -Uere-they stayed
for twenty-six years, havinggradual
ly extended over four floors of the
Times building and three floors of an
amoinmfr one.
Early in 1903, the firm removed to
tli3 Mariner and Merchant building.
Third and Chestnut streets, where it
occupies several floors, and whpre ad
ditional space has several times been
tnken, including quarters in adjoining
Starting without any employes, the
Ayer & Son family, as they term it.
has constantly grown. In 187G it
numbered twenty; in 1894, 125; in
1903. 200. and at thedmnercelehrat
ing this birthday, thpre were 2G3.
Among these are many who are ex
pprt in somp particular essential to
sueeessful ad vertising; and as a whole,
they form an organization that has
no pper in the advertisinar world.
The first year Ayer & Son's busi
ness was $15,000. In ten years they
were doing: the largest business in
their line a position which has been
maintained by them ever since.
I Their explanation of this growth is
that they have made advertising pay
the advertiser.
They carry on their books on an
average 18,000 open accounts with
publishers, and the amount they have
paid the newspapers of this countrv
exceeds $50,000,000.
Great as this sum is, it is small in
comparison with the other millions
that have been paid to the newspa
pers throuerh other sources for ex
ploiting; articles along advertising
trails blazed by N. W. Ayer & Son.
Ayer & Son have made a specialty
of advertising: staples. In thp parly
daj's it was thought that advertising
was appropriate only for proprietors
of patpnt mpdicinps, or, at bpst, for
an owner of a specialty. This fallacy
thev have effectually exploded.
Many specialties have been made
by advertising, and the staples of
commerce have sold in this way to
an extent the fathers never dreamed
As a singrle illustration of this
point, witness the well-known soda
cracker which when griven a name
suggested by A' er & Son, advertised
by plans made by them, packed in a
remarkable carton and marketed by
a wonderful organization, has made
the advertising success of the age
Uneeda Biscuit.
Ayer & Son state that they have
more faith in advertising today than
ever before.
Looking backward, they see hun
dreds of business men who a few
years ago said, "Advertising would
do me no good," but who today are
using it regularly and profitably.
Looking forward, they see hun
dreds more who will either have to
adopt this modern trade-building
method or see their business go to
more enterprising and progressive
More Food Supplies.
Charlotte Chronicle.
The interest that has been excited
in corn culture in this section of the
State gives pretty good assurance
that this year's corn crop in North
Carolina will be the largest ever pro
duced. The incidents of last week's
corner in wheat shows that the South
ougrht to help the West raise wheat.
As the corner is analyzed, it shows
conclusively that it was made possi
ble by the shortage in the wheat
supply. There have been indications
of a break-away from all cotton and
the sooner that comes the better.
The . country is not producing too
much cotton, but it is producing too
little breadstuffs. The possibilities
of truck and grain farming are usu
ally lost in the rise of the cotton
market, which happens every year
just about corn planing time, and
many small farmers are tempted to
put everything down in cotton. The
rapid growth of the population of
this country requires a correspond
ingly larger increase in the food sup
ply. Tne farmers business and op
portunities are always on the in
crease. Patronize Home Industries.
There is much good, wholesome
food for thought in the following bit
of logic from an exchange, which
many of our own people might pon
der and act upon with profit to them
selves and the whole community:
"Many a town hap grown into a
large and prosperous city in a few
years because of local patriotism and
; public spirit. Both of these are en
couraged and developed through the
habit of patronizing home industriesJ
It is one of the most important
habits for the people of any town to
form if they would advance their
own community. .No man who makes
his living out cf a town is showing a
fair spirit who sends the money he
gets out of that town to some other
town for goods which he can get as
cheap at home. Patronizing home
industries is not only business-like,
. but is fair and right."
t If Your Stomach, Heart or Kidneys are
weak, trr at least, a few doses only of Dr.
Shoop's 'Restorative. In fire or ten days
onlv, the result will surprise you. A fev
cents will cover the cost. And here is why
, help comes so quickly. Dr. Sboop doeen't
' drug the stomach, nor stimulate the
Heart or Kidneys. Pr Sboop's Restorative
jroes direcUy to the weak and failmp nerves.
. Each organ ban its own controllioc nerve.
' When these nerves fail, the depending organs
must of necssitv falter. This plam, yet
vital truth, clearly tells why Dr. Shoop's
snccem is leading drngtrista everywhere to f
t . . . . ft w -1 1 1 1
give It Universal preierence. a " -
sorely tell. Sold by all dealers.
rm rrrs
Makes delicious hot biscuit,
griddle cakes, rolls and muffins.
The only Baking Powder
Made from Royal Grape Cream of Tartar
I x5
The Whittcn Grocery Co.
Rlew Store New (Goods
We have opened a Fancy Grocery Store at W. T. Whit-
ten & Co.'s old stand,
Jill Mew
and our prices are just right.
we will give-you the best
Ready to figure?
Cost by the gallon that's one way.
The number of aliens that's another.
It calls for Devoe every time It costs
less because it Likes less gallons.
153 years cf hcrvst paint making back of
every gallon ye" rrr
Allen-Moss Hardware Co.
$5 and $6
The main point about Steadfast
Shoes is the extraordinary shoe value
for $5 and $6 not only far superior
to the ordinary run of high-grade
shoes, but in leathers, workmanship
and. exclusive style duplicates of
made-to-order shoes costing twice as
much. Steadfast Shoes are hand
lasted and silk-fitted and in every way
equal to the finest custom shoes.
Let us prove this to you call and
examine the spring line. The new
est ideas of the most fashionable
shoemakers. Tans, patent leather
and the stylish ,dull leathers.
Oxfords and high shoes a
style to suit everybody.
A Shoe for Gentlemen
Henderson Shoe Co.
and have a nice line of
and Fresh
Send us your orders and
goods on the market.
It's an old story but it will bear
repeating when we say that there is
nothing that Vance county needs to
awaken interest in more than good
roads. Could the people realize the
enormous road tax they pay they
would not object to paying tax for
good roads.
, About those green hats for young
men, "we may 'embrace' the custom
as we do vtcV&fter it becomes famil
iar," observes Editor Hart, of the
Farmville (Ya.) Herald. But we
opine a "picture hat" such as he
"familiarized" himself with on that
trolley ride given the Virginia-Caro
lina Press Associations at Asheville
would be more becoming to his
"style of beauty.'' And he could cer
tainly work the thing on his friends
to better effect.
A Concord man whose home was
destroyed by fire also lost $200 in
mony that he had hid in the house.
Had this money been placed in bank
that much would have been saved to
him. Greenville Reflector.
Not onlv that, but if this monpy
had been placed in a bank it would
have been doing: service to others be
side earning: interest for the owner
in the mean time. Some how we
have no sympathy for the individual
who loses money kept about the
house either by robbery or fire.
-a -
The Democratic party, from pres
ent indications, will be in fine shape
for a fip;httwo rears from now. With
a split in the minority in Conpress
and every othpr Democrat in that
bodv learcrins: for protection where it
affects his locality, the party will be
in excellent shapp. The 23 boltine:
Democrats are still explaining:, while
the bolting: Republicans are being:
cared for and made much of so they
will not agrain jump the fence.
Greensboro Record.
Well, is it not characteristic of Dem
ocrats to do fool thing's? Tears to
us somebody said they could be de
pended upon to do so when they pot
in position to exercise such a prerog
ative. Hoax "I can always tell a
woman who takes things because
they look cheap." Joax "How?"
Hoax "Siniply by looking at her
- North Carolina has the reputation
of being first in many thingrs, and apt
as not thp North Pole is groingr to
stay in hiding until a Tar Heel goes
up and discovers it. Greenville Re
flector. The way it has started off shows
that Charlotte is roing: to get at
least two months of rood advertising
out of it, to say nothing: of what will
come after. It is the very best kind
of advertising, too. And Charlotte
deserves it all. Greenville Reflector.
It is a matter for congratulation
that in changing positions Dr. Edwin
Mims did not leave the State. None
rank higher that hp in the State's
educational forces. Trinity will miss
him, but in going to the University
the State keeps him and Chapel Hill
gains a worthy successor to Dr. C.
Alphonso Smith. Raleigh Times.
. .
Hoarseness, bronchitis and other throat
troubles are quickly cured by Foley's Honey
and Tar as it soothes and heals the inflamed
throat and bronchial tubes and the most
obstinate cough disappears. Insist upon
having the frenuine Foley's Honey and Tar.
Sold by W. V. Parker, druggist.
Lynchburg has raised $30,000 "to
carry on the work of advertising
Lynchburg." That Virginia town
has the largest per capita wealth of
any town in the South, has taken
front rank as a jobbing centre, and
is determined to continue to grow
and to advertise itself. It is showing:
wisdom and will reap dollars where
it sows dimes. News and Observer.
. -
A Card.
This is to certify that all druggiots nre au
thorized to refund your money if Foley's
Honev and Tar fails to cure your cough or
cold. It stops the -ougb,, heals the lungs nnd
prevents pneumonia and consumption. Con
tains uo opiates. The genuine is in n yellow
package. Sold by W. V Parker, druggist.
Efforts are being made to have
Governor Kitchin pardon Dewey, the
man who stole a Newbern bank.
Dewey will doubtless be pardoned
soon. All the ham rogues a'ud chicken
thieves should be turned loose with
him. It is high time to quit honor
ing bank thieves and leaving the
poor rogues to serve out their een
tences in disgrace. Rockingham
Letter to William Buchan
Henderson, -V. C.
Dear Sir: What will it cot to ow
ten acres hall wheat and half daisy
mixed? and what'Il the crop be worth?
We don't know what daisy -seed cost,
nor how bulky it is; we -uspect half
wheat and half daisy would make a big
crop of daisies, and last a lon time; the
wheat might lie short. ,
The parable throws some light on the
cost of a paint half whitewash. White
wash mixed half-and-half with paint,
ia all-paint in look and feel; indeed nine
teatbs of the "paint" in the store is
part whitewash; some half, some more,
some less.
Paint has to be spread with the brush,
the surface prepared, the ladders, scaf
folds, pulleys and ropes arranged and
moved, there's a great deal of labor in
patting paint on; it costs $2 to $4 a
gallon to do it.
What does it cost to paint whitewash?
Jost the same. Half-whitewash? Jnst
the same. It doesn't seem worth while,
for the whitewash does harm, not good.
Will the paint bold the whitewash
fast? or the whitewash loosen the paint?
Better punt pure paint, the least-gallons
paint, the least-money paint, Dcroe.
Yours truly,
31 F W DgVOE & CO.
P. a-The Allen-Moss Hardware Com
pany sell our paint.
They're Not Wanted.
Indiscriminate and Undesirable
Foreign Immigration a Men
ace to Good Order and the
Well Being of Society and
the Stability of . Our Ameri
can Institutions Mr. James
H. Patten, Secretary of ihe
Immigration Restriction
League, Gives Interesting i
Opinions as to the Coming of
Foreigners toJThis Country.
Charlotte Chronicle, May 1st.
Mr. James II. Patten, secretary
the Immigration Restriction League,
with headquarters at liostou, Mass.,
was in the city for a short while
today between trains, and while here
gave a reporter an Interesting state
ment on the present work of the
Mr. Patten is a lawyer nud has
been employed in the interests of
j procuring Federal legislation that
( will tend to reduce immigration at
least the undesirable immigrant.
I Mr. Patten declares that New Eng
! land is still suffering as a result of
the recent great influx of undesirable
immigrants, and he declares that
that section now is in a position to
have a practical understanding of
the South s race problem. '
In speaking of the work of the Im
migration Restriction Lcagu. Mr.
Patten said among other things:
" 'Protection,' in the sense of pro
tecting the Americans and every
thing American, from the vicious, in
sidious onslaught of these new alien
brownish races now being brought
by the profit-making foreign steam
ship companies for the first time, is
fast becoming a real live topic.
"It is a travesty on the Republican
party, or on any 'protection-Democrat,'
if thpre can be such a hybrid
emulsion f opposite to argue for a
protection duty on the pauper-made
goods of Europe, and not allow his
tender affections for the American
workingman's welfare and wages
make him even more vehemently in
favor of shutting out the foreign
ehpap labor itself, especially that
from the heel and toe of Italy, and
the black hole of Western Asia.
Mr. Patten favors the amendment
of Senator Overman of North Caro
lina that a $10 tax be placed on nil
immigrants to this country, saying:
"This would go farther toward pro
tecting our American wxrkingmen
from the ruinous competition of for
eign pauper labor and towards rais
ing revenue than any provision in
the bill now pending.
"During the last three years the
steamships have brought to this
country over six millions of aliens.
Such a multitude exceeds the popula
tion of any one of the States or Ter
ritories and is greater than the peo
ple in a certain one-fourth of the
United States.
"The Northeast is suffering all
sorts and kinds of ills, bodily, so
cial, political, economic and moral,
and its charity workers and public
ists are casting about for remedies at
Washington. In answer to their de
mands for Federal relief by restrict
ive legislation, it is said the South
wants and needs this alien surplus of
the present foreign influx of "Da
goes," Turks, Greeks, Syrians, and
other races akin to the negroid races,
and distribution and division is ar
gued by the opposition composed of
the steamship companies and their
allies, the exploiters and misguided
"Does the Southland want this in
discriminate influx? It might mean a
little more wealth for the time being,
as did the importation of African al
ien labor, but would entail as that
did 'Ills that the South even knows
not of.'
"As I said, during the past five
years the steamship companies have
brought to thp United States over
nix million foreigners, half of whom
remain only long enough to earn a
few hundred dollars by living on
practically nothing and spending
less, and then leave for their native
lands, not to return again to spend
their parsimonious savings.
"Why should not they and the for
eign steamship companies contribute
sometiug towards the financial sup
port of the Federal and State gov
ernments? Senator Overman's
amendment will raise ten or twelve
millions of dollars annually from this
source which at present contributes
a $i per head tax, barely enough to
support the immigration service.
ljHMt year there was a deficit of two
and one-half millions in the immigra
tion fund. A $10 er head tax on the
nteamsh.jp companies which must be
making very large profits, judging
from the continual building of new
veasels, would provide against such
a deficit, tend to equalize uteerage
rates to thin country, so that we
would not be sought as the cheapent
country to get to, and thin would
tend to give us a letter class of im
migrants, the postesaora 'of Mine
money and willing to pay $10 to gt
into the finext country on earth."
Let tli twith of life tart whence it
may, and let the way U fteej and
thorny if it must, there nre sunny
fields "far up the height for those
who have faith and resolution to
climb thetn.
Everybody is l.ldy to 4iore kidney and
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ment. They are perfectly harmless, and srs
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Hiiro ! otoHtSosiii
the only remedy
max win posltlTely cure Bright' Dis
ease, Dlabetls, Stone In the Bladder,
Pala n the Hack, GraTel, Rheumat
ism and Catarrh, wm ., anyOM
AdJrs. TIM BloodlM torpor Bon. BotoJU
W. W. PARKER, Special Aftnt
All who need
done will do well to call on or
write to
HnJtrft. N. C.
Trustee's Sale of Real
of salo contained in a IWd of Trust
bearing date October 17tb. ltHW, executed
in the name of the Henderson Annaenumt
Company by J. II. ItriMlie, President, and at
tested by K. 8. MH uin. Secretary of said
Company, and sealed with the Corporate
Seal of said Company, which Deed of Trust
ia duly recorded in tbe office of the Reriater
of lWds for Vance county, in Hook 3. on
pages 4 0:1-4 OH, incluie. the undersigned
Trustee will offer tor sale at the Cnort House
door in Henderson, Vance county. North
Carolina, at public outcry to the hiKheatbid
der for cash, on
Monday, May 1 7th, 1909,
at 12 o'clock noon, the Mow described two
certain lot mr parcels of land in the town ot
Henderson, North Carolina, on which i sitn-
nted the brick prcmnd-floor opera bouse,
known as the Crand Then t re, toitthr with
all of the scenery, enrtaina, appliance, seata,
chairs, paraphernalia and all other proierty
of said Henderson AmuHemeut Company of
whateoever nature r description, contained
in and used in connection with the theatre or
opera house situated on the premises herein
referred to. namelr:
1ST TRACT. A certains lot or parcel ot
land in the town of Henderson and in Hen
derson township, Vance connty. State of
North Carolina, adjoining the lands of Har
nett street, Railroad riKht-of-way. J. Y.
Eaton tnd others and bounded as follows,
Ucricninff at a stake on the Koutheaatsid
of Uarnett street, J. H. Bridners corner;
thence a lonp said street X. SMfc E. 10 feet to
a stake, J. Y. Eaton's corner; thence along:
his line H 37 E. 165 feet to a ataks on
Railroad and 40 feet from center of main
line of the Seaboard Air Lin Railway;
thence along Railway S. 41 W. la feet to a
stake, eomer of the Electric Llrht l'lant lot.
thence X. 37W W. 17 let to the bejonnina;;
It being a part of a lot of land that m con
veyed by T. T. Hicks and wife to J.Y.Eaton
Jannarv 13, 190t.
2ND TRACT A certain tract or parcel of
lund in the town of Henderson and Header
son township, Vance county and Stats of
North Carolina, adjoining the land of Har
nett street, Mrs. C. V. Maaeenbnrir. J. Y.
Eaton and others and bonnded as follows:
Defcinnintr at an iron stake SIVfc M from
East corner ot Spring street in Mrs. Masacn
bu rftf line, and running thence 110 feet to
an iron stake in the line of Henderson Light
ing & Power Company; thence along said
line parallel with Uarnett street 39 fort to an
iron stake; thence 4 feet to the line of Hen
derson Lighting t Power Company; thence
in an Easterly direction l' fwt to line ot J.
Y. Eaton: thence 114 feet to Oan.rtt street;
thence W. fi4 feet to an iron stake in Mr.
MftHscnburg'a line, tbe point of beginning.
For said tract No. 1 see Hook 10, page
459, Register of Deeds'offlce of Vance county
and for tract No. 2 see Itook 10. page 4(11
This, the 8th day of April. 1 909.
Ex ecution Sale
hands, issued from tbe Superior Court
of Vance Connty, In facr of Hill is rd Wyche
and againatSAIex. Wyche, I will sell by pub
lic unction for cash at the Court House door
in Henderson, od
Monday, May 17, 1909,
the anme lieing the fi rut day of the Mar term
of aaid court, all tba interest of Alex. Wyche,
hia equity of redemption, legal right of re
demption and rerersionary interest, together
with all and every other interest he may
have in and to that lot of land situate in the
town of Henderson, county of Vance, and
State of North Carolina, liounded and de
scribed as follows: Ilegin at a stone, Armis
tead Fleming' corner, on tbe North side of
New street, running in front of Hilliard
Wyche' lot; thence along saJJ street East
15 fwt to a atone; N. IS E. 177 feet
to a stone in Hyitri.t 1,'uke line; thenes N. f.S
W. 109 feet to a atone; thence H.42 W.2S0V4
feet to the beginning, being the land em
braced in mortgage from Hilliard Wyrbe and
wife. Pftttie, to A. V. flohbitt. dated March
29, 1S92, and registered in the office of the
Register of Ded of Vance connty in Book
No 11, page 301.
This April 14, 1609.
Mr. Luther Guthrie, cf
Eeaufcrt, N. C epent rr-Jicy
freely in employing doctors to
cure hii vife from continual
headache, Ko writes:
"On brttla cf CarduJ did
my wife more good this any
thing ihe haa taken for ten
yars past She had suffered
vitb headache for ten years
and I hod jpeni 300.00 for
doctors' 1411s for her, but ooth
U lug did htr axy good.
She has taken tvo bottles
cf Cardul and It has done her
two thousand dollars (2,000)
worth cf good JuSt as long
as It is made, I shaQ have
Cardul In nry home."
For aS forxss of female
pain, like headache. id ache,
pain la Hmbs. dizzy feelings,
Cardul has been fouad to be
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. -f-
4 .

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