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must have money or credit to be successful he
should have both.
The real starting point of any busines is: The time
at which one begins systematic saving. If he be
gins right, he opens a bank account and gradually
builds up both his account and his credit.
If you begin now it will bring your day for starting
a business of your own that much the nearer.
Open an account with us to-day one dollar or more
will do whenever you can spare a dollar add it to
your account the lump sum will be here and ready
for you when you want it.
On Lumber, Lime, Shingles
Doors, Windows, Frames, Oak
Mantels, Tiles, Grates, &a
ii,oi;k bi:st ;i:adi: stkanjiit
i Jinl 1'fitent at lowput priceH.
II. TI I Oil A SO. VS.
i:i:ttv link ov dkkss goods
and Notions at II. TIIO.UASON'S.
IOItSALK Onf pony and lmgjry,
and on t'.vo-Hcat-d trap. (Jan I
converted into oni; or two wata. AIho
one l'Jhorne power nteuni engine. In
per feet condition. Kcrhom for wiling in
tliat I Jiave put in electric power.
j. s. rovTHKi:ss.
( 10IX; TO Till: MOUNTAINS? You
J ait going to the inountainH tiiin
Hiinimcr and want board away from
bn-ineuH noiHO of town. There in no
more delightful place surrounded by un
excelled mountain scenery than Waynes
v ill. liaten reasonable. Address
jA.n:s w. iiYXUM,
Waynesville, N.
Sewing Machine Needles,
Per Doz.. ISc.: Belts, 18c.
Shuttles. Bobbins, Attachments.
w . H. GRIFFITH. Raleigh, N. C.
WANTKD Five girls and three boys
to work in Iloisery Mill. Steady
wiiil; and good pa v.
('reed moor. N. C.
1 iAi:lLT.S WANTED A few room
1 ers and table boarders can be ac
ciniiiiiod.'ited by
Charles street.
Mi.s Nannie Draper went to Lex
ington Saturday to visit her aunt.
Mr. James S. J)unn of Winston
S. t b-u i , was a Henderson visitor last
week, I'oming to see his people here.
The Wat kins Hardware Company
announces that they are headquar
ters for tobacco flues. Call on them
v!i. !! yon want anything in their
Miss Mary Crquliart of Lynchburg,
himI Mrs. 15. I). Harrison of Staun
tm. (nee Miss Crete Maties formerly
of Henderson) are visiting Mrs. K.
I 'rquhart.
Mr. (ieorge Rowland has returned
to his post at Dorsey's drug store
after a ten days' vacation spent
in Raleigh. Durham and Tarboro,
where he went to visit his sister.
Mrs. V. O. Shannon joined Mr.
Shannon at the Fairfax Hotel. Nor
folk, and lias just returned to Hen
derson, after a two weeks stay. at
Norfolk, Ocean View and Suffolk.
M r.
lohn II. Daniel returned yes
froui a pleasant visit to
t iivenshoro where he went to see his
ou ; : 1 1 I let that "great" grand-son,
: rl.-i iii . Junior, null his whiskers
and stick chewing gum in his hair.
Miss I'.ell,. R. Rullock of Williams
boro, has returned from Charlotte
having completed the business course
at King's Rusiness College. She was
accompanied by Misses Laura and
M.irgaret Alexander, who will spend
M'uie time with her.
Si e advertisement of sale of land
I'v V. V. (irissom, commissioner.
Two separate tracts, further par
ticulars about which reference may
be had to the advertisement. Sale to
be held at the court house door on
Saturday, August 14th.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Wyche of Rose
mary, left Saturday for Arden, to
spend some time in the mountains of
the Ashevillo-Hendersonville section.
Mr Wyche wiil be away a week or
ten davs and Mrs. Wvche will stav
onger Jo recuperate her health.
E. A. Kelly ..V Co. announce that
until August loth, they will sell
Chase A: Sanborn's coffee, '20 cents
grade, at 1 ,s ceiits; 2. cents grade at
. 'int.-
nts; '..
Liptons ten. lb. lo
lb. ;?o ceuts. Fleishman's
yeast and I'.retsch's bread received
fresh every day.
Mr. and Mrs. R. II. Craig went to
Statesville, their former home, Satur
day. Mrs. Craig will visit Asheville
also and will spend several weeks
in the mountains before returning
home. Mr. Craig is back at his post
a- superintendent of tlte Harriet
1 ot ton Mills.
Mrs. Charles L Moore and two chil-
'len. Miss Madeline and Master
Harry, of (ireensboro, came Satur
day to visit Mr. and Mrs. H.J. Hart
inaier. Mrs. Moore and little son
iave returned home while Miss
Madeline will stay some time with
:ar grand-parents.
Mr. Sid Huff of South Henderson,
i hief Regulator of "The Hill") at
tra.-ted more than usual attention
ls li" came into town this morning.
' was noticed that he was riding in a
v,;ry tine four-passenger car (automo
',!ei instead of a horse and buggy
w!i' h he has heretofore prferred to
Mr. Thomas II. Reavis and son. Mr.
' Reavis of Dallas, Texas, brother
ld nephew of our esteemed towns
Juan, Mr. W. W. Reavis, are visiting
".'ra. and will spend awhile with rela
lvs and friends in Granville county
bef.jre returning home. It has been
s"veral years since Mr. Reavis' broth-
' visited him and the presence of his
Miismen gives him great pleasure.
A Night Rider's Raid.
The worst Dight riders are calomel, cro
n nl or aloes pills. Thev raid your bed
'' rob you of rest. Not so with Dr. King's
. e 'lis Tuey never distress or in
'-''nvpnience. but nlwa?8 cleanse the svatem
'-unng t'olde. Headache, Constipation, Ma-
"i. -e nt Mlville Dowy a drag storp.
Miss Alice Caldwell of Abin?don,
Va., is a fluent at Jiev. J. A. and Mrs.
McL'Iure's. Miss CaMwdl, who is a
talented ami accomplished vounir
! woman, is a native of this State, for
merly of lteidsville. but has been
teaching in Virginiaforseveral years.
She is a friend of Miss EdnaGilkeraon,
sister of Mrs. McCIure, who is also
spending' a part of her summer vaca
tion in Henderson.
Mr. A. T. Barnes received a letter
yesterday from Mr. Ellmore Blount
stating- that he was feeling much bet
ter when he wrote and if nil goes well
he would be able to leave the hospital
the latter part of this week and will
try to return to Henderson the last
of next week. Mr. Blount it will be
recalled is in the hospital at Suffolk,
where he wjis taken by his brother
several weeks ago, sick with fever.
A vey pleasant house party of
young 'folks is being entertained at
the home of Maj. and Mrs. I'ryce T.
Jones, as the guests of Misses Louise
and Mabel Jones. Those forming
the party are Misses Elizabeth and
Mariam Jones of Warrenton, Miss
Edith Clark of Wilmington, Miss
Sadie Johnson of Warrenton. Mies
Mary Harris of Warrenton, came
Saturday and stayed overuntil Mon
day. Your 4tograph
For the family or friends is always
an appropriate and appreciated gift.
And of course you want a good pic
ture not neessarily an exact like
ness if it Hatters and makes you
look younger and handsomer than
you really are. so much the better.
That is the kind of work A. H.
Houff does the best that can be
had the pleasing, satisfying, kind.
Houff's studio is equipped with every
modern appliance for executing high
class work, and he has the "know
how" the training and experience
and artistic touch and finish back of
it all.
Mr. Rodwell's Condition is Better.
The condition of Mr. C. A. Rodwell
whose sickness was reported last
week, is improved. He has been ex
tremely low and for a time his recov
ery seemed much in doubt. A week
heart caused him to have frequent
sinking spells when it looked like he
would pass beyond the rallying point,
while the condition of his stomach
was such that nourishment or med
icine could not be retrained. Ex
cessive cigarette smoking it was said
had involved these organs to such an
extent as to make treatment aud
the power of nature to throw off
dissease greatly against the patient.
The crisis has been reached, a change
for the better has taken place and if
no further trouble arises the young
man will soon be himself again.
- - -
Growing Tomatoes Some.
That our good friend "Uncle John"
Clack is a superior gardener always
growing prolific as well as early
rops, we have known, but he comes
orward now and breaks his own
record. He brought to our office a
ew davs ago a single limb of a to
mato vine on which there were 27
tomatoes, leaving 10 well developed
ones remaining on the vine 37 in
alljon one plant and it still bearing.
King of the Earliest is the variety,
which might well be called Champion
of Bearers also. If anybody can
produce a tomato vine with more
than .'17 well developed "love apples"
on it he is asked to come forward
and give an account of himself.
Many Henderson People Have Discov
ered It.
Just what to do when the kidneys are
affected, is a question that concerns both
young and old. Weak kidneys neglected
in childhood lead to life-long suffering.
I'eonle of advanced years, with less
vitalitv euffer doubly. In youth or age,
languor, backache, urinary irregularity,
dizziness aud nervousness make life a
There ls one remedy that acts directly
on the kidneys and cures these troubles.
Doan's Kidney Pills owe their world
wide fame to the fact that they cure sick
kidneys and cure them permanently.
Follow the example ol this Henderson
citizen and vou will know thatthisis so.
Rev. J. E. llartsell,504 Andrews Ave.,
Ilenderson, i. C ears: l,bince using
Doan s Kiduey Pills, 1 nave had no
trouble from disordered kidneys and in
return for this great relief I do not hesi
tate to recommend the remedy. I had
distressing pains across my loins, coupled
with a dull backache and I was also
bothered by a weakness of the kidneys,
in fact, felt jrenerally miserable. Procur
ing Doan's Kidney Pills from Kerner-
Mcair Co s drug store, i useu tnem a
short time and they not only removed
the backache, but strengthened my kid
neys and improved my condition in every
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Foster-Milburn Co.. Buffalo, ew York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Sunday-School Convention.
The Eastern North Carolina Chris
tian Sunday-School Convention will
meet with the Christian Church in
Ilenderson, on July 20th, 21st, and
22nd. A cordial invitation is ex
tended to all.
Tortured On A Horse.
"For ten years I couldn't ride a horse
without being in torture from piles," writes
L. S. Napier, of Rugless, Ky. "When all doc
tors and other remedies failed Buckkn's
Arnica Salve cured me." Infallible for Piles,
Burns, Scalds, Cuts, Boils, Fever-Sore.
Eczema, Salt, Rheum, Corns. 25c. Guaran
teed by Melville Dorsey, druggist.
"Better Say."
This is the title of a little book of
helpful suggestions for the correct
use of English words and phrases,
the value of which cannot be estima
ted too highly by every person, who
wishes to write or speak correctly.
Compiled by James C. Fernald, L.
H. D., editor on the staff of the Funk
& Wagnalls Standard Dictionary;
editor of the Student's Standard Dic
tionary; English Synonyms. Anto
nyms and Preposition?, etc. Publish
ed by Funk & Wagnalls Company,
New York and London. There are
only 'iT, pages in the work proper
but it is worth its weight in gold to
the person who makes the proper
use of it. "Indolence doth much cor
rupt our language," but with such
books "correctives" as this and
other publications of the Funk &
Wagnalls Company, there is posi
tively no excuse for not employing
our mother tongue in the correct
form used by the best writers and
As has been so aptly said by a
writer on the subject: "There is part
of our education, so important and
so neglected in our schools and col
leges, that it cannot be too highly
impressed on the young man that
prepares to nter society. I mean
that part that we learn first of all
things, yet often have not learned
well when death eases us of necessity
the art of speaking our own lan
guage. In every-day life the value of
Greek and Latin, French aud German
is small, when compared with that
of English."
Death of an Aged and Estimable
Mrs. Julia Ann Wilkinson died at
her home in this county on July Gtb,
aged S.'J years. She was the wife-of
Mr. T. It. Wilkinson and mother of
Messrs. Licurgus and J. L. Wilkinson
and Miss S. E. Wilkinson, all of
Vance. In her death a truly good
woman has passed to her reward.
Of her it has been said that she was
a good wife, a good mother and a
good neighbor. She never turned
any one away empty handed, wheth
er they came to beg or borrow.
Mrs. uilkinson was a member of
the Episcopal church. She joined
the church at the age of eighteen aud
lived a consistent Christian life until
the day of her death. The funeral
was held at the home at 5 o'clock P.
M., July 7th, Ilev. A. P. Gray conduct
ing the service. Interment was made
in the old family burying ground on
the premises. There was a large at
tendance of friends and neighbors
from hesurroundingcountry among
them a number of colored persons
showing the estimation in which
she was held in the community and
the deep sorrow occasioned by her
Shake Into Your Shoes
Allen's Foot-Ease, a powder. Relieves
painful, smarting, nervous feet and ingrow
ing nails, and instantly tnkes the sting out
of corns and bunions. It's the greatest com
fort dinooverv of the asc. AIBen's' Foot-
Ease makes tight or new shoes feel easy. It
is a rertuin cure for sweating, callous, swol
len, tired, aching feet. Try it to-day. Sold
by all Druggists and Shoe Stores. By mail
for 2oe. in stamps. Don't accept any substi
tute. Trial package i KLh. Address Allen
S. Olmsted, Leltoy, N. Y.
Letter from Panacea Springs.
Doings, Personal and Social at This
Popular Pleasure and Health Resort.
Panacea Springs, N. C, July 10,1909.
"The New Panacea" means everything
new but the same old spring from which
thousands have drunk the health-giving
water. Th? never-faihng water supply
which nature still gives is now made at
tractive by offering those who seek it the
privileges and comforts of a modern
hotel up-to-date in every respect. The
rooms are large, airy and well furnished.
The table is supplied with the best,
polite service, etc. In fact nothing is
snared to make this department of "The
New Panacea" perfect in every respect.
Those who wish to be quiet and- rest
from the hustle of a busy life would do
well to come here and while resting,
drink of the world-famed waters and get
built up, both mentally and physicially.
Those who wish to enjoy the social side
of life will find the privileges the best. A
good orchestra aud a large hall room is
attracting a great number of young
people, while the shady nooks CI the
long veranda lit by the beams of a curi
ous moon are the rendezvous of couples
where Cupid makes a third party.
Come to "The New Panacea" and let
Gus Cooke tell you the rest.
Some of the arrivals during the past
few days are C. W. Temple, Templeton,
Ind., Mrs. Mary Cross, Preston, Ind
Mrs. Meyers and daughter, Newport
News, Ya., It. C. Dockery, Italeigh. C. W.
Raneyjvnd wife. Louisburg, It. L. Wester,
Henderson, W. II. Wynne, Grimes Cow
per, Raleigh, A. T. Baines, Savannah,
Ga., F. T. Fox and family Emporia, Va.,
T. S. Thyke, Louisburg, Miss Cooper,
Nashville, N. C, E. Batchelor, Raleigh.
Miss Ilowell, Chicago, 111., Mr. and Mrs.
J. K. Plummer, Middleburg, Geo. C.
Hall, Raleigh, Mrs. W. T. Ellis and sons
Durham, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Gold,
Raleigh, R. W. Smith and Misses Smith,
Scotland Neck, Mr. and Mrs. Cieve Stal
lings, Littleton, Miss Eunice Clark, Mrs.
J. T. Gooch, Miss Lizzie II. Hall, Weldon,
Mr. and Mrs. Coffield, Everette, C. W.
Whiting, Newport News, Va.. Miss Lena
Williams and Mrs. Williams, Warrenton,
Mrs. R.H. Riggsbee, Durham, Mrs. C. W.
Newcombe. Raleigh, Miss Virginia Fos
ter, Louisburg, Miss Isabelle Norvelle,
Chase City, Va., Mr. J D. P.oushall,
Raleigh, J. M. Mount, Grifton, Dr. It. II.
Stancill, Margarettsville, N. C.
Any lady can get a silvered "Xo-Drip" Cof
fee Strainer by writing Dr. Shoop. Racine,
Wis. Send no money. Simply ask for the
"Xo-Drip Coupon privilege, giving your
name and address. Dr. Shoop will also send
free his new and very interesting little book
describing Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee. Health
Coffee is sush a close imitaticfn of real coffee
that it requires an expert to tell the differ
ence. And neither is there a grain of real cof
fee in it. Made from pure toasted grains,
malt and nuts, it flavor and taste is exceed
ingly gratifying. No tedious boiling either.
"Made in a minute," says Dr. Shoop. Write
today for the book and "No-Drip" Coupon.
Sold by all dealers.
Notice of Foreclosure Sale.
JLJ vested in me by a certain Deed of Trust
executed bv W. J. Nash and wife, Mary V.
Nash, and duly recorded in Register's office
of Vance County. North Carolina, in Book
46, page 264, 1 will sell the entire Nash stock
of c-oods, wares and merchandise, in a lump.
by public auctiou to the hijtbest bidder, for
cash, at the Smaw store in the Northern
suburbs of Henderson at u o clock ii.,aion
dav. August 16th, 1909.
this the loih day of Jnly. 1909.
Chas. N- Kalstrom,
Manson, N. C.
R. F. D. No. 1.
Experienced House Painter and
Inside Decorator.
Best reference?. Wri te for estimate
Manufacturing Automobiles in Hen
derson. Another industry i to t ndle! to
the list of Henderson' manufactur
ing enterprises an industry that is
destined to carry the name and fame
of this town still further and wider.
This time it iw the manufacture of
automobile. The Corbitt Buggy
Company are the people bark of thw
proposition and their euci-es-s in the
manufacture of buggie, surrejs and
carriage is sufficient guarantee of
what may le done in any undertak
ing that they assume. Some time
airo thev built a motor buggy the.r
first experiment with the "horseless j
and has attracted a great deal of at
tention and comment as it is driven
about town. Mr. Corbitt said at the
time this vehicle was put out that
they would be making "sure enough"
automobiles just like the standard
machines inside of twelve months.
He was figuring on the engines try
ing to get the beet and most satis
factory .thing possible and as soon
as all the details were arranged they
would be ready to fill orders.
And sure enough the Henderson
made automobile is coming along.
The Corbitt buggy factory has just
turned out their "second, and more
pretentious, machine. It is a motor
surrey, 2-cylinder engine, 18 horse
power; two seats, four passengers,
and shows up as well as any machine
of the same class made anywhere.
Run with magneto, shaft driven, no
The price is $750 top and all. The
price of the motor buggy is $400 or
42. with top. They have five more
machines in course of construction,
of larger size and heavier weight,
10 to 18 horse-power, whichjwill soon
be on the market.
If the Henderson made Corbitt au
tomobiles shall have as large a 6ale
and establish as high a reputation
as the Corbitt buggy more could not
be desired.
With the Younger Set.
Contributed .
Henderson, N. C, July 10th, 1909.
Maj. and Mrs. Pryce T. Jones are enter
taining a charming "House Party" at
their home on Charles street. Their
guests are Misses Harris, Johnson, Ma
riam and Elizabeth Jones of Warrenton,
and Miss Edith Clark of Wilmington.
Messrs William aud Dudley Hunter,
Chesley Watkins, Edward Royster, Ray
mond Edwards and Turner Jones of the
"Dancing Class" gave an enjoyable
"Hop" at the Armory last evening, to
this "House Party."
The Henderson String Band furnished
the music; the chaperons were Major
and Mrs. Jones, Mrs. 0. R. Smith, Mrs.
Faucett, Mrs. Strause, Mrs. W. Wr.
Morris, Capt. and Mrs. T. II. Chavasse,
Mrs. Young, and Mr. A. 1). Harris.
Among those dancing were Misses
Louise, Mabel and Bettie C. Jones, Miss
Lora Helen Barnes, Miss Lucile Brady,
Miss Gertrude Swain, Misses Lalla and
Carrie Burton. Marie Manning, Mabel
Kelly, Mildred . Lewis, Jessie Harris,
Bessie I lines.
Messrs. Gus and Jere Zollicoffer, Whit
field Stallings, Edwin Watkins, Redding
Perry, Richard Jones, Charlie Stainbafk,
Daniel Mclntyre, Perry Rose, Leslie
Perry and Henry Jenkins.
The best pills made are DeWitt's Little
Early Risers, the famous little liver pills,
They are small, gentle, pleasant, easy to
take ancr-act promptly. They are sold by
all druggists.
Colored Baptist Convention.
Meets in Warrenton This Week-
Will be in Session from the 15th
to the 18th.
Rev. L. T. Christmas, General Mis
sionary and Colporter of the North
Carolina State Baptist Convention,
and the rvational Baptist Convention,
colored, sends us the following article
with request to publish, which we do
with pleasure:
the North Carolina (National) Bap
tist Convention convenes Thursday,
July 15th, with the Coley's Spring
Baptist church, and holds through the
18th inst.
Many distinguished representatives,
both men and women, arc topeak.
This convention is composed of
churches, associations, district conven
tions, B. Y. P. U's and Women's Mission
ary Societies, and is a branch depart
ment of the National Baptist Convention
of the United States of America, the latter
being the largest negro organization in
the world.
These conventions are doing mission
ary work in all the states of the Union
and in many foreign fields.
1 hey also operate a creditable publish
ing house, which employs hundreds of
their people.
The work of the colored Baptists re
ceives $20,000 annually from the South
ern Baptist Convention (white).
The salary of Dr. William Beckbam,
the held secretary of the organization, is
paid by the Southern Baptist Conven
tion, thus showing the white people's en
dorsement of the work.
Mr. Jordan's Money Talked.
Expended $8.3r for L. & M. Paint to
fix up his house. If for sale it will fetch
a good price. The painters said it was
the 3 gallons of oil they mixed with 4
gallons of L. & M. that did the job at 1-3
less cost than ever before. Its coloring
is bright, beautiful and lasting. It won't
have to be painted again for 12 to 15
vears, because the L. & M. Paint is Metal
Zinc Oxide combined with hite Lead
and wears and covers like gold. Sold by
Melville Dorsey.
We are selling everything in
Hats, Trimmed and Untrimmed,
"We still have a nice assortment of Sailors. Don't fail to see
our line before buying.
MR.S. O. O. WHITE s.n.
Phone No. 80
Charles A. NntaD.
In mentioning the death of Mr. C.
A. .Nutall reference was made to the
fact that he was a Confederate sol
dier ami bore tlw scars of honorable
wounds received m battle. We have
been shown a letter written- Mr. Nut
all dated Jan. 3rd, 18G4, in which he
gives an account of nome of his war
experiences. He enlisted on the 22nd
day of January, 1862, under Dr.
Peace, first lieutenant in Company
G., 47th North Caroilna regiment,
first going into camp near Raleigh,
at Camp Maugum. There he was
drilled until the 23rd of Mav, when
he was sent to Goldsboro where he
remained for three weeks. From
Goldsboro he was ordered toKinston
and left there in time for the Seven
Days fight at Richmoud, Va. Then
he was constantly on the move being
transferred from one point to anoth
er finally being sent back to Eastern
North Carolina, reaching Kinston
on the 17th of December of the same
year, too late to get , into the fight
there. Then to Suffolk, Va., where
on the 24th of December his regiment
had a small skirmish with the enemy
not much damage being done on
either side. From then until the first
of June of the following year his reg
iment was marching most of the time
in Eastern North Carolina, down
about Kinston, New Bern, Washing
ton, Greenville and Tarboro, taking
part in a fight at Blunt's Creek near
Washington. We had a great deal of
hard marching to do and not much
to eat, he wrote. For the remainder
we will let the writer tell the story of
his experiences in his own way. He
On the first of Juue we started on
a inarch through Maryland and
Pennsylvania. On the first day of
July the battle of Gettysburg was
begun and lasted three days. I was
wounded in the first day 's fight had
my leg broken just below the knee by
a canister shot. Our army started
to retreat from there on the fourth
of July. I was put in an ambulance
and after traveling twenty miles the
ambulance broke down and I was
left on the road. I laid there by my
self for two days and nights without
food or water before being removed.
From there I was taken to a private
house, the home of Mr, Samuel B.
Miller, and was taken prisoner after
staying there thsee weeks. I was
carried to a hospital at Chambers
bury, Pa., where I remained until
the seventieth of August, when 1 was
taken to a hosptial at Harrisburg,
Pa. I received good treatment from
the Yankees while I was a prisoner.
I was sent from there on the twelfth
of November to Baltimore, Md., and
the same day I was paroled and put
on a flag of truce boat and sent
around to Richmond, where they
kept me until the twenty-fifth of
November when I received a furlough
to go home. Although it has been
six months since I was wounded my
wound is not well yet.
Experinenced travellers have found great
benefit by taking with them a bottle of Dr.
Seth Arxol'ds Balsam. It cures illness
caused by impure water and sudden changes
of climate. Warranted by Thomas Bros.,
W. W. Parker and Melville Dorsey.
Fine Tobacco Farm.
hacco and grain farm of 107 acres, on
Tabb's Creek in Kittrell Township. Good
dwelling, tenements and out-houses.
This July loth, 1909.
Sunday Excursions
Seaboard Air Line Railway
Ocean View, Old Pout, Virginia Beach,
July 18hh and 25th.
Tickets on sale at the following sta
tions and good for passage on regular
train No. 32 only.
Station Schedule Round Trip
Train No. 32 Fare.
Raleigh Lv. 1:10 a.m. 2.(K
Wake Forest " 1:48 a.m. 2.0O
Youngsville 1:57 a.m. 2.00
Franklinton " 2:11a. m, 2.00-
Kittrell ' 2:29 a. m. 1.7.
Henderson ' 2:45 a.m. 1.7"
Norlina " 3:30 a. m. 1.50
Warren Plains " 3:3J a. m. 1.50
Macon " 3:45 a. m. 1.50
Vaughn " 3:55 a.m. l.SO
Littleton '' 4:06 a. m. 1.25
Thelma " 4:19 a. m. 1.25
Roanoke Jet. " 4:36 a. m. 1.25
Weldon " 4:55 a. m. 1.25
Returning leave Portsmouth on reg
ular train No. 3:i at 9:00 p. m. on date
of sale only.
A delightful outing at the Fashionable
Seashore Resorts of Old Vireinia.
Children under twelve years of age half
fare. L nder nve years free.
District Passenger Agent,
Raleigh, N. C.
C. li. RYAN.
General Passenger Agent,
Portsmouth, Va. .
Something Worth Seeing
is the coal that we deliver to
your order and the bright,
black, clean lumps that you
know contains plenty of car
bon and that will give you
a clear, steady fire in range,
stove or furnace. When you
want to be sure that vour bin is
filled with good anthracite and
that you haven't an elephant on
your hands for the Winter
order from -
Mother Distressed About Son's Disappearance.
M inerva Mitchell. a color! wnmnn !
who lives below Epsom, thw count v.
was a visitor to this office Monday !
tO aCOUaint tht tvlitnr iritb 1
M .---v. "v .
distress and anguish of heart at the
disappearance of her son, hoping we
would put it in the paper so some
kind person might see it and help
her to get her boy back. Robert
Mitchell left home on Friday night,
the second day of July. He'came in
the direction of Henderson and the
mother thinks he was enticed away
by a white mau who was in the neigh
borhood at the time gettingup hands
to go to Virginia to work in a uw
The boy is ten years old, dark com
plexion, but not what might becalled
coal black. He is a cripple his left
leg having been broken and is shorter
than the right causing him to limp
badly. His mother says he has been
a good, dutiful and obedient boy all
his life never doing anything wrong
before. He was hired to Mr. Ed
Lassiter and was treated kindly. He
had a good home and there was no
cause for his running away and the
act was evidently that of a thought
188 boy who was over persuaded.
Minerva Mitchell impressed us as
being an intelligent, kindly nnd
worthy woman o! her race. She
cooks for- Mr. Tom Weldon, and if
this article should coma to tbermtW
of any person who mav know the
. t 1 A .1 .
wuereaoouis oi uer son tne miorma
tion will be annreoiated with ll the
gratitude of an anxious mother's
Pain can be easily and quickly stopped
Pink Pain Tablets Dr. Shooo's stow Head
ache, womanly pains, any pain, anywhere,
in 20 minutes sure. Formula on the 25c.
box. Ask your druggist or doctor about
rnis formula it 8 line, bold by all dealers
Cash Clearing Sale
Opens with us this week.
The prices will be Cut Deep.
The Sale will be Strictly Cash.
"N. B." Only a Part Not All
of the stock is offered, but the
offering will be worth your
A Special Trade Discount
is offered on regular staples
to stimulate
Yours truly,
Thomas & Newcomb.
Sale of Valuable Real Estate.
A Good Tobacco Farm.
LJ of the Superior Court of Iranklin
countv. North Carolina, made in the specia
proceeding entitled is. i. nuke vs n. ii.vuKe
" 1 . ..... - v.w rii
et ais., tne unaersigiieu couiuiihbiuihth win
Monday, August 2nd, 1909,
at about the hour of noon. hcII at puhlic
auction at Duke's Store at LjiHom, near th
Franklin and ance County line, a certain
tract or parcel of land nitunted partly in
Franklin County and partly in Vance County,
said State, adjoining the Ihuhh nt Oeorge
Ayscue, B. F. Stainhnck. IC. H. Dnke and
others, and containing eivthty-fix (H6) urr.
more or less.
Terms of sale: One-fourth caidi. balance on
credit of six months with interest from day
of Bale at the rate of six er cent per annum,
payable annually. Title reserved until pur
chaBe price is paid in full.
This.lune2Nth. jyuu.
w ii. yarboroi:;h,.Jr..
juat received. An excellent instru
ment at a moderate price. Come
in and examine these goods and
let u tell you more about them.
"Beet in the world." Guaranteed
to be just what the name implies
odorless. Will keep con tents
cool and fresh with a smaller
quantity of ice for a longer time
than any other refrigerator. And
the price is reasonable, too.
Henderson Furniture Co.
We want the most
particular property
owner in town to
paint his house, one
half Devoe, the other
whatever he
1UU1 " w
If Devoc
doesn't take
less gallons
and money,
no pay.
If Devoe
doesn't wear
fetter, then
give him enough to
do it again.
Henderson, N. C.
President. Vice-President. Cashier.
You to try a package of
Dwinell-Wright Go.'s Celebrated Coffee
at 20, 25, 30 and 35 cents a pound.
Your money refunded if not entirely satis
fied. For sale by
The Whitten Grocery Company.
Phone 45. ,
In order to make room for our NEW FALL
stock, we will offer our line of Low Cut Shoes
At Greatly Reduced Prices
For the Next Few Days.
A visit to our store will convince you that
we mean what we say, and can save you
money on shoes. In points of
our line connot be surpassed and our extra low
prices for the next few days will certainly be
attractive to you.
Henderson Shoe Company,
L. C. BRINKLEY, Manager.
on yonr prescription label is syn
onymous with STERLING on your
Insist on getting the Best, it costs
vou no More.
. . THROWER, Proprietor.
PHONE No. 7.
billow WfJS
Mail Orders Promptly Filled
fjlll Good Guvmntd Under the Nationsi Pun Food Lw
We are Distillers. Oar w hiskey s are properly. e itup
direct to consumer. Better goods and qjc!ier hipments. We prepay
all express charges and ship in plain packajrtn.
Pu OaixoV.
Old R. W. Jones Corn Whiskey (8 Years Old)
Old R. W. Jones Corn Whiskey (4 Years Old)
Old R. W. Jones Cora Whiskey (2 Years Old)
Corn Whiskey .... one-naif fallon
Corn Whiskey, 2 Gallons
Corn Whiskey, 3 Gallons
Corn Whiskey, 4 Gallons,
Old Velvet Rye Whiskey (4 Years OM) .
Mountain Rye (2 Years Old) ....
Kentucky Bell (8 Years Old) . . . .
Apple Brandy (3 Years Old) ....
Rose Valley Rye (4 quarts) ....
Write for complete price
Gins, Etc. Remit money or
ill get the quality.
Shines on the Pathway
mai ucaus up to inc
Our bank and deposit or M a hnr-
umnioiis groui They ha to our con
fidence nnd we their. Sunvtm for us
is ucceK to you. Hanking with u
means sharing our pi-onperity.
Old Whiskeys
list on all grades of Whiskeys, Brandies,
express order. Send us a trial order. You

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