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The Gold Leaf..
Committee of Fourteen Announces
Details of New Bond Issue Provi
dedOnly Securities to be Surren
dered for New Ones are the Gen
eral Mortgage 5 Her Cent. Bonds.
Sjx-ciul lijat h to IJultiliiore Sun.
New York, July 1. Details of the
"udjustin-nt"or reorganization plan
for the Seaboard Air Line Railway
were announced this evening by the
committee of 1 1, which had had the
matter in charge .since April, 100 s,
und of which '. Sidney Shepard is
Under the plan, ih- only .securities
to be mil-rendered for new ones are
the general mortgage ." per cent,
bonds of 11)07, for which adjustment
bonds are to be given in exchange.
The first mortgage fours are to be
deposited, that they may be stamp
ed so as to be later redeemed or pur
chased at par.
The receivers have paid the interest
maturing on all underlying division
al bonds of the HVHtem, and t he only
bonds upon which interest, is in de
fault are si 2,77.", 000 first mortgage
4 jer cents., S?0,:5 !.",,( U)0 general
mortirae " percent, and .700,Of)0
', per cent, collateral gold notes.
The receivers have a!sr paid the in
terest on a large proportion of the
floating debt.
Under the plan it is intended that
f 7, J ,! Mi receivers certificates shall
le paid in full with interest as well as
the s?70O,0O(m; per cent, jrold notes,
that the J?:0,-10O,0()0 underlying di
visional bonds, i?l 0,000,000 ten-year
5 per cent, collateral trust bonds,
2? 1,C"1,000 three-vear per cent,
collateral trust bonds, 12,77.,O)0
first mortgage 4 per cent, bonds
32.'5,H)l,lOO preferred stock and
lf.'J7,Ol'J,100 common stock shall
remain undisturbed.
The roail is to cont inue liable for
its just debts and obligations, in
cluding guaranties of the bonds of
subsidiary lines, and it is intended
to vest in the Seaboard Air Line
Railway, by sale, merger, consolida
tion or otherwise, the properties of
the Atlanta and Birmingham Air
Line Railway, At Iantic,Suwuee River
andfiulf Railway (.'ompanv,('atnwba
Valley Railvny, Florida West Shore
Railway, Plant t'ity, Arcadia and
(lulf Railway, Roanoke and Tar
River Railroad Company, Seaboard
and Roanoke Railroad Company
and Tallahasse, Perry and South
western Railway, and of all other
railway companies, substantially the
ent irecapital stock of which is owned
b' the Seabaord Air Line Railway,
except the properties of such com
panies as after careful investigation
it appears more advantageous to
operate under their separate organi
zations. The chief issue of new securities au
thorized will be f per cent, refunding
bonds, limited to a total of.l2.",
000,000, probably to be dated from
January J, 1010, payable ."() years
from date, to be redeemable at 10."
and accrued interest. Of this total
issue $7.", 000,000 is to be set aside
for the retirement of .f .'JO, 100,000
underlying divisional bonds, 12,
77.,000 first mortgage 4s, 14, (."1,
000 three-vear ."is and ten-year ."s,
about (5,000.000 for equipment
trustM, 4,000,000 for double-tracking
and reducing grades, 2,750,000
to aid in retiriugcollateral trust and
first mortgage bonds and 1,424,
000 for betterments and improve
ments or for general coporate pur
poses. This will leave ,"iO,O0O,O0O
to be raised under suitable restric
tions. 1 lie other issue of new securities
authorized is to consist of adjust
ment mortgage " per tent, bonds
limited to a total of 2.",000,000,
these be comulatetive interest bonds,
probably dated November 1, 11)00,
payable in -io years. Of these 0,
h.i.uiki will he excuangeable lor a
like principal amount of the existing
general mortgage (.'J4,.O0 wil
be used in payment of overdue inter
est oa general mortgage "s to Au
gust 1, 1J)0!, and l.s.000,00O is to
lie offered for sale at 70 per cent, of
their par value to preferred and com
mon stockholders.
The Capital-to-Capital Route.
I'oliinibiii State.
As to be expected, the "'scouts'' for
the llvnihl and the Atlanta Jonnui
will not recommend the Capital-to-
Capital automoble highway. We are
quite willing they should please them
selves in this matter, but it is now
squarelv up to the advocates of the
W ashington t o Jacksonville highway
to take care ot t hemselves. o must
get busy.
The Washington 1'ost and the Rich
mond J hues-Dispatch are enlisted in
this proiect, and will vote their ener
gies particularly to getting the high
way from Washington to Rienmond.
Their encouragement and moral sup
port will be given, of course, to the
whole hue, but it is the active co-op
eration by every community through
which the highway will pass that
must be depended upon to build it
Local activity, self help, is needed.
Mr. Potts, of the Tunes-Disivitch
writes the editor of the State that it
is proposed to call a meeting of al
interested at some central point in
bouttit aroluiif that being Lolumbi;
early in October, all delegates from
live States and the District of Colum
bia to come in their motor cars. Co
lumbia will be ready: South Carolim
will be ready.
In the opinion of Mr. Potts this au
tomobile highway from Washington
to Jacksonville will cause millions o
dollars to flow into the Southern
States. But it will do more than
bring money here. It will cause the
stimulation of a movement for good
roads that will result in saving mil
lions of dollars to Southern farmers.
Unquestioned Truth.
"If at first you don't succeed"
The baseball player reckoned;
"If at first you don't succeed.
You'll never get to second."
Life ioo.ooo Years Ago.
Scientists have found in a cave in Switzer
land bones of men. who lived 1 00.000 years
uro. when life was iu coustant danjerfroui
wild hearts. Today the danger, n shown
by A. AV. Urown of Alexander. Me., is largely
from deadly disenno. "If i had not been for
Dr. King's New Discovery, which tured me,
I could not have Jived," he writes, "'suffer
ing as I did from a severe Jung trouble and
and stulborn cough." To cure Sore Lungs,
t'olds, obstinate Coughs, and prevent l'neo
mouia, its the best medicine on earth. ."Oc
nnd $1.00. Guaranteed by Melville Porsey,
druggist. Trial bottle free.
Demonstration of the Merits of the
Stanford Patent Fuel-Saver Range
Hay Result in New Manufacturing
Enterprise for Charlotte Local
Capitalists Interested.
Charlotte Xcwh.
Much interest is being manifested
by local capitalists in the result of
the range demonstration held on
yesterday for the purpose of showing
what can be done in the matter of
saving fuel by the use of theStanford
Patent Fuel-Saver Range.
Ry actual tests, made before a
large number of people, during which
more than ."0 pans of biscuits were
cooked, the coal consumption was
shown to le remarkably small.
The demonstration lasted all day.
The average time required to bake
the biscuits was less than five min
utes: yet the average amount of
coal in the fire-box of the range, at
any one time, was one and three
quarters quarts.
This extremely small coal con
sumption would seem incredible were
it not for the fact that the accurate
record was kept each visitor to the
demonstration subscribing his name,
with the time required to bake bis
cuits, as measured by his own watch,
and also the approximate amount of
coal in the fire box.
The range used in the demonstra
tion was a double-oven Fuel-Saver
lange, family size. These ranges are
so constructed that none of the heat,
all of the heat, or any desired part of
he heat can be used at the bottom
. . . t . I ii
the ovens or at tne top oi tne
yens, as required.
Another feature oi the range is
hat all of the heat can be used in
p.i f i i ii.
one oi tne ovens u uesireu, mus pro-
lucing the economy of a single-oven
ra nge. ry simply smiting an "lnaica
tor," any proportion of heat can be
sanl in one oi ine ovens, wuue xue
alance of the heat is used in the other
ven. inus uaKing can oe aone in
ne oven while roasting in being done
n the other oven. ,
But the double-oven factor is not
f ,1 B A A I lit
responsible lor tne met tnat tnese
ranges cook with less than halt the
uel required by any other range in
the world. For this really is a fact
ibsolutelv proven by Mr. William T.
Lewis to the complete satisfaction of
ill who saw the range in operation.
The feature responsible for the
small coal consumption is the unique
irrangement of the heating flue.
This feature exists in the single-oven
variety of this range, which cooks on
ess than half the fuel required by
any ottier singie-oven range in the
world, the double-oven range cooks
with still less fuel, for the reason that
both ovens can be used simulta
neously, doing, lor insteance, three
lours' baking and three hours
roasting m ttiree hours, instead
of six hours on the single-oven range.
It, will readily be seen that these
anges will have a very large sale, in
view of the fact that the double-oven
variety costs no more than single-
oven ranges oi otner makes: while
le single-oven Fuel-Saver Range
costs less.
Some of the large range manufac
turing concerns in other cities ship
from .()() to 1,000 ranges per day at
this season of the vear. Manufactur
ing a range of such unquestionable
superiority that it will cook on less
win half the fuel required by any
other range made, and possessing
many other features of utility which
insure very large sales, there is.no
reason why Charlottemanufacturing
kill and executive ability should not
be able to build up a range business
of enormous proportions inthiscity.
This would do much to build up as
well as advertise Charlotte.
Justice Falls Down In Tennessee.
Chat-lotto Chronicle.
In a Tennessee court theconviction
of a few who were considered ring
leaders of the murderous night-rider
gang was brought about, but all this
good work has gone for naught, the
State Supreme Court having reversed
the decision of the lower. This means.
of course, that these ruffians will be
turned loose to resume their lawless
occupation. Not only that, but oO
members of the Reel Foot band of
night-riders under indictment will
never be brought to trial. Thegeneral
sentiment of the country is voiced by
Tennessee's Attorney (Jeneral when
he says: "1 may be wrong, but in my
opinion these three judges have com
mitted a judicial blunder such as has
not occurred for 100 years in Tennes
see jurisprudence. Of course, I ac
cord them honesty and sincerity.
None of those who are in a position
to know can realize the full meaning
of the decision. According to it, I see
no way to ever have a trial of
the case again. Retributive justice
must be left to an avenging God."
It seems that no other view of the
situation could be entertained.
The Month of June.
Durham Sun.
Perhaps you are aware that this
is June. It it. The month that is
"bright with roses gay, harebells
bloom around her feet," and peach
basket hats, burdened with fruit and
flowers, encircle her head. "So sweet
the call of the thrushes, the calling,
cooing, wooing everywhere." The
month of "sweet girl graduates."
who paint life in such roseate colors,
and the boy orator who solves for us
the intricate problems of life. The
month of June-bugs, and many hum
bugs. The month of June "apples
and doctor's bills. Yes, its June.
The lovely, flowery, spooiug bridge
over which we cross from merry May
to the 4th of July. Wave on,"sweet
June! Rut do not give us a cold
There is no doubt that Rev. Ray
Ius Cade is a genius and for years we
have expected him to do something
that would make him famous. He
claims now to have solved the type
setting problem and has a patent
on a new type-setting machine he
can sell for $500. He is now in the
North. If he succeeds, he will be a
benefactor to the newspaper business
particularly the small papers that
cannot afford to pay the exorbitant
price charged for type-setting ma
chines now available. Xews and Ob
server. Aoookon uneumatism, by Dr. Shoop. cf
nacuie, is., tens some plain truths, and in
a plain and practical way. Get this booklet.
and a free trial treatment of Dr. Shoon's
T ' 1 . : - t . ... 1
jMieuuiaiiu iiemeuy lor some msneartened
sunerer in your vicinity. Make a grateful
appreciative irienu oi some one who is dis
couraged because of the failures of nthera tr
help him. Help me to make this test, and I'll
certainly Help your goffering friend. Soid by
all dealers.
May Escape the Just Penalty of
Their Crime After Being Duly Con
victed and Sentenced to the (Jal
lows Justice Takes a Fall In Ten
nesseeTechnicality of the Law.
Lnmberton Robesonian.
"Look vou now, what follows,"
rom a dispatch of the 3rd, from
Jackson, Tenn.:
"The cases of the right nignc ria-
ers, u oi wnom were uuuer u; ocu-
" . .. 1 9
tence charged with the muraer oi
Capt Quentin Rankin, at walnut
Log, on Keel 1 oot late, wctooer x.o
of last vear. were reversed by t he State
Supreme Court today and were re
manded for new trial.
"The six men. who were under the
death sentence are Garret Johnson,
alleged leader of the night riders or
ganization in Obion county; Arthur
Cloar, Fred Pinion, Sam Appiewnire.
Tid Burton and Roy Ransom. The
other two, Cud Morris and Bob Huff
man, were convicted of murder in the
second degree.
"The ODinion in the case was de
livered by Special Justice Henry A.
Craft, of "Memphis, appointed in the
stead of Justice M. M. Neil.
"In reversing the case, he assigned
two principal reasons. The first was
that the grand jury which found the
indictments against the alleged night
riders, was not selected in a proper
manner. The grand jury was select
ed out of a panel named by Judge J.
E. Jones, the trial judge, whereas the
law provides the panel must be chos
en by at least three members of the
county court. The second error on
which the reversal was basea is tnat
the State did not allow the defend
ants a sufficient, number oi chal
lenges. The 8 were tried on one in
dictment and the trial court upheld
the State's contention that the eight
defendants were only entitled to the
legal number of challenges, twenty
four, which would apply if one man
was on trial.
"When Justice Craft concluded his
opinion a storm cf applause broke
out in the court room, but was quick
ley stopped by the marshal and his
deputies. The prisoners will be taken
back to Union City and enort win oe
made to secure their release on bail
pending a second trial on their
So. When these men were convict
ed and sentenced the entire country
applauded and the hope was indulged
that six of them would get the hang
ing they so richly deserve; but lo, a
quirk and a turn, and they escape.
It looks like the safest crime a man
may commit is murder, if his skin
is white and he has any means. No
body doubts that these men are guilty
"guilty as hell," to quote Beauty
Steele's language of deep disgust
but because this bunch of murderers
was not allowed eight times as many
challenges as a single defandant, and
on account of a mere technicality in
the manner of selecting the grand
jury, the conviction and sentence is
just thin air. It its enough to make
one wish the bunch of them had been
hanged out of hand, as they hanged
Capt. Rankio. If their complexions
are not "perfect gallows" their acts
certainly were, but the conclusion of
the whole matter will be that they
will escape any adequate punishment.
There is certainly something rotten
when men escape just punishment so
Where Justice Did Not Miscarry.
Charlotte Chronicle.
The action of the New York court
in sending a reckless chauffeur, who
ran over and killed a boy, to the pen
itentiary for a term of from seven to
twenty years, ought to have a whole
some effect, especially since the judge,
in sentencing the man, said that the
next one arraigned in his court would
be tried for his life. In sentencing the
chauffeur, the judge told him that "if
he had been a rich man or a dissolute
man the verdict would have been
murder. The legal proof of murder
was overwhelming, but not even the
most sympathetic juror could acquit
you of manslaughter." The judge in
his remarks to the convicted man
spoke for the benefit of reckless auto
mobile drivers in general. "When
you took your seat in that car," he
said to him, "you were free to drive
carefully or recklessly. You choose to
go at a most reckless pace. And
you knew that you bore a message
of death for the unfortunate in your
path. You knew that fill the people
had at least an equal right in our
streets and roads. You cared more
for your own pleasure than the life
of any other person. You had the
power to choose, and you elected to
do that which destroyed an innocent
life and brought the deepest sorrow
to a happy home." The punishment
of this man will no doubt be looked
upon with approval by automobile
owners all over the country. It is
the reckless drivers that keep alive
prejudice against the automobile and
the faster they are weeded out, the
sooner will this prejudice disappear.
Mean Trick Played.
Lumbprtnn Itobesonian.
Some of the people who went to
Wilmington on the excursion from
Lu.nbertou last Wednesday stacked
up against a little deal which taught
them a new wrinkle. Just before the
train pulled out of, Wilmington on
the retun trip a man with a little
satchel sifted iu among the excur
siuuisus aim pretty soon it was
"norated" around that he had some
of the juice. He found purchasers.
how many has not been learned; but
it is known that at least one man
bought a pint bottle of the stuff, pay
ing tnereior ou cents, and another
purchased four pint bottles, giving
jmexcuange. Alter the train pulled
out these purchasers thought they
would feel better with a drink under
their shirts, so they proceeded to
back off into a corner where they
might crook the arm unseen by curi
ous eyes; and -lo. it was water!
"Only this and nothing more."
Water at 50 cents per. Thev said it
was very good water, though.
. . .
A failing tiny nerve no larger than the
finest silken thread takes from the Heart its
impulse, its power, its regnlaritv. The
Stomach aluo has its hidden, or inside nerves
It was Dr. Shoop who first told us it was
wrong to drug a weak or failing Stomach,
Heart or Kidneys. Hi prescription Dr.
Snoop's Restorative is directed straight for
the cause of these ailments these weak and
faltering inside nerves. Tltis, no doubt
clearly explains why the Restorative has of
late grown so rapidly in popularitv. Drug
gists say that thosewho test the Restorative
even for a few days soon become fully con
vinced of its wonderful merit Abtw8t! don't
drug the organ. Treating thecaueof sick
ness is the only sensible and successful way.
Sold by all dealers.
Read and advertise In Gold Leaf.
....l. . -l . c i
1793 1910
Plateau. OrruizaUan MIUTAKT for ducipliM. control an4 cunifi. BoyKPWO
f m Ahv tchoalt Be riTL A V 1 C 1 O U S ? OimmmO.
HaiiriE xandod by pledj. of honof. LiimUd to 136- rnaommhim.
Ad-irM COL. B BI5GHAK. Sp.. B. F. D., Bo M. ASBITim.B.C.
Your E3)riggis4
We make Prescription Work a. Specialty, and with 3.1 years experience
in the Drug Business we know what are the beet and purest drugs, andusenoth
ing but chemically pure drugs in prescription work. Yonr wants supplied in
Drugs, Toilet Articles. Perfumes, Box Paper, Hair, Tooth and Nail Brushes,
and everything kept in a first-class Drug Store.
Our Fountain and Fancy Drinks are cold, refreshing and with a reputation
of pleasing all.
The store with a reputation of keeping the best of everything in Drugs,
Toilet Articles, Perfumes, Soaps, Sundries and Fountain Drinks.
Wholesale and Reta.il Druggist.
Real Estate,
llCllUCIdUll LiUdiJ
Corn Whiskey is
"R. W. Jones" is
If you don't believe it,
SSSisrjf II J M Q I lx EI . I
(f ii 111 sJ J W YJ i
your money if you are not satisfied with its raw flavor.
F. O. B., ClarksviHe, Va. 100 Proof
Gallon of 'Whiskey and jus . . $ I .try
Gallon of Whiskey and jugl. . 3.30
Gallons of Whiskey and ju8 . 5.00
Gallons of Whiskey and jug . . 6.60
4K Gallons of Whiskey and jug. . 7.50
M Gallon of Whiskey and jug . . 1.10
All goods guaranteed under the National Pure Food Law.
All orders shipped the day received.
Remit P. O. or express money order or registered letter.
We are showing a superior stock of
goods in our line embracing such as:
Mohair Dress Goods, Percales, Serges,
Silver Gray Suitings, Silks, White
Lawns, Ginghams, etc.
Brown Domestics 5 to 1 0 cents. Hosiery and Underwear
fnr mpn anrl wrmr
O Work Shirts, Shoes,
Staple and Fancy (Groceries,
14 t t- 1 A 11 A m
Skjul luau purcnasesenaoie us losen at Lowest
Wione Ao. 18.
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it is worth
....a rr nu fcTCR 4 for UFK. and aw bu mii4
oc lvcai UdlCllC vu
the purest whiskey made.
the purest and best of com whiskies.
just try it. We will gladly refund
Gallon of Whiskey and jug .
2 Gallons of Whiskey ana jug .
3 Gallons of Whiskey and jug .
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1 Gallon 4 years old Whiskey .
I Gallon 8 years old Whiskey .
4 Quarts 1 0 years old Whiskey
J4 Gallon of Whiskey and jug .
. 4.30
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. 3.00
, 4.00
, 1.25
Hats, Furnishings, etc. Q
Henderson, N. C.
Q I flCM at 25 cents a lb.
money investd.
(Fonnerly Baptist University for Women)
Among the foremost Colleges for Women in the South.
Four distinct schools : Arts and Sciences, Music, Elocution
and Art. Run at cost Write for catalogue.
R. T. VANN, President.
Drinking Water Too
Have the water cold, and it in turn will cool you
- A good water cooler isn't expensive and then why
do without a good thing that is almost an absolute
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The "Buek's" Store wm
Report of County Treasurer of Receipts and Disburse
ments of School Fund of Vance County from
July 1st, 1908, to June 30th, 1909.
July 1st.
To Cash of
To Balance....
E. A. Powell
School Fund"
" " " "Bond Account"
" " " "Henderson Graded Schools".
" " " "Kittrell Special"
J. Y. Joyner, State Appropriation
Fines and forfeitures
Sale of school property
Franklin County
Libraries "Private donations"
By Cash Paid County Teachers and Superintendent.,
" " Fuel, Buildings and Furniture
" " Treasurer's Commissions
" " Census
" " Per diem and board expenses
" " Interest on bonds
" " Refund of Taxes
" " Refund to Franklin County
" ' High School
" " Henderson Graded Schools
Balance on hand.
Henderson, N. C, July 1st,
We are Distillers and Make Our Own Whiskies.
1 gallon of Whiskey and
2 gallons of Whiskey and
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Whiskey you may order can be returned if not satisfac
tory and we will return your money.
The ClarksviHe Whiskey Mouse,
ClarksviHe, Virginia
PN. B. 1 gallon Corn Whiskey 100 proof and jug F. O B. here 2.15.
Warm These Days?
you can set Anything in Hardware
4 041 14
11 813 80
1 414 75
356 92
958 89
7 137 G4
1 555 1
584 34
133 00
300 00
79 35
54 45
$34 429
1 1 901 52
2 072 09
627 17
125 82
225 42
929 42
90 13
90 00
1487 40
1 3 246 83
31 401
3 027
County Treasurer.
R. W. Jones
' F. 0. B.
ClarksviHe, Virginia.
1 gallon
2 gallons
3 gallons
4 gallons
1 gallon 4
1 gallon 8
4 qts of 1
1 -2 gallon
jug, $1.65
jug. 3.30
jug, - 5.00
jug, 6.60
jug, 7.50
jug. 1.10
Transportaion FaciliHe,
(Continued from tirst ,,
general in jrreatly imVi jlir .
from Kuroj.', both in dis.,,.!'' '
is frequency, (.onstmit
and delay results, and
who have no direct
-i liter:
4 -
will, other things leinr
orders m hurope rati
united btates.
There are differences of dim-;
to the methods w hiM, . ..-
adopted for the improvem .'J
steamship communication wi"v
Latin-American countries, i
kets and of the demand wlii,Vfi,
iu uiem ior guous wiin n w j,r!j
something practical
must 1h
secure the establishment ,,f r "
steamship lines. V. liutfv. r j..1
raav be adopted to this en.l itt
manifestly to the interrst ;
section that all Southern j.r!
shipped to those countries iliu!,'.
through Southern ports, that
only those engaged iu buiii'
those ports, but the Southern
generally, should work totU'"
some practical way to seouiv
lines from theSouth Atlantic nri;-
ports. Those ports havetlm
nuvaniae oi snorter iist;u.rts . I
peciauv to an points m .Mew., i ,
tral America, the West In.!,-. .
Northern (oast of South Am,
and points on the West rw
reached by way of the Tehmrv,
and Panama Knuwayjv Thi. .
vantage with resiveot to the V,
Coast ports will be greatly in. ,.
on the completion of the VivV f
i i i Ia. : a . . "I
V Illllll, IlllU It 1 illll(ll IJIIIT I Ti.iT
people of our section shoul.! .
pared to make the most efi". tiv,.:.
of that waterway.
This is a matter whii-h coikv..
all the people of the South so m.,;
that 1 believe all those interest' -Southern
development sin ml, i .
together in an effort to '.rin at, .
on improvement in our st.-.iin.v
service to all the LHti.'i-.i;i..ri.i
Yours verv trnh .
W.'W. Fi.M.KY.
Get DoWitt'8 Carbolized Wit. h H:,z.
when you ask for it. There areu urmt u;Jt,
imitations, but then ih jimt .me nriiv..
This salve is good for iinvtliiii u tii-tvg .,
is needed to be uned, but it if ialh t
for Piles. Sold by nil lrujfpiiiH
North Carolina Mountains.
The Land ot trie Sky"
The Sapphire Gountru"
Scenery Unparalled
Southern Railway operat.-H Thr ujk
Train with Coaches and Parlor Cart
tween Goldeboro and Ashcville. N i
via. Raleigh, Durham, (JreeiiKlmni ij
Salisbury on following schedule:
Kanterii Time.
..(loMhloro t r.
....italeixli Ar.
... Diirhimi:.. .Ar.
.drts'imboro ..Ar.
.. Salisbury ...Ar.
. 8taUvillf...Ar.
....Newton Lv.
.... Marion Lv.
.i :. i
.". i, ,
:i ln
U K. ;i
1 1 IT. sj
11 U u
lo :i si
U (II a I
m .mi a i
Other ("onvenieut Sebe.lule nl Thtuwi
Car ArraiiK'nj.'iitH.
Round Trip Summer Tourist Tickets Kit
on Sale.
For information an to fiirew.Hi lK 'li:!'
call ou any Ajnt 'A thin ('oiiiiuii.t . r
n.L.VEHNON. j.u.Avoon, it ii ix i i n
D. P. A. I). P. A. T !' A
Ch6Plott,N.t'. AHhevilie.N.C lining, S .'
W.W.MOHKIS, Agent.
HMlilerwiU. '
Corn Whiskies,
100 proof.
of Whiskey and jug,
of Whiskey and jug, 4-30
of Whiskey and jug, 6.50
of Whiskey and jug, 8.60
years old Whiskey, 2.50
years old Whiskey, 3.00
0 years old Whiskey, 4.00
of Whiskey and jug, 1 &
we can all ngree, however, that'
are to realize the full lieni-tit'
geographical relation t th,,J
No. 21
6 4. a ni Lv.
N 45 a in Lv.
9 55 a hi Lv.
12 30 i ni Lv.
1- ilU iu I .
t r.o m I 1
4 40 p m Ar.
5 07 p m Ar.
5 53 p m Ar.
fi 35 p m Ar.
8 15pm Ar.

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