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Industrial Edition
gold lis AT: nmroinicoir, U. 0.
organizations his experiences are at
times trying, for machinery Is bound
to break and get out of order, and
disappointment is bound to follow.
Yet in spite of these contingencies
which no man on earth can avoid be
is to be highly commended for ren
dering a service up to the most ap
proved standards and at prices as low
as the lowest in towns as similarly
situated as is Henderson.
Qeneral Merchandise and Farm Sap-plies.
m q H o
' y-
-v.. r?j2HMsKfg
In the pn-paration of an illustrated
tni'J'i ami industrial edition of Hender- !
.on. i:nJ.s that in the past few
vi ar;) ci nstautly increasing sales and
j iirromu'i: and growing stocks have
t,i n tii; usual experiences of those
ijiul in all lines of retail mer
r i,:miiHiri. but the investigation be-ri,w--i
all the more interesting when
Uii reports or the wholesale establish
ments are reached, for their progress
Iiuh ovi.n lx-en more pronounced and
n,.,r. striking, indicating thereby that
tin: town in many respects has be-
rome iLflepeudent of all other markets,
and is itself the source of supply for
all th surrounding country even as
far away, in many lines, as one hun
liiid riiil 'S. This latter observation is
h!i,rK' 3!:1 and coniirmed by the
arl.K".eni;nts in-tiade building of the
Southern Grocery Co., the successors
of J. A. Kt lly. who established the
Ijijdiut ss in 1889, and who, in 1901, in
corjKjrat:d it under its present name
in ordtr the hotter, through the
medium of organization, to facilitate
if3 development. During the past six
years the sales, patronage and trade
territory of this establishment, the
management claims, have been more
than doubled, that the average daily
Bales are fully $2,000.00, and on Novem
ber 1st, last, reached the splendid total
of $4.C8.05. It is upon such figures
and such progress that Ilend rson's
importance and popularity securely
rests, such results as these being
secured only by methods that are a
combination of aggressiveness and en
terprise, blended of course with the
principles of integrity and reliability in
all trade relations and which are the
very essentials of permanent success
and progress. To-day, the patrons of
the Southern Grocery Co., are found
among the successful retail merchants,
loc ated throughout Halifax, Warren,
Vance. Granville and Wake counties
in North Carolina and Mecklenburg
county in Virginia. They have dis
covered and appreciate the advantages
this concern offers in more intimate
trade rolatious, in closer proximity of
the wholesale Bource of supply, in
reliability of methods and prices and
generally speaking in the confidence
inviting manner of doing business. At
their storequarters and warehouse on
south Garnett street, which occupy
uearly all of the entire floor area of
a two-story brick building, 50x160 feet
in dimension, the Southern Grocery
Co., carries constantly in lots of one
or more car loads complete stocks of
canned and bottled goods, teas and
coffoen. extracts and spices, soaps and
laundry supplies; sugar, molasses,
Tinegar. and all heavy commodities,
candies and confections, cigars and
tobaccos, breakfast foods and all arti
cles in a word In the grocery line.
These come direct from the original
source of supply In consignments that
Hecur the lowest fractional prices at
tl. warehouses of importers, manu
facturers, and producers, so that the
business is conducted on the lowest
possible level of cost laid down in
Henderson. The stocks abound with
well established names and trade
marks, indicating thereby the -policy
of tha management to handle standard
goods qualities that are recognized
tin world over. Among these are the
Southern Cotton Seeds Co's. products.
Snow Drift lard. White Star Mills flour,
manufactured at Staunton, Va., and
that of the Dan Valley Mills, of Dan
ville: the Morris New Orleans' mol-la.-.ses.
Gold 'ii Rod vinegar, and many
oilier well-known productions. The
Henderson Book
HKM)i:i:S() BOOK CO.
5. s. Stcu'iison, JIanasrer.
i h.- presence of an exclusive book
I'lii st.iiiin.rv establishment among
retail interests of a town is one j
ttii- sure siiiiis of its importance
a tra ie c, nter. for only in the pop-
enters of sunnlv thrnnchout the
are such concerns usually
1 'U SlK'h an ait tDrnrico o o xi'al 1 ro
' p 's the refined and educated tastes of
t-'-3 coinmunity in wrjich jt flourishes,
the minds of whose people constantly
V arn for the knowledge and entertain
I!!t t;t found in books and current liter
ature To satisfy this demand the
Henderson Book Co.. carries constant
stock a large collection of the
orks of leading authors in prose and
i'ootry. popular and popular priced
OTt'ls, current literature in magazine
iorm, periodicals, etc. The very best
facilities and inducements are offered
those building up libraries, for spe
ai orders secure prompt attention,
Kp arr book or set of books are
t-ured for patrons at guaranteed
prices. The Henderson Book Co., is
- authorized distributing agency and
ism ,T for aU the school books
sch j Vace county public
B4s ana students' supplies of all
v -v: .. .'-1
Grocery Co.
officers of the concern are J. A. Kelly,
president, treasurer and general mana-
ger; V. G. Davis, vice-president and
w- Adccck, secretary. J. A. Kelly
is among Henderson's rpnrpspntativp
and progressive business men as is
evident from his identity with a num
ber of thriving and well-known enter
prises. He is a director of the Sea
board Feed Co., Henderson Loan and
Real Estate Co., First National Bank,
of Henderson, Manson Supply Co., of
Manson, N. C; Middleberg Supply Co.,
of Middleberg, N. C, and president
and treasurer of the Buckhorn Lithia
Water Co., whose spring are located at
Bullock, N. C. The Buckhorn Lithia
Water Co. has beyond question a
bright future, for it is unquestionably
the best water that has ever been dis
covered in its remedial results for
all Kidney troubles, having been found
to contain in an analysis made by
Donald M. Liddell, Ph. D., of John's
Hopkins University, more grains of
lithium bi-carbonate to the gallon than
any lithia water in the world, the ac
tual figures being 4.706. The Buck
horn Lithia water is indorsed by the
leading medical authorities of the
country and letters from grateful per
sons who speak from experience of the
curative properties of this water are
being constantly received from all
parts of the country. The Buckhorn
Lithia Co., are so sure of the superior
ments of the Buckhorn Lithia Water
that they will furnish a case of any
other water free of all expense to any
patron who may wish to make a test
of merit, and this offer applies to any
water regardless of its reputation or
price. So that on merit and merit
alone rests the reputation of this cele
brated lithia water. The Buckhorn
Lithia rheumatism, gout or kidney
trouble with an absolute guarantee of
its beneficial effects, reimbursing the
purchases for all amounts expended,
even for expressage, if it fails to give
entire satisfaction.
Co.'s Store.
kinds are carried constantly in stock.
The splendid stock equipment also
comprises office stationery and fix
tures, splendid collections of station
ery, writing materials and novelty
goods, including a large line of toys
and articles appropriate for Christ
mas presents for young and old. This
concern is also the selling agency in
this section for the Eastman Kodak
and photographers' supplies, for the
Y. and E. filing cabinet, Edison mimeo
graph and Macy's sectional bookcases
and is headquarters for athletic goods
of every description. The Henderson
Book Company was organized and in
corporated in December, 1906, succeed
ing Edwin Stevens, who had previous
ly conducted the business successfully
for twenty-four years. Its officers are
R. J. Corbett, president; F. E. Schroe
der, vice president, and S. S. Steven
son, secretary-treasurer and manager.
Mr. Stevenson is a native of Currituck
Co., N. C, and grew up in the mercan
tile business at Shawboro, N. C, from
which place he came in January. 1908,
to Henderson to take the management
of his present business. In which posi
tion he has demonstrated, by the suc
cessful results achieved in trade
building, both business and executive
ability and tempermental qualities
I which make friends rapfdly.
Interior of A. Vf. Choi
Watchmakers, Jewelers, Opticians."
In attractive and neatly appointed
storequarters. whose handsome inte
rior and window exhibits suggest the
most progressive features of modern
store management and methods. A. W.
Gholson & Co. maintain constantly for
the people of Henderson and of Vance
county the very best of metropolitan
advantages in the jewelry line. These
advantages any one can plainly see
by an examination of the handsome
array of stocks that crowd the show
cases, and which comprise a larger
assartment of standard watch cases
and watch movements, from the cele
brated Howard timepiece down
throughout a variety of grades to the
lower priced but useful production, the
collection in its completeness of va
riety of quality and design anticipating
all conditions and tastes. Then there
are attractive exhibits of the very
latest creations in the jewelry line in
cluding rings, chains, charms, neck
laces, bracelets, stick-pins, brooches,
pendants, and such like pretty crea
tions, which are a pleasure to own and
which for that reason are the most
appropriate present that could possibly
be made. This latter remark applies
with equal truth to everything in the
entire store, to the silverware as to
the cutglass ware in which lines select
collections are shown, and also to the
gold, silver and pearl handled umbrel
las which compel admiration. Whilst
all departments are given the closest
attention and are complete, special
streets however Is laid on the advan
tages offered to secure a diamond at
figures which mean a saving of money
when compared with those quoted on
the same weight and quality of stone
by the high-priced establishments of
the larger cities of the country. In
this department there is variety of
price, weight and quality to satisfy all
ordinary demands and for this reason
a nice patronage has been built up, or
ders coming in from distant points
through the recommedations of cus
The Electric
Of Hendc-son it can-be truthfully
said that the town in the matter of
power and lighting advantages by elec
tricity stands in this respect among
the most projirecaive communities of
the country for the service is compre
h?nsive and continuous throughout
every hour of the twenty-four all the
yea.' round and is promptly responsive
to every need to which electricity
may be applied, whether for manufac
turing, illuminating or heating pur
poses. The history of the use of elec
tricity as a public utility in Hender
son dates from the year 1888, during
which year a group of the commu
nity's progressive citizens organized
a company, installed a plant and intro
duced a service. Owing to a number
of reasons, chief of which was the
lack of proper equipment, the original
plant had a checkered career up to
the time it passed to its present own
ers, early in 1904 and who, taking in
the situation at a glance, saw no al
ternative but to build up new, for they
wisfly recognized the fact that the
essentials of a first-class service were
the very latest and most improved
machinery and appliances. Some few
repairs were made during that Year
H, -n' imperative instances,
these were of a temporary character,
plans were being matured for an en
tire new equipment, which material
ized in the fall of 1904, when the old
property was abandoned and the pres
ent modern and substantial station
cctmued. The new station, for it is
yet but five years old, is located en
Spring street adjoining the Grand
Theatre and the Seaboard railrral
tracks and consists of a neat and con
veniently arranged brick structure in
which is installed as complete ami
modern an equipment for the genera
tion of electricity as can be found
anvwhere on earth. This equipment
comprises a battery of boilers, two
Ball engines of 450 horse power, two
generators having a capacity of 2.r.0
kilowatts; an elaborate switchboard
and all the auxiliaries found in a com
pletely appointed institution of this
kind. The facilities anticipate effec
tively all present needs for a prompt
and a reliable service, likewise those
of future months and years which are
bound to increase apace with Hender
son's steady development as an indus-
LtDltn:.reliahaity and courtesy. In common
able to double the capacity without
son & Co.'s Store.
tomers whose investments have proved
highly satisfactory. A. W. Gholson &
Co. do constantly a nice business in
the optical department, carrying in
stock a large stock of geld and silver
eyeglasses and spectacle frames and
a complete line of lenses. This de
partment is in charge of H. W. Mixon,
a graduate optician of the South Bend
j College of Optics, and who is licensed
under the rorth Carolina laws to prac
tice his profession. In this department
eyes are examined free and lenses ad
justed to correct and alleviate any
malady arising from weak or defective
vision. Being an expert watchmaker
and jeweler, Mr. Mixon 's services are
in constant demand by the owners of
valuable watches, for his skill in the
adjustment and repair of their delicate
mechanism has been thoroughly es
tablished and is generously recognized.
In jewelry repair work his mechanical
skill is always in evidence and for this
reason work is constantly arriving
from all directions. A. W. Gholson
and W. H. Pettus compose the firm
which began business in Henderson
three years ago, and during the inter
vening period the most gratifying re
sults have been secured in building
up a select and a constantly growing
patronage and a reputation which has
become a synonym for reliability. As
Mr. Pettus time is taken up by his
duties as cashier of hte Bank of
Drakes Branch, Va., the management
since the inception of the business has
been in the hands of Mr. Gholson, who
is certainly to be commended for his
alertness and enterprise in giving to
Henderson an establishment in the
jewelry line so complete in stock
equipment and so progressive in
methods that there is no longer any
excuse to go away from home tobuy
a watch, diamond or anything in jew
elry, and the discriminating and ob
servant admit the fact. Mr. Gholson
is also watch inspector for the Sea
board Air Line and Southern Railways,
having been connected with the first
named read for many years, in fact,
since his boyhood days.
Light Plant.
interruption of service or alteration
of plans. The service of the Company
at the present time furnishes power
for manufacturing purposes to about
twelve industries, some of which are
conducted on a scale of pronounced
magnitude: for all of the many stores,
and offices in Henderson, for the il
lumination of a number of homes and
for municipal lighting. This service
extends to the most advanced methods
of heating by electricity and. to the
use of the celebrated Tunston lamp,
which increases the light from a 16
candle power current threefold as
compared with .the old incandescent
bulb and whose use cost no more.
The very latest modern appliances
used in connection with electricity are
exhibited at the company's office, such
as fans, laundry irons, ranges, and
various utensils for cooking purposes,
all of which goes to prove that the
management is ever on the alert to
secure for Henderson's people all that
is latest, newest and best and which
possess the merits of convenience and
economy. The officers of the Hender
son Lighting and Power Co. are J.
W. Wood, of Phillipsburg, N. J., presi
dent, and J. H. Bridgers, secretary
treasurer and general manager. Mr.
?idg'hrt"hT1PlsT sixteen
yfckSrst'his connection beginning in the
capacity of an attorney, is a nature
of Northampton county, North Caro
lina, attending during his early boy
hood the old "field" school. As he
grew older he secured a more liberal
education at the Seaboard Academy
and at Wake Forest College, after
wt 'Mi he entered the office of A. (.
.ollicoffer. at Henderson, and aj.ili.d
himself diligently to the study of law.
With this excellent preliminary train
ing he tcx r: up a complete ia couise
at the I'r.iversity of North Carolina,
and was admitted to practice in lsl0.
He immediately settled at Henderson
to build up a clientele and during the
intervening years he has led a busy
life in attending to the legal and
business affairs of the Henderson
Lighting and Power Co.. and of the
Henderson Water Co., of which con
cern he is also treasurer and man
ager, in addition to which have ever
been his duties as attorney. As man
ager of the two important public utili
ties light and water it has ever been
Mr. Bridgers constant aim to render a
service that could honestly be said
to possess the qualities of efficiency.
j with all people connected with these
With total sales direct to consumers
aggregating $200,000 per year, some
idea of the importance, popularity and
standing of the Parham Bros. Supply
Co.. can be formed for with such a
record this business is easily among
the leading enterprises engaged in the
retail lines in all north-central North
Carolina. The handling of such a great
volume of business means the constant
possession of exceptional facilities to
render the greatest value for the
money and to surround every transac
tion by a service that is prompt, effi
cient and satisfactory. These superior
facilities, which are indeed exceptional
advantages, arise from doing things in
a big way, such as purchasing in car
loads all heavy commodities right at
the original sources of supply, where
quantity wholesale purchases compel
inside and the lowest fractional in
voice prices and trade discounts, and
by buying in other lines in proportion
ately large amounts and always from
the warehouses of the manufacturers
and producers where possible. This
policy of quantity purchasing estab
lishes a bed rock basis of wholesale
cost on which the business is con
ducted, introduces and maintains varie
ty of quality and price sufficient to re
spond satisfactorily to all ordinary
needs and gives to the establishment
the feature of being at all times and
on all occasions a reliable source of
supply. At their storequarters which
occupy a two-story Dries: Duiiaing.
30x160 feet in dimensions, there are
carried constantly the newest, latest
and best productions on the market in
dress goods, notions, staple and fancy
dry goods, ladies' and men's furnishing
goods, mens and boys clothing.
ladies', men's, and children's shoes;
groceries, household goods in floor cov
erings, china, glass and crockeryware.
farm Implements, fertilizers in a
word almost everything that can be
classed among life's necessities in
wearing apparel, household goods and
farm supplies. The Parham Bros.
Supply Co., even anticipate the needs
of farmers for horses and mules, for
during the early spring months they
receive car-load consignments of these
animals direct from the leading stock
markets of the country which can be
found on sale at the stables back and
across the alley from the store. The
Parham Bros. Supply Co., the succes
sors of the Parham Bros. Co., was in
corporated and organized under the
laws of North Carolina in January,
1900. and has for its officers John D.
Cooper, president; S. S. Parham, vice-
president, and J. H. Farnam, secretary
and treasurer. This concern aiso own
afid operate the Henderson Cotton
Gin Co., whose equipment comprises
einning machinery of the latest type
of construction, having a daily capacity
of no bales Der day and representing
on atcual cash outlay of eight thousand
dollars. Being also buyers of seed cot
ton and cotton seed the Parham Bros.
Supply Co. maintain the most favorably
sallinc advantages tor the iarmers 01
Vance county, weighing up all produc
tions offered to the fraction ot an
mince, auoting the highest current
market prices which are received by
telegraph every twenty minutes
throughout market hours in the great
export centers and otherwise dealing
in the most satisfactory manner wilu
patrons. The owners of this business
are also promoters and proprietors of
the Carolina Bagging Co., which has
been built up to an important indus
try from a small beginning, ihis lat
ter enterprise, whose mills are located
in the southern part ot tienaerson,
gives employment to about seventy-five
people in the manuiaciure 01 oaggniB
for cotton bales, and shipments are
made all over North Carolina and its
adoining States. Beginning business
in Henderson in 1892, the rarnam
Hrns.. who are natives of ance coun
ty, sold, during their first year, a total
of $37,000 worth of merchandise.
Tn-dav the various enterprises in
which they are interested, and of which
they have really been the tounaers ana
promoters does a business, the aggre
gate of nearly half a million of dol
lars annually. Nothing but enterpris
ing and alert methods could accom
plish such results methods in which
business and executive ability together
with pronounced integrity and reliabil
ity are the distinctive and commenda
ble feature. Such success to be last
ing rests solely upon popular confi
dence without which thereyis no pro
gress in any manner whatever.
Success in securing beautiful effects
in millinary lies in a natural abaility to
secure contrasting color effects, to har
monize shape with feature and to
adapt color, shade, or even tent, to
complexion. In the handsome crea
tions which have been worn by Mrs.
O. O. White's patrons there are dis
tinctively in them the evidences of
artistic effort, as a result of which
this lady's first season has established
her reputation in the community and
greater results could not be desired
or even expected. As a milliner, Mrs.
White gives to patrons the benefit of
years of successful experience in the
millinery business, and in locating in
Henderson the aim has been to give
to the ladies of Vanceoun,tca;iufhie
finery "establishments of the large
cities at moderate and money saving
figures. To be able to do this personal
visits are made twice every year to
the leading fashion centers and mil
linery markets where styles are
studied and stocks of the coming
styles are secured at first hands. At
her millmcrv store. No. 147 S. Garnett
i street, Mrs. White carries a select line
: -if mouruing gc-txis. the latest color
; schemes in silks, ribbons, plumes,
j feathers and novelties generally. Hav-
ins begun business last spring. Mrs.
V.'hite has entered on her second sea
j son with the advantage, however, of
her ability being already established
likewise her disposition to please ac
commodate and thoroughly satisfy
Obejine the Doctor.
Salesman: Shirt, sir. Will you have
a negligee or a stiff bosom?
Customer: Negligee, I guess. The
doctor said I must avoid starchy
things. Boston Transcript.
PlankvOle HappesJags.
"What happened at the towa hall
last night?
"Professor Matt leotsred e the
"Is he ter It er agaia itr
Furniture, Carpets, Stoie.
A comparatively new enterprise.
since It has been Identified with local
retail interests but one year, the
Hughes-Smaw Furniture Co. furnishes
in its very presence and successful
operations the incontrovertible evi
dence of Henderson's constant devel
opment as a trade center. This con
cern occupies the entire three-story
Dulldlng, No. 217 south Garnett street,
which is 28 x 100 feet in dimensions,
supplying a total floor area amount
ing to 8,400 square feet, every inch
of which is utilized for the temporary
storage of surplus stocks and for sales
quarters. These stocks anticipate all
the needs of the house-keeper for fur-
nisning the home, and consist of all
articles of household equipment from
the parlor to the kitchen and for the
humble cottage, as well as the more
pretentious residence. The stock equip
ment has been selected with great care
from the warehouses of leadine manu
facturers in the several lines handled,
aiii contains the very latest ideas in
style and workmanship and such com
pleteness in variety 01 price and qual
ity as to respond promptly to all ordi
nary demands. Bedroom suites are
exhibited, ranging from demium grades
up as high as $150.00 in handsome cre
ations and like assortments are found
in all the other departments. The
stocks cariied constantly and ready
for immediate delivery compi ise parlor
and bedroom suites, couches, in a va
riety of styles and qualities of up
holstery, china closets, sideboards, ex
tension tables, enamelled beds, mat
tresses, wardrobes, rocking chairs, hall
racks and everything in the furniture
line. The exhibit of stoves contains,
Interior of Hcaroni
General Merchandise a'td Farm Sup
A supply house, whose many stocks
bear directly and respond with prompt
ness to all the requirements of the
planter and his family for personal
use and for household and farm equip
ment, the Beacom Supply Co. is. today,
and has been, since the Inception of
the business as Beacom Bros, nearly
twenty-five years ago, one of Vance
county's popular and progressive en
terprises. Its gradual and steady de
velopment throughout neaily a quarter
of a century, from a little country
store in Vance county to the Bplendid
proportions In stock-equipment and
patronage and wide reputation charac
teristic of the latter day Beacom Sup
ply Co., has been due Bolely to the
Etrict enforcement of the principle of
the Square Deal in all transactions, no
matter what be the size of the pur
chase, or the station in life of the
patron. So that as a result of strict
adhrencp p. lf1t;rri'SrW&'tf'ivtxr&
offered, honest representations male- in
all instances, mistakes corrected cheer
fully immediately on discovery, for it
is only human to err, a service that
consulted always the interests and
conveniences of patrons, all of which
have ever been backed up by the all
satisfactory alternative "money's
worth or money back." This far
reaching piincij b- is the foundation on
which the I'.euom Supply Co.'s busi
ness has been securely built and it is
little wonder that the patronage is
large and constantly increasing and
that the reputation enjoyed is of a
most enviable character. Strictly
sp- aking. a supt.ly he use for the daily
needs of the planter and his family,
the Beacom Supply Co.'s store quar
ters constantly stocks which covers a
wide range. These stocks Include la
dies' and men's furnishings, groceries,
crockery ware and tinware, hardware
and household articles in the hard
ware line, cured meats. ;tc. Through
out each and every department variety
of prices and qualities prevail, so that
it is an easy matter to secure the
desired article. In farm equipment
the Beacom Supply Co. is headquar
ters for the International Harvester
Co.'s mowers, disc harrows and reap
ers, for the Stickney and the Inter
national gasoline engines, the Owets
boro farm wagon, the Oxford Buggy
Trtu o wry o v
Forcltnre Store.
among other makes, hte Belknap pro
ductions in cooking stoves, ranges and
heaters, which are admitted to be
among the best types of stove con
struction on the market. The line pre
ents variety of price of sufficient range
to meet all conditions and demands.
The carpet department contains the
ery latent designs and color combina
tions in rugs, art squares and drug
gets and the customer finds no trouble
whatever in selection. The Ilughea
Smaw Furniture Co. are the selling
agents for the celebrated "Spring
Felt" sanitary mattress which sells la
its several mmllflAa At fmm titKn
115.00 and which is unrivalled lalha
line for comfort and health: also for"
Its "free" sewing machine, which re
tails at from $45 to $55. which car
ries with it an Insurance policy, good
for five years, against loss by fire or
destruction arising from the elements.
Pictures are also framed to order,
there being constantly kept on hand
an assortment of the latest designs In
molding and all sizes of the best qual
ities of glaes. J. M. Hughes and F. A.
Smaw compose the co-partnership,
which owns and conducts the business.
They are both men of established re
liability and integrity and enforce a
progressive policy which maintains for
the people of Vance county money sav
ing and thoroughly satisfactory buy
ing opportunities, by giving prices that
stand the test of honorable competi
tion anywhere and by selling on the
mcst liberal terms to people possess
ing established reputations for honesty
and industry. Although but one year
old, a select and a growing patronage
ha3 already been built up, patrons
coming constantly for many miles in
all directions to secure their needs
from this concern, for bo satisfactory
and so reliable are all trade relations.
Supply Co.'s Store.
Company's productions and other stan
dard makes of implements required In
agricultural pursuits. As dealers la
fertilizers this concern supplies the
demands of patrons with goods of es
tablished merit and reputation, such
as the productions of the I'atapsco
Guano Co. and the K. B. Martin, Po
cahontas and the Virginia-Carolina
brands, all of which have been select
ed because of their successful results
in enriching the soil and In nourishing
the plant life of the money crops of
this particular section. The Beacom
Supply Co. also deals In horses, buying
in the leading horse markets in the
beginning of the season carloads of
horses and mules, selected especially
for the farmers' needs and sold to him
at fair prices. There is always variety
of age, weight and price, so that a
selection is but a matter of the amount
one cares to Invest. This concern also
conducts a cotton gin and it Is always
in the market to purchase seed cotton.
f . ( rs m fVAnat'ir.lltf Via r.lVi.ot ti w r- e.r-
market pritfc ppirtVT.7 wTiich was
incorporated under the laws of North
Carolina In 'MC, is but the outgrowth
of the business founded In 1S.' by
Beacom Bros, and conducted by them
in the county until lKH, when th
growing business prompted their re
moval to Henderson, because of the
manv advantages the location offered.
As Beacom Bros, it was known until
l!fO'; when, as lias already been Inti
mated, the present organization was
effected. The officers of the concern
are S. II. Satterwhlte. president; C W.
Finch, secretary, and H. Beacom.
treasurer and manager. Now, as ever
Bince the inception of the business, the
Square Deal to all principle Is strictly
enforced and explains fully and satis
factorily the splendid results which
place the Beacom Supply Co. among
the important retail enterprises of
north central North Carolina.
A spinning a At Prlscllla fair;
John Alden came to woo her there.
So she put down the spinning wheel
While he put up the winning spiel.
Kansas City Times.
Though near death's door, by all the
A man got well who dealt In mines.
For death may love a shining mark.
And yet not love a mining shark,
Chicago Tribune.

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