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No. 52.
Manufacturing and Merchandising ' With' Metro
politan Methods
! '! ;Bon, the county seat of Vance,
,A c of the thriving manufacturing
iii.d tr.'H centers of the. New South,
j- i. .! n i rm the Seaboard Air Line
- S' :tlf rn railroads about one hun
!rM :;!!i thirteen miles southwest of
!! i i hi, V;i., and forty-two miles
r niii of R;;Ifich, N. C, and with its
s:ti':r!s has a population of approxi
nnt. l nine thousand inhabitants.
I :;!!!:: the last decade Henderson
), ti.;nb prt-at strides along indus
tri.i! liri'-s, the mills and factories In
rj.T.-it!(.ri increasing their output and
f,i iiM; s in the form of new buildings
aii.l ;ripment year after year, all of
w!;ii!, has given an Impetus to the
town's .l'-vf lnpment In population and
r.-ifs- ii it to an important position as
H'.'ipping point. The enterprises
vl.U h contribute to the Industrial
n.s-rity of the town are:
K iir colton mills which give em-u-nt
in the aggregate to twelve
-l persons and work up annual-l.j-i&ht
thousand bales of cot
ton. Two bugjry and one body factory
whostj combined working force is
about one hundred and seventy-five
persona - 1
A hairline factory.
I "larue tobacco steiuniery.
An ice plant.
A pl:i it i ntr mill.
Mcurn laundry.
i Min iit block plant.
'H:nc jurist mills.
IhiHiiiie shops and other establish
r 'his of a minor character in the
ihi i liuniral lines.
I-Ynni the above enterprises the fin-i.-!
i I productions are shipped to all
p uts of the country, and the very fact
tiM these have all started up in a
sinail way and developed steadily day
hy day since their inception is proof
conclusive that Henderson possesses
the natural and acquired advantages
(f 1 ation, railroad facilities and la
hiir opportunities, etc., that encourages
and fosters industrial enterprise in
whatovcr form it may appear.
besides the manufacturing plants
inoniioru'd above, Henderson has a
immlior of residences costing from
K'niO to $20,000; the Croatan Club,
cue of the handsomest and most sump
tuously finished social clubs In the
Slate; and about one hundred mer
rnntile establishments.
Its telephone service is ranked as
one of the best in the country, the lo
nl exchange having 350 subscribers
am long distance lines to every sec
tion east of the Mississippi.
As a tobacco market Henderson's
three warehouses draw patronage
from all of Vance and its adjoining
eoin ties. not only in North Carolina,
hut Virginia. All the leading tobacco
manufacturing interests of the United
Siat-B and foreign countries are rep
resented at the daily sales, and with
the e nstawt presence of individual op-
vators buying on order or for specu
lation the bidding is of that spirited
ord.-r which makes for the highest
maiket prices. Several large storage
houses in various parts of the town
afford ample facilities for the recep
tion of cotton and tobacco, so that in
this respect the conditions are excep
tionally favorable.
As a cotton market no town enjoys
Ktter selling opportunities, for buyers
aro kept in constant touch with the
fsrort markets by hourly telegraph
advhes throughout the day alfd where
this advantage prevails the seller is
thoroughly protected. Car loads of
cotton and tobacco are shipped out
daily throughout their seasons and
there is plenty of activity in these
two great staples.
W ithin recent years Henderson has
t- otne an important wholesale cen
ter for groceries, hardware, flour,
fruits and produce, being today a
Fo-iree of supply for as many as twen-ty-the
and thirty counties down to
,: s ... ath Carolina line in some lines
The New Postoffice
of merchandise. Everyone of these
wholesale concerns report constantly
increasing sales and trade territory,
and in this respect the progress made
has been in the nature of a revelation,
for scores of car loads are sold and
shipped direct from the manufacturers
and producers to patrons, never, in
transit, reaching Henderson.
In the retail lines the large Btocks
carried by Henderson's merchants, and
their enterprising and reliable meth
ods, have made Henderson an ever
popular and Important trade center.
Standard goods abound in all lines;
there --is plenty of variety of style,
quality and prices to satisfy all ordi
nary needs and any article out of the
ordinary is secured as rapidly as the
mail and express can deliver it, for
Henderson's merchants can get any
thing that is manufactured and sell
it at a guaranteed pricea price that
protects patrons. There is no excuse
on earth to send away for any need,
but there is a reason, and a good one,
why every dollar should be kept at
home, for the dollar kept at home
develops home enterprises and institu
tions, but sent to the Catalogue houses
it finds investment in the communities
where the proprietors of mail order
concerns reside or are interested in.
So it is the Square Deal to patronize
the home merchant and it is the part
of wisdom to not be allured by pic
tures and misleading descriptions that,
ninety-nine times in one hundred, dis
appoint. ; : ,.
Henderson's municipal ' advantages
comprise a modern electric light plant
which supplies power and illumination
for all the industries, Illuminates the
toTTV nil - tln buniBAsa horses and
many residences . This tdarit is "so
constructed that it can without inter
ruption to its operations keep pace
with the growing demand, by the erec
tions of such additions as may be re
quired from time to time.
A water works supplies service by
means of nine miles of mains built to
all patrs of the town, the aggregate
mileage of service pipes making the
Henderson Water Works system the
largest in the State outside of Ashe
ville. The plant is of the latest filter
ing type and possesses all improve
ments for the best service in the event
of tire or for general uses. A sewer
age system, well paved streets and
cement sidewalks contribute to main
tain healthy conditions and along these
lines it is the established policy of
the people of Henderson to continue
the work of improvement.
Henderson's new city hall, an illus
tration of which appears in this issue,
substantiates the efforts of the citizens
of Henderson to possess every metro
politan advantage. This building will
be equipped when completed with a
clock and bell to ring out the hour
and give the alarm of fire, and the en
tire first floor will be devoted to stable
for horses, hose reel and other fire
fighting apparatus. The upper floors
will be used for municipal offices and
assembly rooms.
Henderson will soon have a new
post-office building, an illustration of
which is here presented in these pages
for the first time. An appropriation
of $75,000 has already been made for
its construction, the site secured and
operations await the word of architect
and builder. Fourteeen people are
employed in the Henderson post-office.
This figure includes five rural and
three city carriers, so one can see that
the business done in Henderson is al
ready of importance and grows con
stantly, for the town is progressing
right along in every direction.
Henderson has six churches, repre-
senting the leading denominations.
These are all presided over by men
of zeal and learning, who inculcate
the Christian spirit which is the foun
dation of the very best citizenship.
All the leading fraternal and benev
olent organizations have their lodge or
assembly rooms in the community and
these are well attended by Hender
son's citizens, keeping alive the char
acteristics of good fellowship and hos
pitality the dominant features of the
be said, no town can excel those to
be Becured at Henderson's public
schools, whose curriculum provides the
scholar with a liberal education in the
O s roT or no
! m f wmL
Y...-VX , - '
(to be erected).
high school grades. The schools are
presided over by experienced and ef
ficient educators who combine moral
training with all their efforts along
educational lines.
An ideal heme location, Henderson
iias many handsome residences, and
the disposition is to build along the
nore pretentious lines and thus secure
the most modern appointments which
combine beauty of architecture with
tppointments that insure , sanitary,
jomfortable and cheerful conditions.
From present indications everything
joints, to a greater Henderson, for the
beginning of upbuilding has only be
gun, and so satisfactory has been the
ipginning that thei incentive is ever
jresent to continue to develop. Thus
the spirit of rQgress characterizes
Henderson and her people sand judged
jy results energy, enterprise and capi
b1 have found and will continue to
ind excellent remuneration.
KbH Z )kf i s - '-.- . v t V. i. - t. ... .
!Vri. & fife? f'i&
The New
Henderson being the birth-puace, the
home and the headquarters of the
Home Telephone and Telegraph Co.,
an organization whose growth and
development have greatly surpassed
the most sanguine expectations of its
promoters, it is but appropriate that
some mention of its career be contain
ed in this edition for the all good and
sufficient reasons that it has been it
self an ever fruitful source of the great
progress that has characterized this
entire section of the country in-jgecent
years, and because, two, it is, and
ought to be, a source of pride to the
community in which it flourishes. The
Home Telephone & Telegraph Co., was
organized and began business in Hen
derson in the year 1895, starting oper
ations with a total of fifty subscribers,
and a paid-up capital of only $3,000.
At this time there were practically
no telephones in this particular sec
tion and efforts were confined simply j
to supplying and maintaining a local
service. The promoters of the organ
ization being progressive in their
methods and policies, and opportuni
ties for development abounding in
every direction, the Henderson system
was extended from time to time until
it reached every part of Vance- c.png i
e1air8ineel3"oToperation3 has been
constantly increased until, to-day, con
struction work and installation covers
thirty-one counties in North: Carolina
and Virginia requiring about the same
number of exchanges. Some idea of
the remarkable progress that has been
made during its fourteen years' career,
and which has been achieved through
an alert and able management and by
the adoption of the most improved
facilities in construction and equip
ment, may be arrived at when it Is
known that this Company has a paid
up capital of $500,000, has now in
operation about thirty-five hundred
subscriber stations, and over twelve
hundred and fifty miles of metallic toll
lines and by a traffic arrangement
with the Southern Bell and American
Telephone and Telegraph Co., makes
accessible to patrons all the territory
of the United States east or the Mis
sissippi river. No money has been
spared in stringing copper metallic
circuits for long distance service nor
for the very latest electrical appliances
and appointments in all the exchanges
operated, so that the entire plant is
thoroughly modern and complete down
to the veriest detail. The officers of
the Home Telephone & Telegraph Co.,
are J. P. Taylor, president; J. R.
Teague, assistant secretary and treas
urer and F. C. Toepleman, general
manager. J. R. Taylor has been iden
tified with the company almost from
its inception and is among North Car
olina's representative citizens and bus
iness men. J. R. Teague, also cne of
the esteemed citizens of the commun
ity, bas rendered effective co-operation i
in the building up of the organization j
to its splendid proportions. To F. C.
Toepleman in bis capacity of general
manager has devolved the responsible
duties of planning and shaping the pol
icy of the Oompnny and of guiding its
ear eer of development in which, as re
sults show, he has been ever resource
nil fn both business and executive
ability, being ranked a3 one cf the
Soutb's foremost telephone men'. He
has taken a prominent part in the up
building and development of the east
ern section of North Carolina and Vir
ginia ; through-the extension - of the
telephone system, for it is an acknowl
edged fact that the telephone,' next to
the railroad, is the most potent fac
tor in the development of any sec-
Town Hall.
tion, bringing towns and villages to
gether and making near neighbors ot
those living miles apart.
North Carolina Cotton Oil Company.
There is no denying the fact that
the enterprises throughout the country
engaged in the production and refining
of cotton seed oil have accomplished
great results for the farmers by creat
ing a market for cotton seed, which
not many years ago was treated as
refuse and as of little or " no value
whatever. Nor were these great re
sults accomplished without the outlay
of great, fortunes in the aggregate in
perfecting the process of refining, in
adapting cotton. seed oil to tne needs
of the pepple for food in many forms
ind in educating the people up to a
realization of its health promoting
iualities. For on the very last analy
sis the discovery of the food properties
af cotton seed oil and its subsequent
uses as such have created a market
for the one-time valueless cotton seed
;o the great gain of the farmer. There
fore, it is that concerns like the North
Carolina Cotton Seed Oil Company axe
among the imnig-'go regarded by pro
i'2yPv and" consumers alike every
where. To Henderson the erection of
a mill by this company in 1902 and
its subsequent operations, have been
a valuable acquisition, for it at once
established a convenient and an acces
sible market for the cotton seed of
this entire section, and likewise be
came a nearby source of supply for
hulls, meal ard for fertilizers which
are compounds of the cotton seed and
other plant nourishing substances
from whicn ine very ursi jcbuho
tobacco and cotton cultivation have
been secured. The Henderson mill of
the North Carolina Cotton Oil Com
pany is what is termed a three-press
mill and occupies a tract of land on a
spur track of the Seaboard immediate
ly beyond the southern limits of the
town. The plant consists oi aeienu
buildings, the oil mill proper, the seed
cleaning house, the fertilizer ware
house, and the hull storage house, in
all of which a force of from thirty to
thirty-five men are employed during
the twenty-four hours, for operations
are continuous day and night. During
recent years the Henderson Oil Mill
high grade fertilizers have increased
rapidly in favor among growers of
cotton and tobacco, for farmers have
learned to their cos t the felly of pay
ing freights on goods of doubtful value,
when they can secure at home produc
tions whose merits have been thor
oughly established by actual crop tests,
and whose use means a saving of
money from every possible standpoint.
These fertilizers are known in the
market as the Henderson, Pride of
Vance, and U Need It all of which
secure splendid results in the growing
of tobacco and cottcn and being pre
pared under different formulas that
supply to each plant the greatest de
gree of nourishment. These fertilizers
are for sale by the leading dealers ev
erywhere throughout this section who
secure tbem in all their strength and
purity direct from the mill, an ad
vantage which is also well worth con
sideration. The manager of the Hen
ieison Oil Mills fcr the company is
v". E. Sehroeder; who has been con
nected with tie plant in this capacity
for the past four years, during which
time, as a resident of Henderson, he
has become thoroughly identified with
be interests of the community and is
among these whose efforts ;are being
onstantly, directed to the upbuilding
the town in every way possible. Be
ing among the younger and progreB
?ive citizens bis co-operation is effec
tive and can always be relied cn.
C. V. Singleton, General Manager.
, It has been remarked elsewhere in
this issue that Henderson has shown
marked progress within recent years
in the wholesale lines, and it can here
be added with truth that the inception
and development of the Seaboard Feed
& Produce Co. has been a contribut
ing factor to the splendid results
achieved. This concern began bus
iness as a new enterprise in Septem
ber, 1906, for the purpose of supply
ing the trade with feed of all kinds
from the hay and grain fields of the
West an1 fruits and produce from the
leading distributing markets.
was the encouragement experienced in'
the early days of the business that it
was determined to install a plant r
the grinding of corn meal, and during
the following February ' the popular
Seaboard Meal was placed on the mar
ket a production which, because oof
its excellence has met with a constant
ly increasing demand, wherever and
whenever introduced. - This plant has
a capacity of one thousand bushels of
meal daily, being shipped all through
North Carolina and portions of South
Carolina. The Seaboard Feed & Pro-;
iuce Co. are headquarters for hay,
rain, mill feed; also fruits, especially
'.pples, oranges and bananas and such
vegetables as cabbage, potatoes and
jiiions. The business is conducted on
i scale of magnitude that secures bed
.xck prices at the original sources
:f supply, for car load purchases are
he rule, many .car loads of one single
ommodity being purchased at one
.ime when market cenditioas justify
uch a policy. All turougLout North
.'arolina the Seaboard Feed & Produce
"o. have, during a comparative brief
ut successful career, built up a splen
lid patronage, composed of leading
merchants in the retail lines, and ev
ry day brings in the names of new
satrons, who seek the excellent advan
ages this concern offei3. The officers
f the concern are H. T. Morris, presi
dent; C. V. Singleton, vice-president
ind general manager; E. B. Taylor,
secretary, and J. H. Brodie, treasurer.
All are among Henderson's leading
citizens and in this instance they are
to be especially congratulated for
founding and building up to its pres
ent splendid proportions an enterprise
which is regarded by the most alert
among the retail trade of the country
a money saving, reliable and excellent
source of supply for all their require
ments in feed, fruits and produce.
Lumber, Sash, Doors, Mantels and
Bnilding Materials.
In Henderson the market for build
ing materials of all kinds can be
said to be of the most satisfactory
character as compared with towns all
over the country similarly situated
Sareipnc'te8 "oy carload purchases from
the original sources of supply; carry
stocks sufficiently large and complete
to guarantee prompt delivery on short
notice, and, if anything unusual is de
sired, it can be secured at the lowest
possible cost to patrons. These ob
servations apply especially to the es
tablishment conducted by John B.
Watkins, an enterprise well and fav
orably known to contractors and build
era all over Vance and its adjoiniig
counties and regarded as being one
of the reliable concerns doing business
in this sectiion. At the N atkln ware
house can always be found a full line
of builders supplies in turned work,
moulding, ceiling, sash, doors, blinds,
door and window frames, rough and
dressed lumber, cement and materials
for structural work generally. A spec
ial department is devoted to a display
of mantels and tiles, and the famous
Cahill grate, which gives more heat
and consumes less coal than any other
grate ever invented, and for which
ir Watkins has an exclusive agency
a this section, all being set up in a
raiiotv nf Btvles so as to afford the
matron the most favorable facilities to
-ake a satisfactory selection. Esti
mates are furnished for complete bills
f building materials and in full pos
eesion of every advantage known to
fcis particular branch of trade the
owtst, guaranteed prices are quoted.
i " .
Mr. John B. Watkins, the owner and
manager cf this business, has been
identified with his present line since
1883, and during the intervening
icriod has built up a patronage which
s c'ompesed cf the leading proprty
iwners and builders throughout this
-ecticn for miles in every direction.
A native of eld Granville county, he
ias been in constant association
'hroughout a lifetime with the people
of the community and enjoys today ap
a result of thorough integrity and re
liability in all trade relations popular
conf dence and esteem. So that as a
supply depot for building materials the
Watkins establishment can be relied
on to co-operate effectually in the up
building and development of Hender
son by a service to furnish all needs
in the building lines that is prompt
and reliable and by prices that are the
very lowest because all middle men
who add to the cost, but never to the
quality, are eliminated and inside and
fractional prices at the original source
of supply are the sure and safe basis
on which the business is conducted.
Planing Mills. Dealer In Lumber.
The planing mills owned and ope
rated by R. R. Pinkston, and which he
was ' instrumt ntnl in establishing in
1S&2, have during their entire career
maintained for contractors, propeny
ivners and the public generally the
)ronounced advantages of convenience
and fair prices to secure their needs
for such materials as are required in
the structural lines, such as ceiling,
flooring, moulding, stairwork and
round and square work generally. It
was the first mill of its kind to be
operated in Henderson and the only
one to-day in the community. It there
fore can be seen that a steady and an
increasing patronage is assured in fu
ture months and years for Henderson
itself is developing rapidly, likewise
the surrounding country, which means
constant activity in the building lines
and demand for the services of the
planing mill. The Pinkston planing
mill is in operation daily and is
equipped with the required machinery
and appliances to turn out the most
satisfactory work. It is conveniently
situated along the tracks of the Sea
board and Southern railroads, so that
the expense of hauling carload ship
ments of stocks of lumber are re
duced to the minimum. A nice busi
ness has always been done in supply
ing popular needs for rough and
dressed lumber, orders being received
from patrons living in Henderson and
the surrounding country constantly.
R. R. Pinkston, the owner and one of
the founders of this enterprise, is a
native of Wadesboro, N. C, where he
lived until he reached the age of six
teen, whon he became apprenticed to
the carpenter trade and whilst serving
his time, a period of five years, he re
sided at Yorkville and Charlotte, N. C.
Nashville, Tenn., and several points in
Arkansas, until he had qualified him
self as a mechanic and "got his tools."
Subsequently he came back to Raleigh
where he married. After Ris mar
riage, he followed his trade at Wilson's
Mill and at Carey for several years,
finally settling down in Raleigh, where
he became a member of the firm of
Ellington, Royster &Co.. which busi
ness was later destroyed by fire. In
1882 as senior member of the firm of
Pinkston, Sharon & Co., he assisted in
installing a plant for a planing mill
at Henderson, and in 1891 acquired
sole ownership and management of
Vance Countj
ii spiral
U Wp- 'rt k -
F 1 3 1 I
t r-f ml- l.-fe-t
SMmr r?
HI 5
Graded ScliooL
ie business whkh he still retaiua. As
mechanic Mr. Pinkston has worked ',
n a number of noted buildings ,
irougout North Can Una, ami ng these
fiS Tucker Hall at RaldKh. the,
"piscopal Church at Taiboro. nnd oth- ,
rs. IK- alRf served at the front dur- ,'
ig the Civil War, being a soldier in
c mpany C, Fourteenth North Caro- (
in Infantry, and , rendered faithful
.rviee. lie is among Henderson's e
diu'd citizens and business nu n. of
vbom it an be truly said that be en
oyg the confidence and esteem of all. ,
V. lover of children, his friends are
Many among tbe little ons who greet
im joyfully on all c iiflons as their
Viend. companion and Wnefactur.
'.lard wans Stoies, Palntx, Farm In
plemrnts. It can be safely asserted that the ;
narket conditions that constantly pre- ;
?ail in Henderson In the hardware
line cannot be excelled, for the stocks
cover the widest possible range of
npeds; there is an ample variety ot .
quality and price to satisfy all condl-
tions and purposes, and an abundance
of standard productions In all lines.
This statement applies with especial
i-'.inLtj to the hardware l;".tBlnesa
cci ducted by Daniel & Co.. which oc
cupies the double store. Nos. 2H and
216 south Garnett street. , On enter
ing this establishment one is struck
with the admirable method of the
stock arrangement, each line and er-
erything pertaining to it occupying' a
j particular, division of the store or
: space on shelving and In drawers, bo
that it is possible to place one's hand
on any desired article at a moment'
notice, and not keep the custorner
Waiting and in suspense whilst search
is being made an experience not un
I common in many stores, and hardware
stores especially for the stocks
abound In a thousand and one varieties
for as many purposes. At the Daniel
Hardware Store the feature of com
pleteness In all lines indicates that
the needs of the contractor, property
owner, mechanic, former and house
keeper have been anticipated for these
needs are promptly supplied by select
collections of building hardware, cut
lery and kitchen hardware, mechanic
and gardener' tools, guns and ammu
nition, paints and painters' supplies,
-toves and ranger, saddlery goods,
"arm implements and farm supplies
tenerally. All these productions are
iurcbasfd direct from the manufac
urers in carload lots In a number of
Mnes, but always In such quantities
is srcure bed rock wholesale Invoice
irlcrs and the very best discounts. As
buyer Mr. Daniel possesses excep
'ional advantages, having been for
ears engaged In the wholesale hard-,
vare business In Baltimore, and the
'inoweldge and experience thus ac-
luired tend to keep cost down to the
lowest possible figures. Standard
Toods from manufacturers of estab-t
lished reputation are found In every
lepartment, as can be seen by the
"onstant recurrence here, there and
everywhere of popular brands and
trademarks, however, this establish
rnent handles exclusively tbe celebrat
ed Buck's stoves and heaters, among
the very best productions of the foun
dry man's skill on tbe market; tbe
Oliver chilled plows, the Davis One
Hundred Per Cent pure paints, tbe
Lucas paints and other equally well
known productions.

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