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Pcnding investment of idle funds we call at
tention to our
Certificates of Deposits
which are payable on demand; transferable by
endorsement; negotiable at any Bank, and earn
ing interest at varying rates; depending on
length of time money remains on deposit.
Correspondence or personal interview in
vited. Citizens Bank of Henderson,
On Lumber, Lime, Shingles
Doors, Windows, Frames, Oak
Mantels, Tiles, Cahill Grates.
t; .
v i
FOR SALE The Henry 1'irie
limnc place situated one mile from
n ciuitaiiiiiiK acres, or an addi-i.-i!
7", acres adjoining if purchaser
Tcrnm will be made to suit pur--;
Applv to
Henderson, N. C.
I 1
haw for sale a 2-horse power
line engine. Good as new. Will be
i ;ij for cash. Appy to
Henderson. N. C.
I "''!: i;i;.T New six-room dwelling
rioti.e on ( havasse avenue. Good
u i "I water on premises. Apply to
W. E. 15 It AD Y.
m: SALE I offer for sale my new
re-ideuce in course of construction,
mi I'liextnut and Orange streets.
i i I5KEI) POULTRY Some very
X tine White Leghorn roosters and
j,!,r.-tn. Rhode Island Heda and Barred
I'l . rn.-uth Rocks for sale.
1 r AN'l "ED, TO EXCHANGE Travel-
iiig man owning residence iu
i in iiilinro, N. ('., is desirous of exchang
ing for nn s of equal value in Henderson.
Vl.lress BOX 018,
Greensboro, N. C.
rpili: SI'U DEPARTMENT, Office of
1 the Supervising Architect, Wash
ington. I. C, January l.'L 1!)10. Notice
n !i. ri liv given that the time foropening
hiN for the construction (including
p! unit Ting, gas jiiping, heating apparatus,
i ' 1 1 -i- conduits and wiring) at the United
Staffs l'ost Otlice, Henderson, North
i irolina. has been extended from Janu
ary 17. l'.Hii. to t o'clock P. M., Tebru
ay l'tli. lllo. James Knox Taylor,
Supervising Architect.
Mr.-. J. Davis Keid of Portsmouth,
i , i visiting Mrs. It. J. Corbitt in
I leinlersotl.
Mrs. Wall of Maryland, is visiting
li r l.iuir!iter, Mr.s. J. P. Taylor, iu
Mrs. Fr.
New York
Mrs II. .1.
ink Hriggs Carpenter, of
, is the charming guest of
Miss Pat tin Morgan of Shawboro,
is visiting her sister, Mrs. I). Y.
i oper, Jr., in Henderson.
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Corbitt of
Portsmouth, Va., have been visiting
it lleiinerson the past week.
Mrs. Harry Harper, who has been
quite sick since New Year's day, Las
s far recovered as to be able to be
up again.
W. K. Brady advertises a new six
I'iohi dwelling house on Chavasse
avenue for rent, (lood well of water
on premises.
D. L. Parker advertises a good
:-! i "! power gasoline engiri'
il.-. In perfect condition as
e for
as Lew tint will uesoiu at a uargain
for ea-h.
K. M.Crowder advertises some very
tine prnv bred poultry for sale. White
Leghorns, Rhode Island Heds and
birred Plymouth Rocks. Roosters
and pullets.
Mr. John Daniel has returned from
Gr.-ensboro where he went to spend a
tew davs with his son, Mr. darland
Daniel, and see how that grandson
is developing and growing more like
hi-- "old grand dad."
Prf. J. T. Alderman, Messrs. A. J
lbirris and J. R. Owen attended the
Grind Lodge of Masons in Raleigh
last week. There was a large attend
an..- and the occasion was a most
ei ;,vable and profitable one.
i tie iieorge A. Kose tompany an-
i.o'iure that their new line of sprin
dre-s goods, embroideries, &c.,is now
"ti sale, and a cordial invitation is
'A'.i'tided the ladies to call and exam
ine their stock and compare their
Mrs P. A. Irving of Richmond, Ya.
s the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. P
1 r As Miss Lucy Taylor she
' fly lived in Henderson and was
v v popular, and it gives pleasure
r friends and admirers to see
i ilerson was represented at the
' "'..e-i s Movement meeting in
' shoro last week bv Messrs. D.
Vl Ilirdee. F. C. Toenleman. S. ft
' a
. P.
It. SJatterwhite, J.' A.
Cooper and Rev. I. W.
Mr Leak Peace representing the
'.iishoro Daily News, paid the
1 1' ! i 1 -1 ' l' a pleasant call one day
'-" week. He likes Henderson and
'f lerson people so well he may de
' 1 e to make this place his home per
iiifiitly. l i e Rev. M. MeCr Shields, 6uperin-
-tit of theSynodieal Home Mis-
' -. will fill the pulpit of the Pres-:v'-rian
church next Sundav, Jan-
-orti, morning and evening.
i!l also preach at Brookston in
' afternoon.
Pneumonia Follows a Cold
t ;,. r follows the uee of Foley's Honey
1 ;ir. w hich stops the couch, heals the
aiM; ppels the cold from your system.
l uned ankle will usually disable the
1 J person for three or four weeks. This
to iai k of proper treatment. When
, " liniment is applied a cure
lp effected in three or four davs. This
"nr is onp of the best and most remark-
-"parationsin une. Sold by all dealers
..u art-Buffering from biliousness, con-
. . """KTOuon, enronic Headache, in'
1 -! ,;', u'T in a Postal card, send to Cham
M-lKMneCo..Des Moines W -arith
rid t). . -i T7 "wu"o (uaiuiy on ine oacK,
r.arraM. " IO,rwarJ you a free sample of
n mm 8 rsrnmonh n. T : tvi.a
run e s-AH i
i an ualprs.
The Northern blizzard and snow
storm that had New York Citv grip
ped in its embrace a few davs ago, did
not hit us very hard. But we had
quite enough to satisfy us. There
are some things we do not want just
because others have it.
Mr. R. S. McCoin returned Tuesday
afternoon from Richmond where be
has been for several weeks at a hos
pital undergoing treatment. His
friends are gratified at his improved
condition and hope he will soon be
restored to perfect health again.
After spending the holidays with
relatives and friends in Henderson,
Mr. and. Mrs. I). M. Dunlop have
gone to Rosemary to spend awhile
with Mr. and Mrs. C.A.Wjche. They
will also visit in Petersburg and Rich
mond before returning to their home
in Baltimore.
Married, at the home of Mr. B. B.
Collins, father of the bride, on Janu
ary 10th, 1910, Mr. George Wheeler
and Miss Nannie E. Collins, all of
Henderson. Rev. Jere Reeves per
formed the ceremony, only a few im
mediate friends and members of the
family being present.
As will be seen by advertisement
to that effect published elsewhere, the
time for opening bids for the con
struction of the new government
(postoffice) building in Henderson,
has been extended from January
17th to February 18th. Opportuni
ty is yet offered to put in bids by per
sons who may wish to do so.
Mrs. D. Y. Cooper attended the ex
ercises incident to the opening of the
industrial building of the Stonewall
Jackson Manual Training and Indus
trial fecnool.and the reception to Mr.
and Mrs. Roth, at Concord last week.
Mrs. Cooper is one of the trustees and
takes a lively interest in whatever
concerns this institution.
Just as we expected would be the
case, contract for constructing the
new government (postoffice) building
was not awarded last Monday. Ac
cording to advertisement, bids were
to be opened on the 17th, but for
some cause which must be good and
sufficient to the Dowers that be in
Washington, the time has been ex
tended to February 18th.
Bear in mind the auction sale of
town lots to be held next Tuesday,
t n-. I rru T rr,
January ocn. ineur. xurner prop
erty, desirably situated in one of
the nicest parts of the town, conven
ient to business centre. About 50
lots to be disposed of, at your own
price, on easy terms, oee advertise
ment on the first page of the Gold
Leaf for further information.
Perhaps they -did the best they
could with the material thev had.
but the "high salaried vaudeville ar
tists"did notshow up in the perform
ance of The Strollers at the Grand
Theatre Friday night, as advertised.
It might have seemed better had it
not suffered in comparison with such
a fine attraction as the Eight Yassar
Girls coming just ahead of it.
The D. D. Overton place on the
Northwest corner of Young and
Chestnut streets, just across from R.
J. Southerland's residence is offered
for sale. House in good repair, six
rooms, two stories, over an acre in
lot. Nicely situated and convenient
to business part of town. Can be
bought on easy terms. See adver
tisement in another column.
As will be seen by advertisement
elsewhere Mr. W. W. Parker offers his
new residence in course of construe
tion, corner of Chestnut and Orange
streets, for sale, 1 or reasons which
are understood by his friends Mr.
Parker does not desire now to com
plete and occupy the house himself,
This is very desirable property and
can be made a beautiful place. Per
son who wishes to buy a nice home
would do well to see Mr. Farker.
We were pleased to have a call
yesterdav from Mr. Joseph V. Pe
Mars, representing the Acme White
Iead and Color orks, Detroit,
Michigan, said to be the largest paint
and varnish plant in the world, who
was here interviewing our dealers in
the interest of his concern. The Acme
Quality kind of paints, enamels,
stains, varnishes, etc., stand at the
head of goods of this class and are
sold everywhere.
Mr. J. B. Allen is at the A. & M
Collesre takinsr a special course in
dairying, but will be on hand to at
tend the Farmers Institutes in this
county on the 2nd and 3rd of Febru
ary, he being chairman or the insti
tute committee for ance county,
Mr. Allen is proprietor of the Fair
view .barm, ana is one oi vance
county s most progressive young
farmers, making a specialty of dairy
paoducts, Jersey cattle and Poland
China swine.
The peculiar properties of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedr have been thoroughly tqgted
during epidemics ot mnuenza, ana wnen it
was taken in time we have not heard of a
single case of pneumonia. Sold by all dealers.
Card of Thanks.
I wish to thank my friends for their
kindness to me and mineonthe occa
sion of my recent bereavement, and
assure one and all of my deep appre
ciation of same. Such acts of neigh
borly love and sympathy do much
to strengthen and comfort in' the
time of loneliness and sorrow follow
ing these dispensations of God'e
providence. . . .
, ' : W. TV. PARKER.
Simple Remedy for LaQrlppe.
LaGrippe coughs are dangerous, as they
frequently develop intophenumonia Foley's
Honey and Tar not only stops thecongh. but
heals and strengthens the lungs so that no
serious results need be feared. The genuine
Foley's Honey and Tar contains no harmful
drugs and is in a yellow package. Sold by
Grand Auction Sale of Town Lots.
As will be seen by advertisement
drinted on the first nacre of the Gold
; JLEaf this week, there will be a grand
. j.-,
auction sale of town- lots next Tues
day, January 2oth, beginning at 11
o clock A. M., on the premises. This
is desirable property for residence
purposes, situated on College street.
. w o
Tanyard and Walden avenues, near
the business centre of the town, post-
office and railroad station. About
50 lots to be sold, in one of the nicest
parts of the town, this sale will no
doubt attract a large crowd. Sale
will beunderthftauspicesof the Amer
ican Realty & Auction Company,
Greensboro, N. C, and the Suburban
Realty &, Auction Company, Raleigh,
N. C, the famous Penny Brothers
the twin auctioneers, being in charge,
Free band concert and valuable
przes to be given away.
Do not forget the day and date if
you want to ouy Henderson real es
tate that will surely increase in value
or prove a cheap and desirable site
on which to build a home.
Want to Exchange Property?
As will be seen by advertisement in
Want Column, a traveling man own
ing residence in Greensboro, desires
to exchange same for one of equal
value in Henderson. Reasons for
wishing to exchange is that he has
changed his business and covering
the territory he will have hereafter it
will be more convenient to travel out
of Henderson. If interested address
Box 618, Greensboro, N. C.
Moved Place of Business.
Burwell H. Bullock gives notice
that he has moved next to Kerner-
MacNair's drug store (Muscovitz's
old stand) where he will continue the
fish and oyster business as hereto
fore. He will handle oysters in sea
sonup to the nrst or middle of
April but fish, like time, will go
right on along every day from Tues
day until Saturday. Shipments are
made every morning as the fish are
taken right out of the water, and
satisfaction is guaranteed as to
Home on a Visit.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Sneed came
from High Point Wednesday to
spend a lew days with their people
in this county. Mr. Sneed is princi-
al of one ot the erraded schools in
h Point, and as some cases of
small pox have developed in the
community it was thought best to
suspend the schools and abandon the
assembling of promiscuous -crowds
in public places for awhile. Pending
his enforced idleness, Mr. Sneed im
proved the opportunity to come
home and is now at his father s (Mr.
P. B. Sneed's) in the Williamsboro
Dancing Academy.
Mr. W. H. Allmon of Rockingham.
N. C, is here for the purpose of or
ganizing a dancing class and will
open tonight in the armory of the
Vance Guards, (old Cooper Opera
House.) fle has met with consider
able encouragement and expects to
start with a good attendance. Mr.
Allmon has had large experience in
this line of work and comes highly
endorsed as to his character, fitness
and proficiency in teaching the art
of dancing, grace, ease and natural
ness, lie has instructed classes at
Chapel Hill and is laown to some of
our young men.
1 he children s class will start at 3
o'clock Saturday afternoon. Parents
are especially invited to be present at
tnat time il possible.
Rare Musical Treat Indeed.
The entertainment given by. the
Eight VassarGirls at the Grand The
atre last Friday night, was a "top
notcher" in every particular. Hen
derson has never had anything finer
ot tne Kina. ine company is con-f
-posed of talented and accomplished
young ladies, each one an adapt at
E laying on not only one but several
inds of -musical instruments, and
the performance was of a very high
order. The program consisted of in
stumental music with vocal selec
tions. The instruments used were
piano, saxaphones, cornets, trom
bones, clarionets, flageolets, violin,
etc. Henderson music lovers have
had the pleasure of enjoying some
excellent attractions, as good as
they have anywhere, but without
doubt the concert given by these
clever performers last Friday even
ing must be numbered among the
best if not the most delightful, yet
the Piles, no matter how long you have suf
fered. It will eradicate the disease from the
svstm FOREVER.
'SATISFACTION, or yourmoney BACK. At
Thomas Brothers', Henderson, X. C.
I o
I offer for sale my house and lot situate on
the JNorthwest corner of xoung and Chest
nut streets, (the old D.D.Overton place) just
across from R.J. Southerland's residence and
property of Dr. J. R Moss. Six room dwell
iug, two stories, in good repair. Over one
acre in lot. Will sell at a price that will
make it a good investment or a desirable
home at moderate cost. For further infor
mation address
Greenville, N. C
:Ready-Made Underwear
Monday. Jan. 17,
We will inaugurate our regular
January sale of
Ready-Made Underwear.
The biggest line we have
ever had.
fir. J.V.Stmms, Publisher of the Ral
eigh Times, to Begin Publication of
New Paper to be Called the Header,
son Times, About the First of Feb
ruary. 1
"We had an agreeable call last
Thursday from Mr. J. V. Simms,
publisher of the Raleigh Evening
Times, the object of whose visit to
Henderson is explained in the article
printed below which appeared in the
Times of Friday. Mr. Simms is a
young man of energy, enterprise and
ability, and as a newspaper man i.f
has made good, nis success with the
Raleigh Times in pulling it out of the
slough of financial despond and mak
ing it a paying proposition has been
a signal achievement in newspaper
annals of the capital city, and if any
one can "turn the trick" here or else
where in a similar undertaking we
take it vaat Mr. Simms can. At any
rute the Go,ld Leaf gives him cor
dial welcome and extends the hand ot
fraternal greeting aqd good wishes
in advance of his coming.- '
The article in question follows:
Mr. J. V. Simms, publisher of The Even
ing Times, spent yesterday in Hender
son, where he is arranging to open a new
paper about February 1st. .
Aftef his return today he said:
"Yes, I am making plans and arrange
ments to open up an office in Henderson
and publish a new weekly paper there. I
have secured some nice offices on the
second floor of the postoffice building
and this will give me a very desirable
location, in fact it ia the very best and
most convenient to all the business sec
tion of Henderson. I am now negotia
ting with a eood man for editor and
manager and if I secure him I hope to be
gin this paper by February 1st. It is my
intention to begin an eight page weekly,
with full telegraph and State news and
all the local news of Henderson and the
surrounding section. The paper will he
known ae The Henderson Times and if it's
a success will be made a semi-weekly and
improved as the conditions demand.
Henderson is a live and growing young
city, and is in one of the finest sections
in the State, and I believe a live, progres
ei ve paper that will boost the town will
be a good proposition."
Passing through on his way to
Jacksonville, Fla.,to spend awhile in
rest and recreation, Mr. Louis Mead
or of Richmond, stopped over and
spent last night with the family of
Mr. J ohn B. W atkins. Mr. Meador for
merly lived in Henderson and is well
remembered by many of our citizens.
His father was at one time engaged
in the mercantile business here a
member of the firm of 'Knight . &
Meador and both father and 6on
have many friends among our peo
ple. Louis, as he ia still familiarly
known by his friends here has added
years to his age if not inches to his
stature since he left and is now a
married man with a family and is do
ing well, holding a responsible posi
tion with one of the largest mercan
tile houses in Richmond.
Best for coughs and colds is Kennedvs's
Laxative Cough Syrup. It moves the bowels
freely yet gently and thereby drives the cold
from the system. It stops the cough. Chil
dren like it pleasant to take. Sold by all
"Parsifal" Was Great.
If Manager Poythress does not
give us anything better this season
be can afford to rest on the laurels
won Tuesday night by "Parsifal." A
stronger play has not been seen in
Henderson. It was superb, elaborate
ly staged and strongly acted an ad
mirable production throughout. The
scenery was beautiful, the electrical
effects unique, the costumes pretty
and appropriate.
Messrs. Martin & Lmery promised
much in ''Parsifal," and they, met
every expectation. It is a great pro
duction splendidly presented by a
strong acting company. The cast is
well selected aud nicely balanced,
each performer seemingly peculiarly
htted for .his or her part, and il one
apparently does the better work and
wins the greater iavor it is because ot
the wider range for histrionic display
or the more pleasing character he
has rather than to the truer concep
tion or more faithful portrayal of the
role essayed. .
While all were good the work oi
Mr. John Rigney as Parsifal, Mr.
Barrett as Klinschor, Mr. Herbert as
Dwerger, an Impish servant of the
Klinschor, Mr. Sloman asAnfortas,
Mr. Roth, Mr. Grauman and Miss
Anna May as Kundry, was exception
ally fine. Their acting would be dif
ficult to improve upon.
The audience was not what the
production merited. Rain no doubt
kept a good many persons away, but
we are sure if. they had realized the
very unusual treat they missed it
would have required more than rain
and wind and reasonable distance to
deprive them of it.
About iio or 40 persons came Irom
Oxford whereas it was expected that
80 or 100 would come. The rain in
terfered and the small number of-
tickets sold did not justify the run
ning of a special train to take them
back. Those who came spent the
night in Henderson.
The greatest danger from influenza is o
its resulting in pneumonia. J bis can be
obviated by using Chamberlain's Cough
Itemedy, as it not only cures influenza, but
counteracts any tendency of the disease to
wards pneumonia. Sold by all dealers. ;
3 Bales of Cotton Per Acre
Mr. John B. Broadwelj averaged three bales of
cotton per acre on his entire crop by using fertilizers
at the rate of 1,000' pounds per acre. You should be
able to do as well as Mr.:Broadwell
By Using
Get a copy of our 1910 Farmers' Year Book or Almanac
from your fertilizer dealer, or write us for a free copy.
Mr. Broadwell tells in this book his own story of how
he got this big yield.'
Kichnot4. Va.
Norfolk. Vfc
Mail si thlt Coupon
Colambta, S. C.
Durham, N. C.
Wiastoa-Salcm, N. C
Charleston, 8. C.
Battiaote, Md.
Colambn. Ca.
Mofir"T. Ala.
Mcsvaia. Teaa.
l&Miaaon. La,
Plcne kb4 k a copy of yoaf 1910
Fame ' Ycu Book free of cost.
Towa ....... ............
Pupils Whose Names Appeared on the
Monthly honor Roll of the Central
Graded School as Read Out Before
The Trusters and Visitors Janu
ary nth.
The u.-u;il exercises incident to
reading the monthly honor roll were
held at. the Central Graded School
Tuesday, Jan. 11th. Following was
the program:
1. Ilecitntiou, bible Verst-9, St. Luke II
H. Prayer. Uev. J. A. McClure.
3. Sons, Little Town of I5ethleheru.
4. Recitation. The Fifteenth Hirthday
of Agaisiz.
Keadins of Honor Roll.
Sonjr, Creation.
Address, Dr. A. S. Pendleton.
Son. Hockiit' Time.
Elizabeth llarris, Catharine Miller,
Kate Mubtian, Elizabeth Pearson, Libby
Quails, Jessie Hoth, John Alderman,
Marshall Cooper, Frank Falkner. Davis
Falkner, Clarke Harris, Fred Hayes,
Hert Hancock. Wallace Newman, Walter
Rowland, James Tyler, Alfred Wester,
Robert Gill Young, Andrew Fineb, J-Jd-win
Fuller Parham. Cary Wallace.
Carrie Cheatham, Eleanor Chesson,
Edna Garlick. Mary Clegg Goodrich,
Mary Taylor. Mildred Wester.
Josephine Craven, AHse Aycock, Sadie
Stone, Alice Cheek, Anabel Futrell, Sadie
;IIart, Emily Henderson, Mildred Rankin.
Lee Falkner, John Thomas, James
Nelson, Thomas Smaw, Henry Cooper,
lydward Duke.
Wilbur Perry, SaiJie White, Runyou
Tyler, Andrew Newcomb, Tom Skinner
Kittrell, Dorothy Harris,,Mildred Whit
lock, Newell Candell, Alice Ellis. Linier
Payne, Minnie Mangum, Elizabeth Fox,
Melvin Mathews, Nathaniel Macon, Theo
Muriel Craven, Francis Harris, Kath
leen Benton, Clyde Hight, Paul Keeler,
Elizabeth Dorsey, Norwood Thomas,
Glenn Bobbitt.
Louise Smaw, Elizabeth Corbitt, Char
lie Baskett, Mabel Pearson, Boyd Kim
ball, Janie Elmore, Elizabeth Souther
land, Nellie Rose, Lillian Stallings.
Earle Harris, Ruth Roth.
Annie Smaw, Mary At wood, Katie
Bunn, Wortley Hays.
Lessie Tyler, Lilian Mangum, Clara
Mary Butler, Christine Thomas, Lottie
Making Life Safer.
Everywhere life is being made more safe
through the work of lr. King's New Life
l'flls in Constipation. ISilliousness, Dyspepsia.
Indigestion, Liver Troubles, Kidney Diseases
and Bowel Disorders They are easy, but
sure, and perfectly build up the health. :5c
at Meiville Dorsey 'h.
. - . .
Business Changes Hands.
The Raleigh Pepsi-Cola. Company
have bought -out Mr. I). L". Parker
in the Henderson Bottling Works,
and will operate the same in the fu
ture. sMr. S. J. Lane, who has here
tofore done the traveling for the
Raleigh and Durham plants, will be
manager in charge. He will remove
his family (wife and one child, a little
boy) here about the first of Febru
ary and will occupy the Tom. Row
land residence on Andrews avenue.
Mr. Lane comes well recommended
as an energetic and reliable business
man and good citizen and on previ
ous visits he has made a number of
friends here.
Mr. Parker retains some stock in
the concern and asks for his success
ors a continuance of the patronage
that has been given him.
A Bottle Costs Only 50 Cents A
Complete Outfit Including
Inhaler S1.00.
When W. W. Parker states most im
phatically that he will guarantee
Hyomei to cure catarrh or give you
your money back, what is your an
swer? Hyomei is a simple, antiseptic med
icine, that you breathe through a
small pocket inhaler over the parts
affected by catarrh.
It is made of Australian eucalyptus
mixed with other germ killing and
membrane soothing antiseptics.
Get a complete outfit to-day. It
only costs $1.00, and contains every
thing necessary to cure any ordinary
case of catarrh. Extra bottles, if
needed, 50 cents.
Hyomei is the bes4 remedy in the
world for sore throat, coughs and
colds, croup and bronchitis. It gives
wonderful relief in two minutes. For
sale by druggists everywhere and by
W. W. Parker. Send for free sample
bottle and booklet. Booth's Hyomei'
Co., Buffalo, X. Y.
Cures Indigestion
It relieves stomach misery, sour stom
ach, belching, and cures all stomach dis
ease px money bftrk. Large box of tab
lets 50 cents. Druggists in all towns.
Atlanta. Cu
Savannah, G.
rtTroriniarolinaJ I
Mrs. Richard Corbitt Entertain In
Honor of Her Quests, Airs. Frank
Brings Carpenter, Mrs. J. Davis
Reed, Mrs. W. C. Corbitt and Miss
On Saturday afternoon at "Kdge
wood," the imposing colonial home of
Mr. and Mrs. Liehard Corbitt. situated
on the crest of a hill. jut outside of the
town, a reception was given to Mrs.
Frank l.rijrss Carpenter, of New York,
Mrs. J. Itavis Heed and Mrs. W. C. Cor
bitt of Portsmouth. Va., and Miss Mor
gan of Shawboro. X. C.
Little Miss Elizabeth Corbitt stood at
the front door to receive the carls, while
Mrs. Sidney Cooper and Mrs. I"rjoks
Parham welcomed the callers.
Pink shades at thedoorsand windows
threw a plow over the entire home,
which is so wt ll arranged for entertain
ing. The drawing room and library be
insf separated from the spacious ball by
columns and the den and dining room
with opened folding doors made a beau
tiful spectacle.
Mrs. C. II Turner. Mrs. Alex Cheek and
Miss Pruden of Edenton. N. C, received
at the footof thestairsand as the guests
came down, punch was served on the
circular stair landing by Mrs. X. P.
Strause and Mrs. D. Y. Cooper, Jr. Mrs.
J. II. Parham stood iu the drawing
room and introduced the callers to the
receiving party, Mrs. It. .1. Corbitt, Mrs.
F. P.. Carpenter, Mrs. J. Davis Iteed, Mrs.
W. C. Corbitt, Miss Morgan. Mrs. K. F.
Fenner, Mrs. S. T. Peace and Mrs. An
drews. Mrs. E. G. Landis then invited across
the hall into the dining room where they
were received by Mr. W. li. Waddill.
Here Mrs. J. C. Kittrell, Mrs. J. S. K.
Young, Mrs. R. C. Craven and Mrs. L. IS.
Ciooch assisted in serving dainty refresh
ments. Mrs. Andrew Harris received them in
the library door where Mrs. P. T. Jones
and Mrs. Willingham served tfffee, as
sisted by Mrs. G. I?, llarris ana Mrs. A.
C. Zollicoffer.
Miss Florence Currin rendered beauti
ful selections on the piano through the
entire afternoon. The color scheme was
pink throughout the house.
Two hundred handsomely gowned
women called.
Mrs. Brooks Parham, Mrs. S. P. Cooper,
Mrs. J. II. Parham, Mrs. P. T. Jones and
Mrs. 0. Y. Oooper, Jr., are entertaining
this week in honor of Mrs. Corbitt's
charming guests.
-- - . . - - -
A Traveling Salesman.
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The regular senii-annunl convocation of
Pod Men, for the Fifth District was held
in the Wigwam of Mohawk Tribe. I. O.
R. M.. No. Henderson, on the Sleep of
the 17th sun. The meeting was called
to order by I). Y. Hardee, Sachem of the
tilth District.
The following Tribes compose this
District: Oc.onechee, Raleigh; Xahunta,
Rocky Mount; Roanoke, Roanoke Rapids
In honor of the visiting braves from
these Tribes Mohawk Tribe gave a splen
did banquet. Covers were laid for one
hundred guests. Not only were the Red
Men out in force, buteach member of the
Tribe had a Pale face friend to come and
enjoy the occasion with them. The in
vitations were further extended to the
clergy of the town, nearly all of whom
were in attendance. When the first table
had finished. Past Sagamore, J. T. R.
Hoover, toast made, as a toast the visit
ing clergy which was responded to by
Rev. J; A. McClure. Rev. R. C. Craven,
Rev. J. R. Doan and Rev. 0. D. Lang
ston in beautiful manner combining wit
and wisdom, each reply carrying with it
lessons of usefulness and instruction.
Other toasts were announced and replied
to in a happy vein.
Past Sachem C. J. Smith, chairman of
the Committee of Arrangements, almost
excelled himself in catering to the taste
of the tribe and visitors. Did they have
Lynn Haven Ray oystes? Well, I should
say so, and Charlie Smith knows how to
fix up such things to the Queen's taste,
and for that matter as the manager of a
banquet, every one knows in Henderson.
that he cannot be beat. The thanks of
the Trib are due him and hi excellent
committee for the success of the occasion.
At the conclusion of the banquet the
Trilie was called together in regular
business session tor the election of ofh
cers. Don't 1 1 i lie with Kidney and Bladder
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Refuse substitutes ami Imitations. Book for
the name on the package. Sold by all Drug
A Card of Thanks.
I take this means of expres-iug my
eiucereet thanks and heartfelt apprecia
tion to our neighbors, physicians and
friends for their kjnd attention to my
son. Sidnev. diirinc his brief illness and
for their hearty sympathy for myself
and family in our sad and sore bereave
ment. I thank his comrades of the mili
tary company for their kind services at
his bnnal. and for their floral tribute, l
wish, also, to thank theflSembers of the
Farmers' Union, and other friends for
fraternal attentions and floral designs.
Looking One's Best.
It's a woman's uVlislit to look h-r U-f t but
pimplcp. skin Tuptiuin. sores and boils rob
i;f ,.f ;r,v I.iwton? I'.ucklen B Arnica Halve
L-.H flip skin Hoft anFvclvfty.
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Melville Dorcy's.
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Thomas & Hewcomb's
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How Morvey Grows.
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the United States making their money grow
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vest dollars in future life. Plant the seed
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President. Vice-President. Cashier.
- the
(Successors to E. A. Kelly & Co.,)
Has moved the entire stocck of Merchandise to
No. 129 Garnett Stieet,
W. T. Whitten's old stand.
We will carry a complete Line of Staple nnd Fancy Uroceries.
Will carry everything in the: Fancy (Irocery line necessary to supply
the needs, of the most fastidious.
The public is invited to call and inp4ct our stock.
"The Right Goods at the Right Price:
Prompt and Courteous Treatment to All."
Try Us Once Get The Habit and Keep It!
Phone us your wants to Phone No'. 45.
Messrs. Robert Shotwell. L. C. Plrio and Wevley Allen will
fill your orders promptl.
The City Grocery Co.
Third and Fourth Grades, North
derson Qraded School.
Iilanche Davis
Sallie Lou Iloyle
Zola Perdue 7
Rufus Strange
IJeula Edward
Ilenn Hale
John I'ridgeri
Howard Thompson
Addie Harris
It is a danirorouB thing to take a couidi
medicine containing opiate1 that merely Mifie
.vonr couph instead of curing it. Foley'
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aud expels the po'iHonous germs, thus pre
venting pneumonia and consumption. He
fune substitutes aud take only the genuine
t oley s Honey anil lar in the yellow pack
age, hold by all Druggists.
Sale of Land.
upon me in a mortgage executed ly
Harwell Itiillev Felimnrv I'Jtli. 1 S'.tfi. reg
istered in the office of Register of Deeds of
vance Lounty, m Mortgage dook a. rage
itHH. I shall sell bv nublio auction to the
highest bidder for cash, at the Court House
iloor in Henderson, V ance County, rs. on
Monday, January 24th, 1910,
at 12:-'i0 o'clock P. M., the following land,
situate in Kittrell township adjoining the
lands of .1 Ashe, David Roberts and more
particularly described asMollows: Ilegin at
stone on South side of New Road, J Ashe's
corner, nnd run thence S. 2 K. 0 chains to
stone B. Ridley's corner, thence S. E.
l.'5.8 chains to stone; theuce . 0 chains to
f) Roberts' corner ou New Road; thence N.
HH W. 14.08 chains to beginning; contain
in g-H 2. 100 acres. Same being the land
bought by B. Ridley of T T. Hicks.
Tins the 2.1rd day of December, lliua.
I wish to announce to my freinds and cus
tomers that they can find me at the same
old place, E. A. KELLY & CO'S old stand,'
next door to First National Bank, where
your wants will be suppliend, and goods
declevered promptly.
Thanking you for your past favors and ho
ping to get more of them, I am,
Yours to please,
Phone 364 B.
iu xa a nr. ia
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Old R. W. Jones Corn Whiskey (8 Years Old . . $3.50
Old R. W. Jones Corn Whiskey (4 Years Old) . 2.7S
Old R. W. Jones Corn Whiskey (2 Years Old) . . 2.50
Corn Whiskey .... one-half gallon $1.50
Corn Whiskey, 2 Gallons . ... . $4.50
Corn Whiskey, 3 Gallons $6.50
Corn Whiskey, 4 Gallons,
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Mountain Rye (2 Years Old)
Kentucky Bell (8 Years Old)
x Apple Brandy (i Years Old)
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Fish and Oysters.
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Huyler's Candy
Hudnut's Preparations
Kerner-MacNair Co,,
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Phone 112.
z wrrr
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Under the Nmtionml Pure Food Lawt
Whiskeys are aged properly. Wo liip
Years Old) .
. . . .

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