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The Gold Leaf.
THURSDAY, MAY 5, 1910.
To Keep Well Drink.
T. Ivcy, in News and ObHerver.
To the Editor Drink, drink, drink
for indifeHtion. Wonder if the
"medicos" will have me arrested for
practicing without license? It is a
fearful thing to fall into the hands of
the living doctor.
Some years ajro a celebrated Epis
copal bishop of Raleigh gave a re
ceipt (prescription) for insomnia, so
simple that the idea was ridiculed by
a portion of the press and by Aorne
individuals, yet many hundreds found
effectiveness the application. Lest
we forget, and there be some who
have ne.er heard, I repeat it here:
"Eat parched peanuts before going
to bed."
But for indigestion, drink, drink!
Not soda fountain decoctions, not
coca-cola, or pepsi-cola, or even an
ice cold lemonade; not strong coffee
nor the deceptive wines and liquors,
but pure Adam's ale, and butter milk.
"When? Just as early in the day as
you can get to the spring or well,
and all through the day except at
meals. How much? Just as much
as you can hold of the right tempera
ture. Better have it hot than too
Many a man has been
Put into his sarcophagus
From pouring water, Icy
('old down his esophagus.
Drink the buttermilk for dinner,
two or three glasses full. The lactic
acid will keep the liver in condition,
and take the blues out of yourdispo
sition. Drinking water is a habit
thatcan le cultivated. Drink, wheth
er at first you want it or not
Few persons drink enough water.
Busy nipn don't have time. Wo
men afflicted with pseudo-modesty,
are afraid it will distend the stomach.
Let all such have indigestion and
make an apothecary shop of their
stomachs and set up a doctor's bill
against the day of judgment.
Cary, X. ('.
Local Self-Government.
ThoiiinBvilli' Churitv and Children.
We see it stated here and there
that the Republicans are likely to go
before the people on this issue next
fall and make war on the prohibition
law. We have no idea tney will do
anything so absurdly foolish; if they
do they will be buried beyond the
hope of resurrection. A very small
element of the Democratic party, led
by Mr. Self, are trying to arouse pub
lic sontitnent by invoking the Jeffer
Honian doctrine which they say the
prohibition law has destroyed, but
their successs is too small to see.
The people of North Carolina decided
by 45,000 majority that they would
try prohibition for awhile, and the
man who tries to convince them that
they were led to vote liquor out be
cause they were afraid to face a few
women, and not because they wanted
liquor to go, the man who tries to
do this will find his road rocky and
steep. The people of North Carolina
are not fools and they are not pol
troons. Their action in this prohibi
tion matter was deliberate and deter
mined. It may have been wise or un
wise, but they are going to wait and
see how it works anyhow. It has
not yet had a fair trial. Later on a
movement to repeal the law might
find some favor, but not now. And
all this nonsense about local self
government is tommy rot. We be
lieve that the experiment will prove
to be a great success. We believe
that (lov. Glenn's statement that in
Maine one must have a guide to get
liquor and in New York a guardian
to keep him from drinking it, con
tainH more truth than poetry; but
however that may be, the people of
the State are not ready to stultify
themselves by repealing a law they
deliberately enacted before it has had
a fair chance to show whether it is
wise or otherwise.
To the Frozen North For Game
Possibly to Vindicate Dr.
New York dispatch.
Harry Whitney and Paul Rainey
have united their fortunes and are
going to the North Pole for big game
and to carr3T on a search for the na
tives Dr. Cook claimed accompanied
him to the pole. Capt. R. A. Bart
lett will be in command of the schoon
er .Teanie, which the two millionaire
sportsmen have bought. While Mr.
Whitney and Mr. Rainey have de
clared they are going to hunt game
in the North, it has been an open
secret between friends of the two men
that they have not lost all faith in
Dr. Cook and are willing to spend
their money in an effort to help vin
dicate him. They are planning to
leave for the North early in May.
. .
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The (Jreensboro News takes pleas
ure in criticising Governor Kitchin'a
appointment for the judgeship, but all
we can say is that he did not have
such sorry material to select from
that he was forced to go out of the
party to make an appointmet as
Taft did. New Bern Sun.
What Everybody Wants.
Kverybody desires good health which is
impossible unless the kidneys are sound and
liealthy. Foley's Kidney Remedy should be
taken at the first indication of any irregular
ity, and a serious illness may be averted.
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kidneys and bladder to their normal state
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Better Work Less Cost,
"I have had a twenty-five years'
experience in l'aintinr and consider
the very best. It will cover one-third
more surface, and cover it better,
than any other paint, including Lead
and Oil."
Buchannon, W. Va.
What Alore can be Desired?
Henderson, N. C. ,
Louis Paulhan, French Aviator, Files
From London to Manchester, 186
illles, in Four Hours and Eleven
Minutes, Actual Flying Time Only
One Stop Made in Accomplishing
Wonderful Feat Wins $50,000
Prize by the Performance.
Manchester, Eng., April 28. The
first aerial derby for a prize offered
by an Englishman has been won by a
Frenchmen, and handsomely. Upon
landing here Louis Paulhan was
given a tremendous ovation and un
stinted praise tm his remarkable feat.
At the same time his less experienced
but no less plucky competitor is being
showered with congratulations over
his splendid attempt and because he
had shown himself a good loser. As
soon as Graham White learned of
Paulhan's success he called for three
cheers for the victor. Paulhan, win
ner of the $50,000 prize for the first
flierht from London to Manchester
made within 24 hours and with not
more than two stops, arrived at 5:30
o'clock this morning, almost exactly
12 hours after he left London last
hite, who got away from the me
tropolis one hour later, ugain met
misfortune and was obliged to de
scend at Polesworth and abandoned
the race after having: covered a little
more than half the distance. White,
who is hardly more than a novice in
the art of aviation, encountered
treacherous wind currents which
thrice turned his machine around and
he also experienced trouble with his
motor. But for the Englishman's
ill luck and lack of experience there
would have been a close finish.
Paulhan was benumbed with the
cold and thoroughly exhausted when
he reached here. A great crowd
awaited and gave him a sportsman
like welcome. Manchester first sav
the French aviator a few minutes
after five o'clock coming steadily as
a steamer on smooth sea and head
ing directly for the field which he had
chosen as a landing place. Flying at
a height of 400 feet Paulhan came
over a clump of trees and then bring
ing his biplane around with a beau
tiful curve, he landed exactly in the
center of the field. He seemed dazed
and benumbed and swayed as he
walked down the field. All he could
say was,: ''I am very cold, but very
Paulhan did the last 24 miles in ex
actly 24 minutes, outdistancing the
special train bearing his wife, Henri
Farraan and other friends who ac
companied him.
W hen at Polesworth, White, when
told of the Frenchmen's success,
mounted the seat of an automobile
and cried: "Ladies and Gentlemen:
The 150,000 prize has been won by
Louis Paulhan, the finest aviator
that the world has ever seen. Com
pared with him I am only a novice.
Three cheers for Paulhan."
The crowd gathered about the En
glishman, gave the cheers heartily,
following that with a round of cheers
for White, who said: "There is no
longer an opportunity for me to win
the prize, but I mean to get to Man
chester and by aeroplane."
Speaking of the flight which he
made, White said: "I was completely
turned around three times by the
wind. I tried my best to get along
against it, but unfortunately it was
no use and I was forced to come
down. T managed to get over the
telegraph wires and got a start over
the track of the railroad at Roade,
by aide of signal lights, but over a
good many miles about Rugby I saw
no signal light and there was consid
able wind. I could see clouds racing
across the moon and when daylight
came the breezes were still vigorous
and the dust troubled me a lot."
Following example of the French
man before daylight this morning
White was in the air at 2:50 o'clock,
more than an hour before Paulhan
started from Lichfield, 50 miles
further north. White passed Rugby
1'ust before daylight, flyingata great
leight and with terriffic speed in an
effort to make up the distance he had
lost by his late start yesterday. He
kept up his speed, following the rail
way line as well as he could in the un
certain light over Nuneater and
Atherstone, and while he was com
pelled to descend at Polesworth was
only 10 miles from Lichfield, from
which point Paulhan had started but
a moment before. Paulhan upon
ascending at Lichfield sharply at
4:09 o'clock this morning was hur
ried on by the news that White al
ready was in the air and approach
ing Lichfield. Paulhan encountered
a sharp southwest wind which, while
toward the end of his journey made
it almost impossible for him to keep
a firm grasp on the levers, helped him
on his way.
An immense crowd was gathered at
the field where the machiue was stored
over night and along the roads lead
ing northward and they gave the
Frenchman encouraging cheers, al
though their sympathies naturally
were with their fellow countryman.
As he flew gracefully over them the
French aviator made a wide circle to
get his bearing and when he had de
termined his course he mounted to a
good height, just missing a tall elm
tree in the ascent. Then he sailed
directly for Stafford, the aeroplane
swaying perilously in the wind. Paul
han followed the railway line all the
way to Manchester, usually at a
height of 300 feet, but ascending to
700 feet when passing over towns
and the people who turned out to
cheer saw but a speck in the air.
White was one of the first to tele
graph congratulations to his rival.
His message read:
"I take the earliest opportunity of
offering my heartiest congratulations
on your splendid performance. The
better man has won.''
To sum up the aerial race, Paulhan
left London at 5:30 o'clock last even
ing and reached Manchester at 5:30
o'clock this morning. He descended
at Lichfield at 8:10 o'clock last night
and resumed the trip at 4:00 a. m.
White started from London at C:30
last night and alighted at North
ampton at S p. m. He again started
at 2:50 o'clock this morning, but
was compelled to descend at Poles
worth, after he had covered a little
more than half of the 18G miles from
London to Manchester.
Paulhan did the 18G miles in four
hours, 11 minutes, actual flyingtime
in the air, unofficial.
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Read and advertla In Gold Leaf
At This Time Confederate Veterans
Are Reminded of the Surrender of
Oeneral Lee at Appomattox Repro
duction of Lee's Classic Farewell to
the Army of Northern Virginia.
Charlotte Observer, April 9th.
The hearts of many Confederate
veterans will swell during the days
that are passing now as they look
back forty-five years upon the scenes
of war and think of the surrender of
the peerless Robert E. Lee at Appo
mattox. Forty-five years ago today
the heads of the people throughout
the South, who had hoped and suffer
ed through the four years of the
fiercest struggle in history, were
bowed as the news of surrender of
the Army of Northern Virginia was
heralded. Indeed it was a season of
agonizing anxiety.
Saturday was the anniversary of
the signing of the terms of surrender
between General Ulysses S. Grant
and General Lee and tomorrow the
date when the remaining forces of the
thin gray line that constituted the
Army of Northern Virginia marched
upon the field, stacked arms and
marched away empty handed with
permission of the victorious army to
return to their homes, and there be
gin anew the battle of life marking
the end of one era and the commence
ment of another.
It is fitting that the reunion of the
Confederate veterans should be held
this month. Many veterans from all
over the State will attend the reun
ion on April 2G-28 at Mobile, Ala.
Following is the letter which Gen
eral Lee addressed to his men on this
day forty-five years ago. It is re
garded as one of the classics of mili
tary history. There are several honor
ed veteransin Charlotte who recollect
its reading under the most trying
circumstances before Appomattox
court house. The letter follows:
Headquarters Army of Northern Vir
ginia, April 10, 1865.
After lour years of arduous service
marked by unsurpassed courage and
fortitude, the Army of Northern Vir
ginia has been compelled to yield to
overwhelming numbers and re
sources. 1 need not tell the survivors
of so many hard-fought battles, who
have remained steadfast to the last,
that I have consented to this result
from no distrust of them, but, feeling
that valor and devotion could ac
complish nothing that could compen
sate for the loss that would have at
tended the continuance of the contest,
I have determined to avoid the use
less sacrifice of those whose past ser
vices have endeared them to their
By the terms of the agreement of
ficers and men can return to their
homes and remain there until ex
changed. Ypu will take with you the
satisfaction that proceeds from the
consciousness of duty faithfully per
formed, and I earnestly pray that a
merciful God will extend to you His
blessing and protection.
With an increasing admiration of
yourconstaucy and devotion to your
country and grateful remembrance
of your kind and generous considera
tion of myself, 1 bid you an affec
tionate farewell. R. E. LEE.
There are many of the old soldiers
who make it a custom April 10 of
each year to read this letter of Gen
eral Lee to his men. It is the com
mon heritage of the Southland, and
along with the achievements of those
who wore the gray will go down in
history as the bequests of fathers to
These are days when all of the old
soldiers are turned back to the fields
of Virginia. After stacking their
arms, April 10, the warriors and vic
tors of a hundred engagements turn
ed homeward, and then took up the
battle of life, the adjustment of con
ditions imposed by the war, which in
handicaps and vastness of responsi
biltiy, far surpassed the actual clash
of arms. The South today is the sur
vival of the two great conflicts.
Two great names are indelibly as
sociated with the Lost Cause, those
of Gen. Robert Edward Lee and Gen.
Thomas J onathan "Stonewall" Jack
son, the latter doubly dear to Char
lotte people by reason of the ties
which bind him to the city in the per
son of his widow, Mrs. Jackson, whom
a gracious providence grants to
make her home in the city.
Shooting Some at Greensboro.
The following which is taken from
the Durham Herald of Friday, will
be of interest to local sportsmen:
Mr. George L. Lyon returned yes
terday morning from Greensboro
where he had been attending the big
shoot to which he and John Philip
Sousa went Tuesday morning.
Mr. Lyon distinguished himself by
breaking 150 straights. The day be
fore Mr. Lyon broke 140 straights,
the last record being his high water.
While the shoot doesn't go as one
straight shoot, the shooting of 290
without losing one is getting near the
world's record, 300 being the best yet
recorded. Because of the two at
tempts this doesn't go as one trial.
It is Mr. Lyon's best work. There
were other good records, Mr. Arthur
Lyon breaking 142 of 150, and ex
Mayor James I. Johnson, of Raleigh,
destroying 138 of the 150 thrown
out before him. Messrs. Arthur Lyon
and H. L. Lee tied on their 142 and
Mr. Lee won on the break. John
Philip Sousa did some good work,
breaking 43 of the 50 limit.
Suppose we let the Democrats in the
county vote for and against the prin
ciple of local self-government, and
see how the matter stands. It's a
feeble mind that sees nothing in this
matter except the discussion of whis
key. Raleigh State Democrat.
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Diversify. And the sooner the better
for you. Rockingham Post.
Commander Julius A.Pratt, Post No
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- ivm uiuuj ui uiy menus ana
comrades about them and shall recommend
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Florida point. Pullman Sleepers to Atlanta, Birmingham and Jack
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"THE YEAR ROUND LIMITED" from Jacksonville and Columbia,
arriving Richmond 4:30 P. M. Washington, 7:40 A. M. New York 2:00
P. M. Pullman Sleepers, Day Coaches and Dining Cas.
"THE FLAMINGO" from Atlanta and Jacksonville, for Portsmouth
and Norfolk arriving 1:80 A. M.Richmond, 7:10 A.M. Washington and
New York. Pullman Sleepers to Portsmouth, Washington and New
York. Coaches to Washington and Dining Car to New York.
"Shoo Fly" from Norlina for Raleigh.
"Shoo Fly" from Raleigh fr Norlina.
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Portsmouth, Va, RaWgb.N. C.
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all persons holding claims against the said
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Administrator of John W. Jenkins, de
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Rose Gin 2.50
Bottled Goods.
French Brandy Per qt 3.50
Cane Spring Rye 4 qts (bottled in bond TJ.
S. Government Stamp) fi.00
Green River Rye 4qts 600.
Three Feathers Rye 4 qts 8.00
Canadian Club 4 qts 6.00
Old Prentice 4 qts 6.00
Mums Rye 4 qts 6.00
Full Dress 4 qts 6.00
Four Aces 4 qts 6.00
Echo Spring 4 qts 6.00
Mark Rogers 4 qts 6.00
Jefferson Club 4 qts 6.00
Gordon Rye 4 qts 6.00
Fltz Hugh Le 4 qts 5.00
Blue Blood 4 qts 5.00
Montreal Malt whiskey 4 qts.. 5.00
Billy Baxter 4 qts 4.00
Anderson Club 4 'qts ...4.00
Old Bob Burton 4 qts 4.50
Old Flutcher 4 q '.6.00
Henderson. N . C i
you can Get Anything In Hardware
Delivered, $5.00--
. V
the Ar.henser-Iiusch Un-win "
ft Of
Jamestown Irinh wliiHk-.v 4 jt "
Dewer's Scotch 4 qts ..j
Royal Arch 4 qts
Rooney's Malt 4 qtH : (i
Duffy's Malt 4 qts A,
Duffy's Malt by the cumh
American Mut4 qts
Caey Malt
Rose Valley Rye 4 qts ,w
Glens Lilly Rye 4 qts , m
Old Velvet 4 qts Jw
G. P. R. 4 qt J;
Silus Dean 4 qts ,
l.l II A x l
KJIH JIL'lirj' fjm
Bottled Wine.
Virginia Dare 4 qtn g
St. Estephe 4 qts jjji
St. Jo lean 4 qt j ;tf
Virginia Claret 4 qts je
Imperial Sherry 8 yearH ohl, J 'i'" 350
Domestic 4 qts guO
Alcohol best grade 1 qt g'j)
Minnehaha 4 qt j,w
Pocahontas 4 qtn j ;o
Imperial Blackberry 4 qts 3 r,u
Scuppernong 4 qts 3 5
Port 4 qts 5 OS
Blackberry Brandy 4 qt j, 1.4
Extra DryMnmm'w 4 qt
N. B. 1 irallon corn wbrnk'-y 1" '"'jYj
jug F. O. B. here
I en Uk.'cW made

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