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I Be Sore
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fer, and i finer t it
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" CJA-no-diKTA., Caeolina, Heaven's BLEssmas -A.TTEisrr'- Heb.
NO. 24.
1 j
Ten Doctors
Said He Would Die
in 1903 we wrote you regard
f my husband, who was suf
f riii from heart trouble. He
biipcranuated by the North
( . -rgian Conference. Ten doc
v : . at different times said he
v. i!cl die. You advised Dr.
M.'.tV Heart Remc ly and -Re-'
ai .
1 ..'
I : ' '
a t
alive iervine; we did as
i--l, and improvement was
armt from the very first. He
.-.(red and the Conference in
t gave him a charge. He
. r felt better, although he
very heavy work and does
reat deal of camp meeting
work. I am so glad we took
your advice and gave him the
1 miicine, and feel that I ought
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Milner, Ga.
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King Edward Seventh. I
Late Ruler ol British Empire
Was Popular Sovereign.
As the
Prince of Wales He
Visited America Nearly For
ty Years Ago and Was En
tertained at the White House
as Guest of President Bu
chananAlso Visited Vari-
ous Other Places. Baltimore
Inrlnrlnrr Ra1t;mnvAnJ R:k
including Baltimore and Kich
mond Among 1 hem in the.8ome districts
Edward VII was burn No-
vembpr 9. 1841. in Buckingham
PhIhcc, London, theHccond chihl and
eldest son of Ouppii Victoria nrw1
bert of Saxe-Coburjr, the Prince Con
sort. His eldest sister, Victoria, be
came the Empress Frederick of Ger
many, mother of the present Empe
ror of Germany. Following custom,
he was created Prince of Wales when
a month old, and later Earl of Ches
ter by royal patent. As heir appa
rent he became Duke of Cornwall, and
in turn Great Stuart of Scotland,
Duke of Rothesay, Earl of Carrick,
Baron of Renfrew, Lord of the Isles,
and in 1849 Earl of Dublin. Other
titles were given to the young Prince
as theyears advanced, but that which
he bore with the greatest pride was
Subject of the Queen.
His father and mother believed
that children, no matter to what rank
they were to attain in later years,
should be reared to understand that
the accident of birth should le no
source of pride. Instead of a long
string of names he was christened
simply Albert, after his father, and
Edward for his grandfather, the Duke
of Kent. The Prince Consort, in
drawing up directions for the guid
ance of the teachers of his boy, closed
with these words:
"Your great aim shall be to build
up a noble and princely character, in
intelligent sympathy with the best
movements of the age."
When he became legally heir to the
throne, November 9,1861, the Queen
wrote -a letter to him announcing his
emancipation from parental control.
In fulfillment of a promise made by
his parents, the Prince visited Cana
da. His receptiou by the Canadians
was affectionate and cordial. Then
he accepted the invitation of Presi
dent Buchanan to visit this country.
Visiting Chicago, St. Louis, Cincin
nati, Pittsburg, Baltimore, Harper's
Ferry and Richmond, the Prince re
mained five days at the White House
as the guest of the President. With
the President and cabinet he visited
the tomb of Washington and planted
a tree by its side. He also went to
Philadelphia and stood in Independ
ence Hall, and in October, 18Q0, was
the guest of the city of New lork.
The Prince of Wales, for as such he
was known for nearly 40 years, be
gan his public life in loud, when by
virtue of his rank he took his seat in
the House of Lords. The same year
he married Princess Alexandria,
daughter of the King of Denmark,
the marriage occurring March 10,
18G3. Six children were born to
them. The eldest son, the Duke o
Clarence, died January 14, 1892, and
the youngest son died the day of his
birth. The second son, now the King,
was born June 3, 18G5. There are
three daughters. One is now Duchess
of Fife and another is Queen of Nor
Edward became King January W2,
1901. on the death of his mother,
Queen Victoria, and was formally
crowned August 9, 1902.
During his ehort reign of nine years
King Edward of England distinguish
ed himself as a royal diplomat in be
half of peace and mstice. He was
not a great man, aa that term isun
derstood in this country; he was not
distincnished as a soldier nor in
statecraft, although had opportuni
ty offered he might have won promi
nence in these fields. He was sensible
and solid rather than brilliant. By
personal traits of kindness and tact
he greatly endeared nimseii to ai
classes of his subiect6. and he was
able to hold the balance so evenly
that while he maintained royal dig
nity he won the applause of the
people who insisted on restricting the
privileges of royalty. Following the
example of his father, he lent bis in
fluence to promoting agriculture and
mdustrv. science, arc ana literature.
and did much for charity and broad
ening of education. Hegaveunstint
ed effort to the promotion of the
peace of Europe, and is credited with
bringing about friendly understand
in and closer relations between
various countries. In this way be
iustlv earned the title of "Edward
the Peacemaker."
The full name of the new King, who
wiil be known as George V, is George
Frederick Ernest Albert. In this
country he would be known as George
W'ettin, this becoming the famUy
name when hia grandmother. Queen
Victoria, married Albert Edward
Wettin. He was educated at home
was made a naval cadet in 1877 and
was promoted at different timesunti
he became a rear-admiral and colonel
in-chief of the royal marine forces
Januarv 1. 1901. July 6, 1893, he
married Princess V ictoria 3iary Au
gusta Louise Olga Pauline Claudine
Agnes. The new Queen will be known
as Mary. She is the only daughter
of the late Princess Mary of Cam
bridge and the Duke of Teck.
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GENTS' AND LADIES' summer un
derwear at
A VaIuaWe Congressman.
Charlotte Chronicle.
! The Newton Enterprise thinks that
' Congressman Thomas should not re
; tire, or be retired. It would be for
the good of the State to keep him in
Goitre. It quotes Mr. S.J. Erwin,
of Mortranton, who recently went to
Washington to press a claim for an
appropriation for a postoffice build
ing, as "being; impressed, more than
he ever Imd been nt home, with the
i ueiNMiuence 01 a congressman s in
fluence and ability to do things for
Urn Stte on his Ipnprth of service, and
! 1 1 . a . I r. . . m
nir h.uv images 10 ine fttHH irora
kP'nir mpii of experience in CongreHfl
over the rotatior plan BdvocatSj in
in Aorth Carolina.
Mr. Erwin did not meet Mr. Thomas,
but learned that he "is the ranking
(member of the postoffice committee,
Hm, ,n t,M event that the Democrats
control the next Congress which is
Al-inow almost assured, will be chair-
ian of the postoffice committee. In
that commanding position he could
render signal service to his whole
State. Mr. Erwin thinks that there
hould be a concerted effort made to
persuade Mr. Thomas to recall the
purpose he recently announced of not
standing for a renomination. "We
have always favored keeping Sena-
ors and Representatives inCongrees
as long as they are able to givegood
service to the State," says The En
terprise, "and this case of Mr. Thom
as is about as strong a one as
could be instanced against replacing
an experienced man with a new one.
We do not know whv Mr. Thomas is
contemplating retiring whether it is
in account of promises made to as
piring condidates or a preference for
a private life but we hope that both
je and his constituents will decide
hat he should be returned to the
next Congress. If we understood
the situation correctly, Mr. Thomas
has not said that he wants to retire.
Some of the politicians in his district
have dug up an old letter in which he
said he would not again be a candi-
ate and are trying to hold him to it.
We rather look for an announcement
soon, that Air. Thomas will stand lor
re-election. Certainly, neither Mr.
rwin, nor The Newton Enterprise
has overrated his value as a Con
Thomasyille Charity and Children.
Dr. Sikes. at Wallburg, on May Gth,
delivered an address of singular force
and freshness on "The Master Pas
sion of America." It was quite the
ablest and most helpful address we
mve heard this year, and we have
istened to some uncommonly fine
speeches. The note of hope in the
Sikes address was what pleased us;
it is high time it was sounded farand
wide. Nine men out ten would say
that the Master Passion of this coun
try is money, but this is a grevious
mistake. The nations of antiquity
as well as those of modern times had
their Mister Passion. Jefferson
dreamed of a government in which
every citizen should be equal, not in
social position, not in intelligence, or
rank or ancestry, but in the oppor-
unitv to make the very most of him
self. With all our political corrup
tion, our graft, our corporate com
bines of injustice and oppression, that
dominant spirit of democracy was
never more strenuous or compelling
than it is today. The king of Eng
land recently dropped the sceptre
from his nerveless grasp, but it fell
into the hands of George V, his eldest
son. The people were helpless to
change the situation. Like autom
atons they simply threw off their
hats and shouted "Long live the
king." But the next President of the
United States may be a rail splitter,
or a tailor, or a mule driver; and
every boy who has a sound mind
may aspire to the highest honor that
can come irom mortal man tne
presidency of the United States! This
spirit of equality, thank God, has
never weattenea. xiux it is as strong
today in the minds of the American
people as it ever was. JohnD.Kocke-
feller, Andrew Carnegie, Helen Gould
and Mrs. Russel Sage are pouring out
their millions to strengthen it. Jef
ferson's dream is being fulfilled.
Everybody in America has an equal
chance with every other. The .com
mon people are the sovereigns, 1 hey
set up one and put down another.
As they are enlightened oy education
they will become more worthy to
wear the kingly crown of authority
and power.
Debt Paying Necessary to Good
Durham Sun.
No man can have a good standing
in any capacity in his community if
he fails to pay his debts. Whether he
fails to pay through negligence or a
desire to defraud, it is all the same,
his neighbors look at him as an un
safe proposition, and his chances for
doing business with them are greatly
lessened. Neither does it matter as
to the size of the accounts he does
not pay; in fact a man can quickly
get an undesirable reputation for lit
tle accounts. Business men soon get
to know those who are unsafe to pay,
and they grant credit accordingly.
If credit is given at all, it is on 6uch
terms as will be unprofitable to the
In sickness, if a certain hidden nerve goes
wrong, then the organ this nerve controls
will also sorely fail. It may he a Stomach
nerve, or it mav have given strength and sup
port to the Heart or Kidneys. It was Dr.
Snoop that first pointed to this vital truth.
Dr. Shoop'n Restorative was not made to
dose the Stomach or to temporarily stimu
late the Heart and Kidneys. That old
fashioned method is all wronjf. Dr. Snoop's
Restorative goes directly to these failing in
side nerves. The remarkable success of this
prescription demonstrates the wisdom of
treating the actual cause of these failing or
gans. And it is indeed easy to prove. A
simple fire or ten days test will Burely tell.
Try it once, and seet Sold at The Paragon,
H. E. Thrower, Proprietor. .
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"The Vehicle With Pedigree."
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The Beacom Sipply Co.
(if Apsg blend of golden?
Xt ' Carolina and Virginia leaf so Wpi
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flavor is exquisite. WwZthU
A tribute to southern cultivation. vS
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Years Old)
wirr ' w
A Race of Giants.
News and Observer.
Not more so than in the past, but
because the time is so close to us
that it has made a greater impres
sion, is there to be noticed the high
positions taken by North Carolinians
who remain in the State, and by
North Carolinians who go to other
States. It bas come so that if there
is a place of power, of honor and
responsibility to be filled in great
institutions the only wonder is what
North Carolinian will be chosen.
"Where North Carolina sits is the
head of the table," has been said
time and again within the past years
in these columns, and it is a truth
which is not to be gainsaid, for North
Carolinians are making good not
alone in North Carolina affairs, but
in the affairs of other States in which
they have made ther homes.
It is a gratifying thing for a State
to have such sons whose ability and
high attainments make them fit for
leading positions in life, and what
has been done and whatisbeingdone
by North Carolinians in the present
has in it a lesson for the young men
of the present day. It is that they
strive and make themselves fit for
the best. The South has demonstra
ted in the past years its fitness to
lead and there will be leaders of the
nation m the future who will come
from South of Mason and Dixon's
line, only there must be effort and
work and preparation, so that when
the call comes, the answer will be
"ready" and at this call there should
always be a North Carolinian pre
pared to respond "Here am I," for
there is no reason that can ba ad
vanced to show whv this cannot be
the case.'
North Carolina has a proud history
and it has a right to be proud of it
and to boast of what has been ac
complished by its sons. Then for the
future there may be the same hope,
and all that i needed is that the
manhood of today in North Carolina
fit itself for the calls and demands
made upon it. This being so we may
look with certainty to even greater
things in the future coming to this
State, which is giving to the world
so many of its leaders, men whose
deeds and works add luster and re
nown to the already reputation
of the State, for in achievements it is
to be seen that North Carolina is the
home of a ra -e of giants in doing
great things in the historyor the pro
gress of this country.
Bishop Kilgo.
Durham Sun.
The great conference of a great de
nomination has called to its bish
opric Dr. John C. Kilgo, president of
Trinity College. The whole State,
and in a measure, the entire South,
where Southern Methodism touches,
feel a keen interest in the elevation of
this learned man to this highoffioein
the church. There is a rare charm of
manner in his strongly individual
personality, which makes it easy for
him to win and retain strong friend
ships. As president of Trinity Col
lege he brought nil of his splendid
faculties to bear. The acuteness of
his mind in religious mutters is noth
ing short of genius an intuitive
perception with which he goes
straight to the heart of things. The
material with which he works is a
mind literally stored with facts syn
thesized and systematized so as to
command a mastery. His fidelity
and loyalty to his faith and his
church are couspicuous characteris
tics that blossom in every relation of
life. He has high ideals, and im-
f)rints them upon the minds of his
learers with an eloquence that is the
peculiar gift of a born orator. He
will make a brilliant bishop.
Durham rejoices with all of his
friends in his selection to the highest
gift at the hands of the Methodists.
We are glad that a Durhamite has
been made a bishop, and hope that
unbounded success will reward bis
labors, and attend him through a
long and useful career.
Why not let the Democratic execu
tive committee order a special box
provided at the next election and let
the people vote for or against salaries
for county officers. This would be a
sure guide to those who go to the
Legislature, and would settle the
matter in a way which ought to sat
isfy every fair-minded raan.Raleigh
State Democrat.
Colorado Editor' Tribute to Gen.
Duraogo (Colo.) Democrat.
We look upon Robert E. Lee as one
among if not the greatest of Ameri
can Generals, and an ideal character
in each and every walk of life. The
last photo he had taken on his old
war horse Traveller occupies a place
in oar parlor and when we cross over
others will care lor it. And to avoid
being classed as one who battled for
the storm cradled nation that fell,
we shall sav that we 'began under
Sherman at Shiloh and quit under
C5 Derm an wnen toe end came en
countered all that Sherman said war
was and then some. Was Chief of
Scouts of Fifteenth and Seventeenth
army, corps wounded by ball and
blade six times, and inmate of both
Andersonvilla and Florence prisons
enjoy a Medal of Honor from the
Federal congress, J hey are few, and
when discharged after a service of
near four years was yet under 19
years of age. This is a soldier's en
doreement of Robert . Lee and may
in a meaiure tend to convince Sen
ator Heybnrn of Idaho, the sized a&a
be bas made of himself.
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E. Thrower, Proprietor
Judge Jas. S. Manning.
Worttiu Gentleman and Able
Jurist Is Judge Alien,
But Democratic Usage and
Common Fairness Demand
the Nomination of Judge
Manning as His Own Suc
cessor as Associate Justice
of the Supreme Court Be
cause Another Good Dem
ocrat Wants the Position is
Not Sufficient Cause, for
Turning This One Down.
Pittsboro Rcord.
The people of North Carolina are
to be congratulated that they have
two such worthy gentlemen, Btaunch
Democrats an eminent jurists as
Judges Manning and Allen as aspi
rants for the high and honorable of
fice of Associate Justice of our Su
preme Court, because either of them
would fill that position with credit
to himself and honor to the State.
And yet, while this is true, we think
that Democratic usage and common
fairness demand the nomination ot
Judge Manning.
During the forty-two years, since
1868, that our judges have bf n
nominated by political conventions
and elected by a vote of the people,
no Democratic State Convention has
"turned down," or refused to nomi
nate, the appointee of the Governor,
and only four distict conventions
have refused to nominate the judge
of a district who has been appoint
ed by him. So that according to
Democratic usuage Judge Manning
should be nominated.
Common fairness also demands his
nomination, and the people of North
Carolina are fair minded. Judge
Manning has "made good" the Gov
ernor's appointment of him, for he
has fully met the high expectations
of his muny friends who urged his
appointment. He has worn the
dicial ermine most worthily, and
opinions are ranked among the best
ever delivered by any judge of our
Supreme Court. No lawyer doubts
bis fitness for the omce. In charac
ter, legal learning, party service and
judicial temperament he is worthy ot
receiving the endorsement of his
party and of thebovernor s appoint
ment. And why should he not re
ceive itf ine only objection sug
gested is that another good Demo
crat wants it!
Is this a sufficient reason for "turn
mg down judge Manning and re
buking Governor Kitchin for ap
pointing him? hile. of course, the
Democratic party has the right and
power to rebuke a Governor for any
appointment made by him, yet does
(iovernor Kitchin deserve such a re
buke in his appointment of Judge
Manning? If Governor Kitchin had
appointed Judge Allen instead of
Judge Manning, when both were as
pirants for the appointment, and be
had discharged the duties of his of
fice as well as Judge Manning has
(and we do not doubt that he would
have done so) then we would have
urged Judge Allen's nomination for
the same reasons above given for
Judge Manning's nomination.
In this connection we may mention
that the Democrats of this State, so
far back as loDG, thought Judge
Manning worthy of judicial honors,
for at the election that year he was
their candidate for judge of the Fifth
Judicial District, and received more
votes than -any other Democratic
candidate on the State ticket, al
though all were defeated by the
sion ticket.
Rest Awhile.
New Bern Sun.
You are wearing out the vital
forces faster than there is any need,
and in this way subtracting years
from the sum total of your life. This
rush and worry, day after day
this restless anxiety for somethiag
you have not got is like pebble stones
in machinery they grate and grind
the life out of you. You have
great deal of useless care dump it.
Pull in the strings, compact your
business; take time for thought o
better things. Go out into the air
and let God's sun shine down upon
vonr busv head. Stoc thinkinir of
business and profit; stop grumbling
at adverse providences. You wil
never see much better times in this
doomed world; and your most op
portune season is now; your happiest
day is today. Calmly do your duty
and let iioci taice care oi iiis own
world. He is still alive and is the
King. Do not imagine that things
will go to everlasting smash when
you disappear from this morta
stage. Do not fancy that the curse
of heaven, iu the shape of the vain
task of righting up a disjointed earth
is imposed upon you. Cease to fret
and fume; cease to jump and worry
early and late. 1 be time is coming,
but you can never bring it; God can
can, and will; take breath, sit down
and rest, and take a long breath
Then go calmly to the task of life,
and do.
- - s
The editors are looking forward
to one of the greatest meetings they
have ever attended at Wrightsville
Beach, Jane 8-10. The people o!
Wilmington are much interested in
the coming meeting, and are going
to give the editors a delightful time
The board ol alderman of the city
have appropriated f 00 lor their en
ter tain men t daring their stay. The
city of Wilmington is noted for its
hospitality, and theeditore will enjoy
a full share of it. Concord Times
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Appetite Gone.
Indigestion, is the
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They over eat or over drink and force
on the stomach a lot of extra work.
lint they never think that the stomach
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If these people would take a Mi-c-na
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druggist, to cure indigestion or any
stomach disease or money back.
Mi-o-na for Inching of gas.
Mi-o-na for distress of eating.
Mi-o-na for foul breath.
Mi-o-na for biliousness.
Mi-o-na to wake up the liver.
Mi-o-na for heartburn.
Mi-o-na for sick headache.
Mi-o-na for nervous dyspepsia.
Mi-o-na after a banquet.
Mi-o-na for vomiting of pregnancy.
Mi-o-na for car or sea-sickness.
Fiftv cents a lartm box bv lendinir
dealers every n hereand by V. W. Parker.
Booth a Pills cure constipation 2oe.
Cures catarrh or money back. Just
breathe it in. Complete outfit , including
nhalerfl. Extra bottles 60c DrugUtta.
Attorney at Law,
Henderson, N. C.
Office 137 - - - - Main Street.
Get Well First
Don't risk even a penny until Jualth
first returns.
And I mesn JuKt eiactly that.
I n in tho ono iI)ku lan who sri to tn lcx I
m ill nut of in v own iKK-kft. iy lor jour medi
cine If it fail to bring you hi-lpl"
And for 'M years nr. feitoop meuicmt
been used ana ruconinH'iuieo. in evtiry vuj
hamlet In America. Ther aro positively itand
ard In every community an.l every where.
Then why pay the cash, ami at your risk, for
other unwarranted and uncertain medicine?
Thousands upon tnounaiiai iv" i t
successfully used Dr. Khoop'i Restorative.
Whan tba Motnacn nerve, oruwiiwrvw aw
ly take no ftioney risk whatever. They know
that when jltH
return, vr, m rTou.xv T "
hliiwlf gladly II C H Pr the drug
gist for that And J'J
that test a full 30 day tremn- nt la freely granted.
But write me first for an order.
Thli will ave delay and Clmppolntnwnt.
All druggist tell It. Mioop's Kanratlvo and Dr.
thoop'a Rheumatic Kemiy. but all are not au
thorized to give the 30 dai Ut. Ho drop toe a Una
please lor I have appointed an nonoet ana re
sponsible drug- r'st in almost
every comtnnn- ltr. everywhere.
toUnue my "no W f3k T twlp. no pay.'
medicine to tho A V y tlrk. Tell mo also
which book you . need, i ns imos
below will surely open to new and helpful Ideas
to those who arn not well. Heideyott are perfect.
ly free to consult me justs you wouin ynurnotne
physician. My advice snd the book, below are
your and without cost.
Perhaps a word or two from me will clear tin
some serious aliment. I have helped thousand
upon thonsand by my prlvaw
prescription of7 personal adviee
plan. Mr best ef- f4 fMort is surely
worthyonrlmple JL Vr X request. Ho write
now. while you have it fresh In
mind, for tomorrow never come, hi. fchoop. Dot
12. Racine. M is.
Wale Sock Basil I Test
No. 1 On Pyspepsia
No. 2 On the Heart
No. S On the Kidney
No. 4 Tor Wotuea
No. 6 For Men
No. 6 On Bheumatlim.
Dr. Shoop's
P. H. Montgomery & Co.,
Sanitaru Plumbers, Steam Fitters
and Electricians.
Supplies, fixtures and Repairs.
Wiring and Electrical Work la all Its
Let as furnish yoa estimates on anything
in our line.
All Work Quarsotscd.
Choice Cut Flowers.
Roses, carnations, violets and
rallies oar specialties.
Wedding bououets in all of the
newest styles, noral designs and
bouquets arranged in the most
artistic styles at short notice.
Shade trees, rose bti sties, climb
ing roses, evergreens, shrubbery
and hedge plants in great vari
eties. Mail, telegraph and telephone
orders promptly executed, by
po.. .49 RALEIGH, N. C.
i 1 1 1 1 ii i n i ii 1 1 1 i i 1 1 1 1 1 1
Benton Mineral Water.
I will make delivery ot BEN
Henderson every Saturday,
fresh from the spring, at 50
cents for 5-galIon demijohn, or
12 half-gallon bottles 75 cents.
Persons who have used this
water are perfectly satisfied
with its good effects. Prompt
attention will be given to all
orders. R F. HARRIS.
R. F. D. No. 5.. Henderson, X. C.
WANTED 10 or 12 cows or eolta to
pasture. Good grazing and
abundance of pore running water. Right
at my house and can look after stock.
Terms reasonable.
ney nerve lail.thomatcxonrsBnuw w qui.,
Dr. Hhoop's Restorative will brine Uicm bark to
with am. Tut bestofall, they positive
i :
v-.: t

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