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The Gold Leaf.
An Honor, Not a Disgrace.
The Charlotte 0lrv-r, vterday
in its report of a t-ermon bv Kv. Dr.
Herman II. Ilnlten, in the Firnt Bap
tist church in that city, reports him
us making a statement that will
astonish the State. After dechirln
that Tom Dixon's books are 'viious
and of a class not to be counten
anced," the preacher is thus quoted
bv The Observer:
'-In discussing the school system
of the Stute, and North Carolina's
eharneof illiteracy in past years. Dr.
Hulten characterized the State Uni
versity as a disprrace to North Caro
lina. He did thii in comparing it
with the State institutions of the
North, East nnd West, with which he
had close acquaintance in time past.
The statement was made as an after
tiiought and crtaled quite a little
Jt is to be hoped that Dr. Hulten
has some explanation that will make
his statement not as unjust and as
surprising ns The Observer's extract.
In the absence of any explanation
ih statement discloses that Dr.
Hulten knows little about North
Carolina, lens about the University,
and should learn more before he
trivcs voic to a declaration that is
disproved in every community in the
State and amongeducated men every
where. The story of the University
of North Carolina is the brightest
pa ire in the history of the State.
With a small income, buildings that
are not large enough to properly
provide for half the attendance, and
an inexpensive equipment, it is sec
ond in its number of collegiate stu
dents to no university in the South,
ami in its scholarship standing and
the usefulness of its graduates, no
institution in the Southern States
stands higher. If Dr. Hulten ever
went to Chapel Hill, he is probably
comparing the inexpensive and sim
ple college structures with those at
Chicago or some other richly en
dowed institutions. If by such com
parisons he reaches the idea that it
is "a disgrace to North Carolina,"
it is hoped that Dr. Hulten will help
to end the "disgrace" by joining iu
the earnest petition to the Legis
lature to devise ways and means to
erect additional and modern college
buildings to fully meet the needs of
the hundreds of young men more
than seven hundred now there, and
ot hers who would swell the number,
with efficient accommodations. If
there is any "disgrace" attaching to
an j' body with reference to the Uni
versity, it is to the people who have
failed to equip it as well as
other States have equipped their in
stitutions of like standing and char
acter. Dr. Hulten will be surprised
to know that the Legislatures for a
hundred years have appropriated
only enough money from the State
Treasury to erect three buildings at
the University, when every dictate of
wisdom demands the erection of
enough buildings, properly equipped,
for the purposes of a University.
But, in spite of the absenceof enough
suitable buildings, the character of
the instruction and the high stand
ard in scholarship and character at
the institution have given it a high
place that makes it the crowning
honor and glory of North Carolina's
educational system.
Corn Growing Contests.
Ureensboro News.
The corn growing contests that
have of late received some little at
tention throughout the State are
something more than a mere trial to
see what man or what boy can suc
ceed in raising the most corn on an
acre during a given year. If this
were all that was involved we would
be inclined to say that the matter
had received more attention than it
really deserved, but that is not all.
The boy who enters such a contest
may win or he may not win; all can
not be successful, but we make the
statement without fear of contradic
tion that every boy who enters such
a contest, or every man, for that
matter, too, is thereafter a better
farmer throughout hisentire life than
he would have been had he not tried
his hand nt the contest.
It is true that North Carolina
needs more farmers, but we need bet
ter farmers much more than we need
a greater number of them. One of
the reasons often given for the pre
vailing high prices is that the num
ber of months we have to feed in this
country has grown out of all propor
tion to the number of men whose
business it is to raise the things
which are necessary to feed those
mouths. But it is with farming as
with all other branches of human
endeavor if one man can, by the
use of improved methods do the
same work and produce the same re
sults that two men have been doing
and producing under old methods
the country is much better off than
it would be if the number of pro
ducers were doubled.
That we can make our farms much
more productive, even with the same
number of farmers and the same
amount of work has been too well
Eroven to admit of further doubt,
ut education along this line is neces
sary, the men and boys who are to
do the work must learn how and
must learn by actual experiment and
experience; no amount of newspaper
preachments or platform talks will
bring about the desired change.
For this reasou we say that these
corn growing contests are well worth
all the attention that has been given
them as purely educational matters.
Probably the greatest coffee 8ubntitute
yet produced is thnt now known to gTocers
everywhere as Dr. Shoop's Health Coffee. It
actually goes a third furtherthan all others,
and besides it is "made in a minute." No 20
to 30 minutes tedious boiling is all neces
sary. Pure toasted grains, malt, nnts, etc.,
hare been so chverly blended as to give a
wonderfully satisfying, true genuine coffee
flavor and taste. And not a grain of real
coffee is used lOO cups, 25c. Sold by Geo
E. Perry.
If the price of cotton and produce
holds up we certainly will be calling
them agriculturists instead of farm
ers Wilmington Dispatch.
A Simple Safeguard lor riothers.
Mrs. D. Gilkeson, 326 Ingles Ave., Youngs
town. Ohio, gained wisdom by experience.
"My little girl had a severe cold and coughed
almost continuously. My sister recommend
ed Foley's Honey and Tar. The first dose I
gave her relieved the inflammation in her
throat and after using only one bottle her
throat and lungs were entirely free from in
flammation. Since then I always keep a
bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar in the
house. Accept no substitute. Sold by all
(Continued from first page)
were a brr;'l new rvn n-so'ved to beat
Urn out .f si;:!:' . -.i-ii--.::
When the !-; --.n-I; II this do-
! mestlc ball broke tip. Mr. and Mrs.
Fezziwlg took their station., one on
either side the dor. and. shaking
hands witb every person Individually
a3 he or she went out. wished him or
her a merry Christmas. When every
body had retired but the two 'pren
tices they did the same to them, and
thus the chi-erful voices died away, and
the lads were left to their beds, which
were under a counter in the back shop.
During the whole of this tim
Scrooge had acted like a man out of
his wits. His heart and soul were la
the scene and with his former self. He
corroborated everything, remembered
everything, enjoyed everything and
underwent the strangest agitation.
"What i.s the matter?" asked the
"Nothing particular." said Scrooge.
"Something. I think." the ghost in
sisted. "No." said Scrooge; "no. 1 should
like to be able to say a word or two to
my clerk just now that's all."
Ills former self turned down the
lamps as he gave utterance to the
wish, and Scrooge and the ghost again
stood side by side iu the open air.
"My time grows short." observed the
spirit. "Quick!"
This was not addressed to Scrooge
or to any one whom he could see, but
it produced an immediate effect, for
again Scrooge saw himself. He was
older now, u man in the prime of life.
His face had not the harsh and rigid
lines of later 3'ears, but it had begun
to wear the signs of care and avarice.
There was an eager, greedy, restless
motion in the eye which showed the
passion that had taken root and where
the shadow of the growing tree would
He was not alone, but sat by the
side of a fair young girl in a mourning
dress in whose eyes there were tears.
which sparkled in the light that shone
out of the Ghost of Christmas Past.
"It matters little." she said softly
"to you very little. Another idol haa
displaced me, and if it can cheer and
comfort you in time to come, as I
would have tried to do. I have no just
cause to grieve."
"What idol has displaced youV" he
"A golden one."
"This is the even handed dealing of
the world," he said. "There is nothing
on which it i3 so bard as poverty, aud
there Is nothing it professes to con
demn with such severity as the pur
suit of wealth."
"You fear the world too much," she
answered gently. "All your other
hopes have merged into the hope of
being beyond the chance of its sordid
approach. I have seen your nobler as
pirations fall off one by one until the
master passion, gain, engrosses you.
Have I not?"
"What then?" he retorted. "Even If
I have grown so much wiser, what
then? I am not changed toward you."
She shook her head.
"Am I?"
"Our contract is an old one. It was
made when we were both poor and
content to be so until in good season
we could improve our worldly fortune
by our patient industry. You are
changed. When it was made you were
another man."
"I was a boy." he said impatiently.
He was about to speak further; but.
with her head turned from him. she
"You may the memory of what la
past half makes me hope you will
have pain in this. A very, very brief
time aud you will dismiss the recol
lection of it gladly as an unprofitable
dream from which it happened well
that you awoke. May you be happy In
the life you have chosen."
She left him, and they parted.
"Spirit," said Scrooge in a broken
voice, "remove me from this place."
He turned upon the ghost and, see
ing that it looked upon him with a
face in which in some strange way
there were fragments of all the faces
it had shown him. wrestled with it
"Leave me! Take me back! Haunt
me no louger!"
In the struggle, if that can be called
a struggle in which the ghost, with no
visible resistance
on Its own part,
was undisturbed
by any effort of
its adversary.
Scrooge observed
thnt Ifn 1 t ,
burning high and
ongnt, ana, aimiy
connecting that
with its influence
over him, he seiz
ed the extin
guisher cap and
by a 6udden ac
tion pressed it
down upon its
The spirit drop
ped beneath it.
so that the extinguisher covered Its
whole form; but. though Scrooge press
ed it down with all his force, he could
not hide the light which 6treamed
from under it in an unbroken flood
upon the ground.
He was conscious of being exhausted
and overcome by an Irresistible drowsi
ness and, further, of being in his own
bedroom. He gave the cap a parting
Bqueeze, in which his hand relaxed,
and had barely time to reel to bed be
fore he sank into a heavy sleep.
(Chapters 3 and 4 will follow next
Inflammatory Rheumatism Imme
diately Relieved. ,
Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon. Ind., savs:
'My wife had Inflammatory Rheumatism in
every muscle and joint; her suffering was
terrible and her body aad far were swollen
almost beyond recognition: had been in bed
for six weeks and bad eight physicians, but
recived no benefit until she tried DR. DET
gave immediate relief and she was able to
walk about in three days. I am sure it
aaved her life." Sold by W. W.Parker, drag.
Mr. Kltchln Says He Will Be Speaker
Without Opposition.
Washington Post.
Predicting that Camp Chirk will le
unopposed for nomination -a Speak
er of the next House by l lie Demo
crats elected to tl'e Six ty-8ecot:d Con
gress, .Representative Clude Kitchio
expressed the opinion yesterdiy that
the present minority leader would
take rank with the greatest presiding
officers of the House. Mr. Kitchin
said with regard to the speakership:
'When the Democratic caucus of
the Sixty-second Congress assembles,
the name of Champ Clark will be the
only one presented for the speaker
ship. The democracy of the country
in the heart and its hope has already
elected him. We had a sweeping vic
tory. No man contributed uiore to
it than he. His wise leadership in
the House sent out of Washington
at the last adjournment, for the first
time in eighteen years our party
united, organized, and millitant, and
the Republican party divided, dis
organized, and dismayed
"In bis accomplishments as minor
ity leader, he demonstrated to the
country the necessity and the results
of a united Democracy. The party
throughout the nation caught its
sense and inspiration. No man in
either end of the Capitol, except per
haps, Senator Shively, of Indiana,
represents in so strong and marked a
degree the triumphant cause and the
lessons which the great victory
teaches. His hteh and rugged integ
rity, his instinctive sense of fairness,
his courageous loyalty to principles,
proclaim him worthy of the unani
mous and enthusiastic selection of
the Democrats in the House and will
combine to rank him alongside of
the best who, in the days erone, meas
ured up to the responsibility of the
"His election as Speaker will be a
guarantee to the country that the
Eerformance of the party in the
louse will be square with its prom
ises in the campaign."
Rheumatism Relieved In 6 Hours.
MATISM usually relieves severest cases in a
few hours. Its ant.ion upon the system is re
markable and effective It removes the
cnuse and the disease quickly disappears.
First dose benefits. 73c and $1.00. Sold
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sert the table so long as there is any
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polishing faucets, brass kettles and
the like.
When you have a cold get a bottle of
Chamberlain's Cough Rpmerly. It will soon
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tendency toward pneumonia. This remedy
contains no opium or other narcotic and
may be given as confidently to a baby as to
an adult Sold by all dealers.
Elect that man to office who has
the courage to be dprent and honest
when nobody is looking.
W. en a cold becomes settled in the system
it will take several days' treatment to euro
it, and the best remedy to use is Chamber
Iain's Cough Remedy. It will cure quicker
than any other, and also leaves the system
in a natural and healthy condition. Sold
by all dealers.
It is an easy matter to size up a
man if his dog crawls under the house
when it sees him approaching.
. .
"I had been troubled with constipation
for t wo years and tried all of the best physi
cians in Bristol. Tenn., and they conld do
nothing for me," writes Thos. E. Williams,
Middleboro, Kv. Two packages of Cham
ber! ain's Stomach and Liver Tablets cured
me." Sold by all dealers.
Tack pieces of rubber, cut from
overshoes, to the bot tom of the step
ladder legs, and they will not slide on
a slippery floor.
Qood Results Always Follow
The use of Foley Kidney Pills. They are
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Tonic in action, quick in results. Sold by all
The cork in a bottle of cement or
clue is apt to stick and break when
it is opened for the second time. To
prevent this, grease it lightly when
first taken out.
Banks On Sure Thing Now.
"I'll never be without Dr. King's Nw Life
Pills again," writes A Scbingeck, 647 Elm
St , Buffalo, N. Y. "Theycnred meof chronic
constipation when all others failed." Un
equaled for Biliousness. Jaundice, Indiges
tion, Headache. Chills, Malaria and Debility.
23c at Melville Dorsey's
If housewives would have rubber
heels and soles on their every-day
shoes, they would find that much dis
comfort from aching, tired, feet would
be avoided.
Saved From Awful Death.
How an appalling calamity in his family
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Fayetteville N. C, II. F. D. No. 8. "My sis
ter had consumption," he writes, "she was
vry thin and paK hod no appetite and
seemed to grow weaker every day, as all
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Cabbage is more delicate if, after it
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out into a colander and cold water
run over it; then put again in boiling
water and finished.
The tender leaves of a harmless lung-healing
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Coush Remedy its marvelous curative prop
erties. Tight, tickling, or distressing
coughs, quickly yield to the healing, sooth
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Shoop's Cough Remedy And it is so safe
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Sold by The Paragon, H. E. Thrower, Prop.
As the Greensboro News eayB the
parent who is too conscientious to
have Santa Clans make gifts to tl.
child is a misfit in this worl 1.
If your Stomach, Rp-?f. or Lithiry e are
weak, try at least, a i .lows only of Dr.
Shoop's Rpetorativp. h. five or ten days
only, the reenlt will surprise you. A few
cents will cover the cost. And here is why
lK !p comes so quickly. Dr. Shoop doesn t
drug the Stomach, nor etimulate the Heart
or Kidneys. Dr. Shoop's Restorative goes
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Each organ has its own controlling nerve.
When tlese nerves fail, thedependingorgans
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1 . XV
Don't Eibk even a ver.nj until health returns
A.rdl nice :i iaot xA';'y tl.at.
I am tire one phyf iciiR I'o says to t';- Vk. "1
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The pains from which
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good dependable goods reasonably priced larger and better
assortments for choosing.
We shall endeavor each day to better the service of
our store so that those who are will always be our friends
and customers and those who are not will truly want to be.
We wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year,
so a n re
The "Buck's" Store where
The Latest Price List
our own corn whiskey.
Beer, per 4 Dozen Bottles,
i Old Cherry 8 years old.
2 50
Port Wine-
Scnppernong Wine........
Claret Wine
Blackberry Wine
Holland (lin
Rose Gin
Bottled Goods.
French Brandy Per qt.
Cane 8pring Rye 4 qt (bottled
bond U. S. Government Stamp).
Green River Rye 4 qta
Three Feathers Rye 4 qta
Canadian Clob 4 qta
Old Prentice 4 qta.........
Mum'a Rye 4 qta
Foil Dress 4 qU
Poor Aces 4 ate
Echo Spring 4 qts
Mark Rogers 4 qta
Jefferson Club 4 qts
Gordon Rye 4 qts .
Three Crowns Rye 4 qta .
Yellow Label 4 qta ..
Old Sherwood 4 qus,
William Penn 4 qts
Fltx Kagh Lee 4 qta
Blue Blood 4 qt
Montreal Malt whiskey 4 qta ."
Billy Baxter 4 qts
Anderson Club 4 'qts ,
Old Bob Burton 4 qts 'Z.Z
Old Fluteher 4 qta..
Jamestown Irish whiskey 4 qta.Z'ZZ
Dewer'a Scotch 4 qta
6 00
6 00
5 OO
4 50
T ir !- 1 A rr- onnrr,
nwmc KAJff tiK-Ui 1 ILLtD Corn Whiskey maae
We are one of the few that make our own Corn Whiskey, so you
" scuijr to auunu uu us. auxin y
t CO.
yob c set Anything in Hardware
Delivered, $5.00f.
Royal Arch 4 qts
Rooney's Malt 4 qts
Doffy's Melt 4 qts
Duffy's Malt by the case
American Malt 4 qt
Casey Malt
Rose Valley Rye 4 qts
Glenn Lilly Rye 4 qta
Old Velvet qts
O. P. R. 4 qts
Silus Dean 4 qta
Old Henry4 qts
Corn Whiskey 100 pfs
Corn Whiskey 100 half pt
Corn Whiskey 100 Proof 100 pt
Corn Whiskey J00 Proof 100 half "
Bottled Wine.
Virginia Dare 4 qta
St. Eatepbe 4 qta
St. Jolean 4 qts... ,
Virginia Claret 4 qts
Imperial Sherry nine 8 years oM 4 !'
Domestic qts
Alcohol best grade 1 qt
Minnehaha 4 qta
Pocahontas 4 qts
Imperial Blackberry 4 qt.
Scnppernong 4 qta
5 00
U 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
4 00
:o 00
1 00
J 1 00
3 i"
3 10
A 50
. 5 00
3 50
i' 00
3 5(
3 '0
3 50
" 350
16 00
fort 4 qta
Blackberry Brandy 4 qts
Extra Dry Mumm s 4 qta -
N. B. 1 gallon corn whiskey 100 proof aJ
jug F. O. B. here
. . . 1 - kc
Office Money Order, or Exprf
... m , tnlcen ir

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