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The Gold Leaf.
-'.TABL1SHSD r88i.
Virginia m jut about floo.000
letter off on account of thf monpv
that went from North Cr.!i.iH f"r
Chrixtm is whi-kev. From Hi looks
of tliiiiir- around this a ' tun t-.oy
mint Iiuvh It i'l a fe pipe lin-s in
opfr;itioii. R ilih Times.
TIim must a cona-rvativo enti
mit". If the ivc ipt.s of liquor at
cvi-rv 'xprs- f ifiee throughout the
Staff wore a- proportionately lare
H8 they wre it Home point- we hap
pen to know about between Rnleizh
anl Norfolk and Richmond $100,000
will not btfin to cover it by a jrood
Colonel Wade Harris Excepts.
Sntwvill? !,atiiJrn;irk.
Dr. Archibald Johnson, of Charity
und rii'dr-ii, carries a club for hon
or irv military titlen. He in opposed
to p.j.sMnir out captain and major
and colonel to m-ri rthoii'-vernmeiled
powder in actual Her vice, and in the
lat iyMje of his pnper Iwfore ChriHt
iriHs he took a fall out of this prac
tice. A- soon as the article wan read
in The Landmark office we thought
of Col. Wade Harris and t he colonel
himself has taken notice. In the
Chronicle of Saturday he says:
"We are goinjr to awk him John
hoii to pass us. Hang it all !
Doesn't he know that if Ashley
Home had been elected Governor,
we would have been a full-fledged
colonel on his utaff, gold braid, braes
buttons and all?"
That's it! Once before when Dr.
Johnson Ml upon the rasjorsand the
colonels with his club The Landmark
cited Col. Harris' case to hira und
asked him to moke a npecial excep
tion. When Ashley Home failed of
the governorship and Col. Harris
failed of direct appointment as col
onel, his friends, feeling that he had
fully earned the title in thestrenuous
warfare he made for Home, proceed
ed to place him on the list; and we
must again ask Dr. Johnson to ex
cept Col. Harris by name when he
goes after the colonels, for every time
lie takes a shot Col. Harris jumps as
if the doctor was aiming directly at
him. The doctor may intend to ex
cept his friends but he should say so
and not leave them in doubt, and if
he is a friend of Col. Harris he will
hereafter bear his case in';mind. The
Landmark has a special interest in
this case be -ause it helped to make
Harris a colonel, and moreover if Dr.
Johnson keeps up his war on the
honorary titles he may next fall on
the folks who are called judges by
The Mid Winter Press Meeting.
Concern Tribune.
The mid-winter meeting of the
North Carolina Press Association
promises to be one of unusual inter
est. It will be held on Tuesday and
Wednesday, January 24 and 25, and
on the morning of January 2G the
editorial party will be taken on an
excursion to Florence and Charleston
and will receive courtesies at the
hands of the people of each city. Of
course, Winston-Salem will provide
ample entertainment, and it is not
expected that time there will hang
heavy on the editors' hands.
Dehorning Calves.
I.ini-oltitun Nt-WH.
Dehorning is such a simple opera
tion that it is difficult toexplain why
it is ever postponed until the calves
are fully grown and necessity arises
for sawing them off. To dehorn, se
cure a pencil of caustic potash at a
drug store. When the calf is three
days old locate the little knot that
indicates the young horn, wet it and
rub with the pencil, held in a gloved
hand. This is alj there is to the
operation. It constitutes but a few
minutes' work and causes no pain to
the animals.
Better to Have Resolved and Fail
ed Than Not to Have Resolved
at All.
StatpTille Landmark.
New Year resolves are spoken of with
more or less flippancy because so few
are kept, but the beginning of a New
Year is nevertheless a time for reflec
tion, a time to set our faces to the
front with new hope and courage and
an earnest purpose to do bet ter in the
future than in the past. The resolves
should be few, and having made them
there should be an earnest striving
to live up to them. The New Year is
a good time says Orison Sweet Mar
den, in Success Mugaiine, 'to drop
the yesterdays, to forget bitter mem
ories"; and further:
"Resolve that when you cross the
line between the old and the New
Year you will close the door on every
thing in the past t hat pains and can
not help you. Free yourself from
everything that handicaps you, keeps
you back and makes you unhappy.
Throw away all useless baggage,
drop everything that is a drag that
hinders your progress. Enter the
door of the New Year with a cleau
slate and a free mind. Don't be
mortgaged to the past, and never
look back."
That is worth thinking about,
worth striving for.
Negroes Condemn Crime.
Stiit-vill Laixitnurk.
Colored citizens of Oxford, in mass
meeting last week, passed resolu
tions condemning the horrible crime
committed by one of their race in
Granville county, (near Hester) and
pledged their support to law and
order. It is well. The better element
of colored people do not, of course,
sympathize with the criminals of
their race, but as a larger part of the
colored people are usually disposed
to stand by their color under all
circumstances, it is not only proper,
but will have .a good effect, for those
who do condemn the criminal class
to stand up and say so.
the pi!t8, no matter how long you have put
tered. It will eradicate the disease from the
system FOREVER,
SATISFACTION, or your money BACK.
At Thomas Brothers', Henderaon. 3f. C. al
The State's Progress.
Kaleigh Evening Tiir.
tion than North Carolina. Ihe pro
gress it is makinjr loi;r all lines is
pushinir it front. In a recent
artiel- the iltiruore Sun calls atten
tion to whut the State is doing. It
"No Stae in the South is increas
ing more rapidity in population and
material wealth than North Carolina.
When i he o-n-us figures were an
nounced last wvek many were sur
prised to find that its population
had jriowa in ten ye ars from 1,8'J3,
810 to 2,200,287, ranking next to
Kentucky and not far lehind Geor
gia. Hut the growth in population
by no tri'-aiisequals the rapid develop
ment of its industries. Cardinal Gib
bons who lived in that State and
served his first bishopric there, was
surprised to find on passing through
that territory a few weeks ago au
almost continuous line of factories
from South Carolina to the Virginia
'Congressman Charles K. Thomas,
of New I.ei n, N. C, in his address be
fore the North Carolina Society of
Baltimore Friday night gave some
facts that duliiihted the natives of
that State who now reside in this city.
The educitional movement, started
let-s than twenty years ago, has re
sulte.l in the. erection of large normal
industrial and agricultural colleges
for both men and women, expansion
of the State University uiidthedozen
denominational colleges, and one
modern public! school house is now
leing built for every day in the year.
From 1800 to 1905, as the census
h'gufvs show, the wealth of theSouth
increase.! 1,000.000,000, and of
this increase $i;i7,000,000 was in
North Carolina, lieing exceeded only
bv Texas. The State now raises
nearly 700,000 bales of cotton a year,
and her more than ,'00 mills consume
thousands of bales raised in other
sections. The remarkable develop
ment of the manufacture of cotton,
tobau-o and furniture has been ac
complished largely with homecapital,
and nearly all the factories a re owned
by local investors.
"'The immense water power genera
ted by the rapid Tall of many streams
as they run from the mountains to
the sa is now being developed. This
is estimated at 3.500,000 horse
power. Congressman Thomas pre
dicts that this water power will in
time transform it into one of the
greatest manufacturing sections or
the I nion.
"The census statistics prove that
in nearly every Eastern State which
shows a notable growth in popula-
tion the increase has been largely
due to the immigration of foreign
ers. This is not so in North Carolina,
which has fewer foreigners than any
other State, practically is entire
population being of native birth.
She has furnished many thousands
of good citizens to other States, es
pecially to the cities of t he North and
the new common wealths of the Union,
and yet in ten years has added 323,
277 to her own population, which is
evidence enough that the North
Carolinians are prolific as well as en
terprising. It is a country of homes
and of big families, a State with no
big city but plenty of lively towns, a
commonwealth peopled by sturdy,
patriotic Americans, who hold to
the"faith of the fathers,' and who
tf showing what the Southern
people can do with their own re
sources on their own soil."
Such an article as this in the Sun
is appreciated. It does the State
good by attracting other people to
the State. It shows them what the
State is doing and presents its re
sources to a large field. It is grati
fying to the people of the State to
know that others are taking notice
of what is being done.
Appeals to Law Instead of Wield
ing a Stick.
Stntesville Landmark.
Arthur Brown, a former resident
and former member of the city coun
cil of Fredericksburg, Va., now of
Philadelphia, hasentered suit against
Judge Alvin T. Embrey for $10,000
damages for alleged defamation of
character by Judge Embrey in his
argument before a jury in a case in
which Brown was a witness. This is
unusual. It is not uncommon for
lawyers to abuse often without ex
cusedwitnesses and litigants for the
purpose of beclouding the issue. But
usually the party who is abused
without stint has no recourse. If he
attempt to take it out of the hide of
the lawyer he may lose in the scrap
and get punished in court, for the
court being a lawyer, naturally sym
pathizes with lawyers. When called
to taw the lawyer will usually explain
that he meant no harm, but that is
poor consolation to the man who
has been held tip before a public as
semblage and pictured as a horse
thief, or worse. The result of the
damage suit as the remedy will be
watched with interest. The plaintiff
will be handicapped, for the court
and lawyers generally will naturally
be out of sympathy with him and he
need not be surprised if he finds the
law interpreted contrary to his con
tention. His only hope is in the jury,
where he would naturally have sym
pathizers, but if he gets a verdict the
Supreme Court composed of lawyers,
may prove his undoing. J3ut Low
ever it may go it will be an interest
ing case.
Sensitive on That Point.
"What's your name?" the three
other men asked him.
"John Potter," answered the
stranger, who had accepted an invi
tation to take the fourth hand in a
game of cards.
"That's all right; we'll call you"
"No, you don't! The first galoot
that calls me Jack Potter willgetthe
map of his face changed!" Chicago
T. noun p.
$100 Reward, $100.
The readers of this paper will be pleased
to learn that there is at least one dreaded
disease that science has been able to cure in
all its stages, and that is Catarrh. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a
constitutional treatment. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is taken internally, acting dirwctlj upon
the blood and mucoussurfaces pf the system,
thereby destroying the foundation of the
diseasv, and giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and assisting
nature ia doing its work. The proprietors
hare so much faith in its curative powers
that they offer One Hundred dollars for any
case that it fails to cure. Send for list of
Address F. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold by all Druggists, 75c.
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation.
Read and advartlaa In Gold Leaf.
The Brightest Spot On Earth.
A happy home is the brightest spot
on earth that the eye of God looks
down upon, says a writer. Love and
peace in his home sends sunshine
around the man wherever he goes;
but let there be disorder and trouble,
' and there is misery every where. There
are few worries of life which a man
cannot now und then --bake off, but
who can shake himself free from the
skeleton in the closet, from the worry
f of the household, a blister on the
heart? A day will tell how nanr a
man carried that with him without
wincing down to Ihrf grave When
husband arid wife are helpmate to
each other in the best sense; when
order and love and goodness prevail
in the house, then the man who has a
hard battle in life to fight can leave
his struggles behind him when he
enters there. With all our faults we
are the most home loving of people,
and that is the reason why we are the
greatest of people. Whatever helps
home life is a national blessing;
whatever hurts home life is a national
curse, and the greatest curse that
can touch these blessings is what
would tamper with the peace and
blessedness of our homes.
Oh The Pity of It !
Stutesville Landmark.
The joys of the Christmas season
are always n.arred by the crimes and
casualties, always apparently more
numerous at this reason than any
other. The Landmark carries today
a sad record of both crimes and cas
ualties for the past week and by no
means all are included in the list.
To our mind, the saddest occurrence
in the State was the killing of the
little girl in Wilmington by an auto
mobile. Just as the child was show
ing to a companion the toys sh- had
gotten from a Christmas tree her
brains were dashed out. Oh it was
Foodstuffs First.
Greensboro New.
We have tried our hand at advis
ing a diversity of crops co often and
so persistently that some may think
us cranks on the t-ubject, but let that
go, we still insist that it is one of the
most important problems confront
ing a large number of our people.
In the spring when cotton or to
baeco promises large prices the
temptation for a farmer to devote
almost his entire time to these money
crops is strong, and, sometimes, in
fact, altogether too often, he yields
to that temptation.
But now, when winter is coming
on, when he finds that he must sell
his money crop at whatever prices
he can get for it because he has not
the means to live and pay his debts
while he holds it, when he awakes to
a realization of the lamentable fact
that he has paid so much attention
to his own main crop that he has
not provided foodstuffs for himself
and his stock during the winter, the
question assumes a different aspect.
We do not care what may be the
price of cotton or tobacco or any
other crop which must be sold to be
of any service to its producer, we
still insist that no mau can have the
greatest possible amount of success
as a farmer who does not first and
foremost provide himself with all his
own needs from his own farm as
nearly as he can and then devote his
secondary and not his primary at
tention to a crop which is for sale
and useful only when sold.
Good Bye, Old Year.
(). H. in Charlotte Chronicle.
Oood-bye Old Year! You have brought us
tears we know.
And long, dark days, aad winds and snow
Days when onr hearts were filled with cow
aid fears,
When we could claim no answered prayers.
But ah! the sunny days you brought us
When earth was green and skies were blue,
And just to live and breathe thesun-warmed
To watch the glory everywhere
Was luxury, and hearts grew strong, and
Revived, nor will we fear to cope
With veiled possibilities that stand
Laden with gifts for us on either hand
Like sentinels about your dying day.
For now we lift our eyes and hearts and say,
"O. Father, God, while Thou art nar
We trust in Thee we will not fear."
And so to the Old Year we say good-bye,
Since 'tis God's will that thou should'st die.
Who knows? Perchance upon the other
We'll meet again where time is o'er
Till then good-bye, Old Year Ood -bye!
Saves Two Lives.
"Neither my sister nor myself might be
livingtoday, if it had not been for Dr. King's
New Discovery," writes A. D. McDonald of
Fayetteville. N. C. K. F. D. No. 8, ' for we
both had frightful coughs that no other
remedy could help. We were told my sister
bad consumption. She wns very weak and
had night sweats but your wonderful medi
cine completely cured us both. It's the best
I ever used or heard of." For sore lungs,
cousths, colds, hemorrhage, Ingrippe, asthma,
hny fever, croup, whooping cough. all
bronchial troubles, it's supreme. Trial
bottle free. 50c. and fl 00. Guaranteed by
MHville Dorsey, druggist
The Happy Man.
"1 hear she is to be married. Who
is the happy man?"
"Her father." Lippincot t's.
If This Medicine Does Not
Benefit You Pay Nothing.
A physician who made a specialty
of stomach troubles, particularly
dyspepsia, after years of study per
fected the formula from which iiexall
Dyspepsia Tablets are made.
Our experience with Rexall Dys
pepsia Tablets leads us to believe
them to be the greatest remedy
known for the relief of acute Indiges
tion and chronic dyspepsia. Their in
gredients are soothing and healing
to the inflamed membranes of the
stomach. They are rich in pepsin,
one of the greatest digestive aids
known to medicine. The relief they
afford is almost immediate. Then
use with persistency and regularity
for a short time brings about a ces
sation of the pains caused by stom
ach disorders.
Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets will in
sure healthy appetite, aid digestion
and promote nutrition. As r-i. V.n
of our sincere faith in x all Dys
pepsia Tablets, we ask i try them
at our risk. V ' Ho'not give you
entire satisfact i .... a will return you
the money you paid us for them,
without question or formality. They
come in three sires, prices 25 cents,
50 cents and f 1.00. Remember you
can obtain them onlv at our 6tore
The Rexall Store. W. W. Parker.
When given as soon as tie crovpy covirh
appears Chamberlain's Cough Remedy will
ward off an attack of croup and prevent all
danger and cause of anxiety. Thousands of
mothers use it successfully. Sold by all
Looking Backward and Forward,
GretDbro News. Jn 1st.
With the s'roke of the bell at inid
nijfht a cy-le .f lime the 3 ear 191
died and p-issd into history.
But with th-H ime stroke the New
Year labelled 1011 was ushered in
and today it stands smiling with
hoie and laden with opportunity.
The record of 1910 has Ieen writ
ten and coiiKJt now 1" i-hend.
Among the items record d art S'-me
suci-es-es and some failures. In some
instanc an earnest desire and a
worthy ambition was realized. In
sou." oi 'ier fond hopes were blasted
and brtiiht prospects came to naught.
It was in ail respects pretty nearly
such a year as all other years have
been. In the inscrutable wisdom of
I'rovidt-m-e all people were not per
mitted to prosper alike. Some coffers
were filled with gold whileothers with
seemingly just as good claim to suc
cess met bankruptcy. Happy homes
were darkened by the taking away of
loved ones, while the death angel
recognized the marks on the lintels of
other homes and passed them by.
Th reasons for these things we dare
not attempt to investigate.
All in all, 1910 was a good year.
TIim country lias leen prosperous as
a nation, and no pestilence nor fam
ine has visited us. Progress hVs been
trreat in scientific and industrial ac
tivities. Relations with other na
tions have been pleasant and no seri
ous complications have been threat
ened. Ther has Iwfn a general
awakening of many of the elements
that make for permanent universal
peace among thenationsof the world.
The progress and achievements of the
religious denominations have been
marked and leave no room f r doubt
that I he world is steadily growing
Taking up and passing to the fu
ture the influence of all the good
thinys of 1910. all the progress, all
the discovery, all the lefirning, all the
achievements, all the glory, t hart they
may have prserved and treasured
and profited by it is not meet that
we linger by t he grave of blasted am
bitions and buried hopes. To linger
and i-igh is time lost. It is wrong to
i-ry over a mistake if it is one that
may be ust-d as a guide to success in
the fut ure.
With stout heart and resolute will
let u bii thankful for past successes
when we werj right, sorry for failures
that (-a me by our own errors and
neglect to iaipr v opportunities,
and rise with joy and gladness to
rivet the duties and responsibilities
of the N"w Year.
All hail and good day to 1911.
The sun is up and has imprinted his
first kiss on the bright eastern shors
of a New Year. It is easier to look
backward than f rward; but hope
springs eternal, confidence lures us
on and ambition points th way.
Standing upo'i a n w threshhold let
us step out with courage and good
cheer, firm in resolve to faithfully
discharge every duty, courageously
meet every emergency and gladly em
brace every opportunity. If we fall
by the way. in a task thut ought to
succeed, another hand, stronger,
more skilled and more accurate, will
take our place and the work will go
on. If behind every effort there is a
nobl purpose, a pure mind and a
courageous heart, the result will be
good and the fruits will be sweet.
The world moves on. We cannot
live and do not desire to live in the
dead past. Opportunity does not
linger, it must be handled now. for
in a moment it will be in the dead
past. We must deal with the living,
breathinsr present, and as we do our
task so is the measure of our prepa
ration for the future toward which
the sons of hope inspires us.
Farewell, 1910 welcome, 1911.
Old Soldier TortureJ.
"For years I suffered unspeakable torture
from indigestion, constipation and liver
trouble," wrote A. K. Smith, a war veteran
at Erie, Pa., "but Dr. King's New Life Pills
fixed me all right. They're simply great."
Try them for any stomach, liver or kidney
trouble. Only 25c. at Melville Dorsey's
drug store.
Farm Seeds.
We are headquarters for
the best in all Farm seeds.
Grass and Clover Seeds
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Cow Peas, Soja Beans,
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Special" monthly
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the year, also prices of Season
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Seedsmen, - Richmond, Va.
How To Stop
Stubborn Cough
We don't mean just stop the irri
tation in your throat but cure the
underlying cause.
Cough syrups cannot do this. It
takes a constitute ial tonic body
builder to do the work properly
and cure you to stay cured. Vinol
is the remedy you reed.
peek is rr.ooF
Mrs. Minnie Osgood, of C.Iras Falls,
Jf. T., writes:-" After tryin MvraJ rent
cdies for a bad cough &nd cold rrithoat
benefit, I was asked to try VinoL It
worked like ma-ic. It cured my cold
and eoogh and I gained Itx health and
tirength. I consider Vinol the moat
t-or.derfnl tonic and invigorator I ever
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with VIXOL our delicious cod
liver and iron tonic which is made
without oil we will not charge
you a cent for the medicine you
buy. This seems like a pretty fair
proposition and ought to be ac
cepted. Don't you think so? With
this understanding we ask you to
try a bottle of VINOL.
W. W. Pecker, Druggist,
j An Eajoyable ETening.
Mr. and Mrs. I. J. Young entertained
moot delightfully on Monday erening
during the Christmas holiday?. Their
hospitable home, "Mistletoe Villa," was
never more attractive than ia its decora
tion of holly and mistletoe and garland
of Christinas green. Thej had invited a
number of their friends and those of their
attractive children to come and make
merry with them over a Christmas tree
and a visit from Santa Clans. A jolly
party of forty or more gathered and the
little folks were all eagerness until the
signal wag given that Santa Claus had
arrival and wa asking to see them. All
hastened from the library to the front
door where stood the tree in all its beauty
of festoning, sparkling lights, and gay
decoration with a veritable Santa Clans
(in the person of Mr. Jim Yonng) giving
merry greeting. The children eyes shone
with joy and the children of elder growth
were quite as eager in tbeirexclamations
of delight at the effect. With jest and
jolly good humor Santa Claue, aided by
pome of the young men present, distribu
ted the many beautiful gifts which the
husband and hostess had provided for
every one present. All were made happy
and theChrifitmas spirit reigned supreme.
Whenthechildren's (?) had blown their
horns and beaten their drums to thir
hearts' content, they were invited iol-
the way into the dining room wheie it
possible, an ev-n more delightful sur
prise greeted them. In the center of the
table, which was covered with crystal
bespangled cotton was a reindeer sleigh
all white and frosty with Santa Claus
nodding from the seat. Tiny Christmas
trees were placed around the table and
the touch of color was added by brilliant
When cream was served to the little
folks in the shape of Santa Claus their
joy knew no bounds but tbey ate him
with evident relish. Cream and cake, con
fectioneries and fruits were served to the
'big children." After the refreements
had been enjoyed much merriment was
caused by drawing for favors which was
hidden away under the sleigh attached
to red ribbons reaching to the table's
To crown the occasion, all were invited
to go out and enjoy the bon-fire and dis
play of fireworks which Mr. Tyler and
others had prepared for "the boys."
The display was very fine, ending with a
balloom ascension.
All left Mistletoe Villa having had a
jloly good time and voting Mr. and Mrs.
Young admirable "Santa Claus' part
ners." a
The Single Thought.
Writing on a wintry day,
One can hardly drive away
That snow joke.
For it seems our minds are fraught.
Mainly with that 8inl- thought
That's no joke.
New York Teletrrrn.
Ail Wrong.
The Mistake' is Made by
Many Citizens.
Don't mistake the cause of backache.
To be cured you must know thecause.
It is wrong to imagine relief is cure.
Backache is kidney ache.
You must cure the kidneys.
A Henderson resident tells you how.
sEugene Thorna , Adams Ave., Hender
on, NT. C, says : "I used Doan's Kidney
Pills and must say that they benefitted
me more than any other remedy I ever
tried. For J.years I had kidney trouble
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backache and distressing pains in my
loins. Some days I was hardly able to
stand for more than twenty minutes at
a time and I rarely got a full night's
got a full night's rest. I took several
I took several kinds of medicine and also
wore fplasters, but I found no relief.
Doan's Kidney Pills were finally recym
mended to me and getting a box at the
Kerner-McNair Co's., Drugstore, I began
their use. They removed my aches and
pains and restored me to better health
that I had enjoyed for years. Some
years ago I publicly endorsed Doan's
Kidney Pills and at this time T am glad
to speak in eheir praise again. The bene
fit I received has been lasting."
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take no other.
. . . . . .
If we could understand how little
the rest of the world accounts us it
would save t lot of wear and tear on
our nervous system.
Solves A Deep flystery.
"I want to tbauk you from the bottom of
my heart,"wrote C. B. Rader.of Lewieburx, W.
Va., "for the wonderful double benefit I got
from Electric Bitters, in curing me of both
a severe case of stomach trouble and of
rheumatism, from which I had bon no al
most helpless sufferer for ten years. It suited
my case as though made just for me." For
dyspepsia, indigestion, jaundice, and to rid
the system of kidney poisons that cause
rheumatism, Electric BilterB has no equal.
Try them, Every bottle is guaranteed to
satisfy. OnlyjSOc. at Melville Dortey's drug
A' Safe, Sure and Reliable Cure for Ec
zema, Scrofula, Old Sere-1, and all
Troubles Resulting from Im
pure, Impoverished or
Poisoned Blood
For nearly forty years this great rtinedy
has been depended upon for relief aftfl cure
hi cases of chronic Indigestion, Dyspepsia,
Stomach Trouble, Nervousness, Rheuma
tism, Catarrh, Female. Troubles and Blood
Poiso l, and it has never yet failed.
As a Tonic, Alterative, Blood Purifier or
Nervine it always Rives perfect satisfaction,
and in "run-down" conditions in both men
and women it is absolutely without an
equal. Xervons Prostration and Insomnia
yield to it readily.
Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy is scientifically
compounded from strictly vegetable ingre
dient of great medicinal properties, and is
absolutely harmless. It positively contains
no opiate or narcotic of any kind, no Iodide
of Potassium or other mineral nothing
that will injure in any way.
Sufferers from any of the above affections
are urged to try this great Remedy. Do not
despair because you have tried other rem
edies and found no relief. Do not lose hope
because doctors have given you no benefit.
Mrs. Joe Person's Remedy holds out to you
health, and life, and happiness, if you will
but accept it.
We make no extravagant claims of "quick
cures," or that "one bottle will cure you."
In chronic cases referred to, it may take
several bottles to efWt a permanent cure
but this Remedy wi!l cure you if yon just
give it a chance.
Write to us for testimonials from living
witnesses people who were afflicted just
as you may b .people who were just as
hopeless and discouraged as you are, bnt
who are now in perfect health, and glad to
tell all suffering mortals how Mrs. Joe Per
son's Remedy cured them. These testi
monials are of recent date, and you can
writ to the authors for full information.
But don't delay beginning treatment
start now and you will soon be cured.
In cases of external trouble, inflammation,
ulceration or itching humor, onr Wash
should be used in conection with the Rem
edy. For sale by druegUts or supplied direct on
receipt of price, fl.00 per Itottle: 6 Bottles
for f5.00; 1 dozon by express prepaid for
10 00. by
The date on your address label In
dicates the time to which your sub
scription la paid.
The Cotton crop of 191 1 13 destined to sell at very high figures, for the world will
be practically bare of Cotton before another crop is produced; not only next year's
crop, but until a crop of fifteen" million bales is made, which seems like an impossibility.
High priced Cotton means a corresponding high price for Tobacco. With these
facts before us, we are laying the foundation and a record business during the year 1911
of at least two hundred and fifty thousand, ($250,000) one quarter of a million dollars.
We have rented the big Opera House above us, previously known as "Burwell
Hall" for Carriages, Surries, Wagons'and Harness. This will give us a floor space of 80
thousand feet. We will also erect on the side track below our Cotton Ginnery, a Storage
house sufficiently large to store from 25 to 30 car loads of Hay, Grain and other heavy
On the first of January, our buyer will go to St Louis, Mo., and will buy one hun
dred (100) head of young, sound Mules. This is the largest and best place to buy Mules
in the country. From there they will go to Kentucky, and will buy a big car load of Ken
tucky thoroughbred Horses, and it will certainly pay you to inspect this stock before buying.
Every department, including everything used in the household and on" the farm,
we will have in abundant supply. We have every facility known at our command for
doing business right, able assistants in every department and the best of all, "Ample
Cash," with which to pay for what we buy. Nowit will pay you handsomely to get
ready to reap a bountiful harvest by making preparations, for no one can successfully
farm or do anything else, wtthout the means. We are in position to supply you with
everything needed, and will do so faithfully, if intrusted with your business.
We thank you most heartily for the generous patronage of the trading public in
the past, and beg to assure you that nothing will be left undone to merit even a larger
share in the future.
Your friends,
o oo 0 ooo ooo ooo
see us.
Ladies' Tailor - Made Suits,
Yours to Please,
ooo ooo ooo
Some stores advertise more than they can
show but we come very near being able to
show anything needed. For instance in DRY
GOODS, from the smallest articles of notions
to the most needed articles of wearing apparel.
In our Millinery and Dress Goods Departments
from tiny Ribbons to Ladies Coat Suits. In
our Shoe Department we are fully stocked.
Crossett and other leading makes.
We can't name the goods and prices in our
great stock. We will please all who come to
Do yourself good by getting the habit of
trading here if you are not already one of our
hundreds of satisfied and benefitted custom
7 0
(E!E . VS.
Henderson, N. C. j

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