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B E G 3 N 19 1 1
With a Firm Resolve to Better
our financial Condition I
Mak up your mind to connect with the tst;irtinfr point of increased
I ovo-r ;md iix-ivMsil income a (MOWING ncvount at thm Bank.
A (IROWIMJ bank account bus a real ami tangible value over and
,-ibove tin amount of actual iiionny deposited.
It i rfat'.--. n-atnr connlrip, a better Ktandin- and an increuHed
j.rtiir' in tl'' community for the depot-it. )r.
Our service U yours to command.
The Citizens Bank of Henderson.
I IMi d rnon
On Lumber, Lime, Shingles
D0013, Windows, Frames, Oak
Mantels, Tiles, Cahill Grates.
IT I N i: ( 'A N DI KS I urn fluent for M IX-
IiOVSTKIl'S CAN' DIMS in Ix.xf and
hulk. None like Nunnally'."
It for Tli" Ladi.n Hume .Journal and
'1 Ik- Satunlav Kvt ii'ni'Z I'ost.
V. W. PAIlKKU, City A-.-nt.
DWKKKIM; I'Di: KKNT Six room
dw-l!intf on Andrewn avenue (the
old Kittn-ll plw-r.) Apply 'lt ol,""e
or furtti-T inform iri.)ii
UI:!)K!IS W A NTKIi Ilain2 taken
Mr. W. W. I'arker'H rcHiiienrf on
( hf-Htnut street, I ran accomodate a
limitc.l number of lioardern, tahle and
M ItS. K. C liltAf.CS.
Y i:vk yoi i: sri'.sciui'TioN for
1 J Tin- Kadiew Home Journal and The
Suttinlav Kvfiiinjj Pout at
W. W. PA II K KK'S, City A treat
Iliivintr bought the Drny Ituw
ni' of Mr. . I. It. Carter. I am prepared
lo irive prompt and efficient Her vice. I'at
ronatre Holieiled. Phone Prairsr board
ing hoiif"-, or .1. It. Carter'n utahlew.
MltS. K. C. P.ltACt;.
f 1 plants ah the i.-Ht
' vitrietieH of early ralihaire pbmtn
for sale, Grown out doorn. (in South
Corolina) ncclimnted and ready to ntiirt
off to jrrowintr. A. J. CIIKKK.
fool) lull SA LK Dry oak and
pine wood cut in utove lenjftn.
II. l:i:.( OH. Henderson, X. C.
VXY I'.OY anxioiiH to earn money can
secure a position with me. To my
best Iovh I am going t' K",v( SAVIXtiS
I'.ANKS and cash prizeH. The work is
ensv and linen nor interfi-rc with other
r cliantH. write for car prices of Sea
Ih!h!h1 Cotton Seed.
C. II. CALL, P.roker. Raleigh, X. C.
Mr. !. . Cooper spent Sunday
at h on-' with hi:: parents.
Mr V.. V. Shaw has returned from
a business trip of about ten days.
Miss .Jediin.-Ue !nrory, of Oxford,
spent several dnys in Henderson last
wet k with relat i ves.
Tlie many friends of Mr. Harry
Wat kins will be sorry to learn that
he has b 'en at homo sirk for a week.
Mr. Richard C. (Jary lias been at
home for about two weeks recupera
ting from his long npcll of pneumonia.
Mr. D. Y.Cooper, Mrs. I). Y. Cooper,
Jr., and Miss Genevieve Cooper spent
beveral days in Washington last
Mrs. Klmer Atkins, of Rosemary,
sp.-ut several days here last week
it li her parents, ('apt. and Mrs. J. T.
The many friends of Mr. Johnston
King rejrret to know that he has
been confined to his room for several
days this week with lagrippe.
liav. W. R. Royall and Rev. G. F.
Kilpat riek have returned from Ki
tield where the went to attend the
Missionary I'nion of the Methodist
F.piseopal church.
.Note change this week inadvertise
ment of the George A. Rose Com
pany. If you want si iocs it will pay
you to examine the stock and note
the prices offered at Rose's.
C. O ill. hrok'-r, Rnleih. N. ('.,
advertises Sea Island Cotton Seed.
Met chants are requested to write to
him for prices on car load lots. See
advertisement in Want Column.
Mi-ses Mary lVrry and Julia Cooper
went to Oxford on Wednesday, the
occasion being a party driven to Miss
Julia Winston whose marriage ,to
Mr. Marion Tavlor takes place Feb.
Mrs. Missillier ailvertises to sell all
colored lawns at o cents a van! for
one week, be;ininr Monday. Febru
ary l.'lth, regardless of cost. Your
opportunity to buy such oods at
inoney-saTiujj prices.
Mrs. Jane Yancey Harris who went
to San Antonio, Texas, recently to
see her sister, Mrs. Lucy Y". Hunter,
who is very ill, writes that she stood
the trip well but her sister'seondition
continues quite critical.
Joe Smolensky advertises 8 houses
nnd lots and one unimproved lot lo
cated near the Henderson Cotton
Mills for sale Riht prices to cash
buyer. If interested see the adver
tiser for furtla r information.
Mr. l.vman L. lhirnes of Ladonia,
Texas, is visiting friends and rela
tives in Henderson and vicinity. A
brother of Mr. Alex T. Rarnes, and
himself a former resident "acre, he has
many friends who are e;ifld to see
"The Tea Cup Inn" has been moved
from it5 old quarters over K. G.
Davis' store to the old Rarnes fur
niture store, down stairs, and will
nerve dinner as usual on Saturday.
Comejret a iood dinner and help "a
worthy cause.
Mr. Ransom Dukewhoisin a hos
pital at Richmond where he went for
surgical treatment, was jrettitijr on
very well at last accounts. He has
had a hard time of it having to un
dergo the third operation neither
serious, however and it was only
within the past few days that he wa's
able to sit up.
When lier child in in danger a woman will
risk her life to protect it. Xo tireat act of
heroism or risk of life is neeesenry to protect
it child from croup. Give Chamberlain's
ouh Itemed y and all danger is avoided
for side by all dealers.
, N. C
Mr. J. V. IJrijnrs who had been as
sisting on the Gold Leaf for three
weeks, Mt Saturday before last,
sp-ndinjr Sunday with friends and
relatives in W!don. his oil home,
before returning to Richmond Dur
iri"; his stay here he made many
friends and renewed pleasant ac
quaintances that he had formed on
previous visits.
Note I'tmiit'tt in tie- advertisement
of T. W. Woo 1 A Sons, Richmond,
Vn., to be found on the fourth patre
of the paper this week. Wood's se
lected seed potatoes are superior
both in quality and pn xlucti veness.
Wood's Sew Seed Catalog iriws de
scriptions and full information an to
the lust and mot profituble kinds
to plant, both for early and main
crop Mailed free on request.
Mr. J. IV Sat terwhite who hasbeen
at. a hor-pbnl in Richmond for treat
ment came home yesterday. His
trouble was an off ition of the heart
similar to that which caused us rob"
sent to tie "repair stiop' and we
IlilVe a fellow-feeling f, ,r hilll. Mr.
Satterwhite is one of Vance county's
most estimable citizens and success
ful farmers and his friends trust that
he may be speedily restored to health
and usefulness.
Sorry we were not in when Mr. Ed
ward E. Rritton, city editor of tie
News and Observer, called tit our of
fice yesterday. II was returning
from the melancholy mission of at
t. ndin;r the funeral ind burial of his
brother-in-law. Mr. George 1'. Har
dy, a native of this county, and son
of our venerable friend and countv
iiimii, Capt. W. T. Hardy, at Wil
liamsboro, an account of whose
death is published lu another col
umn. Entirely Correct.
The American Bulletin, published
by the American Type Founders
Company, L'520 Fast Franklin St.,
Richmond. Va . states a fact to which
the Goi.d Leaf cheerfully bears testi
mony when it says this:
The Jones-Stone Printing Co , of
Henderson, N. C, is a concern which
daces its very best efforts into the
work it does. The firm Is composed
of bright, energetic young men. Its
orders are generally obtained on the
basis of quality anil distinctive merit.
Watkins' February Clearance Sale.
Samuel Watkins announces that
the blue pencil has marked the prices
way down for their February clear
ance sale, which is proving a great
success. Never before have they sold
such values at such low prices, is the
statement made, and those who have
traded at Watkins' know what this
means, lt will pay you to visit "The
Big Store" this week. The sale will
last during the entire month of Feb
ruary and the saving in money
should be an inducement to buyeven
if you do not need the goods right
Note change in advertisement this
- .
Special Low Rates to Atlanta.
The Seaboard Air Line Railway
announces special low rates to At
lanta, Ga., account of the Southern
Commercial Congress, March 8-10,
11)11. Tickets will be on sale March
oth, (Jth, 7th, for trains scheduled to
rive in Atlanta on the morning of
the 8th. Return limit March 20th.
The Seaboard Air Line offers ex
cellent double daily service to At
lanta from practically all points on
itslines; trains consisting of Pullman
electric lighted sleepers, and splendid
dining car service.
For rates, Pullman reservation and
further information call onyour local
agent.or write to II. S. Leard, Divis
ion Passenger Agent, Raleigh, N. C.
Cards which read as follows an
nouncing the approaching marriage
of two of Oxford's prominent and
popular young people, have been re
ceived by friends here and elsewhere:
Mr. and Mru. Thomas Wiley Winston
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter,
Mr. Marion C. Taylor
on the morning of Tuesday the fourteen th
of Febrvary, At eleven o'clock
Saiut Stephens Church,
Oxford, North Carolina.
Commissioners Meeting.
The county commissioners met in
regular monthly session Monday, all
the members, J. K. Plummec, chair
man, I C. Bobbitt, D. II. Reavis, J. B.
Allen, J. L. Capps, present.
Outside of the regular routinebusi
ness. the most important matters
considered were the following:
Kd Garner and Dock Alston, ne
gros, were put on the outside pauper
list at an allowance of $1.50 a month
Permission was granted the Civic
League to run walks and plant flower
beds on the court house square, and
also to allow them $ do. 00 to put In
water spickets for the purpose of
beautifying the courthouse grounds.
D. H. Reavis was added to the
committee appointed to build a
bridge ucross Pounder creek.
Several persons were allowed re
bates on taxes and the usual ac
counts were passed upon.
You are probably aware that pneumonia
always results from a cold, but you never
heard of a cold resulting in pneumonia when
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy wa used.
Why take the risk when this remedv mav
be had for a trifle? For sale by all dealer.'
Let's Treat Them Here.
IMore we left the hospital last
week there were five persons from
Vance county receiving treatment at
hospitals in Richmond two from
Henderson and three from the coun
try. These cases might just as well
have been treated richt here in Hen
derson if we had the facilities. We
have the physicians and surgeons
as good as there are going not to be
specialists the only thing lacking
being the proper appliances for suc
cessful work and the necessary at
tention provided by the hospital.
But our town will have these some
It is not the custom o' t', Gold
Lkaf to apologize for its b'i rt-com-ings.
It does the beat it can ordi
narily and leaves consequences to
There are times, however, when ex
planations are in order, and this
week is one of them. We have been
moving transferring the office out
fitpress and fixtures from one
place to another, and it has been
quite an undertaking.
The editor could not write "heavy
editorials" or "brilliant local mat
ter" (he never presumed to do either
when he was well ami had nothing
else to do) and the printers could
not set type and assist in the moving
of office equipment at one and the
same time, and there is both delay
and shortage in the paper this week.
That explains the situation and
with the loyal and devoted friends
the Gold Lkaf has (and no paper
anywhere ever had better) this will
be t-ufiicient.
Indulge us a little while longer and
conditions will be better.
Sudden Death of Mrs. Mattie Marks.
Mrs. Mattie T.Marks died suddenly
at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Mary F. Connell, in Norfolk on the
2Gth of January. Mrs. Marks lived
in Henderson at one time and the
announcement of her d-ath will be
read w ith sorrow by many who knew
her. The following account is given
in a special from Norfolk to the Rich
mond Times-Dispatch:
While talking over the telephone
yesterday afternoon at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. M. F. Connell, of
:U9 Boush street-, Mrs. Mattie T.
Marks was taken suddenly ill and
died in a few minutes.
Mrs. Marks was in the 79th yearor
her age nnd had been in bad health
for about two years. She is survived
by one son N. P. Marks, of Warren
ton, N. C; two daughters Mrs. M.
F. Connell and Mrs. F. M. Briscoe, of
this city.
The funeral services will be con
ducted at the residence of Mrs. F. M.
Briscoe this afternoon at 5 o'clock
and the remain will be forwarded to
Alton, Va., via the Southern Rail
way, Saturday morning, for inter
ment. The services will beconducted
by the Rev. Joseph Rennie, pastor of
First Presbyterian church.
Social and Personal.
Mrs. T. M. Pittman was hostess of
the Thursday Afternoon Bridge Club
at her home on Charles street. Sev
eral of the members were absent,
there being present Mrs. Henry
Perry, Mrs. J. C. Kittrell. Mrs. C. H.
Turner, Mrs. W. A. Hunt, Mrs. T. M.
Pittman, with the invited guests,
Mrs. Cora Phelps, Miss Julia Cooper,
Mrs. A. J. Davis. After a delightful
game lasting from -15:30 until five, en
joyable refreshments were served.
Mrs. 1). Y. Cooper, Jr., entertained
the Wednesday Morning Bridge Club
on Feb. 1st. At eleven o'clock deli
cious cream and cake was served and
the game lasted until twelve. Those
present'were: Mesdames Alex Cheek.
Ed Landis, N. P. Strause, J. H.
Bridgers, R. J. Corbitt. J. H. Parham,
A. S. Pendkton, S. P. Cooper, Asa
Pari lam, D. Y. Cooper, Jr., Misses
Ieah Perry and Julia Cooper.
A most enjoyable entertainment
was given on Thursday evening when
the Baraca Class of the First Baptist
Church challenged the Philathea Class
for a Spelling Bee. Prof. J. T. Alder
man acted as school teacher and
used the old Blue Back Speller. The
Philathea Class spelled down the
Baracas and thus are willing for
another contest. After the spelling
between the classes there were such a
number of church people that anoth
er Bee was indulged in Mr. A. T.
Barnes and Mr. N. D. Wells being
chosen as captains. Not only did
Mr. Wells' side win, but he spelled
down the entire crowd. Enjoyable
refreshments were served and the
erening was thoroughly enjoyed.
The Woman's Tuesday Club was
entertained on Tuesday afternoon
by Mrs. Samuel Watkins at her home
on William street. Quite a large
number of the members were present.
After a short business session the
following program was carried out:
Talk and Selection Moliere, Mrs.
Talks Racine, Mrs. Horner; Vol
taire, Mrs. Pittman; Lemercier, Mrs.
Zollicoffer; Victor Hugo, Mrs. Single
ton. Talk and Selection Dumas,
Mrs. Perry. Delicious refreshments
were served at the conclusion of the
Remember The Name
Foley's Honey and Tar for all eougbs" and
cold, for croup, bronchitis, hoarsenews and
for racking Ihgripj cough?. No opiates.
Hefuse substitutes. Sold by all druggists.
. .
How to cure a cold is a question in which
many are interested just ndw. Chamber
lain's Cough Itemedy ba won itt great repu
tation anil immense 8s!e by its remarkable
core of cold. It can always le dejwnded
upon. For sale by all dealers.
me as F.xeoutor 1 shall on
Saturday Feb. i8tht 191 it
sell at public auction to the highest bidder
for cash, at the court house door in the town
of Henderson, N. C, one certain lot or parcel
of land situate on William street iu the town
of Henderson. X. C. adjoining the land of
W. H. Edwards, John I. Rowland and Hines
Heradon. fronting about DO feet on William
street and running back same width about
145 feet. It being the lot with two small
house thereon where James Smith resided
at time of his death.
1 shall at same time and place sell tke per
sonal property belonging to Estate of said
James Smith.
Thia 18th Jacuarv 1911.
EiKator estate ci .lama fmith. deod.
The date on your address label In
dicates the time tc which .your sub
sriptlon la paid.
Mr. Henry Jenkins gave his friends
quite a surprise last week when he
was married in Wilmington. The
bride was Miss Lillian Fountain,
daughter of Mr. J. A. Fountain, a
proniment official of the Atlantic
Coast Line Railway. She is a niece
of Dr. II. II. Bass and has frequently
visited in Hendersou where she has
many friends and admirers. Mr. Jen
kins is a son of Postmaster William
II. Jenkins of Henderson, and is a
young man of high character and
Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins arrived in
Henderson Wednesday night travel
ing in Mr. Fountain's private car
which was provided for their accom
modation. The Wilmington Evening
Dispatch of the 2nd gives the follow
ing account of the marriage:
A weddiDg ceremony in which many
friends in this city were deeply inter
ested, transpired yesterday after
noon at the home of the bride's par
ents, when Miss Lillian Inez Foun
tain, the attractive daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. A. Fountain, was united
in marriage to Mr. William H. Jen
kins, Jr., a well known young busi
ness man of Henderson, N. C. The
wedding was a quiet home ceremony
anil only intimate friends of the
couple were invited to attend. The
ceremony was performed by Rev. J.
H. Foster, pastor of the First Bap
tist church. The groom had his
brother,Mr. James Jenkins, of Hender
son, as his best man. The bride and
groom left on the afternoon train
for Henderson, which city will be
their future home.
Real Estate For Sale.
I will sell 8 houses and one lot located
near the Henderson Cotton Mills.
Right price for cash buyer.
Call or write,
" J. S. POYTHRESS, Manager.
New York's Charming Success
The Climax.
By Edw. Locke Music by
Jos. C. Breil.
A delightful comedy with exquisite
music including The Son"; of The Soul.
Original New York Cast and
Seats on sale now.
PRICES: "0e, 75c, $1.00 and 1..0.
All Colored Lawns !
5 Cents a Yard.
Beginning Monday Feb. 13,
A Safe, Sure and Reliable Cure for Ec--zima,
Scrofula, Old Sore?, and ail
Troubles Resulting from Im
pure, Impoverished or
Poisoned Blood.
For nearly forty years thin ureat remedy
luis been depended upon for relief and cure
in cases of chronic Indigestion, Dyspepsia,
Stomach Trouble, Nervousness, " Rheuma
tism, Catarrh, Female Troubles nnd Blood
I'oiso l, and it has never jet failed.
As a Tonic, Alterative, Blond Purifier or
Nervine it always srives perfect satisfaction,
anil in ''run-down" conditions in both men
and women it in absolutely without an
equal. Nervous Prostration and Insomnia
yield to it readily.
Mrs. Joe Person's Ui-medy is scientifically
compounded from strii tly vetretrble ingre
dients of great medicinal propertien, and is
absolutely harmless. It positively contains
no opiate or narcotic of any kind, no Iodide
of Potassium or other mineral nothing
that will injure in any way.
Sufferers from any of the above affbetions
are urped to try this frreat Itemedy. Do not
despair because you have tried other rem
edies and found no relief. Do not lose hope
because doctors have piren you no benefit.
Mrs. Joe Person's IJemedy holds out to you
health, and life, and happiness, if you will
but accept it.
We make no extravagant claims of "quick
cures.'' or that "one bottle will cure you."
In chronic cases referred to, it may take
several bottles to effect n permanent cure
but this Itemedy will cure you if you just
give it a chaiice.
Write to us for testimonials from livinjj
witnesses people who were afflicted just
ns you may be people who were just as
hopeless and discourapej as you are. but
who are now in jerfect health, and triad to
tell all suffering mortals how Mrs Joe Per
son's Itemedy cured them. These testi
monials are of recent date, and you can
writ to the authors for full information.
But don't delay beirinning treatment
strt now and you will soon be cured.
In cases of externa! trouble, inflammation,
ulceration or itchinsr humor, our Wash
should be used in connection with the Item
dv. For sal by druircists or supplied direct on
receipt of price. fl.OO per Bottle: Bottles
for ?r.(M: 1 dozen by express prepaid for
f 10 t", by
Valuable Farm For Sale
400 acres in Franklin county, N. C, 7
miles from tation at Louisburp. 1
miles from Henderson. Good land,
adapted to prain, grass and stock rais
ing. Fine for cotton and tobacco, well
watered, one third open. Pine and oak
timber, original forest. Good school
and churches nearby. Two good settle
ments. 11 buildings. Terms easy with
long time if desired. Sold direct by owner.
Address "II. D." care Gold Leaf, Hender
son, N. C. 12-tf.
"T STORE." j
Honor Roll Celebration.
The monthly Ilonor Roll ctbm
tion was lielil'in the Ontral School
auditorium Tuesday morning at 11
o'clo'.-k. A very lare number of
visitors were present to encourage
the children in their f fforts. Several
new features were introduced thi.s
time by the ladies in charge. Master
Rowland Rankin and Miss Lassie
Watkins read essays on Lee and
Washington, respectively. These es
says were full of valuable information
and were presented jn an attractive
manner. These were in commemora
tion of the birth-days of these two
great men. The other special fea
tures were instrumental music bv
Mi sses Maria Watkins, Pearle Robin
son and Lonie Nelson; asongby Miss
Mabel Jones and a recitation by Miss
Fannie Smolensky.
Following was the program:
I'rayer Uev. I. W. Hnghes
Uible Verses The School
Song - Columbia" The School
Reading of Honor Roll. ...Prof. Alderman
Essay on Lee Mr. Rowland Rankin
Song Miss Mabel Jones
Essay on Washington
Miss Lassie Watkins
Music Misses Maria Watkins. 1'earl
Itobinson and Lonie Nelson.
Rryant's Thanatopsis The School
Recitation Miss Fannie Smolensky
Address Kev. J. A. McClure
Song "Anchored" The School
The Ilonor Roll for the month was
as follows:
Arch Bass, Scott Parham, Elvin
Hester, Ollie May, (lilb-rt O'.Wil,
Norman Pirie Lucy White, Lois
Ham, Willie Ross, (iertrude Clarke,
Mary Urquhart.
Elsie Cheek, Lillian Gholson, Mvra
Hight, Helen Hobgood, Minnie Min
gia, Elizabeth Newcomb, Rosa Pirie,
Bessie Scoggins, Helen Smith, Ada
Smolensky, Alice Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Hartwell Bass, David Jack
son Cooper, Ifnry Fox, Benjamin
Hicks, Bryan Jordan, Joint Tvler,
Whitney Rankin. William Wad lill,
Straughan Watkins.
Davis Falkner. Thornton Gholson,
Lucius Howard, Wallace Newman,
Alfred Wester, Robert Gill Young,
Elizabeth Bullock. Ellie Davis, Susie
Dixon, Blanche Edwards. Elizabeth
Harris, Alice Hughes. Catherine Mil
ler, Kate Mustian. Josephine Rose,
Lallie Smith, Jessie Roth, Gladys
Stone, Libby Quails, Robert Pirie,
Woody Evans.
Mildred Wester. Hubert Kelly. Sid
ney Lane, Mary Taylor, Mary Good
rich, John Willis Hayes, Conrad
Sturges, Frances Swain, Carrie Cheat
ham, Eleanor Chesson, Charlie Smith,
Edna Garlick, George Mangum.
Alice Aycock, Blanche Davis, Jessie
Powell, Mildred Rankin, Louise
Stallings, Josie Wester, James Nel
son, John Thomas, Thomas Smaw.
Lucy Parham, Sadie White, Tom
Skinner Kittrell, Minnie Mangum,
Runyon Tyler, Dorothy Harris, Theo.
Thomas, Wilbur Ferry.
Aline Hughes. Francis Harris, Eliza
beth Dorsey, Thelma Bobbitt, Clyde
Hight, Hattie Roth, Benton Royster.
Charlie Basket. Frances Cheatham,
Boyd Kimball, Francis Macon. Polly
Moscovitz, Nellie Rose, Louise Smaw,
Alice Faulkner.
Ruth Roth, Earle Harris, Rowland
Rankin, Fannie Smolensky, Arthur
Tyler, Arthur Aronson,Mary Glover,
Virginia Alderman, Alice Marrow,
Julia Thomas.
Mary Atwood, Katie Bunn, Jeanie
Gary, Annie Smaw.
Lessie Tyler.
Foley Kidney Tills are n reliable remedy
for backache, rheumatism and urinary ir-"
regularities. They are tonic iu action, quick
in results and and afford a prompt relief
from all kidney disorders Sold by all drug
hepdes.no m atter how long you have snf
sred. It will eradicate the disease from the
ystem FORK VE It,
SATISFACTION, or your money BACK.
At Thomas Brothers', Henderson. N. C. al
1 en Thousand Yards of
New Laces and Em-f
c I
t 5, 10, 15 & 20c.
Z :
Beautiful White Goods.
t Thomas
Valuable House and Lot
For Sale.
I offer fr sale my house and lot in the
town of Henderson. X. C, situate at the
corner of Ciarnett street and Hamilton
street, adjoining the lot of Col. Henry
Perry. This is a very desirable lot. in
the reidential part of the town, and
very nicely located. Persons desirng to
purchase a home, will find here a good
for further information. appW to
Henderson. X. C.
Xotiee is hereby given that application
will be made to the (Jeneral Assembly of
lull to amend the Charter of the town
of Henderson, Xorth Carolina.
Native of Vance County, and Son of
Capt. W. T. Hardy Dies In Atlanta
Remains Brought to Willlamsboro
far Burial.
The following which will be read
with melancholy interest by many
persons in Vance county who knew
the deceased, is taken from the Ral
eigh News and Observer of Tuesday:
There passed awav on Sundav
ii'ght in Atlanta, Mr. George Patrick
Hardy, of that citv. after an illness
of some duration. His death oc
curred at St. Joseph's Infirmary, to
which he had been removed from his
home for treatment. His remains
will 1k taken to his old home, "Ori
noco." in Vance county, today and
the interment will take place at three
o'clock this afternoon in the church
yard of old St. John's Episcopal
church at Williamsboro, Mr. Hardy
having been a member of that church
since early boyhood, his mother and
a sister leitig interred there. The
services will be conducted by Rev.
I. W. Hughes, rector of the Episcopal
church at Henderson.
Mr. Hardy was a successful! busi
ness man of Atlanta, engaged in the
electrical business. Having learned
that business in Boston. Mass., with
the Standard Electric Company, he
was put in charge of headquarters
for the South at Atlanta, and after
representing that firm for a number
of years he entered into the electrical
bu siness for himself. lie was a man
held in high esteem in business and
social circles, and had a great num
ber of friends.
Mr. Hardy was nearly thirty-seven
years of age, having 'been born in
Vance county, N. C. on the 17th of
March. 1874. the son of Captain Wil
liam T. Hardy, formerly of Norfolk,
Va., and grandson of the late Mr. II.
M.Smith, manufacturer o? machinery
of Richmond, Va. About eleven
years ago lie married Miss Virginia
Sharp, of Vanc county, daughter of
Captain John T. Sharp, the former
treasurer of the Seaboard Air Line
R lilwav. She survives him with one
son, George Calloway Hardy, also
surviving him being his father, Capt.
William T. Hardy, three sisters, Mrs.
Charles A. IVple", of Richmond. Va.;
Mrs. Gilbert A. Ottman, of Tulsa,
Oklahoma, and Mrs. Edward E.Brit
ton, of Raleigh; one half sister, little
Katherine Hardy, of "Orinoco;" two
brothers, Mr. William T. Hardy, Jr.,
superintendent of the City Electric
and Waterworks of Cedartown, Ga.,
nnd Mr. Claude Hardy, of Louisville,
Ky.; two half brothers, Masters Ru
dolph Hardy and Edward Britton
Hardy, of Orinoco.
There will be increased sympathy
for the family in the fact that ('apt.
Hardy is now seriously ill at ids
home in Vance county, and that Mr.
Claude Hardv, of Louisville, Ky., is
expected to die at any moment.
Capt. Hardy, who is seventy-nine
years old, is in such a precarious con
dition that he had not been told of
the illness of his sons and his daugh
ter, Mrs. Edward E. Britton, left
yesterday for his home to inform him
of his son's death, if it should be
thought wise. Mr. Britton will join
the burial party from Atlanta here
this morning, which will arrive in
Henderson this afternoon on its way
to St. John's church at Williams
boro. House of Jones.
Jonr-s painted his house last year.
It looks dull, dead, no life to it.
Smith painted his house 10 years ago.
It looks clean, nice, and don't need re
painting, because he used L. & M. Paint,
and added three quarts of Oil to each
the Oil gave life and prpservsd it.
Resides adding the Oil reduced its
cost 40 ceute a gallon less than other
Thirty-five years use in N. A. & S. A.
Our agent is Melville Dorsey.
On February 28, 1111, I will sell to
the highest bidder near the home of
Chas. II. Tippett four miles south-east
of Bullock. X. C and south-west of
Townesville X. C, the following proper
ty to viz:
One Peerless engine and boiler l-" horse
power made by (Jeiser Manufacturing
Co , also one long Log Mill with saw
belts and all at tachments complete, one
Log Cart made by Watt Plow Co.. one
two horse wagon, also one new (Jrist
Mill complete, lot of lumber. This outfit
is just about new. Terms of sale easy.
This property is sold to satisfy a deed
of trust I hold on said property, record
ed in Book '., page ."Ot Granville
county, book 40. page 4 00 Vance county.
Time of sale 1 1 o'clock a. ni.
This Jan. 24, Hill.
Sale of Valuable Real
upon me by an order issueing from the
Superior Court of Vaucf County in a special
proceeding therein pending entitled A. '.
Zollicoff-r, administrator of th" estate of
II. S. Major, deceased, vs. W. D. Mayorand
othere. I shall 0:1
Tuesday, March 7th, 1911
s-ll at the Court Houte door in the town of
Henderson. N. C. at public auction to th
highest bidder upon the rnj8. one h If cah
balance nnd credit of six months. The d--ferred
payment to l?nr interest at rate of
six per cent, per annum from date of sale.
tbf following real estate to wit: one cer
tain lot or pan el of bind fcituate id tin-town
of Henderson, X. C. on Vonnir street, adjoin
ing the lands of H'-nry I'erry. the town of
Henderson. .1. W. Reck, and Young Mreet.
It. l'intr the lot with brick building thereon
where 11. S. Major resided at time of his
death. Sale will is- made subject to confir
mation by the Court.
This 1st dav of Febmarv. llrll.
Ad mirjistrator estate IJ. S Mayor, deceased.
th lart will and testament of llrv. V .
I.. Harris, late o! Vance county. X. C. arid
hereby notify all j-rsons bavin? claims
agriiiis' Lis estate to present the wanie to rue
forthwith. H liOt pr'-sMed iu twelve
months this notice will If ph-aded in bar of
their recovery.
Jb-ndTon. V f ...lau'jarr 1 1 1 1 .
Kxe.-utrix of W. I. Harris. (Ih-uh J.
. r.V-rf "-vt 'fry 0rJET cd
Jtt. -'At- JLV titr.i't(At
. n-nii firm
- - ' u.-,' tkv.f vtmid oar
I pkf. MOli T.-
1 ptf. rnmwum 1-4 r
I Earl; rrw k4 ' iWr
Atom IS ".UM tkai. Lr tmmim
1lt Koe M. Bochford. IlUnoU
, rrsi C3K gm
i B -1 m
A Southern coloreJ servant once described hist recently
decea.sHl master, who was of indolent, procrastinating
disposition, by saying, "He wis a-gwine, and a-wirv,
and a-gwiue, and he died a-gwine." A good many pt
ple who'are energetic and forehanded enough otherwise
are always "A-gwine to put their money in The First
National Bank but they too often dieA-gwine'." Start
the New Year right by depositing your money in
The First National Bank,
Henderson, N. C.
I have employed a competent man and
now prepared to do all kinds of
On short notice and in first-class manner. Prices
as reasonable as good work and material will jus
tify. Repair work a specialty. All work
Prompt and courteous attention to all business.
VCWork Solicited Upon Merit.
Next Door to Henderson Grocery Co.
Fancy and Heavy
The City Grocery Co.
Agents for Chase & Sanborn's Coffee and Teas.
A Good Comfortable Bed !
II Til I I if 'hj
Hest articles for the money regardless of mime or cost.
Henderson Furnitvire Company
R. R.S ATTER. WHITE. Manager.
L A Mint To The Wise
-r-l .1 .1 .1 1 . 1
1 hen take mis as ine nini ana insure wmi uic
Henderson Loan ot Real Estate Co., we write insur-
Cance of all kinds, Fire, Life, Tornado, Health, Acci
dent, Liability and Live Stock.
We want your business.
C Henderson Loan &Real Estate Co,
V Phone 139.
Fine Old Whiskeys
Mail Orders Promptly Filled
Goo-is Guaranteed
We are Distillers. Our
direct to consumer. iVtter ffoo-lit and quicker nhiprjacciA. We prepay
all express charges an J bhip ia plain packages.
Old R. W. Jones Corn Whlskty (8 Ye' re Old) . . $3.50
Old k. W. Jone Corn Whiskey (4 Years Old) . . 2.75
Old U. W. Jones Corn Whiskey (2 Years Old) . . 2.50
Corn Whlkey .... one-half gallon $150
Corn Whiskey, 2 Gallons $4.S0
Corn Whiskey. 3 Gallons $6.50
Corn Whiskey, 4 Gallons,
Old Velvet Rye Whiskey (4
.V.our.Min Rye (2 Years Old)
Kentucky Ueli (8 Years Old)
Apple Brandy' (3 Years Old)
Rose Valley Rye (4 quarts)
Write for complete price list aa all grade of Whiskeys, Brandies,
;:ns, I".! ' Iit-rr.it money or exprtsa order. Stud us a trial order. You
" '. . ' ' iv.iit v.
fill WW w
Is not only a luxury but a necessity,
wlu-re a person f jiends a lliird of hl
natural life. The only difficulty with
our beds and bedding is that you
want to stay there all th tint. Our
handsome chamber suites, chiffon
iers, dressing tables, wardrobes, bras
leds, etc., w ure selling at such
prices, that no one need In without
one. We carry everything in
Furniture and House
Sale ugency for SCIIIJII'Z I'iatios,
Al IJ. Wester, flgr. In. Dept.
Und.r the National Puts Food r. iwf
Whiskey are ajft-d prow rlr. W.: ship
. 58.50
Years Old; . . . .
lm,rK r-v -J w. mmm i -w d

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