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0ne Year - - $1.50
Six Months - 75
State Library
Reasonable and Will Bm Fur
nlghed Promptly I o Preapecf
Advortlamrm mm Applica
tion, tit
NO. 37.
A Call to Progress.
,j; to arms, l wouin not ime 10
. i wear my mouth in a Blinj
,i n iii it ivuily or prepared to be
.. t(. town bouncer. If tbetruLh
i. i, in.tel or shall be stated in
f !'
officer made hia report and asked for
help. I made a motion to have a
committee appointed to draw up
ordinances and regulations in regard
to sanitation. According to Darlia-
- i a call to progress and not mentary practices the maker of a
motion should be put on the com
mittee. Our mayor put on two oth
er comm'iHsioners and lelt me off. If
it takes a presiding officer fifteen or
more years to lenra this common
rule of practice how much longer
should Hustling Henderson wait for
him to learn? Hut what boots it if
the mayor of our progressive town
should learn such rules, when one of
the commissioners says openly and
in public official meeting that he has
been on the board for five years and
that he has never seen anythingdone
according to law and that on the
motion pending he was opposed to
the legiuning of doing anything ac
cording to law. I am behind these
statements and my name is signed
to them. If I am wrong, say so. But
we will overlook the action of the
mayor above stated on tbecondition
that he will explain why he did the
The mayor has had long experi
ence in mayoring. He knows men as
well as anybody knows men. He put
on that committee for better sanita
tion no one has
i, hwome oneiuJed. II any
:::tnic in published, show me
rand J nillswaliow my state
I hirt ought to be fair enough
la in who U not chicken-
T: ji'li
ity of our town govern-
of the laws of our town
the e.xeju:ijn of the laws
iitve been ho neglected by our
k r and mo overlooked by the
public that to even speak
, them now at this late hour
like throwing acakeofsoap
I:. hive (leyser in the Yel-
You know
into that
creates a Dickens of a
-urn- .auonai i uik.
, . i:::- a cake of soap
1 '.'vser
imiiH:! ion.
I iin not alter men. All of our of
, .; iiifl commissioners are honor-
' I ' 1 . 1 , . 1.
too good.
Some of them
tion one man who did not have any
i-i ii L . 1 1 i . . rry i .1
age iikk Hoiiiurjr uubiwhs . sewerage in nis own nome. ine 0111
. prairie sage. Perhaps er commissioner whom he placed on
the committee for better sanitation
was a man who not only had no
sewerage but he had no water works
in his house. Not only that but that
man burns a candle. Progress is
what I am after. Now how in the
name of common sense could the
mayor of progressive Heuderson ex
pect to get progressive legislation
forsanitationoutof that committee?
"You may as well forbid the moun
tain pines to wag their lofty tops
when fretted by the gusts of Heaven,
you may as wtl! us reason with the
wolf why he hath caused the ewe to
bleat for the lamb," you may as well
expect anything absurd as to expect
aay man to do more for you and the
public than he will do for his own
beloved family. One of these gentle
men refused to serve.
I am after progress and expect to
hit the line hard in mv next letter.
8. T. PEACE.
. t A. I
. ncartT to 1 leaven tuaii iney
lb-nderson, perhaps not. 1
a iiritf no names, I designate no
tiui -H. Tlte point is plain. We
u 'it warble the whole night long
.at 111-n we want progress. The
-. of progress is on. Brer Rabbit
ili on i ll. (iniBiUB ttrMcrjj auu
Tortoise is ahead of us making
,1!. Wake up Brer Babbit,
oiirst lr and make your
n tiit- tl;g of progress.
m in ky to steady your nerves,
on a corset to steady your vitals,
Murphy's Mail.
A freckled-face girl stopped at the
postoflice and jelled out: "Any
thing for the Murphys?"
"No, there is not," said the post
master. "Anything for Jano Murphy?"
"Anything Tor Ann .Murphy?"
"Anvt hing for Tom Murphy?"
"Anything for Bob Murphy?"
"No; not a bit."
"Anything for Jerry Murphy?"
"Nothing at all."
"Anything for Lize Murphy?"
"No; nor for Pat Murphy, nor Den
nis Murphy, nor Pete Murphy, nor
Paul Murphy, nor John, Jack nor
Jim Murphy, nor for any Murphy,
dead, living, unborn, native or for
eign, civilized, savage or barbarous,
male or female, black or white, fran
chised or disfranchised, natural or
otherwise. No! there is positively
nothing individually, jointly, several
ly, now and forever."
The girl looked at the postmaster
in astonishment and said: "Please
see if there is anything for Clarence
M urphy." National Monthly.
Perhaps I have no right to pen
what I am about to write, but I feel
that I have, and I believe a majority
a very large majority of those who
read this will agree with me. I am
thinking of automobiles. I can
scarcely sit for ten minutes in my of
fice or in ray home without having
my attention attracted by one pass
ing. I wouldn't look up from my
work or reading to see it. Whether
it comes or goes is a matter of indif
ference to me, if I am not in it. But
when it passes along the strew !
my home my folks are electrified b
its sound. Ediscn can tell whose it
is by its hum or by the click of its
machinery without even waiting to
hear its "honk." Whatever discourse
of high philosophy I may be deliver
ing, or persuasion to the higher Hie, reauv think "it comes too high."
it das to be suspended lor a discourse! And I think they probably feel that
risk, are not worth f 3,000.
I am of the opinion that the intel
lectual delights and many of the
other pleasures of life would fall into
"nocuous desuetude" to me if I were
to join the autoists club and
buy a "machine." 1 fall back with
some degree of satisfaction upon the
famous couplet of Lord Byron:
"I care not for new pleasures, as the olJ
Are good enough for me so they bat hold."
Let me still enjoy my "bacon and
greens," my Shakespeare and Emer
son and my work. And when my
boy presses real hard for an auto, I'll
just get out that $3,000 and show
him. The sight will make his mouth
t r a little bit.
U.i, yes; autoing is the finest sport
that ever was and all the more so
because it contains the elements of
danger; but every once in a while I
catch myself wondering whether
those who are enjoying it so do not
The Carolina, CliochfleM & Ohio Rail
road, Again Part It is to Play With
the Seaboard Air Line Railway as a
Coal Carrier and Trunk Line from
the Great Lakes to the South Atlan
tic Seaboard Vast Railroad api
Coal Development Scheme Which
Is Rapidly Being Consummated
ML Airy, Town of Beautiful Homes
Largest Granite Quarry In the
World A Mountain of Stone Cov
ering Sixty Acres.
Mm-Antony, standing over the
ii Cu.'sar, said that he himself was
i mii loipit'iit man like Lord
hi mm I. at that he was only a plain,
I, hint man who spoke the things he
i ;,. , ami ipoke right on. When
!,t..!i read in the will of Caesar
I I, it 1 ;ii's;ir had bequeathed all his
.rr. .t'e w alks, his parks, his arbors
1 , 1 1 );, p ipulace, the people clamored
miini- r, tire, kill, revenge. Ever be
fore ih.it time and ever since that
lime .all people have wanted good
p-ililie ways, good streets, good
p irks The people of Henderson are
in . exeept ion. We wa nt good streets.
U'.- want, a park like other people.
We need a park like other people,
tin! you cannot find any steps taken
l,v ..nr aldermen, nor is there any
pui.Si sentiment to buy or establish
iinv place of recreation for youth or
iv. -up. ration for old age. The only
p. irk in Henderson, the only "Land
I r IMight," the only place of
r.-t, is the cemetery, and you have
1 1 1 pay to stop there long. Watch
miiii, what of the nieht!
What do you think of this, or do
think? Our nt reets are in bad
rendition ami growing worse. I do
ii.i know that you ought to blame
nwr street commissioner too much.
e p iy him less than tho Croatan
I iui. pays its janitor. You cannot
expect .to get slot) worth of work
per month for 1 " per inont h. We
I 1 i. progress in our streets just the
i.ne. 1 honestly believe the average
Mivei in Henderson is worse than the
a erage road in Yancecounty. Take
!l g
null down your hat over your Adams
appl.-, seat yourself in a buggy or
automobile, bury your finger nails
in the painted sides of the vehicle and
lets rii cochotte some over the streets
i ? Henderson.
; 1 r main street, we are on main
Mivei now, is rough and bumpy from
North Henderson to the macadam
in front of Mr. Hoover's house, ltis
to., rough between the Post Office
u i the gai-age. The same street
fi.ia the Southern depot to the town
limits is something terrible. Wil
li nun si reet is in bail condition the
wh..e length of the town. Street
a! . 1 -treet is in had condition and
tl - .lit. hes need cleaning out. If 1
a a wrong, say so. Watchman, what
I the night!
V hat d you think of this, or do
yi think? In putting down side
walk pavements, the pavement is
-apposed to be in the middle of the
a!!. with a space of about one foot
!! turf ami grass on each side of the
ivti- navement. This ought to
l iint in nearly every case we iiud I She Certainly Will,
that wherever a curb, next to a. man's A young girl will be far safer in the
lot. is put down m concrete, mac . hands ot a young man oorn 01 par-
'::! is jam up to the concrete, freez- j ents in a moderate circumstance, hon
i:g out the grassy plot on the inside j est in his principles, the energetic
't he walk, conveying to the owner j and industrious, than she would
' 1 lie lot without right, without law, j with a vouuir man who has only
known the luxuries of life, and to
whom work is an incidental matter
rather than the aim and purpose of
life. Franklin Times.
on autos and autoing, andthespeed,
endurance, beauty', comfort, style,
honks, and annals of the different
makes. And "Papa, if you were going
ing to get one, which one would pre
fer?" and if we had an auto we could
go to Grandma's or to Uncle Hewitt's
or to Oxford in no time;" and, "Papa,
why don't you get one? Everybody
else has one." And this: "I don't
care about being a lawyer; there are
too many of them anyhow; I'm go
ing to win fume at the auto throttle."
These and a thousand more of the
same tenor repeated day in, day out,
night in, night out, ad infiuituui, ad
nauseum, ad mihi.
My wife does not say much, but
she looks and feels all the more, and 1
can see her longings in every linea
ment of her countenauce. I've lived
.with her so long that 1 can hear and
understand her thinking to herself
about as follows: "It does look like
some of those who don t auto are
better judges of fun and what to
buy for your money's worth of it
than they are. T. T. HICKS.
P. S. But "the sun do move," and
I may yet have to buy an automo
bile to keep in sight of it, or rather
of them that ride in autos. "As well
be dead as out of the fashion."
That's the law.
There Is a Difference.
The Henderson Gold Leaf realizes
that there is a difference between
town boosting and boasting about a
town, and urges that the -boasters be
converted into boosters. Every citi
zen should be proud of his town or
city, should be familiar with its re
sources and business and its strong
points in every particular and should
always be ready to talk about
things intelligently and convincingly;
we can afford to have one as well us but boosting often degenerates into
this one or that one. or two-thirdsof empty boasting and ttiis injures in
Can Henderson Take the Hint?
Hickory every now and then gets a
lot of fine, free advertising space in
the newspapers, wherein is set forth
the latest story of her progressive,
live-wire, determined-to-succeed spir
it. Her latest move has attracted
the attention of almost the entire
country. Her business men got to
gether aud made up a pot of $ 200,
000 as a guarantee fund to be used
for local investments in new indus
tries. That town will get business
I long before many others of equal size
begin to think about it. Already of
fers of foreign capital have begun to
pour in, among which may be men
tioned offers to build a big bridge
building plant, an overall factory
and a chair factory. The Highlander.
t w
iii. ut just compensation, the pos--i.
tit of that foot of side walk be-
n a man's lot and tho concrete.
this method a man's yard is ex
i ! .1 into the side walk about one
giving to him, his heirs and as
' - to their only use and behoof,
i heir inclusion and the exclusion
t ie- public one foot of valuable
a a property not belonging to said
la. I would not mind so much
ing away a few acres in the sandy
rt of Sahara, but to snag the
A i by making its sidewalks one
' narrower is a shame. 1 do not
-! to jiu jitsu or ejaculate against
liehor against the poor. But
1 -e people who are able to put
n concrete curbing ought to be
to let that side walk, one foot
!" by nobody knows how long, re
m to the use of the town. They
1 not expect the town under its
ent form of government to look
' for its own property. Y'ou will
! this kind of business on Charles
( iamet t street. AN inder street
-d on Harwell avenue. AYatchmanT
v' Icit of the night!
" Ii it do you think, or do you
' ' ! .i: ' Who cares for the town
poip-rtv? You cannot find out why
tie.' electric light bills and the coal j
''1-for the municipal building arej
s ' iiigh yimply because you cannot 1
"''! out who has charge 01 the mu
' 1 'i' il building. You cannot find
' ;! who has charge of the town
'" r es for that matter, neither is
lt" it" board bill approved by the town
"'I'-rmon. AA'atchman, what of the
H ang on to this. Our sanitation
is hud, very bad. Two health offl
ors have already resigned because
tiio hoards would not stand up to
lim. At our last meeting the health
Force cf Habit.
The automobile being out of order,
took the children out in the old fam
ily carriage behind a nag that need
ed excercise. NYhen the horse began
to snort and cavort, the younger
boy said: "Pop, you'd better shut
off' the current and fix him. He's
missing: fire."
Him I don't know how to tell you
how 1 love you.
Her Don't worry about that I'll
take it as it comes. NYhat you want
to be nervous about is how to tell
papa about it.
Learn to know others by studying
Beads of perspiration are the jew
els of toil.
Dignity is what some people stand
on when they are short.
If misery loves company it's up
everybody to get married.
Crying babies, like good sugges
tion's, should be carried out.
Give the average man half achance
and he'll want the other half.
An ounce of flattery goes further
with a woman than a pound of pity.
How it must jolt a man when he is
Eolite to his wife in public to have
er look as if she wasn t used to it.
the fifty or sixty happy citizens of
this neighborhood who daily flit by
us in a flutter of delight, leaviug
their dust aud gasoline odors to
plague us when we go to ride with
old Dan." I suppose I could buy as
fine a "car" or "machine" as any of
them and gasoline enough to propel
it and hire a "schaueffeur" to run it
till it would wear out, without mort
gaging my home.
lifi-1 can not reconcile myself to pay
ing f:$,000 and losing $ 180.00 per
year of interest on it for the balance
of time just for the fun an auto
might, could or would furnish me for
the two or three years that it would
Then, too, iu addition to that cost
and the ever increasing interest on
the debit side, there is the danger of
instant death that goes with every
trip that is made. There's punc
tures, break-downs, loss of one's
health pumping and cranking.
There's Corns on one's back as he
lies underneath looking for the trou
ble and finding it not. There's that
debt of dollars and cents, and grati
tude to the old oxen and mules that
pull us iu statedly. I went with
"Chick" and Jim Young and Dr.
Gill to Roxboro one bright autumn
day. Every rod of that 45 miles
but six was a joy ride. To get over
those six rods or one hundred feet of
mud in "Shake Rag" I lifted the
weight of that two-ton auto twenty
times; and I did more physical labor
in those four hours than I've done
in twenty years. And every minute
of it was agon3r, gall and wormwood,
for we were not sure that we ever
would get away from there. I've
heard other autoists relate experi
ences of "sweating drops of blood"
and suffering enough in one after
noon to atone for the sins of a life
time, and overbalance all the pleas
ure that every auto caused since the
first one was made.
AA'hen I was a boy I went to Ox
ford on the 21th of June and squeez
ed a ten cent piece all day while I
tried to decide whether to spend it
for red lemonade or a plow point, !
and I finally carried the dime back j
home. 1 borrowed fifty cents with
which to pay express charges to
Capt. Robards on my first law book
sold to me by a school mate on
credit. Those are precious memories
to me. They are burned on the
label of my pocket book and bank
account. I will not despise the day
of small things. I cannot tell how
long I shall be well and able to make
money. The tax collector and gro
cer are ever before me, and willingly or
unwillingly, have the first claims on
my exchecquer.
I can't help but think how I would
"cuss" and fret myself into "the bad
place" in my old age at seeing au
tos fly by if I should then remember
having spent three or four thousand
dollars on a Cadillac or Maxwell,
which said $4,000 I would then need
to buy fuel and flannels and rheu-
matic liniment, or to give iny chil-j
dren a real start in life. NVhen I j
think of spending a whole morning j
wrangling with Pittmau or Andrew j
Harris or McCoin before Recorder!
Powell to get five dollars, and then j
think of buying an auto for $1,500 i
and spending 1,500 more to keep it j
going three years, and wearing out i
my soul and body in "Shake Rag" or
"Pungo" trying to get it to go, and
finally having to decide whether to !
buj" a gully to throw it in or to keep ;
it in my back shed till my sale or j
take 50 for it in exchange for a new j
one, all the sense, arithmetic and
philosopny tuat 1 Know tell me in 1
thunder tones to let autos alone.
"Oh, it's fun to ride in 'em." AYhen
a friend asks me to ride with Lira
and puts me down again at home,
from that moment
doubly so.
the ride, and
ered me back
finest fun that
too high priced
working m
made for those who acquired for
tunes by devise or descent and those
who "struck it rich" in the struggle
of life. But for the toilers on life's i
way, who earn but little, better wait j
for your auto ride until someone in- j
vites you. Then be sure he is going j
a good road and make your will be-
fore you start. For verily the auto-!
ist cannot tell what a day or a ride j
may bring forth. And if he could, '
to the average man like me three j
years of such fun, considering the i
stead of helping a town or city. Be
a genuine booster; have the facts
tind figures at your command, and
when you boost do so effectively.
Greensboro Telegram.
Three Kinds of Men.
The men who do a town more
harm than good may be classed as
follows: First, those who onnose
But to a,ve my j improvement. Second, those who
run it down to strangers. Third,
those who never advertise their business.
Scores of Henderson Readers Are
Learning the Duty of the Kidneys.
To filter the blood is the kidneys' duty.
AVhen they fail to do this the kidneys
are eick.
Backache and many kidney ills follow.
Urinary trouble, pains.
Doan's Kidney Pills can help you.
Henderson people endorse our claim.
A. 'P. Barnes, 318 Rowland St., Hen
derson, N. C., says: i:I have found
Doan's Kidney Pills to he a remedy, of
merit and 1 do not hesitate one moment
in recommending them. My kidneys
caused me a great deal of annoyance
and there was a steady, dull pain
through my loins. When I saw Doan's
Kidney Pills anvertised, I got a box
from the Kerner-McNairCo's. Drugstore
and began their use. They quickly re
moved my trouhle and acted heneQcially
ia every way. In February, 11)08, I
publicly endorsed Doan's Kidney Pills
and at this time I can still say a good
word for them. 1 have had uo further
need of a kidney medicine since I was
For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents.
Foster-Milhurn Co., Buffalo, New York,
sole agents for the United States.
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other.
Continued from last week.
Hie building of the Carolina, Clinch
field & Ohio Railroad has an impor
tant bearing upon the interests of
the Seaboard Air Line Railway. As
is "a well known fact these two great
roads are under the same manage
ment and control, the majority of
the stock in- both corporations being
dominated by Thomas P. Ryan and
associates, millionaire capitalists of
New York." With the Clinchfield
opening up the richest and most ex
tensive coal fields in the world, the
Seaboard is destined to become the
greatest coal carrying road in Amer
ica, is the prediction made.
The Clinchfield railroad taps the
famous "Clinchfield" coal district, be
lieved to be one of the richest coal
fields in existence, and competent
geologists estimate that it will yield
a thousand car loads of coal a day
for a thousand years. According to
the reports of experts this district
contains something like three hun
dred million cars of bituminous coal,
and most of this fuel underlies the
300,000 acre tract of coal land
owned by the Clinchfield Coal Cor
poration, an allied corporation of
the Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio Rail
It is to develop this vast and inex
haustible fuel supply and furnish it
to the world that the Clinchfield road
was built primarily. But the scheme
of development is not to stop with
that. The proraotors have other
and more far reaching objects in
At the time of the building of the
Clinchfield road there appeared in the
Richmond Times-Dispatch an article
from which the following excerpt is
made, and which may not be without
interest at this time:
"Tbomas Fortune Ryan and his asso
ciates 111 the world of nuance nave on
foot a plan to make the Seaboard Air
Line the greatest coal carrying road in
the country, by opening up an enormous
coal field in A'irginia and connecting it
wfth the Seaboard Air Line by means of
a new 200-mile railway line, the Caro
lina. Clinchfield & Ohio.
"Tho road crosses the Southern Rail
way line at Johnson City, runs soth
up the valley of the Chucky river, across
the pip of the Blue Ridge mountains
and connects with the Seaboard Air
Line ai Bostic, N. C, from which point
all Southern seaports are within easy
haulingdi-tance, Wilmington and South
port, N .C.. and Charleston, S. C, being
th chief outlets.
"The Carolina, Clinchfield & Ohio Rail
road will open up by its main line and
spur tracks the richest and most exten
sive coal fields in the world, and it is said
the Seaboard Air Line will lead all the
roads of America as a coaler.
"It is the purpose of Mr. Ryan and his
associates to bring together the coal
fields of A'irginia, Tennessee, NVest Arir
ginia and Kentucky with the Atlantic
coast and the Great Lakes. Connection
with the Seaboard Air Line being com
pleted, the plan is to extend the road
north to the Great Lakes by way of the
Ohio river, where it will connect with the
Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railway,
which is controlled by the Ryan inter
ests. "Such a road would act as a funnel
for the rich agricultural sections oTthe
(Continued on page four.)
TTs& m ( To brrow money, 3
nil yoDiin wfflmrft Sssksl- 1
( A safe place for your money, 3
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start wrong. IVead the best farm paper pub
lished. The Progressive Farmer ?vnd Gazette, of
FLoJeigh, N. C, and Starkville, Miss.
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ern conditions and who have hoed cotton and corn themselves. No guess
work talk in this paper, but the kind that steers you right. No dishonest
advertisements either. Comes every week. 52 big issues every year twice
as many as the semi-monthly papers.
Realizing that the Progressive Farmer and Gazette is the best Southern
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farmer friends who are not now taking the Progressive Farmer and Ga
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lirutlfmen: Yon will find enclose! for which you will semi me
The Henderson 11 oil Leaf (state whether new or old) and The
Progressive Farmer ami (iazette (new).
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Rural Route Xo..
you need anything irv our line. First-class Machinists
a.r a.t your service to repair your machinery, boilers,
TICE. We make a specialty of Installing new plants.
New parts supplied for a 11 kinds of Machinery- Satisfac
tion guaranteed. ? 9 9 9 9
Henderson, N. C.
1 (SQDMKB g)tf Ufa 1
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
We have just gotten in an entire new stock of FEED AND HEAVY GRO
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p o
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Q the store formerly known as the Barnes Building, next door to the Southern Grocery
O Co, Phone No. 307-F.
n . r. ....... . - -
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Mr. Husband, you may not stay there more than half your time, but your
wife and little ones do.
Aren't you tired of cramped quarters?
Is your lot large enough?
Is your house large enough?
Is it wired in every dark corner?
Is it properly sewered?
' Has it complete bath and toilet arrangement up and down stairs?
Is the house perfectly ventilated?
Has it a dozen modern rooms?
Does the porch extend entirely around the house?
Has it a 12-foot hall running through the entire building upstairs and
Is every piece of material No. 1 ?
Has your place a half-dozen excellent outbuildings?
Is your entire property in perfect repair?
Is it newly painted and papered from top to bottom?
Does your home cover several acres?
Has it perfect shade?
How is the water? Don't forget this.
Is the location IDEAL? Is it healthy?
How about the neighborhood?
My home is Such a one in every particular, and it is FOR SALE, too.
PriceliessThanlmprovements. Terms Easy
Let me show you this IDEAL HOME.
No obligation. Be quick!
Somebody Will Buy Itl
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secondly thathedellv.il V, VI II K MHffilNrl V I II I lirilKliri7 I
at home alive. It's the! ltJ V7U IV IIII IVI III ii-iw uu vri vrn-r-t . i
ever wag. But it's ' I if .r. w ran nut it in first-class shape. Weh&veopen- j
for a poor man or a , , chine shop in Henderson, corner Chestnut and :
an. Automobiles are A .:11 nnnrrlt, K trlnl when I
i'IUIH),'llwi w wav w w m F m M .
Attorney at Law,
Henderson, N. C.
Office 137 - - - - Main Street.
Two Good Barbers
att your Service.
Your Patronage" Solicited.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Hi Girsett Si. Keller's Old Stand.
We Represent a Strong Line
of the Best Companies
Carrying Risks On
Fire, Tornado,
Marine, Plato Class,
Casualty, Accident,
Surety, Boiler,
Ute, Health.
Insurance Department Citizens
B. B. CROWD QX, Uanager.
A ttrong line ot botb LIFE AND FIRE
COMPANIES repraefitcd. PolMieaUaoed
a ad Ti i - f.Ucd to btt adTftbttge.
Office: : : : Ia Court Host
Office in Young Block.
OXee hours: 9 a. m.toi p. ta., 3 to 6 p. to.
Keeideoee Fbooe 152 2;0ffiei,bonei52 1
.Estimates fnraUbed when desired. Sio
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