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OnsYear - - SI. 50
Six Months - 75
RcAinnabte and IViWCm rr
mlmhmd Prompt lyJoXropct
fve Advriltmrm on Applica
tion. g t i
1- s'"iin t
NO. 38.
Mr AUCoIn Points Out Several In
stances Where the Public Funds of
)he city Have llecn Wasted.
j . , i h.; I '. lit or of the C 5 1 1 Leaf.
Willi voiir pcrinishion I want to
in tins letter Kotne of the
i .i-i- ii . . '..
v. i if re I liiiiiK ine uinu f
ris iiHfii unwisely spent. 1
iM-.iy in the outset that I
. i .ii... i .
.,. ii, -vi-r cii.-irHii inut uuv ui tue
., i, ', f-iii'ls h;nl heen stolen, neither
ti, ink th it the hoard of town
' ' l I I - - I 1 1 I ' 1 il ' IMIilLllllU 'I,
i ; i v
,1 nil'
some jeople are in handling the pub
lic money and how different they are
in handling their own. When I was
first elected, and before I qualified as
a member of the board, one of the
pommissionerH came to me and said
he was glad that I was elected and
IMow we are Kivitif the readers of
the flold Leaf a ood cut of Mr.
Charles U. Ilutler, who with his wife
in the revival services just closed
there, said of his first appearance
there, it soon became apparent that
evangelist of the world today.
Mr. and Mrs. Butler will spend ten
or twelve davs in Henderson the
the Methodis Protestant church dur
ing the revival services lefrinninp:the
17th. The Spartanburir Herald, in
epeaking of the work of Mr. Butler
i ,
1 1 1
. i i I....... ,. i 1...
Aol'sf man ii nil" i"- u mi i ur
n vi-ars. My rrt-atest objiv-1
, t).- Iioard ami to the admin- j
,,u i.f toAii iii'fairs is that th-y :
,.i ! a into a rut ami are try- i
I llli all lip-i, iifiif, ii i ij; i t-r-ii r-
. i i i ;.. i...
, , . , i i i 11 III' Mull' lit. i n ftill'l 111 HM-
, iii inner a.-t they ran a small
. ,.l v t w--i.lv years ajo. This is a
; j i. --ive :it; and tin; town that
,,. I,, ,i in ikf prorres and keep iii
:m', II." s.iril of the ug is a back
i.uiiiii. r and a dead town.
n tlii- letter I shall attempt to
j, ,,i,t ,,i! only a. few of tin- many
i li.es wln-iv I u.si ler the moiiey
' ., ... r., ii i..., f ... ir
-.lull! A 1 1 1 1 ' 'II I ' iii" lun niiirr i i it
I, a f.-i.rs ayo the town comnus-
-,,,i,.r-i lunula a. nice, up-to-date
r.i i l in u hiii" at a cortt, as 1 am in
f.,nne., of about 1 ,."()(). They ued
ilii-i i n t -L i 1 1 - MOint; three or four
i inie., t In-ii stored it in a shed rented
ii . iin I lie mayor of th town, paid
-ilim '.' chariri's on it for t hreu or
j, ,u r venrs, and finally loaned the !
in nliine to the county to be worn;
... ..i,, I tin. tiiii'ii liiix tii'ViT receive! I !
... .'.i f..n n, ...,. ...i.l if l..u i d manner, and as soor. as I had fin
!, nijr ao l --en t In-own on the dumj
lie 111
nopeo tt.at l would join him in giv-1 are to have charge of the sinin at
ni-i tun low ii ,iu economical au minis
tration. We discussed several mat
ters, and at his suestion and re
quest, I prepared a, resolution and
offered it, at the first meeting I at
tended. This resolution set out that,
whereas at this time, the mayor was
a lawyer, and another member of the
board was of t h' same profession. :
and wherea., when the board cilled I
on t heir at t orney for any particular!
service, h charged them tin- usual!
fee-, in addition to his a nnna I re-'
tain, r, it. was therefore resolved that j
the board do not at t his time eltet a j
regular attorney, but to leave them-i
selves open to ivlain one win-never'
needed, and by this means save to ;
the town -if 1 0o retainer fee. It wii-j
further resolved that whereas the!
(own treasurer was receiving about I
$.".0 for doinr pract icallv notliiny. I
that, his commission he cut in half.!
This tesolutioa, if it ha I pasi-ed. I
would have saved the town last eai j
$:i'2H r,. Do you know this, my lirst !
resolution, trying to h.ivh some of j
the town money was killed quicker j
than lilil niiiir ami deader than;
Julius Caes ii, am nveii ed a, h new :
drubbing than was heaped on Marion!
outler ilnrmg the last campaign
Imagine my surprise atid chagrin
when mv old venir.ite.I and econom
ical friend, w ho got me to draw t la-
resolution, arose in his usual dinili-
Mr. Butler is a master in the vocal i quests of the Methodist Protest nnts !
music art and a fine director of a ; here, but every church is moat cor-
cnoir. Ilis style of work and peeu- diallv invited
liarly beautiful and appealing quali
ties of voice have placed his services
in great demand. He was fora nura
ler of years the soloist with Dr.
Torrey, and later with Dr. Chapman,
who Sn many respects is the greatest
to loin in these ser
vices. Especially all those who sing,
a special choir will be organized to
assist in the singing, in which all the
musical talent of our town it is hop
ed can be elisted.
I consider this 1, .()() unwise-
s j leli I .
little later the town commission
. Iiuii-!iL an up-to-date street rol
i- .it a cost of $.',000. This roller.
u , 'i unloaded, paid for and loaned
tn Mr. t iii rin and once to Mr. Tav-
. .r. an 1 up t o t his good day it has;
ii. w i lieeii used one hour by the:
i.imi. It is not denied that our j
is are ill bad condition, and;
in. in v believe t hat t he roller could be
ii -i i io a ".real advantage, especial j
Iv in r p in ing the macadam on main i
n.et. I'.nl when our street eom-!
ini.-sioiier was a boy, street rollers i
u.ie not then used, tind therefore he!
i-i nj.jMis.'il to tisintr it, now, and for1
ih it reason tliii .",000 investment ;
n' the town lias b;'en allowed toi
i a,!.! iiiie in i he ojieti weather, tak-j
in;.' tin- sun, rain and storm just as
'.hey conic, and it. is generally under
Miniil that rust has already ruined,
or soon will ruin it, and thu town is
mil .",,000.
I low about the cost of lightingour
i nun'.' The liible tells us that "Some
hive darkness rather than light be
cause their deeds are evil." Has it
ever m -cur red to you that the unusual
l.ve of darkness on the part of your
tuiwi commissioners was responsible
! r 1 leinlersoii being the only town
uf its sie in .N'orl h Carolina, South
Carolina or Virginia running on a
moonlight schedule? Of course you
understand that on a moonlight
si helule the lights are turned out
when the moon rises. And under this
arrangement Henderson consumes
i. nly two thirds the amount of cur
rent, and e;(.ts only two-thirds the
amount of light as it would get un
der an all night schedule. Do you
I-now that your commissioners tire
pa ving for ll lights to be run under
t he moonlight schedule the sum of
"J''. a year, and do you know that
ill other towns in this State, South
Carolina and Virginia are getting
i lie all iii"ht schedule for the same
i i.e that your commissioners are
eiine for the moonlight schedule?
This information was furnished me
l a good reliable party who knows
what he is talking, and anyone can
s'i! 'stantiate this if he w
time to investigate it.
ik:ht for Henderson to pay as much
for a moonlight schedule as other
towns are paying for the all. night
hi'ilnle'.' If this is not right and Just,
oiir commissioners are annually
pay ing 1 ,i iTo more than ot her towns
are paying for their lights, and 1
think this money is unwisely spent.
"The laborer is worthy of his hire."
This applies as much to the police
men as any other laborer, and like
any other commodity labor is worth
what it will bring on the market and
no more. My experience hus taught
me that when a man goes out to em
ploy labor to be paid for with his
ow n money he gets it as cheap as he
an. provided the price is reasonable,
and when the employer goes up on
ti e price of labor he expects either
more labor or better service. This
true with
not true with
Henderson. In May 1010, when we
went to elect the police, we fixed the
Hilary of the chief at $(, and the
three assistants at $40 a month
each, the town furnishing the uni
f rms and hats and other parapher
nalia, and in addition to this ul
low'ed the police to divide among
themselves all the costs thfy collect-
ished reading my first resolution.
i moved to lay it on tin; table. Hi
' motion was s coin led and carried un,
quickly as if it had be -n gn ased for
i the occ isioii. It, mattered nothing
( to them if they Voted oO of the
: town's money into the poekets ol
1 one it t lieM" i lie ii 1 1 it rs and their at
torney, without a, iiiDiii'Mii's lii-cii.i-'
sion or c.otisidf rat io i. Tueie is
; nothing personal in this mailer, be
cause both thrf at t orney and i reas
: ucer are among my warmest friend.
This is not a personal but a public
question. Is it right for the town
treasurer to get. between five and six
hundred dollars a year fordoing the
work that any good book-keeper
would b glad to do for$lOO? I
maintain that under our present
system of doing business, the com
missioner who is lucky enough to be
elected treasurer is gratuitously giv
en 100 a year that he never earns.
Last .January, when the bill creat
ing the recorder's court was read
before the commissioners for their
approval, it was stated that the new
court would be a great benefit to the
town in many ways. Among other
things pointed out, it was stated
that the recorder would relieve the
mayor of the unpleasant and annoy
ing duty of trying cases, and for
this reason the town could reduce
the mayor's salary $200, and the
treasurer would be that much in.
After the bill was passed, some time
in March or April, before anyone
was nomina ted or elected, and at a
time when at least two other gentle
men except the present mayor were
considering running for the office, a
resolution was passed in a regular
meeting setting forth the facts as
above stated, and reducing the may
or's salary for 1 1)11 to $100. This
f Ii i III
v' -- -A;.V-:V.
- '-,. - - -?r-'r--- .
i - '" 2 .';'. ;
I ' : v --vK5-
TTA? ( To borrow money,
mr ynmi waimlt SJsassL
( A safe place for your money,
p Yon 1
WdDoa ftp 8Dwra)j woU 1
(TIARLES U. BUTLER, Evangelistic Singer.
Interesting Story Told by Hender
son Woman.
There were several young ladies in
a. local store a few days ago buying
their paraphernalia to go away to
college this fall and were talking
about what they were going to get.,
Mrs. L. ('. Edwards, of this place,
who was in the store at the time,
Haag Shows Are Seen by a Pleased
formance this afternoon will join in
the hope that the Haag Shows will
come again.
There will be another performance
tonight;- -doors opening at seven
o'clock, performance at eight. Win-
Despite the threatening weather
many hundreds witnessed the Haag
Show parade this morning and a
tent full of pleased patrons testified ston-Salem Daily Seutimel.
their approval of what Proved to be ! Henderson Sept. 16th.
one of the best real ( js perform- j
ances witnessed here in several I One of the most interesting of the
says: "I want to tell you young wo- j years. The program included many i promising attractions at the Grand
men about my paraphernalia that 1
took with me to college when I went
in lS-'. It was during the war and
of course 1 had to make everything
myself with little to make it nit of.
Mv outfit was two cotton and cnie
1 .- I .. f , . .!.....! .
was none oeiore. eieciion lor two rea- , . a ti..,t I wnnn
T,. . ,i . , , . ,! woolen homespun dresses that I spun
sons: I irst, that whoever was elected , if.,a.,,:i ioo fa
nlight not think it a personal mat
ter, and in the second place the
board wanted the man running for
the otlice to know what he was to
get before elected. After it became
unown ttiat the ooaru had passed
this resolution, the other two gen
tlemen decided not to run for the of
fice, and the present mayor had no
ill take the ; opposition. He knew before he was
Now is it elected that the board had fixed his
salary tit .f 100. At the first meeting
in May the question of the mayor's
salary again came up. The at ten
tion of the board was called to the
fact that the town laws provided
that all salaries should be fixed the
first meeting in May. Some ques
tion was raised as to whether or not
the old board had a legal right to
fix this salary, whereupon the sal
and wove myself and paid $100 for
the cotton, which amount 1 received
from a lady for making her a pal
metto hat. My woolen dress and my
cloak were trimmed with large brass
buttons which I cut off of my dead
brother's Confederate uniform. I
made my hat of palmetto tha t my
soldier brothers had sent me from
the coast at Wilmington. Our old
colored slave made my shoes out of
dog skin and my fur cape was made
out of the rabbit and 'possum skins
that I hail saved and tanned mytelf.
My collars were crotched out of the
ravelings of India cotton stockings.
1 had one bought dress. It was pur
ple worsted and cost one dollar a
yard. I packed my clothes in an old
homemade leather trunk that be
longed to an older member of the
excellent acts, seven or eight of them
among the best seen here; in fact,
the best in the business, as the man
ager announced. The show is con
ducted evidently by real business
men, who do not permit gambling in
any form and not an oath or intem
perate remark was heard on the
grounds. The parade was the fiuest
for its size that has been seen here.
On the whole it is a good, clean, clev
er show, and those who saw the per-
Theatre this season will be "The
Nest Egg" which comes fresh from
its triumphs in New York and Chica
go, iu both of which cities it proved
among the notable successes last
reason, and which will be seen here
for the first time on next Monday
evening. Sept. 11th. The cast in
cludes familiar names and there is
plenty of heart interest, homely
philosophy and ludicrous situations
in this play of Miss Caldwell's.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
We have just gotten in an entire new stock of FEED
CERIES, and will be glad to serve you at any time.
If you are in need of anything in our line, such as
Hay, Corn, Oats, Shipstuff, Bran, Meal,
Flour, Coffee, Sugar, Meat, Lard, etc.,
us m
we believe it will be to vour interest to see us before bnvina. Yi will nA
v " J ID lll4 V J AS
the store formerly known as the Barnes Building, next door to the Southern Grocery
vo, rnone ino. u-r.
ary was again fixed by the new board ; . .J 4l . ,.f ot0
at .f 100. The mayor stated at the
time that whatever the commission
ers did would be satisaictory to
him, as he did not run for the office
for the money that was in it. 1
lege in the western part of the State.
i My railroad fair was $10, and the
! school term was eighteen months
Mrs. Edwards said that she felt
very much discouraged sit starting
to college with that kind or a para-
n.ayor Ki.e Vltni I pheroalia but after arriving at the
that his salary was fixed, and mas-, V . deiirhted to find that
she was as nicely dressed
thought that inasmuch as the i
mayor knew before he was elected
Pnre-Fresh Drugs are ef
fective. No effort wasted
the power is there. You use
care in the selection of a
physician. How about your
druggist? Your own judg
ment will tell you that this
is the place to buy your
much as it had been fixed by two
boards at two different times that it
business men, but it is ; would stay fixed, but it did not. I li
the commissioners of stead, somebody lixed two of the
commissioners. In this case, the
board of town commissioners of
Henderson beats the Supreme Court
of the Tinted States in that it had
on its board two Shirases, and one
of these a grandaddy Shiras who
lady as there was iu all
ti young
An Epoch in Showdom.
i AVheu Mr. Haag decided toinaugu- i
Irate his loth year as a successful j
purveyor of first class amusements, j
uuu uto.i u. iuCTw0ci.tt.jF, te from coagt to coast, opening i
but all of a sudden something came i Bnnann aT.K, r
. . - . 3 i iiio icuauii ... v . .... x . - - - - -
uei lui-u
I Drugs and Medicines 3
gt: Prescription Druggists. - Phone 112.
dreams and they saw a !
Since then the show has tra-
'"i tor making arrests and summon-1 new ngnt. Am ouen amusea watcu- i th stnt(lf! Qf Texas Califor-
nig witnesses. 1 his
"mild amount to
that was very popul
ago it was a wooden monkey
Indiana, West Virginia,
-a , r .
i understand ; mg tue manoeuvring oi some oi me . nia Arkansas Kansas, Oklahoma,
iv a llioillll a- i uouiixiieisiuuei c, me iciuiuu mc ui u, tii;..,-,;
I'nif. i ins nunie yuo CUlfl B juu
W'irth -T0 a month and the other
.".o together with the clothing. I
tiioughtthen and still think that the ago It was a wooden monkey with
mpuig jack Suppose all the read-, Kentucky Virginia, Tennessee, Ohio, :
3 of the t.oll Leaf remember a toy : N th cr'oUna, South Carolina, and
at was very popular a few years n.ar:a. vf.- rlnsinn-
pay was adequate for the services : strings and springs so that every
in eived, and in proof of this there time you would pull the string the
iis some two or three applications ; monkey would jump. In this case,
?'r e.K if position. The big live of ; the board had spoken twice in due,
the board selectod four of these meu, I soleiun"form, saying ?HH shall be
t ao of whom 1 thought were thebest ' the salary of the mayor, but what
liiou -lpplying, and two the sorriest, difference did that make? Somebody
fins however is only my opinion, j pulled the string and the monkey
Any way, the men selected were ask- i jumped, and with it JfJOO mysteri
ously disappeared trom ttie town
part of Georgia; and before closing
will make ilorida, Aiaoama, .missis- :
sippi, and Louisiana, establishing a i
transcontinental record never at
tempted by any show in any one i
season. The show has used 50 rail-
roads so far this season, exhibiting
twice daily with the exception of
Nature has been very good to the
, mighty Haag shows this season.
were ! treasury into the mayor s pocket. No nlmnl nartmot. The babv !
siittshVd. Notwithstanding tins fact J reason for this sudden ctiange lias camel iJa, i3 easily the favorite
tlie niMioritv of vour commissioners t ever been given, except one Mr. t . . ' -1 txa i1(1k Aur.'nnnf rina 1
. . . . . , . . , ; uau V , 11 1 1 11 LUJ uauj v.. ........ w ... v.
big heart- Shiras says tie couia not go against ; n:,v nil rrtn h.np the
i " annthar Oil c-fi neoit th iilcu! .... ' . . J . ... ...
children ot the dinerent cities picsmg
their favorite baby in the big men-
liheral mood oaid to these men. with- mavor. 1 have heard a great many , rv ' i
: i : -- - -. . -. ikiiiv Jiuiei.
big for the iob and accented, know
"ig what they were to get and
;i!l of a sudden became eo
and liberal with the town's monev i "Pick, another advanced the idea
th it they raised the salaries of these j that he was for progress, and want
"ieti Srcach per month and in their led to add dignity to the otlice of
If so. we can put it in first. cla.ss shape. We h a. ve open
ed a. machine shop In Henderson, corner Chestnut and
Montgomer streets, and will appreciate a. trial when
you need anything in our line. First-class Machinists
are at your servica to repair your machinery, boilers,
TICE. We make a specialty of Installing mw plants.
New parts supplied for all kinds of Machinery. Satisfac
tion guaranteed. 9 9 9 9 9
Henderson, N. C.
C M(D)wEQiincIhiTimeID)Y(D)i!n
Mr. Husband, you may not stay there more than half your timebut your
wife and little ones do.
Aren't you tired of cramped quarters?
Is your lot large enough?
Is your house large enough?
Is it wired in every dark corner?
Is it properly sewered?
Has it complete bath and toilet arrangement up and down stairs?
Is the house perfectly ventilated?
Has it a dozen modern rooms?
Does the porch extend entirely around the house?
Has it a 1 2-foot hall running through the entire building upstairs and
Is every piece of material No. 1 ?
Has your place a half-dozen excellent outbuildings?
Is your entire property in perfect repair?
Is it newly painted and papered from top to bottom?
Does your home cover several acres?
Has it perfect shade?
How is the water? Don't forget this.
Is the location IDEAL? Is it healthy?
How about the neighborhood?
My home is Such a one in every particular, and it is FOR SALE, too.
Price Less Than Improvements. Terms Easy
Let me show you this IDEAL HOME.
No obligation. Be quick!
Somebody Will Buy It
Wo Wo Rowkmdo
Attorney at Law,
tenderaon, N. C.
'"it l.gal authority or moral right ! absurd things hut this is the first Th mio-htv Haa"- shows will ex-
' I A I 4 1 . ... 1 . : 1 . : . I . . 1 1, hnnKil Al hliriniv : ( - . . . ,
njure money tnau tutv uireu
tti'-m for. I say iriye it away, the
for. I say ijriye it away,
in.-n were satisfied and after increas
ing the salary the town kept the
same police and got no better ser
ve. 1 said then and maintain now
tli-it not a single man who voted for
this increase would have done so had
I'ocket. It
money been coming out of his
is amusing how liberal
time that 1 have Heard oi buying n(. H. -.ann spntrnher 10th. i
dignity at a fixed price of ??2U0. Ii
presume that the town of Henderson
is now paying its mayor ?100 a; Mrs. T. C. Tate moved from Falcon
year for presiding over the board of to Henderson last week. Mr. Pate
commissioners, and 200 a year for has a position at the garage and
acting in a dignified manner. These ! has been at work there for tlie past
parties claim to be a friend to the : few weeks. They have taken rooms
mayor, but I contend that they : lu the home of Mr. Pate's brother,
(Continued on page four. ) ' Mr. A. W. Tate, on Arch street.
Stick and cut wood and very best grade of Splint
coal. Weights and Prices Guaranteed.
I operate a Gasoline Wood Saw and will be glad
to saw your wood.
P. P- H.DCHT- Phone 26F.
Office 137
Main Street.
Two Good Barbers
o.t your Service.
Your Patronage Solicited.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
III Garaett SI. Keller's Old Stand.
We Represent a Strong Line
of the Best Companies
Carrying Risks On
Fire, Tornado,
Marine, Plate Glass,
Casualty, Accident,
Surety, Boiler,"
Life, Health.
Insurance Department Citizens
B. B. CBO WDEB, Manager.
A utroDff Iin of both LIFE AND F1HK
( OM J'A.MKH rpoitd. PoheitUiuJ
and rial- ilacd to btt adrafitage.
Offic: ; : : In Court Home
Office In Young Block-.
OX.es bonr: 9 a. m . to l p. m., 3 tott p. m.
Residence Pbona 152-2 :OJEaePfcone 152-1
Estimates t arnlsbed when desired. 36
eharge lor examination.
Th date on your addraa label In
dicate the time to which your tub
ccrfptfon It paid.

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