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0neYer - - $1-50
Six Months - 75
Reasonable and WJU Bo Fur.
nlahod Promptly fa fVospecf
Ivm Advmrttmmrm on Applies
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NO. 30.
t i .11., ... n i. , I, . -- imm
demonstrated time and
a,mni tlmt professional paragraph
tr not have anything to write
S( liufi as a county is without
Koo.l roZu It is destined to be
counted a lame duck in this progres
sive sijre-
C,(li men who do not live in Hen
derson have recently been heard to
dtf-htre that the public roads of Vance
f -u nity are in better condition than
the public streets of Henderson.
.Now what are you going to do about
When a great passenger liner
bumps up against an iceberg In mid
ocean much damage is likely to be
done and loss of life may be the re
sult. But we fellows out here on
land ruu into "icebergs" every day
and experience no Inconvenience save
it may be a temporary chill of our
The farmers of Vance county are
standing in their own light so long
as they neglect to get together and
arnuige for an up-to-date rural tel
ephone system. Our county is bad
ly behind the times in this respect,
and it t high time there was a gener
al wakening on this important sub
ject. This cause needs a good leader
in the county, and as the Farmers'
I'nlon represents a strong band of
organized farmers it might prove to
he the best day's work that organi
zation ever did to take the lead for
rural telephones. A farmer who has
enjoyed the use aud benefits of a
telephone for a few months would
not then be without it for any rea
Honable consideration. In fact he
soon gets to the place where he can
not see or understand how he ever
did get along without it.
It is rather remarkable how many
cities and towns in North Carolina
have recently waked up to the fact
that what they need is more manu
facturing enterprises in their midst.
Hut how to get them seems to be the
fjiicMtion. The progressive town of
Hickory went av it in the most sen
ible and practical way of any town
vw- have eo far heard of. The busi
ness men and citizens of that place
Kot together in a quiet way, and
without any blowing of trumpets
put up $200,000 of their own money
tt b invested in approved new man
ufacturing enterprises at Hickory,
and since that time a number of new
plants for the manufacture of differ
ent things have gone there and lo
cated. The idea is to show faith in
your own town and lend a helping
hand to those on the outside who
know less about it and its advan
t itfes than you do. Such a fund in
Henderson would do wonders within
the next twelve months.
A Kansas physician is blowing
about a "new discovery" that he has
recently made for killing house flies.
He tills an ordinary drinking glass
nearly full of soap-suds. A slice of
bread, with a small hole cut In the
center and a spread of molasses on
the under side, is then placed on top
of the glass so as to cover it com
pletely. The flies, alighting on the
bread, crawl through the hole to get
to :he molasses, where they are soon
overcome by the fumes from the
soapy water, and fall Into it. In a
few hours the glass is full of dead
Mien. It is said that the Kansas physi
cian ia "very enthusiastic over his
new discovery" and thinks it will
bring him fame. "New discovery"
indeed. As far back as we can re
memler, the older women in some
sections of North Carolina have been
using this very means of destroying
the Hies that infested their homes.
We'll venture it has been in use in i
some sections of this State for a
hundred years, although we do not
claim to remember quite that far
H we want to see North Carolina's
prohibition law respected as it should
1k even by its enemies, then let its
friends get iu after the blind tigers !
and put them out of business. If our
olfioers are careless about enforcing
the law, then get in after the officers
and make them do their duty or put
them out of office. But if, on the
other hand, they are disposed to do
their duty, give them all the support
and backing they need. If the friends
and advocates of a law can not be
depended upon to help enforce it, to
whom are the officers to look for
support when the test comes? Don't
criticise them when they have tried
to enforce the law but have fallen
short of what you may have expect
ed or demanded of them, but give
them only the more loyal and ear
nest support and thereby encourage
them to a more diligent and faithful
Performance of duty. Here in North
Carolina we are too much given to
spending altogether upon the offl
CT3 to enforce the law while we stand
,)ff and criticise instead of backing
them. This is one reason why there
are so many unpunished violators of
e prohibition law in our State.
Room For Improvement A Call to
Progress Take Off the Bridal Veil
and Let the Blushes Come.
The way to succeed is to exagger
ate one's ego, that conscious and
permanent subject of all physical
experience, and tnen sell that ego.
All trades are based upon the ability
of one to make another one value
more highly any particular thing
than he himself values it. All corpora
tions have their ego, hence the town
or Henderson has her ego. Now the
Chamber of Commerce is trying to
develop the ego of the town in order
to induce people to buy and locate
nere. rnat is logical and reason
able. At the same time our town
government, which is the least pro
a f m 4 i r
gressive msmution in our borders,
is smothering to death that ego and
fA - f y i i
i vanning it. ii tnis is not so, why is
it that our Hustling Henderson has
no market house. Why bedeck the
streets with blody beef, goat and hog
when we might as well make the
town look as apetizing as the em
bossed boar of Thessaly? Why in
Yite people to Bee xne town witn a
view to locating here and then ask
tnem to suck tneir neads in a crocus
sack until you can get them by all
tnose beel enacts; xousayweare
too small a town and too poor. Ox
ford has less population and much
less money, yet Oxford has a good
market house and no beef stalls on
the streets. Is Oxford as good a
town as Henderson? No. Has she
as much capital? No. What is the
matter? It all falls back on an un
progressive town government and
unprogressive town officials. Why
even the old, old city of Jerusalem
two thousand years ago had a sheep
gate and a fish gate. Jerusalem bad
a market house five hundred years
before she bad a knife or U fork.
What of Hustling Henderson?
When it comes to our efficiency in
fighting: fire I feel like a little child
crying in the night, a little child
whose only language is aery. Or
maybe it is more like Sandy Mills ad
dressing some benevolent associa
tion. With few exceptions, in the heart
of town and where quick notice was
given, our fire department has not
saved any buildings wherein the fire
originated. The policy of the com
pany is to save the adjoining prop
erty and let the original fire burn if
it has gotten any headway. If I am
wrong say so.
When J. H. Goodrich's stables
were on fire a stream of water twenty
feet high was not developed. I was
there and know. When S. P. Coop
er's garage caught, one had to hold
the hose so close to the flames in
order to get the water on the build
ing that it would burn the flesh. I
was in that battle and lost some of
the epidermic cuticle of my own
hide. I ought to know. When the
negro Masonic hall burned the fire
company could not put out a tele
phone pole. It tried and it failed.
When the bagging factory in town,
not the one out of town, burned,
they failed to be able to throw water
on top of Mrs. Allen's one story porch,
even when standing on the railing.
Five dollars in private money was
paid a man to pour water on top of
the porch, while the fire company
was playing tiddle winks at the noz
zle or might as well have been play
ing tiddle de winks or "plucking the
crass to see where sits the wind or
anything as foolish. When the bag
ging factory just out of town burned
the company could not stand on the
Carolina Buggy Factory's roof and
pour water out of the hose down on
the fire below and the dista nce across
was only the width of a street. I
was there and saw it. It is true that
that factory was out of town, still
our hose connected there and what
is the use of being connected if it fails
in its purpose? The fire burned un
til an AUwise God sent a rain. All
of these inefficiencies are explained
by excuses. But progress rebels at
excuses. Excuse is the arch germ
that gnaws at the vitals of progress.
I have been told by the best au
thorities that it was not intended
that our fire company or its water
efficiency should be able to put out
such a fire as that of the first bag
ging factory that burned almost on
our main street, that we could not
expect to get so much protection for
so small an amount of money. If
we cannot put out that bagging
factory we cannot put out Sam Wat-
kins' store. If we cannot put out
Sam Watkins' store we cannot put
out that block on which his store
stands. If we cannot put out that
block we cannot put out the town.
If the present system of fire protec
tion cannot put out the town it is
inadequate and progress calls for
Somewhere the ashed covered em
ber of destruction lies. To be fann
ed means desolation. A full blown
flame in one of the business blocks in
Henderson will place our business
section somewhere between Erebus
and the twilight zone of Hell. The
gods of our good luck will then
"Give us high ball," the silvery
heavens will be turned into a garden
of golden rod, the flames will toil
and crackle like burning thorns un
der a pot, stars of the silvery night
will seem as fevered tinder, the milky
way will turn to writhing wreaths of
restless smoke, men well may 4oO J
Neroes sit upon the battlements of
Hustling Henderson, and tiddle to
the tune of
pany calls for the flasing of the wa
ter mains. This is not complied
with, neither do the commissioners
demand it. The result is when a fire
occurs in some sections of the town
you have to attach the hose to the
main and throw mud at the building
for a while before you can develop
even normal pressure.
Direct pressure of the fire house
pump is not put on in case of fire be
cause of a fear of bursting the water
mains. This reminds me of the man
who bought a $20,000 automobile
and never used it because he was
afraid to crank the darn thing.
When we do not get direct pressure
we only get the pressure of t he ntr r
ed water in the tank. As the
grows more people and more indus
tries tap the water mains. This of a
necessity weakens the elficiency at
the nozzle. Our efficiency to fight
fire therefore under present opera
tions gets weaker every day. Ami
logical? And what are the mayor
and aldermen of Hustling Hender
son doing to remedy and improve
matters? Nothing at all, nothing
at all. This fire fighting business is
on the same dusty shelf with that
unread town charter and the two
make good bed fellows. Not only is
the town government in regard to
this matter doing nothing but it is
actually going backward. Insur
ance in some cases has already gone
up and other increases are sure to
follow. We will pay dearly lor our
slotbfulness in the long run.
Many towns in the South smaller
than Henderson have fire engines
which are able to throw water more
than a hundred feet straight up in
the air. You sav I am extravagant..
Well how about that $3,000 street
roller standing doing nothing? You
could have bought a new fire engine
ror that amount or wasted money.
Progress sees water breaking win
dow panes, tearing off shingles,
smothering fire. What does Hust
ling Henderson see and who is to
Fire protection is one of the most
important matters in our town gov
ernment and nothing is being done
to improve it. On the other hand:
What do you think of this or do you
think? Our present large fire wagon
did not turn a wheel for nearly a
year. Why? What stopped so
great a thing? Bless your hide
bound soul one of the commission
ers and the fire chief could not agree
on the size of a breast chain. That
is what stopped the whole wagon for
nearly a year. Now in order to keep
my muzzle in trim I will add that
when this wagon was bought our
town dads were so infernally slow
that the claim had to be put into a
lawyer's hands in order to force the
money out of Hustling: Henderson
In the name of common sense what
was the use of that, when Henderson
had good credit? Wherever you
strike the town government you hit
a carbuncle, you can t miss one.
The year 1911 has not yet closed
In 1909 and 1910, within the cor
porate limits, not including any fires
outside of town, the town itself has
on record fifteen fires. Of these fires.
ten or two out of every three, were a
total loss, not a cent saved. This is
not a guess on my part, it comes
from the official record on file. The
question naturally arisses, what are
you paying your tax for? I do not
claim to know whether the trouble
is with the water company or with
the fire company, but I doclaim that
tne town does not have the fire pro
tection it ought to have and that
nothing is being done to improve it.
It is easy enough to sit and vote on
trivial matters and approve trivial
bills, but the weighty matters is
where we are light. The Dramatis
Personae of the board looks only
like a farce comedy but when he
curtain rises it rises on a tragedy.
Our newspapers have praised and
fanned the fellows who lost their
voice, their clothes, their skin in
fighting fire but they have never had
the energy or the backbone to roast
the fellows higher up. What is our
present editor doing? Is he on the
side of progress? Why doesn't he
open up? Why doesn't he throw
away the Balm ofGUeadlongenongh
to segregate something besides soft
soap? Where is the narcotic that
benumbs the mind aud trembles the
hand? Come, out Mr. Editor, un
fold and uncover yourself, take of
the bridal veil and let the blushes
come. S. T. PEACE.
(To be Continued.)
&Witbin the last two years Hender
son has made more progress than in
any other two years of her dis
tance. She now has three good hotels
where she only had one before.
She now has a good hospital
wnere sne only had the need of one
She has built more good, sightly
brick stores than were ever built in
any other two years before.
No such building as the J. P. Tay
lor Company building was ever built
at any time before the last two
. U. 8. Postoffice building costing
ubuut 170,000 has leen built and
completed within the last two years.
A very expensive municipal build
ing has been completed.
The sewer mains have been extend
ed over one and one-half miles.
To the Fire Department has been
added: f 1,000 worth of hose; $1,-
zuu uomDination chemical wagon:
f 700 pair of fire horses; $1,185
clock for municipal building.-
Several blocks of macadam have
been recently put down.
The Civic League has bad erected
a beautifnl iron gate and other im
provements at the Elmwood Ceme
tery; it has also planted flowers and
shrubs all over tie town.
A Confederate monument has been
erected on the courthouse lawn cost
ing about $4,000.
Henderson is justly proud of her
graded schools. They are full to
overflowing, and other quarters
must be added to accommodate the
Another tobacco worehouse has
been added to this market, and it
and the others are doing well.
There has not been a vacant store
house in Henderson in two years,
and several would be Henderson
merchants have been turned away
because there were no store rooms
There has not been a vacant resi
dence in Henderson in two years.
Many residences have been built and
many are now being built.
Wonderful to relate, the Southern
Railway track at Kelly's has been
lowered and at no cost to the town.
Several hundred thousand dollars
worth of buildings and machinery
have been placed just outside of the
town limits, and four or five large
manufacturing plants are now being
located just outside our gates.
There has not been any financial
failure in the last two years in Hen
derson of any consequence.
Some of our oldest citizens have
made large fortunes and turned their
businesses over to younger hands.
The only automobile factory in the
Southern States is located in Hen
derson, financed by Henderson capi
tal and run by Henderson brains.
Henderson needs more stores, more
The Newt of Dabney.
David Glover, the little son of Mrs.
Carrie Glover, had the misfortune to
brake his arm a few days ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Sinwood Royall, of
Blackstone, Va., visited t Mrs.
Carrie Glover's the past week.
? Mrs. E. W. Wilson, of Petersburg,
Va., visited her sister, Mrs. J. T.
Hart, the past week.
Mrs. A. F. Hill, who has been visit
ing her mother, Mrs. J. W. Kelly,
has returned to her home at Mem-
lphi8, Tenn.
There were services at the Metho
dist Protest unt church last Sunday
morning conducted by Bev. R. C.
Stubbins, the pastor.
Mr. Perry Brame had the misfor
tune to lose a barn of tobacco by
fare a few days ago. It is not known
how the fire originated.
Mrs. John W. Kelly celebrated her
83th birthday on the 1st of Septem
ber. She is oae of the oldest persons
J&4rg in this county, but is very ac
tive ana industrious for one oi her
age. Mrs. Kelly is the mother of
twelve children. She has forty-seven
grandchildren and ten great grand
children. She is a good woman and
is loved by all who know her. The
stories she tells of her childhood days
are very interesting to her grand
children and the other young people.
May Bhe live to see many more birthdays.
Iff y dDim wamrit'
To borrow money.
Notes collected,
Financial assistance.
A safe place for your money.
I We (Cen
dwelling houses and more, people.
l say Henderson is a good town,
a good place to come to and the best
town to live in.
Henderson is doing well and her
citizens are well, prosperous, happy
and contented except two.
I will write again, if 1 feel like it.
The cast in this season's produc
tion "Graustark," George D. Bak
er's adaptation of George Barr Mc
Cutcheon's romatic novel is said to
be the most capable ever seen in this
delightful play. Messrs. Baker and
Castle, the producers, have endeavor
ed to equip "Graustark" with one of
the most beautiful and complete
productions and it is evident they
have succeeded far beyond their most
sanguine expectations from the
many expressions of delight from
theatregoers all over the country.
"Graustark" will be seen here at the
Grand Theatre Sept. 22. Adv.
"How shall 1 prove the sincerity of
my devotion?" asked the young man
who had been so long coming to the
point that doubt had begun to ac
cumulate against him.
"Call the parson in as a witness."
suggested the young lady, who meant
"There ain't no nothing yet no more
And nothing ain't do use to me,
In vain I pace the lonely shore
Since I have saw the last of thee."
Pheobus, rising early from his ori
ental draperies, will brew a tear and
chill at such a sight. For property
will have returned unto the God who
gave it and the mourners will go
about the streets. Visionary did
you say? Grant it. While slumber
ing Henderson sleeps dreams and
visions are apropos and timely. But
only last Thursday night, surely you
can remember one week back, the
heavens were aglow with fire and
one store and one dwelling house
were burned to the ground, nothing
saved. Kind sirs, don't your brains
ever get into action? "Oh, you
blocks, you stones, you worse than
senseless things."
Our contract with the water corn-
Many Merry-Making Clowns.
While the thrilling aerial and aren
ic acts as well as sensational eques
trianism and hippodrome track
events are absolutely essential to all
big tented shows, their performan
ces would fall flat were it not for the
clowns. Primarily the majority of
show going enthusiasts, not to men
tion the small boys and girls, visit
the canvas cities to be amused and
the salaried jesters must see to it
that none are disappointed. Realiz
ing that a good share of the success
of the entertainment depends upon
the funsters, the mighty Haag shows
which gives afternoon and evening
performances September 10th, in
Henderson, engaged for this season
as unparalleled a quota of world
famous clowns as money can hire.
There is a veritable army of those
jolly fellows, whose sole work is to
provide wholesome laughs and
amusement for all classes and all
ages. 1 rom the time the main tent
doors are open, which is an hour be
fore the first act enters the rings, un
til the end of the program, the great
hippodrome track swarms with har
Iequines, and mirth reigns fast and
The Katzanyammer Kids, Buster
Brown, Simple Simon, and the Billi
ken, those together with all the oth
er comic supplement characters are
there, as well as more than a score
or others. If you do not wish to en
joy hale and hearty jollity, it will be
advisable to remain away from the
mighty Haag shows. On the other
hand if you are suffering from an at
tack of the blues, a certain and per
manent cure is assured if you attend
the performance. Adv.
Cokecbury Items.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Darnell
spending some time at Norfolk.
Miss Nannie Hicks, of Greensboro,
visited her father, Mr. J. T. Hicks,
last week.
Miss Mary Finch, of Henderson,
visited her uncle, Mr. H. Stewart,
the past week.
Miss Nellie Holmes, of Norfolk, is
visiting her cousin, Mies Nellie Dur
ham, and other relatives in this com
munity. Miss Bessie Fleming and two little
brothers, who have been spending
their vacation with their mother,
Mrs. A. H. Fleming, have returned
to the Oxford Orphanage.
The young men of Cokesbury Sun
day school have organized abaracca
class. They recited their first lesson
last Sunday. A cordial invitation
is extended to all young men in this
community to join the class.
Dr. J. T. Gibbs, presiding elder of
the Washington district, visited his
sister, Mrs. Martha Gibbs, last week.
While on this visit he preached a
most interesting sermon at Cokes-
bury church and many people were
present to hear him.
See the Fine Horses and Ponies.
Your visit to the mighty Haag
shows at Henderson afternoon and
evening of September Kith, will not
be complete without a tour of the
colossal canvas equerry, even though
you are not a. lover and admirer of
blooded stock, it is claimed you will
find an hour of genuine pleasure and
much to interest you inspecting the
droves of horses and ponies. For
the last year agents have been in the
different paits of the world making
nurchasses for this department, with
a result that today the mighty Haag
shows possess one of the largest,
most varied and costly collections
of representative members of the
equine family which wealth can pro
cure, and it is boubtful if anywhere
near the like has ever been exhibited
before. Certainly never by any
traveling shows.
Ladies and children are particular
ly invited to visit this horse fair,
which all may safely do without es
cort, as uniform and courteous at
tendants are always present to look
after the welfare of callers. Adv.
Reports from Durham and other
North Carolina points show an
alarming Bpread of pellagra. It is
stated that in Durham alone there
are at present 150 cases of infection
and the deaths from this dread dis
ease for the year are estimated at
100. More people have died from
pellagra there than from any other
O Wholesal and Retail Dealers in
WiVc ryc2 -ifv . "? an cntire newstock of FEED AMD HEAVY GRO
Il:ffi2, and will be glad to serve you at any time,
If you are in need of anything in our line, such as
If mo. we can put it in first-cl&ss shape. We ha. ve open,
eda machine shop in Henderson, corner Chestnut and
Montgomery streets, e,nd will appreciate a. trial when
you need anything in our line. First-class Machinists
are a.t your service to repair your machinery, boilers,
TICE. We make a specialty of Installing new plants. .
New parts supplied for all kinds of Machinery- Satisfac
tion guaranteed. 9 9 9 9 9
Henderson, N. C.
Stick and cut wood and very best grade of Splint
coal. Weights and Prices Guaranteed.
I operate a Gasoline Wood Saw and will be glad
to saw your wood.
P. P. HDGHT, Phone 26F.
Hay, Corn, Oats, Shipstuff, Bran, Meal,
Flour, Coffee, Sugar, Meat, Lard, etc.,
we believe it will be to your interest to see us before buying. You will find us in
the store formerly known as the Barnes Building, next door to the Southern Grocery
o. rhone No. 307-F.
Sfe 55,
m,..... a ,1 ; is? ,
-.fim.- ''Jin.- nuiivr ''iUv
Wt& HrtV l'liA
. A i c t i o ii
SaLKird&y, Sept. 16, ad 1 O'clock
t " xm em"
W J W luJ .J
Un account of being overstocked I will sell at Public Auction to the high
est bidder at my farm, "Grassy Creek, four miles below Clarksville, Va.
Roanoke river and one mile north of-Soudan, the following Live Stock:
I , -1
c -
3 Brood Mares.
3 Colts, mares and mules.
8 Heifers.
1 0 Good Holstein Calves.
A Lot of half grown Hogs.
1 Fine genuine Berkshire Boar.
Come everybooy and get some good stock. Terms
day of sale.
I Fine Stallion.
12 Milch Cows
1 4 Steers.
7 Splendid Brood Sows.
25 Berkshire Pigs.
' f ' f" f f f' f
on o
on the
tso hur
A girl can't help feeling suspicious
if she's going to be kissed when she
goes out on a dark porch with a
man, even if it's her father.
The Swell Pressing Clib
First-Class Cleaning, Pressing,
Altering and Repairing done at
reasonable Rates. Give us a
William F. Strickland,
110 1-2 GARNETT ST.
Sale of Land.
Superior Court of Vanre count y to me
issued in the special proceeding intitled W. j
A. Parham. admr, of James A. Parham, j
dee'd., vs. J. H. Parham and others. I will i
sell to the highest bidder at public auction,
for caah. at the courthouse door in Hender- j
son, X. C. on Monday, the 11th day of;
September, 1911, the following described j
tract or parcel of land, near Watkins sta-1
tion, bounded on the north by the lands of j
H. L Wright and others, on the east and)
south I. r the lands of T. V. Bobbin, on the
w-st !' t'.-lan.ls of V. A. Parham. con-j
taining 2CJ ktm inor or less.
Angto-L.lMl. WA pARHAM j
Admr. of .Tames A. Porbam, dcd.
We Represent a Strong Line
of the Best Companies.
Carrying Risks On
Fire, Tornado,
Marine, Plate Glass,
Casualty, Accident,
Surety, Boiler,
Life, Health.
BARBER SHOP. Insurance Department Citizens
Two Good Barbers
a.t your Service.
A utronjr line of both LIFE AND FIRI
COM PA N 1 E represented . Policies Usoec
and rick ' placed to best adr an tag.
In Coort Hoom
Office la Youoz Clock.
OXce bours: 8 k. m. to l p. m., 3 to 6 p. m.
liaidenee Phooe 152-2: Office Ph0D 152 1
JCstimfttw furnished when desired. So
ebftrge tor CMailDfttiofi.
Yoir Patronage Solicited.;
Satisfaction, Guaranteed
ill Girnttt Si. Keller's 019 stags. : office 137
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