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Bone Palm, Can
cer, Scaly StiB,
Many People Suffer from Blood
Poison and don't know it. Read Symp
toms. Easily cured by B. B. B
For twenty-five years Botanic Blood Balm
(B. B. B., has been curing yearly thou
sands of sufferers from Primary, Secondary
or Tertiary Blood Poison, and all forms of
Blood and Skin Diseases. We solicit the
most obstinate cases. If you have aches and
pains in Bones, Back or Joints, Mucus
patches in mouth. Sore Throat, Boils, Copper-Colored
Spots, Ulcers on any part of the
body, Hair or Eyebrows falling out. Itch
ing, Watery blisters or open humors, Risings
or pimples take B. B. B. It kills the poison,
makes the blood pure and rich, completely
changing the entire body Into a dean, heal
thy condition, healing every sore and stopp
ing all aches, pains and itching.
DHEVMAT1SM or foul catadrh
with shoulder pains, hawking or spitting,
headaches, earache, even old, stubborn cases
are quickly cured by Botanic Blood Balm
(B. B. B.), because these troubles come
from Blood Poison.
watery blisters, open, Itching sores of all
kinds, all leave after treatment with B. B.
6, because these troubles are caused by
Blood Poison, while B.B.B. kills the poison,
makes the blood pure and rich and heals the
sores and stops the Itching forever.
pleasant and safe to take; composed of pure
Botanic ingredients. It purifies and enriches
he blood. SAMPLE SENT FREE by writing
Blood Balm Co., Atlanta, Ga., DRUGGISTS,
or by express. $1 PER BOTTLE, with
directions for home cure. Sold In High Point,
N. C by
and Embalmer
High Point, N. C
Furniture, Picture
Frames, Etc.
Thing Will Take a Turn.
"Did you hunt Hons and tigers when
you were in Africa?" asked the friend
"No. we didn't havo to," replied Lord
Shorthow. "The blooruin' beasts
hunted us, doncher know." Chicago
Lodge Directory
Improved Older of Heptasophs High
Mr.t Conclave No, 162.1 meets In Odd Fel
lows Hall.
I. O- O. P. Replton Lodge No. 63 meets
every Tuesday night In Odd Fellows Hall.
Improved Order of Red Men Chickasaw
Tribe No. 32 meets every Wednesday night
tn Odd Fellows Hall.
Woodmen of the World Piedmont Camp
No 62 meets every Thursday night In Odd
Fellows Hall.
Daughters of Rebekah Magdalene Re
bekah Lodge No. 34 meets 1st and 3rd Fri
day nights in Odd Fellows Hall.
Masonic Numa F. Reid Lodge No. 344
A. F. and A M. meets every second
Monday night in Masonic Hall.
Knights nl Pythias High Point Lodge No.
39 meets every Thursday night in Masonic
Jr O U A M Guilrcrd Council No ZJ
meets every Monday night in Jr Order Hall
Trophy Council No 29 Jr O U A M meets
every Monday night in Jr Order Hall
Royal Arcanum Braxtcn Craven Coun
til No 100 meets in Odd Fellows Hall
High Point Lodge No, 1155, B. P. O. E
meets every Tuesday night In the Jr. Order
Of the City of High Point, N,
C, and How to Turn in
To turn in alarm, break glass over
arge key, open door with key, pull
down lever to bottom of slot and let
go. Don't pull but once. That is
ill tht is necessary. $50.00 or 6
months imprisonment for sending in
alse alarm.
1J Elm Street schoogt
14 Lindsay and Thur onSts.DenntsHsrL
15 North Main, opp' Richardson Street
16 Corner English a d Lindsay Streets.
17 Broad St. , opp. Lee Pavne'i residence.
23 Best Chair Co., private box.
84 Comer Washington and Steele St
S Notth Main St., opp. Ray St.
Jt Grimes & S. Ry. Crossing, near
Alma Furniture Co.
14 Corner S. Main and Russell Sis.
JS Flint, between Myrtle Desk aai
Rankin Coffin Co.
J Corner South Main and Vail St.
41 Corner Russell St and Mangiim Ave.
41 Comer Hamilton and Commerces.
4 j Co . Mam and Ry. An.. Area
45 Comer Hamilton and Watlory
Wireless Messages Received Report
that the Airship Is Making
Great Progress.
Atlantic City, N. J.--8alUng into a
thick fog that hung low over the At
lantic ccean, Walter Wellman, with a
crew of five men, is believed to be on
an epoch-making voyage to Europe in
the huge cigar-shaped airship Amer
ica. Starting from the beach the big all
craft was soon out of sight of the
cheering crowd that saw the big bal
loon go into the air. Since then no
one, with the possible exception of
ships at sea, has seen the strange
craft, and the only word from her
came by means of the wireless tele
graph. Numerous messages have been re
ceived, and the latest indicated that
Wellman is easily sailing toward
The men who are making aeronau
tic history in the first over-ocean
flight ot a nairship are Walter Well-
man, commander; Melvin Vaniman,
chief engineer and next in command;
F. Murray Slmonds, navigator; J. W.
Irwin, wireless operator; John Aubert
and Albert EouiB Loud.
The start of the America was one
of the most dramatic ever occurring
in this care-free resort of frequent
Roundly criticised by people who
did not believe he would ever under
take what was thought to be a fool
hardy venture, Wellman startled the
whole island by bringing the America
out of the hanger and, without any
ceremony, going into the air.
There are six men on the airship
and they are provided with provisions
mostly of the canned variety, stiff!
cient to .last them a month. The only
means of cooking is with a small oil
stove, but this, Mr. Wellman says
will do all the cooking they will re
Bach man is provided with two uni
forms, one of whaki. and a much
heavier one for use la case of extra
ordinary cold weather is encoun
If was estimated that the two en
gines, which were working perfectly
were pushing the balloon through the
air at the rate of 26 miles an hour.
The airship's gas bag is something
of the shaoe of a cigar, and is 228
feet long. Its width is about 52 feet
and is said to be capable of lifting
about twelve tons. The envelope car
rying the gas weighs more than two
Attached to the big gas bag Is a car
15 feet long. The floor of the car is
really a large flat tank in wtflch the
gasoline is stored for the motors. The
America carries three gasoline en
ines, one of which Is a donkey and
the other two are used for motive
puower. They are in the center of
che car. and are of about eighty-horse
Beneath the car hangs a lifeboat 27
feet long, to be used in case the bal
loon is wrecked
Strung beneath the car is a 330-foot
inner enu ilihrator. which takes thA
place 01 a drag ruje uaeu uu lunuuiu,
. - - j , k.tv.
The ecjUiiibrator consists oi a sieei
cable to which are attached 30 small
eteel tanks, each carrying 75 pounds
of gasoline and forty wooden blocks
The blccks are about 20 inches long.
The eauilibrator makes it unneces
sary to carry ballast. It is Intended
that the balloon shall fly at a height
of about 200 feet.
If It settles close to the water the
wind blocks and the tanks will float
thus relieving the balloons of some of
its weight. As the gasoline is re
quired the steel cables will be pulled
up into the car of the balloon and a
tank emptied.
Altogether the America carries 9,000
pounds of gasoline. The craft is as
fhoroughly equipped with sextants,
compasses and other instruments far
locating positions as are the big ocean
Paria to London In Balloon.
London, England Another chap
ter was added to the history of avia
tion when the) French dirigible bal
loon Clement-Bayard made the voy
age from Compiegne to London in
the remarkable time of six hours, a
journey requiring seven hours by the
fastest express trains and boats. Com
piegen is 45 miles northwest of Paris
and 195 miles from London. This is
the nrst occasion on which a dirigi
ble ballon has crossed the English
channel. The cross-water route occu
pied 45 minutea.
Aasassin of Empress Crazy.
Geneva, Switzerland. The report is
current that Lulgl Luccheni, who as
sassinated the empress of Austria in
1S98, has gone violently Insane. Luc
cheni smashed everything in his cell
ar.d was put In a strait-Jacket to pre
vent self-Injury.
$5,000,000 Bank Falls.
London, England. The Charing
Cross hank, with headquarters in Lon
don and forty country branches, clos
ed its doors. The deposits amount to
In.va Insurgent Leader Succumbs to
Dilation of the eHart at His
Home in Fort Dodge.
Fort Dodge, li. United States Sen
ator Jonathan Prentiss Dolliver died
of dilation of the heart, caused by an
attack of acute indigestion, at his res
mence while being rubbed by an os
teopath physician.
Senator Dolliver'a death was unex
pected by his relatives and close
friends, who thought that he had al
most entirely recovered from the at
tack of indigestion with which he had
been suffering for a week.
Senator Dolliver had been up all
day, and had made a trip from his
residence down town. He told sev
eral of the men whom he met that
he believed he had completely recov
ered from the indigestion which fol
lowed his trip through Wisconsin on
i speech-making tour
While working over Senator Dolli
ver the osteopath physician was using
an instrument to listen to the sena
tor's heart action. The physician un
expectedly discovered that lie was no
longer hearing the heart beats. He
at first thought ins instrument was
faulty. An examination revealed that
tils patient was dead.
General Grosvtnor Says War Was the
Fault of the Constitution.
Chattanooga, Tenn. Gen. Charles
H. Grosveuor of Ohio delivered tne
annual oration before the Society of
the Army of the Cumberland here.
The general told his hearers it was
high time to quit waving the "bloody
shirt;" that the war is over, and that
we are all Americans now. The South
ern soldier fought for the principle
he thought to be right, said the speak
er, and he did the best he could. In
studying the history of the Civil war
one should not stop at Appomattox, he
said, but should follow the Southern
soldier as he budded up a nation from
desolation and ruin.
An indissoluble union of indissol
uble states," was the omission irom
the constitution of the United States
which caused the war of the sixties,
was the declaration of General Gros
All Will Depend on How Hf: Stands
the Work in December.
rrenton. S. C 'It my health con
tinues to improve, 1 expect to ue a
candidate for the United States sen
ate in ftl2, otherwise not. All will
depend on how 1 stand the work in
Washington when I go there in De
1'his statement by United States
Senator D. R. unman, uisposes ui
the recent persistent rumors that be
cause of failing health the senior
South Carolina senator had decided to
retire (l.om puDiie life at the conclu-
sion of his present term in the sen
Cemetery Guardians Are Not Willing
to Work on Sunday.
Chattanooga, Tenn. The twenty
fourth annual convention of the Amer
ican Association of Cemetery Superin
tendents closed. The convention
passed a resolution agreeing to use
their earnest efforts to abolish Sun
day funerals except where the na
ture of the disease of the corpse ren
dered immediate interment necessa
ry. The committee on location rec
ommended that Philadelphia be the
scene of the next convention and the
Quaker City was unanimously agreed
lor the convention ot in.
& N
Employees Receive Increase.
Louisville, Ky. B. M. Starlcs, gen
eral manager of the Louisville and
Nashvlle railroad, and representatives
of the passenger and trainmen of that
road, reached an agreement whereby
the men are to receive an increase in
wages of from 10 to 17 1-2 per cent.,
effective November t. Nine hundred
niMidnetora. 2.700 brakemen, besides
fiagmefli baggagemasters and porters
will benefit by the increase.
General King Dead.
Sulphur Springs, Texas. Gen. W.
H. King, who joined the Confederate
army as a private, but rose to the
rank ot acting major general, died at
his home here. General King was a
well known politician and lawyer and
served for ten years as adjutant gen
eral of this state. He was 71 yea;s
old and a native of Georgia.
Urges Farmer to Hold Cotton.
Union City, Ga. President Charles
P. Uarrett of the National Farmers'
Union has issued a statement to the
Southern fanners urging them to hold
their cotton
General Grant's Secretary Dead.
Janesville, Wis. yron Andrews of
Washington, I) C. former proprietor
of the National Tribune, died sudden
ly at the house of his mother. Burial
will be in Covington, Ky. Mr. An
drews in 1881 was private secretary to
I General Grant.
Penny Postage in Sight.
Washington. "Before the close of
another fiscal year the Federal postal
establishment will begin being self
sustaining. This will be accomplish
ed without curtailing in the slightest
the service rendered or lessening Its
efficiency. This statement was made
ty Postmaster General Hitchcock in
connection with the announcement
that be had submitted to the Treas
ury Department his estimates of
propriattons for the Postof flee Depart
ment and postal service during the
fiscal year beginning July 1.
These figures represent prices
paid to wagons:
Good middling l'Vj
Strict middling li
Middling 14K
Strict low middling 1 1V
(Corrected by It. H. Field & Co.
Chicken- spriti 2022
Butter li.'Vj15
Ducks 25
(leese per head i." n 50
Hens per bead i" (a 50
25 2(i
Charlotte Grain.
(Corrected by Cochrana-MeLaughlin
Rye $3.10
Corn 85
Oats 5")
Richmond Tobacco Market.
Blights -Continue quiet, but firm
with light receipts. Dark Tobacco.
Reordered. Receipts and offeHngs
nominal. Market very ipiiet. Very
little doing, Sun-Cured Receipts of
new printings continue very light and
market active. Nothing doing in oth
er grades and quotations nominal.
Brown Shipping Reordered.
Lugs 0.50 (li 7.50
Short leaf 8.00 (a 9.50
Long leaf 10.00 q 15.00
Smokers Common . . 7.00 (a) 8.50
Medium 9.00 11.00
Fine ' 12.00 13.00
Cutters Common ... 11.00 (a) 12.5ti
Medium 13.00 14.50
Fine 10.00 (a) 18.00
Fancy 18.00 (d) 20.00
Fillers Common. .. 8.00 10.00
Medium 11.00 (S) 12.00
fiood 12.50 ((? 18.50
Fine 14.00 (a) 16.00
Wrappers Common ..15.00 17.00
Medium 18.00 (a) 20.00
Good 25.00 (w 30.00
Fi" 32.50 (a 37.50
Fancy 40.00 45.00
Sun Cured.
New Primings
Coir, to prime. . . . 1.00 5.00
Lugs, common to good. 5.00 (iT1 7.50
.aigs, gfood to prime.. 8.00 9.50
Bbort Leaf 10.00 12.50
Lon- Leaf 11.00
Wrappers 15.00 35.00
Strange Sights That May Be Seen
on the Old Melgg Pier In
San Francisco.
"When old Henry Meigg built the
long pier that juts out from the foot
of Telegraph Hill In San Francisco,"
remarked the Californlan, "he proba
bly didn't guess that it was destined
to become the moet picturesque wtoart
In the country. He intended It to ae
commodate his own line of steamers,
but in later years he settled In Pern
and the wharf fell into other hands.
"While retaining his name, it be
gan to take on a peculiar character.
It Is nearer to the Golden Gate than
any other pier in San Francisco har
bor, and the South Sea tramps found
It convenient to dock there. Their
patronage became so important that
In time It was entirely given over to
them and to the other rovers of the
sea that drift into San Francisco from
the ports of all the world.
"And so it is that you can go down
to Melgg's Wharf any afternoon,
when the trade wind is blowing from
the Pacific, and watch brown Kanaka
sailors loafing on the decks of boats
that reek of cocoanut oil and strange
spice odors. Ann you can see copra
being unloaded, and 'shell' and other
products of Polynesia. Or you may
chance to find an old-fashioned square
rigger In port that has been three
months or more coming from New
York, by way of the Horn. TheBO
boats have no schedules. No one
knows when they will drift In through
the Golden Gate and pauje for a
short while under the lee of Tele
graph Hill.
"Meigg's Wharf also has the repu
tation of being the starting point for
filibustering expeditions to the Latin
American republics, and Is always
closely watched for smugglers."
Too Honest for a Lawyer,
A noted Philadelphia attorney tells
one on himself. He left his native
town In Tennessee years ago, and
came to this city to practise law. He
has been uniformly successful. His
brother, upon the other hand, re
mained behind at the family home
stead. Returning to hie native town some
time ago, the attorney met an old
darky in the road.
"Hello, uncle," he said, but the old
man did not recognise the boy he
used to know In the prosperous look
ing citizen who addressed him.
"Well," asked the lawyer, "how are
the Blank fam.iyr
"Oh, they're all right," said the old
darky. "Jim Blank has gone to Phil
adelphia, and done made a lot of
money. He's i lawyer, sah."
"Is that so," answered the attor
ney. "And his brother Tom, how is
be, has he made a fortune, too?"
"Lawdy, uo," answered the old
darky, shaking his head, "he ain't no
lawyer. Marse Tom wouldn't take a
dishonest penny from nobody."
I When Sick I years
Mrs. F. S. Mills, Murietta.
Calif., tried Cardui and writes:
"I don't think anyone can
recommend a medicine more
highly than I can Cardui. I
had a mishap, followed by In
flammation. I positively be
lieve I would have died, had
it not been for Cardui. When
I began taking it, I could not
stand on my feet. After tak
ing two bottles, I was cured,
and I now weigh 1 65 pounds."
Try Cardui it will help you.
Sold everywhere.
It work gently but powerfully. Many
relieved cases on record. Here is a
desperate one quickly cured.
Mr. J. Cottle, Chinquapin, N.C., writes t
"Mexican Mustang Liniment completely
cured me of piles in its worst form. I had
been a sufferer for thirteen years. It is by far
the best remedy I haTe ever tried ; it acts like
magic. All that is necessary is to anoint the
affected parts night and momi'ig until a cure
is effected. I am free to say that it ought to
be called "A Sure Pile Remedy," for such it
certainly is. I am so grateful for the great
good it has done me and I earnestly recom
mend it to others."
25c. 50c. $1 a battle at Drug & Gea'l Stores.
Is the price of HUNT'S CURB. This
price will be promptly refunded if
it does not cure any case or
A. B. Richards BtedlelM Co.. Slii'iman, Tex.
"Before I began using Cascarets I had
a bad complexion, pimples on my face,
and my food was not digested aa it should
have been. Now I am entirely well, and
the pimples have all disappeared from my
face. I can tntfMully "say that Cascarets
are just as advertised; I have taken only
two boxes of tKagi."
Clarence R. Griffin, Sheridan, Ind.
Pleasant, Palatable. Potent. Taste Good.
Do Good. Never Sicken, Weaken or Gripe.
10c, 25c, 50c. Never sold In bulk. The fremi
tus tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
core or your money back.
Removes sll swelling in 8 to so
days; effect a permanent cure In
30 to 60 days. Trial treatment
given free. Nothing can be fairer.
Write Dr. H. H. Green's Sons
Soeclalists, Ben B, Atlanta, 6a.
TCapurDe WANTKO. Sp.--lal cnrollmmt
IkSUflCiltf men. TTnprecudt-nted demand.
Outline your tacord. Ladles with certificates also
desired. School supply catalogue, free.
Southern Teachers Agem-j, Columbia, 8. C.
for (tarcbtns
flneM Uncos.
F ':: " rrath. TiawirOl
Cures the skin and acts as a preventive for other. Liquid (riven en
the tongue. Baft for brood mares and all others. Beat kidney remedy; SO
cents and at 00 a bottle ; te.00 and 110.00 the dosen. Sold by all dirsstsU
and horse good houses, or sent espresa paid, by the tasHnrira.
Has Been a Household
Name in High, Point
and Surrounding
For PURE Drugs
Toilet Articles, Etc.
trVt deliver goods to any part of th
Matton Drug Co.
The Stamey
Printing House
First Class Work at
Reasonable Prices.
It will pay you to Patronise Ike
"Shop Around the Corner"
on Broad Street.
Thane 275
29 Yean ExftTieict
mt that only Increases our usefulness.
rhere's some satisfaction In knowing that
ifter we come from the HIGH POINT
KILLING GO'S mill we'll be dean and
vhite, anyhow. You'll find tine Whlta
:rost and Luxury flour the best to use for
iny kind of baking, It's mad from the
est wlie.it and makes the best bread, cakes
ind pastry.
Yours truly,
High Point Milling Company
1 4
At a Saving
to Y6u !
You will find our prices
on many things a few cent,
cheaper t han viu have been
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies
Etc. Daily.
oods Delivered Promptly
Smith S Rouldin
North wain It w I
Phone 123
Funeral fcirector
and Em
Dealers ic Picturtil toould-
tDs, Mirrors -od Picture
Our Picture DeparT ?nt is cokv
plete with til the latest styles ia
Mouldings and Pictum. 0tx 29t

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