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7 Tree Voting Certificate
This is separate and distinct vote from the "Nominat
ing Coupon," and any contestant or nominator may
collect as many as possible and vote them.
This certificate entitle .
Name of candidate to be voted for
To five (5) free votes
This free voting certificate must be in THE REVIEW office
not later than Friday noon, October 28th, 1910.
THE REVIEW Contest Management.
Heed The Warning
Prescriptiou!) in our stores are
handled only by registered pharma-i
cists. We have filled over 125,000,
perscriptions in ten years'
The Rexall Store
April showers bring colds, grippes
rheumatism and other distressing
troubles. Hollister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea effectually and quickly rids
one of such troubles prevents
them too. A 35c package make
105 cups of tea. Try it today.
Matton Drug Co.
Rules For Review's Great Popularity Contest
dent kingdom.
Her son, Toder, following the fam-;
Baba Vasilka Was Born In a Little j ''V tradition, has also woik'd in the -
Buiaarian Town in 1754 field as a Peasant neary a" his life-! Many High Point .People
T1 .. . Jbut he has also taken part in the Have Done So
I he claim of rrau Dutkiewitz, of ; various wars and rebellions in the,
Posen, born on February 21, 1785, i Balkan peninsula. He is not quite'
to be the oldest woman in the world ' so fresh and vigorous as his mother, ! When the kidneys are si:k they give mi
ls now contested bv Mrs. Baba Va- although he is still capable of doing i m'swKaDie warnings tnat should n.it be i-
silky, who was born in May, 1784, ! a good day's work. The 'oldest
in the little Bulgarian village of Ba-i woman in the world" is said to en
velsko, where she has lived ever! joy fairly good eyesight and good
since. The record of her birth is I hearing, and she is able to walk
preserved in a neighboring monas-! without support,
tery ot the Orthodox Greek faith. She lives on a pension paid her
Baba Vasilka is the daughter of a I by many of her numerous descen
peasant, and worked herself as a ' dants, who number more than one
peasant up till a comparatively re-; hundred. She is naturally quite a
cent date. For more than 100 years i celebrity in her own land and peo
she regularly worked in the fields, j pie come great distances to get a
according t the custom of her glimpse of this wonderful woman
country, where women are employ- who has defied the ravages of time
ed in all sorts of manual labor.When for a century ard a quarter. Loo
she was born Bulgaria was merely a don Standard.
Rule 1. All money for Subscrip
tions shall be paid to Miss Inez
Ford, Contest Manager.
Rule 2. Contest Manager's sig
nature must be affixed to all votes
before they are of value in the contest.
each week.
Rule 8. Votes once issued can
not be transferred to another con
testant. Rule 9. No votes will be allowed
on subscriptions held out more than
one week after being secured by
The Review and The Progressive
; Farmer both one year for onlv $.100.
Here is another fine chance to get province or me i mkish hmpire
i two good papers, the subscription entire population groaned under
price of either beinji worth the . Ine 'yranny ot t Meir lurkish rulers.
amount asked for both. Let us have
your subscription at once. Both of
fers are only guaranteed to hold
good until Sept. 20th
Rule 3. Ballots cannot be bought, contestant, inscriptions must be
The contest will be run on a fair turned in promptly together with
basis fair for all. Votes can only be money collected for them. Votes
obtained by securing subscriptions, will be issued when subscriptions
either prepaid or renewals, or by , are received, but contestants may
cutting the nomination coupons
free voting certificates of each week
ly paper.
Rule 4. No employee of the
REVIEW or a mtmber of his family
will be permitted to participate either
as a nominator or a voter in the
Rule 5. Candidates will not be
restricted in securing subscriptons,
but may secure them in any place
in the United States
cast them
retain these votes and
when they wish.
Rule 10. Nominators or Contes
tants in The Review contest must
agree to and accept all rules and
Rule 11. The right is reserved!
to reject the name of any contestant
for cause, also to alter these rules,
should occasion demand.
Rule 12. And question which!
shall arise between the contestants,!
It's just as important that you be
clean inside as outside more so, in
fact. UtVess your system is entire
ly cleansed of all impurities, you
cannot be one hundred per cent,
healthy, physically or mentally.
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the greatest systemic cleanser
known. Matton Drug Co.
bhe has seen innumerable wars
and rebellions, massacres andatro-l
cities, political crimes and political!
tragedies. She recollects with perfect '
distinctness events that happened
at the end ot the 18th century and j
the beginning of the 19th century,!
in fact, the events of her earlier life
up to the time when she attained 1
the age of 80 are far more distinctly
impressed on her mind than the'
happenings of the last 46 years.
Baba Vasilka lived through all the
crisis of her nation, and now rejoices ;
to know that Bulgaria is anindepen-
Rule 6. Only one Nominating ! will be determined by the Contest
Coupon entitling ea. h contestant to Management, and its decision will
1000 votes will be allowed.
Rule 7. All votes must be in j
The Review's office by Friday of1
be final.
Major Steadman Here Nov. 1
Major Chas. M. Steadman, candi
date for Congress from the Fifth
District, will speak in High Point
Nov. 1st, at 7:30 p. m. A large
cowd will no doubt be on hand to
tfive the distinguished Guilford
County citizen a warm welcome.
Five thousand new subscribers is
what we are pulling for and what
we intend securing. 1 HE REVIEW
is the advertisers paradise.
Respectfully yours,
WANTED You to know that The
Charlotte Evening Chronicle "The
Great Penny Paper" is on sale in
your town each evening, and that
Ayden Martin is our regularly ap
pointed agent and will deliver it at
your home or office for one cent per
dav or six cents per week, bive it i
a trial.
Read the interesting ad of H. A.
Moftitt on 5th page It is chock full
of interesting things.
THE REVIEW'S Grand Voting Contest
While it is not absolutely necessary that one of these blanks be
sent in for each candidate who desires to compete, it would facil
itate matters if each contestant would send in one.
Mr. Mrs. Miss
as a candidate in THE REVIEW S Contest.
Nominated by
The first one of these Coupons received for any one Candidate
counts as 1,000 votes.
Under no circumstances will the nominator's name be divulfted
This nomination places the nominator under no obligations of any
kind. The contest is FREE. $3.00 in Gold to one nominating win
ner of 1st prize. Fill out and send in this blank at once.
U V 11,
aored. Bv exa.nininK the urine anJ treating
the kidneys upon the tirst sign of disorder,
many days of suffering mav lie saved. Sick
kidneys expel a dark, H-MMlttng unne, full
of "brkkdust" sediment and painful in pass
age. Sluggish kidneys cause a dull pain In
the small of the hack, headaches, Ji.zy spells,
dree!, languid feelings and frequent rh-'umatie.
Doan's Kidney Pills are for the kidneys
only: they cure sick kidneys, and rii the
Wood of uii. poison. If you suffer trom any
of the above symptoms you can u no better
High Point people recommend Doan's Kid
ney Hills.
J. D. Homey, 201 Ray St.. High IVint. N.
C, says; "i used Doan's Kidney Pills and
was pleased with the results, i suffered
severely from pain-- ;:i the small Of inv back
and oiiici symptoms of disordered kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pill, greatly relieved my mis
ery and I therefore take pleasure in recom
mending I hem. Other mem1 1 rs of my familv
have also used Doan's Kidney Pills with ex
c llent results. ' 1
I r-or sale oy aii ueaiers. ei;ce cents.
Foster-Milbiirti Co., Buffalo, tv .v Yoik. sole
agents for the United St;Ues. Remember the
name Doan's and lake no otb- r.
Have you examined Thk Review's
f It is a magnificent
prize piano
'.r- T t-m E-s C--' lM' I
They Don't Break
Up !
Thiri for the
School Boy
No rip, no tear. Satisfaction
Guaranteed in every particu-
lar. Also a complete line of WheR Y()u g nem from
good siioes, hats, caps, under-;
wear, sweaters, etc., to com
plete the outfit. Prices rea
sonable at
j Carload of vehicles just in.
i See them. Horse blankets, lap
robes, harness, etc.
I am now prepared to meet your every need and want in the way of Merchandise. New and stylish goods
are coming in by the loads most every day. Be sure to come in and inspect my line before making your purchases.
Never in the history of my business have I had a more complete
line of ladies and childrens shoes. No trash or shoddy shoes, but good,
solid and stylish shoes. When you buy your shoes from H. A. Moffitt
you buy good, solid shoes at a reasonable price ahd get good shoes. 1
guarantee an my snucs caccj. pmnn jcnnd, an o SuuU Fcvv...
litVir as fnr shown arrnss the counter. Mv prices start at $1 . 25
ladies shoes and go as high as $4.00. I carry such brands as Queen
Quality, Morfitt's Special and Red Cross in $3.00 and $150 shoes. Oth
er good lines at $2.00 and $2.50. These $2.00 and $2.50 shoes have as
much snap and style as anybody's 3.00 and JS3.50 shoes. Just come in
and see. They speak for themselves.
Never such a variety of stylish dress goods at so little a price. Wool
dress goods from twenty-five cents up to 98c a yard.
Of all descriptions for the every-day user. From twenty-five cents
up to 98c the yard. Worth twenty-five per cent, more than I have them
marked. Twenty-seven and thirty-six inches wide. Other stores are
getting more for them.
Ladies and Childrens Sweaters
A complete line from Fifty cents up to 2.98. Wool and silk scarfs
4rom 25c up to 98c. Wool shawls, fascinators and gloves of every de
scription, 10c up to 50c a garment. Flannelette and Kimona outing
10 c a yard.
Ladies and Childrens Long coats
Ladies from $3.98 to $12.50. Children's from $1.50 up to $5.00.
Elkin's wool blankets in all colors, from $2.98 up to $4.98. Cotton
blankets, full sizes; HEAVY, lor 98c pair. You can't buy them at any
other store for less than $1.50 a pair. SPECIAL.
Boy's clothing and Overcoats
At a very low price.
WEAR Ladies vests, bleached and unbleached for 25c and 39c. Good
values. Ladies Union suits. 50c garments for 39c. Boys and girls
Union suits at 25c and 50c a suit.
KI MONAS, long ana Short "
From 50c up to $1.50
From three years old up to 14 years at 50c and $1.00.
Hair puffs, belt pins, gloves, belts, beauty pins, hat pins, gold
bracelets, gold and silver necklaces, gold rings, hand bags, lunch box
es, etc., etc.
All kinds of hats in all kinds of shapes and at all kinds of prices that are reasonable. Stylish hats; small shapes and large shapes. Just most any kind of a hat you
may want, I have it. When in town or up town, drop in and see us and make yourself at homex This store welcomes everybody. No respector of person in business
Yours to please, H. A; MOFFITT The Popular Price Store, High Point, N. C.

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