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uWicatin Office
104-106 BroaJ Street
w. L
ey Editor and Publisher j
Issufed Every Saturday Morning
One e,
r..', Jl 00
Six months
J 50-
Three month!
Reaches evert Home and Business Place nting. We have seen many a man !
the city andlthe suburbs. ; with hh heildunen and his arniy i
Advertisiife Rates on Application.
SATURDAY. OCT. 29, 1910
Here shall the press the people's rghts
Unawed by influences and unbribed
by gain.
o thou great source ot truth and knowl
edge, we remember before thee the writers of
books, the newspaper men an? all whose
Calling it is to gather and win new facts and
to inform the people. Grant them ;i deter
mined love for honest work and a staunch
hatred tor the unking oi lies, test uiey per-i
vert the judgment of our natkii and teach us .
to call light darkness and Arkness light, i
suffer them not to drug the itued of our peo-
Pie win. falsehood
sanity and wisdom of a nation are in tneir
Charge, may tnev count it sname to set uie i
u J ;i is,. fr tha n 1
lUlSCl IMTOIUIlT! f wn nit iui ha. - ;
gain. j
their deeds are evil. Put into their hands
ire snininj; swuiu tiutii, ;ina wane mnn , i
worthy sons of the champions ol the people
in the past who held truth to be a huh thing
tor which men should die. Make thein realize
that thev have a public function In tile com-
monwealth, and that their country inav be
saved by their courage and undone by tln-ir
cowardice and silence.
Giant them the heart of manhood to cast
their mighty influence with the forces which
nake the people strong and free, and h ;hey
suffer loss, may they rejoice in that as proof
to their own souls that they, too, have t een
fiends of the common man and servants ol
the higher law .
The hens have refused to lay the
golden egg until they see how the
election is going.
The Review offers a prize of $10 1
to the first man or woman who sue-
cessfully aviates over Deep River.
tn- t. f I
Dix to be the next governor of
New York and Gaynor the next 1
president of the United States, is
tIirv wiv the democrats have the
!.;. nnwnr at lpnst :
U11I1K lliajircu ,mi nu" -J'
J,f L
many ui nicni.
With Mary Ann Butler, Tommy I
Settle, Sunny Jim Sherman and
Booker T. Washington all speech-1
making in the Tar Heel State looks j
like there should be enough variety :
for everybody. cius Fredenwald, from the street ! which decoyed most of the down-
urchin to the capitalist,and although town hotels that lhe Eutaw cleaned
The Atheletics have administered 1 we left home to see Dr. Hem meter, up $5,000 from Feb. to Ju.ie.charg
a terrible punishment to the big ; another ejuaiiy as good physician, jn, t,xh0rbiant prices since the New
angry looking cubs. Who says the j we decided on the fo rmer, and for drummers and various repre
people are asleep in the Quaker city? one week were under his care at sentatives of trade centers were on
It's in order to give the Windy City the Mercy Hospital. We were
the title "Sleepy City" now. thumped upon, rolled around,dieted,
j bathed internally as well as extern
The America II. is still unaccount- j aHy surveyed from the head to the
ed for and searching parties are out feet and diagrammed here and there,
trying to find the balloon and its Xrayed, bled, oandaged, photograph
er ipants which it is believed trav- ed and then conclusions werereach
eled the farthest in the big balloon ed and strange to say, we are still
race out 0
f St. Louis last week.
"Making it hard to be dishonest '
is a head line if Tuesday's papers.'
The way proposed is to stand over
the niiin who holds the money-- a
ind of espionage. But who is go -
ug to watch the man who is watch
ir the other fellow?
Vihat has become of "Dear Uncle
Joe"ny way? Is he still standing
pat? Vou know "Joe-y" is several
times a millionaire on a $7,500 job.
Wonderhow that little sum could
have ever amounted to so
millions f Of course there ar some
people whoknow ! Vond
that automobile Congress appropn-
. , . . . r rr
ated him is rusty smceMJo appro -
, . . - ,
There is great adjl over the com
ing of Booker T. and what advice
he has given his etc., but from
late accounts itJlbiks like the negro
educator hasn'tlietn sticking to his
tsxfbut if he wouMkeep the friend-
sWd of the Southere white Deople
who he claims is the Lest friend the
negro ever had he had better look
straight ahead.
A thing calling himself a man
who will take advantage of a man's
sickness over which he had no cor -
trol and use the time to lie about
him. even going to the trouble to
cripple his business, in an under
hand way, is a dirty rascal out and
out and the world should condemn
such. This masquerading in sheep
clothes by a retrobate may have j
its day but a reckoning time is com-
of me-toos torn to pieces and ex-! scrapers are now in course of con
posed. Even the gates of Jerusalem : struction and the Baltimore News,
! were battered down.
Pnnprotf illiiatvarinna ,if tho umrk. !
ings of the tariff law in this country
are the best arguments far a tariff
i for revenue only. An epicurean
reader of the New York V t rid has
been estimating the effect of the
ueen estimating me euea oi me
tariff on the history of beefsteak,
and his findings are most interest-'
The tariff on hrefttpnk -done i i
me mnn m oefisieaR aiouc is
1 Yt cents the pound. That is not
so bad. Yet there are other things
to be considered. Mr. Consumer.
The butcher sliced up that steak
j with a knife that is taxed 40 per
- - - ; ,
cent., and chopped it with a cleaver
that is taxed as much. The wooden ,
chopping block is taxed 35 per oent. '
The scales on which the steak is
"'6" "f": to wv ,
ti,., ,,mr n whiob t la umiuiaH
111 11AV11 H U I UJf V i.'
taxed 35 per cent '
, The kitdlf the career I
of the steak comes next, it is
- uwrvcu uu c nuivc iuacu i. jti
I cent. It is trimmed with a knife
taxed 40 per cent, or more. It is
broiled on utensils taxed 40 per
cent. It lies on a platter taxed t5 ;
per cent, and a plate taxed 50 per I
cent; The 1 knife 1 and 1 fork are taxed I
Ul icusi 1U pt-t i ciii , 11 inn mine.
The pat of butter is taxed G cents
the pound. The pepper is taxed a
fifth of a cent, an ounce. TheWor-ithe
cestershire sauce is taxed 40 per
cent. J lie prepateu uiustaru is
taxed five-eights of a cent an ounce
;Tht ,.eterv is taxej 40 ner cent. The
salt is taxed one tenth of a cent a
pound. The pickles are taxed 40
per cent., the apple sauce, 35 per
' x. . nntt!nd n avftra(je dutv
j0f 40 per cent, upwards on the ta
...... f o o-
ble, but what are we going to do
about it? Some of us would be
frilly satisfied if we could just get
Xy8teak without the "trimmings:
iA . ff th taxbut we all have
to bay together. The chronicle of j
beefsteak, however, is pretty good j
evidence as to the cause of the
.... .. . .
high cost of living.
Tha editor spent the whole of last
week ir, Baltimore, whither he went
on account ofill health, to consult a
stomach specialist. Here, every one
knows of the reputation of Dr. Lu-,
In the hospftal we could look
ktoss the various wings and see
,.Q nQt5onta nn fhp fivp
; convale8cingi some dy.
UUUUlVUd uiiv 11,1 vra v w
infl, others already dead, while in
1 the operating room8 the surgeons
were busy.
Here and there flitted
the angels of mercy. the
and the Sisters or Niyis. Everyone
received good attentiMi whether in
the free wards or the handsomely
fitted private rooms. Surely, one
must become impressed with the
'great and unselfish work the
'Sisters of Mercy perform daily.
i 1 linn miniutnr Hailt tn tho cinlf nnrl
. . a ' ... ,
i suffering and find it then haven,
: , . . . .
I On my floor all during the hours of
..e .,.,;l,t il Witnari.. ' .fun..
Ul U1C uigiii murium )gJv
from room door to room door to see
if all is well. No groan, no cry of
distress goes unheeded. Everything
moves in clock-work precision.
Speaking of Dr. Friedenwald to
show how he stands, it is only nec
essary to say that he is undoubtedly
j the busiest man in Baltimore. Out
side of his city practice scores of
out-of-town people come to see him
and European engagements are
made every now and then. Thurs
day he was called to the bedside of
Senator Stephen B. Elkins, of West I
Virginia, returning here Saturday
Speaking of Baltimore in general,
it has all the variety that goes to
make up a city, that you are look
g f or. The great fire of several
years ago had the result of making
the burned section bigger and bet-
ter in the way of buildings. Tiie
Enierson Hotel and four other sky-
I now owned by the Munsey syudi-
cate, will erect one of the greatest j
buildings bore beginning December
1st, although its present building is
a magnificent one.
company with Lr. J. K. Keitzci ,
aa" Agent S. O. Schaub the amor
bad the pleasure Tuesday of visit-1
ing"Athol," a beautiful sanitarium
to women whose nerves have be-
pome wrecked land dulled and who L
here find an ideal place in which to i
t . , , . . i
come back to their former self, '
i.ii . i
Atnol is situated six miles out on;;, " "
... i the masses than ull their teachings
a high elevation surrounded by combined. Anger, envy, hatred, unlt-
beautiful lawns and shaded walks ' ed in branding him as an impostor and
and flowers It s owned 5 pr in sending him to his death, "for the
, , , . good of the cause.
Sundry, wno has made a wonderful i Tiie feast at Bethany referred to in
anrvMn In life
success m me
fie nas tnroe otner .
brothers running sanitariums, one
at Washington, D Cand two others j
here. His father was in charge of'
Tnotltiirinn f,,r oinr
tiie Mate institution tor some
and the boys were all born in a san-1
itarit.m. We can picture no pret-!
tier place for such an institution.
i . p rp t a j r o i
,,; , ' '
acnauo, oi tms city, are now at
While in Baltimore I had the;
pfeggrlre of meeting
and c
the Great Sa-
Chief of Records
(,f Maryland, also Past Great Sachem
; Lowdenslager, -Abell and Hay ward,
latter being the oldest living
1 Red Man in the United StateSi join.
ing in 1854, the other two joining;
1869 and 1 875 respectively. Ottowa ,
Tribe 16 with which T met has been j
in continuous operation 61 years
and is the oldest tribe in America, !
even older than the Great Council
of the United States. Maryland is
the mother of the Improved Order
of Red Men and is the only state j
that hasn't a charter from the na- j
tional body for the reasons above 1
Mr. E
W. Blackburn, a former
High Point, boy holds a responsible :
position with the big department recognize woman as a teacher of re
store of Stewartnear Ford's theatre. I ,liRio" in ht' ('1,,m" im,0"sst his,fo1-
i lowers. No woman was given a place
The old Eutaw House, at one time amongst the twelve Apostles-nor even
the best hotel here, does a rushing ; when the seventy evangelists were sent
business now although more modern forth w,th tho s!mp'e me- wh,ch
. auv woman could have given, surely
. . 1 u.. c . ' 0
structures nave come id me num.
It is Sdid that after tne to fire here
hand and others needing quarters
j 1 11 , . , .1 , '
and had had to have them at any ,
price. The' old landmark" received :
a black eye then from which it has
f 11.. 1 1
The Pimlieo horse races were on
last week and thousands of sports
were in the city. As usual, hun-
' 1 reus ot tnousaiiiis 01 dollars cnanc-
d handg and there were many
; t..ir ftf wtm
Walking up Baltimore street I
saw this slogan on the sign of the
Baltimore Bargain House :
"Same goods (or k-ss money
Wore goods (or same money."
As the sign has been up there
ten years I came to the conclusion
that they were the originators of
this slogan which has been over
worked through the South.
The City Fathers of Baltimore are
at least consistent they let one
sell soft drinks aud ice cream along
with cigars on Sunday, not discrim
inating between these, one being as !
necessary as the other, In other j
words no hypocricy ! !
The longer one Stays in the Me-
tropolis of the South the better he
likes it and if it wasn't for dodging
the street cars and other traffic and
being scared of the sky scrapers
falling on you and that you will he
"copped" for rubbering believe I
would like to live here--at least it
would be a diversion for you can
be sure of one thing, every one
doesn't know your business and
don't care to know it and there's no
tattlers to lie and misrepresent pur
posely, even among the newspaper
Matthew 26:1-16 October 30
''She hath done irhat she couU "Uark t,:8.
N a previous study wo considered
the Great Teacher's triumphal en
try into Jerusalem on the ass, and
his tender of himself to the Nation of
Israel as their King, in fulfillment of
the prophecy of Zeeharinh 9:9-112.
That was Ore days before the "Pass
For several days Jesus taught j
ill tnp tcniiilp. iroi nir :ir nicrht to trip
Qome of Martha aud Mary at
Bethany . He knew what to expect that
his hour was come, lie knew that even
then the chief priests and elders of the
pp16 were considering his destruction
and hesitating only lest t should cause
,t Thelr ,ndllfnation against the
Great Teacher was that he did not
teach as they taught and that his j
it ifwM rna hml mn h mvn twn'oi wrl f l
tni- sfiay may nave tieen on tne night
before our Lord's betrayal, two days
ltofniv flip fenst nf Pnsanvftr. Rut th
concensus of opinion seems to be that
it occurred on the Sabbath evening
preceding the triumphal
the triumphal ride to Je
rusalem. It matters not, however.
There was such a feast. Jesus and
bis disriples were present. During the
feast a woman approached with an
alabaster flask of very precious per
fume. She poured it upon his head
and the entire room wns sweet with
the odor. The woman was Mary, the
Sister of Lazarus and Martha.
Another account shows that the pro-
test made by the disciples against this
as a waste was instigated by Judas, !
the treasurer of the little company of,
the Lord's disciples. John remarked
that he was a thief and carried the,
bag and intimated that he was more,
Interested in the money than in the!
poor and that his mention of the poof I
was merely a subterfuge, Hut the ;
Great Teacher rebuked his disciples, !
saying. "Why trouble ye the woman;'
for she hnth wrought a good work ,
upon me; in that she hath poured this
ointment upon my body sho did it to I
prepare me for burial. Truly I sa;-1
unto you. Wheresoever this Gospel
shall be preached In the whole world,
there shall also this which this worn-1
au hath done lie told for a memorial
oi her" (Matthew xxvi. 10-13). How!
considerate was the Great Teacher!
How sympathetic! How appreciative
of everything done for him!
"Sho Hath Dene What She Could"
The Lord, in line with nil the Serin.
hire teachings and usages, declines to
,, ,,111,1,,
as any num. or more so; even
on this mission he did not send wom
en, uor eveu u representative of the
sex. The man. in Scriptural usnge, is
the figure of the Lord; the woman, the
figure of the Church, it would be out
of harmony with the figure that the
Church should be the instructor and
the Lord the pupil. Consistently, there
fore, it would have been improper for
woman to have been commissioned to
represent the Lord. Hence, women as
n the (,hurrh have no ilulhor.
ity in the Bible for the position. We
read that the serpent beguiled Mother
Eve ana mane or ner a teacuer or er-
ror to her husband. We read that the
evil spirits used a certain young worn-
j nn as a medium to anumince the Apos
ties. Put we find no Divine sanction
of woman as a teacher in the Church,
but that the young woman who acted
under the spirit of divination and at
tempted to preach Christ and the Apos
tles was rebuked by the Apostle Paul
and the spirit of divination dispos
sessed. All this, however, does not indicate
ihat either Jesus or the Apostles were
either rude toward women or unappre
ciatlve of their qualities of heart ajid
mind. Quite the contrary. Amongst
the Lord's followers were many "hon
orable women" nnd his special love
for this Mary and her sister Martha is
particularly recorded. Let us learn
Expert Medical Scientists Announce!
Starling Results Obtained by Senpine
New York: Thousands are taking ad
vantage of the generous offer made by
The Woodworth Co. Dept. O
1161 Broadway, New York City, request
ing an experimental package of Senpine,
the great discovery for Asthma, Hay
Fever, Bronchitis, and Catarrh, which is
mailed free of charge to all who' write
for it. It is curing thousands of the
most stubborn cases. It makes no dif
ference how long you have been suffer
ing or how severe the climatic condi
tions are where you live, Senpine will
cure you.
If you have experimented with other
treatments and have failed to find a cure
do not be discouraged but send for a
trial of this wonderful truly meritous
remedv whirl, is n scientific rnmnnnnd
discovered by a Professor of Vienna Uni
versity, and is being recommended by
the losson from the Book and not it
tempt to teach the Book.
"The Poor Always With You"
Our Lord, in reply to the argument
or Jurins, that the ointment should
have boon sold for a large sum for Uie
beuetit of the poor, answered, The poor
ye have always with you. Whenso
ever ye will ye may do them good; but
me ye have not always. Poverty is
sure to be a factor in the social order
during the present time, because, in
our fallen condition as a race, some
are more brilliant of mind than others
and selfishness is the general rule.
Hence until the end of the reign of sin
and death the poor will be here. And
there is a blessing attached to every
good deed, every noble endeavor to
help any member of the race to higher
and better conditions, mentally, moral
ly, physically. By and by there will
be no poor, for, under the Kingdom
condition, love will lie the ruling prin
ciple, instead of selfishness.
"But IV .'e Have Not Always"
This was true of the Master. A lit
tie while and he was gone from them
ascended to the Father's right .hand
The same principle prevails in respect
to the Lord's followers styled, "The
members of his Body." Whatever we
Tffe poor rejtAveAaietxs wrtr&
iyrtk act. j:tt' ss tvtrn
1 can do for these members, the great
1 Head will consider as though done
j unto himself. While, therefore, it will
always bo in order to do good unto nil
1 men ns we have opportunity, It will
I always be In order also to do good
I "especially unto the household of
! faith."
The spirit of selfishness In Judas led
on from one degree to another of cov
etousiioss until he was willing to sell
his Master to his enemies. Alas, wha:
a terrible power for evil is selfishness.
How many are willing to barter the
Truth for the sake of worldy ease or
prosperity! Such as hnvo the spirit of
the Truth to a considerable extent
should beware of where selfishness
leads if followed to the Second Death.
Don't Break Down
Severe strains on the vital organs,
' like strains on machinery, cause
I h,Li'il.lntnnc Yn r'ln't ni-ur.l'iv
L;iiai UUII.', I'M tun v j v ' ( lilA
stomach?, liver, kidneys, bowels or
nerves without serious danger to
yourself. If you are weak or run
down, or under strain of any kind,
take Electric Bitters the matchless,
tonic medicine. Mrs. J. E. Van de
Sande, of Kirkland III., writes:
"That I did not break down, while
enduring a most severe strain, for
three months, is due wholly to Elec
tric Bitters." Use them and enjoy
health and strength. Satisfaction
positively guaranteed. 50c at all
Any one can win the handsome
piano. E,iter the race and work for
it. Those entering now stand as
good a show as any one now en
tered. Tfje game is early yet.
A Man ol Iron Nerve
Indomitable will and tremendous
energy are never found w here Stom
ach, Liver. Kidneys and Bowels are
out of order. If you want these
qualities and success they bring, use
Dr. King's New Life Pills, the match
less regulators, for keen brain and
strong body. 25c at all druggists.
The Review has on sale at all
times Land Posters, For Sale and
For Rent Notices, Chattel Mortgages,
ljeeas, fctc. Anytning you want in
this line can be had here at a rea
sonable pnee.
Having qualified as administator of the
estate of Minerva J. Brown, deceased, late of
Guilford county, North Carolina, this is to
notify ail persons having claim against the
estate of said deceased to exhibit them to the
undersigned at High Point, N. C. on or be
fore the 3rd day of Sept. 1911 , or this notice
will be pleaded in bar of their recovery. All
persons indebted to said estate will please
make immediate payment.
High Point Savings & Trust Co.
Administrator of Minerva J. Brown, de
ceased. This 3rd day of Sept., 1910.
x s-3-4ti.
The Lash of a Fiend
would have been about as welcome
to A. Cooper of Oswego, N. Y., as
a merciless lung-racking cough that
defied all remedies for years. "It
was most troublesome at night," he
writes, "nothing helped me till
ued Dr. King's New Discovery
which cured me completely. 1 never
cough at night now." Millions
know its matchless merit for stub
born colds, obstinate coughs, sore
lungs, lagrippe, asthma, hemmor
rhage, croup, .whooping cough, or
hayfever. It relieves quickly and
never fails to satisfy. A trial con
vinces. 50c, 81.00. Trial bottle
ftee. It's positively guaranteed by
all druggists.
It Saved Mis Lite
"All thought I'd lose my leg,"
writes J. A. Swensen, of Watertown,
Wis. "Ten years of eczema, that
15 doctors could not cure, had at'
last laid me up. Thin Bucklen's
Arnica Salve cured it, sound and
well." Intallible for Skin Eruptions,
Eczema, Salt Rheum, Boils, Fever
Sores, Burns, Scalds, Cuts and
Piles. 25c at all druggists.
There's no' better spring tonic
than Hollister's Rocky Mountain
Tea. The standard tor thirty years.
Tea or Tablets, 35c Get a pack
age today, and you'll thank us for
advice. Matton Drug Co.
FOR SALE House and lot on
Brad.' haw property at a big bargain
it taken at once. Call at Review
110 Jordan St. HIGH POINT, N. C.
.PHONE (north state) 23
By virtue of the power vested in the under
sinned, on account of a certain mortRage exe
cuted by M. h. Sechrest and wife Ella V. Se
chreNlto D. H. l'aroons, 'trustee, on the 6th,
day oi May, 1910, duly recorded in Book. No
lH, Page 584, and default having been made in
the payment thereof, I will tell for cash to the
last and highest bidder in front of the North
Carolina Savings Bank & Trust Company
Building, on the 8th day ot November 1910, at
1:39 o'clock P. M., the following tract or parcel
of land located in Guilford County, North
Carolina, High Point Township, adjoining the
lands of M. C. Welch and others, and bounded
as follows: t
Beginning at a stone on Jordan street in the
City of High Point thence running about East
with the line of J J. Welch 200 feet to a stone;
I hence about North SO feet to a stone; thence
about West with line of Z. A. Burns 200 feet
to Jordan street; thence about South along
Jordan street SO feet to the beginning, con
taining 10.000 square feet, more or less. Being
home place of M, F. Sechrest in the City of
High Point.
This "th day of Oct. 1910.
0-7-lm D. H. PARSONS, Trustee
Is the price ol HUNTS CUBE. This
price will be promptly refunded if
il docs not cure any case of
A. B. Richards Mediant Co.,
Sherman, Tex.
Removal Notice!
After Sept. 25th
I will be located in the basement of
the N. C. Savings Bank & Trust Co.
where I will have nicer quarters and
be in a better position to serve my
patrons and friends. Come to see
me. A. G. LAMONDS Barber Shop
Osteopathic Physician
128 Steele Strict. Office in Residence
'Phone 572

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