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First Prize
In order to show our appreciation
f the liberal patronage that has
Seen given us, we have decided to
Jive away absolutely free in a great
popularity voting contest 15.00
worth of prizes.
These prizes will be given to the
persons obtaining the greatest num
ber of votes and we give below the
mles that will govern the contest.
The prizes will be as follows:
The first prize wil! consist in a
magnificent Cote Upright Grand
piano and will be awarded to the
person, church, lodge, society or
other contestant obtaining the
greatest number of votes in the
contest. These votes are only to be
obtained by clipping the Free Vot
ing Certificates" from each issue of
the paper and by securing subscrip
tion to The Review. Further down
we give a schedule of the votes that
will be allowed for subscriptions.
The piano offered for this prize,
which retails for $400. Has the
Automatic Extension Front, with a
Music Rest the length of the piano,
hand carved panels and mouldings.
Has folding fall board, hardwood
back. The sounding board of the
best known material for re
tention of sound waves and the
wrist plank constructed of com
pound rock maple. Has the double
French repeating action; the Ger
man imported strings; three unisons
with overstrung base; nickled-plated
trimmings, three pedals with muf
fler; ivory keys, quadrupled ve
neered, and is fully guaranteed for
ten years against any deficiency in
workmanship or material. The
piano is guaranteed for ten years by
the factory and was purchased from
the American Music Company, a
highly responsible music house of
Jacksonville, Fla.
Try the piano and see how you
like it. It is on display at MATTON
DRUG COMPANY, and you and
your friends are cordially invited to
examine it.
The second prize will consist in a
scholarship course valued at $100,
at the well known Bryant & Strat
um Business College, Louisville,
Ky., Aho a rebate certificate en
titling the winner to a rebate of
$200.00 on any piano sold by the
American Music Co. In other words
the winner may buy a $400.00
piano exactly similar to the one
given away as first prize by sur
rendering the certificate and paying
$200.00. If you win scholarship
prize and chose to sell it instead of
using it you could no doubt get a
good price for same. Its good for
two or more years.
A handsome New Home Sewing
Machine with all the latest attach
ments and a rebate piano certificate
worth $175.00, making $225.00.
Handsome New Home Sewing
Machine wilh all the latest attach
ments and a rebate piano certificate
worth $150.00, making $200.00.
One of the best bicycles on the
market, value $60 00, all latest at
tachments, and rebate piano certifi
cate worth $125.00, making $185.
Rebate piano certificate worth
The rebate certificates gien js
prizes are acceptable as part pay
ment on a piano like 'he first prize
given in this contest, and will be
accepted for their full face value by
- 400.00 Cote Piano in The Review's
he American Music Co., of Jack
sonville, Fla. In ether words, if a
contestant shall win the second prize
of a two hundred dollar certificate,
this certificate shall entitle the pur
chaser to a four hundred dollar piano
for two hundred dollars. These
certificates are transferable, but not
more than two hundred dollars
worth of certificates shall be allowed
to apply on the purchase of one
! Elsewhere in this issue will be
I found the r.iles governing this con
gest. They are so simple that a
child can follow ihem (and we hope
I the children will) let every one
join in the fun. Tins is to be a
: lively rivalry for first place and a
spirit of wholesouled, friendly com
1 petition will reign throughout the
i entire contest.
Enter at once. All you have to
; do is to cut out the "Nominating
Coupon" published elsewhere and
I fill it out in your ow n name and the
1 name or a friend and mail or b.ing
;it to thk review's office. The
I nomination blank gives you a right
i to one thousand votes.
Get your nomination in and begin
I hustling for certificates and subscrip- j
i tions right now. Get a good start
I while the game is young; it will be
' too late to hustle when the leaders
in the contest will have turned into
Uhe home stretch. All you have to
I do is to cut out the free voting certi
ficates from each issue and solicit
'subscriptions from youi lriends and
: turn them all over to the Contest
Manager. The value of each tree
certificate is indicated on it. Vote
No entrance fee or other expense
of any kind will be attached to the.
contest and all The Review asks of
the persons entering the race is their
hearty co-operation in making the
contest an enthusiastic and friendly
struggle for leadership.
No employee or immediate rela
dve of an employee of The Review
or immediate relative of the pro- j
nrietor may enter the contest.'
Otherwise the contest is open to all
white persons wishing to enter.
The final count of votes will be
made by a committee of three
prominent local business men who
will be absolutely disinterested
parties. The committee will be an
nounced later. Votes once cast are I
not tranferable to another contes- j
For the purpose of conducting the !
contest The Review has made ar
rangements whereby the services of
Mr. Rene Bidez have been secured.
Mr. Bidez is a young man of
much refinement and accomplish
ment and a person in whose ac
quaintance the contestants will all
CP -i
Big Contest
subscriptions will be governed by
the following table:
Subscription, 6 months, 350 votes
Subscription 1 year, 1,000 votes
Subscription 2 years 2,500 votes
Subscription 3 years 4.000 votes
Subscription 5 years 7,500 votes
Subscription 10 " 20,000 votes
Subscription 25 " 50,000 votes
Of all the pleasures which nature
has given man the power to enjoy
the keenest, is that derived from fair
contest, lo the winner in any fan
rivalry where wit is pitted against
wit, effort against effort, endurance
against endurance, there is a .satis
faction not to befound in any other
pleasure, The sense of superiority
thus acquired is the only sense ol
superiority that is laudable and
bears no resemblance to vanity
which is engendered by wealth ot
mere success of physical strength ot
charm. The loser in a fair contest
is yet winner by the mental develop
ment acquired through contesting
gallantly against keen opposition.
To the winners in this popularity
contest the pleasure of the strife
will be equal to the magnificence of
the prizes.
We are making an earnest effort
to represent the people of High Point
m an adequate manner, reflecting
through our columns the progressive
ness of our citizens and we trust
that our readers will co-operate with
us in our efforts by joining actively
m the contest.
delight. He will have entire charge
of the contest and his decisions in
all matters relating to it will be
final. All contestants entering the
race must agree to be governed by
the rules of the contest and decis
ions of the Manager.
This is to be one of the greatest
contests inaugurated by any paper
in the State. We have spared no
expense to make it a live proposi
tion that will keep the entire com
munity keenly interested in the final
We are endeavoring by every
means we can obtain to give High
Point the newsiest and most up-to-date
paper in the State and we be
lieve that the citizens appreciate
our efforts and will extend to us in
this contest the same hearty co
operation that we have enjoyed in
the past and for which, by the way,
we take this opportunity to express
our gratitude.
See nomination blank, voting
coupon and other information in
regard to contest elsewhere
Don't at no time get over confi
dent for one you least suspect may
have many votes "up their sleeve."
Work is what wins.
Prohibitionists Allege State and Mu
nicipal Officers Refused to
Enforce Law.
Memphis, Tenn. Aid of the Federal
courts was successfully invoked by
the Law and Order League to en
force the prohibition law which the
city, county and state authorities have
not enforced in Meinunis." United
States Judge McCall granted a tem
porary order against 114 saloons,
pending a hearing, restraining them
from serving intoxicating liquor.
lhe Federal court took jurisdiction
on the allegations of the petitioners
that were deprived of the equal pro
tection under the law guaranteed by
the fourteenth amendment to the con
stitution. They allege that the state
prohibition law is being enforced in
other parts of the state, but the gov
ernor. attorney general and county at
torney general, with other officials,
have refused to enforced the law here,
and, therefore, the United States court
can take jurisdiction.
On the grounds that irreparable in
jury might be done the complainants
if delay were permitted, Judge McCall
granted the temporary injunction.
The action, which was a total sur
prise to the saloons and the local op
tionists, was the culmination of a
long and bitter right to enforce pro
uibition in Memphis, the largest city
in which it has ever been tried.
The state-wide law passed in the
Fliring of 1909, and was supposed to
go into effect on July 1 of that year.
It was partially enforced for a time
in Knoxville, but in Memphis, situ
ated on the river and practically the
metropolis of three states Tennes
see, Arkansas and Mississippithere
lias never been any more serious ef
fort to enforce prohibition than the
presentation of evidence to the grand
The body regularly failed to indict,
and the city and county officials have
acknowledged the impossibility of
closing the saloons.
The Law and Order League has
been making a campaign for law en
forcement, and the present political
campaign, which is now on in Ten
see, has prohibition ngain as its prin
cipal issue.
Philadelphia American League Defeats
Chicago National Team.
Chicago. The baseball champion
ship of the world belongs to the
Philadelphia ciub of the American
League. They clinched the big prize.
Five games were played, and the
eastern youngsters took four of them
by outbatting, outflelding and outrush
ing the veteran Chnagoans. They "got
the jump'' at the start by wiuniug tht
first three games, and although Chi
cago punctuated their progress with
one defeat, it really didu t change the
situation a bit.
While the series was not the most
profitable ever played, it helps to
simplify the high cost of living prob
lem confronting even such heroes as
the Phlladelphians, to say nothing of
the Chlcagoans, with winter coming
on, The players' share of the money
amounts to $79,071.93. Of this 60 per
cent., or $47,443.13, goes to the win
ueis, and ?31,li2S.77 to the losers. As
there are twenty-three players on each
team eligible to participate, each of
the PhlladelphlaB is entitled in round
numbers to 2,0ti2. and each Chicago
an to $1,375.
The total receipts for the series
were $173,980. The two clubs share
$3s,755 apiece, while $17,399 goes to
the national commission.
The total paid attendance was 125,
219 persons.
$500 for Attempted Kiss.
Birmingham, Ala. A jury in the
city court awarded Mrs. Rose Drum
mond $000 damages from E. J. Gold
smith. The allegation was that the
defendant had tried to kiss her.
New Carolina Railroad.
Statesboro, N. O. Announcement
as been made here that the States
tlle Air Line Railroad company will
'Uild at once a new line of road from
latesvilie to Yadkinvdle, the county
eat of Yadkin county, a distance of
i miles. The road will be erected
y convict labor, arrangements hav
ig meen made to transfer 50 convicts
otn the state prison to ritatesville to
gin the work of grading for the
ew line at once. The proposed road
ill run througn a rich section of the
Woodmen Initiate Class of 7,800.
Louisville, Ky A class of 7,800
men, coming from seven states In
diana, Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, West
Virginia, Tennessee and Kentucky
were initiated Into the Woodmen of
the World. Twenty thousand Wood
men witnessed the ceremonies, and
among the distinguished men to be
takn into the order were Governor
Wilson of Kntucky, Mayor Head of
Louisville, Ky., and Mayor Potsgrov
of Frankfort, Ky. The degree team
from Dayton, Ohio, conducted the initiation.
"I fell and sprained my arm
and was in terrible pain. I
could not use my hand or arm
without intense suffering until
a neighbor told me to use
Sloan's Liniment The first
application gave me instant
relief and I can now use my
arm as well as ever." Mrs. H.
B. Springer, 921 Flora St.,
Elizabeth, N. J.
is an excellent antiseptic and germ
killer heals cuts,
burns, wounds, and
contusions, and will
draw the poison
from sting of poi
sonous insects.
26o., 60c. and $1.00
Sloan' book on
borne, rattle, aheep
and poultry lent free.
Dr. Earl S. Sloan,
Boston, Xaei., U.S.A.
Is the price of HUNT'S CURE. Thla
price will be promptly refunded if
it does not cure any case of
A. B. Kicbards Medicine Co.. Sherman, Tex.
P K r r Fr-c" Package
I 1 1 hi Is of Paxtine.
Better and more economical
than liquid antiseptics
Give one a sweet breath ; clean, white,
germ-tree teeth antiaepbcally clean
mouth and throat purifies the breath
after smoking dispels all disagreeable
perspiration and body odors much ap
preciated by dainty women, A quick
remedy tor sore eyes and catarrh.
A litde Psxtine powder dis
solved in s glass of hot water
makes a delightful antiseptic so
lution, possessing extraordinary
cleansing, germicidal and heal
ing power, and absolutely harm
less. Try a Sample. 50c. a
Urge box at druggists or by mail.
The paxton Toilet Oo., Boston, Mas.
"I have used your valuable C as carets
and I find them perfect. Couldn't do
without them. I have used them for
some time for indigestion and biliousness
and am now completely cured. Recom
mend them to everyone. Once tried, yon
will never be without them in the
family. "Edward A. Marx, Albany, N. V.
Pleasant. Palatable, Potent, Taste Good.
Do Good. Never Slcken.Weaken or Gripe.
10c, 25c. 50o. Never soM In bulk. Thesreo
ulne tablet stamped C C C. Guaranteed to
cur or your money back. 929
Restores Gray Hair to Natural Color
lariforatos and prersnta lb hair tress (alliaf
rf Seta kf BnaaatoM, ar tM SMM By
XANTHINE OO., Richmond, Virginia
m--. SI far SMI Swat Sent. . Sm Clwtsai
nrriiiifie erinnu
McriNnvt; a nun m. pa
-other surctuw only 11 ounces aame price and
.for coucm C9P
A Great Chance for Adver
tisers. The greatest cinch for advettisers
is doing the big contest of THB
Review which starts today. The
contest means hundreds cf new
subscribers weekly and that every
one in High Point and on the rural
routes out of High Point is reading
the leading weekly in this territory
The Review.
See "Rules for Review's Great
Popularity Contest," on 3rd page
And Purchase four
Wants in the line of
Dry Goods, No
tions, Hats and
You will always get the
Best Goods obtainable
for the money.
c41ways Welcome
whether you buy or not
'Who Tailor Best
High Point Steam Pressing
(The Up-to-date iShop)
Why not have your clothes Cleaned,
Sterilized and Pressed. Now is the time
to have your Fall and WinterCLOTHKS
make your old clothes LOOK NEW.
We have the best equiped shop in
High Point and can give your the besl
work. Overcoats, Ladies Skirts and Suits
a specialty.
Club rates $1.00 per month -
High Poiot Steam Pressiog Ciub
(The Up-to-date Shop)
Ptipne 506 Rear Holders Barber Shop
Under new manuvemenl
W. W. DICKK.KSON, Prop, and Mgr.
When you buy dry goods you
don't go to a grocery store to get
them. Likewise, show the same
good judgment and go to a reliable
Coal Dealer when buying COAL.
Our ACME brand coals are un
equalled, and the following
are present prices:
Acme Red Ash Lump, - - $5.50
Acme Smokeless Egg, . - 5-75
High Point Ice & Fuel Co.
Both 'Phones 109
North Main Street
Is the place to get your
at the lowest possible price at all
Our Bread, Cakes, Pies,
Etc., cannot be excelled
and are baked daily
We guarantee 'satisfaction
and prompt delivery.
Smith & Bouldin Co.
Phone 123

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