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The Advertisement 1
rLer as well as
tbe othet ;news, matter.
In these day s of the high
cost of living it means
a saving of dollars and
cents to you. Rt Jk.
and read the various ads
S I H F FcFV f FA2 16 Paes S
A A A a d JL 'JL V A J 4 V i To-Day sresKsS
1 r - S ! dier or sailor at front
.- , "" " '
. i,
JjiWMJbody of people who
Pot. 14, Jo. H
Schools Close Tuesday for a
The city schools closed Tuesday
for the holidays and would have re
opened again Jan. 2d but for the
ec ircity of fuel. The city council
and manager thought best to make
the postponement to t eloth anl ex
tend school that much longer in the
spring. It may be found impera
tive to not resume studies until Feb.
1st or 15th on account of the short
age of coal. However the school
term will be finished, even if it has
to run into June.
comes to you a little earlier in the
week and the issue for next week
will reach you several days earlier.
This is done on account of the holi
day season and to avoid working
Christmas day and the day follow
iog in other words to give us a
little rest.
Means Given His Liberty
As about everybody predicted,
Gaston Means was freed of the mur
der of Mrs. Maude King, by a Ca
ban us county jury, Sunday morn
ing New York authorities say they
will bring Means to that State to
stand trial for embezzlement and
forgery, that it does not require
requisition papers to get him on
such a charge. ff
Ho-ne Banking Co. Offers This Most
Popular Form of Sayings Ever
3 Alert to the Best Interests of This
mu unity Utters inis ropuiar
oTm of Savings for 1918.
The popularity and succes of its
Christmas Club has been . phenoei
laLIfais Ck jfclrteiybod3ira
iCfWm regularly, Tor tiie
bairVv iihngpt ial
amounts. Even boysad girls are
invi ed to become members, for it is
a well-known fact that the saving
habit needs to be fostered in this
countn Once the youthful mind
realizes how really eay it is to save
ana how pleasant it is to have money
in bank, the saving habit will be
come life long.
A large number of people.whether
their incomes are large or small. find
it difficutt'to "get ahead" financially.
They postpone the time when they
will s ait saving to provide for the
rainy dav because they never seem
to have enough spare money to start J
a bank account. The Christmas U:uD
is a great benefit to the people in
this way, for they don't need any
more capital to get started than the
first small payment, and, after all,
the start is the important thing.
Ahhniidh thp first Club naymnt
is due December 24, members may i
join oeiore mat nine uv paymg '" -
advance. The Club runs titty weens,
so that each member will receive a
cheek in time for Christmas shop
ping. When payments are made
regularly the bank allows interest
on the account, which is always an
encouragement to saving.
A number of plans are offered and
members may select one or more
of them. In the uniform classes one
may pay 25c, 50c, $1.00 or $2 00
weekly, the totals amounting respect
ively to $12.50, $25.00, $50 00 and
$100 00. Another way is what is
known as the progressive class, in
which the payment increases every
week. One of these classes starts at
2c, next week 4c, and so on. The 2c
progressive Club matures at $25 50.
Then there is a 5c. progressive Club
maturing at $63 75 These progres
sive Clubs may be reversed, starting
at the highest amount first and fin
ishing with the lowest. The 5c re
ducing class starts at $2 50 and
works down to 5c .while the 2c starts
at $1.00 and comes down to 2z as
the last payment
Ordinary books are not needed in
carrying Christmas Club accounts
Home Banking Co. is using a pat
ented card system, in which the rec
ord of payment is made by punch
ing cards. This not only gives the
depositor a receipt, but also shows
exactly how much has been paid in
to date, and doe3 away with any
possibility of error.
This attractive method of saving
has proven most popular. adv.
An editor has a heart the same as
other people and just as sensitive to
kindness or unkindness as the aver
age mortal. So please remember
this. .. .
- s- I
Automobile Catches on Fire
Sunday night about 8:30 o'clock
the closed Ford car of Dr. W H
McCain caught on fire and the' top
and frame work was badly damaged
before the flames were subdued. The
car was in the barn where two other
automobiles were A negro chaffeur
saw the blaze and with snow and
rubbish put the blaze out before it
reached the gasoline tank. The loss
is about 100.
m Said a subscriber to the editor,
Your Christmas number last week
was worth the price of a whole year.
It brought happiness to the little
ones at our home and afforded much
pleasure to the older members
Here's $1 50 for another year, and
keep on seuding it " That's what
we call smoothing over the rough
places in life. Thanks.
Killed Thousands of Rabbits
The recent snow and cold weather
has made it possible for ihe hunters
to kill rabbits with little trouble.
One man told the editor that he
brought 49 to town Friday and that
he killed 38 of them with a stick
while sitting in their nests. One at
tempted to run but couldn't make
any headway. Another party re
ported 59 in one day's catch with the
help of a boy. The rabbits came
from all directions and it is estimat
ed there were 2,000 on the local
market Thursday and Friday.
Tuberculosis Retreat Burned
Brooks Hall at Sanitorium was
destroyed by fire Sunday mornirtg.
All of the patiei ts escaped unhurt
and most of the furnishings were re
moved. The fire will necessitate
sending about 30 patients home un
til more quarters can be-provided.
Resd the ads. ! in The Review id
will pay you: Here-follows a-htof
the subject matter:
Moffitt Furni hing Co.
W. A Davis & Co. Christo Cola
Gilmer Bros. Co. Coats, suits and
dress sale.
Lnflin's The spirit of Christmas.
Hart Drug Co. Have a heart
Rose Theatre Big attraction 18th.
Mattocks Finest line of ties, etc.
Broadway Home of good pictures
High Point Candy Co candies
W. T. Kirkman & Co. Head
quartern for merchandise.
Ncrth State Telephone Co. Long
distance telephone servic
High Point Marble Yards Monu
ments, etc.
Mann Drug Co -Drugs and toilet
J.J. Hamlin Dentist.
High Point Milling Co. Wholesale
flour. .
Commercial watai can
mas saving iuuu
Bank of Commerce Xm as bank
ing club.
Home Banking
Co. Christmas
saving fund.
wlhnrn Furniture Co.
tine. .
Wilson Motor Co. Ford s and ser-
Shoe Store "Shoes-
that's all."
Jarrett's Books, toys, etc.
Beavans' Useful articles
Christmas. ..
Southern Harness Co. Rugs, mule
millinery, etc.
Solomon Robinowitz Practical
gifts- tlT .
J D. Deviney Watch
and clock
repairing. . XT
High Point Morris Plan No man
can lift, etc.
High Point Steam Laundry ban
it ary and modern.
Moore's Book Store Toys and
bArctic Ice and Coal Co. One ser
vice etc
Siceloff Hardware Co -New quar-
H. Harris & Bro Clothing.
D F. Sta!ey-Closing out jewelry.
Efird's Big Christmas sale.
Wachovia Bank & Trust Co
Banking. Insurance. Department
Good insurance.
Matton Drug Co. Drugs and toilet
High Point Savings & Trust Co
Thanks, etc. Insurance Depart
ment Companies, represented, etc.
Ring Drug Co. Run to Ring s.
Younts & Newton Groceries.
W P Welch Watch-maker.
Will Bennett of the U. S. army is
at home for, a few days.
High Point, N. C,
Who tuglu) your jojrif to whfne of i peace with quaking
cowaGnees, M fj f
And fling manftjthe wolWs your hard-won liberties?
America, Arrei4cahereir glc&y fled?
What oiJaedreasshatof the deeds, what of the
TioM dead? .-
What ht the swords that flasediror you, what of the
tongues that spoke? 'CTfV
What St the hearts Jthat bfe fSorAu, what of the
fcp&is that broke? .
Amer iea Un3erjca,.remejnber oor dead !
They 'i ir & tb you acroM will not be
Arm, aritafese, AnaApwfuf sword once morel
Thejfee is rd-r! is on your shore I
suite; cei rM SVFn.
aanflifel i feqmi5ETherAdams,
I p, S I)nej5raha Marri trTh
ft Jon eslDecatePrary UMcEk EfcSigfe olimplain I
A fe Ai iej. and snK cws joOnp i
3fTou Wer oimeTOrW to.
Jfr u wer twspAp iflsf lnd gutter
3Qr ly w i see a craveirS slotfifuiyr ifet t die!
lScby 1 le Gbjjwelronorl TWhoTiTf alone we bow!
OTfedid not dwlfor Freemttoen, ioilejt r I perish now!
sSp,W n, aris, AmericayPut Jjb tlief crant dread!
vVevJcofne, we come to Mie .Toli We come,the ,
invir cibfe dead! S IEzrE J - E z '
Ar: iiaiinsei For ur&airjrw slpi the old,
Libey jcries, fmperiy d ! iAsdfaaae : Meadr riseE u$E n:om the
Mtsdhe slrengM cflfcrjh to oneiare we!
Tei ghosts oehipd eag&-yjfegit oylfigsv for
ter Til miMmnfmmms
Arrnrm,aTisAmerier'ari namei
An ejfwords anba ter! jfeth and
Hak, h$the old herokNgiosts tcleaee
M invite: Bs--J
Ifoiate cowards, perish! But if you are men, then
Fred Craven, John and Reitzel
Welborn of Thomas ville Rt. 1 killed
fifty odd rabbits the past week.
The 40 members of Wesley Mem
orial M. E church who are in the
service of Uncle Sam will be re
membered by the church Christmas
in substantial gifts.
Capt. Welch of the U. S. army is
spent Sunday with his parenst here.
Buy some Red Cross stamps to
day .You may need the service they
procure some time. Don't treat such
a great cause flippantly.
A small but appreciative crowd
heard Capt. J- Stuart Allen Satur
day night at he auditorium, who
lectured under the auspices of the
Red Cross. Many High Pointers
are apparently members of "General
Apathy's brigade" wnen it comes to
such vital questions.
. . . j b
y fourths 0f the
WursJav, December
The Wachovia Bank & Trust Co
will .start a Christmas Savings Club
on Dec. 26th. -This will make four
banks in the city having these clubs.
The Interurban Motor Lines, Inc.,
has the new schedule in today's pa
per, together with much other infor
mation. Manager Kirkman gives
the best possible service at all times
between High Point and Greensboro
and High Point and Winston.
Sergeat John Carroll of Camp Se
vier is here for a few days.
A prominent merchrnt came to
our office yesterday and said "please
announce to the shoppers that the
snow is melting fast and is about
gone." So here it is.
We know how to execute any and
all kinds of printing in shortest time
possible. A trial will convince you.
Of All
not the cheap kind
but the
good kind done here.
goods sold in High Point-the laboring people
20, 1917
Mrs. J. W. Millner, mother of Mrs.
W. H. Plummer of this city, died in
Reids ville Friday.
City Planner Chas. M. Robinson,
who has been doing some work -in
Greensboro, was a guest of City
Manager Murphy Sunday.
O. A. Kirkman had another at
tack of appendicitis last week which
kept him in door3 several days.
"Josh Slaughter, formerly of this
city, was united in marriage yester
day to Miss Made Rena 'Johnson of
Buy a Red Cross seal and help
your fellow-man sufferer of the
white plague.
Last call for 1917 Christmas do
it now or never.
G. W. Burton and Miss Lona Ward
were married last week, Rev. H. G.
Kopenhaver officiating.
All the local attorneys will gladly
give any advice to draft eligibles or
fix their papers without cost, as a
patriotic duty they feel is due their
Rev. M. Luther Can up, former
pastor of the Lutheran church here
but now stationed at New York,
wiil be united in marriage to Mis
Inez Bollinger of Lancaster, Pa , this
V. A J. Idol has been indisposed
the past week with lagrippe.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hed
rick last week, a promisiug son.
Paul Hoffman cf the U. S. hos
pital corps is at home for a few
Gilmer's Specialty Store announces
a big event. See ad.
The Beavans store has bif vakfres
and many useful Xmas presents.
See ad.
The Moffitt Furnishing Co. tells
vnn that the time is short but that
ore is plentifully .stocked for
useftu Christ mai
presents and invites you to call early
and shop with pleasure.' Read
what is offered in ad. today.
Christo-Cola is quite a popular
dtink on the market today. It is
bottled by that well-known citizen,
W. A. Davis and is as good as it
looks, which is saying much. Let
your next drink be Christo-Cola and
you will "come again." See ad.
The Bank of Commerce points
you to a splendid way to save. See
page about the Christmas Savings
The Commercial National Bank
announces the opening of the 1918
Christmas Savings Fund. The ad.
elsewhere tells you all about it.
Lashmit's shoes are alright and
are sold right. Be sure to read ad.
in this issue.
The C. B. Mattocks Co. is a real
live institution, carrying the best
in gents' furnishing at cash pricts,
I which means lowest prices and live
. wires are in the store to wait on you.
Read ad. .
The High Point Milling Co., man
ufactures the best in flour. It is a
home concern, managed by home
people and should be patronized by
home people generally. See ad.
Read the ads. of the various con
cerns in this issue. You will profit
by it. To them is due the success
of this issue. They think enough of
their friends and customers to ask
for business and they should be pat
ronized. H. Harris Bro. want you to
visit their 'store during the holiday
shopping period especially. See what
is offered in ad. today.
Efird, as usual has a string of big
values in space today and asks the
public to pull it long and often and
reap the harvest of good things.
The Atlantic Sales Co. is a new
solicitor of your business thru the
columns of The Review. They have
a well-apportioned store and give
good values. See ad,
Have a Heart, says Hart Drug Co.
in ad today and you are told why.
See ad.
All subscribers to the Y. M. C. A
fund are asked to turn in the money
to H. A. Millis, local treasurer, at
Coca-Cola, the king of "pep"
drinks it puts the 'T in living and
keeps your eyes bright and spark
ling. Call it by its name Coca
Cola. Read ad. elsewhere.
$1.50 a Year
A Christmas Gift of life or
Pleasure, Which ?
In war countries millions of chil
dren are dying of cold and starva
tion. Won't you contribute what
you wtuld spend foolishly on Christ
mas gifts to these starving children?
Suppose one of them were your
cnuo. ten cents will give a starv
ing child one day's life, $3.00 one
month's life and $35 00 one year's
life. Over a half million American
boys and girls are working and sac
rificing month by month to : help:
why not you? A donation to the
fund means life to the little ones, an
exchange of Christmas gifts with
your friends only temporary pleas
ure. Which will you do ?
Address your remittance at once
to Children of America's Army of
Relief, 142 Berkley street, Boston,
Mass. God will bless you.
This advertisement is insetted
free as a Christmas gift to the starv
ing chileren. The organization is
thoroughly reliable, having , on its
board national characters You need
not be afraid to trust your money to
them. Ed tor
Draft Eligibles Receive
The new questionaires under the
draft law were received by 174 citi-
zens oi riign romt Saturday and
Monday. Seven days are given in
which to answer the required ques
tions and place in the bands of the
local exemption board. Failure to
properly execute the papers is pun
ishable by not more than a year 8
imprisonment- and an abridgement
of other rights. A guestionaire wen
to every man who registered on Juue
5th last, excepting those now in the
service of Uncle Sam, of course.
Veterans' Checks Ready
A. M. Idol has the checks for all
the old vets and he can be found in
the Sapp building. These annual
pensions, though miserably small.
add BNiiUte;C4tfnfor& to tfc fofte
ersofT35e and Jackson. They de
serve better at the hands of their
State and Southland and especially
the government which fails to
ognize their cause.
Mrs. Carr Passes
One of Trinity's best known and
beloved citizens in the person of
Mrs. O. W. Carr passed away Satur
day afternoon in her 76th year,
after an extended illness. Deceased
was the wife of the late O. W.Carr
and hefore marriage was Miss Rox
anna Leach. Surviving are two
daughters. Mrs.Dred Peacock of this
city and Mrs. J. C. Pepper of Trin
ity. Three sons are dead
Rev. Mr. Johnson conducted- the
funeral services at Trinity Sunday
and interment followed there. Quite
a number from this place and
Greensboro attended.
Mrs. Carr was a consecrated
Christian and since childhood was a
member of the Methodist Episcopal
National Prohibition in
By a vote oi 282 to 128, the na
tional prohibition amendment to the
Constitution passed the House Wed
nesday, with 26 more than needed
for the two-thirds majority. There
was great rejoicing among the pro
hibitionists and Congressman Yates
Webb of "North Carolina, daddy of
the bill, was given the lion's share.
The States are given seven years to
approve the measure but it is be
lieved that about all of the remain
ing wet States will do so within two
years The Senate is expected to
pass the bill wiih little opposition.
Noted Methodist Minister
Rev. J. R. Scroggs, well and favor
ably known here, died suddenly in
Marion Monday morning. He was
for 50 years prominent in Method
ism. On July 4th, 1890, the editor's
father died. At that time he was
presiding elder of the Greensboro
(then Trinity) district. Mr. Scroggs,
who was then stationed at Staies
ville, was named to fill out the year,
due to Mr. Stamey's death.
Surviving are one son, Clarence
Scroggs, city editor of the' Winston
Salem Journal, and two daughters,
Miss Stella Scroggs of Marion, and
Mrs. W. G. Fortune of Asheville.
The remains were interred at
Shelby Wednesday.

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