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Keep Stomach and Bowels Right
By giving; baby the harmless, purely
eta ore, inn ants ana cnuaren b regww.
brings astonishi ng, gratifying-resulta
ir. making baby's stomacn oikbx
food and bowels move as
they should ct t thing
time. Guaranteed free
from narcotics, opi
ates, alcohol and all
harmful ingredi
ents. Safe and
At All
If you are troubled with pains or
aches; feel tired; have headache,
indigestion, insomnia; painful pas
sage of urine, you will find relief in
lbB world's standard remedy for kidney,
Ever, bladder and uric acid troubles and
national Remedy of Holland since 1696.
"Three sizes, all druggists.
for the name Gold Medal on every boas
and accept no imitation
John's Discouragement.
Little John sat upon the stairs look
ing disconsolate.
-What's the matter, Johnny?" asked
Cousin Isabel kindly.
"Well, you see, Cousin Isabel, they
let me hold the baby on my knee,
sometimes, though he can't even hold
bis head up straight. And they weigh
Mm every single day, but since they
begun it he's gained only two pounds
and three ounces. And I've just been
thinking that I'll be an old, old man
before that fellow'll be of any use on
the team."
Real Dj lemma.
Parker What's wrong? You look
Streeter I am. I wrote two notes
one to my broker, asking him If he
took me for a fool, and the other to
Miss Golding, asking her if she would
marry me. While I was out somebody
telephoned "Yes," and I don't know
which of them It was !"
The man who "also ran" in a politi
cal race usually has an empty purse
as a souvenir.
Is That Cold and
Cough Hanging On?
YOU will be convinced that Dr.
King's New Discovery does just
what it is meant to do soothes cough -waw
throats, congestion-tormented
chests, loosens the phlegm pack and
-breaks the obstinate cold and grippe
attack, relieves the congestion in the
head. No harmful drugs, therefore
good for children as well as grownups.
Right away you will notice the
change for the better. Has a con
vincing, healing taste that you will
appreciate. Buy a bottle at any drug
gists on the way home to-night, 60c.
Dr. King's
New Discovery
Lazy People, Lazy Bowels. Don't
neglect constipation. It undermines
he health, takes all vim out of
vou. Dr. King's Pills will invigorate
the system, stir up the liver, move the
bowels. All druggists, 25c.
r. Kings Pills
Known a$
"that good kmcT
Iry it and you
will know why
Ship at once to
118-120 W. 27th St., NEW YORK, N. Y.
They Pay BEST Prices
Free Bait io Trappers
Write Today How to Get It and for Price List
JBarly Jersey, Charleston Wakefield. Succes
sion, Flat Dutch. By Parcel Post, Postpaid,
satisfaction or money back, 100 30c, 300
C 600 $1.00, 1 000 $1.75. By Express.
. o. b. here, 1,000 $1.30. 6.000 $1.20,
JO, 000 $1.10. Cauliflower. doubWe above
prices. I. F. JAMISON. Summerville, S. C.
Make Your Home Moth Proof
tJae Cedarene. Two-ounce can 25 cents.
may quantity, $2.00 bushel, F. O. B. LANES,
S. C. S. W. McCLARY.
I Weekly Pleasant work ar hnm.- nM....
tag, mailing circulars, distributing aamvlea.
KUher sex ; -experience un. oceasary. Instruc
Me. Add. Sales, Box 3801. Sta. D, Fhila.. Pa.
a birth date and 10c. Tell your own for
tune, chart 15c. Fortune Telling Cards $1
value, sample deck 25c. Agents wanted. Maoy
"fcnaners. 121 Norfolk.. E., Ftoanoke vj
T.At mo entrMt nn thin AT of thee and 1
Will q A mntiira tn nrnmiM thee a KOOd
year. The request is In itself reasonable
and may to thee be, eternally proniaom.
It is only this: duly to prize and diligent
ly to improve time for the blessed end It
was given for and is yet graciously con
tinued unto thee by eternal. God. REV.
JOHN SHERMAN (1613-1685).
HAT of the checks that
1 A T I you and I are going to
W draw on the Bunk of
I TIyyio in if We
A iui. an 1 -
keep on drawing checks
through the year?
"There's nothing new
under the sun," according to a very
old saying. It's true, too, In a sense.
But in another sense it most certainly
isn't true. For there is something
new every time New Year's day comes
There are several things that are
new at New Year's beside the New
Year. There's a new chance. There's
a new responsibility. There's a new-
balance in the Bank of Time. There 8
new bank book. So, what will the
check stubs show at the end of the
Rev. John Sherman had a right to
make his "reasonable request," If prac
ticing what one preaches gives that
right. His "three score and ten were
busy years. He was born at Dedham,
Essex, England, and before he was
twenty-one he was an A. B. and A. M.
of Trinity college, Cambridge, a min
ister of the Church of England and a
uritan on his way across the Atlantic
to the Massachusetts Bay coiony.
There was no church for him, since
the only three in existence Boston.
Salem and Watertown had efficient
ministers. So ae was one of the orig-
nal planters" of Wethersfield. Conn..
and a "watcher," 1634-40. Then he
was one of the founders of Milford.
New Haven plantation. Next he was
magistrate representing Milford in
the New Haven colony and also
charged with the duty of dividing land.
Meanwhile he preached wherever op
portunity offered.
In 1647 he became the minister of
the Watertown church. There he
preached till his death in 1685. Church
and state were pretty much the same
thing in those days, so the village af
fairs kept him a busy man. He found
time, however, to publish for many
years an almanac, for which he made
air the astronomical calculations and
wrote the text. He was also the first
fellow and overseer of Harvard uni
versity. Incidentally he also found time
to marry twice. Cotton Mather in his
"Magnalia Christl Americana," says he
had 26 children ; this is a misstate
ment, but he did have 16. His epi
taph in Latin on the tombstone in East
Waltham. Mass.,. thus sums up His
life :
"Sacred to the memory of John
Sherman, a man distinguished for pi
ety, character and truth ; a profound
theologian ; as a preacher a veritable
Chrysostoin ; unsurpassed in his knowl
edge of the liberal arts, particularly
mathematics; a faithful pastor of the
Church of Watertown in New Eng
land ; an overseer and fellow of Har
vard college. After a life of faith
ful service to Christ In the church
for upwards of 45 years in the full
ness of time he passed away and
received from Christ the palm of vic
tory, in the seventy-second year of his
age, August 8, A. D. 1685."
New Year Gifts
As to the New Year's gift custom, it
is supposed to have been derived from
the Romans, but is probably much
older. Suetonius and Tacitus men
tion it. Claudius issued a decree for
bidding the demanding of presents ex
cept on New Year's day. The Roman
colonists In Britain found that the
Saxons kept. New Year's in the same
fashion. Starting as a pleasant,
friendly custom, it rapidly became an
Let us hope that the "reasonable
request" that this early Puritan put
to himself was to him "eternally prof
itable." In any event, he stands forth
as a fine sample of a sturdy American
pioneer family that has given four
Immortals to the nation Roger Sher
man," one of the framers of the Dec
laration of Independence; General W.
T. Sherman; Secretary of State John
Sherman; Vice President James S.
Certainly his request is one that
is always reasonable. And it is one
that was never more reasonable than
now. The year 1922 Is a year when
every good American should endeavor
"duly to prize and diligently to im
prove time." It is a year with a chal
lenge. It Is a year with a promise.
Though in folly and In blindness
And in sorrow still we grope.
Yet In man's Increasing kindness
Liea the world's stupendous hope.
And it Is a reasonable request to ev
ery red-blooded, thinking, patriotic
American. Such a man knows that
nobody can stand still ; that he has
either to progress or fall back. The
progressive man accepts responsibili
ties as the measure of his capabili
ties. He never shirks them, for he rec
ognizes in them the price he must pay
for advancement.
Competition is going to be keen this
year. The dollar is going to be hard
to get. Men who have been getting
twice what they were before and have
had lots of money to spend are going
to feel the pinch. It looks as If ev
erybody who works for a living will
have to work a little harder. It- may
be that life will seem hard. But what
of it? Life has always been hard
perhaps it was meant to be. Anyway,
it is something that has got to be lived
and mastered. It's the business of men
"to greet the unseen with a cheer" and
"to advance on chaos and the dark."
Of course all of us cannot have a
hand in the big things that must be
done in meeting the challenge of 1922.
But if all of us do the little things we
may, 1922 will Indeed be the "Happy
New Year" of our greetings.
To save a little money,
'To praise a little more;
To smile when days are sunny
And when the tempests pour;
To pay less heed to sinning
And more to kindly thought;
To see beyond the winning
Just how the fight was fought;
To be a little kinder,
A little braver, too,
To be a little blinder
To trivial things men do.
To give my hand to labor,
Nor whimper that I must;
To be a better neighbor
And worthier of a trust.
To play the man, whatever
The prize at stake;
God grant that I shall never
These New Year pledges break.
Anyone looking for something to do
in the way of helping along can help
bolster up the morals of his communi
ty. The war has done what all wars
do. And the leeches on society are al
ways active at such times. Just now
we are facing all sorts of loose iiv
iiag arid the public at large apparently
feels little concern. Any man or wom
an can at least help by setting a good
abuse and a nuisance. The kings and
feudal nobility of the Middle Ages
practically levied on their dependents
for gifts. The presenjts varied accord
ing to sex and rank.
In the country towns of Russia New
Year's is the great feast day for the
children. Boy's fill their pockets with
dried peas and wheat and go in bands
from house to house. People they
A good American cun help Just now
by putting his respect for the law
strongly in evidence. For the law is
the law. If it is a poor law, it should
be changed. But until it is changed,
it should be obeyed whether it re
lates to the shooting of game birds or
to the use of liquor or to the speed
of automobiles or to murder or to
anarchy. Many people who would
hotly resent the charge that they are
anarchists take delight in evading the
laws and in making sport of the laws.
Every thinking man must realize
that this Twentieth century civillza
ation is too complex to be sane, safe
and sober. Medical philosophers are
unanimous in declaring that we Amer
icans live too hard and too fast ; that
our rapid ways are harmful both to
stlie individual and to the race ; that
we should slow up. We are, to use the
homely old phrase, burning the candle
at both ends. Men try to succeed in
business, to rule in politics, to be so
cial leaders all at the same time.
To crowd dissimilar things together
lias become a national characteristic.
Our avocations are often as wearing
as our vocations ; we play even harder
than we work. Thus to crowd wo
or more lives into one is to borrow
of nature. She is a hard creditor and
she always exacts payment.
One cannot, of course, indict a whole
people. There are still millions of
sane, safe and sober people in Ameri
ca. But a society that demands or
even countenances such recklessness
Is In need of reformation. It would
be interesting and startling to know
how many men and women put them
selves in an early grave by going the
pace that kills. ,
"Of all sounds of all bells, most
solemn and touching is the peal which
rings out the old year. I never hear it
without a gathering up of my mind to
a concentration of all the images that
have been diffused over the past
twelve-month ; all I have done or suf
fered, performed or neglected, in that
regretted time. I begin to know its
worth as when a person dies. It takes
a personal color ; nor was It a poetical
flight in a contemporary poet when he
exclaimed : i saw the skirts of the
departing year.'
"Every first of January that we ar
rive at, is an imaginary milestone on
the turnpike track of human life; at
once a resting place for thought and
meditation, and a starting place for
fresh exertion in the performance of
our journey. The man who does not
at least propose to himself to be bet
ter this year than he was last, must
be either very good or very bad Indeed.
And only to propose to be better Is
something ; if nothing else, it is an
acknowledgment of our need to be so,
which is the first step towards amend
ment. But; in fact, to propose to one
self to do well is in some sort to do
well, positively ; for there is no such
thing as a stationary point in human
endeavors ; he who is not worse today
than he was yesterday, is better ; and
he who is not better, is worse."
So wrote Charles Lamb. Therefore
let us make New Year resolutions
"duly to prize and diligently to im
prove time for the blessed end it was
given for" even if we break them.
have any grudge against are doused
with the peas, while they shower the
wheat upon their friends. A curious
custom also is 'festooning the hand
somest horse and leading him to the
house of a nobleman. The pea and
wheat shootersNfollow in droves. Both
guests and horse are admitted to the
parlor of the lord and' the guests re
ceive presents.
Berlin is to erect Europe's first sky
scraper along American lines, a build
ing 22 stories high.
The Kitchen
Copyright, 1941, Western Newspaper onion.
Don't Idly dream! Great deeds await
your doing,
Deeds that will live, and you In them
may live.
Noble your thoughts, each day your
strength renewing.
Be you but true, that strength your
faith shall give.
Life striving round you bids you, then
awaken ;
Look where the future grandly
stands in view;
In God press onward! Be your trust
ne'er shaken,
Don't idly dream, but do!
George Birdseye.
As canned fish Is available in any
market, these dishes are seasonable at
njr time. Salt
codfish is in the
market, put up in
boxes and a most
satisfying dish of
this is easy to pre
pare. Salt Cod en
Casserole. Wash
and soak one pound of salt codfish in
water to cover for several hours.
Drain and flake in small pieces. Cover
with boiling water and simmer before
flaking. Melt three tablespoonfuls of
butter, add one small onion cut in
slices and cook slowly for five minutes.
Add the fish which has simmered ten
minutes, one cupful of boiled rice and
two cupful s of canned tomato. Pour
into a casserole, cook for thirty
minutes. Season well before serving.
Fish Cutlets. Melt three table-
spoonfuls of butter, add one-half
tablespoonful of finely chopped onion
and two tablespoonfuls of chopped
pineapple. Cook slowly for five
minutes, stirring constantly. Add
one-third of a cupful of flour and when
well mixed stir in one-half cupful of
milk and the same amount of cream or
condensed milk. Cook until smooth
and thick, add two cupfuls of flaked
fish, salt and paprika to taste. Shape
into small cutlets, dip In egg and
crumbs and fry In deep fat. Drain
on soft paper and serve with a good
Molded Fish Salad. Flake one-half
pound of tuna fish or salmon. Mix
with one cupful of diced celery, one
tablespoonful of chopped green pepper,
two tablespoonfuls of chopped olives
and three-fourths of a cupful of salad
dressing. Add two tablespoonfuls of
vinegar and season with salt and pep
per. Soak two tablespoonfuls of gela
tine In one-fourth of a cupful of cold
water for five minutes, dissolve by
placing over hot water, then stir Into
the mixture of fish. Turn into small
molds rinsed with cold water and set
away to chill. Serve on lettuce or
water cress and garnish with celery,
strips of green pepper or parsley.
We hear a great deal about the psy
chology of color In the interior deco
ration of the home, the theater and
the stage, as well as In dress. The
effect of color on appetite is Just as
marked and fully as important.
An attractive variety of cookies mav
be made from one recipe, usjng differ
ent flavor! ngs.
animal shapes
and letters, all
kinds of dried
fruits, nuts, and
colored sugar if
desired. The fol
lowing Is a good
foundation reci-
Take one-half cupful of butter.
one cupful of sugar, two eggs, one-
quarter of a cupful of milk, two cup
fuls of flour and one teaspoonful of
baking powder. Mix and chill the bat
ter well before rolling, adding any fla
vor or nuts and fruit which appeal to
the taste.
The above mixture, flavored with
rose and baked in a sheet, may be cut
in fancy shapes, decorated with pink
frosting and pistachio nuts in the
form of a rose, with green stem and
Spice Nuts. To one cupful of sucrar
add two teaspoonful s of butter and,
when well mixed, add two well beaten
eggs, one cupful of flour, one-quarter
of a cupful of thinly shredded citron,
one-half teaspoonful of cinnamon, oxtt
quarter of a cupful of almonds, one
quarter teaspoonful each of allsnice
and cloves. Mix in the usual nrrw
and add flour enough to make the balls
the size of hickory nuts. Place on but
tered tins an inch apart and bake until
a light brown. They may be dinned In
chocolate or any fondant, if desired.
Coffee Sponge Baskets. Prenare a
sponge cake and bake in eem nn
For filling,, add three tablespoonfuls of
coffee to one and one-half cupfuls of
milk. Place in the top of a double
boiler and scold. When the coffee is
well cooked, strain through a cheese.
cloth. Mix togefher one-half cupful
of sugar, four tablespoonfuls of flour,
the yolks of two eggs and one-fourth
of a teaspoonful of salt. Pour the
scalded milk over this gradually, stir
ring constantly. Return to the double
boiler, and cook fifteen minutes. f!vi
and add two stiffly beaten whites, one-
hair cupful of walnut meat and one
half teaspoonful of vanilla. Hollow
out the cakes, fill with the filling, top
witn wnippea cream and place a
handle cut from an orange or use a
strip of angellcn.
Sure Relief
25 CEHT3
6 Bellans
Hot water
Sure Relief
25$ and 75$ Packages. Everywhere
3CK, eCK, ?I.2Q At Pru&jists
No Oifense.
Chairman Lasker the shipping
board said, in an Interview :
"These men are taking needless of.
fense. They were taking offense where
none is. intended.
"A tall, gaunt, vinegar-faced wom
an walked into Wawa station one day
and said to the ticket agent :
" 'Gimme a ticket for Chester
" -Single?' asked the agent.
"The woman's' eyes flashed steely
" 'None o' yer darn business,' she
hissed. ' Gost knows, though, I
might have married a dozen times
over if I'd been will in' to grubstake
some shitless, putty-faced monkey like
yerself.' n
Her Only Chance.
Inconse Does she dance badly?
Quential Yes, if the chaperones
aren't looking. Pelican.
LITTLE aches grow into big paint
i unless warded off by an applica
tion of Sloan's. Rheumatism,
neuralgia, stiff joints, lame back won't
fight long against Sloan's Liniment.
For more than forty years Sloan's
Liniment has helped thousands, the
world over. You won't be an excep
tion. It certainly does produce results.
It penetrates without rubbing. Keep
this old family friend always handy
lor instant use. Ask your neighbor.
At all druggists 35c, 70c, $1.40.
Travel by Sea
Norfolk to
BOSTON Wed. Sat. 4.00 P. M.
BALTIMORE Mon. Thur. 4.00 P. M.
Meals and Berth included on Steamer.
Through tickets from principal points.
Merchants & Miners Trans. Co.
A. E. Porter, G. A., Norfolk
Chill Tonic
Shave. Bathe and
Shampoo with one
Soap. Cuticura
Cuticura Soap is the favorite for safety razor-shaving.
Removes Danarutl-StopsHair Falling
BmIm Color and
Beauty to Gray and Faded HaH
60c. ana mi.oo at uruggiEi".
HINDERCORNS Rnaom Corns. Cat
lottsea. etc., stops all pain, ensures comfort tot-
feet, makes walking fa?v. Iftu. by nail r at Dnff
Cists. H lseox Chemical Weeks, Patchogue, N. T.
Don't ignore the danger signals
of aching eyes, red lids, blood
shot eyeballs. Mitchell
Eye Salve removes irrita
tion, reduces inflammation,
soothes pain. 7 ,
147 Waver ly PI. , New York ,
Mothers should keep a Jar of Brame'i Vapomentiu
Sal re convenient When Croup. Influenza or Pneu
monia threatens this dehebtfut salve rubbed well i
the throat, chest and under the arms, will relieve uk
choking, break congestion and promote restful sleep-
mi mat tTATN mr norms
30c. ksj $1 J si mm t seal
Brame Drug Co. N. Wilkesboro, N. C;,
Oranges and Grape Fru
Irect to consumer. For 2 we will
uireci io consumer, r ui .....
i .
a dainty family size box delicioua .
r. t i. .,.. .1 Semi US
orders. Moody & "William, Orlan
I I IrtWT- I' 1 L O W 1 V ' - . .
Monefsback without questKg
(Hunfa Salve and8oapM
the treatment to ltd ufSS
it.( IkJn diaeases.Try this , trea
merit at our risk Sold by all reliable oi
A. B. Richard. Medicioe Cgherman.
W. N. U.. CHARLOTTE. NO. 52-1821-

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