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Look in Your Mirror
after we have fitted you with
glasses and you will be pleas
ed with the attrctive ap
pearance. The reason is that
m fitting glasses I not only
supply right glasses to cor
rect the optical defects, but
a. so to suit the features.
Patrons are coming a long
ways, even from other
states, to ge the benefits of
this splendid optical service.
If you have headaches, eye stra'na- ftiv.
,m your eyes examined at once " trouble' come and
E. Bisanar
Jeweler and Registered Optometrist.
Watch Inspector for Southern and C. nd N. W. Railway.
i Mi mWM
the newest creation in
The latest designs in novelty effects.
Call and see our line before buy-ng.
Mrs. W. R. Beckley,
"Milliner of Style."
Opening of Children's Hats at
Regina Millinery Company
All $ 1 0 Pattern Hats marked down to $8.00
Regina Millinery Comp'y,
Rear of Boatright's 5 and 1 Oc Store.
Wareroons for the
Popular Stieff Pianos,
are located at
219 S. Tryon St., Charlotte, N. C.
We carry in stock Pianos of different makes at most
any price. Makes no difference where you live we
will sell you a piano.
Write for Catalogue and prices.
Why not make the work of the home lighter by providing an
?asv wav of oreDarine a meal?
And "Ideal Fireless Cooker" will accomplish this.
Come in and
U t us fchow you. .
You at them before you
buy and back of them is our
guaranty of Quality.
J. W. Shuf ord
j The Hickory Daily Record
1 $4.00 a Year in Advance
'ftaaa.i.umni 1
Past i
Dorothy Phillips in
A Midwinter Madness
A Bison two reel snow
drama with most beauti
ful scenes.
Pat Rooney in
The Belle and
the Bell Hop
An excruciatingly funny
two reel comedy.
Adele Farrington in
A five reel Red Feather
Always elean, instructive
and amusing pictures.
Misses Annie and Minnie Steven
son and Miss Lizzie Jackson of Cul
pepper, Va., have returned from, a
delightful visit to Rutherford College.
A regular meeting of the T. T. D.
D. Club will be held at the home of
Mrs. W. S. Stroup tomorrow after
noon at 3 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Elmore of
Montgomery, Ala. spent sevfer&l
hours yesterday with Mr. and Mrs.
J. A. Martin.
The reception for the HicKory
school teachers by the club wimen of
Hickory w 11 be held at ther esidence
of Mrs. J. Worth Elliott Saturday af
ternoin, September 30.
A cough is one of the
signs used by nature to tell
us that something is wrong
w'ith our human mach nery.
Neglect to take heed of this
sign and correct the troubie
while it was yet in an easily
correctable stage, Jias fat
tened many a church yard.
25c spent today for an effec
tive cough mixture may save
$25.00 or more next week.
More than this, it might save
your life.
Our Cough remedies are
If you have a cough TRY
Lutz Drug Store
Oar stock of Ready to Wear, Woolen:, S Iks, Sweaters, Un
derwear, Notions and Shoes is m"h larger and more complete
than we have ever shown. A larg j part of our merchandise was
bought several months ago before the re;-ent rise in prices. We
give you the benefit.
By Raymond Everette White in Les
lie's. Although Atlanta's municipal in
come from the city's $200,000,000
of property subject to taxation, and atxttl
its 200,000 noulation 65 per cent -
white runs between four and a half Muleh's Antiseptic Oil known as
and five millions of doliars every year,
the c ty a schools are impoverished,
hospitai a make-shift, streets in woe-
"On the Corner"
Phones 17 and 317
Brooklyn 89
Philadelphia 87
Boston 83
New York . -81
Pittsburgh 65
Chicago 65
St. Lou s 60
Cincinnati 57
Lost. Pet.
ill 1 : a'
-4- ,4. v,;iio ,aA win nniuer yuu up. a new creation,
and the salares of most of the city antiseptic and pain knler combined. !
officials for AiisriKita held un for lack For stlff and swne J nts, aches
of funds? Sctpa credit'0 goS "d Pain, cuts and burns. Should be
bFrL2anPJlnJ 50c at Hickory Drug Co. M and W
with the approach of the city elec
tion, held August 24th, the commer-
dirercr a c'reet railway corpor
ation, and s concerned more or less
cial interests of the city resolved to intim'atel w:th half a hundred other
make a "sure enough "change in the
A change to the commission form
big financial and industrial enterpris
Also, he gives with a lavish hand.
. , . . Jiuu, li. fzivua w i I'll a lavjou iiauUt
of government was suggested; anoth- In one ; he donated a rajllion
er suggested that a "city manager dollars to a university, and
be employed. One or both of these the gouth stood hast t th'gift
systems may be employed in the fu-,He has iv ive R vento church
Lure "J0 Y "1C ,.xt i iT3 " enterprises, schools, charities, hos-
pitals. He is a devout church-man.
simple, unassuming, democratic, and
Won. Lost. Pet.
American '
Boston 87 60 .594
Chicago 86 64 .573
Detroit 85 66 .565
New York 76 71 517
St. Louis 78 73 516
Cleveland 76 74 .510
Washington 73 73 .500
Philadelphia 33 113 .226
Boston 3-2; Pittsburgh 0-1.
Philadelphia 3; Cincinnati 2.
New York 6; St. Louis 1.
Brooklyn 4; Chicago 1.
"Health insurance for wage earn
ers," says the state board of health,
"will soon become a matter of Amer
ican legislation as it is now in Cana
da and in several countries of the old
worl Sx Eijroptean ctouitried
have adopted compulsory health in
surance already and so successfully
has the measure worked benefits to
the people that every civilized, indus
trial country in the old world, with
a few exceptions, is now confronted
vith this new type of social legisla
"Among the benefits derived from
this system of health insurance has
been noticed a check upon the increase
of degenerative diseases among wage
earners of middle life. Health in
surance brines medical care within
the reach of a large number who are
unable to afford this luxury on the
present basHs of taymenfl. Medical
care is paid for in advance of an in
surance basis, calling for only small
weekly contr.butions. Such condi
tions encourage wage earners to seek
medical advice and treatment when
suspicious symptoms occur, and not
defer till treatment and cure are not
to be had.
"Health insurance" says the board.
has universally proved a promising
weapon with which to fight the pre
mature diseases of adult life."
New Line You Can Find One
to Please You Here.
We carry a full line of Cigars,
Cigarettes and Tobaccos.
Why not smoke with us.
Hickory Drug Company
A Good Drug Store in a Good Town
The REXALL Store Telephone 46.
Rev. B. A. Yorke will preach Sun
day at 11 a. m. in the Methodist
church at Startown.
A larceny case in which the defen
dant was acquitted and a drunk or
two formed the remainder ot the
Vigorous Men
and Women are
in Demand
men of Atlanta sa.d,. "No let's have
a business administration under the
system we have; let's give it an hon
est, fair trial. Let's try one bus
iness man for mayor, and give the
politicians a much-needed rest."
Asa G. Candler, who has made a
success of every business enterprise
he has ever touched; who has more
money invested in Atlanta and Atlan
ta realty than any other 10 men, per
haps, who, 25 years ago, was a drug
store clerk and today is the richest
man south of the Mason and Dixon's
line; who never sought nor held a
public office during his 62 years of
life: who is anything but a politician
. Asa G. Candler was the man unan-
.mously chosen by business Atlanta
to make the fight against the poli-fcians.
Candler demurredr-at first flaMy
refused. He shunned the publicity,
the notoriety, the mud and slime of a
political campaign. But after days of
persuasion, and when the matter was
put up to him on the basis of his
duty to the city he yielded. Subse
quently it was that Atlanta witnessed
the refreshing spectacle uinque in
Amer.can history of a c Mrs hrst
cit.zen and richest man, a hard-working,
industrious old patriot, worth
not a penny under $30,000,000 down
in the wards, speaking night after
night and noon-day after noon-day
asking the people to elect him to an
office paying a salary of $4,000 a year
He appealed to the small trades
men in overalls, the modest home-owner
the "ninety per cent " for votes,
to ''save Atlanta and restore confi
dence." These were the votes he was
after, because he had the others be
fore he accepted the nominat on. And
upon that vote the battle hinged, be
cause, runn.ng against Candler was
a union linotype operator, a man of
clean character and considerable abil
ity, who is a member of city council,
and who claimed the "solid support"
of labor and the voters of small
means. His appeal was Jlhat. the
alone was "the people's candidate,
the poor man's friend and salvation,"
while opposing him was "capitalism
For 10 stirring days the battle went
on, and It was the most spectacular
campaign ever waged in Dixie the
successful business man, with a re
cord for performance, against the
printer, with high-sounding promises.
Each apepaiing for labors support;
the one on the high ground of conn-
dence, consc entiousness, investment,
smokestacks; the other on the cries
of "money-rule," ''rights of labor,"
"b g wages," plutocracy."
The poll books showed approxlma
tely 12,000 registered white voters
and this was distinctly a "white
primary. ah unprecedented num
ber of these 11,533 went to the
polls and voted: Candler, 7 821; his
opponent 3,712; that is hoy they vot
Only one of the ten city wards did
Candler fail to carry; it was a "land
slide" the like of which Atlanta never
before had seen. It was an h therto
unheard of triumph for sound bus
iness over sounding brass.
Asa G. Candler, being the only nom
inee, will be elected mayor of Atlan
ta and -assume office January 1, 1917
He has made only one promise to the
people, and declares he will make no
more. That promise is this: "As
chief executive of thus corporation
I shall apply the same energy, the
same thought, the same business judg
ment and the same care to it that I
calls more people by their first name
han does any other man m Atlanta
and likes to be called 'Asa."
He has worked hard all of his life.
never turned a crooked deai;""and has
done and still does big things.
Columbia State.
Paris and Winston-Salem, North
Carolina! How far apart they are,
and with so little in common, and
yet what sad news had the one for
the other, when, the other dav. a
cablegram was received by a mother
in that .North Carolina town announc-!
mg that her aviator son had been
killed in the clouds above Alsace,
wh le fighting for France. Another
instance, that the sight of a mother
mourning the death of her son is not
confined to the countries of Europe
or even to those that are engaged in
the war.
Kiffen Rockwell was amone- the
first Americans to volunteer for ser
vice in France, antS whle servine-
gallantly with the American legion
was wounded and later transferred to
the flying corps, in which arm of ser
vice he was dest ned to distinguish
himself. It was only recently that
he was presented with a medal in
recognition of the bravery and skill
that had brought down four enemy
aeroplanes. He met his death, was
fighting without the flattering knowl
edge that a few hours previously he
had been promoted to the rank of
second lieutenant.
That young Rockwell, who was liv
ing in Atlanta at the beginning of
the war and was but 24 years of age
when he met his death, was fight
ng for a country not his own and
da ly risking his life in the most
per'lous branch of the service
heightens the honor that he achieved
'and intensifies the tlragedy of his
death. " If it is a generous spirit
of adventure that leads a man to
leave his home and country and give
h s services to the defense of a foreign
nd, to fight bravely as one in the
ranks, and after being wounded, to
engaged in the st'll more dangerous
work r. the cloude it is a spirit that
compels one's admiration.
8he aviator's mother, who was in
Winston-Salem at the time of his
death, only a short while before the
cablegram had received a letter from
her son, in wh'ch he said that he was
soon to be sent to a more active sec
t on of the war zone. That it was
also a theatre of the fighting where
tne danger was proportionately as
great is revealed by the news that
followed so closly upon h"s final let
ter. But such is the toli of war, and
to war it made no difference that
young Rockwell had not been born
and reared in France.
Fall Coat Suits $10.00 to $27.50
Seperato Coats, $5.00 to $30.00
Childrens Coats $1.50 to $12.50
Bradleys Sweaters $1.00 to $8.00
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Serge Dresses $6.50 to $18.00
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Centemeri Gloves $1.00 to $2.00
Gordons Silk Hosiery 50c to $1.50
Plain and fancy ribbons lc to 39c
New Woolens 50c to . $2.00
Pine Tree S Iks 50c to $1.75
Gold and Silver Trimming 1 76c
"New Silk Braids 10c to 60c
New Uubrellas $1.00 to $5.00
New Pearl and Trimming buttons, laces, cords, Fur Trimmings,
Fancy Elastics and hundreds of other items.
It will pay you to pay us a visit.
"The Ladies Store
(By Associated Press)
Belfast, Ireland, Sept. 27. Belfast
is preparing for a boom in shipbuild-!
ing after the war. Harland and
Wolff's have just leased from the
Harbor board forty-one acres of ad
ditional land at a cost of 2,500
pounds a year. Workman and Clark's
are also increasing their shipbu lding
ships. The congestion of building on
the Clyde has also led to applications
to the harbor board for accommoda
tion in Belfast.
T. Exchange 15c.
Eighth Grade Snyder's General
Science. Exchange 65c. Smith's
Latin Lessons. Exchange 60c.
9 26 2t.
Address all letters to members of
the Hickory company to El Paso,
Texas, in future.
Capt. Geo. L. Lyerly in a letter to
the Record today said the brigade
would be moving out Thursday after,
noon and would be on the road five
days. The mail should be addressed
in this way,
Mr. Richard Roe,
Co. A, 1st N. C. Inf.,
El Paso, Texas,
Bids will be received by the City
Council of Hickory, N. C, until 7:30
p. m. Tuesday, Oct. 10, for the erection
and completion of a School Building
in the City of Hickory, N. C, ac
cording to plans and specifications
prepared by J. J. Baldwin, ArcWetct,
Anderson, S. C.
The building will be of brick, com
position roof, slate blackboards, etc.
Contractors wishing to bid on the
work will find plans and specification
on file in the City Manager's offiee
in Hickory, N. C, or in the Archi
tect's office, Anderson, S. C. Indi
vidual copies may be procurejd by
contractors wishing to bid by depos
iting with the Architect $10.00 to
assure the EHfe return of the plans
and specifications and that a bid will
be submitted. When plans and
specifications are returned, to the
architect and a bid is submitted the
to insure its prompt del very. Per
sons who, read this will please notify j deposit will be returned tc the con
relatives and friends of members of t tractor. The successful contractor
the Hickory company.
The following changes have been
made in the text-books for the pe
riod beginning Monday, October 2,
and patrons are requested to govern
themselves accordingly:
First Grade Free and Tredwell's
Second Reader. Exchange, 16c.
Third Grade Free and Tredwell's
Th rd Reader. Exchange, 18c.
Fourth Grade Practiclal EngKsh,
Book 1. Exchange 15c.
Fifth Grade Practical English,
will be required to g ve bond in some
solvent Surety Company in the amount
of 50 perc ent of the contract price
to guarantee a faithful performance
of hie contract. A certified check
for $500.00 must accompany each
b'd as an evidence of good faith that
'the contactor wi!3 enter a safcir.
factory contfaet and give at hlj ex
pense the above stated bond.
The City Council reserves tht
right to reject any and all bids.
Th s Sept. 21, 1916.
City Manager
J. J. BALDWIN, Architect,
9 21 lOt Anderson, S. C.
Miss Hight Hostefisl
Miss Mabel Right was hostess to
the Youny Ladies Aid Society of the
First Methodist church Tuesday ev
ening from 7:30 to 10:30.
After the business meeting the
hostess introduced a telephone contest
the reading of which afforded much
Delightful refresunentSs were
served. ,
All who were present feel indebted I
to the hostess for a most enjoyable
Our Fall Display of
New Ready-to-wear
and fine millinery is ready for your inspection.
See us before buying. Our prices are lower.
If your ambftion has left you, yourhave a3wys applied to every other
happiness has gone forever unless corporation over wnicn i nave oeen
"kk '"r , r tt- -i caLed to nreside. What, nm T era.
you take advantage oi i cKory urug - , . -; - - 0-
Co '3. magmncent oner to reiuna , , r"
your monly on the first box purchas- don't know what's go ng to need do
ed if Wendell's Ambition Pills do not 1 aAm f todo my best; that's
vrmr ent r system in fine condi- "" . " wiuw
tion and give you the energy and vfg- a.s ie people of Atlanta do, that
or you hive lost. s,mple, straightforward brief prom-
Be ambitions, be strong. De vigor- 'V 7 ii
ous. Bring xne ruaay giow oi neami -
!;o your cheeks ana tne ngnc sparxie V """ ""
that denotes perfect manhood and lanta. As a boy he came to Atlanta
womanhood to your eyes. a got a job washing bottles and,
Wendell's Ambition Pills, the great rolling pills m an apothecary shop
nerve tonic, can'e be beat for that at io a moncn, sleeping in tne rear.
tired feeling, nervous troubles poor i uw1"ul a .tK ""Si
blood, headaches, neuralgia, trem- on a little heating stove About 25 ,
bling. nervous prostrfcit on, i mental years ago he procured the formula j
depression, loss of appetite and kid- for a temperance beverage, foresaw
ney or liver complaint. its future possibilities and exploited j
In two days you will feel better, in it; ana n maue mm ncu. xiC ,
a week you will feel fine, and after president of one of the foremost banks ;
Cleaned; Pressed,
hakine one box you will have your in Georgia, and few banks in the state
old-time confidence and ambition. but feel his influence. Also ne is a . Altered
Be sure and get a 5 cent box to- known almost as well on Wad Street wo8 Aiierea.
day and get out of the rut. Kemem- as on Peachtree street. tie nas
u tTi -i,-.. nmy c.n anil AcnXfTn huilt and owns sky-scrapers, sever-
everywhere are authorized to guara- al here and one m New York. l;
tee thm. Mail orders filled, charges! is president of a railroad in Alabama; nifV DDUCCIWr TI I1B
prepaid by The Wendell Pharmlcal head of one of the greatest cotton J f flAlllHl- LLUD
Camnatur. inc. syracure, in, i . whwouiw umpi.wwn m w wvv,
School Books and Supplies.
All School Books will be Cash to
Everybody this Year.
We carry a full line of pencils, tablets, book bags,
rulers, inks and all supplies for the school.
Come in and look them over.
Meet mefat the Book Store.
Dyed and Repaired
See Us for Good Printing

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