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ckory Daily
VOL. II. NO. .'It
Price Two Cents
Capital City Filling With Visitors White Way
Operated for First Time Saturday Night
Good Roads Program for Wednesday
Other Events.
(i.y Associated Press.)
Kaleigh Oct. 16 Trains arriving
lie re- Unlay brought hundreds f
North Carolinians Vvho came to Ral
eigh for the State Fair which begins
tomorrow. The hotels were ehowded
and homes were being opened to visi
tors arriving on early trains.
Raleigh's "white way," put into
operation for the first time Satur
day night added to the beauty of the
streets. It was expected that the
streets will be almost impassable on
the nights of fair week.
The fair will be officially opened
tomorrow at noon by Governor Craig
who will visit th
(By Associated Press.)
Washington. Oct. 16. Reduction
(By Associated Press.)
Paducah, Ky., Oct. 16. Two
(By Associated Press)
Hastings, Neb., Oct. 16. Chas.
in the size of Sunday newspapers as groes were lynched here today and Hughes today told a crowd of far-
a means of conserving the news print their bodies burned. One was charg- :Tiei:? here that the Democratic ad
!.,.. , ... , , . . , ., , ministration had ignored the agri
paper supply of the country and pos- ed with attacking a wmte woman and caitural interests of the country in
sibly preventing the suspension of the other accused of voicing approv- passing the Adamson law. - The
smaller newspapers was recommen- al of his action. One was taken nominee cited a telegram from Pres-
ih'ii in a lottov toit.,, iw v, -fiv.i fvnm tVia r.nnntw iaii and tVia tnor ident Pope of the Texas Farmers'
... w W VV. VVVtCl Jf fcJf lilt CI 1 J. kUV WW V J J V11V V WIVi jL TJ J j T . n
seized on the street. Follow-
Union to President Wilson request-
T - Mrfcei ru,,un" ing that the farmers be permitted to
publishers m the United States. j ed by several thousand persons, the submit data in arbitrating the dis-
The letter says that in view of the negroes were taken to the home of pate,
scarcity of print paper the commis-jthe woman two miles away. While' '"No regard was paid to that mes
sion has conferred with a number of one of them was presented to her for 'S"we Jorexcept'tilJoSS
prominent publishers wTith a view to , identification, the other was taken to the presence of the representatives of
reducing consumption and that these 'a tree, a noose stretched to his neck, the people in congress and those rep
have promised to aid. j thrown over a tree and an automo-. resentatives were asked to abdicate
"The paper saved by cutting down 'bile hitched to the other end. As hf.ir authority, and these represen
. , 1 , I tatives enacted into law without m
tne size of one large Sunday edition, j soon as the other negro was iden-1 qu;ry cf jts justice a wage bill
several apges, would be sufficient to tified, he met the same fate. Both amounting to millions of dollars, sug-
Muscovites Apply Pressure on Teutons Near
Point , Where Rumanians Give Ground
French and British Continue Progress
on Their Fronts.
Although passenger trains are not
( t i i I i I 1 1. 1. I
fair with ollicers ! umluly crowueu inese nays, ine iiiovtr-
i , , 1 ment or ire gru is me greatest in
under the escort of the Rotary Club. the history of railroads in this sec
The afternoon program calls forltjon. For some time 'Che. Soufh-
keep a number of smaller papers were burned.
supplied for a considerable time," the
commission wrote.
i i
races ami mo iree
fair association.
attractions bv the Urn has been using two dispaccners
here and at other points at night
4VA. 1 (. f win in Vlf, V,.
it I, 'ii i i , . jtnii ivi i just in ii r mi j
ednesda will be good roads and , f rtfijJ.ht lrains appareItly have the'
Wake 'county day, the event begin-j right of way.
ning with a floral parade and ending1 Passengers are wont to complain
at the fair grounds. ! when the r trains run late, but they,
. ... ... . , 4 . are not doing it these days. All the.
Leonard l ufts. presulent of the j roli:ntf st()t.k nf the raiiroada is em
fair associatii'ii ; l)r. Joseph Hyde j ployed, freight trains are moving
Pratt and A. L. Brooks, nresident. nf night and day, and patrons of the
i... i' i i i . i roads realize that the movinir
I t' lfl I'l' n I 111 1'I11 I) MIT I I - t -
. . .... freight is more important than the ms supporters should speak for him
merce. and others make addres- j ma;;U; f schedule by passenjV-r during a conference here today with
trains. These are runn ng late day wnson volunteers headed by Amos
and night. 1 mchot, who will address railroad
(By Associated Press.)
Long Branch. Oct. 16. President
of Wilson gave special directions now
SOS. ,
At ! o'clock Wednesday night un
der the auspices of the Raleigh
chamber of commerce will be held
the annual ball. Thursday will be
Raleigh day.
The annual meeting of the asso
ciation will be held Wednesday night.
Friday will bo children's day and
the officers of the fair plan to make
the day notable.
Tnkio, Ovt. 16, Admission was
:i'le at the foreign oflice that the
p:mese govertwnent had institut-
in iniuiry into the irrantinc ofiTu
.. ..:.' . .1 . . . . .
a concession ior me reconstruction
of part of the (irand Canal in Shan
luf! province to the Siems-Carey
t'otiipany of St. Paul. .Minn.
.Japanese olf'cials declared no pro-ti-is
had yet been lodged by Japan
with the Chinese government against
the American railroad project, but
would not discuss the future action
of the government.
Nothing like the present business men for the president
was ever witnessed in North Caro-
l;na. an( it is not confined to this SENATOR OLLIE JAMES
state. All over the country crops PREDICTS BIG VICTORY
I ;ire b!ng moved, and it is almost
' imposs ble to secure cars and engines Long Branch, N. J., Oct. 16. It is
j for moving coal. Nearly everybody expected that some time next week
realizes th's fact, and as a rule no President Wilson will discuss the Ger-
kicking is being done because passen- an situation with James W. Gerard
ger engines are carry'ng long strings ambassador to Germany but no en-!
of coaches and running late. gagement has been made.
, The president read carefully the
P.EREAN CLASS i,fil.theTTene"t?1 allies of the pro-j
test of the United States on interfere;
Op thQ (.nrnllment of 20 nunils of ence wth American mails, but no;
the Berean class of the F'rst Baptist comment was forthcoming from the
Kir Mr r w summer white house. He receiver!
Ellington, 16 were present yesterday, a telegram from Senator Ollie James,
treasurer, Bethea Hamilton, re- "aa ucc" taiupaigning in tna
signed as he was not able to artnr;. " luu wl. predicting a victory tor
and Jessie Rhodes was elected. The Mr. Wjlson.
officers are: Paul Stevenson, presi- bt Louis Day' which was to have
dent; Worland Eaton, vice-president; bee observed here Tuesday, has been
Fred Ph'.llips, secretary; William cancelled. At the same time more
Wootten, assistant secretary; Jessie elaborate arrangements, are being
Rhodes, treasurer. Thomas Ham'l- ma(le fr the president's trip to Chi-
;on, Jr., class reporter. Young men "Ko this week. He will leave here
between the ages of 15 and 20 -years Wednesday and was to have delivered
are invited to be present. , 0"Iy ne speech, but it now is prob-
: able he will make more speeches in
PRESIDENT WILL MAKE t?? Participate in other en-
y.co ithjuii s uirmuay
Chicago. 111.. Oct. 16 President
Wilson will deliver three addresses
first public appearance will be at the mond anrl Platinum brooch.
Press Club of Chicago, where he will
I be entertained at luncheon. In the
' afternoon he will address a non-par-Itisan
mass meeting of women at the
Auditorium, and in the evening will
speak at the third annual meeting
(of the New Citizens Allegiance Asso
i elation at Dexter Pavilion, Union
'Stock Yards.
(By Associated Press.)
(Paducah, Ky., Oct. 16. A mob
formed at the jail here today and de
manded a negro charged with an at
tack upon a white woman at her ,
home on the outskirts of the city 1
Friday. Police reserves were call
ed out and the county officers plead
ed with the mob.
The mob refused to listen and broke
into the jail. All the prisoners pre-
viously had been locked in steel cages. '
The keys were taken from the jail-'
er, however, and Brack Henly, one
of the prisoners, was marched out
of the jail and taken to the wo
man's home for identification. All
the saloons were ordered cjpsed.
gesting that there would be an in
crease of freight rates to pay the
"I am opposed to that sort of gov
ernment which can have any regai'd
or can be deemed to have any regard
for communities like this."
(By Associated Press.)
Lincoln Neb., Oct. 16 Chas. E.
Hughes left Lincoln early today for
his second days' campaign in Ne
braska. The nominee spent Sunday
quietly here and received no callers
and appeared to be refreshed by his
rest. Tomorrow he will go into
(By Associated Press.)
New York, Oct. 16. In a wireless
message from the Danish steamship
Ilellig Olav received here today by
gent 3 ot the Scandinavian-Ameri
can l:ne, Captain Hoist, master of
the ship, stated that no submarine
lad been sighted during the voyage
so far. His message, dated 8 a. m.
Sunday, said:
'Have not seen any submarine.
Nothing true in the story."
Persons aboard the British steam
er Bovick reported that they had
seen the periscope ot a submarine
and that it seemed to be pursuing the
lelhg Olav.
and tonight a family birthday dinner
was held at Shadow Lawn. The
president gave Mrs. Wilson a dia-
(By Associated .Press.)
New York. Oct. 16. A shortage in
e.,al is in prospect for this city this ' lomorrow iueuay, ' -winter,
according to dealers, who thy last and final fhaptei of
.!., !are their stocks are being deplet-l th Game at he I ast
,.1. their shipments delayed and that I theatre. I on t fail to come to
the outlook is not bright.
Failure to receive the usual amount
f coal is attributed to the scarcity
'f labor at the mine and a scarcity
of cars, thel atter due to the move
ment of warmunitions and other
freight for export. The enormous
foreign trade is also blamed for the
l. I'. ........ h ...U;.U If iu u.ii.l tirnviilfint Oi
"mk" '' 1 less actress.
(By Associated Press.)
Washington, Oct. 16. The tropi-
Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will show cal disturbance this morning appar-
the ently was crossing the north portion
lme f the l ucatan peninsula moving
see northwest or north according to re
I ports to the weather bureau. It still
j is of marked character and shipping
in the Gulf of Mexico is yarned.
it. It will be good.
The fifteenth chapter of the Girl and
the Game tomorrow at the Past'me
theatre. This is the last chapter of
this great serial featuring Helen
Holmes that great pearless and tear-
Don t miss it.
Washington, Oct. 16. Navy offi
cials anticipate that American battle
ships authorized next year will be
'armed w'th A2 16-inch rifles as
against the eight 16-inch guns of the
DEVTH AT BAKERS MOUNTAIN ships for wdveh bids will be opened
..., rf Into Sun- uctooer zo. memoers oi me general
Atlantic City, N. J., Oct 16 Mem
bers of the Mexican-American joint
commission, who have been endeavor
ing for six weeks to effect a satis
factory adjustment of the internation
al problems growing out of the dis-
turbed conditions in Mexico, appeared
to have little hope that their work
(By Associated Press.) would be finished for at least another
London, Oct. 16 The entente al- week. Their conferences were re
lies have -foirially recognized the sued oda.y- . . . M
provisional government of Greece in thus far to satisfy the American re
the Island of Crete set up by for- presentatives that their government,
mer Premier Venizelos. i unassisted, can maintain such order
(along the border as will safeguard
NO OPINIONS TODAY llif?TanJ. Pr?Perty of Americans.
J L' Unofficial information reaching
T . v . , here indicated it was not inprobable
wv, t nVa ifi General Carranza's impatinece at the
Washington, Oct. 16 No opinions fflil,: f th American government
upon cases argued and under advise- to Withdraw General Pershing's
ment were given by- the supreme troops might cause him to send to
court today, its first opinion day since the stat.e department at any time a
Summer recess. co.nmumc.uon mt vvuum SivC tiic
conference a new aspect.
Mr. E. G. Underwood. suDerinten-
dent of the Cone estate at Blowing
Rock, passed through Hickory today
en route to Rale'gh to place some
apples at the State Fair.
(By Associated Press.)
Berlin, Oct. 16. .Seventy-four aero
planes of which 21 were French and
53 British were shot down by the
" 'Germans during September, accord-
ing to an exact list compiled here and
at Lenoir College Hven out by the Overseas News
The students
who are Republican in sympathy, met AAru,v
Q,1.. A ;j r ui: n.ciy
club. J. C. Abernethy was elected
president, Miss Rhodes vice president,
Mr. Sigmon secretary. The club has
T" i XT T r4- 1 d T?.i'rt
,.T 4- an i nf i rnncioa, im. j-, uu. xj.
-ZjJ:"!?..:?!. Brunnow. a freshman in Princeton
till nixz laiiiuiaiv v a iuv uiu
ittttT'Tfttt t mi t ! i ii i Tin was 17 years old and is believed to
iMimHiiiiiitiitwiiwHiHWi , - . i j- ru;i
nave coniracieu tiie uiseasc m j. mi
ap" University.' died of infantile paralysis
in the infirmary of the university. He
TO RUN S.000 MILES ay at' her hcme at Bakers Mountain, board are said to be in favor of rad
. ., , . . l. , and the uncral was held this after- A
in uie advertisement, oi uic '-- noon she is survived by her nus
bruted Ajax tires, sold by the Aber-i , j" ftn(1 severai ciose relatives,
ncthy Hardware Company, it was! ,
stated in Ii r letters that the tires
battle ships in order that the 50 per
cent, increase in gun power may be
To carry 12 16-inch rifles it has
been rouehlv esJ'mated that the
: r,- 'mi.' r:iiM. A Nil THE
were guaranied to run :mt mues. in is " GAME TOMORROW
was an error that everybody noticed, " , . . ,,
of course. Th. guarantee .! for Tomorrow, Tuesday, the last and
f thd final chanter of the UiTl and me
advertisement stated. The correc-! fJame," will be shown at the Pastime -to be laid down next year
will misunderstand ' jgood. down, in all probability before 1918
(By Associated Press.)
Chicago, Oct. 16 Lightness of
ships would require a displacement u,,,,, an alcri a,a a uio. a-.
.f PT?yy 38'000 ?"? a ag?u?f i crease of wheat on ocean passage. Football scores Saturday furnish
the M,uuu tonnage oi me iour snips , nn.niT1J. h whirh rane.ed fm nnt. nlt.houe-h the close score
ai-4- iroOT. "hO tl VCt I O - . i, ., i-- , a .
mi t' j. ;
i ne nrsi i - ",-.. .... . . m - t . j
a:. ..,;ii un . . :."-'-. r, , J!trom a nan to a cent nigner witn nf 9 to 0 m the ueoreia lecn-oaviu
von i miss fc - of the larger snips win not oe u... . - - - followed " - a nnRtei foiiowers of the
Great Crowds Visit Fair
Grounds Winners of
Prizes to Receive All
fMrs. E. A. Taylor has returned af
ter spending, the summer in Blowing
by a setback and then a reaction.
All day yesterday crowds of peo
ple visited the new fair grounds, and
several people said that if there had
been an entrance fee charged there
would have been enough gate receipts
to puy off all the premiums. Ihe
managers of the fair are very grat
ified at the interest shown, and
everything points to a most success
ful event in fact, the best in the long
history of Hickory's fairs.
The football teams at Lenoir Col
lege are getting down to brass tacks.
The Freshies are singing a little
song of condolence over the defeat
of the Varsity team, and the varsi
ties swear by all the gods that they
will wipe up the earth with the t resn
ies. They are both good teams, and
all we can do is to wish that the
best team wins.
October 17.35
. December 17.62
Mr E. Bryan Jones is superintend- L , Jfnutry Win
the finishing touch to the grounds Rev. W. N. Cook, who for the past March 17.67
ng me nnisrjii.h wum ...... thfl.Mnv 17.79
illLVl mi"." - iiiv j , , t i -
nas juiy
sport to turn the'r eyes toward the
Presbyterians. The writer rather ex-
Davidson to lose by 21 points
notwithstanding the crushing defeat
(By Associated Press.) administered to A. and M. a weeK
the manner in wh.ch Loach
market, showed renewed strength Fetzelr's dharges played tjie heavy
early today with allN the active Atlanta team was a gratify.ng sur
months making new hisih erounds for Drise. Interest m the Carol na Dav
the movement.
The market closed
fr -whom it was created.
. .. uJri.fJi umri.- nf orirani;!- West Hickory Baptist church,
;nir the committees on amusements resigned, and Rev. L. P. bmith ot
races etc Granite Falls has been called. Mr.
Bdiv McComb is home on a vaca- Smith, who studied law at Trinity
tion and will take off his coat to College and has his license, probably
make the fair a howling success. will accept. ,
The managers of the fair request, Mr. Cook is an indefatigable work-
the Record to correct a false impres- e-, is popular in the community and
sion that some have, that a certain has won the admiration of his mem-
nereentiic of every premium will be bors. He has built the membership
Per-e?lrC. ;JJ fo This h of his church to. 50, and at the same
S oKcther wrong. This matter was time assisted in revival work at many
discussed at the directors' meeting, peaces Mr Cook has not decided.
, . , rrr tn To OW lie W.icre lie Will KU wui iic itco
liwv v .
men aga
-i-i-i- 17 q out a
j.i u-u
lidson game "to be playea at Winston
i Stil,. on November 11 already is
flinsp keen, and it is probable that thous
17.60 ands of fans will journey to the Twin
17.82 City for the event. The Carolina
i7r and Davidson management had as
1788 well nrenare for a financial killing,
17 99 because the crowd will be on hand.
18.05 Carolina Saturday ran true to form
v,o tramp against Harvard. The
I io,.ori naif a dozen reserve crition wh ch
; o.aint thP Tar Heels and eked hn'e ponle, irrespective
III H atiu- vm. : , -
(By Associated Press.)
Petrograd, Oct. 16 Heavy forces
of Russians have assumed the offen
sive in the southern Carpathians
near the junction of the Rumanian,
Transylvanian and Bukowinan boun
dary, the war office announced today.
Hard fighting continues in the Lem
berg district, without either side
making advances, says the statement,
which also reports strong attacks
further south.
(By Associated Press.)
Teutonic pressure continues against
the Rumanians along the Tranylva
nia front, according to the latest of
ficial reports, and at one point the
Rumanian forces have been driven
back well within their territory.
This crucial point for the Ruma
nians lies southwest of Vronstadt,
where they are making a determined
stand at Rucaru, some seven miles
south of the border. The Teutonic
thrust here is aimed in the direction
of Bucharest, which lies 75 miles
across the Rumanian plain, ten mile's
southwest of Rucaru.
jOn the Somme front in northern
France, the entente forces are con
tinuing their terific pressure.
The French last night after repul
sing German attacks on the position
won at Chaulnes south of the Somme,
attacked today north of the river. Ac
cording to Paris they pushed up to
the edge of the Bapaume road Re
newed fighting brought on by a Ger-
It has recently been the pleasure
of this writer to take a tramp across
the country Irom Yadk n Valley.
where hen ow lives to the bustling
and busy city of Hickorv, his old
home, and in making this tramp many
nteresting and instructive lessons
ere learned. It you have never
taken such a trip, you have missed
much, and the sooner you do the bet- i ln"n counter-attacks resulted in the
tfr and the r Cher VOll Will be 'n i rpnnlsp nf th fArmanw ivitn noavu
-isdrm and live for the things that;Ios3es. Paris savs.
ar pure and natural. ,
The wrto left his home on the 18th I ljast mgnt tne Germans made a
Sontember and leisurely made h's i strong attack on the new British
-ay to Orairte Falls, where he snent j Schwaben fortifications. They were
he night and enjoyed that old fash- i,n.tm hv ,wrj; t T.on.inn
. but true hospitality, which is' T ,T , . . . ,
- of the richest legacies that was 1
'ft us the grand old Pioneer Set-nave resumed their strong offensive
ers of this country and on the next! south of Monastir. On the line of
::ay, he landed in Hickory to aga n stnma on tbn TVTar-odoninn front
mingie witn nis nost ot ir.enas, and
kins people.
As the writer journeyed alon" on
this tramp he metm anyp eonle. both
men and women, and always found
them courteous and polite, and ready
to enter into conversation f'-nd al
ways semed glad to learn any news
ouchmg current objects of the day
I noticed that every one was always
eager to learn any war news, and
seemed grateful to know that this
ountry had been kept out of war.
nnd in this connection our grnt pr"-
'ieni came in for just rva se. for
h's efforts to avert the horrors of
,7ar overtaking this fair land of ours.
The women, I talked -'ith. wro a
mit for Wilson, and the wn'tr be
lieves vhat if the women could vote
n this election, that President W'lson
would get 95 per cent of this vite.
The mothers and wives of this coun
try do not want their sons and hus
the British has pushed their outpos-s
farther towards Demir-Hissar.
Capt. D. G. Coy, in charge of the
Volunteers of America, today receiv-
bands drawn into a war, unless up-jed a letter from Mr Otis Mouse.-,
on the stearnest necessity, and they j ,..-. nreaident of the Stoneira Coke
are Praline the man who has so ; and Coal Copany of Big Stone Gap,
handled the delicate situation between . Va advisinj? him that a ear load of
this country and foreign powers as to- , nafl hppn sent to h m here. Mr.
keep us out of war. and I may addjMouser had just learned that Captain
this s particularly true of our noble j Coy had been transferred to Hick-
uuiiLi wuiiitMi ; and the Rif.t of a-carload of coal
You may take your automob le was his greetrng
rips, your joy rides with almost I Vnr fhrpp VPa"rB ATr. Mouser has
1'ffhtn.ing speed over the country, but!been makinff the Volunteers a pres
ff ive me a quiet and leisurely tramp . ent of this kind Captain Coy inter-
mrough the country, where i meetestjnK the big dealer in the work in
the people and can talk with them j Tennessee. Naturally the local
md lenrn rf them, and enter with;jeader f good.
them into the simple, but real joys! Captain Coy said this coal would
oi tneir lives.
T have enjoyed my stay with
you friends and k'ndred, but as good
c-'tv a city as you have, and as
Vndly as I have been treated, I must
cave you to return to the joys ot
my country surroundings.
be stored away and distributed among
the needy during the winter.
Raleigh Times.
(By Associated Press.)
Headquarters of the Italian army,
Oct. 16. The uniform of the Italian
! army is said to be both the ugliest
land the least visible of any worn in
Europe. "Its wearer dosen't even
! wi r n n fVlO I f1T 99 CO A fY T CltnV TP-
This year's University Day marked ;cently among the party cf American
the 123rd anniversary of the open-. offic als lhat accompanied Ambassador
njr of the institution oen of the very;Thomag Nelson Pa?e to the front,
earliest examples of the applied prm- The coJor ig officialy described as
c'ple of the duty of the state to edu-! n An Engiishman tried
cate the youth as the chief invest- tQ CQ 'his i(ea nf it as follows:
ment m its furtures trength and;iTake SQme bJue NHe mud rub in
greatiness ! Tefulfy twopo und; cf sHp (rat
During the century and a quarter , paintra roan horse with the
of its life the university has been . qq sition and theny ou will un
a vital force that not even the dis-, derstand why the Austrians can't
aster of . war and reconstruction couid I th Itaian sod;ers in broad day.
xtirpatf. Ic has servived a.tacKS . fif. d
from wthout and witmn. it nas; -The colo .as a
neen nersecuLeu oy m veiy c-ji.ib; a ocnonTnlKr for hsp
l- lina i- -
The color was adopted ten years
in mountain
f:ght'ng, as in the case of the Tri-
lved and .grown and nounsnea, , - Tfol-
largely of ts own inherent power as cd t take t in Afrlcan desert
-xnressea m rne iaim wun wn:cn f ; htin as in thec ast of the
it has endowed its sons.
t i-. . . i i c at tt '
m tn? last lew years une uuin-: Thr T'.nlian armv was afnonrr the
pi'v has come into its place as a prac-; - . vv,o1,Q te v...
It did not
select, frr instance, the horizonfcol-
; poli war.
UIUCIV ian i,iv- .. , .. jl 1 - ! ")
tt j i ii t a i ritiTT ot rnp pfiiifai.ionMi cijii- . ... i
game against naivaru. xuc , r v- r.r r - . ...raon ot uniorm colors
CUJie- A -r .1 4-.1 4l
Wheat $1.60
but it was
example of
make this a rule,
North Carolina:
21-to-0 victory, which was ex- ffax- rrain.nB. n f"'"Vyar ago by the French because while
pected What is more important v,m nj un ui 'v .h s :s the visible on roads and plains
than the close score is the fact that Tn tha best sense, it has been popu-; nf a flatfopen countl-y, it would not
Carol'na held Harvard down on "y A."f , , . A v. 'do well in. the rains and muds and
time on tne 1-1 mpai uu w.y - ' -monr threes of them ountams.
tne university remans tne,
most neglected institu-i -T XTTTW
; v,Q ca inn lOAiuni
t.UU III lli o uia
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of forward passes.
Virgin a defeated Kicnmonu
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ipP 21 to 0. The Virginians win vdMijf wu "'fi " . J , v, "
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Camera! y play Harvard turaay will 'ration of a movement to celebrate ! engagement at the Hub theatre to-
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hut to have an en- cora wisnrs me uesi i i"--- vv b V . . ? 1 x ri;v, on Thursday This uciocer 1., 100, wjui an cuuunmuii, uni,
tries absolutely free, and the win- mm ana , Bn . - JuAt to be a good game. ' ieast W,. '
Popular prices, 15 and 25
ners get all of their premiums

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