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State Library
II. NO. 72
Price Two Cents
Two Jaws Enveloping Ferdinand's Armies and
Slowly Forcing Them to Surrender Berlin
Reports Successes Every where Little
Fighting on Other Fronts.
A' pi
Huo! :
(lly Associated Press.)
''r.c prm-t'sf of squeezing Rumania
'tween the jaws of the Teutonic
Military machine is proceeding with
notable rapidity. Pushing eastward
General von Falkenhayn's troops
have broken Uumania's resistance in
the Alt anil supposedly have turned
tl-is supposedly strong line of de
f.;i".' to western Rumania, to which
the Rumanians have retreated.
LVnrim'iu'y Field Marshal
Mackensen, oerating the other
i f the nut-cracker, has forced
I'auiil'v at Zimlitska giving him a
fui'ting on Rumanian soil :'," mi'es in
There was a meeting of district (By Associateu tress.)
No. 3 of the North Carolina Library Athens, Greece, Friday, Nov. 24
Association at Charlotte Nov. 22. This via London. Nov. 25. The entente al
district is composed of the towns in y h deiivered an utimatum
tne nearDy vicinity 01 Charlotte, miss . . , r ,T . rr-a-
Mary B. Palmer, president of North Gre2ce requiring delivery of Greek
Carolina Library Association and Li- arms and guns which was demanded
brarian at the Carnegie Library of recently.
Charlotte presided over the meeting. The uitimatum which comes frox.
ivjiss iviinnie ijeatnerman, secretary
of the North Carolina Library Com
the commander of .the allied squad
Gastonia, Nov. 25 Following a
brief but pointed talk on the parable
of the soiver by Bishop Kilgo, who is
t -presiding over the Western North :
Carolina coirenunce iiexe, Lr.au uouy .
got down to hard work yesterday and
dispatched a large amount cf busin
ess, i
!Ten new men were admitted into
the conference on trial. They were
T. J. Huggins, J. Lafayette Smith,
Aged Citizen Stepped in front of Carl Wagoner's
Below Conover This Afternoon and
Fatally Injured Tragedy Said to
Be Accident.
r crd
mission, was present. The meetings ron, while allowing only a short pe- Ed.- Love Kirk, Thomas F. Higgin
were held in the Carnegie Library, riod in which the arms now in Athens
Library problems were discussed and are to be surrendered, declares wil-
a report of the progress of each li-L. , . , -
brarv represented was eiven. W6llmss to Srant a loner time m
had to report that the biggest problem Macedonia and Thessaly.
of the Hickory library was the lack j The shortest time alloted is
ot interest or the townspeople in
its progress. We were glad to report
, that the town council was doing all it
: could conscientioisly and that the
town paper gave us hearty support.
I When the report from Hickory was
lesterday atternoon at wew jeru- riven the fact, was discovered that
the admiral declares he will take
measures to secure compliance, pro
gressing in severity if the delay in-
! 1 A' - Al A.l.l . . ....
i --ir of V-v Ut line which touch- suiem congregation mere assemoieu Hickory was the only town represent- CICaoca
', ' , " ,". , ' ' -.i , between tifty-live and sixty delegates cd that did not have a Woman's Club. The
-i i: a' i vii arv .'i .ik ui nil' liiuii
ing at Zinilitska also places Von Meek
ciison but TO miles from Bucharest.
On the northern end of the
representing twelve of the Luther .The Woman's clubs of the other
Leagues of western North Carolina; towns seemed to be their mainstay,
also the Lutheran ministers, and a Miss Leatherman said she could not
large number of friends and visitors, understand why Hickory did not try
This convention is the biggest, best for a Carnegie Library. She said
and most enthusiastic in the history the Library commission would be e-lad
resignation of the cabinet
considered imminent.
line futther inroads on the Ru-
i i:i:ii:ui defensive have been effected, of tho district league
ii. hi ding to Berlin, which records
a1 c.ii'iiMfil lrilln.vna HPV
thc uipiu.v i.i a. dro on i.Wilat shouid be the scope a Carnegie library, so why can't we?
iiuDurmi iiuuin- u v- of Luther League Work?" The We who
M lenient here. convention unanimously endorsed Mr
William Lee Scott, Joseph M. Greene,
Samuel P. Mauldin, Houston G. Al
len, B. C. Revis, John C. Umberger.
In an executive session at the First
Presbyterian church in the afternoon
4g;the investigation committee, appoint
or TlinvooiT r AT Tnl-,,
, A j, 1 A. " 1 AllUiOAUV W 11 V A J . iVJ.. (J CA Ta O 1 1 ,
hours and the longest is one week. j charffed by Presiding Elder Mann of
Unless the demand is complied with; the Charlotte district with misconduct
began its hearing. Jackson was not
preser. l, ris whereabouts not being i
made public. Rev. D. M. Litaker of
Lenoir was appointed to look after
the defense, while Rev. A. W. Plyler
is was cnosen to conduct the prosecu
tion. Rev. Dr. E. L. Bain is presid
ing, representing the hishop in the
(Rev. C. M. Pickens, for hospital
committee, made a report in which the
committee recommended that the
One feature of the afternon session
was Mr. Glenn Fry's splendid ad-
to render any assistance in its power
;nd urged that we take up the matter.
Other towns smaller than ours support
.port the repui
t.'iimanian force.
The Rumanians operating in
Arniva region evidently have re
Mvitel into the mountains, as Ber
lin reports Rumanian battalions there
i it nil' from the main army. They
still making stubborn res. .stance
represented the Hickorv
library were sorry to report first that
we had no Woman's club to back us
:p. Second, that the different or
ganizations of the town did not lend
I At the morning session today, the us very hearty support, and most im-'
the following o(F.cers were elected: Presi- portant of all that the towsnpeople'
On the Moldavia frontier, the Oer- ''O's speech and sent it to the Lu
...ww report the repulse of a Russo- Church V 1Sllor for Pubhca
dent, J E. Sigmon, Newton; vice- as a whole were not interested. We
p-? -;d-it, C. H. Reitzel, Newton; re- hope by next year to be able to report
ixt.lir.g secretary Ewart Huffman, ;hat this is changed and also that
Lickciy; corresponding secretary, efforts are being made toward a Car-
(By Associated Press)
New ... York, Nov. 25 One of the
largest crowds that ever attended an
athletic event in this city was on
hand for the Army-Navy game at
the Polo Grounds this afternoon.
President Wilson was unable to be
present, but members of his cabinet
conference establish a hospital. The ana L?xner mg.n T' m aaamon
hospital is to be under the direction ! LU c,
of the Methodist church and would i onphfu , . , u . ,
be located in the city which offered! ?ht teams spent last night at lo
the best inducements. Rev. C. W. ! SS1 el-s -Tnwo battal10"s JTom
Byrd, of Greensboro, followed Mr.jf Point' 750 mfn a.nd the
Pickens with a plea for the erection 01 the. p?st: exp.!ct to reacl1 the
of a hosnitnl nnPtpH hv Mn, grounds oeiore tne game to give an
1 .it. according to Berlin, have no
dist church
D. B. Coltrane of Concord made a
report as to the condition of the
I North Carolina Christian Advocate.
He stated that the paper at the pres
exhibition drill before taking their
seats. Four battalions from Annap
olis and 400 officers from the Atlan
tic fleet were present.
Secretary -of War Baker will head
(By Associated
Kinston, N
c-3 r i. i 1 1 i i
jent time was in a fairly good financial i in1e.1llsI naD,eVf, nn siana,
UcrWt altiMgh it would be j aie AS?et&Ii: ,f th? Nvy Baels
C Mnv 7 9k the grand necessary to secure at least 2,000 -V
O., JNOV. zo. tne granu ei,c,;f; : j a ' Aside from the spectacular interest
;.nss i.o'ii?e nine, winston-baiem; negie library.
tre-ijurtrj Miss Willie Costner, Lin- The Hickory library will not be
ee.nton. opened until Friday, Dec. 1. New
After the business session Rev. W. honks nnH m-CA.inPS Vi-vp hoon nh-
h,r resources Dill tO Surrender Or R Mnrrnv nrpnphp a aprmnn on fninorl MomWo ar-a io.,! rt I
I ' . ' . V . """"' A..l..UAO AAA UAf,". W YIO" " - . . . , , "
cut to pieces. i "Sowing Wild Oats," I'rov. 28, 8, to it the library in its new quarters ' ticiDated in the lynching of Joseph , 7" tne ivietnouist Ji.pi
sermon over Miss Mary Roseboroueh's store, i ramt "'"'i. L1 e xuecnoaistpisc
Mrs. J. W. Elliott, president Hick
ory Library Association.
.Lillian Field, Librarian.
T J. -C - - 1 .1 X
jury in uupim county us wn ""tinue publication at the same sub
scription price.
A resolution wsa adopted indorsing
hnd a true bill against Sam Stokes
M -i l JV i ' . ,
a iarmer cnargea witn navmg par
reports r inner progress Tor
Following this
urn J r cil a H T a A tin! a S i 1 1 tm r f
Italians we?t of Monast.r, b-t Newton. fhen was spread a pic-a-vii)
-ii' t gnfr.i!ly that operations n;c dinner at the church,
i :.e been slowed up bv fog and rain. Motion was made and carried that
::, rlin dc.larV the Italians have been 4tho Htrict league make an effort
, , , it 0 , . to raise its share of the Jubilee Fund,
.. p.jWJ and tnat the Serbians are by collecting from each league a sum
I t! 1 in check. of 2."c per member. This Jubilee
will be used for the extension of
Hi" pfTV'i'il statements from London fui.
Paris and Berlin agree in reporting
. uiit on the Franco-Belgian front.
Luther league work in America.
tiiacK, a negro, m ureen county, sev- paj cnUrch Soath and
eral months ago, according to wit- Protestant church
nesses returning from Kenansville.
Stock was held under $10,000 bond to
await the action of the grand jury in
Duplin county, !, to which county the
case was rerce'ved.
L i
(By Associated Press.)
San Antonio, Tex., Nov 25 With
in the last rive months the most com
plete medici'l organization known to
TV... T'nited States army has been de
veloped to care for the 150,000 state Hickory fans
.md tegular troops stationed at)
border points and in Mexico. these two men doing practically all
The system includes five base hos- 0f the offensive work. Hoover made
pitals, located at strategic points in f!Ve roa3 and Corpening one and two
the long stretch or border territory; foul goals. Mitchell, Shuford and
fight camp hospitals at other points (i Huffman did fine offensive work
..hue troops are stationed, a canton- f0P Hickory.
incnt hospital at Columbus, N. M., to ,Abcrncthy easily led both teams in
M'l've the force on duty in Mexico, the defense. die did not allow a
.in d I'ri ambulance companies and 41 sinTle goal to be thrown through
held hospitals distributed among him. C. Huffman also showed up
ti. ',rs in the He'd. well and the whole team showed the
The 1) m and camp hospitals afford result of their constant practice, us
ae ymn.ouation for a total of 4,(500 ing line team and individual plays,
uatic-nt: and have medical and surgi- The star of the game was Elwood
i"il facilities efpul to the finest hos- Mitchell. lie led all the men by
(By Associated Press)
The Lenoir high school team fell
in defeat, 20 to 11, before the Hick-
last night in one of the fastest and London, Nov. 25. The provisional
most closely played games of the government of Greece, formed by
season. The game was an interest- supporters of former Premier Veni
ing one throughout and was witness- 2elos haa formany declared war on
f .l uy a larjre iruiiu oi jueuoii aim
Bulgaria, says an Athens dispatch to
Hoover and Corpening easily London today.
were the stars for the visiting team, .
New York, Nov. 25 "The general J
prosperity of the country promises!
to make the coming Christmas .the
most commercially active the coun
try has ever known," says a plea
issued by express companies today.
"Although this crisis arises every
year as regularly as the holidays
come along, the notice reads, the
extraordinary transportation prob
tion as demanded by the commander
em makes the situation worse this ' of the aiecl fieet will be resisted.
"The railroads are already working
under pressure, but it is believed that
with the holiday season stretched over
the entire month of December rather
than if the entire Christmas move
ment is jammed into the week imme
diately preceding Christmas, the sit
uation can be hardened.
(Bjy Associated Press)
Bucharest, via London, Nov. 25.
The awr office announces that the ad
vance of the German troops which
l . , . .I U I A thll . . . , , r 11 n A tkn rmnnlt A. A f TC l I TIM I f 4 1 1 I 1 - 11 V M I 1 1 1 1 1 1 t I
'Ji'.alSi iNOi niOIR inuil .uui i. m'vuii Juima. inuoi ui .iiic uaia uc --
Is have been occupied at any one threw were from difficult positions, checked,
time' since the nation's militia thereby gaining for himself much ap-
-'length was called into the iederai piause trom tne lans.
service, but the room is available ini The game was cleanly played
cate f;f need. ' throughout, and although both sides
i .f thin iirrnv is the potential sustained many hard falls and
organization. A hospital train of knocks, neither team used a (siib-
t.-n Pullman cars, with a capacity, of stitute. '
::."( patients, has been placed in use: P.eferee C. Plonk. Linesman Ed
to transport patients trom tne camp loya.
to the base hospitals and from bass: ; . .
!;osi)itals to general military hospital:!! Mrs. H. Rickard, who was operated
in various narts of the country, should or. at Richard Baker Hospital yester- (Hy Associated Press)
campaign in Mexico be undertaken. d iy, is dome nicely. Mrs. H. L. Hall- ;Ne,wshoreham, R. I., Nov. 25. The
The- larger institutions are the vai-: n"in and iviascer iioyu ncrman 01 crew of the Newshoreham coast guard
Reed hospital at Washington. i. uicKory were opera iu on touay aim station went out today to the assis
. 1 1 11 . 1 : ... . I -m w
tance of the Merchants and Miners
steamer Powhatan, which signaled
thar she was on fire.
(By Associated Press)
Newport, R. I.. Nov. 25. A wire
less iriessage saying that fire on the
Powhatan was under control and that
assistance was not needed, was receiv-
the General Army and Navy hos- 'olh aro doing well
i) ta ut not Snrimrs. atk., ami in
f...: of sii TiVsinp si. . Houston, and l'ort uuss ana mucn
" About 1.200 beds are vacant :n smaller places at Laredo and a ftw
lo three hospitals at the present! other border points. Poetically the
iiirif Entire system of gase camp hospitals
rn'addition, a number of army posts! has been built since the call on the
Hve been selected for transformation ! National guard was made,
ir.to an-nernl hospitals in case of erner-; As a rssult of the scientific r.iethoas
rencv This list includes Fort Mc- adopted by the medical corps and the
I hi. rucin lit AtlHtita; Fort Otriethorpe, 1 steps taken
also in Georgia; Fort Benjanmic liar
to insure absolute sani-
A : ) , ! i. m inmna fVio hltT t'CWW
LULlOIl 1'' I'll.'-lll li.iv.3 ...v ... -
mande:- of rer ilars and miiitia has ed this forenoon
set n. n?w health record. From Mayi
1 to October 31, there were only 75
i.UnfVo from disease in the torce ot
or" than 150.000 and of this small
.umber only 21 deaths were due to
nectio-'s maladies.
Typhoid fever was formerly the
vorst scourge of camp but it has no
the troops along the
From May l to uc-
1 J. 1 a. M
nson indinnapoiis, and oiner
. tations where abrracks are available
for hospital purposes.
The medical corps has complete
equipment in storage for twenty evac
uation hospitals and two base hos
pitals. An evacuation hospital takes
vixrrs of .100 patients and a base hos
pital accommodates 500, so the total
n.aurvii omiinmpnt ready for use at
...a. a.! ..,fTI,iAnf fniil Mrtvinan hnivlpr.
a moments noiacu ia suiiiutiu a,a av . ------ , ,,aU;1 fa
men. Evaluation hospitals tober 18 only 21 cases of typhoid fe-
irr intirolv under canvass and are'ver developed
intended for rse alor.ff an etenaeu
and no deaths result-
l.ne of communicalioii.
The base hospital' now In service
are located at Fort Sam Houston,
l'ort Bliss, Brownsville, Eagle 1'ass
Tid Nogales. Serving as feeders
f'l.r these institutions are the camp
hosr.itals located at the following
points: Laredo. 120 beds; Del- Rio, 75;
beds; Marfa, 150 beds; Doming. 180
h(-d:i; Douglas. 300 beds; Llano Gran
de, 200 beds; McAllen, 150 beds, and
Fort Clark, 150 beds.
I.nst July when state troops began
arrivin" nt, the border the only army
establishments for the care of sick
were the post hospitals at Fort Sam
(By Associated Press)
Favetteville. N. CV Nov. 25. A
ea irom marA verdict of not uiity was rendered
fases were amuiiK LUC i"""""' - - , . - .
: ... .:.. ,i,Dr0 ;n snm einstan- today by the jury in the case of
ccs the men were not inoculated with Sprunt Newton who had been on trial
fr.i,a conim until after regiments here on the charge oi navig empez
wi .nmp to the border. There was zied funds from the estate of W. E
not a single case among the 42,000 Brady. The jury got the case late
f the retralar army engaged vpat,,rdav.
: nnfrnl Aniv nnil stationed in MeXl- TUa na-roo nf fnrcrprv nnon whieh
'II ' 'A . 1 ' . V.-.VAJ " - - - i - A 1 1 a- viiu.v " "r? r I
co with General Pershing's command. jNjewton was arraigned yesterday
,Ia Spanish-American war . nrobablv will be nol prossed. accord
over a period of eight months in ioyo, tQ persons jn ciose touch with
147.000 regulars and volun- A
teers, the typhoid epidemic reached today
I rZ?: were1 2.S2 dSi. but on the opening of court, it was
the disease. postponed.
in the event, an unusually well con
tended e-ame is promised. The
Army team, which entered with a
clean slate for the season, was pick-
ol Vi 1 - ovnnrtc tn win 1 in 1 memv
Methodist P'ked the Navy to give a good bat-
Conover, Nov. 25. E. Pink Teague,
aged 60 years, was run over and
killed halfway between Newton and
Conover this afternj'oon about 2:15
when he stepped in front of a Ford
automobile driven by J. Carl Wagon
er, a druggist of Conover. Both
were going to Newton.
Mr. Teague and his son Gus Teague
were walking behind their wagon
just before the automobile came along
and the old gentleman, in moving,
stepped in front of the machine and
was horribly mangled. It was an ac
cident pure and simple, it is said.
Mr. Teague lived at Maiden and
is survived by his wife and six children.
UlVLLuL nil U0LuT-nnTurn oimir uiai i
Hmjiro oi urn othll
(By Associated Press.)
London, Nov. 25. Reuter's Athens
correspondent says it is stated in cir
cles close to the Greek court that any
attempt by the allies to obtain po
session of Greek arms and ammuni-
Chicago, Nov. 25. Western confer
ence, or big nine ' lootDau win ena
for 1916 today and only a tied score
can prevent a clear cut decision as to
the championship. Teh title will be
settled at Columbus, Ohio, where
Ohio-State and Northwestern, the
only undefeated elevens in the or
ganization, meet.
(L'y Associated Press.)
Washington, Nov. 25. Fair and
warmer weather is forecast tor the subscrioed, was nled with the secre
southeastern states during the first ; tary of state today. The corporation
(By Associated Press.)
Juarez, Nov. 25. Villa bandits
again were repulsed early today by
V.. o Carranza forces defending Chi
huahua City, according to a message
received at military headquarters
here. The message said the repulse
was even more decisive than those of
yesterday and Thursday, the bandits
being diiven to the suburbs after be
ing repulsed in the center of the
( By -Associated Press.
New York, Nov. 25. Several of the
leading football elevens in the east
rested today in preparation for their
final contest of the season Thanks
giving day. No games were play
ed by Brown, Colgate, LaFayette and
other elevens.
While the Harvard-Yale game at
New Haven and the Army-Navy
game spectacle at the Polo Groundi,
several contests of interest in the
east are on tap.
LaFayette and Lehigh have their
annual game at Eaton, Pa., Pennsyl
vania will make final preparations
for its meeting next week with Cor
nell by lining up with West Virginia
Wesleyan. Although Rutgers and
Washington and Jefferson will meet
here next Thursday, both play today.
Uncle Billie Propst, well known and
popular in Hickory, ran his almost
brand new Ford into a mail box at
the corner of Fourteenth street and
Eleventh avenue shortly before noon
today, but did small damage. One
tire was punctured and the crank
knocked out of place, but the Hick
ory Garage fixed up the machine in
short order. . Uncle Billie had not
become accustomed to running it and
could not make the turn.
ml m
(By Associated Press.)
Raleigh, Nov. 25. Application of
charter of the Defiance Stock Company
(By Associated Press.)
London, Nov. 25. A raid by six
German torpedo boat destroyers on
the English coast which took place
on Thursday night was announced by
the admiralty today. The raid was
ineffective, according to the statement
which declares that the torpedo boats
steamed away quickly after firing a
dozen rounds, one shell striking a
j -ii :ai : a 1 j t I .-m .i 1 T ..1 I . . . :
inc., oi LnarioLi.e wilii a capnai slock. i aman vcaaci, uui. uoiiij; no uainae
f $100,000, of which $5,000 has been
8 i
(By Associated Press.)
New York, Nov. 25. A renewal
of yesterday's buying movement
ca .sed an opening advance ot lu to
?8 points in the cotton market today.
fanuary sold 4 points aDove tne iow
evd of yesterday.
Tii a r.mr'k-pt. rlop.ed steady.
Open . Close
December 20.65
January 20.62 20.96
May 21.05 21.29
. rs rf Al , art
.T-.ilv ZU. Ali.Ail
r.oH-on 19
Wheat S1-80
part of the week, beginning tomor
row. A. change is indicated about
Thursday, when the weather will turn
colder and rain is predicted Wednes
day or Thursday.
(By Associa'-.'d Press,)
New York, Nov 25. Andrew Car-;
negie is ol years oia toaay. ie
planned to spend the day with his
family at his home here, to receive
h;:3 friends in the afternoon and to
partake of a birthday dinner tonight.
1.3 is in good health.
proposes to manufacture, sell and
deal in knit goods.
The Mount Airy Horizontal and
Vertical Granite Surfacing Machine
Company of Mount Airy, with a cap
ital stock of $50,000, of which $7,500
'-as been subscribed, also filed with
-.he secretary of state. The company
will deal in granite surfacing machinery,.
ui i nr.
(By Associated Press)
r.h,pno-o. Nov. 25. Wheat values
took a fresh downward swing today
due to the fact that question of an
embargo on foodstuffs was leading
to a sharp controversy in Washing
ton. Opening prices, which ranged
about the same as yesterday with
December at 1.77 to 1.78 1-2 and May
?it 1.85 to 1.85 3-4 were followed by
a further reaction.
Willie Sikes. the young white boy
who claims to have hoboed here from
i New Orleans and who says his home
; is at Fayetteviile, was sentenced to
'ihe public roads for six months by
j Recorder Campbell Friday afternoon
Ion the charge of breaking and en
lierir.s? Southern Railway freight cars
m iacKory. itaipn liooper, one oi
yo negro bovs arrested for the of-
ene wit l fciKes tola an aDout tne
rt J a !ll. o .1 TI
SITt'ir. ana srot oir witn au uays. xie
. may be hired out if anybody will take
IVim. Lnnrie Wthitener, the other ne
Rev. W. II. Cook, who for the past p-rc iac, was given four months for
Mr. S. A. Grier, who for the past
two years has been inspector of lo
comotives at the Carolina and North
WIestern shops here, left today for
Barium Springs where he will be in
charge of the mechanical department
of Barium Springs Orphanage. The
orphanage people have made several
attempts to secure Mr. Grier and fi
nally prevailed on him to accept.
'Mr. and Mrs. Grier were prominent
in the activities of the Presbyterian
church, both are very popular in
Hickory, and they will be greatly
missed. Their friends, while regret
ting exceedingly to see them leave,
will wish for them the best of suc
cess in their new field. There is
no doubt of Mr. Grier's success in
dealing with children.
years has lean pastor of the West. his part in the affair.
Hickory Baptist church, has accepted.
a call of the Baptist church at Beta,! ?T1GH SCHOOL DEBATE
Jackson county, and will assume i The Ayco:k Literary Society met
his duties December 1. He is sue-: in a regular meeting last night in
ceeded here by Rev. "L. P. Smith,1 the high F-hrol chapel. The meet
Vv."o took up his pastorate on Novem-Mr.g was Called to order by the presi
bcr 1. Mr. Cook is a splendid man, dent at 6:30 o'clock. ' A large num
a forceful preacher and has a win- ber of visiting baget-ball team play-
For North Carolina: Fair tonight
and Sunday. Freezing temperature
tonight, rising temperature in inter
ion Sunday; moderate northly winds.
ers wero present.
Tie program consisted of short,
impromptu, speeches and a debate.
The nuery was, Resolved, That the
trovero merit control
ot natural re-
ning personality. He is sure to
b :ild up a strong church there, as
he has done in West Hickory.
i . . , 3 J f k J A W i A uvr II AJA, I , , , j,
GRADES HELD TODAY i sourcas should be further
School was held in Hickory on j sna sti engtnenea.
Saturday for those children whose! The debaters were, affirmative Cecil
grades were discontinued three Fckard and Alex Menzies: Negative,
weeks ago for nine days-and only 14 Clay - Campbell and Harold Williams
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(By Associated Press)
Atlanta, Nov. 25. Although the
southern football schedule is light on
the Saturday before Thanksgiving
day, the schedule this afternoon was
unusually light. Chattanooga went
to Washington, Pa., to play Washing
ton and Jeffe-son and Randolph-Macon
met Hampden-Sydney at Rich
mond in their annual clash.
Most of the stronger southern el
events had their final practice todify,
second teams and freshmen elevens
affording scrimmage practice.
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" c:'. me j.iages aeciaing in iavur
the; affirmative.
Washington, Nov. 25
ing the proosais lor tno greater ted-
eralization of the regev.lations of the
railwawys which have be3n submitted
to the Newlands Joint Committee,'
now in session in Washington, Mr.
Fairfax Harrison said that the lines
of the Southern Railway system are
taking no part in urging such pro
posals upon congress.
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