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Hickory Daily Record
.'ubscribers desiring the addreng of
t.' -'if naper changed will plead state
u t eir communication both OLD ana
,NKW addressee.
To insure efficient Unlivery, com
t .(i'nti should b made to the Sub
I'v'otion Department promptly. City
tu'Mcribers should call 1C7 regarding
rt' piaints
Year .fo.OO
..Jv mail, 1 1.0U; 6 i-onthn, $2.03)
v months 2.60
,M -..e Month J
: . i Month -
. Week -ly
Entered aa sjcon-rlais matter oep
.v.nber 11, 1315, at the potoffic at
Hickory, N. C. under th act of
VI uch 8, 1379.
Vue Associated Frcs m !xclaeive-
vrvtitlod to Uio fa fvpnbuca
n cf Ml Pfw ."j.'IiUd tj it or net
lited in chia paper and &uro tLe
t'?il new published herein.
It is difficult to underestimate the
weight tho remarks of a president or
president-elect carry. Senator Hard
ing, at the present time, can say
nothing that will not be read by the
great bulk of his fellow countrymen,
and his plea for the old fashioned
virtues at New Orleans recently
must have impressad many people.
For after all, a nation, like an indi
vidual, is compelled to be thrifty,
savin;: and honest if it would grow
in strength and ..haracter; where
matciial wealth may undermine a
nation as it docs an individual. We
need to be reminded frequently that
this people can be great only if thoy
are scnsiLic.
i ..Wished ky th CIgj I'rinthiflf Co.
Kvery Evening Kvcept Sundsr
This afternoon vM determine- if
n Harvard of iv? species is more
.. 'v than the ale.
The Rud.ms iii.jlit have leer.
,;r.-,ry of war in 10 IT, but then they
ere not lighting among th?:ucivo.
..I . tt ; -
Another thing Hickory people
.t.ight think of during the wir.t.r
months is a swimm'iiig pool fev next
m va-iy
The Statesville meeting last night
as expected t reflect the ir.rest
r; good roads that ru'evr'ild in thi"'
Hand it to those Roanoke eoy.3,
t-m encountered three bank robbers,
-r ! ted a pni aid sent a third to
.he l.'W.-r r, c'-.tu'.
'I f ' ii v of a .. ' r..tnt
' f stolen mery in a cMcfva house s$ the.
:t Denver at !e -t Wv.iM i'1 Hcnte L.Pn .. tl
:'nt g'jntleiv.cn of rlo' b.d a hutiljcrn
v Oct ten continues to go down and
scores of mills are closing, but the
cev.ntry is sound at bottom. The
p'i"c cf cotton, once it reaches 15
cents, where it is evidently headed
will start upward again and pro
bably reach 25 cents. There are mil
'icr.s of people in the world who
vvould buy cotton goods if they had
the ricney, but tney will never be
a!il to become good customers of
tin United States until they gett on
their f' ngain. The cooperation of
aii r.atiuns is necessary if th(
pnx'a.or- of the United States are
to prtxpt i , and especially :s this the
cae ui this time.
We cannot' stand off and look cn
while the work! struggles to its
feet withrult suffering commercial
ly, if we desire- to take that view of
it. We must lend a hand in order to
get along vH ourselves.
Tn the next decade the people of
the world will consume all the cotton
that can be grewn in the south, but
just now these consumers are mostly
charity patients.
,; the robbery.
'iho :...
nuTcc !'
; ' 1 fi! "mV.
;m :iJ(:,;.
Your Opportunity
III -sf
cigarettes I
CERTAIN fine types of
tobacco, previously used
for export, piled up in the
United States due to the high
rate of exchange. From these
high grade tobaccos we have
manufactured "111" (ONE
a new product a quality
product made of tobacco never
previously t used hi cigarettes in
this country.
try them!
Wmm w
!wam vrw ?
v.-iJcii means tf-ct if y-"J uoirt
like "111" Cifcarctues. yon can pet
your mi.ncy back froia the dealer.
Louisville Courier-Journal.
The bride wore honeydew tulle.
with pi'mento trimmings, tastefully j
set eff by an endive' veil. Chippendale
shoes and bamboo stockings added
an unusual touch to the costume."
Yes. it's going- to be a hard life
for the society editors. They'll have,
to write descriptions like the para
graph above when the 1921 style
colors arrive After becoming pro
ficient thev should be able to get
work writing nice things to put under
the beautiful fairyland pictures , of
the seed catalogs.
Really, theres no exaggeration.
An official statement from the
texti'e color card association of the
United States, which cooperates with
associations of clothing: manufactur
ers in bringing out new shades, giv
es a lits of new colors which reads
like a combination garden guide
sport page and geography. ,
There are GG "standard'' colors for
si'ks, 12 for woolens and 10 for
Most of them are gav and festive
such as pimento red, tangerine ye
low, oasis green and resolute blue.
However, browns also will be popu- j
Jar. Some cf the shades will be cara- j
mei, raixia and Mexican, Copper
browns will be known as Navajo
Algonquin End Mohawk.
-aO -
n is
mm A. "Mw
Wife "You
?ste, George.
have such execrable !
T wish vou'd lt ne
A story that gets to your heart-and pulls
away full of smiles. ' " n Kr4
By Alexander Hull
Added Afctraction-Pathe IW, ,
a rniTacrrv in xV 9n ppvtq
I ar tax
From Gaston Leroux's Famous Novel.
"FATTY" ARBUCKLE in "Desert Hero'
i a
Haleigh chamber of commerce i.
. :osidering the city manager form of
government to replace the commission
u-m. Given capable officials almost
.;iy plan will do.
A r,i ' h(,r anti-bo!slvvik army has
i. ihe way cf tho othirs. Wran
has taken refuse in L'"5tanti
t i le, leaving n few thou-and people
in !pk. to 'rectivc Ihe led armyV
,j meetings.
k A-ith an r.
ommcrci..! 1m'
V i.t ;hi. commercial
Miy :ri-ut industrial con- j
The Cliicago Tribune rouiuily
iceve the revenue bureau';; vulint
;-.gaint the sale of mutt and hops,
indicating that the Tribune has be
.: me proficient in the art of brew
rig it at home.
i . . . t.
.iHut,-- iinomulovment and the ger.-j'i
l ; . . ' J mm- 4 -
era! stringency should cause a great
many people capable cf comprehen
sion cause for thought:
'The failure to ratify either the
Verar.le3 treaty or some suitable
loolificntim of it has undoubtedly
hin the cause i?f almost incalcu
lable economic los& to this "ountry
a :ss which runs into the billions
m ii In ihr furm of
or (loiiaro uui. viw.v
ru:ound or unprotected credits ac
tnclly granted but in the form of
probabV unemployment and reduc
tion of trade at a time when it is
most ,rrrent:al that W" should keep
our economic machinery moving. Wc
cannot dispose of such questions as
the security of our foreign claimo.
i it ii i
ihuy your clothes' Hub'v "You'ri
m, Annabeller! Soon as I hrw a 'Hit
to sell I'll notify you."-
-Buffalo Ex-
For Results Try an Ad,
j tho tasi, of our further sales abroad
It is now adnntted that the peace, '. . .xchantre without the co-
treaty and the league cf nations can
not be prized apnt. The election
over, there is really no re.ac.on why
'he whole thing should not bn put
through and be done with it.
The deceased league is doing fair
ly well at Geneva, judging from press
reports. Great Hntain has six votes
in the assembly and 23 of the 41 na
tions represented thre have no vote
;.t all in the council, but they do
i;t seem to be worried about- it
1? Mr. r.ut'er can succeed in a par
ii:l rehabilitatior. i..n a 'result of his
.";irnti jns to be hocked up with the
H.-irrtirg administration, he will feel
.tbundantly well off. The la.:t cf
1 Vmocratic endorsemirt will be
lerjrd from when Mr. Butler is in
hi grave,
Th" r. ar dpai ' n'.rnl, is so curfi
d.'nt ii, .t I.ic-t. Jvhr C. t.ramstortf
.f Kvej ett, .M.tss., is d.rad th.it i!' ha;?
shipped his b" !y home f-.,. buri
The young mnn h'is protest
ed thnt he is alive and well, but he
has not succeeded in convincing the
dt'P'irtTent. He doesn't want any
fctone over his alleged t'rave.
Democratic politicians who are
)nting the trend of the industrial
times may in fact be thankful that
1he Republicans, who have bad
charge of congress for the past two
years, will have the ncfc two years
aluo on their hands. But the princi
Vl thing the country wants now is
n revival of industry and this i ex
V'''tcd a lng nl.out tfca fli;-d of the
year. (
rv rntrs of exchange without the co
operation and aid of foreigners The
fact that there has been a lengthy
ond unnecessary delay during the
p.-ist two years is no reason for con
tinuation cf the conditions complain
ed of. They should be settled in some
feasible manner without further post-penc-ment."
Republican leaders of the more
responsible kind have begun to wake
up to- their obligations in the last
few weeks. It v a3 all very well 1
..mIjh nurno-es to attack "Wit
sou's' league, but now that several
millmn hyphenated Americans have
bnd their revenge, it, is time to dc
something for the good cf the cOun
on,1 tho. world. The best thing the
Republicans in the senate can do for
ti a tn ' "ritifv the
.'meriL-u rii -
peace treaty.
The "inveiligrtion" of conditions
'n Ireland by the committee of 100
in Washington is bound to be a farce
and its on'y result will be further to
confuse a situation already bn 1
enough. The British 'govcrnm ''
very properly refused to lend it any
dignity, and every Irishman with a
soro head will merely go to Wash
ington nnd show it to the world
through this self-appointed body of
American investigator1. Fortuuately
tW country will pay little attention J j
P.tatf"viUe Landmark.
If; rdlv any mention has been made
Tdiucn eiected to office in North
Carolina. At least one woman will be
a member of the Legislature. Miss L.
ftxun Cement, Femocrat. was elec
ted to the house from Buncombe
county. Women were nominated for
county offices in several counties but
usualiv those omlinations were made
by minority parties, as a sort of ex
pel iment. Where there was a chance
for election the male creatures, true
to male selfishness tand ebotism,
grabbed all that was going. This
"year the primaries and conventions
were ovr before the sisters got the
vr.te. Next time they will be on
round floor when candidates are to
be named and there will e a divis
ion rr the sisters will know the rea
son. All sots of ptp1 suggestions
rrrir -from iii'ieih ith! or,P ta
floated our from U'" C;;iit?d C;I '
Cently was tltat plans were ,b..K.
mode to keep th woprtn a.wav frm
primari- ;md eonvenlions. Tin v may
ma'-'e the nlnn.-. f r"v'" ,7y i :o
foolish, fn. t. h - n th-y will' see tln-;n
fail utteriv.
, mm, . nn
Chase Hackley Pianos
Large lot just received.
Investigate these fine instru
ments in our display room.
Daughter "Yes, I've graduaated.
but now I must inform mysdf In
psychology. Vi'rdoe:v TiibH "
Tracf'-al Mother "StpJ- I have!
arranged for von 3 thorough' emir?" j
in "0",itolcgv. bakerlog-ir stitch o'n' I
notblr"' prppTnl fiome5irj
-v" Texas Christian Od-.'
Are you sure that certain papers and
valuables bare out of harm's way? Wood
en desks, table drawers and the like are no
protection at all for papers that stand for
money values. Iron safes MAY protect
them, but you want to take no chances
against fire, theft and meddlers.
A Safe Deposit Box in the fire proof
of Hickory, accessible to you alone, will re
move every doubt of the security of your
papers and valuables you wish to. safe
guard. v
We have these boxes in various sizes
at from $2.00 to $5.00 per annum.
First Rational Bank
Resources $2,500,000.00
J. D. Elliott, Pres., K. C. Menzies, Cashier,
J. L. Cilley, Asst. Cash.
Again Reduces the Price
e The Big Day
The selling campaign that overshadows anything in our record
"Now On". Belks Break the Monopoly of the price on Dry Goods.
The power of your money never commanded so much as it doe
1 4- i. T 11 1 l n ii ii it,t r
i igm nu w at oeiKs, who is aiways nrsL to give me public tne m
benefit of the declining market. You positively will not run any
risk here with the merchandising principals practiced at it
Belk Stores.
If you don't see what you vant in our advertisement come aloe?
just the same as we only have a few special items listed.
lauiirs ijo.uu vaiue venasuc Lnion x-uiu,--
Dunng this Special Underwear Sale kJe lengfch high neck and ong eeveSi0
Special, Misses Soc Vests and Pants fleeced ' eacn S2.i3
lined; while they last only each I19c T M , , . . c w
Misses $1.00 value, ribbed Union Suits, only $2?0 uValue nbb m
each , ko sleeves, high neck, ankle length, sale pat
One lot of boys $1.50 value Sanitary, heavy n y " "'
Ribbed Union Suits, only, each 79c Ladies $2.75 MunsTng Underwear, in I'm
Sizes up o 34. - Suits, bleached long sleeves, ankle length
One lot of Childrens ribbed Union Suits only medium weight, only, each
in.6.??1'"" " 59c Ladies $2.00 Cooper's Underwear in knee asi
Childrens 12s to 16, $1.75 value, going while . ankle le-ngth short anJ , lceveS) bks
they last at $119 i i- , v&
c , J , , qi.i C(j medium weight, onlv each
Small lot of childrens 12s to 16s, $1.75 value,
going while they last at $1.19 We cai"ry a good line of Infant's Underwja
Small lot of childrens unbleached" Union . in cotton and wool. Infants Wrappers, Bs
Suits, 75c value, sizes 4 to .6 and 8, only, and Shirts-
each, " 48c 1 Cpecial Ladies' light weight, mercer
One lot of Misses bleached fleeced Union Suits bleached, fine ribbed Union Suits, low &
$1.50 value, each 98c no sleeves, knee length, $1.50 value. Sp
Boys $1.50 values Hanes' Union Suits sizes each
Sizes 6s to 2s. "
Vis to 8s only, each 25 LADIES KNIT UNDERWEAR TO GO P
Boys $1.75 value Hanes Union Suits, sizes THIS SALE AT MONEY SAVING
10s up to 16s, going at each .'$1.19 PRICES
Boys and Misses Vellastic ribbed, bleached' and " One lot of Ladies ribbed vests, long sleevft
fleeced Union Suits, sizes 4s to 6s $1.75 high neck, 98c value, special at, each-
values each . BJg lot Qf fileached panls an( Vea
" Poli i 1 y, " $L25 winter Usht, $1.25 value going in J
Boys $1.50 value Peeler Union Suits, sizes 2s Underwear sale at each SSi
"10, f i 'T Ch'-J " 98c SPecial ladies' Vellastic Pant, and Vtf
10s to 16s, only, each $1.19 heayy fleeced anJ ot,v eah
Belks, the greatest distributors of merchandise in the South. Witjj
buyers always and ever watching every move of the market and
aaiiy taking advantage of every break and in turn giving- the puo-
icnu inereDy ins urine absolute safetv in buy
f-When the manuf acturer cuts the price Belks cuts it
same ciay.
Parks Belk
Broome Company
Hickory, N. C.
vecat? (Dallas).

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