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Hickory Daily Record
fabaeribeTi desiring the addreBt of
taper cnanjreu wm ' ',T
Ir eommunicatioa both OLD and
Kff ftddreMes. .
ftl should b mad to the Sub
f S&n Department promptly. City
S3W bould eali 167 rejwding
Dd Year - '
l&r waHivOO; J mcntb., W-CQ)
ttfr 'montbi
Si'MoBth g
USSry, N. C, uadw the act of
Brtth 8, 1379. ..
fha Awociated PrtM i exclusive
ly entitled to tne om for repf:
Ztnf all news credited to it or not
Sgfltod in this pftper and also the
foil! news published herein.
t."tt, A AflsnriATE!) PBKSS
4rr v- k. ru Printing Co
iota "7 w" ' j :, ,
ery ETenin Except Sums
In the course of human events
A rmui gets to be some traveler
Marco Polo started the game,
And he went about a little bit.
So did Columbus.
Printers have a way of
Journeyinfr, and so do cooks.
I sometimes pet about a bit
M.vself. but I don't seem to
Get anywhere. ,
Trke for example, not lonjr
Ac'o, when I come home one
Aftnoc:i. the wif? tells me that
A stri'iuo gor-tlenian culled to se me
b-i 'very important business.
He told her it was important
Business, so of course it was.
I was to call up a certain
Telephone number, and so I dm.
A strange voice answered and asked
If I am at home and I say "jruilty .
He aks if I can run down town tor
Just a few minutes; he has some
Very important busjness to speak
To me about just for a minute
How do I know that he is net
Chairman of some important
Committee tr ask me to accept
The honorable office of cop,
Coroner or congressman ?
Do I go? Go is the word.
Kicrht into the ice-wagon,
v whiz goes the speedometer.
Never keep ? man jiWrner when
He war.ts to see you on imnortiru
r,u';r:e:s. The policy is crude.
So Mr. Stranger I look each
Oth in the eye, 'ho. passes me
'liftv little engraved card
And hnnda me that cordial shako
That leaves several fingers
Perfa-tly useless for the re?,t of Uie
Week but that's a small matter.
And what do you suppose I found
At the end of my little journey lad :
Why, ho only wanted to
Injure my life.
Thank you! ,
Judge Frank A. Daniels spike
the truth in his charge to the Wilssn
county grand jury last week in re
gard to the necessity for home
training. We know instinctively
that ths failure of the home to im
part those principles cf obedient: 2nd
respect, once a-matter of course, is
responsiblo for much, of the lawless
ness now so rampant throughout the
But how are parents to exercise
that control which was once so gen
eral :hen most cities were towns
end towns villages an 1 all were
about as remote from bright lights
und gaiety as Blowing Kock is to
day? Thousands of parents strive to
rear their children in the tight way.
They arc net at nil indifferent about
the manner in which their depend
ents amuse themselves.
There must be a mcro genera! in
terest in the young people. who
probably can be influenced more by
example than by precept.
The Chambr of Commerce ban
quet nt the Iluffry tonight is worth
your while..
TViia tiii trr.'A'! was sometlvntT o'.SC
that we had no part in bringing on I imports in the calendar year 1913,
,. -r I the last vear before the war. Imports
an unoffending public. !n?ofrftJ to $263-000.000 in Decern-
, : , ker 192o, compared with $321,000,-
If those, early gardens had ta.- November and $331,000,000
The largest exports, as well as im
ports in any calendar year are
;hown in a statement released by the
bureau of foreign and domestic com
merce of the department of commerce
at Washington.
Exports in 1920 were $8,228,000,
000 "against $7,920,000,000 in 1919,
an increase of 4 per cent in the last
year and three and one-third times
the exports in the calendar year 1913.
Exports in December, 1920. amount
ed to 8720,000,000 against $G77 00'V
000 in November, 1920, end $681,
C00 000 in December 1919.
lr1 ports i.i 1220 amounted to $;,
279000.000 again-st $3,904,000,000
in 1919, an increase cf 35 per cent
over 1919 and nearly toree times tiie
Do. ye y
it s toasted
To seal in tho
delicious Burley
tobacco flavor.
mm - Plus
Newton. Jan. 27- County Agri
cultural Agent J. W. Hendricks has
just returned from New Yor;c,
where he attended the international
poultry show. Mr. Hendricks told
your correspondent that the North
Carolina poultry club .made a. won
derful imm-esrsvon on the people wiio
nfoir1rvl V.tvI tbst. these attending
were very much surprised to see
such high class birds being furnish
ed by boys and pirls. The exhioit
from Norjh. Carolina ccnsistca o,
twenty bird's , ten of
Uliv 5 V f
Bsll Telephone Company long-distance
wires were jazzed by the snow
storm which landed on this section of
the state Tuesday night, yesterday
and last night, and communication
with Raleigh was out of the question
today. The lines were up all "right,
but they gave off a metallic sound
that drowned the human voice when
it tried to articulate and efforts to
reproduce the spoken words were vain.
It was expected that the lines
would be placed in commission some
time during- the day, and in the mean
time the Record is minus its usual
telephone news service.
; --.:! ccd in a show cage located in the
ic' ntcr cf Madison Square dnnian.
This cage contained sever-?! car'.
shewing that the birds were furnish-
by "poultry club members of
No. th Carol in-i. Mr. Hendricks says
that a great part of his time wa?
i-.pent in ar.cwerin-g questions, not
only about the poultry work which
being- done in North Crrolina, but
nls.r about other lines of work, such
is manufacturing -raid various phas- j
es of agriculture.
Ten cf th-2 birds from this state
were ciown in open class pxA 'sever.x
nice prizes were won, consisting of
two firsts wen by birds fi n .hs
North. Carolina poultry plant at Ral
eigh. The prizes won by club mem
bers were as follows: two seconds,
one third, two fourths and one fiftn.
Ecch class contained from thirty to
forty birds so it speaks :well when
any bird gets a placing.
"Th shew. Mr. Hendricks savs.
2,UUU pig
Plus longer life
Plus freedom from
battery worries
Plus the protection
0f Threaded Rubber
Plus Wiiiaf d Service
It always pays to
look ior the Wiilard
Threaded Rubber
Trade-markon the bat
tery you. buy, and to
be sure you get it.
Hickory Battery
1226 9th Ave-. 'Telephone
J. J? O nniX hu'da
consist ot io,uvu v f, Vi,r-in:" Pilot
ciis vim iiiiuui. i...Jv-.
larg number of turkeys, geese, ca
nary birds, ducks, etc. Some of these
birds on exhibition were sold J or
$125 t:v SI GO. A large number of the
birds oho'wn were irrocrted from oth-
pt ccuntnes. L-ourtv abkui
flri-kr, states that North
Presidcnt-elect Harding's state
ment that "no member cf his cabinet
will be selected because cf party ob
ligations end without consideration
for the best service to the country."
will fall with a. jarring note on ears
Carolina ; attuned to partisan pitch. That is ths
wn-5 the enly state t-r.-s-t auompieo way a caoinet snou.ti '-o
to chnw -birds prcr.ucca oy uu aim i jjul, umuHuuai.v, to i"4ut-
rhW 'ti r.Guitrv club wrk, end that
cn our advice, they would not be com
plaining about their beans, canta
loupes and tomatoes bcircr killoJ.
The office cat became most too
pungent for this newspaper and In
been discontinued. Little Journeys,
however, will bo made by a local
scribe from timo to time.
And a year ago the country was
told that production was the thing
most needed. That was true in most
lines then, and is certainly true in
many business places now.
Plans for rebuilding tho stove
buildings dertroyed in Athens, Ga.,
Monday morning when over $2,000,
000 went up .. in smoke, were made
before the embers cooled off, pres?
dispatches say.
North Qarolina is' to get $2,500,
000 of federal,' road money if the bill
reported favorably to the national
house gets "through congress. And in
the meantime the North Carolina;
legislators, it is heped, are' working
out a plan to have this state ready
to take advantage of every penny
W just naturally like almost
everybody, but when there are a half
dozen men we can go to almost any
time and explain how it is too
many ads-for four pages and not
enough for six and hear these
princes say, "All right, old boy, go
your route; it's business for both of
us," we cannot Login to express tho
emotions that in us do rise.
000 in
in December. 1919.
The excels of exports over im
ports amounted to $154,000,000 in
December and to ,y-iy,uov,ou m uu--
calondisr yo?r 1920, comparer! wun
an excess of $331,000 000 in Decem
ber and $4,016,000,000 in the calen
dar year 1919. The excess of ex
ports has aveiraged around $3,000,
000.000 in the calendar years 1916
1917, 1918 end 1920, this amoum
having been exceeded by one billion
dollars in the year 1919-
Imports of gold amounted to 34-'.,-000,000
in 19-'0 against $77,000,000
in 1919. while exports of gold were
$322,000,000 in 1920 compared with
$:;0K .000 000 in 1919.
Silver imports in 1920 were $88,
000,000 compared with $89,000,000
"n 1919 and silver exports $114,000,
000 in 1920 against $239,000,000 m
Charlotte Observer.
The A;:oevi'.le Citizen is talking
about state neglect of Mount Mit
chell I:ji.k. It seems, that ir.itcad ci
suggesting a fund for the. park, the
budfcot commission simply proposed
'hat the itiite pay back to General
Carr the monsy he had advanced out
cf his own pocket to further a work
that fell through, and this is as much
as saying the budget commirsicn
would let Mount Mitchell remain a
monument to state neghct. The 15et-
tr hope mip'-'t be that General Carr
will get his second wind and put
cucii the v.. iL. inclining uw
monument to Doctor Mitchell. wkh!es-.
i whoop. If we ccuid cr.ly get somo-
tho exhibit -was a big Edvertisemen
'for the state. Ca-tawbn county will do
more and better poultry club work
this vear than it did la?t year.
ly a wide ditlerence between wim
fhculd ba and what is- Tha statemen'
suggests an indepondoncc of spirit
crTths part cf the nest Frideiii
that doubtless smacks cf base in
gratitude to those Republican;; who
have looked ni politico as a steppino;
sto'13 to higher things. The thought
awake manv r.ho havr
(i- rjartv -service t -
ouch method cf selection wih kn.
'. sen co"'-". - iO;
iost for nr
jaCASOHVllic-, ocxll. jnrmm(. TV,o Prr;?.-,ert-ple.t. is
rrancis iain'-R
man to make sacn a threat.
es it cut, lie wil." prove h
cix to be a strcr.g man.
?nrr tVso tarrino of
Sullivan, 52fi here more than 100 ofj-
the most prominent citizens of -Ta"k" ! flCi, r:.
sonvil'e, meeting in ine cny nnn up -1
on call of A ting Mayor Frank Ow-j
en, condemned outrages against the
J? r!f.T O'lrl I
IrtiSUJls ui titit-iis ui. cino --i-.v i:v.,
-pledged themselves to every effort . T'rAls Jelphia Record
A few months
Icran was (
stamp out such ci-iminal practic-
xsu.uikuhs, wxc- ,,ncU United States to ioin other r.at:oi
3 wnoop. ii we aa.u vi.i st "o-- n citj7eng to cooperate w t'i i J " - ' , v "
body to attend to th. other irons the ?onfosCifiaw and 3 fn brin !n ie" airaf-msnH and
Gencrtl has in the fire and induce nPf.ratorS of sueK'15- bedncose ration, from going to
Tho Record would suggest to Re
presentative Piopst and Senator
Reinhardt that the texts of bills
they have for introduction in the
legislature! lA: furnishedi the news
papers so that the public may have
a chance to knew what measures
they are considering. The Record
vrould be glad to give space to such
measures and the public would ap
preciate information. It is fair to all
and will be helpful to legis'ators.
.Winston-Salem, Jan. 27. The di
rectors of'Gilmers incorporated, the
department store unit of the United
Retail stores corporation at a moot
ing here voted to increase its capital
stock one million dollars of prefer
red and one hundred thousand shares!
of common. This organisation has
an authorized capital of sixty nri',lion
dollars and now conducts fourtoeTi re
tain stores in North Carolina, Virginia
&n South Carolina,
Christian Reinhardt was a pioneer
settler in what is now Lincoln county,
North Carolina. He lived on the
Revolutionary battle ground of Rani
sour's Mill which waged in all its in
tensity around his home. He married
Fdiabcth Warlick, a daughter of
Daniel Warlick who was a pioneer
settler in Lincoln countv They are
buried on the rising grounds to the
west of this historical old mill.
Pioneer Christian Reinhardt had a
son by the name of Christian Rein
hardt who married Mary Forney. She
was a daughter of Gen. Peter Forney
who was a soldier in the war of the
Revolution and fought for liberty and
independence. Aft rethe war he
was an iron manufacturer. Christ
ine Reinhardt. Jr., migrated west
where he reared a large family. He had
a son by the name of Franklin Mon
roe Reinhardt who returned to Lin
coin county. He was a man of in
fluence and left a good name behind
hin. He married Sallie Smith, a
Hpn'vhter "f Dnvid Smith 2nd Eliza
beth Arndt Smith.
John Franklin Reinhardt was born
May 14. 1844, and died June 9 ,1913
in the 69th vear of his age. He was
a son of Franklin Monroe Rein
hardt who was a farmer and iron
manufacturer. J. F. Reinhardt was
a soldier in the Confederate army
and went to the armv in 1861, and
surrendered with Joseph E. John
ston near dreensboro Anril 26. 1S65.
He was elected three times to the
house and three times to the sen
went to the senate from the distvict
house in 1895, 1899 and 1901. He
ate. He was a member of the
composed if Lincoln and Catawba
counties for the sessions of 1903
1907 and 1911. His public career
was without reproach. In his pub
lic life he was a man of hieh ideals.
him to keep his face to Mount Mit-
cshell until his .rob is done, there
would be no further need of worry
ing with legislators or budget com
mitt:cs. But if General Carr is in the no
tion cf dropping cut, as the suggest
ed cancellation of the account migh
unfortunately indicate, then indeed
wculd Mount Mitchell appear destin
ed to lapse into the condition;-, rf v
wilderness- The topography of this
mountain locality is such that Mount
Mitchell, the loftiert peak east, of th
Rockies, is yet th1 mc?t inconspic
uous in the landscape and the hardest
to locate.. It has seemed that Mount
Mitchell has be:n always inclined to
hanr its head in shame. And when
we come to think about it, is it any
wonder? .
mr? to rustic? pernexraxors 01 sue".
crimes committed through a spirit of
personal punishment or vengeance, j
Having defeated
Lowell Courier-Citizen.
Farmers in 28 towns of Maine, ac
cording to a recsnt survey, show an
average age of 70 years. You might
think this high avsrage indicates
merely ithe wonderful healthfulness
of agriculture as a calling. There
are those, however, who interpret
the statistics as proving that almost
no young people are taking up the
farms which their parents have cul
tivated. One wonders just what New
England agriculture wvill be like 20
years hence when the. average age of
th farmers is 90 years.
however, he insists that we should
r.ter jnto an "understanding" with
England and Japsn to reduce navies.
HENRY FORD AND THE JEWS !r- Koot, wno pas been mcuerate;y
favorable to the league cf nations,
Chicago Dailv News. advised that this "naval hclida;r pro-
If 7iinr sm qfi'anw tbaf TTenrv 1 icct be left to the new Prc-sd'.?nt. an i
Ford's extvrs:Vn into the field vf
anti-Semitic propaganda should bo
considered so serious and menacing
as to warrant an appeal bp more
thai: 1C0 eminent Americans in behalf-
of the Jewish citizens cf tho
United States. Mir. Fcrd is a gullible
man. From his absurd "peace ship"
to stop the world war to ,a systemat
ic campaign against th.e Jews of
America the descent is striking but
a man who can do an utterly foolish
thing in a good cause, is capable,
under malign inspiration, of doiag
an equally fcolish thing an an un
worthy cause.
Borah becomes very imnaliont
and declares wo ought to begin- new
to lift the burden" of armaments from
1 .-. world. And tho senate committee
would make it a five-year treaty in
stcod of a mere "understanding."
S.aHes! Afk yciir Ircrit for j
Tills in !! find Wokd mctalliq,rV
box-,, sealed with Blue Ribbon. f,
Tak no other. Bor of roil?
lHAMN'r !!RAND I'JLJ.S, fo. tfj
yecrskuowr nr. lif.it. Safest, Always Reliarfei
sold sv a?.ii?ws smm
March 14.50
May 14.80
July 15.00
October 15.25
December 15.24
Citizens of West Hickory were un
and about today and as a result
1L.' . .
men- siiiewaiKs were swept clear ot
snow and were being dried by the
sun this afternoon. The road force
drug the streets.
Outdoor and indoor workers, sub-
ject to exposure cr heavy toil, Jad
relief iu Sloan's Liniment
EE j? at work all day, standing on
your feet, lilting heavy weights?
A . . . 1 . it.- .
iinvj uuiv v-ou ie an tirej out.
Never mind, if you are wise you have
a bottle of Sloan's oa the shelf, at; home
or in the shop. Tut a little on, viithoih
rubbtng, and quickly comes grateful
warmth and relief.
Good for rheumatic pains, neuralgia,
rcutica, lumbago and tho host of ex
ternal poms that ara all the time com
ing, iicps Drcck up colds, too!
It's comforting to keep it handy.
Three sizes 3oc, 7Cc, 51.40.
With an All Star Cast
Jes' Call
9 9
When his best pal was cheat
ed out of a fortune and con
fined in the poorhouse as a
maniac, Jim Fen ton thought
it was time to act!
And act he does, in a picture
that throbs with thrills and
ripples with laughs. A pic
ture, in short, that will bo
loved by every audience
that is composed of human
Coasting Hoods
Large Assortment Boys and Girls
$1.00 and $2.00
1 dsGr
bold, evsryv. scro oy fcrk-jx
oeaiei-s end oca.
' ior iiiu r.ir :''. V J
vr a
Jjs?s v
ng; casting ru
You are entitled to abatter-that 12 not
only powerful vhen new, but that l-:c-cps
its pover through a long- life of service.
This means so much to you in econ
omy and convenience that it io worth
some attention on you? part. Cz'A nnd
1st U3 chow you why Exide construc
tion gives you more power, longer life,
and more ere-frce service.
Ve repair all makes cf batteries with
a care that aims to live up to ths
name Exido.
Hickory, N. C.
- tt. ...W-'1-'.J
1 fj-!yr
What Is Your Name WorlK
Every man's name ought to be wonn
something. The right way to make your
name worth something is to start a Sav
ings Account.
Money in your home does nobody any
good. That same money in a Saving
Account works for you constantly, earn
ing interest, and while far more safe, is
just as handy to get when really wanted.
Money in a Savings Account with tin?
Bank remains here at home, and u?e(;
in advancing the business and farming'
interests of the entire community.
Let your name be familiar at ti- ban,
and it will give you a standing in the bus
iness world.
The Cycle cf Fate-
Lev Cody, Edith
WILL ROGERS "JesCdii Ma 3inx"
Oakman & Frank
Clark. .
Directed by Marshall Neiiaa
ADMISSION 19 and 20c, War Tax Included
First National oanK
Resources $2,500,000.00
J. D. Elliott, Pres., E. C. Menzies, Cashier
J. L. Cilley, Asst. Cash.

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