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,,rd Milwcriberi
D" .1. . rolttOIl X-
Local showers and
thunder storms tonight
and Thursday.
SEPTEMBER 11, 1915
Woe for Would-Be Wets of New York City
State Highway Commissioners Realize Its Im
portance, and Only Question Is Getting'
Prompt Acceptance of Link Between
Salisbury and Marion
7 - ,,,
r r 1 i i t.
(ii rmuiice ivemarKaoie real o or
Qpcnii' ; Session Women to Seek Recogni
tion in Convention as Result of Their
Good Work in States
tl:e A-
,1 1'ress.
mm.. May 12. - n
sctigers f r.iin it Ii ! ,
representing ;
v. ;l! :::.emble in
.ernacle t h i - af
! c doth annual
,!!r-('S of Welcome
v local officers anil
f: o! def :( bUslvw
! . llailey of Nash
:ip.1 whk'.i hn.
.i.i iv rogram, mi 1
miiiee will submit
;l h Dr. Hight ('.
will be opened f.ir
i! ( -s, tlu' president
I'.tr.s and th.1 con
:iM adjournment.
i be 1 1 ansae t oil at
f-.ti-iit tu
;;. , e.t(lld.
i ' M.a.-t year
i -hat :5."M
- II
I rl.
f it: I
been perfected
,r. (h'orgia led the
f 1 1 new organ i
- a as a cl- e sce-
their nuinU r.,
,,,i,.!i ihrough the mU'
-...lay a-k'tl for rt pr -
i.' mmittecs an 1
. f tlw Southern
, '.' :. '! he que-tion will
,i ,. the convention and
,;. - :' ; he most intere t-
..( tin- M'U.-'On.
l): to their sub-
, than $22,000 000
hi, M ii . 0 campaign and
i,,,kii in an organ i-
v f'.r the past 33 year.-?
, , :i r of tlu- denomina-
ri for their request
- ia the affair and
yar the local mis
1 ae turned into the
,-ai of ?:?.ur.4r,".r7,
. i ort f Mrs. W.
Halt inmre. trci surer.
y.i !,y .ta'.os during
. i ,i.-d:
a, ::i:5.."1bl9; South
.C-ia;, and Virginia,
London. May 12.--Col. Ceo. Har
vey' the new American ambassador,
was receive 1 this forenoon by Kin?
George in Buckji,nghr.;ii tjvalafc::, the
ambassador presenting his creden
I?y the Associated Press.
Washington May 12. F'rank .
Linney was nominated today by
President Hardine' as United States
attorney for the western district of
North Carolina.
Other nominations se.it t tin- sen
ate included:
Wililam W. ll-.Ptdn (f N'.v; York
to be assistant attorney general i::
j charge- ot custom:-.
John J. Taggert 't K.:i'.ir.(i t, h
commissi mcr of education and U'ill
iam l'i. Lamb of Illinois- to ice r-i,Yv)-tor
f the department of onuuevce.
sri'rosi:!) ro in: ui ad
STARTS 1.1 112 SKNTl-irvCK
' f
ar ii
i. !a
. os. '
Hy the Associated I'rn;.
Shrcv.-port. J.a.. J:?.- -Th"
du'pter in-wliat is declared to be one
of the most remarkable eases on rec
ord was written when Lonnie Katon
was taken from the parish jail and
delivered to the ward en at the peni
tentiary at Baton Rouge today.
Sheriff Grant forgot to han?
ICataii on the date set and bis death
sententr wa commuted by Gover
nor Parker to a life term. lie was
ccr.vi?tid of the murder of a white
man r.ioi'e tian a year ao.
3y the Associated i'tess.
Cincinnati, Ohio, May 12. Added
interest was given to the discussion
of problems before the s outhern whole
sale grocers' association. The speak
er was Mrs. Phoebe Fek-her Jones,
secretary of the Oregon wholesale
grocers association. .Sho spoke up
on "The Great Northwest."
; the Associated Press.
Washiasrt-i.. May 12. Under cross
fair.a:i.,i! ;..d.-,v before the senate
t'l ir.v. -tiyating committee Jul-
KiutMwi!!, chairman of the
"f'l m' th Siiuthern Pacific Com-
v:. ir.i 'ml ii..a -iti., fimnnt. rate
( tJllkl HIT. 1 V - . - -
":i.v. h'ni ran operated to bring
'''it a I'n.a in bu-iness. The only
tVinf fhn in-
' -ame at a time of gen-
V 'i''!'!'' -!-!!! In hiisine.is.
""rkiiiv - i . t. !.)W'er rates stimu
1 tr:in,.,.,r!atioti. Senator Town-
':' I'lialii fin ,,f Michigan, said
" "wiet ii,,,,!,) if anything justi
iin i,v, .n ;:u i,(, (,v Lnt. railroads."
''""'t i'"l'.fv there is any over-i
ISO I iV iii' , '
mm mmtt
pass fe'. ? P r -
Many of the
enforcing the
residents of- New York are registering great distress because the police seem to be in earnest In
new state ?rolnh:tion law. i he illustration show
raided establishment on East Twenty-third street.
t-iv...- i,i.a wov; inu f v.' i u o v. . in iw in jii v.ai uloi
oCicers taking liquor valued at $150,000 from a
piny FAIR BP
Hy the Associated Press.
Atlanta, Ga., May 12. Georgia's
peach crop this year will be about
oT per cent of a full crop, according
to figures announced today by the
rop reporting service, based on con
ditions on Alay 1.
rrn ft
S I ill MM 5
i ii
0 La t J
maid mmu ic!
ulhim mini ilii u
iriTw. w. mm points HEARD AGAIN
' I in psisoi casesi TODAY
By the Associated Press.
The proposition confronting the
people living along the Central high
way irom Marion to Salisbury is to
convince the state highway commis
sion of the importa. ce of early com
pletiog the several links in the road
so as to make it available from
.Miorehead City on the east to the
Tennessee line on the wset, according
jto the delegation which
I which lO
Washington, May 12. J. E. Dvce'
?ma, Cltyi ?,kla-i VU ,be aP"i District Commissioner Wilkinson.
i1" vvaiucii ui tiie xeuei ai pni
- - v. j liivi c i pvm-
tentiary at Atlanta, effective June 20.
He will succeed Fred Zerbst.
Cy the Asociated Press.
Raleigh, May 12. Telephone rates
in North Carolina will not be order
ed increased in the decision of the
state corporation commission in the
case of the Southern Bell Telephone
The decision is now being written
by l.i-i e commission and will in all
probability be handed down early
next. week. Authority for the state
ment that an inctease will be dk;
a Unveil is not givt-n- but the A:i
ion itself will ?ibv.1 .iiuiato. ;-,.. pi".'
Vhii ihn fnininissirm ha, bv ;ts
I?v the Associated .fress.
St. Paul, Minn., Ma 12. The
United States circuit court of ap
peals today set aside the first four
counts in which 25 industrial work
ers of the world .vere indicted and
sentenced to the federal penitentiary
for various tero1.-.
,j . a. ,
order, all but "ruled the
I Hell's case out of court" there will
Chicago, May 12.Raihvay labor to- stances the rates will be slightly in
day formally admitted before the creased. But there will not be the
railroad labor board that it nail semblance ot a tiai increase in ;:ue.-,
fallen in its efforts to prove authen-J petitioned for by the telephone
.-.f . 1, ..1lin'i.,l in Vifivo linmi Cllr.l rrn n V.
tlV-lLV IVVCVl llnS1-" j.t.v- j -
written by a Pennsylvania rauj JJecisicn ot tne . iN.onn v,- u - ;f rtn,,a; wnvP lho housc in
road (.Hicial ordering "defamation of iJorporation Ummis?ion in aen i. g (,.;ltinf, Comnrtt-e. So far as he
i i i i.... : f tiii iw inn wi i i 1 liiiiisu: ii i .- ' .
1 A. P :..nf.,i . Kit It . '
;ary to carry their point
v he Associated Press.
Washington, May 12. Warning
that Grover Cleveland Bergdolt
Philadelphia draft ev-ider. would at
tempt to escape- ;-.vas sent to the de
partment of iusticc, John F. O'Con
nor special agent of the department
tie pennon win oe unuuai i " , Tr 0i,
f,uests for increases by the Southern' know no act o was tak n
The aimission was madj by Frank j Bell Com pany in oifJ
n.ads in rates," said
ho A-
'ii;. M.-iv 12. Directors ot
iff j
llf 0
.Nov V.
Kaiiv.av Comnanv at
itiii tifi" todav took
'''' 1,1 I'm. ,i i i : -;i rt n 1 1 si 1 dividenil
1 rent declared at this
1 ' -on was assumed.
,,. dhK is IUVIDKNI)
v.,"' May 12. -The Alabama
t S.,..!l,. i i I
11,1 iMinway company io
i; 'i tni-anriual dividend
'" r."i,i.
pi r
By the Associated Press.
London, May 12. A story of heroic
stdf-sacrifico and devotion has reach
ed Enirland from the leper village of
Chandag- India, where Mary Reed, a
solitary white woman missionary, is
giving her life to ministry to the suf
ferings of her fellow lepers.
News of her isolated life was
brought back by Mr. Oldrieve, or-
gaizing secretary ot me iwimu
Lepers, who has just returned irom
a 70,000-nnle journey visuing u
lepsr colonies in India.
Thirty years ago Miss Reed went
into this 'desolated spot in the Hi
malayas, CjOOO teet aDove me
level, offering herslf to the leper
A ihmur h si viL"iim ui mtr iiih-
l iiuni. si.' - --- ,
lady, she is still able to carry on
spiritual work among uiese o'"-'
IM.V II""'' . . ....
Miss Reed seldom sees rvnue peo
ple for her station is 80 miles from
nearest railway line. There are 40
L.rw.ra in the community and
WOIIIVI1 II 'V' , . l,.vf
1!) men in the men's refuge a shoitl
distance away. .
According to Mr. Oldneve, theie
are 200 000 lepers in India. At pres
ent." he declared, "it h not , r'ght to
say that any cure iui- iq";
been found."
Irate Mother-Daughter, I have
told you many times before not to
let me find you kissing a man.
V:..w.i,fi. Tf vour own
iWUll I UI i'f -
Walsh, counsel for the railroad un
ions. It came after I. W. Geer,
general manager of the r,o uthwest
ern division of the Pennsylvania Rail
road, who is alleged to have written
the letter.
After the. railroad witnesses had
beer, questioned by Donald Rich
l.cu'.', special counsel for the unions,
Mr. Walsh, said:
"Since the railroad officials deny
knowledge of this letter-, we request
erm'.ssion to have w lwtantunnm
; i; i mi.;sion to have it withdrawn
fiom the records."
James Shechar,. railroad counsel
objected. "This letter was intro
duced before this board two months
airo with the bad.ure of verity on it,"
he said. "The public and the board
have been misled through the pub
licity giben to what is now admit
ed to he a forgery. At the time it
was introduced Mr. Walsh said that
if its authenticity was not proven,
labor would disclaim it. I demand
that it be disclaimed."
After considerable argument, Mr.
Walsh replied:
"The document is not authenticated.
That's the best I can do for you,"
Mr. Sheehan. The board then took
the question under consideration.
iv have, it is understood, been grant
ed. The fact that the company's ap
plication is to be "sat on" will not
be pleasing to the company's offic
ials who left tlu capital some time
ago confident that they had estab
lished to the commission's satisfac
tion the iustness of their contentions
North ' Carolina telephone ex
changes havs been money raisers
during the last twelve months and
ii mnv hs.ve had something to do
I with the commission's, decision.
11 Si"14
tfy the Associated Press.
Huntsville. Texas. May 12. More
iV wic snid that-, when the gold was
obtained the embargo against gold
o- v:rents had been terminated and
that refusal of the gold would have
been a refusal of theseiristructions.
He added that "any inquisition
concerning the reasons for demand
ing it would have ben unauthorized.'
Ju7lge John W. Wcateott of . Ne.v
evscy reappeared today to reiterate
-is statement that he had never serv
ed at anv time for the slacker.
t, vifo and son and oth
er witnesses, Judge Westcott said he
consulted them and it was on their
advice he refused to enter the case
as counsel.
Ry flip Associate'? Ptopb.
Washington, Ma 12. Additional
testimony in the fight of Senatoi
Johnson, Republican of California,
against the confirmation of David
II. Blair of Winston-Salem. N. C,
as internal revenue commissioner,
was taken today by the senate fin
ance committee. Accra was deferred
until later today who:, a vote will be
It was said that most of tl-2 Re
publican senators of the committee
would vote for confirmation with the
Democrats voting against.
Marion Bu.ler, forme" NorCi (Jaro
iiia senator, ana Robert McNeill,
an attorney identified with the presi
dential candidacy of Judge Pritchard
appeared today in behalf of Mr.
Blair.- Both are said to have declared
that the. North Carolina primary
'A as not taken seriously.
Their statements were in rebuttal
to statements by Mr. Johnson that
Mr. Blair 'had violated the North
Carolina primary law.
o-g i
Mr. Wilkinson listened with a kindly
ear to the Catawba delegation and
indicated a knowledge of the state's
most important highway.
In the opinion of Mr. G. H. Geit
ner, it is not feasible for the county
to lend the state money free of in
terest for three or four years to con
struct the highways in this county,
and the thing citizens should do is
to push the highway project. Help
can be secured from east to west.
As a matter of fact, the Central
highway in Catawfca county is in
worse condition than in any county
between here and Greensboro for the
reason that tthe other couties have
built their roads since Hickory and
Newton townships became active.
Iredell and Rowan have good roads.
Not only does Mr. Wilkinson be
lieve in the Central highway, but
Chairman Frank Page. Commissioner
Stikeleather and other members of
the commission look upon it with in
terest. "Chairman Page spent the
night in Hickory on his way to
Marion, but his pi'esence was not
known to local business men.
Catawba county, will -end one or
more representatives to Kaleigh on
May 25 to present the importance of
the link in the Central highway be
tween Burke county line and New
ton. Those attending the conference in
Charlotte yesterday were Osbjrne
Brcwn, chairman of the board of
county commissioners; Maj. Geo. L.
Lyerly, chairman of the county high
a ay commission; County Commission
ers Moose, Campbell and Bumgamer
and former Commissioner Hollar, G.
)H. Geitner, G. R. Wiootten and H. G.
1 Tucker of Hickory. A. L. Shuford
and John A. Isenhower of Conover
and others.
By the Associated Press.
Memphis. Tenn., May 12. Mrs.
Daniel E. Grace- wife of a local seed
merchant is dead, Grace is wounded
and a four-year-old child mortally
wounded as a result of s shooting
scrape in which the woman is alleg
ed to have fired on her husband and
child and turning 4 the weapon on
herself inflicted a faal wound.
n h r- i-l I in llfllll
Raleigh, May 12.-Continued talk
of a state constabulary for North
,:..i: f nnmlint thp forces ot evu
and particularly of violators of the
uu nvnmntlv stimulated American
vy -
business men in German trade possi
bilities. There have been a number
of inquiries, Secretary Hughes reply
ing that in the case of most articles
there would be no objection.
The same feeling apparently was
reflected in allied -capitals in improved
Secretary Mellon said today that he
expected the exchange rate to con- riaintaineti. The fact chat the
tinue steady. t t " has established a record in the
While the effect of Germany s ac- nher of distilleries captured by
ceptance upon exchange was largely I ,evenUe agents acquits them in fine
;r.il Mr. Mellon said. it , ,
,,o.,vw t,..--. . - - - styie
wms pvtremelv uniiKeiv mat me
By the Associated Press.
TI" 1 - r..4- ( III O T T I . . I .t IV
vv asjnuu.i.uiiy i,i"ji - - innd particularly jj-
acceptance of the allied ultimatum ( Volstead act is heard at tfte capuai
The latest talk of the sort is
generated by reason of the report
reaching Raleigh from Washington
that the revenue forces in North
Carolina are to be reduced. J. W.
Bailey, collector, is authority for the
statement that there is no political
from Washing
ton that fewer revenue agents will;
Raleigh. May 12. Public utilities
thp rourts on
II I l IV 1 114 VY C 1 unU5"
By the Associated Press.
Washington, May 12 The duties
nf internal revenue commissioner de-
vnKrpA tnd;i u on 5W?f tarv of the
Treasury Mellon by reason of the ex-
piration oi tne ou uays icgai huki
for the assistant commissioner. ,
Secretary Mellon will continue the
duties until the nomination of a
commissioner can be conformed by the
senate. The nomination of Davia ti.
the Southern Power Company lost-Blair of Winston-Salem was to come
thpir first inning in supreme court this , up today. ... r
their nrst inning m suy . Mr. Mellon said the issuance of
week with the decision of Associate permjts tQ se1 beer wou,d be heId up
.Tiist.ifO Stacv. The case Was the Old ,1;i nnmmisqinnpr had nualified.
one in which the North Carolina ruD-
lic Service Co. of Greensboro and High
Point was asking that the Southern
t. j- "Mm-tVi Ptivnlina HOW
I ' ".,,,- ir i t i Lie luuu nu"" "
than a score of state convicts, many i change rate woum laiagani. . 4 & tg when she should have
.n,)v I Analysis maae oy aunniH.sL.a.iw,. fifi.pp1. The pvonortion will be
i P II - 1 1 : I 1 . -mini vo viij v .i'-v-. 1
nciais oi tne auieu pum:, -r- voAnoti. not. for nolitical reasons
j . 1 11 J T &m. i T i I V. VtUV.v-v ' i-
of them armed, mutinied today,
stormed the arsenal shot two guard
and fled.
I ii ferred from 3 1-a fault, inounr. j i"'"'"" p" ,
wear rubber soles. Orange lee.
F.v the Associated Press.
London. May 12. More than 3..0,
000 workers in Great Britain suffer
ed reductions in wages last month
amounting to 00 000 a week, and
110,000 received increases amounting
to about 2.900 pounds a week. This
is shown by the Ministry of Labor.
Retail prices fell eight points in
that month, the Ministry says, the
reduction being chiefly to fall in the
n t li.l 1 111...
prices ot looci- aicnougn cioinmg
prices also went clown to some extent.
"Ah"! breathed the- Amateur
sleuth, "a mouse has visited this
Power Company be compelled to f urn-, Great Scott man! How do you
ish hydroelectric power. 'know " said the listener.
The action is still a proceeding for .gimpie gee the woman's hee'
a writ of mandamus, the supreme1 marks jn the seat of that mahogai.v
court holds. The pleadings have not, chair?" Pittsburgh Chronicle-Tele-
1 .1 1 A.! - 4-1 V O IT1
cnangea, it coiitniues, ireiuwi graph,
the parties. "We think the defend-,
ant's second petition for removal was
properly denied" in Guilford court.)
they could see in it no serious flaw.
reduced- not ior wv.... .. - ---- r . -
hut in line with the departments I his honor erred in granting
We are of the opinion, however, that i By the Associated Press.
Savannah Ga., May 12. Working
committees having been appointed by
the order of railway telegraphers
here, they are down to hard work.
It is said a plan probably- would be
adopted to pension telegraphers.
At the 1921 session of the general
assembly the anti-saloon league forc
es did not attempt to secure the en
act of a law ci-eating a state con-
i stabulary for aiding the revenue
i ,y,pn This course was recommend
ed by Chief Prohibition Agent S. R.
Brame in a letter to Gov. T. W.
Bickett. Why the Anti-Saloon Leag
ues failed to get busy doesn't ap
pear. Their only effort at liquor
legislation was the coordination of
the state prohibition laws with the
Volstead ct. They were unsuccess
ful. Their proposal was never even
seriously considered.
mo auwui ,vu &- ---- iew iorK, May iz. ine easier
plaintiff's motion for judgment on the i. !,. , j.. f
pleadings." 'loiwing recent advices and continued
The Southern Power Company con- unfav0rable news from England led
tended that the case should be sent to reactions in the cotton market
holds the second time with Judge J. 13. j here during today's early tracing.
Ray in superior court that their con- Prices opened steady at a decline of 8
j J.T I j i -11 1 -i O X
tention was in error.
Rv the Associated Press
- i --".y
T.rsa Ancolpc Ca 17 A spf:- 'TiiIit
tlement was perfected today by which j October
Clara Smith riamon relinquishes ail December
claim to an estate of Jake Hamon it January.
111 11. T
was announced by her attorneys.
to 1 1 noints and sold about to 18 to
28 points net lower before the end
of the first hour.
i . Open
May 12.77
January 14.16

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