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i l kiMJ-SII WlillAI AIK
the Aryciutoil Ircas.
April u.( Delayed)
.,, kintr-Sh'iMii hai air mail for-
.,H t ; L- -1 1 1 ) ( 1 1 1 1 will ln !in nil.
('till "l "
,'7,wd reality summer is well ad
.,,1, ('(.i!ii:u!s fr the huildiug
u,, ;u'H' hangars at tlie Shanghai
,k win let following the pur
, .,,)' lie land. Incidentally these
-were let to an American
I plaimd to start work en
Ivlii'.'ars in April and they are
,. , ini'leted within four months.
, -imil.u hangars are heing built
, ! and neirot iatons for the
,, i hangars at ATsinanfu,
i 1 .....1,. i'ni.., i...
;Ul l IIV Hi m,i i uiuni HIV KV
, . , , I'ta v aid.
, -i.ii nf the four aerodromes
;,mi cuiuinvfeial airplanes will
r !,.,! and -the actual flyitij'
,. ijmie by relay when the sev
, n. I'U'niatoly it is the pur
i' i' Chinese government
h fxtt-rnl it air service and
t; cdablilt passenger- ear
;.. tv i ie"
Water is Necessary
for your Battery
Water is a3 necessary to
u 1 1 1 1- ry life as it is to plan t life.
The water should be pure
.,..,! it: should be put into the
1 Mttery regularly, at least once
t crv two weeks.
You can easily put this water
is,, hut we will gladly do it if you
pn !Vr.
We arc also equipped to re
cluvge and repair batteries. We
e ,r ry a complete line of Willard
hurerv parts, rental batteries
;.r.,i Willard Threaded Rubber
rit'S. ( i
A 'i ua hw Willard Threaded Rub
1, r itiM'laMon pv.ts an end to the scp
,.: ,t..r iiplaot mcnt ejept-nse caused by
w ,ip ''. cracked, punctured und car
, riuHil wood separators.
Hickory Battery Co.
IL'JI) Ninth Avenue
Phone 393
Diversified farming is a livp
ject in most North Carolina io..
and cities these days and Catawba
county is Icing pointed to as an ex
ample of what several gtood crops
will do for a eonununitv. Coopera
tion is another live subject. Record
readers will be interested in the fol
lcf. injr editorial from the Kinslon
Free Press:
('operative marketing has become
a live topic in Kinstcm and it is one
that can well engage the best
thought of this section. For several
years tthe Free'. Press" has urged the
wisdom of the establishment ')f local
markets, which would enable the
farmers to dispose easily ot evev
crop Hurt they can do ' pl(,iitamy
r ii.se. Recently as has been referred
f liofuvo ih idinmlior of commoive
at the suggestion ef its president. .1.
J. Mewborne. has been advocating
'ind planning for cooperative mar
kets. There are numerous examples
throughout the country where diver
sified industry and cooperative mar
kets have been important factors in
development. Tin- state of C.e rgia
has soeral illustrations; among
them is Quittman.a town of some
live thousand people. The Free
Press understands that several years
ago, its market on home raised an 1
cured meats bad heen developed to
attested by a news item, appearing
in Saturday's News and Observer.
The article reads as lollows: -uiy
I tax-listers say that despite the de
gression for the past several months,
Hickory people are giving in more
'money than ever before. This indi
cates the condition- of prosperity,
fthey say, and it is generally admit-
ieci mat mtru is yivnij -x
this section, thanks to tha divcrsi-
fication of fuming.
Diversification tf farming and co
operative marketing is no vild
theory. It's practical solution of the
problem that confronts the farmer
who depends upon the one or two
so-called money crops and who be
cause of that fact, must over and
over again experience lean and dis
astrous years, n . i
fl- tl
point where it was . .not unusual tor
'0.000 pounds of meat to oe soiu on
its exchange hi 11 single day.
Rut it's' not necessary;" to co to
Georgia for such, .illustrations. North
Carolina has some splendid examples
of her own. Elsewhere in this i -m.
fhi- 1-Vee Press is reprinting an
article as written by Col. Fred A.
M.ia .,n,i 5 :i most, interesting st:ry
snciM'ss of Catawba eounty
Mhich Col. Olds dccriVes ns the most
"highly developed and cooperated
,,uinfv in nil Vnrtb Carolina." Hick
ory, has about fifty different indus
tries. One of them as will be ncUvl
by re-iding Col. Olds' article is th-.-Catawba
Creamery, which doe-! :ir,
annual buisness of close to a million
dollars 'and h'indles cream, butter,
egtrs. cheee and poultry, all borne
raised. The creamery is owned b
pioro than 4C0 stockholders, most of
whom are farmers. Thc story is rm
inspiring one and the -Free T'res"
cnimends it to every reader of the
Further evidencp of the success -if
the cooperative idea in Hickory
i Hickory theatre goers will have an
opportunity Tuesday, matinee and
.evening of seeing one of the greatest
'and most sensational photoplays pro
i (luced when Doraldina will appear
in "The Woman Untamed."
i T,,rnidinn ;is vou probably Know
is one of the world's most famous
j dancers and not only will she give
i v..,.. ,l..riff. n manv dine rent lorms
I lu.-t one of the most heart-touching
1 vi wf oiios interemincle witn cms
through this picture.
Perhaps no other picture reieahua
nnivmiKi vn:ivs has featured such
dancing as is perpetuated by Doral
dina in her latest production.
More people are dancing today
than danced ten years ago, ami the
increase is not confined to the shim
my and the various jazz ramifica
tions that are now agitating the shoul
ders from coast to coast. This show
will he instructive along dancing lines
and will also afford those who en
jcy a good love story produced on the
screen to be well pleased.
T!i.. !.. A. Times has this to say of
famous Daraldina. '"Doraldina
nate people. )
You are not going to be asked for
money this time; just for that old
suit, coat or dress 4 that you never
wear. It will be suchan easy thing to
dig these castoff garments out of the
closet, and have them ready Wednes
day, june 1st. which date has been
doQiirnntpd as liunrlle uav. 1!. will
require but a few minutes time, but
tr. nt lonst one. arirl nrrhar)c5 tn sev.
eral human beings in that far-off
Ion1 if vnnv mpan tVio rlif fnrfn hp-
tween life, hope, strength and al-
mncf pnrtnin death. Ptnn1f don't
1 Jl L v ' - - - - " . - 1
.r. -i l tViic rrivp it. a TvnKsinf thoilirht.
inJ - ' 1' - " t' o i
and then forget all about it. Re
member you are probably saving a
lifo rind live!
1 '.'v r-
TTrn Jftspnnus T)anipls. State
Chairman of the Near East Relief, is
very anxious that North Carolina
contribute generously to this call,
and he expects Catawba County to
do her part. The success of thh
campaign depends upon you. Don'i
v"a iYir hiirk." "Rpmcmber t.hp dav
Woilni'sdav June 1st. and have, youi
bundle ready early. Somee.nv will
call for it.
p ecu si 11
Saturday and Monday
Miss Sallie Hamilton, who filled !
out an unexpired terms as teacher m
v TTnrdin schools. neOr Gastonia.
rtniMiPl onir this mornintr for the
XV Lli. I'v i ' " -
summer holidays, her school having
is the subtlest, most ingratiating vam
pire of the screen. bhe was a sen.
s-ition and lent an atmospheric of-fe.-t
to her picture 'that is not to be
"The bewitcherv of her art capti
vates all savs the New York Bill-
Don't fail to see this picture at
the grand one day only, matinee and
night, Tuesday, May 31,
Hundreds of thousands of men,
women-and little children in the Near
East are homeless and clad in noth
ing but rajrs. These people must ot
provided with clothing before iwinter
and America is going to do it. Re
cnizing tbe urgency for immediate
action! the Near East Relief is con
ducting a campaign for id and worn
clothing, to be sent to these unfortu-
If you don't see the item you are interested
in priced in these columns, ask for it, we have
it and the price is lower.
Palm Beach Suits, $12.50
Men's Genuine Palm Beach Suits, d1 O P
sizes and styles in regulars. Sale price
Serge Suits
Men's Fine Quality Sere Suits $22.50
Young Men's Skeleton lined Serge tjjOQ
Suits. $40. values at PGJU
Men's and Young Men's Worsted
Suits . $.DU
Boys' Suits
New express shipment Boys' Suits to go on
sale Saturday morning.
Men's Malras in best cuts and Percale Shirts,
Value that originally sold up to $3.00 d1 AO
Special Price ..lAO
Men's high grade Shirts, made of Im- dQ OC
ported,. English Shirting
Men's Straw Hats
Men's new Sailor Straw Hats at
Men's English Straw Hats at
Cowhide Overalls 98c
Genuine Cowhide Overalls, all sizes a short AO
Sale Price tOt
The Love Special A Piiomount Picture
Boys' Hats
Boys' Wash Hats, White 48 C
Boys' and Girls' Black Straw gjjj. $1 ?5
Boys' Pants
Best Twill Khaki Pants at
Boys' good Worsted and Wool Pants Sli48
Wash Suits
Boys Kompers and Work Suits, "all sizes and
Chambray Shirts. 49c
Genuine Blue Chambray Shirts, full size,
while ago sold for $3.50.
Best Union-made Overalls, each-
Men's Handkerchiefs, 5c
Union-made Work Shirts cut
25c Canvas Gloves, 15c
Men's Canvas Gloves with Gauntlets, the 1 C
25c kind. Sale price
Men's full size Handkerchiefs .
President 25c soft hemstitched Handker- 1 A.
. chiefs at IvL
Soft Collars
Men's and Boys' Soft Collars, all sizes. Or
The 35c kind. Sale price
Boys' Overalls
- Little Tjoys' Overalls, elast?.; back I
Big Boys' Overalls, "made like dad's," JCJ
Hanes' Athletic Suits, 98c
Hanes Nationally advertised Athletic Un Qft
ion Suits, all sizes : fOt
Men's Nainsook Athletic Special at v.
Regular $1.50 fine construction Union 7Cn
"For Economical Transportation"
13. (). P.. Fid. NT
; it
Trail ni.-.siori: Seh't-tive
lype, hand control, :! speeds
' fnrviird, ;iiid reverse
Tire Carrier
1 Side curtains
Eiectric lamps
Demountable rims
hiien;;e holder
C miplele tool ('(Hiipment
Electric horn
Extra rim
Fal.-rikoid Top
The Touring Car A
d. m. boyd & co. Hickory, N. C. . - ,J
i: ' R " J
H llpilliilill
At the new price, Chevrolet Model "Four
Ninety" touring cstr is the lowest priced,
fully equipped, quality automobile on the
It places comfortable, convenient and de
penclable motor transportation within the
means of everone.
Garage f
Phone 210
More thnn 4.000 De ilers, Ketail Stores and Service Stations
in United States and Canada
f . r .
Chevrolet "Four-Ninety" Touring Car, $645, f. o. b., Flint; Mich. ;
ICalb'in a eood painter arid put him to5york :Now' is thetirned
wgfhvand;aded, surfaces -on walls, ; doors, 'floors 'andaurju;
XsXrS iJZfoiAAmrixt ' r'riihs enamels'-and -staitlstom&
lfeVolain-iise them,: for vbur painter.; knows there is
34ScQI Mw Visit our store soon. Well IfJyofj
; vmlitk' rf xrAnr Krlme nf small, COSt.- '.' . 7-V; t&m
gJWv'ilSJ UlUCw Uiy v tii.v.v. v ' ' -
mmWmim Dealer".., "V 1

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