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f Richly lUlLY KECORD
subscribers dcsirin? the address of
truir paper changed will plenae tat
in their lommunication both OLD and
NEW addresses.
To insuiv tfflcient delivery, com
plank should he made to the Sub
scription lKpnitmci.t promptly. City
fabv liber should sail 167 ri-gardiiiji
complaints, j
One Year $5-00
O'y mail, if LOO; 0 months, $2.00)
Six Months $-"''
Throe Mentha"
One Month -'ir'
One Wvck - . u
Entered a seconr-tlass matter Stp
l.mher 11. 1U1S, at the postoflice at
Hickory, N. C, undtr the act of Marvh
8, l'S79.
If c. mpctilion i.s the lit'1 of trade,
as simii' economist or other remai li
ed once upon a time, Hickory
see some action '.vneii thi
fat U lie; to work in, and without e
en the rijfht to btrih'? it he h..a wo:
)!,if .i nii'iInTi oei.. "!i1s who tame
w'" l.o ni s: ( s.don of 1 .nd under the in
new ice and ! i i vi 1 1; I .it..i have maintaini d it thron:
concern opera- up.
One may leaily he opposed to prize
fiuhts, hut tin- desire to srv them or
read about them i ; almost universal,
n far a", the masculine ceiidor is
coneci Med.
kisim; in
ir uope
Ma'.i'i'i -Mid !! At 'iiaii.ni.
In all Central European coiud i ie--thi'
ai": ieiilt in al population dril'nd
,nto tin c.l i"? io l'(ii!ii r.wn '.V'-rL-
tiH, aiul tiiill- i I i i :-i ;.V W'le oi't.'i
tuned into lniti! in,'- ei'iaind-- fey t';o
Hi bit I'l -ey. I eforo the war Hav
en eefried. the sou -in-law if Ftur.7.
,kvef. made himself a ;iear. paiU
from t!ie pasture land-; .f :0 tair.i
vf.i in Luaci1 Austria tar:."
which nrev VslOv had yielded nidi;
.and meat for Vienna. Duiinjr the
ni nee, i! )-
- all ihe , li ifit'fv. Siniihu !y.
i.'.lif.- ..nitric.-, i isc 1-,-vo'tnlion.--, n :
yet, nie:i"Uabl.-' in ih'-ir effect- upon
the tv.vn woij-a'rs and even i 1" doubt
ful hen-fit U tin in, hav," put land ia-
I,, I. alius ii ill'' peis.nts, ami
have iiaai'l.v iiai'iUal li'.eni lie- cine-i-iiiiiui'
l iatc t fijitii !v pir.v.'i'. And l:'si
iv:'.i i iii ir power means ditical
; i- : ia.wn l)' liie may.iiiv: v;.v ia
a i , i -1 1 tiiis hilh. ilo liaicnrcscuic
da'., are i.-c .itii the vci aoi-
( lit r..! I'm fa-.
I !--
i n.1 i". int. i-'ii'."'i'i.i -annint.!e!. ca
'M jv'iil '! ion i ; t.-ihia. a.lxail '.a.,il!:'
I 1 ,U()''."H a iav in Mie expense rf
! ,"imiai - iti'V the dcp-ivl meats ami
ri'icaus of the national i.-avevninea
j hy cm::8 .;!i.'atir'v, p-runiiiv; and elim
iiuatitn' ,' iai t liit.-nt aiul hureau -;
'J i , rlaat); it's aetioa in line svoa
-uc!i t.:ilk that, the pal lie w nts t
Ki. hnn !!:l Time-hose.ati h.
j. ' v
, Y
in t! ,fV.-- . -.. h, 3 mmmmmi ja A T II II 9 Jf 11 f If 1 71
mj'i "1 TUESDAY, lttUKSUAI
m- v" , - if
'"I p.- - ?- Ji 1 !
m.i,-- X -Si :
rarched lorr
nui. reils ai
ini.,,1 tha iieA nf vcnublicatiotii neaannt holdintr? in laati evn
tMltlCU IU UlC lire v. ivfw"-- -- .,..!..
' .U now. cmM t. it or r . :v
credited m this paper and also the lot() hunt with Kaist WiU.clm. The e
cul news published herein. 'are iady t.o i'.lu-trat iou-, taken :t
, ; , , random 'from anions IvanditHls.
ic.n. r. or AswociATKn pnESs S
i'ublished by the Clay Printing Co. ' of ,hfl ,.null, w,,,,v :m(i the lo c
Every Evening Except Sunday jor ntrv. The only people -a ho etu!d
c-anpet." a-ainst western production
weio t'- v-e bi-.v lanownei wlio n.-ed
LUMHEK I the most modern a-ricimmai nv.cn-
.1 .a .....a ..nui'.
e inei V ana euinnvi-.i injf ,
i. .... ti. West riiis.-.ian .mnKer.
the New York Commercial quotes .1 J.,u, ,,0t bis lnbar fmm Poland, and
' ' . m '.:.i
l. j libit w . i i.- in uiv.i v - -
e are going to sell good
ee in our
or I
The Washincton corresuendent or
ivlllt JUU H'l H'lJi lV uutv WWII
Ut. by C. .1. Winton of Minneapolis
to Chairman Fordney of the house
ways and means committee. The
letter rathtr explains itself:
"You are interests in the Cil-chiist-Fordiiey
Loimber Company,
manufacturing yellow pine at Laurel,
Miss. 1 am interested in the Wau
xiu Southern Lumber Company,
manufatturinji- yellow pine at Laur
el. Miss. We aie both Jdso inter
isted in timber in Oregon, so that
in some l expects we have the same
ii.tcu-t, alchoiijL'h yours are, 1 doubt
not, much largci than mine. My
piincipal interests are in the State
of Idaho, where I am interested in
th:M' opet '.tions, and I am interest
ed in one operation at The Pas,
Manitoba, Canada. I am ajrain
stating those things so that I may
not bo sailing under any false col
ors." Mr. Fordney was then engaged in
writing the Fordney tariff bill, which
would impose no tax on rou&h lum
bel but would place a duty on dress
til lumber. Tlie cost this tax would
plnee on the average American work
in:fii:an who builds a home is estimat
ed at between $250 and $;U)0.
V,'e have hoard a great deal about
ccra'jv ' r. our forests, wliich
v.il! aru told in about
."0 ' ;o present rate ot
ta.ti '
people iO
we. it and
b-;r is still
on tinished
( nurse own
tyres ts.
.Tiie question for congress to con
sider is whether a hitfh tariff on
drc.f-ed lumber is best for the coun
try as a whole. Mr. Fordney, un
der the circumstances, is not in po
sition to judge.
ware that lumber
ulh and in the north-
where tim-
plentiful favor a taritF
lumber. These nun of
the greatest part of our
other fictions
and liter, Oerman copies; i r me a;:-,
families of I'ohemhi. such as tne
Kurstenbergs, Lichlenstein ar.u
llapsburgs; or the fori icn hndo.va
ers of Uungavy, such as Kin.c I;.us
of Bavaria, who had n great dairy
and sugar factov at Sr.rvar. in Hun
gary ,"ven the Ksterlv.r.ys and Kaivi--re
test of native proprietors,
had ta reduce somewhat their to.ra
er luvuii';us standard of livmu I:.e
-mall ladders wen' to tlr tity, t.e;
lower evntrv swelled ihe rard.s ot
narasitical bureaucracy. Even m Sc.
ii., ., omelv av;ncu!uira! coun.vy,
bieei hnii' '.as on ui
iirtlv because of tlie rstncuoi.s
e,,sed bv Aunrhn, i'nd nartly Hsau;t
of the comnctiuon of Argentine
fiaeii meat. Eulgarian tobacco v. i'.:
were suffeiing in a like manne-.
in all rf these cauntne-. tho-.'j
peasants a1i suiviwd vtpre-ia I
the lrA?st standard r.f life ot any
civ-"-- Thev were ignorant to tne
point of illiteracy and no one t-nreu
not attempted ta educate t; em. Ihe.v
v-re er-er.omically exploded bv t!v
town. Thv worked from dnva
sunset, and lived aft-- the manaer
i.f their fathers, with iv. pr-.trress.
The war. the successive re volatu.ic
n. ..i.'-nte block o'e. and mt rst::le
i... . ..; v.. -ill u.ieoiiivof al disast
Ihe town nopu'ation hav
It) 1 I ' I.O Mil" V . .
coming into power
arid cxoloited cb.iss.
I lnekad cut oft
One of the local checker players
had been talking for several days
about going to Charlotte to enter
the tournament Monday. Another
went over to his place of business
and teported that he had been wired
to try out any of the fellows here
who thought they could play and if
they looked good, to send them down.
Then Jeff won four out of five games
and the other man is going to spend
his Fourth away from Charlotte.
Thompson's friends say that was the
most unkindest cut of all.
The ir.-.'!r evidently had discount
ed tin : .vnment's cotton report,
for Ju.y :-.aed only 23 points higher
than the opening and other active
months maintained about the same
relative positions. The fact that
southern farmers, who must have put
a lot of land into food crops, have
held down their cotton more than
live million bales ought to mean
eventually better prices. They can
refuse to grow cotton if they cannot
make some money on it.
People who may bo getting their
food cheaper may feel good over it,
nut those who have no work have
nothing to gain. When the, farm
ers of the United States prosper,
the rest of us will get along well.
Farmers and railroads must make
money if the rest of us are to do veil.
The farmers especially.
Now that the flimsy skirts are ap
pearing on the streets, one really
does not notice whether they are long
or short.
lief ore this paper appears on
Ktie-t the result of the fight
be known.
r. isina - 'hc
,f this declin.a;:
l"iie, ''ar and Ir.e
the kilP'ie- comic-
. . ..i iMntniein wni-' i.
titi m. Kussnn sum 11 ,
bciti"- no longer available, hiHgaiia,
Kemani'i, Bavaria and llurvrary had
to s-'upplv themselves and tr,e mda.--tiial
sections of Central Euvo.r .
'Ihe nthe i evolutions and the peace
treaty, which comph led the sh;ttr-r-ina-
,';f indu-trv and the coll-pse of
international finance ad comnv-ve.
;,,v0!s( the iclative security of t .c
rc?nt.' Whereas before IHlt
-l.:,C ,,ftiinmii- h'l-'.is 111 C,cnt."I
T'-pe h"d been industrial pmdu?ti m.
and the of. politics -.vere -n l..r
i,,rl; r.f the anst'X'raov and bi'T 1 -
p'-ncial rnd indir-irial imprest?
luted by the ron-tautly mere
. tha tre.v workers, tne
t.i.ifi,.,! ihe ecov.oiv.ie basis
fr..l. and the revolution'
,.,-.ntvr1 out of the hand:; of
toe rat.
If is one of the lionies ot re,
tb.r. '. that, iho; e wh : make Ihem
..f,l l-... 1 e.t V. ovofit, by thVi
Austfia. Hungary. Buigav.ia
,.,..iv tl, e revolution, weio
the town woikr-rs, uliiie the r-.yr- a.
Poked pkh'fiuadiea'dv en. et v.'
Hungary, for xam pb the first po
litical i evolution t-ave way to loi--hevism,
and the "led" regime in h
tuin to a "white" reaction, and 1-v
(by tlie to.vn worker is left without
i n'i'
t.wak 1 n
i iie aii
i i
aiai (!
how wora
May Escape the Dreaded Suf ferings
of that Period by
Taking Mrs. Block's Advice
Hopkins, Minn. "During Change of
I had hot flashes and suffered for
two years. I saw
Lydia E. Pinkham's
V e g e table Co rn
pound advertised in
the paper and got
good renults from
taking it. I recom
mend your medicine
to my friends and
you may publish
this fact an a testi
monial. " Mra.RoB
kkt Block. Box 542,
Hopkins, Minn.
It haa been said that not one woman in
a thousand passes this perfectly natural
change without experiencing a train of
very annoying and sometimes painful
symptoms. Those dreadful hot flashes,
sinking spells, spots before the eyes,
dizzy spells, nervousness, are only a few
of the symptoms. Every woman at this
age should profit by Mrs! Block's experi
ence and try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound.
If you have the slightest doubt that
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound will help you, write to Lydia E.
Pinkham Medicine Co.. Lynn. Mass..
'i about: vonr health Ymui l.atm will Ki
will J opened, read and answered by a woman,
and held in strict confidence.
!' r building good roads and educational and charitable insti
tutions North Carolina is issuing bonds ia denominations of $100,
:;:f.oO and $ 1,000. You can buy a $1"10 non-t arable 5 per cent bond
for 100. and accrued interest, which amounts to 3100.21. This
beats a 0 1--! per cent tax-aaving investment. Bids for $500 and
( j() bonds will require a check cf 2 lu-r
li. LACY
With a S100 bond no cheek is
to invest your savin-:
cent cf the amount bid.
J Here is no better way
State Treasurer.
7-2 -It Sat and Tries g
40c4-2 Peck-40c
Your present need for
ever smail j our dep si's
You may sometime n-.
help (! (.'in! fei.ent advice.
bank :r?rvi e iv.av not be ;;reat, IIow
nowaday.5, consider 'what may ' come,
ea e:-.eept.nnal ban!-: srviv?, important
Here, c.i can deoer.d uuon us to
j.'cilorm ad services weh ana mmsuai seivica wiihngly.
What our present customers like in our service you : will like.
Dependable Goods "For Less" You to be the Judge
Our Store will be Closed All Day July 4th.
Capital and Surplus $::00,000.00
I). Elliott, president, K. C. Menzies, Vici'Pi'esident
J. I Cilley, Asst. Cashier
p mmm Jp ' p"
Built by Williamson America's
Foremost Maker of
Heating and Venti
lating Equipment
ryHE name Wil
li liamson has been
associated with
leadership in the build
ing of heating and ven
tilating equipment for
over thirty years. When
The Williamson Heater Company, decided to manufacture a pipelesa
furnace it called to its aid such notable experts as L. D. Woodrough,
who pioneered in championing the wonderful pipeless system, Wil
liam Doyle, the engineer who created vitally important pipeless
furnace improvements, and others of like calibre. The result was
HOMAKER the better pipeless furnace.
In every point where good pipeless furnaces excelled, HOMAKER
has done better. It is the simplest of all furnaces to install correctly,
in old buiidings or new. It uses a minimum amount of fuel. It is
guaranteed td heat every comer of your home to an even, comfortable
temperature. It keeps up a constant .circulation of , fresh, pure,
properly moistened air, free from the slightest taint of smoke or gas.
It gives you a cellar cool, clean and without dust or dirt.
T ADIATOR area 34 greater
A than ordinary furnaces, outer
casing 5i inches as against the usual
48, assuring the free circulation of
warmed air without forcing fire.
Castings are centered in casing,
which gives uniform heat travel
that gets most out of the fuel and
absolutely prevents all danger of
burning out castings through uneven
heat distribution. Quadruple casing
inner section insulated conserves
heat and keeps cellar cool.
CASTINGS centered in casing.
Cast iron smoke collar ex
tends clear through casing
no escape of gas. Quadruple casing.
Fuil width ash doors easy to clean
out. Handy upright shaker handle,
no stooping to clear fire. All doors
closed while shaking grate. Abso
lutely dust and dirt proof.
1212-14 Tenth Ave.
It Will Quench Your Thirst, Satisfy the
Children and Prove a Wholesome Drink.
Order It From Your Grocer
And Keep It On Ice
-MMil PL P 1 to
ottling Co.
Hickory, N. C.
''"''mSS iur w

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