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-- -
Tn Mnn n -
I u IVin. u. ).
The Hickory. Rotary Club at - its
iunrnton y.csterdW pair, tribute to
.irtmea A. Martin and discussed a.
N instance of J. Lenoir Cilley noma
things the Chamber of Commerce can
for the upbuilding- of this com-i:i.ir-ity.
A short talk by Kd Shuford
rri'I tna resolutions pr.edcntej by tie
fi Jdwship committee are hen; ive:i:
Fellow Citizens: ' ' '
An hour ago our president request
ed the fellowship committee to pre-
miit ili. icq vscnliif innc fnr rpcnnl Wlt'l
j; few spoken words in rmcmlu" ince
i-f Jim Martin.
I hopv sometime to write a brief
article recalling especially Jim's buy
hood and Varly manhood days. Hs
came here as a fifteen year old buy
and lived across the street from my
home until his death.
j limn a mi i. cwiu v,vjf . -
led with the fathers of some of you
present, A. a. ana jonn oiuiuru, ju
Bohannon, John Lyerly, A. S. Aber-
f'n rillov Hnitnoif Ki.ll1 and
1111 l 1 ,Y ' J x.w.v.... - - -
some her.? ' jr?nt yet living, in par-
tmmtmLtm in i i
I 1 ' ' I : r077 , I t I I
I Hi
A Paramount Comedy
Fourth episode and
Pathe News and
Mutt and Jeff
Cartoon Comedy
Admission 10: and 20c
And get our prices on Beef, Lamb,
chickens, etc.
We want to help you plan your Sunday
dinner. We will have tomorrow almost
anything you want in the meat line. Fresh
Creamery butter, Full Cream Cheese,
Cream for whipping, in fact, almost
everything to make your dinner a success.
We can have your package ready when
you call for same, and can save you con
siderable money.
Catawba Creamery Company
ticular. Joe Elliott, an Keu Menxics:
You can hardly,, mention :ptimigm
and enthusiasm without .. thinking: - of
Jim. Perhams it was these Gol-given
talents that prevented him f ronj
hoarding a vast fortune; but his
kindness! which percolated his veins,
his big: heart, his confidence in hint?
r.elf even in adversity, and his faith
in his fellowman, built a character
...k:..u ...Mi nVnTia the stars, for-
CVCL ailU :
In his church and his home this
beauty was brightest.
But there was no rest in Zion lor
Jim; he was connected with about
evei'y enterprise allied with Hickory,
and was well known over the sta've.
His death, almost sudden, was a
snock, and men and women, grouped,
about repeating, "I have . lost a
friend and Hickory a : good, fellow.
We shall never see his like again,
but fellows, w.e have only lost, mm
for a while and some of us realize
that it can be no long while till we
shall see Jim again.
Resolutions 1
In response to an acute sense df
the loss which has fallen upon vt by
reason of the death of "Jim" Martin,
ou friend and fellow member, the
Rotary Club of Hickory would write
into its records this appreciation of
him as a citizen, a Ro.tarian and a
friend: .. , , . '
That we bear testimony to mm,
first, as a constructive citizen of
Hickory, to Ihis zeal in those en
deavors which were aligned with the
common well-being, to the uniform
ity of his concern in the material,
social, moral and religious better
ment of the city, to his obedience t
all times to civic duties and obliga
tions and to the modest but always
diligent regard he gave, to all the
duties of citizenship in this commun
ity. ' '
That we record our appreciation &s
individual members and associates
with him, in Rotary, of him as a
friend and comrade, of the inspiring
value of his fellowship, of his court
tesy in manner, and jknightliness in
bearing, of the iwarmth of his nanor
clasp and the radiance of his person-
al And that the Rotary Club transmit
t, members of the family in.
whose" bereavement it so sincerely
shares a copy of tnese resuiuuuuo
and a message of its condolence.
Fellowship Committee.
v:t.r Hbru has nostnoned
until Monday the printing of deim-
quent tax Jist lor nicsury m
vertions iwno nave not aueuueu .
this important detail may setU; ba
uiuu.y. r-v-
i . a.i. Joti TVieo urnn hav! IlOi
settled for the 1920 taxes will do well
to do so at once.
Mayr's Wbnderful Rem.edy would
wir . iiinniRin.Trn, a .
Hr u m m r -
ul wnuuiiMiuu - . . . n 7x
mm . ma i i i m n-
f w&y Buy A New poiatorf
nil ccm-
corned, I wish to call the attention of
pirents to the vaccination require
ment. Students" who have not been
vaccinated and especially children en
tering school for the first time should
be vaccinated now in order that the
will not have to remain away from
school or experience any nhysical
inconvenience while attending. The
t'tiMl term will opn Wednesday, Sep
tember 7-
Students whose vaccjintion 'was
not successful last year will also be
required to bring a certificate of suc
cessful vaccination.
The compulsory attendance law was
hv the' last General Assem
bly from 8 to 14 years to 7 to 14.
This means that all children wno
h.ivfl reached their seventh birthday
must attend school regularly. Af-j
ter being absent for five consecutive,
days or when students are absent (
without a valid reason lor a less
number of days we are required to
give names i all such students v o
Mr. Hefner, welfare officer. The at
tendance last year was the best in
the history of the schools and there
fore the percent of promotions was
also high. s ' "''
Six year old children who have
never attehded" school before are rej
quired to' enter during the first four
weeks of school. Otherwise the
teacher must take time awav from the
entire ropnirfpr several days ou k-f.ye
the child -Who entered lafce to -hi
fate of, certain failure and Nlkc'oiijK
i T it i J.-, VxA
agemem. 11 an nisi, gi-aues i an uc
present the first day it will mean
trmrh to t.hp students and ereatlv
help the systematic organization of
tne scnoois.
0 Lof the school board Wednesday -night
tl'ilS important aeiail i.V do--'- in. was ucuiueu tu iue uuaiu ui
urday. The penalty will be adda ai- county commissioners to call oft rne
school bond election. Mr. L. F. Klutz,
attorney for the board, will advise
the board "to call it off as it is re
miested hv thp school board. The
cause for the schoal board's action is
UAXN I DCi wuiiu imuse lor tiie sciiuji uuaiu s atuuu 10
medicines caused me to lose faith ip and irregularities in the registration
DOtn. ana wnen a xxicim wm w"u ui vuicia,
This do.es .not mean that the people
CUre my SlOmatn , iruuiic. I tuui. nUi,. cwhjii uic uainsb ouauuia iui
'it can't be don'e.' However, he finally the opposition say they will support.
,....l.i ma - tn frv it nnd- to mv . n honrl issnw nrnVidpfl sVinnlsi art
ueisuaucu ' -v' ' - - . .
to my
if AA .All svmt)tori3 -"aot
acute indigestion and gas having dis
appeared." It is a simple, harmloss
preparation that removes the catar
lhal mucus from the intestinal tract
nri alliivs thp inflammation which
causes practically all stomach, liver
and intestinal ailments, mciuaing ap
pendicitis. One dose will convince or
tnonpv refunded. Haves-Long Dr'tig
Company and druggists everywhere.
i ' ' 1 1 . ii -
' -. .
I I f J M X II Al . II "..II II MM VI
1 . i V '-. :- .- .... m m I
distributed over the town. The chief
opposition seems to De centralizing
the schools at one place.
The peoole who ars opposing the
bond issue want a building erected in
North Newton, ;' one in South Newton;
on .the old academy lot which is own
ed by the town, and a high school
thev want inmroved and remain
where it is. The buildine-s in North
and South Newton are to be for m-i
knarv iildrfTS Tt ia T-olio7ol tViat
t.hr will VP TTTltiallir -n, nimnei.
;ition if this course is pursued. At any
rate a mass meeting (will be called
ana tne people deciae wnat they want
i . e a i i ..I ii
ueiure ine scnooi ooara cans anothe
', v.
; S00 men who are good dressers and want "the best" in
f cuits or OvercbWs to give olfr large display of fall and
-winter patterns,- (designed and tailored by the most
skillful tailors in America) the "once over" before
It Dosen t Cost You One Cent
- to look over and it will be appreciated by us whether
you buy or not.
Are absolutely guaranteed in every respect and are
no higher in price than ready-made clothes.
Williams & Pearson Clo. Co.
"The Young Men's Store"
1240 Ninth Avenue . - - ' - Phone 414
Newton. AUC 19. -Orw !" T.nnihnrH
colored 'porter at the Virginia Shipp
r.otei, was arrested yesterday morn
ing on two warrants, charging him
with selling intoxicating liquors,
having it in his possession for the
purpose of sale, and alsi a search
warrant to search his room in the
hotel. Attorney L. F. Klutz sent two
men to Leonard to see if th
purchase any liquor from him. Tliey
came . back with a pint which they
paid two dollars for. Mr. TChit tl-,n
drew a search warrant and s.tit Of
ficer C. K. Edwards to his room
where he found a half call on vusiicl
full, of liquor, a small quantity in
onier vessels and several empty gal
lon vessels which smelt of whiskey
and a measuring outfit. Leonard was
placed in jail. It has been susnected
by the best people of Newton that
this negro has been .en ca en no- in thn
liquor business for a long time.
A Crowd estimntpd -nt. hpfiwonn Q-
t- . : . "
uuu ana iu,ooo people were her.e yes
teraav tor thp oiH so diprs' mim n
The weather was ideal and the crowd
well behaved. The soldiers held their
annual ' meeting in the wf
khurch at 11 o'clock, after which the
old men and their wives went to the
beautiful lawn of Mrs. Margaret
Stewart where an elee-ant dinnp' -xas
served by the womenvof the town. ,
Officers Lehman and Walker fnnnii
a i jug containing three gallons of
nquor in iMorth Newton yesterday
morning, Dut tailed to find the own
er of same. . ,
MORROW The program at the. Hub theatre
tomorrow will be Dougla? Fairbanks
ill "A TtTrflilT"Vl IfimUnfn;... A t - A
craft picture of swift action. This is
ui cue ueso pictures mis popular
Star evpr mndp nH unn uJll
seeing it. Added attraction "Hia
Meal Ticket." a twm real B'w a
adiaiw Co
italledl By
ojfmsoia s
1 L E SS n TP) Arrtis
When you buy a CaloriC you get more than the best
Heating plant that modern Science can produce. You get
scientific installationthe free 'service of experienced
engineers who personally plan the CaloriC installation in
v " vmir hnilHfrirr
CaloriC engineering is one of the vital
factors in CaloriC success and on the
certainty of this service to insure your
complete satisfaction is based the Ca
loriC Money-back Guarantee. N
CaloriC Engineering Service is supplied
by the manufacturer through this Ca
loriC agency to quickly assist you in
planning the most efficient heating for
your home. Let us malsie a sketch of
your building or bring a rough sketch
ot your floor plans to our store and we
will secure the CaloriC engineer's installation
plans without obligating you in any way.
Get : these plans now and learn how the CaloriC
will save hundreds of dollars in building a new
home and how it will pay for itself in fuel sav
ing in any home, old or new.
f advice f tho who depreciate the
vdwme Co
M. w VSrl W.V kJU'
shme comedy.
f1 t ,

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