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days bfor their
itulwcrlptloM expire.
Showers tonight an
Thursday; little change
in temperature. :
i ' a : la I
UK VULLHtwrrnnfor fffinnns Wan KKtmV i HArri KrNHKS
VVUI.illlv liH-
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TF Reported For Senate Where ;
n the Associated Press J
u- hi no-ton Mav 31 Charees . commencement! exercises ST the
., lu.Kton, .May narges college haye faeen more usual,
uul njrainst Secretary Hoover in enjoyable and alumni day will not
tl ,, m ! ato last week by Senator not; soon be forgotten by any of the
W.tn, Democrat of Georgia, led to!larK? crowd present.
today between Senator 1 th.u?SJS 3?
Luiiuct of Winconsm, during which
,(,,. (it.rg:i senator was admonished
l,v the vice-president against violat
or rules.
Tlio tilt was precipitated by pre
mutation by Senator Lenroot of a let
trr iitm the commerce secretary de
nying charges by the Georgia senator
id..t tt:e accounts of the foreign relief
administration were not audited.
Mr. Lenroot declared that it some
unit s happens that senators some
tiints make statements that are ab
joliitly without foundation, adding
that the Hoover affair was of that
Senator "Watson wasonhisfeipt
quickly, declaring that he was not
iiiuid of the senator either on the
Hour or outside.
Senator Watson was' on his feet
the liceorgia senator as the insolent
junior senator from Wisconsin and
.u ,.,., . ,.o v,:,i,i !,. ,u'ing aenverea Dy me non. j-,. r,.
, . . . . T . i
pejM-r iuuj ueuni wir. inruui on
the two previous occasions and was I
tot afraid to defy him now. I
...... , , . .. j t i i i '
"I detied him then and 1 defy Inm.
now." shouted Mr. Watson, "I am not
afraid of him here or anywhere else
:i the sooner he finds that out, the
better it will be for both of us."
Iderstand and obev as good citizens
By the Associated Press. I the several phases of the phenomenon
iv , At oi u n he outlined bull in so doing to strive
lUinKton, May 31. A new bill rimplify them for the sake of
fui regulation of future trad-' er joy comfort and peace and for
intf mi k'rain exchanges designed to greater joy, comfort and peace and
Mttt the recent decision of the Su- salvation a pleasant contVibutio nof
preme court in holding certain pro-", the GoJ3" ,0" That We Two Were
v:skr. o the act inoperative was Maying Sung with grace and feeling
ir.Muduced in the senate today. ( Dy wo of the promising young ar-
Thr hill is similar to the act de- tisV of the college. Miss Elsie
ilaml inoperative by the Supreme IihodeS and Mr Lethco Bbmgarner
. .; - , . , Today the commencement is brought
wurt except that its fundamental 0 u close wi9h the graduation ex-
principle is based on the power of excises at 10:30.
uiiijiii'.ss to regulate interstate com
tone instead of the teixing power,
which is the basis of the present law
ni which the Supreme court held
could not be exercised in that re-
By the Associated Press.
New York, May 31. Reports of un
JHtled weather in the south over the
holiday and higher Liverpool cables
followed by an opening advance1
of M'Ven to 27 points in the cotton
DiHikets here today.
. 21.15
.. 20.70
. 20.4.r
July .....
Ovi.her ..
Hickory cotton 19 1-4 c.
On Coal
Hoover In
P-y the Associated Prefli.
Washington, May 31. Secretary
lloovir today 'assumed responsibility
f"r fixing a reasonable price on spot
during the continuance of the
("fl strike.'
Opening the conference here today
f union and non-union operators in
U'O rri)dueig fields, Mr. Hoover de-
ljr'd that ay agreement between the
operators in fixing the price of coal
'v''i in the interest of the publid
would ho illegal, therefore he asked
tl'G individual operators to agree with
Mm n n reasonable price for colli in
lJi,'ir tipective? districts.
i ll" commerce secretary suggested
thfe imm-dliae appointment of com.
iniUetM representing each producing
under ideal weather conditions
occasion. The official character and
have relieved, however, bv the ad
dress of Rev. A. R. Beck of Newton,
and Richard Shuford, of Hickory.
At midday throngs o visitors be
gan gathering about the long tables
set up under the shade of the oak
trees on the campus and soon the
board was bountifully spread with
viands of all Sorts, including the
rich provisions of the Carolina bar
becue. A more satisfying report, itj
it was geireraliy conceded, could
not have been devised.
The most notable features of the
afternoon was the program given
by the seniors for their class-day
exercises introduced by the daily
chain porcessive. The girls of the
junior and sophomore .classes escor
ting the former, now in graduating
cap and gown, o a green sward,
where class history and prophecies
were read, presents 'bestowed and
records burned. Mr. Dorus Rudisill
gifted in oratory graced the occas
ion with a moving informal valedic
tory word.
The lifVrarv address of .the even-
1 -, . 1 it tx T T-1
Rudisill of Morganton, an alumni of
Lenoir and a former instructor at
the college was admirable. His
theme, Citizenship, was treated in a
nice way, from the view-point of
"single phenomcnenon in conduct,
fashion in five of its universal forms
clothes, home-making, worship, gov-
II I All Ul 'UL llliailb liiuiu u . v
eral culture showed in his address
not only imagination and inventive
skill and sound scholarship, but a
marked poetic llouch and a style un
commonly pleasing in its simplicity,
delicacy and naturalness. Idealistic m
spirit and purpose Mr. Rudisill never
departs from itp verity and sanity
of a modern and true realism and
he bade his hearers recognize, un-
Mrs. O. E. Jones, of Ramsey, Va.,
who was injured in jumping from an
automobile on Saturday night, told
Chief Lentz that she lost her ring,
watch and handba.g. She is still in
the hospital, but is getting along all
right. Her husband cawe in yester
day. '"Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Burke left
today for Kingsport,. Tenn., their
home. The husband came in Sunday
' ' Prayer meeting at tfie Presby
Jinri church thte evening at
!lrS TXted I bv the pastor, who
"hrthegal 2.5?"
absence -at the senen tQ
West Virginia, - ,
his old home a:iu
Urged by
.,.-.:,f advise with him upon
.BM.w. . ... rpsnective
fair price lor coai . .
it also asked that these
committees continue in existence and
report to him the deterramauu.. - -
fair price, cases or umpur
their districts, and act
, pet such cases.
Hnover told the steveral hun
dred operators assembled at the meet
ing that the conference naa uCC
iv him iat the request of Pres
ident Harding, who wished to find
some way of preventing runuw-y
coal prices.
He explained that the conference
was not concerned with wages and
other questions4, but solely with the
question, of price of coal at the pres
ent time. i l.
Dr. E. M. Cilaig has returned from
the meeting of the general assembly
of the Presbyterian church in the
United States which was in session in
Charleston, Wr. Va., from May 17 to
25 inclusive. The assembly meets
annually and is composed of repre
sentatives elected by the presbyteries
on ia ba&s of one minister and one
elder to each 4,000 members or frac
tion thereof. There was a very
pleasant meeting in which reports
were received and action on foreign
missions, home missions, Christian
education and ministerial relief, Sun
day school extension iand a score of
other causes, each of which has its
The assembly is now a member of
the Councils of Presbyterian Re
formed churches in the United States,
which includes the northern and
southern and uuiited Presbyterians,
the Reformed synod of the United
States land possibly others.
Dr. Craig was appointed to convey
personally the greetings of the gen
eral assmbly to the general synod of
the Reformed church which meets in
Hickory next year. The general as
sembly wil meet next year at Monti-eat,
N. C.
Dr. Craig reported that the meet
ing was a very pleasant and harmon
ious one. While away he was able
to make a visit to his old home in
Craigsville, Va., and spent last Sun
day in Baltimore with his son Glenn,
who graduated at Johns Hopkins
Medical college on June 13. .
By the Associated Press.
Washington, May ' 31. Republican
senators today committed thelmselves
to the movement designed to bring
about (a.n amendment of the ancient
ruled of the senate -allowing unliiit
ed debate.
By a vote of 32 to 1 the Republican
conference decided to draft and press
it new cloture rule.
Whether the cloture effort would
be mladc while the tariff bill is pend
ing was not decided. The prospects
are that the cloture resolution will
go over. A time will be fixed to bring
the plan before the senate.
Senator Wadsworth was the only
participant in today's conference, the
third on the proposition, who opposed
it until the last. A number of Repub
licans btme given notice that they will
oppose new cloture regulations.
City Manager B'allew will begin
work next week on a 60 foot culvert
in Carolina park and will complete
the job as soon as possible. Two
driveways, one from Eleventh avenue
and the other from Twelfth avenue,
will intersect on the east side of the
swimming pool and extend to Tenth
avenue. A driveway will be con
structed around the pool. Plans for
the improvement were submitted to
city council last night and work or
dered done.
Epsom Downs, May 31. Captain
Cuttle won the derby run here today.
Viscount Astor's Tamar wbs second
and Bawlker's Craiganower was third.
By the Associated Press.
Washington, May 31. The conii
monly known McCujmber soldier bonus
pljan was ordered favorably reported
today by the senate finance commit
tee. The vote was 9 to 4.
The effective date of the bill was
changed, however, from next October
1 to January 1, 1923, after Senator
Walsh, Democrat, of Massachusetts,
had declared that it would take six
.months to put the bonus machinery
in motion.
Several majority members of the
committee gave notice to Senator
MeCumber that they would opose lay
ing aside the tariff bill to take up
the bonus.
Senator MeCumber replied that he
would attempt to get as prompt con
sideration of the bonus bill as could
be worked out, but did not state that
he would try to have the tariff meas
ure laid aside.
Senator Simmons, ranking Demo
cratic member, announced on behalf
of the Democrats present, that the
voted to repoi't out only to get action
on he measure. Senator Simmons
said the McCuimber bill would be of
little benefit to former service men
and said the minority reserved the
right to offer an amendment to the
MeCumber plan.
The Smoot plan providing for paid
up life insurance in lieu of all other
forms of compensation was defeated
by a vote of 8 to 5, three Democrats
Simmons. Walsh and Geary act
ing against it. Republican members
voting for the plan were Smoot, Mc
Lean, Frelinghuysen, Calder and Dil
lingham. Republicans voting against
it were MeCumber, Curtis, WatsonY
Sutherland and LaFollette.
Senator McLean broke the tie
which has existed among the Repub
lican members on the vote to report
the MeCumber plan, , which is the
house bill with some amendments, in
cluding elimination of the land settle
ment or reclamation projects.
y the Associated Press.
'Chicago, May 31. Mrs. Edith
Rockefeller-McCormick 'will ask court
action to prevent the marriage of her
liiughter, Miss Mathilde, to ' Max j
Oser, the Zurich riding master.
No objection will be made to the
appointment of .Harold . F. McCor
mick, divorced husband, as guardian
of her daughter, but a protest against
the international marriage Will li
made formally in court.
By the Associated Press. -.
Memphis, Tenn., May 31.- Bishop
John C. Kilgo of the Methodist Epis
copal church, south, who is ill at a
local hospital, passed a favorable
night and his condition Was reported
as improved this morning.
By , the Associated Press.
New York. May 31. Seven auto -
mobile bandits today held up three
men in an automobile at Long Island
City and robbed thelm of a $15,000
payroll belonging to am importer.
By th Associated Freas.
London, May 31. Winston Spen
cer Churchill, secretary for the colo
nies asserted in the house of com
mons today that ' the agreement
reached in southern Irellaind last Sat
urday strikes directly at the pro
visions of the Anglo-Irish treaty.
London, May 15 Economy is' no
! longer to . be the keyname of court
luncuons at uuciangnam mace,
No more "economy courts" as they
were called, are to be held. These
were established by iheir majesties
after the war. to set fashionable soc
iety a much needed ' example in curb
ing extravagances'. The seal of royal
approval .has again !been bestowed
on coust trains. . Indeed no woman
can be presented at court who dees
not wear them. Of course as a man
the' Lord Chamberlain cannot pre
sume to be an expert! on fashionable
feminine dress, but it is one of his
many official duties to lay down the
rules and regulations to which wo
men musj conform at the most ex
alted of court functions.
That is one of the things for which
he is paid $15,000 a year. He has to
be a peer besides to qualify for the
exalted office which is accounted
among the political plums that the
Prime Minister has to give away.
The present Lord Chamberlain is in
the top class of the peerage. He is
the Duke of Athell.
By restoring the courtf, train he has
earned the blessings of the fashion
able dressmakers. But they would
have lengthened their blessings if
he had lengthened he trains. Before
the , war three yards was their re
gulation length, while Queen Vic
toria didn't consider four yards too
long. By the new regulations tihey
need be only two yards in length and
should not extend more than 19 inch-
es from the heel of tihe wearer when
To walk backwwards before roy
alty in a train three yards' long with
out getfing tangled up in it, imposes
a severe tax on the ability and skill
of not a few socially ambitious wo
men. Queen Mary is a very kind
woman and she would naturally wish
tjo" spare her sex making exhibitions
of themselves. Hence she was in tav
or of the shorter length for trains.
By the Associated Press.
New York, . May 31. Substantial
increases in the prices of automobiles
and building materials were the outT
standing features in trade reports for
the month of April, according to sum.
maries announced here today.
Passenger automobiles manufac
tured in April numbered 19G.512 or
30 per; cent more than in March, while
truck production also' showed a sub
stantial gain.
In many other lines, the announce
ment said, April figures did not
show the advalnce over March fig
ures that might have been expected,
although it was said that business in
many lines wjas showing a steady,
consistent advance.
C. H. Herman, secretary of the
Catawba Jersey Breeders Association
and J. . W. HenoVicks have located
a car of Jersey cattle for Caldwell
! countfy. These cattle will be sold at
Lenoir Thursday, June lstx at the
opening of the new cooperative
It is hoped that this is only a be
ginning of the cattle which mav be
sold in Caldwell in the nearfuture.
. 13 Ave. and 15th St.'
Ai 8 P. M. today a special prayer
service preparatory for the Whit
sunday service of the Sunday. Sub
ject cf sermon: Prophecies concern
ing the outpouring ot the Smnt.
The pastor Rev. C. R. W. Kegley
myites the public,
Hickory will be host to Greenville
b. C, on the afternoon and evening
of Thursday, June 8th when the
uusiness men ;ot the latter city will
reach here in their special train en
tne tri st,ite acquaintance tour
gotten up under the auspices of he
The guests of Hickory will be given
a tpienam reception and conducted
on a two hour sight seeing tour
cmougn me city and enviroments
Representative H. B. McManawav
oi.tne Greenville Chamber of Com-
meice was here vpstmlav tr. Oonn..
, the details of the entertainment wiTh
Secretary Van Hervie. His coming
ueie on tnis errand was loreshadow
ed by the following telegram receiv
ed at the Chamber of Commerce
Monday morm'tjjj f rom secretary
William R., yfmsaohs of the Green
ville .ChambCommerce.
"With futlllef 'reference your ap
preciated letter about stopping at
Hickory on Carolihas-Virginia acqu
aintance tour, beg to advise H. B.
McManaway, our publicity secretary,
will call on you Tuesdav 9 o'clock
to definitely determine time of car
arrival and departure your city.
Thanks for generous offer of coop
eration. Courtesy shown him will be
much appreciated by me and en I re
Upon consultation with the enter
tainment committe and the president
of civic organizations of Hickory it
was decided to give the distinguish
ed visitors a royal welcome here, and
entertain them during their stay
here in a manner that Hickory can
be proud of. The special train carry-1
ing the visitors will reach here at!
4:30 in the afternc'on, and after the
weicome address by Mayor Marshall
H. Yount will first be taken through
the creamery. Mr. Shuford has con
sented ;to guide the guests of the
city through tjae creamery and per
sonally explain every detail of this
now nationally known enterprise.
The visitors will fihen be taken on
a sight seeing tour thro'ugh the city
and to Ihe Dutch Dairy farms. On
the return trip stops will be made
at all the larger manufacturing
plants from Highland to Longview.
The Rotarians and Kiwanious will
provide sufficient automobiles' for the
party, and the ladies of the Com
munity club will serve later in fthe
evening a picnic collation on the
lawn beside the station and opposite
the post office. The Chamber ofCom
merce and Catawba Creamery will
cooperate with the Community club
in making the repast splendid suc
cess'. The creamery it is understood
will supply individual bottles of but
ter milk to each guesfl and ice cream
for dessert.
According to secretary McMana
wav there will be 125 in theGreen
ville conngent. which includes be
sides a band- practically all the busi
ness and professional men of that
hustling city. They will have among
them some of Hie best stieakers of
Soutji Carolina. Dr. Daniels of Clem
Son College will respond to the
welcoming address by Mayer Yoxint,
who in welcoming the visitors to
the city will present them with
Hickory s golden key.
Secretary MbManawav wired an
enthuasisastic press dispatch to the
Greenville Daily News and the Pied
mont for publicalVon in today's issue,
outlining, the splendid - welcome that
awaits the vis'itbrs from Greenville
c'n their arrival . here. As souvenier
of their visit here the sight seers
will be given Hickory stlicks during
This" acquaintance tour is probably
the most unique ever under taken
by any Chamber of Commerce in
both iCarolinas, and ij will take five
Prevent Republic In
Ireland Says Leader
3y the Associated Preu.
; London, ' May 31. Secretary
Churchill, speaking in the house of
commons today, reiterated his state
ment that Great Britain would not
permit he esablishment of la republic
in Ireland.
Hee said the British troops reman
ing in Dublin were militarily secure
and were ready for emergencies.
"In the event a republic is set up,''
added the colonial secretary, "it is
the intention of the British govern,
ment to hold Dublin as one of the
preliminary and esfjfential steps in
military operations."
Belfast, May 31. Sir James Craig,
the Ulster premier, announced today
The Hickory High school graduat
ing exercises by the class of 1922
were held in the auditorium last
night witnessed by an audience that
packed the large theatre, many
standing at the rear and sides.
The stage deeorat&l with beautiful
sweet peas and mountain laurel, male
ing a pretty setting for graduates
who made an imnosir.ir siehfc. Just
above the stage the figures "1922"
were made of flowers' against a.
background of green.
Lively music was rendered b tha
High school orchestra, before ; and
after the graduating exercises. Be
fore the presentation of the diplomas
by Supt. R. W. Carver Mayor Yount
presented two gold medals offered
by Mr. A. J. Essex and Mr. J. J.
Willard the medv ofr by Mr.
Essex for the best average in scholar
ship and attendance for the past
four years was wn by Miss Violet
Carpenter and Mi Katjherine Cline
was presented with the medal of
fered Li Mr. WiUnrd for the best
English average for the past four
The senior class of 1922 no! only-
had the distinction of being the
largest senior class in the history
of the school but was also the mofcti
feted class. During the past few
weeks before graduation they werjC
guesQs of honor at a number of
luncheons and dinners.
A fine program was rendered by
the graduates the first part of which
was made up of some good speeches
while the latter pari dealt more in
timately with the class and in 1Jie
class history and last will some
clever bits of humor were displayed.
Af Qer the last diploma had been
presented by Mr. Craver.the ushers
marched to tha roar of the stage
laden with beautiful flowers . and
gifts for the seniors.
One of Roy TIawn's fine rabbit
hounds, apparently mad, broke loose
late yesterda:. afternoon and fled
up the road urariis Hickory witit
neighbors, quk-Uy notified, hot on his
trail. It was the second supposedly
mad dog loos ; during the day, tihe
other being reported in the Catawba
Springs neighborhood. It was saW
that this dog bit several other dogs.
Mr. Hawn's dog had not "been
Ideated early tjhis morning and! it
was" believed that ill had returned to
its own neighborhood and might be
located during the day.
The necessity for keeping dogs e
curelv tied was emphasized by. the
incidents of the last few days. One
small boy was bitten and is under
going the PasteurjKreatment.
If you missed seeing ttie "Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse" at the
Pastime theatre you misled the
greatest! picture ever screened. Yott
have one more chance come today.
Hours 3 and 8 P.M.
days to complete the proposed iten
erary. The start from Greenville
will be made next Monday morn
ing, - stopping a$ . . Gastonia,
Charlotte and all other cities on we
way to- Lynchburg, Va., where the
return' trio begins" via
Salem, Statesville, . . Hickory, Marion,
Asheville and Spartanburg," slopping
at all stations along the route.
that he and the Mjarquis of London
derry were going to London tonight
to confer with the British govern
ment to confer on the Irish, situation.
He said they were going with the
understanding that they would not
meet . the Dublin representatives.
By the Associated Press.' . '. V "
Belfast, May 51. Fierce rioting
occurred this afternoon in the Mill
fields' district cf Belfast following the
shooting of two special constables
who were badly wounded. Incendiar
ism was rampant land the crown
forces used . nvichine , guns. Several
persons were killed,

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