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, ,'c ; ' ',u i,' t,
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.1: ..
. . Tou alwayis jgret the best Quality,
Styles and jo we prices. ;
, " Expert repairing promptly executed.
Geo. E. Bi
Jeweler and Ontometrist.
Watch inspector So. and C. & N. W. Ryt.
The workers council of the First
Methodist church yill meet to'night
as 8 'o'clock with Mrs. Laurie Deal
. All teachers 5 are
expected to' be pyesent. y; -
Mr. P. AJ . eiiftard toft toA&v an a
business trip to Albemarle.
MrT S. V. Brumlev of ' Newton was a
business visitor in the city today, 1
Mrs.-A" ,fV . oiul inn' .li.
nave ifrturnprf fram two roclr!ir?
it to Gastonia and Belmont, r M
5 'Mss Virgrie Presser wAtftesqiected to- j .JMr Jacob V. ' Doll who was cstfled
aay Jrbm Birpiinhain,' AIa:, to visit home' irom Atlanta, Ga;, last Sunday
!f Fnw , Alexander cpunty. 1 1 I on account of the death of his tatnej,
. i i i - ; o (
iss Sarah Scruggs .returned to I AtlanU 'yesterday, going m his .car
lerfordtarm vsinl tiro it 1 - AcKo-viUo - whrp he .was
tWiejgues't f Or several weeks of Misses joined by
Weuest f6r several weeks of Misses t joined by Mr." W(oodin$: of Cievetan,
fl?fn' ami 'Kathteeii E,spey . and I Ohjo, vice-president' -:f ?the White
nWis$fis Etfii and EdiiA Semggs:- l;r;'Txek :fcpy.& :X .
i' ; ;n -r t tuoiii ai.i.uiiftuaiiirii 1 r virimv - mi. . mill i n iiciil x. -uuk3sv
ri. .Jii,-: .1 ' T . T. -V""-
. 1 w a visit.
Mr. Geo ' W. Hahn lft hidsv
business trip to ThomasviUe, Lexir.g- . , ., , , I his i-urn, trom over;as.au v..
guet at the housepartv. at States-1 sistant district manager. .
iirw twii hoc iiolr) notion to
the White Motos Truck Company since j
his return from overseas, after the
ton and High, Point.
ville.'given by Miss Catherine Node, a
it . . ik... , t SChOOl ma.ta nf Miaa'TlTij'rfiTj'a'ijt'MMiL I o.fir AimP- ril!
"SS?ndi nxsen line of wor;
r T. - ."rr r?" M1 Stateiimeshe went to Charlotte where "
guet at the houseparty'at States-1 sistant district manager. ,
Miss -Aiieen AikenVleft this morn-I f00 a v2T
ovimivi jnfcC OA iYiiss martin a at iwiereH i geuc yvuug mail uu.ii tt
Mrs. ' Moortt retnrhcvl . trwlav f n lw
home in . Concord ' &f to' vitm hr
- ------1 .- . - . v
uaugmr, ars. uick- inomasson. .
In Tempbrary' Home- &5y
Mk4 T. A , IWrtff oti1 1LTf Tw..c
J.' OniUOnl'WePA .VIS1VI in Manrlai-
I , - ... . . . ... ....v..
i son viue' yesterday. -
v ".oa ouum dujus uus reiurnea irom
, North WHkesborO where she was the
ri' TTi i
. 0Q bctwcn Firtt National and Southern , Public -Utilities Ca':
1'MissGS Rra PinW omrf n
Of .iMmth . Wlllrhnrn lac
puriw n Kignteentn street fto7 D
Chester and -Hal. Jr.. h
-f irom b Visitto, Mrs.-B. H-. Ddla in Le-
", ..Gandhi FoJloyers Evade Censorship v
La wfF1 "I;
who are in ; Ridgecrest for the sum-
iuci , spent me , weeK end here.
Mrs. Dennis ArmfioM nf
vilie, the eeust for th e
of; Mrs., Herman Bushong. returned
Mrs. Robert Bum a
I from Hitrh Pninf f n ho h , k
' lheL f istr in:Iaw Mrs. J. WorStliEi;
totatesviWe she went to Charlotte where . - . . nnMr I
she sDent several davs witH lhr 'sf( r I LIBRARY OPENING TOMORUOV
M r. Rrorol! Wnlt , - ' . I .; rpu- rtVtnjl onpninf . of th Worth!
I Elliott-Carnegie library will be hew
tomorrow from 10 Vcolck a. m. to
ftVJock :n. m.. the regular hours whicn
miss mary.is. faimer, secretary of tomorrow irom iw y 'va -?. -rz r
the state library association of Ral- o'clbtk :p. m tH regular; hwr5,whicri
eight; will arrive this evening at 8 will be observed daily by tho !owy-
o'clock to attend the opening tomorrow The event will be an epoch; m.the nis-
tff the Worth Elliott-Carnegie library tory of town and bn thqt has ben
3he will be the guest of Mrs. . J. A. looked forward to with; unniesured li
Martin. .:: mtWMM1-
M - ", , m - - - . - i I.' For several 3veeKS xne sjiprriav,
mg of the Lesion Auxiliarv Wdn. I brflrv in - of der tor tne opening,
day yafWrnoom jt.j 4 'clock in I f tfc mtoe?tfi&'M 5nftffPW? ?t
leion ciun room.-. It! is urgent that I books the opening was
: . ' fthe stalte nbryf6ssoi?iatiotl 4tf Ra-ls
: . i u fi. cK-iijL.iss -, j , letgh will oe present ; ?f ine p?ii"K-
iiii.mnuira icuuwg 5 ivuows- nuveiA coraiai iiituhuuii ijs caichui.u
been received in fhe'.city : , ; U5 s public to visit e iJibfary tomorrow
Mr. and Mrs. Alloriah Henderson Giles I and callers, will' be receiyed all; during
' ra a fiot kitchen, or a perspiring cook.
The Electric Range is hot only at the point
where the -actual cooking is taking placed
.There flame to give out heat ami
fcbimpenl the cook at every passing draff-
no, afterceajim:ol cooking''
utenIsnpfue&-no discoldring of;
1 . ise?.Mujse and porothy Ciueyf - 5 J utw
and 4rwi?Bliikb meal served.
M 0SL' ;dellitful isit M far. and W surpHse was prem
ij ; t tesders of -the Indian revoluUoimry, movement use sign, Ioarts
:J esmtfs to spread their propaganda, thus evading newspaper eensorsnl
Miviuid Mrti VreA- fr.'- fia W Wvj' i!i
I- , . - ; " . - . T v acm o
&S their emeat. nvi fha romU ..j.ir..
wniteneror lireensboro. Mr.
fvmvener is a brother of Mrs. Sfclvov
Dreiiared hv tho
inupjrcoi on -'our. ieprge- n.ouCK, .air.
jonn noucKi Mrs. Kebekah Aiken and
Mrs. Sides. Several Hfo'khw fviJi
iftcludincr Mr. John W. WnVo -
tere.sent. Rev, Mr. Freeman, West Hick-
,j-oih(, uumsier, asKea ine Diess-
Xf is. ' i -. . . .l 5
-...a, tfusxjr aiui iwasier jutner
.ta:n, jr., returned Sunday after
' noon: from Mocks ville where they
spent several Havs.
. , 'Have .Your - ;
; . ; AUTO TOPPING. AND f ' :
, - "Done At'1 A:y"
. COMPANY ' '.f'-V-
J. G. WaUH Man..
West 11th Aveitae
' rVfl SlV ; ' -Mrs"'. Ht L. Dressier and
y ., ' " Deatoh. .
- , Geo. E. Bitaiiar A Hickory Lodse No;343
. DOCTOR OP. OPTICS . . '. . W
Error of Refraction and all Optical Regular Communication First and
'fU corrected with properly , - Third Monday nights
Oiani'efe:! - Bhfen invited tobe ;
f connection with Jewe4ry store . ; ,v Present
' - - - P. A SU Tf LEMYRE, -W, M. -
h v'V': v;';.:':;-:;:v 'r,w F-:;AtwGHT,-sec. : , , ;
l CYRUSCBABBt ' - 'x-t
X;Menv'Am. CiTQlEnfrI;-A A. JESSEX;.::'"-
fttterpower, Waterworks And VjT , -A j . . r
ii Sewerage Land subdivision , Graduate Uptometnst
t . , Highways If . ; Office, in Jewelry Store Where Your-
f HICKORY; N. C.i t ? '. Eyes receivj expert servtc"
.j, Cahmber. Commerce Building without the use of drug's -
lAddress: ;-Gi4ta Fall8fJf.:C. ' - - .--
i1, . ; . -,( .j . J "' '" ''-'", ' -'
Chiropctor and Sphml Spellst; ttASSffi
Over Essex. Jewelry e itii ;J.WU.K4fli.
Chirapractic Eliminatei tnoU D. STRAP WORK ! ; ;
T"rT!T-!r!T!T'rTT?Syv'; r'-v ' '-J' :-.: --u,'i . . ,,t
li-j'1 v . : v 4 4 V ''-'' . ' v- ..
'..;--' - v I " ' '. i REAL : ESTATE ''
t ' f-' , 1 have. some, very desirable city and
Oekory.Unoir Jitnejr Schedale country property-ior sale; If..
ve loirStaOp: :4 j ....V ?nfeteoVsee, phone or
f.,-j' write.
'V'B?pini..r-:j..v ';v.rr;;;;:j;-w;--HOKB- r
. -.,AiTive.for. Nou and.22. . - v I Hickory . W. Cn. ' .
V E-rQbbins: ; ;- - J :
' -';- i ' L ;-".V;iVJ ; .'. Telephone 94-J V.; .
FIRE ' f Vv,' flRE : : "Notary Public . :- ' .'
. Insure before, it burns s : . ,
7 CITIZENS INSURANCE A ;. C Offlcr over Yoder's Carry and Save
"'.!! ' REAVTYxCO;.-;.-' ' '' 'v'"'i:v -
' ' Wf H. LlWifgr. r & -r - -, -s .
' . Let Ua Pftotect - Yon ,r : - j . i. . ... , . . , . ,
i- " " - .' " '' " ' j.'OIBMOTWUIckMy DBH Qo. .
r Chase &Scsnborn : 1
' r : SEALBRAND ; - -ih
lFFEfv v ;We dAll-Kiiids of .
m ' Weldwftnd Brains
tne cicy
Mrs. W.
VJtlOMia Tff 111 H TF1 VF in'TilO'AITV MS
nesday to snend his .vncatinn wifK hia
f irentei pr. and M51 A. Deatpi).
Rev. and ifTsrr . .q vtTWoi;
zamilv. havA rptnrnttrt 'fiuvm T T.iri '
I " .VA VUir
uiusita wnere ttiey spent several weeks
at their sumfner home. y :
Mrs. Mozelle Furartan fn
Lenoir today where she will be the
guest until" WednesHov nf Mk st1
rwra. yarrpu Jang:..; v.. vr.--.
Mr. Arlede . Boyd, has - returned
from. Trantmin' dhmr 'h t,i4 -.
-position .during, the summer. He will
twelfth;.-:. .. ''- Vr :'i. r
home from Macon, Ga., ; 0-weipe; she
spent a month. Sbe was Accompanied
home by Miss Katie' Kinnett who will
spend a; month mere... ' :" r:' ' vi-y;'
'Mrs. Geo. W. Hahh nnA (ianehtoe :
Misses Katheriue and Ruth, went? pi
States ville today, to spend several day
with' relatives. :Thev ArnwithrnnvU i,
Statesville in their car. , ?
. ThA Spninv IiitWo
Triity ehwph; : wilK iold its-irionthly-business
and social : meeting Tuesday'
eveninir. at Rion f thp knm. . v nf.--
Blake Moos on ln avenue. - -
irs; K M. Doll, Misses Mary -MaK
thews ,and Sarah Doff, vMrs. Carrie
Gamble and- Messrs.. Jscob V. Doll
and Henry Doll motored to Charlotte
last week and .spent -several days.
.Miss Katherine. Schwerberg and sis
ter. Miss Marv Scfawerhdrcr - nt ' Vin -
ston, who have been -visitinjg in Pitts
burgb Pa. left lasr week, ior Daluth,
I - w.virhun
berg are planning a trip-jntp liisk.
' Mr. and' Mrs. J.' wlnffpll'-Ar iriAn.
Afrr ttaw
I , --. ; T w.vw .. uiv VlJ ..VTl
the week end. They werfe itecortipanied
nome Dy miss Virginia Windell who
has- been visitins Mm.' T O Rnma mi
Mrs. E. D. Sherrill.
Miss Mary Jce, of Charlotte arrived
oaiuraay u visit Mrs. W. H Boyd.
Jfitot Miss Sofley will be here for some
Mr. and Mrs. Allorfah Henderson Giles and caller
yvuw-.vc jiiiiv. ; ; . l ine aay. .
- - to led'eburch had. the pleasure yesterday
ir. .wimam r rea Hunter 1 01 iiavmff ; wun xnera mr. uorge pwuf
un oaiuiaay, tne second of September I :Skyff -.waw.i-iSuteen; rar peijsKy
- " one thousand nine hundred and I is one of the boys from the ward which
at hio-h nnnn I in BPninl TKio plass has -also secured
. Methodist Episcopal Church Pollyanhas for the 38 bos in t this
.. ' Marion; North Carolina '' ':'- ward. ; , , ? V ; A v-
MNs Cnl.i. ' iri i -i ' I..' ,s. t- - " i- ' j j
Wt ickory cftizen, He ' means that many can 'sitT iit" the
prise birthday dihherat his home vesv-l steerinsr iwheel and trust to fluck.-
.1 ) ajv
Mr. HoUCk Was showprtwl with
va. w 1 W V
gratulations and best wishes for many
more years, oi useiulness.
CWOODMEN HOI.n Pirwir- .
L i9n Saturday -Hickory Camp, Wood
nieii of the World, held their annual
picnic arid hea,rd an inspiring address
on woodcraft by. Mr. E. B. Lewis,
?mie manager, 01 Kinston. ,v
A.ne ) outing was held at the Ivey
MTill. pgrk which of fered ; ideal facil-
dretes ai.:lieardT in 5 the morning" and
following vthi8 . a -)picnicV. dinner was
spread consisting ofv the most delic-
fous edibres' which thW
Hkkory :;and; Calawba: :eounty,know
now t6x nrenare. th was on nknnJ
dancfe of veryjtig': and after the
'lunclr encMffk f Ws L-vathof
feed another crowd the size of the
one .which had just .dined. ,
i wateiTneioi . least was enjoyed
rrinB thi rri'.irsp. nf . tJi' nf hminnn
an the day's-festivities were brough .
i ; : cibnax ' withS-an exciting ; ball
game oeiween the wooamen team
arid the Conover team with the game
Demg,won,ny tne wooamen, 3 ito
xne wooamen team maae an excei
ent showinp- in tWnir. w imifrr-m
Your teeth cannot he rlfnnpt hv
merely thinking about thenVor -
ruooing tnem with anything soft
and bliable. What - vait . wa wit ia a
jood; stiff brush of purefsties
ano souoiy put m a handy han
Jle,. and capable; of; giving the
' teeth a iroodxscruhbinr wifhniif
. iniaring the tntms :W ikiir r1I
jrou a tooth brush of the Very
ucbi quaiiiy. we can, seu . you
One to fit your mouth no matter
. f Bafc. .tt van sen
you the standard kinds or ithe
rajorites. yualiUes; , the
ia ana prices are lair.
are re-
i Jieved fr woi-ry of in
convenient cooking methods. I
'- , . j . .- : :, . : . .
I - vWE Want vou to know about' TCWtriV
i Goofing and wHat an Electric Range would I)
fae&ti:ti'?Aiih6ne call for information I
; ! will hot obligate you in any way. If you pre- f I ,
ici , cau at our cuspiay room ana let us dem
n QTistrateto; you. : ? n
Pbone 148
'; .-" - ' --,'.-'- 5 ... 1 . a
Kzm hmfy -11111. iAua
, vw ana .at?- k:
1 .
;'.,'i; C- Weh
Sffi1 - ;Clapp-EWtbmRat
Pj Piedmont Phonograph ";
Company ; j
uwtaHed a high-powered
lapp-EaSthahi Radio-! Receiving 'out
fit in our store toJ receive baseball
scores, .weather reports; time signals
and nightly concerts. r V
The public is cordially invited to";,;
..visit our siore and listen , in. We are-
the agents for the Westinghouse , and
t; Ciapnastharii Radio sets and all ra-
irsf!!!fi"!s?? o-:p
'.IM.' and 'MraGeo. RfHiitton and
ons, - Messrs. v- lrinAf. nItalph
Hntton-and Mka; J.'H P. c7lliirJK1
' ' "TTWnnT1
... ;,
ror pubKcation of delinquent ax-
vta county for the vear
"3 : W ;

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