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J, Alibi.
ulJny(, before their
Several Strike Leaders
New E0mt Made lofeT r l-illlillLlllff llffi 'BomMmmm -s
Conference with Daniel Willard and Other
Railroad Heads Southern Still Willing to
Take Strikers Back on Good Terms
fi,., ,:.,H'iaU'il Pits?..
Chi'nm', Svpt. o.--Several reprc
..,t:ii;v)". i'f tin- striking federated
jhoi' cr.'it't were declared by John
jo.it t et' t'ie American federation of
labor In I'C in Baltimore in conference
with tlic railroad heads for a uettlc-
nu-nt ef tin' rail dispute.
Mr. Sv.! t intimated that a proposal
on what wm hoped the (strike could
lit hn'tnl win prepared but he could
put outline it. Should the meeting re
sult in tli'i'inuc agreement, the policy
committee will be called to meet to-
!) tiiC ...i".'iiited Press;
Vew 'ik, Sept G. If any con
ferttiee iJ being held in Ualtimore
bt'ttt'trn sinking shopmen and rail
way lie.'iiK it involves only a few
jtiilivi'hiii! n;U and does not involve
Miyn Mttlement of the strike ona
jiatioii-witle basis, it was said todaj
at headquarters of the associaV-1"
railway t-Necaties.
By tli? Associated Press. .
Waiihin.Tton, Sept. C. At the mo
ment when impending rumors of par-
tia! c,Ui'writ of the rail strike', were
in cifitilation, W. if. Johnson," presi-"
dT.t of the international association
o wHi'hinist, cue of the largest of
seven railroad unions now on strike
t"k (" ,-iun to disappear completely.
Mr, Johnson's associates and his
family professed ignorance as to his
.Mini tn the mystery was the estab
lifhfil fait that Mr. Johnson had a
.wnh'i'ri'T yesterday with Secretary
H'our !ie!':ne he dropped out of fight
sri'lttw r'P'Ht.'d to have declared thai
everything looked good.
Whether 11. M. Jewell wa3 in dom
pnny witii Mr. .Johnson or whether
the shop leaders were seeking rail
rwid mari;r,ei .1 was lost in the rumors
in circulation.
Southern Agreeable
Th Southern Flailioad, whose pro .
si'lfr.t, Fairfax Hanison, had offerer
tn stttli; with shopmen on the basis
f itivini; litem everything their, lead
ers hfld aerejited as satisfactory in
a national, .-.ettlcment, has not been
The management, while still en
RasUn eniployiiiing new men, is able
to make the original offer to hia men.
By the Associated Press.
N'ow York, Sept. 0. Initiation of
prowdipgs for the impeachment of
Attorney (ieticFal Daiigherty and Fed
trl 'luilyie Wilkerson of Chicago on
gi'o'ind that the strike injunction
Knmted ,y the judge was unconstitu
tional was urged on Senator .Borah
lra telegram dispatched today by Johfl
J. Dowil, chairman of the general strike
cnniniiU'..e 0f tht. eastern railroad shop-
( Thix injunction, the message said,
not only violated freed', of
?P'''!h( aH-mhlage and the press,
yutha;; made the department of just
M'I the court accessories to the
nunc of union smashing which a
smull Kioup of railroad executives
ei" Peking to perpetrate at the ex
pense f the nation. Such conduct tan
"f,t and imwt n.f ir.. iinvi.Kulfiil bv
Tiy, what in the world has become
V'ttr watch? The one you used to
had a handsome gold jCase."
. ' Know it did. but circumstances
"'"'i " aseH.-i'hiladelphia Telegraph.
II, 1915
Said to Be in Baltimore in
By the Associated Press.
Athens, Sept. G. Fresh attacks by
the Turkish nationalists have been
repulsed by the Greeks who have in-j
flicted severe casualties on the Kem
alists, according to an official state
ment issued last night.
"The number of the enemy killed and
wounded exceeds 10,000," the state
ment says. "Our forces are in good con
dition. "The enemy has not yet occupied
Eskysher, although the town has been
evacuated by the Greeks.
"The massacres and persecutions of
the Christians in the evacuated dis
tricts continue. A considerable number
of refugees are -following our retreat
ing army.
"In general the military situation
was regarded in official and other
circles as continuing .to improve and
the position of the forces cast of Smyr
na is considered satisfactory."
Py the Associated Press.
New York, Sept. G. There was n
further decline in the cotton market
today during the early, trading and re
newed hedge soling and scattered li
quidation. The market recovered a few
oints on trade buying and covering.
... L 20.93
. 21.12
December .
Hickory cotton 20 cents.
By the Associated Press.
Washington, . Sept. 6. Thg injunc-
tion obtained by the government
against the striking railroad shopmen
was declared today in the senate by,
" v : n HI'" if 9 c sb n " .'-.'iu mn it : " : ": 1 ,
Senator Robinson, Democrat of Ark- the American Legion Auxiliary. JWed
ansas, to be violative of both the con- al and trophies will be awarded to
stitution and the Clayton anti- trust
The Arkansas senator said the in
junction abridged the right of the
freedom of speech, freedom of the
nrcss and the right to assemble, He
argued also that it violated the Clay
ton act permitting laborers to assem-
We,and act together without prosecu
tionr oooLlmtli7
By the Associated Press.
San Diego, Cal., Sept. G.-Having
eaten today his first breakfast since
starting his airdash from the Atlantic
to the Pacific, Lieutenant Doohttle,
having completed his preparations, was
ready to report for duty again, lieu
tenant Poolittle showed no signs that
ha was worried about his new task and
to the rules of the flying
game he ought to be. anxious about
the flight for he has plenty of time
anA intends 'to take it in easy stages,
;,toud nf one stop, as on his flight
1HO VVMM - -
from ocean to -ocean yesterday.
111 1 ' 11 I Z M Iri i 3 s! : 3 II - i . 2- fcnjjsbury, X... 'w. . .Sont. ' 6. Jr,hr
llir.i .fiTrifi'iii '::"'rrn
Ey the Associated Press.
Rio de Janerio, Sept. 6. Guns
boomed irom the warships of eight
nations when the U. S. ship Maryland
l , , . .
i yesterday carrymg Secretary Hughes
and the American mission to the
tuicieu uie naioor oi nto cie .janerio
Brazilian celebration,
i The steamship Pan-America, which
crougnt ivir. Jtiughes trom Iew lork,
overtook the Maryland and Nevada
just before they reached, here and
the secretary was transferred to the
Although the United States has noc
recognized the Mexican government
the gunboat flying the Mexican flag
saluted and the Nevada returned the
salute by order of the secretary of
state, who told admiral Jones diplo
matic technicalities should be waved
since the vessels were in a foreign
harbor. ...
By rjie Associated iPress.
Warsaw, N. C.,' Sept. 6. The search
for a man reported to have attack
ed a nrominent vouhsr woman near here
last night was practically abandoned .
today when a doctor who examined
the woman expressed the belief that
she had suffered an hallucination.
A young woman was heard to scream,
early last night" after she had gone
t the back porch of her home to' get
a drink of water. She told those who
went to her rescue that she had been
attacked by a man, but was unable to
Mini iTTinirn urn
IV Hii fll iHullLU nLR
give a desci'iption. j Jackson, Miss., Sept. 6. Sevised of-
A posse with bloodhounds was quick-f fieial returns today from 75 of the
ly organized and the surrounding . 82, counties in the state 29 complete
country was searched. (and 46 incomplete! show Hubert D.
i j Stevens leading James K. Vardaman
LEGIONNAIRES HAVE j by 10,876 votes in the contest for the
, GOLF TOURNEY s Democratic nomination for United
lir5po& fpiS ?or;Ntej senator voted on in yesterday's
lively competition at the American ; run-off primary. .
I lpo'inTi national ronvpntion coif tour-I
f - " - - C5 f
nament over the New Or.eans country;
club course October 16,17, 18 and 19. :
The tournament will be open to all
(American Legion members and -mem
bers of the Legion Auxiliary.
I The qualifying round will be
' eighteen holes, with the lowest sixty-
four qualifying. The final round will
""" OA mn-Aiioi iui vw
three eompetitions. men of the Legion
women of the Legion, and women of
event. fS3I
Nelson M. Whitney, a member of
the American team at the Olympic
games and former golf champion of
the south, will be in charge of the
Legion tournament.
Tom Whitener, a farmer who form
erly lived across 'the Sojith Fork river, ;
was triea ior auaowwiiiiieni auu
support in recorder's court yester
day and sentenced to two years on
the roads. He took an appeal. Whiten
er". who is about 50 years of age, has
been in Georgia for the past two
years. He has" a dozen or more chil
dren. " .
Several other cases, most-of them
drunks.; were disposed of yssterday
By the Associated Press.
Washington, Sept. 6. Erection of a
new hospital to cftst C$750,000 for
disabled sendee men in the fourth
district comprising Virginia, Mary
land, West Virginit and the District
of Columbia will be bimjf as a : site
is obtained, Director Forbes announc
ed today.
N. Cr WE D N E0$1fcE V EN 1 N G,
n.usbury, -x..-,. ...b;?p
iop, .lon! postoffics emplovc,'- was
found g'.'Ilty of anfeanlt on Rev. Tor.i
P.; Jir,iaon, jastol ' pi ' . tha Centra!
Meth.idist cliurc rat Spencer, an. raor
al leader of 't-i;dng shopmen, arid
w.no''iiu'd"$r,Ovv;05.t3 by Co. Judge
T. Ck ':D. Furr ;m eourity timriVthi
momingv Sloop plded gmkyX'-.
No diiopdnrs :oSH5rvrf " af' fi'J'-. i-'.i
'although hundred Of personSithron-'
ed the court r.o0m?f or the proceedings
j Both the prosecuting. witness and
the defendant took the stand f
j iur. . u unison was..' attacked on Ite
main ,tr8et of this city on August 21
5,iuji u;;i '
Tl - t: i. i , , , . .
muiocu .oioop wnp ex-
plained that he was "tired of Jimj
son's abusing i)copH.e.'? . . i
iuumugij . no aeimite, ngures on
the enrollment at the various Hickorv
sciftols could be furnished this after
noon, Superintendent Carver said
A 14-1- 1 . J.J! !. -
every building was , crowded and 'the
attendance, would run 100 more than
last year. He expected at. least 1,500.
Many of the children were shifted
from one room to another today and
. it was impossible to make art accurate
count because of trjjs fact. The fig
ures will be available tomorrow.
Children and -parents were "'busy
this af ternooirgettll" book3 anif pre
paring for regular' work.
lAU teachers, were s on ', hand this
morning and welcomed the boys ano
A girls back to their , lessons
By the Associated Press
' ; ,
ens w ?
By the Asosciated Press. 1
Fort Washington, N. Y.; Sept. 6.
Glenn H. Curtiss, famous aviator,
made a flight of 40 seconds today in
a marine ' glider over the waters of
Manhassef bay. It was said to Kave
been the first time that a glider had
ever risen from the water. V . 1 ,
By the Associated Press.- ,.; ,
. Washington, Sept. 6. Appointment
Qf W. A. Clark, of Raleigh,; N. C,
to fill the next vacancy on the tariff
commission, was recommended today
by Senatofr Simmons, Democrat of
North Carolina. Mr. Clark is now
employed by tthe commission in an
advisory capacity. . . ;w
By the Associated Press.
T Houston, Tex , Sept.-6. Three per
sons were killed, one stabbed and:an
other shot last night at Seely, Austin I
county, Texas,-as a result of a political
feud, between two families. The feud
was fought out n the streets of Seely.
mum pi 'mm-. ?
With tha largest enrollment in the
history, ot" the institution, the formal
Cohege . was ou
sel ved in the" .'chancl this mornine
at y o'clock. Ths program wao'.tmusu-
c..iy intSsstingl old and new 'mem
bers of the i.viijty, visitors and oth
ers pledging . 'their., -interest in the col
lege, ana students 'and a few minutes
later the many young women and men
were at work ' in - the class room. It
was a happy occasion. '.. -
Dr; John C. Feery, pres'dent, in
aroduced.'the speakers. Dr. - Tliuus B.
Peary '"read" the scvioture feson,"the
.Parable oi' the Talents,- and -' tha?
furnished solid food ior several other'
speakers. : ... v.
; Mayor M. H. Yount, the first
speaker, gavve the new students . a
hearty welcome to Hickory,- declared
he was glad the institution was here,
and asserted thaFapplied Christianity
was the need of thq, world. He told
the young women and men who sat
before them that they could bury their
talents or;eouid multiply them during
the current year and urged them to
use their time to the best advantage,
Rev, Walter W. Rowe, an alumnus
of the college, and pastor of Corinth
Reformed chui-cfy, alsb extended a
cordial welcome to both old and new
students and in the lines of Henry
Van Dyke gave the '.'Life's Com
pass:" -"Four
things a man must learn
to do
If he - would make his ;v record
true: . ;
To think without confusion clearly r
To love his fellow-men sincerely,
To act from honest motives purely,
To trust in -God and Heaven securely."
Mr. D. W. Aderholdt, a member ol
the board of trustees, in greeting the
students, told , them - what the board
and faculty were trying to do : for
them and went over some of the needs
of, the college. These .,-included two
dormitories, a home for the president
and a fine arts? 'building and Mr.
Aderholdt said a new. girls? dormitory
would be built. He referred to the
high taiWiMp-
is rated as high as any college m
the. state, ; and urged the young men
and women to employ their time so
well that when they leave they could
take their rightful place in the life of
the community and the state. He
urged them to be boosters, never
New members of the faculty were
presented: Prof F. Grover Morgan
chair of education, an old friend re
turned; Rev. Paul Sieg, business man
ager;'. Miss Rachel Crigler, associate
instructor, m piano, and Mr. Normar
D. LaMotte, coach. All received hearty
applause: "
Here President Peery varied the
program by calling on the editor ot
the Record for a talk, first explaining
the limitations of the scribe. For , the
Record Editor Farabee extended a
hearty welcome to the students and
pledged the support .of the ' paper,
to the college in all its activities.
Dr. . W. A. Deaton spoke on the
value of grit. He urged the import
ance of this ..sticking quality aF
through college, pleading : with the
young folks: not to fall by the wav
They.; can make good if they will
show their grit. :x :.;.-'.-' . ';
: Fon Holy Trinity Lutheran churcr,
Rev. : C. R. W.- Regley : gaAe the
students a hearty welcome, invited
them, to attend service there and
pledged the cooperation of his church
in making the college greater, r
President Peery announced that the'
students came this s year from eight
.tate and two foreign countries. The
i' preparatory department has been cut
I out this year and -'the enrollment -V
larger than ever. . The. freshman, class
is unusually large and ther are ad
ditions to al! the other classes. He
referred to. ! the opportunities before
the students and told them that they
are ' writing Itheir - recommendations,
every day. At the end of each term
many students" ask for letters and he
wanted to impress on them the fact
'that -their daily conduct and work rt
the class room would furnish the basis,
of any recommendations the faculty
could give. .
The singing was good, the talks
inspiring and the exercises appropri
ate. All members of the faculty were
on the platform .and were given a
warm? reception. ' -"-J r
By the Associated Press.
Jacksonville, Fla., Sept 6. ;Derail
ment of the Southern Railway . Royal
Palm Limited northbound for Cincin
nati just outside the yards last night
resulted from the activities of wreck
ers, local officials in the : Southern
Railway offices announced today,
Several cars left the rails but re
mained unright, the Limited - having
been running slowly. ' (
Striking Shopmen and Railroad Executives Join
in Denying Rumors of Renewed Ef forts to
End Trouble Jewell Still Cannot Be Found
; ; by; federal Agents; ;
(last Friday, had been in Baltimore
Plans for the annual Catawba in conference with Daniel Willard, head
county fair , are on a . far broader of the Baltimore and Ohio, were" de
scope than oi any fair of previous' v ,
years ; and when the big fair opens !ied b-v Mr" llIard
here on October 3 it will be reprc-j . ith rail heads asserting they
sentative of all parts. . of -the coun-( knew of no new peace move, John
ties which are to take part. Owing. S(rtff Rprpt.arv j T ur.r
to the nearness oi Caldwell, Burke nnd
Alexanaer counties it was decided no
i . 1 i I . 1 l 11
to make the fair too local and these
counties . were invited to some in.
Mrs. John W. Robinson, secretary
of the association and the 'presidenc,
Mr. Robinson, have been working
steadily in the interest of tbo fair
for months and practically ail plans
have been completed. Some good pre
miums s have been offered and the
premium list contains many items of
interest to those who expect to niaka
exhibits at the fair.
Special railroad rates from, a wide
radius will add interest and will be
a greater drawing card for the f,air.
An excellent corps of judges and
superintendents of the different de
partmente , have been selected. Mr.
Eugene Hawn will be superintendent
of the: field and garden crops display.
Mrs. C. E. Smyre is superintendent of
the catt? : depaifment. Mr. . Colon M.
6dvfttrbe surrntetideiit' of ;rth-
horses, mules, sheep and swine de-1
partment 'and county agent, J. 'W.
Hendricks will have charge ol the
poultry department. : In the : pantry
department Mrs.' E. N.. Carr will be
in charge while the needlework de
partment will be looked after by Mrs.
E. L. Shuford. A depai'trnent that is
entirely hew is the, arts, crafts ; and
floral, department jvith Mrs. A,' C
Hewitt in charge. Mrs. Harris , is
superintendent of the education de
partment. Another department that is
new this year is the bench show (; de
partment superintendent by Mr, A.;
O.s Yount. The department for home
demonstration: '-'class, members only
will be in charge of the home de
monstration agent while Mrs. Alice
Bassett' public health nurse will be
in charge of the . public health .de
partment. ' . "
By the Associated Press. . v
Paris, Sept. 6. Latest advices reach
ing official circles here from Asia
Minor declare that all that regains
of the Greek army are 100,000 men
fleeing in utter rout. The advices de
clare it probable, that only half that
number of Greeks will reach the sea,
as organized units of Turks are now
within -50 miles of Smyrna and 4t
miles. of the sea of Mormora. ':
The Turkish advance since the 'of
fensive was launched ten days ago is
stated ,to be more than 130 miles,
which experts-here say is one of the
fastest advances in the historyoi all
wars. ' - '
.. "i.-; . - .fI..,. i " . ; ... '-
By the Associated Press. 1 s
Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 6. Indica
tions early thip morning were : that
Senator Robert M. LaFollette had been
nominated in the primaries jesterday
over W. A. Canfieldas Republican
candidate for United States senator.
According ; to the " returns, it ap
pears that ' the I people of this state
had endorsed the issues advocated by
LaFollette at Washington. There were r
Opposition to - the Esch-Cummins
act, Newberryism, the four power trea
ty and his opposition to the policies of
President Harding.
Generally f ais tonight
and -V, Thursday. No
change in temperature.
. By the Associated Press.
. Chicago, Sept. G. Leaders of the
railway shopmen's strike and railway
executives were in accord today in de-
; nials that there wras a new effort to
settle the dispute.
Reports that Burt M. Jewell, head
of. the shop crafts organization, who
has been absent from strike, headquar-
iei suite uie lujunuiiuii was granieu
, , . - V ;i ' , ,
president of the railway employes'
department of the American federa
tion of labor, denied that a call had
been issued from headquarters for a '
meeting of the policy committee to
morrow. Other union officials, declared to
reveal the whereaobuts of Mr. Jewell
Vague and uncertain rumors said he
had been in "the east". Mr. Scott
said he had heard nothing from Mr. .
Jewell in sevarl days.
Mr. McGrath said that rumors of
a contemplated meeting Thursday was
a plot tot deceive the shopmen.
Meanwhile federal , agents awaited
the return of Mr. Jewell to serve n
him the injunction writ.
an(i director of industrial develop
ment of the Georgia and Florida rail
road shot and killed himself today, v.
He left a note to his family saying"
"Goodbye." .',. yf
' : '.' i a j: . ' J, .
Coy Benfield, a West Hickory
youth, is in a High Point hospital as
the result of being knocked 'from
Southern Railway tracks yesterday by
passenger train No,. 38. It was consid- .
ered marvellous that the young man,
a son of Mr. Mark Benfield, was not
killed Reports frcm High Point today
said that Benfield continued to hold
hid own. Details, of the , accident are
lacking. - -r-iil "v-.' :-
City council last night agreed to ap
point a committee to visit the prop
erty of John H. Huggins and Garland
Yount, who live near the disposal plant,
and determine the-value of their prop-
erty, assess the damage if .any, to it as
a result of the odors from the plant
and report back with a view to nak-;
ing a settlement.' ; .
Messrs. Huggins and Yount appear-,
ed before the board with their coun
sel, Chas. W. Bagby,,and through him
submitted two propositions. One was
for the city to buy the property out-,
rights $3,000 for Mr.- Huggins' place
and $1,500 for Mr. Yourrt's. The other
was for them to name a man, the city
another and the two a third to inves
tigate and fix damages, their verdict
to be binding: on both parties.
The city agreed to look into .the val
ue of the property then take up a prop
osition with the owners.
The odor, from the plant is said to
be very objectionable' and it was the .
opinion of the board that it was caused
by dye waters being ernpited into the
sewer. . , , .
J. D. .Elliott, C. L. Mosteller and :
Philip Suttlemyre appeared ' befpre
council and filed a petition for, a new
sidewalk on Tenth , avenue, in IroAt
of their business property., Mr. ;; El
liott said he would erect a; building'
adjoining that of the new Mosteller
wholesale house and : it ' was ' agreed
that the property-owners and the city 1
go half and half in "raising the sidewalk..-.
- - : ! .-.'.' '
John Huffman presented a petition
for making Twentieth : street pass-,
able and the cits? manager "was "In
structed in . investigate and rer-port
back to - the. board.
A petition requesting the citv :ta
open Sixth street from Kenworth to
the city limits was received and ap
proved. The signers were Hickory'
Land and Development Company, W.
M. Hawn, J. C. Mdver T. B. Powell,
Mrs. A. Younce, W. R. . Miller. C. L
Eckard and Albert Hefner -
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