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... t!iran!nfr .pnf omla' 1 9 " 1 Ahni i
plOliS AND
half-sick mm
m T ! m
These Letters recommending Lydia E. Pink-
hams vegeiaoic ompouna win Interest You
For Your Own Good Please Read Them
M .T not Toll T
Youncstown. i'mu- x
. J,0" to fool moan and my back hurt
6" i I
0"" I una rilavod out
In 1 would jMst sweep one room
SJouMhuvo to rest. I would have
I1U"U" ... .i.:.. 1,..)irwl m tt'hsn T
SSfftdown anil at night I could not
0Ol.a..Li l had something under
Slf P ,. ' t v.,.,1 mvfii rrnmns wprv
v . ...,7 - ia t 1 1 i r. iioariv an in.
trv ivcna
and 1 said, 'I
Finally my hushanu s
y 'Why don t you
JSK o tko anything if I could
"n.vvl Vnir, ' Sn took one bott
fnJasoeomlon.Mindien nener anu
neighbors asked m what I was
JpjpC and Mid. "Mrny oeao
. i ll r ivM I hvr mt
J?V,lmyri:hflil.ottl..nn(l I can-
... ,.nr.' t' Vll lli'w I lft'l, MIO
v l' would like to. If you can us
1: von are welcome to it and
fan" woman dot's not believe what I
hnvcv-rittrn to be true. sh can write
I ..ma ami I Will iirlll'v lilV VWUlil-
BniroMv. , . .
horns i nH.'- n " iuio.
Vniinrstfiwii. ( bio.
"I WAS very nervous and run
urn." writiM Mrs. L. E. Wiese of
would often sit down and cry, and was
always blue and had no ambition. I
ZfS Way r over ayear d had
allowed myself to get into quite a
serious condition. One day I saw your
advertisement in the daily paper and
began to take Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound at once. I have
improved ever since taking the third
bottle and find it is the best medicine
I have ever taken."
Benefited by First Bottle
"I was completely run down and
not able to do my housework. I just
dragged myself around and did not
have energy to get up when once I sat.
down. I read advertisements of
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound in our paper 'The Indiana Daily
Times,' and learned all about it.. I re
ceived results from the very first bot
tle and now I am doing all my own
work, even washing and ironing, and
I never felt better in my life. I tell
all my friends it is due to you. ' 'Mrs.
Elizabeth Reinbold, 403 N. Pine
St., Indianapolis, Indiana.
You should pay heed to the experi
ences of these women. They know
how they felt before taking the Veg-
Own, wiit'-" ... . v..u.v vij.iHuuiiu, mm mtciwarus,
ift Louisa St., New Orleans, La. "I 1 too. Their words are true.
Lvdia K. IMnkham'x Private Text-Book mon "Ailments
- 1! ... tn W'llllll'll ' Will lift Ki1t Villi t.nsn .4. llr!i.
to the lyAlA I" Piukham Medicine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts.
tlip foil tu re attraction at the Pa.)
,K. thcaii'c tciiay will be Con.u
u in "A V.'idc Open Town" a
liniik pi.-t-i"c. the title would seem
;nrli.aic xnviv nun..- n""lu
jfinthe photoplay, a considerable
wr.tof the action depending upon
.( activities of a group of (Un-c'c"-
mIi l'oi t cs ft cnance who .ire
ioratin); in tin- s.mall American civy
;hf biff interest in the pictures comiso
uractcv from a ragged little trchin,
born amidst the most unhappy en
viroaient, into a successful young
business man after having" gone
through a reform school.
Faire Binney, who has appeared in
a number of important stage produc
tions-on Broadway recently has the
A 1 i I I.
leading xeminnc roie in ine pnoxo
play. Bobby Connelly and Jerry
Devinc are also in the cast.
Springfield Republican.
Altnough the Greeks are sending
reinioi cements, there seems to be
iittle hope that tney will be able to
check the advance of the Turks
toward Smyrna; the citv itself 'Jfey
might be able to hold with the helu
oi the allies, whose naval icrcv are
gathering at 'the point ot danger.
vnac causes most concern is the res
cue or protection of the Christian
population in the region which the
Greek army is evacuating, and an
unpleasantly close narallei is to be
drawn with the trouDles of the' allies
alter the consecutive defeats of Kol- I
chak, Denikin, Yudenitch, and vVran
gel; in their vicarious wars since th2
armistice the allies have with amaz
ing precision backed the wron
horse. For the mesent tthaAi tnPJ
are Collectively resc.onsibVe. and
upon them rests the more urgently
me auty ol doing what they can tu
save innocent lives.
io protect Greeks within -Turkev
may now be impossible after the
stirring up. of such intense hatred by
outrage, and massacre on both sides.
Too much time has been wasted in
vain efforts to apportion blame. In
England particularly harm has been
(icnc Ly the lingering delusion
among the Liberals,- leit over from
Gladstone's day, that only Turks
commit atrocities. No doubt in point,
of the numbers of the victims they
hold the re-jcrd, from the magnitude
of .their empire. But, as the shock
ing revelations of the Balkan com
mission, ot 1012 showed, there is lit-!
tie enough dilference between Turk
i t j ....
ana vnrisiian in this respect, ana
Greek, Swi'U BMlgar and Albanian
have butchered each other with the
utmost- cruelty and brutality. This
is not the least of the reasons why
many people who had studied the
Blakan question were appalled at the.
decision of the allies in 1920 to sanc
tion an invasion by the Greeks of
Smyrna and its Turkish hinterland.
The consequences are described by
Prof. Arnold .Toynbee i in his new
Dates are fine food for this time
of year. These recipes are aimed to
appeal to the most discriminating.
One-fourth cup. butter or other. fat,
one-fourth cup sugar, one c gg, two
cup.? Hour, five teaspoons baking
powder, one teaspoon salt, one-nax-cud
co n meal, one and one-half cups
milk, one tup chopped dates. This'
quant'iy makes 12 muffins. : Cream
butter and add sugar slowly, cream-'
ing 'them together. Add well beaten
eg.gv. Sift flour, baking powder, salt
and torn meal together and add to
egg mixture alternately with milk.
Add floured dates and mix thorough'y.
Pour into greased maifin pans and
balrc in moderate oven 25 l. 30 min
utes. i-at'
Date Tea Cups
Twenty-four dates, 12 marshmal
Icws, two cups Hour, four teaspoons
baking powder, one-ha'f teaspoon
salt, two tablef.ipocns sugar,, two ta
biespoons butter, one -third to two
thirds cup milk, one egg yolk, one
half cun- chopped almonds. This makes
about 21 cakes. Remove pits from
dates rricl replace witn half a marsh -mallow.
Sift flour, baking- powder,
suit and sugar together. Cut in but-.
tcr witli knife or rub in with tin ; o'
fintror. Add milk n.v nrix. Kod "Ui
to ojie-'nalf-incli thick n",ss and cut
into round. In the oenter of each
round place a stuffed dat?. .Moisten
etlges and fold one-h;:if over --the
other. Brush tops with" 'beaten egg
yolk and sprinkle with - nuts, -Plae"
in grc:sed wan and bak': in lr;t ov ;v
a1 'out 15 minutes.
Health IMuffi.is
One cut) flt:ur, four t"-;.i;.:yp;':;; -lading,
powder, onn-half ttaspoon salt.
enc and one-half cups Dial?, one cup
chopiiod dates, one egg, one cup milk,
one tablespoon melted bui;l?i' or other
fat. This quantity makes 12. iniuims.
Sift flour baking powder and salt to
gether. Add bran and dates and mix
thoroughly. Add well beaten egg.
Beat until hoi ougn
ot coffee
U II as II
You will get good values at our
store and aho a coupon with every
dollars worth you purchase and two
coupons for every dollar paid on ac
1ESS1 iX
milk and butter.
ifmuasoderred nour into xenldy-abuuke
book, "The Western Qestion in Tui-,lv mixed and pour into greased muf
ken and Greece." j f in nans. Bake in moderate oven 25
"juuring the. early summer of 1U21 I to 30 minutes.
was lor some weeks in intimate tors-
tact with Greek soldiers and civilians
then engaged in atrocities upon Turk
ish peasants and with the survivors
of their victims whom the Ottoman
Red Crescent was attempting to res
cue. My strongest impression during
this horrible experience was of some
thing inhuman both in the blood
thirstiness of the hunters and in the
terror of the hunted."
Tomorrow and Friday the Pastime
theatre will present William Fox's
super special Mark Twain's greatest
comedv "A Connecticut Yankee" in
Kinf? 'Arthur's Court. The greatest
satire m the history, ct .literature.
St.aewl hv Emmett J. Flynn. This
e-rpat nicture ran G3 weeks in New
He was then engaged in getting j York, and 40 weeks in Boston. The
arkish men, women, and children Motion picture News pf Nev Yov&
Four Comity Tair
October 3-4-5-6
Diversified Exhibits Free Enter
tainment. Addresses by noted Speakers.
Four Big Days.
Special railroad rates have been
into the rescue ships. Now the for
tune, of war has changed and it is
the Christian population that must
be rescued. The duty is imperative,
and the cost must not be allowed to
stand in the way. At least a nomt;
can be found for these exiles; in this
respect their case is more fortunate
than that of the Russian refugees)
after Wrangel's defeat, whose, suf
ferings are one of ,the most, son .
iul chapters in ; the historyot otr
time. One suggestion has been to
transfer them to Thrace, but before
'.hat is considered the future of
Thrace should be quite : definitely
fixed. It is barely possible that some
means can still be found to guai-
"From Mark Twain's story Wil
liam Fox bus produced a photoplay
veron which will please American
picture audiences. He has taken a
modern young American, transplant-,
ed him in a dream to the s'xth century
when King Arthur and his Knights
of the Round Table held forth m
Britain and then piled one comic jn
cidirst on top of another as the
ycung feubw proseeds to- ,Xanfc?e.ize
and 'modernize the davs qf-.. jousts
and iron clad warriors. It is. clever
Fajr, The oroduction fiom- a scenic
standpoint would bring joy to the
"host.' of Tennyson.
Ti-.rre ae anv numoi'r 01 g"ju
antee their security in their' old laughs from the time the Yankee
homes in Turkey, bj;t this would re
quire such unanimity of purnose, as
tbo nllips havp npvpr vpt shown ill
their handling of the question of the : ffi"sed flag-waving. It says the same
KaKt Tn tbpir lnr-k- of una-. t.in'o- as the villas', orator on the
flwakps' to find a mounted knight.
abve him inviting him to. "ioust."
The rvcture is really subtly dis-
mmity, indeed, both the Greco
Turkish war and this tragic conse
quence of it are due.
Prayer services at the Reformed
f.hurch this evening at 7:03 o'clock.
Members and friends sould make an
effort to be present.
loth a veil ue. and J5th street
Rev. C. R. W. Keglr y patlor. "
At S p. m; today services, subject
of sermon; "Malachi 0:7 of The Les
son Assigned."
The public .invited. Bring your
TTrmH-h nf .Tiilv that we are tne
pluckiest, gamest, nerviest and most
democratic nation in the worPl but
it says it only insinuatingly. That is
its greatest apoeal.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Young and Mrs.
Monroe Lail and daughter motored
to AsheviUe Saturday and returned
Sunday by Chimney Rock. They re
port a fine time. -
Mr. and Mrs. O. T. Crump went
to the singing convention Sunday at
Mt. Vernon.
Mr. Tidm H. Sanders "spent . Satur
day .and Sunday with bonis, folk;; at
Wilkic Grove. : ""'
Thcy Start Yaung in tsTewafk
Hi teetiT' eifiwettel
c3(ouk Stm in Every Package
Quality Guaranteed By Tobacct'Pro ducts Corporation, New York, N. Y.
"For the past nine yars i have been
very much distressed with bloating
and stomach trouble due to constipa
tion since I was a child. No medicina
gave me more than temporary relief.
I got so bad I was afraid I would
have to leave my three little children.
BUt since taking a course of Mayr's
Wonderful Remedy two years ago i
have been entirely well; no constipa- OUR CONTRIBUTION
tion or other trouble." It is a si mple, . Nashville Banner.
harmless .preparation thai removes j American tourists abroad are our
the catarrhal mucus from the intestinr contribution to the solution of Europe's
al tract and allays the inflamation economic problems.
which causes practically all stomach, j
liver and intestinal ailments includ
ing appendicitis. One dose will con-
Speaking of climate, as one still can
bv a vigorous use of censorship, a so-
vince or money refunded. For sale journ in Asia seems to have done wond-
at all druggists.. Adv.
5 H ers- for- the, Sickr Man- Europe-.
f "ES57 V
-..-..'..:.:.. :: '...v. - . . - -voce .WLVKW.Uwv.v4m.w ...
Phil (K. O.) McCor.ncll puts on the mitts with Eddie (Midget) Jensen
one of the gamest of the new crop, of leather pushers being developed fa
Newark, N. J. Bouts are held under the supervision ofpublic schoo
Instructors. . ' .
Is the Jr
J r-
It is a maxim of 'advertis
ing'" that a poor product
cannot be successfully ad
vertised. It may flash upon
the scene with brilliance,
become the talk of the
hour, and to all appear
ances be destined to set
new records, but unless it
is and does what is claim
ed for it, no amount of
printers' ink and artist's
colors can give it perman
ence. .'
Once in a while some ar
ticle of merchandise will
appear to defy this rule,
but not for long. Public
response, at first, perhaps,
quick and active, becomes
slower and slower.' Sales
fall off. The business
grows sick, and in a few
months or a few years, the
very name of the product
? is forgotten. . :
Advertising men know
this so well that today the
first question upon which
they must He satisfied be
fore they will recommend
advertising to any manu
facturer is Is the prod
uct right?
And merchandise that
is r i g h t merchandise
that will satisfy in service
-merchandise that will
bring customers back for
another purchase is the
first requirement of the
jobber and the retailer
who expect to endure
and flourish. 11;
::':: 'sT7iT'J:
There is no better assur
ance of this kind of mer
chandise than an advertis
ing pledge to the public.
Published by Hickory Daily Record, in Cooperation
with American Association of Advertising Agencies
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