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; Generally fair tonight
and Saturday. Moderate
temperature, v, " C .
f oTA Dl KHFfl -flIRFR IT lOIK . - - --:
mjt tr rm w rWw-TjT "" . . "r"' " 1 ... , E
Says He Will Meet General Harrington, British
Cabinet in Meantime Remaining in Almost
Continuous Session Hope to Avoid General
European War.
J'.y tin; Associated I'rexrf. .,
t'iiM"t:ii!tini''i. .Sept. i. Musta
;lih;i Kenial Vmha, replying to Cen
tra! .Itorriiigton's telegram of Wed
ri.'S'Iny, has sent a message declaring
his tiM.ns wuuld not advance f;rth'(5v.
JIo s.iys iu ik'.-i t t's that no incident
should iHtur and that he will sec
Gtneial Ilnnhiyton at an early i.t..
Hy ti.f A.--i-i;tl'.'U I rcss.
Lri:i!i-S). Si'j.t. :".. CtaVt fear for
, ,i lrcurtonte of enernl varfn-i in
KuroiH' a a result of the. near
fii?t crisis arc occupying tha minds
of r.iilih ofticial circle:', it vas .Uat-
The protracted and frequent c.;bi;ic'.
n!t'Cti:iu uhi'.h have l-ecn going on
for scvfia! clays all have bepn taken
fur the purpose of preventing such
n t'ynfhifi'iUion.
I: is claimed those fears are has u
on the itlations between Turkey and
soviet Russia whereby the whole of
Enroth' might be er.gulfed in wv,
The whole
ftatcd is ti
rw--!r.g the Dardanelles into e.v.t
era Thrace, because ,it h h ;v that
th'.' allied troops are placed.
It is declared emphatically thut .s:;ch
a cros.-its.: will not be countenanced.
The iv-uc of war or poacf rtiif
Ir'ni' lv ;i thiv:.d thin mortiing and
time wh not relief from the tension
c.vLtiPir yesterday. Violation of the
neutral ;a.jie by the Turks continue.
Turkish troops are approaching the
British outposts -in the Ciianak zone
fiencrat Harrington's orders lvie
nt been ehanged.
The cabinet went into .'esion a.i.bi
this ir'viiv'tf and probably will con
tinue m :x-M-Um Itirougiiour Ifte
Tii'.: .-ituatioti U a bad at it eouiv
b-fhoit ( f actual war i?i the
of the
criiU'iial writers of th'.1 iv)iM-
tnt' newspaper. The main danger i
Ntate-U as centering in the Cham. k
Z"ne on th y southern zone of th
Kardanelk's int., which Turki.,!v
troops continue to move freely in cie
iianeo of ;ht. p.ritish decree.
There were lumors overnight that
the allies would possibly evacuats
Omstaritiiuii!e, thus enabling the.
Komaiist..; u through route to Thiaco.
hi!t tin- allied headquarters wovbt
'h' iiiuvci to G.illipoli, where they
t'iil'i ei)oiorate with the British force
"t Chatial:.
tear is als(, expressed lest the
Actualist sympathizer! in ConsliUti
tari an uprising in the capital.
ty" tin- Asociated I'rfsrf.
Athens. Sept. 2'.). The Greek army
in Thrace has definitely joined the
"volution. The. army corps in tho
f.pirus also thrown in
w'ith tin- revolutionists.
its lot
h the Associated Vveas.
Constantinople, Sept. 29. Brigadier
Antral Harrington commander of the
"Hied forces plans to leave this
"ftcrnooti o r a conference with
Jr:ta),a Kemal Pasha, probably
r"' Sudiinia, on the sea of Mormora.
The Dritl h are confident that U
the firinjr js nvoKip j during the r.ex
2 h"urs, all danger of hostilitiei
'ill have been avoided.
Ul' Associated Press.
Voungstown, O., Sept. 29. -Thu
f"'st curtailment tf steel operations
"n fciount of car shortage was an-
nounucil here today by the Republic
nn and Steel Comparjy, which has
shut down eight of its 1G steel plants
Uy the associated Press. .. v
Dos Moines, la., Sept. 20. Dr. Geo.
T. Harding, father of President Hard
ing, caused considerable comment here
by a statement that if he was a resi
dent of Iowa he would vote for Clyde L.
Herring, the Democratic candidate for
United States senator, in the November
Dr. Harding, who has been in Des
T Pit - a
monies lor tne u. A. xi. encampment
has been the guest of Mr. Meredith
former secretary of agriculture, and
was entertained by Mr. Herring and
other Democratic loaders.
Yesterday in an interview Dr. Hard
ing declared that the Republican can
didate for senator, Smith W. Brook
hart, was a socialist, adding that he did
not want to see him in Washington
causing trouble.
"We have enough of these social
ists in. Washington now causing trou
ble and -wg don't -want any more of
them," he declared.
.Tlie Record has been handed the
following story by a reliable .-person:!
A young man by the name of
George Maves who is ju:st 18 years
old joined, the circus as a helper i!
Huiitersville Ala. the young man wav
in need of work ard was lured to the
'big tops'' by a promise of favorable
Th'j youth was taken sick with
lever four days before the show'
came here and worked up to that
time. Being unable to do more the
circus people earted him to a" barn
on-Mr. Abernethy's place and inform
ed him that he wasfyed, while the
young man was then in an almost
critical condition.
Several attempts were miuie to sre:
the circus people to care for him;
they even refused him the service
of their doctor.
4Urs. S A Eller and family of
Eighth street took &m in their home
and are caring for him and.it is
thought he will be able to get out
in about a week. .
The young man will return to irs
home if he can get a sufficient out
fit. The circus didn't bother about
giving him his clothes.
The ku klux klan visited at Mi3
Eller's home last night and left a
donation for the boy.
By the Associated Press. t
w,.,.ffovillp. N". Sept. 29.-
Neal A Thompson, prominent physic
ian and head of the Thomson sana
torium at Lumberton, died 40 minuter
after being taken to a local hospital
today from injuries received, wher
knocked down and : run over by an
automobile driven by E W. Hobbs ot
Curries -Hill.' The accident occurrec
'- -w.t qnuarc here. The car war
stopped after the front wheels
run over nia uuu.v.
Rutherford College Sept. r
SsM last nht as the result of an
f utomob Ue "accident. Funeral' ?orvice?
will I be ionducted tomorrow at Kings
""'SSif I siifo
Crave fear is felt by Americans' who have contvibup ,tso?4s'a.ds to ths-supnert of the American college' v
Constantinople for the safety of the college and its stn" and -students. The American college,' at Smvrr.a
burned. If the Turks eize - Constantinople; the. same fasr may 'befall the college ..there. Tleiaw, the c';..'e., ..
a i'oun of givl students, who may be seized xor Tui-kisif harems. . - ' . ; -
Federal Ag
as Cattle
owan s uqaor ueaiers
.'Jy the Associated Prcs?.
BdSifr'irrc.; SepC 29.--Ljymg
a high life in Salisbury under tho
-guise of Guernsey cattle salesmen,!
two federal pronibiticn agents have
been buying liquor from dealers in
ivowan. and near by counties to secure
evidence, it was learned at the office
of Federal prohibition DhSctor Koh
loss today.
The identity of the men was disctos
ed, it is thought, by a man from Dan
ville, where the-two-men had worked
before coming to Salisbury about six
weeks ago. One of the men is now in
Danville testifying in court there.
It developed Wednesday night that
the men were known toj bootleggers
when the car of the agent of the
?emaining in Salisbury was stopped
on the South river bridge-by a car
belonging to alleged bootleggers. Th,-
man returned to a near-by farm house
and phoned Prohibition Director Koh
loss for assistance.
The agents would frame up a party
with local citizens and go out and
buy liquor from alleged bootleggers
to whom Mr. Kchloss was known.
Whether, their work . was complete?
is not learned, but it is believed they
obtained considerable evidence. - ,;
By the Associated Press. V
London, Sept. 29 A number of
American destroyers in European wat,
ers have been dispatched to Asia Mi
nor to join the American detachment
there, eight destroyers, two submar
ine chasers and the yeht Scorpion,!
all opiating m the near eastern i.ueaj
terranean waters and the Black sea,
it was stated today. . j 4 .
; . " . ; ;-,-'; ' ' ::"
By the Associated Press.
Winston-Salem, Sept. 29. A. G.
Carmichael, 55, shot himself with, al
leged suicidal, intent, this -morning- at
him home near Bethanis,-this county.
The shotgun was used and ie load
took effect in the lef t fside near; the
heart.' Physicians say the man'' could
not live '-through' the day. He has a
wife and ten children.
Posing 8STTU10 SIK! TB
gs Raid FISHT lMi
Ey the Associated Press.
Constantinople, Sept. 29. The.
situation in Chanak, where the Brit
ish and Turkish troops - are almost
elbowing each 'other, , was unchanged
today. ; - -
The meeting between GeJiearl' Har
rington and Mustanha Kemal Pasha
is expected to be held tonight and it
is believed the - Turks will be- with
drawn from the Chanak zone.
Arrangements have been made by
John W. -Robinson, president cf the
Catawba County Fair Association, for
a bus service to and from the fair
grounds next week. Under this plan a
large bus,' with a capacity for a num-
( ber of passengers, will leave the square
at regular 'intervals ' during the . day i
and evening, and will also-leave the
fair grounds on a schedule. This sched
ule is now being worked out and .the
exact time of leaving each terminal
will be' printed Monday afternoon. A
charge of 15 cents will be made on the
bus for the trip in each direction, ef
fecting a saving for those who. want
to wait for the bus of 20 cents on the
round trip. The jitney drivers have
put on a rate of 25 cents to and from
the fair grounds and of course a num-
er of peop'le will patronize these ve
hides who .'prefer . not ; to " wait for the
bus. ;. '' ". : '.-' r'. :.;'-' .. :
The hours of leaving the square and
fair grounds will have to be worked out
by the bus driver, but it is believed,
that a schedule of not over half an
hour for the round trip can be main-
'.'-According to Mr. Robinson there
should be no difficulty next week in
getting transportation to and from the
fair grounds. While the largest crowds
ever attending the fair are expected,
they will he taken eare of without the
slightest hitch. Parking space has been
provided for an almost unlimited num
ber of private automobiles and . the
parking" arrangements will be. under
the supervision of Mr! E. Bryan Jones,
assisted by "six members of the Black
Horse cavalry troops.'
W ' T?ir
0 LL mm R luLIJ
the Associated Press. 1
New York, Sept. 29. Battling Siki,
the. Senegalese negro who v sprang- in
to world-wide pugilistic prominence by
knocking put; George's '?. CarpCntier in
city on or about ' Thanksgiving day,
November 30. - .
This announcement was made today
by Tex Ilickard, fight promoter of
Madison Square Garden, who stated
he had received Siki's acceptance to
fight' any man for the light heavy
Hveight championship that may be nam
ed by him.
By the Associated Press.
New; York, Sept. 29. Nervousness
over the near eastern situation ap
peared to be more general and there
was a renewal of' scattering liquida
tion as well as further hedge in the
cotton market today. Enough buying
gave the; market a steady undertone,
however,' and December rallied back
to yesterday's closing.
' - Open Close
October :. . . . 20.15 20.80
December 20.40 , 21.10
January .. 20.35 20.94
March 20.45 20.93
May 20.33 20.91
By the Associated Press.
Pari?, Sept. 29. Ex-King Constan
tine has been held prisoner 'in Athens
pending arrangements for -sending:
him out of the country, according to
a- message from Athens today.
Athens message stated this morning
that while King Constantino was no;
technieaify a prisoner, ho w;
no means "a" free -agent.
:. .... - -.-.. v . ....,": -" -- ,-,-"..:.
Josephus Daniels, former secretary
of the navy, will opon the -Democratic
campaign in"Catawba couaty with a
fipeech in the Hickory a vditoriiyni at
8 o'clock tonight. ' Remembering hiiil
from- his address here: a few years
ago, when-ho siooke to .a crowded
house; the people of this section will
turn : out in lre numbers - to .heat
him tonight. The auditorium . will
seat nearly 1,200 and the akde wj-I
accomodate a few hundred more.
. The public, both men and .women.
is invited to hear. him. ..... ."
2 mmmMmmB
ckl-n of Referee Gleason in Divorce Case of
James A StiHman Against His Wife Decided
in Her Favor and Contested Son is Among
Three Heirs to Huge Fund.
By the Asociated Press.
-Winston-Salem, Sept. 29. "It is the
most . puzzling: case I have ever en
countered as an officer," declared
Sheriff Flint in discussing the ease -v"
Powell Mabe, 41, who was shot and
killed Wednesday night near Walnut
Cove by an unknown person.
Mabe, who was a highly-esteemer
: 1 T TT" 1 i f. 1
"1-"tw w cne iaiiei
heard a gun fire. Thinking his brother-
in-law tanH Vinf a fcrmiVT'f.l TTir-L-c: ririiil !
710 attention to the shot and later
stumbled over the body as be -was
returning- home. The gun was loaded
Hubby "Otf course, dear, it's only
a rough idea of mine, but do you think
it's possible that there's ever such a
thing as a printer's error in that cook
ery nianuel of ypuis ?" Lodoji Opin
By the Associated Press.
Athens; Sept, 29 After all night
session, the revolutionary committee
decided to submit to King George the
names of a cabinet with Alexander
Zormis as premier. A general election
probably will be proclaimed next week.
The morning newspapers say thi
revolution is progressing without
Stockholm,' Sept. y. A number of
American educators haw come to
Stockholm this summer to study the
public school system of Sweden, and
at least ten Swedish, school teachers
have been sent .to the Unit-l States
for special investigation, according
to the report -of Dr. Karl Nordlund,
Chief Inspector of Public Schools in
Stockholm. A futher illustration of
the increasing international exchange
of cultural ideas lies in the fact that
the investigators this year include
Chileans. Greeks,: ; Japanese , and
Chinese'. - .-,';
' ' ; . -' 5 "1 : - . ':
Although one is likely to think
from these dry days that an extend
ed drouth has descended on tins sec
tion, and there is , no doubt of a
considerable aridness, the weather it
cords show that considerable rain ha?
fallen since July 1. 1 '
Those who atttnded the Fourth of
July Celebration ' here are aware thafl
it rained that day and tne conces
sionaries in Union sqtrare almost wept
when Nature delivered wet goods
rbut it is difficult to recall many other
davs or nights when it rained. The
records show 9.09 inches of rain fro hi
Julv to September 29.
Of the rainfall 5.18 occurred m
July, 3.13 in August and .78 of an
inch in September. The deficiency is
greatest' in this month, but most of
the ciops had matured and cotton was
hurried along by the dry spell. Thi
bolb weevil, which has invaded this
Section, was - stopped for .the time
beiner- and will not get in much work
until next year. (
-UTt.ti.ed to be -England's proud dis
tinction that, it ijnade the poorest
coffee in the world. Now almost every-
body. does. Chicago News.
By the Associated Pz'ess.
v Carmel, N. Y., Sept. 29. Jame3
A - StiHman, former president of the
National City Bank of New York, was '
diied 'a decree for absolute divorce
against his wife; and Baby Guy Still
man jvvas declared legitimate in the
findings of Referee Daniel J. Gleason, ''
appointed to take the evidence.
The refree's" decision wras a com
plete victory for; Mrs. Stiilman. Nor
only was' her defense upheld, but the
1 V- aUL"u uer-enures
1 ifO-f irrtirk nl.-,,, . n J I 1
himself with Florence H. , Leeds,
former Broadway show girl, and that'
Mrs. Leeds had borne children. :..
In regard to Mrs. Stiilman 's charge
that her husband had - misconducted -himself
with two other women identi
fied only as "Helen" and "Clara.w -
jKeteree Gleason decieleci that the-evi-
I .
i dence did not show immorality. . ' -
Throu&h' his mother's victory Guy
Stiilman retained his risrhts as an hieir
vth his two' brothers and sisters to
the $6,000,000 trust fund created for,
them by their grandfather, the late
James Stiilman.
The referee wrote that the ; testi
mony adduced by Mr. Stiilman in sup
port of his. charges that Mrs. Stiilman
misconducted herself with Fred Bou
vail, part Indian guide, was in , part
brought" out by the evidence. . . '
"A v careful examiiiation, howevj?T4
ot all the testimony, " said the report,
"has shaken my faith and belief in the
testimony for the, plaintiff.".
The Hickory Rotary club voted last
night to go on a cash-in-advance basis
and beginning October -1 all me.mbe.is
AVill pay for their meals three months
ahead, notify the hotel when they.
are to be absent and getting credit
for the price of a meal which they
unavoidably miss. President Geo. L.
Lyerly brought the matter before
the club at its weekly dinner ; 1st
evening and it was adopted by a
unanimous vote. The president ex
plained that the matter was not dis
cussed with the hotel management,
but was taken pji the initiative of the
directors jn order to do justice to the
hotel and to increase the average
attendance of members. Most Rotary
and other clubs have adopted this
Oscar Simmons told the minstrels
to be on hand promptly for the re
hearsals and urged all members to
talk the big show. '
Bascom Blackwelder, speaking for
the committee: on education, made
an interesting talk on the "Two Ends
of Rotary," individual and collective .
effort and. improving the lives not
j VI xilt:ili&cri-3 uii lite
ity at large; That is in line with the
club's motto. Mr. Blackwelder refer
red to the fact that two members who ;
had never been known to talk in
public had done well, the club being
a means of bringing out latent
The attendance records of member?
was, read and it was shown that Neu
Clark had the only perfect record for
the year with John A. Lentz second
with one absence. About a dozen mem
bers have brought the club attendance
down, it was shown from Secretary'
Hugh D'Anna's-records, and an appeal
as made to boost 'up-the "attendance.
There was some lively singing, the
new minstrel songs being rendered
by: the' vocal artists in the club.
! -. . - -i ' i '. '. : - t: '.. ' . ..
V 1 .
By the Associated Press. ' '
Paris, Sept.; 29.--An Athens' disr
patch to the Havas agency says poli-.
tical circles in the Greek Capital are
of the opinion that King George's reign
will not be long and. that Greece will
establish a republic. The new king took
the throne as George II. j
' 1
-IF fc
i '
v r
i ,
-! '

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