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"watch tow 1 r, -v v -C: w: .
- - - - VJ . jv - -i - V
Generally fair tonighfc
and Sunday. Moderate
to '.fresh northeast
winds - '
British Officials in Constantinople and Cabinet in
London Do Not Believe War With Turkey Can
Be Avoided Long Still Hoping Desperately
For Peace.
Smyrna Refugees7 Arrive Safely at Saipniki
the AssceiaW'.!
(. ot;.-:atuinopv. reri. oU. umish
oli'iiials admit that tin Clianak situa
tion i- growing mure critical and thai
th" h""V for an amicable scttle
nun: arc waning.
I!y tit,' A ootiated Tress.
b'iu.n. Sept. 111). The gravely
ilil'iiiidciit view held in official quar
ters ngardir.g the prospect of avert-!!-.'
war with the Turks is shared in
i.Uii'd military circles in Constanti
nople, according to dispatches from
Mustapha Ktmal Pasha's require
nmit; that the British withdraw
ilu'h' troop from Asia Minor as a
M," i'"d precedent to a limited retreat
i f the Ottoman troops is looked upon
a- almost tantamount to war.
Whither this is the final view of
tiu' re-poniible military heads does
r."t appear. Hue responsibility rests
with the !att.;r and their political col
Ivatntes. How and when the attempt to force
the government's demand for with
drawal of the Turks in the near cast
rots with the military leaders and the
r.iitish high commissioners in Con
stantinople. Their decision is await
ed with keen interest.
If war breaks and at the moment
it appears that almost a miracle win
b needed to avert it Great Britain
will enter into it under discouraging
conditions, for the predunnnatlng
sentiment of the country is opposed to
It is impossible to say that the
rition will not rally to the govern
ment' spport but at present the
vnice of the people as represented by
the pars has been hostile to th
Prime Minuter ,Lloyd George wh
hut yesterday was a national l iro
imw is tlie butt-of ridicule for med
dling in international questions which
he does not understand, according
to the press.
Some of the comments are quite
viciorj in tone; others credit the
premier with good intentions bi:
roundly condemn his policy. Labor
throughout the country is up in arm.;
axaia.it the idea of a new war and
although no definite threats have been
wade there are rumors of -action to
pi event a campaign again.it the Turks.
The general anxiety o.f the people
is di( ;jencd by the prospects of ad
ditions to the already heavy debt oc
ca iioiied by the world (yai.
- - iiim im II IIIBWI ,-, - ..." " ' .''''.' .
' "' .' ' - - -- - - rn iiHMiimn iinn micu ni i r t itti fnimww iiii m i iji.lh i iui
TO STAND "jorei
First pJcturo of 'Smyrna refugees to rerxh mcrfca, snappe.l as ' lh cy disembarked -'at Saloniki after'
having -fl?4 .from -the W&zo .that razed Smyrna ter th cily had heett -.taken.' by' -the Turks. Notice the
amcTcnt national types inaieated by cogtunao GiKfks; Araio:iIar;s,
, and "Kurds.
By the Associated Press.
Paris, Sept. CO France stands firm
ly by her decision taken with England
and Italy last Saturday to insist upon
Turkish recognition of the neutrality
;f the zones and straits. While there
i;5 no question at the moment of mili
tary force to back up this policy, the
French government will exei its ut
most influence to prevent war.
This was the view in official cir
cles following the British demand for
the retirement of Turkish nationalists
from the Chanak av&a.
By he Associated Press.
Athens, . Sept. ' :0. Ex-King- Can
stantine and Queen Sophia sailed to
day for Palermo en a Greek steamev.
which was placed at the disposal of
the fallen manarch by the revolutionists.
By the Associated. Press..
Paris, Sept. 30. An unconfirmed re
port has reached the Hungarian news
agency in Paris that a revolution has
occurred in Belgrade and that King
Alexander of Jugo-Slavia has been as
sassinated. The news agency gives out
this report as "under ail reserve."
Undoubtedly the Turks have one.
advantage over the European fighting
nations, in that they are- somehow
able to fight without any money o;
anything to eat. -Boston Transcript.
By the Associated Press,
tunibertoh, N. C, Sent.
Sheriff Lewis of Rolxv;on county who
v.-ont to St.' Augustine, ' Fla., several
days r.go to get Joph B. Kemri,
a 'las M. W. English,' wanted in this
county in connection with Che killing
of Daniel McNeill at Red Springs
ii years ago is expected to reach here
either tonight or tomorrow.
Kemp was arrested at St. Augus
:iiie last week. -
Kemp will be tried for murder in
the first degree at the November tern;
of court and Mink McNeill, brother
of the nead man and' the only living
witness, will be the principal wit -!;es:
for the state. ..
A load of coal bound across town
nowadays draws as many eyes &
n. okt-.tasduoned. load of unbaled hay.
Boston Herald.
By the Assoeiaft-d Prej;i. : .
New York;;Spt. 30. Several per
sons lost thei'i lives in a. fire which
swept through a-five-story apartment
house between Broadway and Amster
dam avenue.-Nearly a.- score were in
urcd, some seriously, -and a dozen oth
t-s-we're saved firenlen and volunteers'
who plunged through w'indows to res-
uc persons in the burning interior.
One of the dead was a baby ' fou
uonths thrown from a building by
frantic mother;" Anotneiy a boy o.
in. was killed when he iumned fron I -air association;-'
Three fireroent were injured and hal'
dozen 'othcre vere overcome b;
smoke. ". .
By the Associated Press. .
Athens, Sept. 30. The Gvjt'ek roya;
amily will leave for Corfu tomorrow,
it '"was announced today. The Italian
government is expected to install
them at Palermo, Cicily.
By the Associated ' Press.
-Belgrade, Sept. ,30. The Serbian
press bureau issued a notice today
deny the alarming news of a
purported revolution in Belgrade aim
ed against the crown.- It declares
the rumor vras circulated by enemies.
Joseph B. Kemp
stranger tna
Man 44
ip JTmd
t He Shot
Years Ago
By the Associated Press.
iJy the Associated Press.
F.l Paso, Sept. 30. Part of the Jau
1X7. garrison revolted in the early hours
today. They took the loyal federals
completely by surprise, but after sev
eral clashes in which 10 me. were
1 ilicd and 20 wounded. The rebels ran
Hiovt of ammunition and retired to the
outskirts of the city and the federal
troops again took charge, .
American sioldicrs took UP their pjtit
along the international bridge and af-, he w
lei- the retirement of the rebels tne
permitted Americans having business
in Jaurez to proceed to the business J
i'K- the Anaocitttcd Press.
F.l Paso, Sept. 30. Three private
nddicrs who revolted from the. Juarc
garrison were put against an adobe
wall at military headquarters at
'.lock th'u nwrnini? and shot to
death, according' to announcement i
B'Miarl Mendrz'x headquarters.
The Indianapolis NwVTtr
Pi, is as American the Iff;
r Iiulppendence. Perhaps that
our country is pestered with bo many
pie hunters. Capper's -Weekly.
St. Augustine, Fla., Sept. 30. Jo.
B. Kemp left here today with Sheriff
Lewis of Robeson county to answer
to the charge of the murder of Dame!
McNeill- of Red Spring's 41 yearr
ago. ,
He had been a wanderer separat
ed from his family who for yearr
thought him dead until conversation
with a stranger caused suspicion thai
s the man who killed McNeill.
The man's departure 'followed, the
is -brother, T. J. Kemp,
I n tiivncntine dealer with large ,m
" ' ' -. ...V...
,.pi.r..K nround bt. AUgusuue,
!f.aid that McNeill admitted before his
AiKith that he provoKca tne anair.
XT-, 4-
T J. Kemn had been in inuiu.
Carolina where he had not been in 2o
... rn,l had returned to his place
near here - when he saw in a news'-
pe,per that his brother had ; been
arrested. . - -
lie immediately came to St. Augus
tine and although he. had not seen
hia brother for 44 years stated that
he woutf go on llis bond, to the
extent for $3,0.000 or $40,00 if that
would do any good.
T. J. Kemp said his brother linger-
rc forces Brought to Constantinople and
Landed .from Transports, Causing: Greeks and
Armenians to Throw off Disguises Air
planes Show Britain's Preparedness.
With the approach of . fair week,
an event of much interest and im
portance to this section the' town will
take on a holiday attire and-the gahi
week will be celebrated' in. "proper
style. . ';
In order that the town may .full y
enter into the holiday spirit it . h&
suggested- that the merchants' " deeoi'- was,
ate ..-.their scores ana .places ex busi
ness with the flags and bunting viae
was" used on July 4. The.' unifcri:'
decorations that were used on ee'.i
bration day had a decidedly - pretty
effect and every merchant and busi
ness . man is a.ske.d, to decorato hi;;
place on ' Monday with the bunting
md flags. .-which were used befoie..
A' number of private homes will
m mm m ' jmm mm. aa km
W OK !
The Conover Community fair yes-
tsrday was, the last of . three first!
class fairs held In the county before
the big fair here next week and
large crowds of people were in attend
ance; The poultry exhibit at Conover
unusually fine and thy witj i
By the Associated Press.
Constantinople, Sept. 30. Large
forces of British infantry have been
landed here from Transatlantic liner.
These TBoIdiers are to reinforce the
lines on the Asiatic side of the Bos
pours, which the British will defenl
! m the event the lui'kish army at
Ismed begins a movement towards
The Kemalist army consists of two
divisions. N
When the liner entered the Golden
Horn and the masses of infantrymen
became visible from the citv the im-
'xt week.
also be decorated, the citizens enter -,
ng heartily intp . idea .- suggested
by the decoratiohonimittce of tlie
Bv the Associated-Press.
Washington, Sept. 30. The wcathe.
outlook for the week beginning Mon
South Atlantic states . Generail;
fair and normal temiperatuV-'es hu
with probablity of showers in Florid?-
will begin
;akxng on a tetive appearance m
jelcbration of fair week which begins
m Tuesday. The- stores v.'ill use the
rctty flags and bunting for decorat
ng union stpi'am sfnii-lar tQJuiy 4.
By the Asociated Press.
South Bend,' Ind., Sept. 30 Harry
,?oulin, local haberdasher, charged by
Irs. August Tierman '-.with being
the father of her third child was found
not guilty in city court here today.
Judge Ducomb made it plain in his
omment that he found the defendant
not guilty in the strict sense of th-i
word. lie said he believed there had
een intimate relations between Mt'.
Tiernan and Poulin. The fact, how
ever, that Professor Poulin had lived
With his jwife through the-. affarr
had created the reasonable doubt
that made it legally compulsory ,to
find for the defendant. , ."'')"'
nake a oig aispiay here
The fair was a
crops because of the dry weather but
the exhibits of fancy work and canncu
goods "more than made un for the
Catawba held its first fair Tuesday
and was Largely attended. Here the
fancy work was a special feature and
the livestock, and poultry and field
crops were good.
, -SherrilFs Ford- also? held its first
community fair Thursday and a crowd
.estimated at' 1.800 attended. It was
the largest of the three fairs in thc
county and was complete in all de
partments. Persons who attended all three fairs
f;ay they were fully up to the stand
ard set last 'year; . - "
niense gathering of Greeks seeking
! views outside the city threw away
their fezes and melted avay.
The Observation was heard on a?i
''We won't bjther with passport-;
ntfw. The British are sending ships
and troops."
The arrical of these several thous
and adtiitional troops lias encouraged
the Americans and Greeks to dis
card their Turkish fezes and resume
convention western head gear.
At the' beginning of the present
crisis tvery Greek and Armenian pro
vided himself with a fez which he
wore- almost continuously to disguise
British airplanes flew over the capi
tal today causing visible- excitement.
The manouvers gave the populace an
other, indieatioA of British prepared
r.essto "meet the" Situation'- '"""""V
The continued arrival of British
war units has lessened the danger o'
an uprising in the city and checked
the panicky flight of Christians
neighboring countries.
By the, Associated Press. '
Kinston, N. C, A posse of several
hundred men directed by deputy
sheriff continued to scour the coun
tfy side8 for Jim Miller, negro who
shot and killed John Sutton, 43, last
night. .
Although feeling against the negro
was running high, there-was no evi
dence of.inob spirit among the search- j 13 l0 23 poi::t lower
ers, officers . stated shuid the negro
be caught. . -
Bv the Associated Press.
"New York, Sept. 30. There was
heavy southern selling ,and scattered
liquidation at the opening of the cot
ton market today and first prices were
. Speaking of Einstein and space, if
he wants to do something useful let
him solve the problem, of parkin?
space. Florida Times-Union.
ed around his old home . in Bladen
county for three months after th
nir.no- tVu nld sheriff, long since
dead, and his deputies not inter iei
ing with his comings and goings
Later his brother left home. . t
He kept in touch with his people
occasionally, the brother .said, un-
15 years ago when they heard he
was dead in Cuba, until last rebruar;
when i datives received message-:
from him in Florida, but dvd not care
to make his identity for fear of bring
ing un the old trouble. :-f"
T. J. Kemp said his brother ha;
been, more or loss fond of drink antt
that he believes he had some intoxi
cating liquorvhen he entered into
conversation with a stranger in S
Augustine and disclosed his indentity.
Kemp expressed the belief that
things" would not, go hacuy wun nw
brother back in North Carolina on
the old charge, as McNeill, : he" : sak;.
in dying exonerated him by saying
the guarreP which ended fatally wa3
of his own ' ( McNeill ) making. Kemp
substantiated his brother's statement
that McNeill attacked hjm with a
Joseph Kemp now is G2 years r j CUj.ht' to come back like brothers and
ae . . ' '. j .'-.(continued on page six)
Josenhus Daniels, former secretary
of the navy, opened the Democratic
campaign in 'Catawba county .with a
speech in the auditorium last night
that- was enthusiastically received iy
the thousand'or more people v.-ho heard
it. Void of bitterness, it was such a
speech as Mayor Youht declared in in
troducing the distinguished guest, men
and women of all political shades could
listen to with profit. Mr." Daniels was
warmly applauded throughout and af
ter the speaking shook hands with
many Hickory- and Catawba colinty
people, later being guest of the fire
department for a few minutes to hear
a naval band over the radio
- While, in Hickory Mr.' Daniels, who
left this morning by automobile for
Albemarle, was the guest of Mr." and
Mrs. J. D. Elliott, who had Chairman
Chas-W. Bagby and a few friends-; at
dinner last night.
"Chairman Bagby presided over the
meeting and told the large crowd -that
in his' opinion this was a Democratic
year in Catawba county. The crowd
applauded. Mayor M. H. Yuunt was
then called on .to present the speaker
and did it in . a happy manner. . The
mayor got a hand when he. said this
was a day of liberal ideas wnen men
and women.were broad enough to hear
both sides' of a 'question and express
nressed his pleasure that this -was so;
He briefly referred to Mr. Daniels'
fine record as secretary of , the navy
and sat down amid applause..
.. Showing that he knew Xatawba
county history, Mr'. Daniels 'referred
in his speech to the time in the state
when Democrats, getting mad at each
otherr were rent apart,, most of them
returning to the household and in a
few counties a large number "going
over ;to the "Hepubl'ican partyv lt, was
to these men in 'Catawba county who,
he declared had little in common with
Republican aspirations, that he made
his most vigorous' appeal. He said they
Big r air
Will uien
Next Tuesday With
. , ....-. a
First Gass Exhibits
Shelby, Sept. SO. Mrs. M. B. Clegg
died early, yesterday ; morning In a
hospital at Murphy i'roin injuries Vc
ccived 3'esterday -when the automobile
in which she was riding, with her
husband and child backed off over a
hundred' foot .ravine on a mountain
ioad.' , .' ;' r:. , ! .
: .lie-;. .M. B. Ciegg, her huEband,, is a
mem be r of the weste t'ix ', Nort h ; Ca iv -
lina conference and it. is learned here,
the native home of -Mrs. Cf egg, thav
she was with her husband on some
of his .work. -, -, :- ; . '; :.' ': ;:' ,
T he . .engine of thb. car v went dead
on' the road and the battery being
down. Mr. Clegg got out and crahkea
the car. The Car was in reverse ana
when the engine started , the : . car
1 ' backed r- over an embankment,' ii.--flieting
' injuTies wliich proved fatal.
It is understood the Clegg child was
also badly injirred. ; Further particu
lars coukknot be leaincd by brothem
and sisters of Mrs. - Clegg ,- of this
place. ' -.-.' '-.''.' y -- ,: ;-: .'
She was the daughter of the late
Catp. Lemuel J. Hoyle, aTveteran of
the confederate army, -who for many
years was clerk : of the court for
Cleveland county. Her husband, sev
eral children and brothers and sis
ters - survive. ; It is understood the
body will be brought to Kings Moun
tain for interment.
Hickory cotton 20 1-2 cents.,
With the secretary's office bu-sy
preparing .for entries. Monday and
farmers in four cotmties gathering
up their exhibits and Workmen on the
iob of , getting the J grounds in first
class condition, the stage will be si-t
Monday for the opening of the Four
County fair 'on Tuesday morning. The
complete .program... will- be printed
Monday. ;
. Many specialties will be 'put on nur
ing the week, as Record readers kriow,
and various organizations are keen
for their parts. .
.There will be midway, attractions
better than the. average. ' .
The chief attractions, however, win
be the exhibits from the farms, and
these promise to be larger than
ever. ' . - '
Mrs. John Wr. Robinson, secretary,
announced this afternoon --that analy
sis, of 'the waterused on the grounds
showed that it, was all right and
safe for drinking. A sample was sent
to the state board of health.
The Royal Hussars' Band has arriv
ed in the" city and. will give a sacred
Concert on Union square tomorrow
afleiiioon: Mr. Yarborough.' director,'
announced that a. first class soprano
singer accompanied, the band. 'It is
hoped that this band may be obtained
for the fair. ' : ..
Bv the Associated Press.
'Salisbury, N. C, Sept. 30. The
North Carolina Farmers' union will
hold its meeting here beginning De
cember 21, according to the
chamber of commerce.
Tokio, Sept, 10. Amateur cultiva
tors of the morning glory have erect
ed a monument to that flower. It was
recently unveiled with full Buddhist
ceremony at the Guio Temple at Mita,
Shiba. Tokio. The members of the To-.
Vio Morning Glory society, who erect
ed the monument, strive to produce the
largest and most beautiful flowers and
in doing so have to cut out the' less
promising plants. The monument . is
their atonement for' the killing of
these weaklings. V
Henry Ford's advice to the public
is: "Buy as little coal as possible."
present prices," most of us miga
buy as- much as possible and still have
little enough. Richomnd Times-Dis-n:teh.
Mr. R. C. Rivers, Jr., of Boofte
passed through Hickory this afternoon
tn route home from Gastonia and
Charlotte. The Boone; Democrat, of
which the young : man's father is
editor, has recently bought modern
J eqoioment. including a late model lino-
ttrpe auu cyimuer piess, unu. wm ay
pear in its new, "dress" in the next
month or six weeks. Watauga people
aie to be congratulated oh the enter
prise of their newspaper. ' -
One . of the economics of the dry
period is that -it now takes', hut ona
hip to make a hurrah instead of two
as formerly. Cincinnati Enquirer.

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