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Husband of Slain Choir
Made by Clergyman's Widow in Her Inter
view Says She Was Mistaken About Time
She Appeared at Church.
Dy the Associated Press.
Xcw Brunswick, Nov. 2. Looking
. ..i . . ; . -1 vj a i .
I truiu nis wuiiv i u cwuj win. in iikj
basement of the school house where
the i anitor, James r.niis, wnoso
IwiiY, Eleanor, was murdered with the
IKcv. Edward W. Hall on September
I , tcday tuok issue with some of the
statement" made yesterday by the
lertrynuin'ri widow in an interview
i differed with Mrs. Hall chiefly
In rejam to tne umcs ne saw ner
I . 1. .
the day after the murder.
"I never heard any gossip about
miy lie nnu ui nau, inula iwau atwu
If I had I would not have stood
. it f,. ., ,in,rlc minute. T am mnn
enou-sh not to have kept that job
at the church if I thought there was
r ' " ''0...jf ' I
tlllU Ml,' '', I
Mil! fai'.l lie never heard of his
. . . . I I
kvifo having trouble with anybody and
laid he knew of no enemies that Dr.
lull might have hai.
"There was plenty of gossip about
lintinbcr. of the choir, thougn," he
Mills said ho met Mr?. Hall at the
iiurcli at M...U ociocK on me murmiis
. . . .'A i i.
f Sontenilicr IT). Mrs. Hail said yes-
that ,hc was at the church nt
"1 kuw it could not have been
wilier than S :U0." suid Mills, "be-
iuu my children had already gone
rtu school, ihe last tning iurs. nau
L-kcd rnp : 'was anybody sick at your I
outc last night? ' We then comment-
... ... t,.. , .ifr,
oh uic nwk "u ... i
. . . til 1X1
ner nuoauu were imiS aim
i. d: '.Mayc tnovhaveclopet.'v- I to
'What comment could I make? Of
Mnn that was not so, and that is
With the e words Mrs. Frances Hall
'tried ycottrday her first intervicw-
!i intcnivw planned by her counsel
that it': might seek to extricate
istit, in the public, eye, from the
:rci;m-,Mnt:a net m wnicn tne en-
!l'ms of the Hall-Milb murder mys
'.rv ha-; enmeshed her.
r'ur th iii.;t time .since t he waf
v.i(ijvcd ty the slaying of Kev..Ld-
m uh'jfU'r Hail and Ins cnotr
leader. Mvs, Hull emerged from the
teluston sht; Una maintained !&r
even v.-ecfe. meeting a smalt army
of newspaper writers in her heme,
:id .ninjeeting herself to an hour a
mbai'tiiiKrit of questions!.
ihetl-i .No Light
At the end. she retired as she had
"It red the room, wan but composed.
Mie hud shed no liirht on the mys-
ttry. She had fallen into none of the
tap the cio3.t examiners prepared
fr her.
Herr, v;i : a noyativn torv. It am-
t-nitu but, did not materially alter
-ne sUittmi.mU nrfviouslv made on
k... i . . .
wrmMi tv ciiriHt'l and lriends.
!,;,.( . v; : tin u,i
inw.' 1 Ml I iVi AIL.k
U,fr.,t . .. x.s.. i v., I Kici
-"(.uv, K mat vi: naii nau
ws.Koin t, an errand, of mercy-
-nu uui IV JUS tlUUIU. 8itIIIK IHillllil
vwm with Mrs. Mi la a hospital
'ill which li,. w....4 r.vir, ivith ehuvc
wiwl-; that he was slain bv a person
. "nw uj.-
"u lor h motive at which she has
r' tne shtfhc'it conjecture; and that
T memorv nt' Viini ) ifnsiillied bv
the ugly Hl.atidal in which his name
ns been itivolvcd.
It Wnn li ? i f ..o., ft '..lrot- .'tirri
Timothy X. pfyiffer. .Mrs. Hall's
W'tT, escorted her into the quaint
lrP retiortl'I'M iff.rn u-nllinn in Siflfried
ranks. "
. He introduced her and withdrew,
'tavmif her alone with her ordeal of
nmorul publx-ity an ordeal from
JJ'W she had said she had shrunk
Slnc-' youth.
AUired n a soWn of black Canton
ilpc wth a light scarf of black
h u ut lKr ''boulders, she seated
Z, i i" tltl yld fashioned rocker
let her Kray eyes rove over the
wangn scene her familiar library
V iM. . nil 1, 1
"c baekground of greenish-gold
titi.ila.per' hun with medley of
the mantel with its litter of
bt,r,L uu antl vases; the- antique
t: ,RUiie; OI1C tliunurl with a child's
ifulujva11 li-cse .were familiar
hS Kut the rues had been
r.Xu ba.t: chairs cluttered th
Dftrtni 111 "
w,l,t 111 tarh oh.iir pat a re-
anrf V.:. lhei'e were a score of men
idoV.Utlcl '"hogany table at her
ttako B 0 C0Urt stenographers to
rfM tran.scri)t of th Intftrview.
. ne rpn,..; v r. . . .
mi; i"--''Hi, rnatcnmg ner rov-
of 47-r-pale,
it,.'UUhly tired. an,l c
led, and sliehtlv nervous
h;h , 7 na.u" was brushed back in a
liiihn J( UUi that ' emphasized
ho mK oval of her face,
"".n ' 0 ,nw hand on each arm
ling nas happened i to
Leader Disputes Points
Byhe Associated Pi-ess.
London, Nov. 2. Prime Minister
Bonar Law in an address at a meet-
P"? f men this afternoon reiterated
lult ma was one 01 tranquuilj
. S
ds foreign policy," he ad
enture to express the hope
that America may gradually take at
,. . ,
( 1 1 i 1 T I ' v, i in t n f-i I i-i : j I r ' i .'i nr nirinna 11
, &
some or other and may gradully fee
that it is her duty to help in th
chaos in which the war has left
the world."
Havre, Mont.. Nov.l. Followini
undin.ars bv two Hay re. doctors .yester
day afternoon that the bullet. -whic.
Margaret Carieton' m tn
Jinh!n L-iIlm(ic huro l:55t h riflav morn
ing ranged downward through he
body at a sharp angle, " instead o
iireutly. m and alightly upward, a
.vas testified at the inciivest by Dj
Carl Fess. cial authorities were pre
oared tonight to make further invest:
?ation of the tragedy.
Prosecutor Max Kunr stated tn
the develomnent w-arranteti a ne
t..i; - ., . thni. , rtu
' VO L VlVli UJ1U W'W WAV4-w.
evidente.wa.exin:?tcd. He -Ayacun
attend the post-mortem .examnta
tion of Mrs. Carieton's body a3 soo:
as the discovery of the bullet's court
was made by Doctors W. F'.. Hamilton
mid A. E. Williams. , v
Tin- examination was made at tit
request of .Sirs. Carle ton's mother
Mrs. Joseph Pyio of l'.utte, Montane
Tlv I ml lot was found by th
physicians in the muscles beside -th
jpinal coiumn. , .
Neither JJr.'Uamiiion nornavivun.
'.vnnl.l c-omment on the fidssibilitie
of feif-infl'cted , bullet following th
'jath of the one wincli . kinect mri
v I e t o n . , - -, s . : v " .
At tho reuuest ot Mr; rvie, tn-
htmi of tho Rev. Leonard J. Christler
who was killed at the same time an.
place -with Mrs. Carleton, was openec
by the oumer of the house this after
n T.n.nl authorities and a num
bcr of newspaper representative wit!
ri. Pvlc. examined contents or uraw
. .. 1 . . V r. ii n n
sucesssiul etlort to imu eviu-nc.
that the gun which discharged the
fatal shots was the property of the
Christlers. , . .
p,n,.nn.w of unotoectcd develop
menta in the investigation yester da:
into Mrs. Carleton s ueava, iur.
Pvlo rllfl not present to Mr
Ruhr the list of questions they formu
iij hist merht. declaring win
- . 1 1 - .4- I
jo.u "'iv ." : . Ai
ffifirii nttltUUe toward lire
cation and asKing wnv n-
V...V.-. - , uw
me aiamonu h..b -. ; "j - lht
been wearing the cen.ng oi in.
. . - ,
Bv the Associated Press.
Muskegon, lviicnv, nu.
mon'd E. Wilson of . Grand , Rapids
arrested last night on a charge o.
kidnaDDing Fvosalie onamy
nV,fln(tifin .whr.r
Ity to a ctKx -J
arraigned in circuit court nere.wu-jr
He was returned to jail to await
sentence. N V V
This "Own your own home", move;
mcnt is to save other movements.
Binghamton Sun.
them.' .....-y.
"At noon Mrs. Hall came to my
house. I told her I had not heard any
thing and she said she had not either."
rnmrnftitino-. on Mrs. Hall's :state-
UoVlnl was not ivihclictive
t, ct,o not care to see any
one punished for the murder, Mills.
..." : r " :
'' i. ' Vt hiai:ttnieA Rt.fltns to authorize the Philip-
"i nm iiul viiiuivviTc Vi.i.-r., r.i y
mid robbery and ; things are j
iealousy and 1 tmnK ney.in.mv
cut for spite becatise ofr beau
tiful singing.
want to see the murderer (putiisl pine legislature to call a constitutional
I belVve it was a woman's? SeW convention : to create a .future mce
ti,anviM about blaelsnjail bendent republic in the Philippines
; ' . 1 '"""" "
tejSk - ill t , -t?$
Here is ::hown the latest, adventure in contentment of Charles
- Garland, the youthful philosopher who gave. ,his nxiHion-dollaT
fortune for .sociological .research. Wealth cannot be carried 'down
the .Toad to happiness, he thinks. .The 'youthful deseiple' of Plato
and Toistoi is making ready his house and farm., .for ihs eight
Communists .who will spend the winter with him' in. North Carver,
Mass. Garland's group will probably be the most famous colony
since the well-known Brook Farm group gathered on another
Masaschusetts" f firm in the last
y the Asosciated Press
Richmond, Va., Nov. 2. Messages
xpressing the universal sorrow over
'ie death yesterday of Thomas Nelson
age were pouring into the home in
ranover county from the four cor-
ers of the earth.
Among the first messages received
wttwa .-A reitnt:Jriaraing - ana
' mncr President W'oodrow Wilson.
The funeral will. take place tomor-
ow morning , at 10 o'clock in "Old
rork" church, where Mr. Page was
hristened and where he attended
'lurch services as a lad.
After a simple funeral service in
ie little church the body will be taken
o Ashland and forwarded to Wash
ngton. The burial will take place
t 4 o'clock. Mr. Page's final resting
lace will be beside that of his second
rife, who died a year ago.
Stonewall Durham of Gastonia,
ormer United States district attor-
.ey, will speak -in the auditorium to
isht on the issues of the campaign
. . i .J- -.J
ntl a large aueuence is uxputieu iu
- H JT T '..1 . -wirlnn. Zr. n
iear him: xrr. uiMnam, wiiu is
rother of Rev. Dr. Plato Durham,
3 a member of a family noted for its
trong men and is declared lo be a
inished speaker, ine puduc is mvnwi
o hear him. .
Mn Durham will speak at iiare-
lont tomorrow night.
Other speakings mclu-de:
John A. McRae at Blackburn Sat-
rday night and Hickory auditorium
Monday night. , ,
O. Max (jaruner at jNewton oaiur-
ay night. , , , ,
John G. Carpenter , at crooisioru
londay nighl.- ..
W. A. Grahajn, Jr., solicitor iiun-
nan and Horace H. Abee at West
-lip.korv Mondav merht.
W. A. Self and Perry Hefner in
iighlahd Monday night.
ntrnit News.
ww,w:.w. Herbert Hoover : dis-
n??spd thp;foreitm debts, but that, is
'the only, reference,, he make as a
ipeaker in senatorial campaign
to rttioney.matteTs, . f 1
Ry. the Associated: Press
. Manila, Nov.- 2. The Philippine
senate today adopted unanimously a
resolution asking the congress of the
ancl to t determine what relation it
i puuuw. . - . 7 7
Uent. The f esolutiorr was senrta the
house OI reprvwvavTWf
By the Associated Pdess.
Wilson, N. C, No. 2. W. F. Boyette,
a tenant farmer, was stabbed to death
near here late yesterday afternoon.
William" McMillan, a negro charged
with the murder, fled from the scene,
but was arrested near '-Wilson Mills
this morning. . : ' 'f- ' " r
According to the. 'auihgritie,,, p.oi
eke arid MeMiiland entered ) into an
argument over some cotton picked by
MeMiiland being weighed by Boyette.
MeMiiland went to his home, it is
alleged, and returned with a large
knife, and stabbed Boyette five times.
Death occurred immediately.
By the Associated Press. .
Statesville, N.C Nov. 2. The Blue
Ridge Atlantic conference of the M,e
thodist Episcopal church, in session
here, opened today's session.; at 9
o'clock with the administering' of the
sacrament of the Lord's supper. As
sisting Bishop Wilson in the com
munion was Rev. John Moore pastor
'of Broad street Methodist church. A
resolution was adopted welcoming
Bishop Wilson to the church. Rev. C.
M. White, was elected secretary , for
the coming year, Rev J. L- Dennis
treasurer and Rev. S. W. Johnson
Bishop Wilson addressed the con
ference at 11 ;30 o'clock. . - -
By the Associated Press..',' : ,
Washington," Nov. 2. President
Harding . today celebrated the 57th
anniversary of his birth almost as
quietly and as simply as the average
n citizen observes the birth-
; rru.,.. . .. L w
white house than an ordinary day
in the life of an average American
citizen.. :
By the Associated Press.
New - York, Nov. 2. The cotton
market opened steady ten to 15 points
net higher on rumors that Canadians
had been heavy buyers on the local
December 21.40
January 24.06"
March - ' '. 24.15
May ' 24.07
July 23.78
Hickory cotton 23 34 cents
There are joy killers who are ; cer
tain to come along and put the static
in' ecstatic Canton News. . .
NG, NOVEMBER 2, 1922.
By the Associated Press.
. iPUao?3lphia, Ni0v. 2. Tlos. De
Witt Cuyler, a' director of the Pen
nsylvania Railroad Company and
chairman of the railroad executives'
association, was found dead today in
the private car of President. Rea of
the Pennsylvania in Broad street sta
tion. Apoplexy was the exact eause
of death, physicians said.
Mr. Cuyler was a lawyer, but most
of his time, was 'taken up with rail
road and financial affairs. He came
prominently before the country in the
recent railroad shop strike by vir
ture of his position as chairman of
the;: railroad executives and took a
firm , stand against some of the de
mands of the strikers, especially that
relating to seniority.
Mr. Cuyler! was born in PhfladeTphia
vS years ago.
The Hickory Rotary club, after1 a
discussion by its members at a nearly
100 per cent meeting today, voted
to observe ladies' night on Thursday,
December 7. It was on motion of Jos.
D. Elliott - that the date was set
and the ladies will be duly notified.
A . new newspaper, the Rotary Re
volver, the product of Earl Mullen,
made its appearance for the first
rime today and was warmly wel
comed. - The question of a Christmas tree
was brought up and discussion cen
tered around activities at this session.
The sense om the meeting was that
much should be done. . ;
Rev. Oscar Goode announced that
Rev. Will .Lambeth of Gastonia could
be with the club some time early in
December. .
H. D. Schubert sketched briefly the
recreation tonight at the Legioi hall.
Oscar Simmons and- Oma Hester
put over today's program after Presi
dent Lyerly and Secretary- D 'Anna
and tlie attendance committee had
been complimented on getting out
every .member but one todav. He is
Rev. Sari Stroup and if he doesn't
attend in Asheville, he will be car
ried to Statesville next : Tuesday.
By the Associated Press.
Wilson, N. C. Nov. 2 One hundred
and 50 doctors and nurses of the state
are in Wilson today for the fifth
annual session of the. North Carolina
hospital association. ,
The- meeting was called to 'order
this morning with the president, Dr.
J. A. Williams of Greensboro reading
his address.
i One slate we'd like-to see scratched
this fall is that which comes with a
jton' qf coalWashmgton Post. . ,
New York World, on Authority of Josephus Dan
iels and Son, Prints Story That Republican
Students at Columbia University Will Get
v Ten Dollars Each on Election Day.
Statesboro, Ga., Nov. . 2.Elliott
Padrick, youthful former Methodist
preacher, was found guilty of first de
gree murder in connection with the kill
ing of his mother-in-law, Mrs. Mamie
Lou Dixon, last June, the jury return
ing a verdict early last night with a
recommendation for mercy. The verdict
automatically carries a sentence of lite
Thp Jm-v's vfirdiVt. ws rwhvA aftpr
consideration on the case that lasted
since 9 o'clock this morning,
Satisfaction with the verdict and
sentence were expressed by Padrick as
he -was lend from the court room by
Sheriff Joe Tillman to begin his term
of life imprisonment.
I will not appeal," he said; "I am
well satisfied with the verdict."
The jury returned its verdict at
6:30 o'clock after having taken the
case" at 11 o'clock Tuesday night.
foreman d. L. Brannon presented
the verdict after the jurors had filed
into the court room and taken then-
seats in xthe box. - '
For the first time since the slaying
of his mother-in-law and young wife,
Padrick showed intense interest m
the proceedings that so vitally affect
ed his future. His face took on a
tense look as Brannon arose and readij
feWir-ilMTtheoreTendaiit-'guiity.' J
Padrick quickly recovered his com
posure, however, displaying a look of
noticeable relief as he stood up to
hear Judge J. B. Park officially pro
nounce the sentence of life imprison
ment. , ,
With, a pleased look on his face,
Padrick turned to Sheriff Tillman
and was led back to his cell in . the
county jail.
Padrick was placed on trial Mon
day for the confessed slaying of his
mother-in-law who was found dead
in an automobile on the road be
tween Clito and Dover late on the af
ternoon of -last June.
His wife was also in the machine
suffering from wounds from .which
She died within a short time.
Padrick was arrested a few hours
after the crime was discovered and
taken to the Richmond county jail at
Augusta, because of a fear of vio
lence. There he stated that he had
been directed "by the hand of God"
in committing the crime.
Thirty minutes after Padrick's ar
rival at the Augusta jail, newspaper
men who went there to get a state
ment from him found the former min
ister sound asleep and apparently un
concerned over the outcome of the
predicament in which he found him
self. v; - ' '
Padrick states that he had no fear
of an earthly court, that God would
be his judge ; that he had directed
his hand in the killing of his wife and
Appearing before the jury in his
own defense at the trial, Padi'ick be
gan his testimony by offering prayer
in which, he asked that tne jury join,
and followed with a britef sermon
from the text, "Thou shalt not com
mit adultery." In his speech to the
jury, he condemned modern tenden-.
cies ana dress .oi women wwcu.m;
claimed led to sex appeal that causea
the downfall of young 'meA, and women.
"Interview Begins
"Have you any comment to. make,
Mrs. -Hall?" the spokesman began,
"on that part of Mrs. Gibson's story
(Mrs. Jane Gibson, the so-called eye
witness of the slaying) in which she
says you were present on the Philips
farm -on the night of t September
Moistening her lips, Mrs. Hall re
plied: - '
"What comment could I make? -Of
course that was not so, and that is
all." . , . '
"You were not there?"
"I certainly was not."
. For an hour, then, one reporter
after" another volleyed questions at
her, taking her over her story of her
actions be.Tore and after the murder;
quizzing her sharply for any possi
ble knowledge she might have had
of the rector's affair with Mrs. Mills;
seeking some point at which an en
tering wedge could be driven into her
story. , '.. .
Dodges Several Times
; Three or four times she took refuge
behind the reply, "I cannot reffiem
ber, and , three questions she Ire-1
fused, noint blank to answer,
But throughout the interview she
maintained . that she always had be
lieved, and still believed in the faith
fulness; of ; her husband to his mar
riage vows. - s
Brushing aside the letters and the
diaryV-- which her counsel admits is
. . (continued on page six)
Cloudy tonight and
Friday. Probably show
iion. ...... v ' " . .
ers in extreme west por--
By the Associated Press.
New York, Nov. 2. Declaring it
obtained its information "from Joseph-
us Daniels, former secretary of the
navy, and his son, Jonathan, a student
at Columbia University the New York
World prints a story charging De
puty Attorney General Gilbert had
evolved a "partizan" plan to employ
Republican students at the university
as special deputies and investigators .
at the polls next Tuesday.
' The young men would be paid at
the rate pf $1$ a dayout of a $100,000
fund authorized by the legislature
for ballot purging purposes, the World
Young Daniels, acording to the
World, heard that some of his fellow
students at Columbia law school were.
80inS t0 mae sme "easy money
. at election time and inquired how
he might do likewise. He was referred
to Miss Edith E. Pairchilds, secre
tary to Dean Stone of the lajr school,
who, the World says, admitted he was
making up such a list.
"But you're a southerner and
they're all Democrats," Miss Fair
choilds said to young , Daniels as
quoted in the World,
"Why, yes," he replied, and Miss
Fairfields then told him it would do
no good for him to atpply. The young
man told his father who was in the
city yesterday what had occurred and
the eder Daniels informed the World.
The North Carolina Tuberculosis
association will place on sale this
year ten million tuberculosis Christ
mas seals, which will sell for one
cent each, the receipts' to be used
in providing funds for the care and
prevention of tuberculosis. The seals
will be on sale from Thanksgiving
dav until Christmas. ,
dn securing the services of Mrs. J.
Fv Abernethy, Hickory has an able di
rector for the local sate and funds are
assured for the care of a number of
needy causes of tuberculosis who
would otherwise die. , .
Tea million is a large number of
seals. Placed end to - end they would
reach from Asheville to Raleigh and
the receipts from each half mile
sold would provide four months treat- ,
ment ia the best sanatorium in the
state. 1 his number is an allotment of
live for each person in North Caro
lina, but we can best judge our in
terest in humanity by the number of
yards we ony.
; A case has just been called to the
attention of the association where the
seals gave relief to a family in Beau
fort County in a rather unique . way:
The superintendent of public wel
fare, who is also chairman for tho
sale of seals, was called in 'to see
al boy who was undernourished and
wjeaKiy and had been unable to. keep,
up with his school classes,' An allot
ment was made from the seal fund of
$&0 for the purchase of milk but this
amount was insufficient. The superin
tendent then made the suggestion that
the father purchase a cfivi on the in
stallment iplan and he--would continue
the $5 allowance to apply on ' the
purchase frice. The cow was 'p.id for
in this way in six months and tho '
family given an adequate supply of
milk. The boy is now properly nourish
ed and making good progress, in
school. In this community, the .cow is
ktiown as the ."Christmas Seal. Cow."
By the Associated Press. '
High Point, N." C, Nov. 2.- -Featuring
the morning session of : the 22nd
annual conference of tho North Caro
lina Daughters of the American reola
tion here today were reports of the
various chapters of the state and
reports of standing ' committees. : To
day's session opened with ah- invoci-
tion by Rev. James A- Clark, pastor
of the First Baptist church, and ? a
short musjcial program. ' - ..."
'' Today the delegates were -guests
at a luncheon given in their honor
by the local 'Kiwanis club. The dele
gates will take an automobile ride to
Greensboro to witness", the : unveHinc
of a monument. . -.

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