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Rain tonight and Sat
urday. Warmer in north
east and colder
rrn : I
I ITTrmn riiiirniiA
With Twenty-Seven Business Blocks De
J hnoc I no fliat 1VA2.11. . IK i
voyeu, www viu as nign as
ifteen Millions All Stores, Banks and Ho-
ji Burned.
jociatcd Fiess.
. Ore. Pi'1'- S.Tho business
"i worn was laid in ruins
L which broke out shortly
j, today nnd despite efforts
'.j! fire department and as-
.v,m Portland, swept 27
liir :i !'.' estimated at
MflOO.OCW ami $ 15,000,000.
MS losl 1 iur uv.
m r.-uwrt available? at 8
orris Staples, automobile
) president of the Astoria
teiierce. dropped dead.
h'jsiiw. men who were
I Qre., Poc. S Ten blocks of
H district were wiped out,
ni lost and property
mated nt 10,000,000 was
fire which broke out early
it of the big houses were
-Iremi r tauleil by 1 forces
PurtlarU di pai tment dyna-
iinjj in an effort to check
reported to have lost their
Morris Staple?, president
d Commerce, and . H.
:ert)f t!ie largest furniture
t city-
.idir.es destroyed inciuueu
1 hotel, the principal stores
By the Associated Press.
Charlotte, N. C, Dec. 8 The mem
bership of Oasis temple of the Shrine
which has jurisdiction over the west
ern portion of the state was swelled
to approximately, 4,600 members by
the election of 225 candidates who are
to take their final initiation here late
The candidates were busy today
registering for the ceremonies.
The report of the mosque com
mittee, of which Dr. W. F. Randolph
of Asheville is chairman, indicated
that work, will start withing the com
ing year. The Shriners already own
the lot and have worked out :plans
for financing the building.
Dr. Randolph also presented the
report on hospitals for crippled chil
dren late yesterday and the plan of
he national organization to assess
each Shriner S2 a year for the con
struction of the hospital was t greeted
with applause.
minted. Pass.
Dei', k.-.Mi ,'. May P. Fovd
is so r vices of a gunman
ar weaitny husband, Nty
fi'tred the trunman $20,000
job" and gave him a photo-
her husband to make sure
"man wa slain, according
fern stiiteivcr.t f four de-
investigation resulted
'"rd'a detention to'y on a
attempting to commit mur-
? the ihnr,;'e, Mrs. Ford de-
m the victim cf a frame
srenr'.t of her domestic dif-
fee include an appeal for
Mdi.o,003 damages from her
luwpind for alleged as
I -as arrested last night
sllo&wl, slie was about to
w-l Kanath, a detective
Mi for a second oorfprrmrn on
plans for the slaying
wand. Kanath nosed as a
Mity gunman" Wednesday
n the alleircd nlot iras -first
F.V Mrs. Forth
is! li
nts 01 LIFE
Atlanta, Dec. 8. How the Km Klux
klan is tryinr: to force its "100 per
cent" principles on the ,big , educr.-,
tional institutions of the south was
told here by prominent alumni of
Mabaina Polytechnic institute, of Au
burn. After serving 27 years as head
athletic coach at Auburn. Mike
Donahur noted in southern athletic
circles, filrl his resignation last week.
When pressed for the reason he told
the executive board that the Ku Klux
klnn element in the college had hound
ed him for more than a year because
b is a Roman Catholic. He said the
situation had become intolerable, and
bo had dailv received threats fiom
students and Alabama klansmen de
manding his resignation.
"I have given Auburn the best, in
me, and her football team this year
was the best in 15 years," Coach
Donahue said. "But if the klan wants
me to get out because I have, religion,
it seems I must leave or stay and
faro an eternal row." .
The executive board, prevad'ng ou
Donahue today to reconsider his res
ignation, assured him every effort
would be mde to eliminate unpleas
antness. IThe ipublic annouhcenij:it
he would remain at Auburn was fol
lowed immediately by a flood of warn
ifngs sent anonymously to (Auburn
executives, that . the . Alabama legis
lature next summer would make ter
rific slashes in the college appro
priations unless Donahue got out.
Trustees of the school have detei
mined to keep Donahue as head
coach, even if the legislature refuses
to appropriate one dollar. They say
to asrgetaoshrdetaehosldrhhsulioatrd
the college will run somehow, and
that "invisible government" shall not
dominate it. , . ,
According to the. alumni who re
turned from Auburn tonight, the
legislature in Alabama is packed with
kinsmen. They say it had been es
tablished beyond a doubt the klan
started tho ouster movement against
the Catholic athletic director.
By the Associated Press.
San Jose, Cal., Dec. 8. Friends and
relative of Frank Bacon, " widely
known American actor and creator' of
the role "Lightnin'.Bill Jones," gather
ed today at the little, town of Moun
tain View for the funeral in charge
of the Mountain View lodge of Masons
of which he was a member.' - -
L.enoir, Dec. 8. The new county
officers were inducted into office this
week, the oath of office being admin
istered by W. C. Moore, clerk. Mr,
Moore, who also begins a new term
took the oath before the chairman of
the county commissioners, F. . H
Coffey. Mr. Coffey was elected chair
man of the board at the beginning , of
he board s session Monday morning.
All of the new officers field bond,
and these were approved and accepted
The order of the former board made
at a special meeting in November,
creatine three new townships of
Qamewell, Buffalo Cove, and Rich
lands, was revoked. This action on
he. part of the new board was be
cause of the fact that the three
ownships had not been created in a
ogal way. ,
One other important matter that
ame up was the dismissal of J. M.
L'uttlc as county welfare officer. The
ounty welfare officer is appointed
y tne joint Doarcis oi county cum
nissieners and the board of education.
I he board of education passed an order
taking the chairman of the board of
ountv commissioners to request Mr.
futtle to resien. Mr. Tuttle refused to
ile his resignation and the board then
idonted the resolution of dismissing
him. The proposition of appointing
;ome one else to iui am-, a uiub
lace has not been taken up. It is un-
lerstood that Mr. Tuttle is not going
n nooont the dismissal, and it may oe
hat' the case will be carried, into the
ourts before it is aeciaeu. '
7y the Associated Press.
London, Dec. 8. The Dublin corres
pondent of the Evening Standard re
orts that a party of men entered the
Mercy hospital and shot a Free State
;oldier lying in one of the beds in re
prisal for the murder of Rory O'Con
ior and Liam Mellowes. ;
By the- Associated Press.
Washington, ec. f). President
Harding in his annual message to con
gress delivered today deals with a
score of questions the most import
ant of which are prohibition, farm
credits, the transportation problem,
child labor and immigration. ;
The executive announces his pur
pose to invite the governors of the
states and territories to'ian early "con-
terence with the federal executive
authorities .with a view to adopting
a uniform course against illicit liquor
dealing. ; . .... . ;
He says the day is unlikely to come
when the prohibition amendment will
be repealed and that the nation should
adopt its course accordingly.
President Hardjing tells . dongress
that- if the . statutory provisions for
enforcement ; of prohibition are con
trary to public opinion, which does
not believe in rigorous and literal en
forcement we should concentrate pub
lic attention on any requisite modifi
cation. - .
Such a course, he adds, "conforms
with the law, and saves the humilia
tion of our government and the humili
ation 'of our people before the world
and challenges the element which
would destroy , our government."
With regard to the transportation
problem, Mr. Harding proposes that
the railroad labor board be abolish
ed with the substitution of a J labor
division in. the interstate commerce
commission with ample powers to re
quire its rulings to be accepted by
both parties to a disputed question.
The evecutive also advises that the
executives of the carriers and the
officials of their organizations ' - be
necouraged to take up and settle their
own (problems, limiting officials of
the government 1 body to dispute of
such a character as likely to endanger
the public interest.
Coordination of all transportation
facilities is urged, including inland
waterways and motor truck trans
portation. He inveighs against a sys
tem of paralleling the railroads with
truck roads instead of making the j
motor truck a feeder for them.
As to the carriers themselves, Mr.
Harding suggests as ways of increas
ed economy and efficiency, there be
a merger of lines into systems, in
terchange of freight cars, the con
solidation of facilities and the econo
mic use of terminals.
, More extended credit for the farm
ers, is strongly urged by the execu
tive, who declares that the very proof
Representative Knight Galls Rally in Ohio to En
courage Party to Get Back to "First Princi
ples" and Stop Service to "Special Interests'9
Borah to Make Address.
lllfflTFR nilKTIOl!!
1 SSfU fir liirrnrnT
Plans for the Christmas caroling J
are aeveiopmg raiPid.lv. The , fouv
ward. chairmen were appointed and
have already started work on their
groups. Each ward is nlnnnino- fr
- - i ----
nave at least tour s-rouns nf ram
1 C I ."I - 1 A ...
The chairmen for th .wr,la B Tr.10i,g Wltn memoers or city council
follows- nicKory pusmess men are interested
Ward No. 1. Mrs. George -Bailey. Ill u "estigation to be ordered by
vvara imo. z-. Mrs. K. J. Kevelv. -. . ucsu way ui- nmm-
Vard No. 3 Mrs. VfavnU Hr.nfnw? uns tne water situation here -and th
Ward No. 4 Miss Emma Bonner. reP01't of an engineer to be employed
these chairmen will meet -with Mrs next xuesday night will be avaifod
JtODt. urown and Mrs. S. H. Farabee 11" interest. ine engineer will be ex
to perfect the districting of the pcted to show Hickory where it stands
groups and the final plan of organi- now which is generally known and
zation. The Caroline will hp nne nf what it will
the. most interesting features of the by using the present system and en-
uiiunuimy service .unristmas cele- lare:ina- it or bv e-oino- tn ihp mmmtahv
tor a supply
The cost of furnishing water to a
growing city will be taken into con
sideration. Something that sounds
good may not look good after it is
gone into. The city wants to know.
The cost to the city of this invest!
gation will not be more than $1,000
and this charge will be absorbed b;
the engineering firm which is given the
contract to handle the situation. The
would be
bration in Hickory.
Kaieigh, N. C, Dec. 8. Represen
tatives from twenty-six counties in
the state are to gather here this even
ing for the opening of the fourth
North Carolina Older Boys' confer
ence, which will be in session here
three days.
The theme of the meeting- will 1
"The Message of the Torch" and the preliminary investigation
program includes addresses bv collea-e required in any event and the city will
workers of the state. Dr. H. B. Ar- not spend any more than $1,000 until
fcuckie, Davidson College; Dr. Carl it knows what it is going to do.
. laylor. State College: C. C Poin- The rennrt. nf the enp-iwer omolov-
dexter, member of the North Carolina ed should be ready in about 20 days
u iiiversuy iootoau team narry Comer from the time he goes to work.
i ivi. vj.-tt.., secretary at university
By the Associated Press.
Washington, Dec. 8. Plans for a
Republican meeting ' at Akron in
February for the purpose of "aiding
and encouraging the Republican party
in Ohio to get back to first princi
ples," were announced here today by
Representative Knight, Republican of
Ohio. Fifteen .or 20 progressives, Mr.
night said, will be there to hear an
address by Senator Borah, Republican
of Idaho, on "the necessity of rededi
cating the Republican party to the
service of the people."
"The meeting, 'said Mr. Knight."
will not be for the purpose of launch
ing, aiding or encouraainef- anv third
party in Ohio or to encourage the
candidacy of any man for the pre
sidency. '
"It would seek," he added, to "re
dedicate the party" and get away
'from being office boy for the special
interests." Mr. Knight declared in a
statement that it was perfectly ap
parent that Ohio was going to fall
into the Democartlc lap in 1924 un
less the Republicans do something,
"adding that the Akron meeting would
"reek to arouse and bring together
those forwardlook-ing Republicans
who are anxious that the party g
back to the service of all the people."
of North Carolina ; Roy L. Vail, state MR. ROBERT BRACKEN ELECTED
boys work .secretary; Odis B. Hm- INDIANA STATE AUDITOR j
nant, city boys' work secretary. Wil- a ,,4. p - -if
mington; Winston Huner, halfback on
the Raleigh high school football tern ;
ana Cloyce Tew, of the Raleigh Hi
Y Club, will be among the speakers
Hickory over the election results m
was elected State Auditor. Two years
ago this past June Mr. Bracken was
married to Miss Margaret McComb,
one of Hickory's dearest and most
popular young women. Mrs.rackcn is
& 1 Lis xea S En' 3
Ah, Mr. Gloom! ' we began. "Were a woman, cf much culture and refine
you out m all that rain yesterday?" ment and comes from pure pioneer
"Certainly not!" replied the human rock. Fbr several years she was
hyena. "I was merely in that portion a valued member of the Hickory
of the downpour that descendeth in my school faculty after completing- her
immediate vicinity." Kansas City college education.
, of the helpfulness already given -is
the strongest argument of the perma
nent establishment of wider credits.
"ciated Press.
N'. C, D,!C. 8. The body
lrat Dunn, u-idl knnwn
f ot this city, was found in
morning, death be
? a,phyxiation. The. coroner
"gatmsr. Near the body of
found that of his dog.
'ral ill lo held tomorrow.
"Mercedes says she is engaged to
a certain young man," stated Claudine,
of the Rapid Fire Restaurant.
uuuv cVentirallv returned Heloise,
the head.waitress,
till VouYe married to hitrf. kn6 jener-
n nf then." Kansas v!"""1"
ociated Press.
, York. Dec 8.-The cotton
ti tea.ly at an advance
j. P""ts on Wgher Liver
(nl a more optimistic feel
kJ; Pwmoted by the . steady
116 Kock market and firm-
f'n i,v,.k
"ll011 1-2 cents.
, 24.78
' 24.95
24. RR
My the Associated Presss.
Washington, Dec S.-Cotton gm-,
ned prior to jjecemuei x -.
9,138,144 running
h j uoine mmted as . hall
bale' 122,610 .bals of American
Egyptian, land 45 IbaHes of sea
Sd, the census bureau announced
''Slings to December 1 thisyear by.
states include, North Carolina 790,
?63?sUh Carolina 493,034; Virg.nm,
20,205. .'
New Bern, Dec. 8. N. E. Canady,
iciputy fire insurance commissioner
md Mayor Edward Clark, came to
he defense of the city fire department
following the statement issued by the
stste fire insurance department at
Raleigh which charged negligence in
handling last week7s disastrous fire
hGMr. Canady termed the state de
partment's utterance 'unjust criticism
t ctatomont vto the Associated
Press tonight, he ' declared the local
fire department had. done everything
within its power. He said it was true
the department went outside the city
i;n.ifc enmhat the Roper mill fire.
Anv other department 'in the ; state
would do. tne same ming. wucji
ho, stated. i
The fire forces .were . concentrated
nt the mill when the di nre suui.-
eht.rn-ved ntore than , a
ttinneaiiH structures. ,
Deputy Commisioner W A. - Scott,
praised the quick work of the depart
ment in reaching the scene on the west
u oairl there was but little de
lay ? The New Bern fire department
was not to blame. - .
Mayor Clark declared the Raleigh
statement was unjust to the city, ."its
fire department and citizens. ,
Insurance adjusters are working, on
claims, but so far no adjustments
v.o,rQ heen made. Mr. Scott said his
investigation showed there will be ap
proximately ?&UU,UUO. in ...inburmiw
Claims. fOUCe re iinMU6"i,''
charge that explosives were found in
negro homes. ,. .
. Work of clearing aWay debris is
being rapidly pushed. Semblance r of
order is beginning to appear, out of
the choas. . . . ..
Tf the country crets much wetter un
der prohibition, historians . are likely
to credit Mr. Volstead witn uie re
mark, 'JAfter me the deluge." 'Life.
4.1 "-t
Mr. and Mrs. Bracken an-.l at
tractive youne son visited m iv-
By the Associated Press.
Washington, Dec. 8. The American
Red Cross has appropriated $35,000
for rehabilitation work at New Bern,
'N- C wh'Vn rpcpntlv mpf Hicncfnr in
fire, it v;as announced today by
Chairman John Borden Payne. This
returning from the rock where they
spent the greater part of the season.
In commenting on Mr. trncuen s
election the Cha'rlotte Obseiver Ox.
Sunday said:
"If we. keen a lookout v-e generally
find that no election can be held in any
State -in the Union which does not
develop something of more or less
New officers of Hickory post No. lmZT X..nf 1 "i
48, American legion, wilPbe elected THi ,Ml. Robert Backen. Demo-
tonight and it is expected that a large cratj was elected to the office of
membership will be present. Jos. L. atne A ndit.nr. Mr. Bracken is not
Murphy is the present commander. exactly a North .Carolina Cman, but
There are several . matters to come i1P is nexf thins: to it. He married
up, one of them being of tremendous a splendid example of Hickory wt
orv this summer before going to an ! j money will be user to rehabilitate 50O
importance to the legion.
- Rockv. Mount. N. C. Dec. . 8.
Twenty-two chambers of, commerce in
North Carolina have endorsed Cov-
manhood in Miss Margaret McComb,
and they are taking with them to
the State House in Indianapolis a
r-nminc Tar Heel in the person of
iiero families vnd DC white families
and also to ration 1,000 persons for
Ge days. The appropriation was made
on recommendation of Joseph C.
Logan, manager cf the- southern divi
sion of the Red Cross.
By the Associated Press.
Raleigh, Dec.8. An emergency em
ployment bureau has been established
at. New Bern M. L. Shipman, state
commissioner of labor and printing,
announced today on his return from
that city.
The bureau began operation today.
Robert Bracken. Jr., now 18 months .
W. II. Vause of the Charlotte office
old. and who has been . stoutened
up and given a good start in physical
vigor through the atmosphere that
ernor Cameron Morrison's shipping s -,- tsmei Mr. Bracken and
line corporation commission, accord- f mil nt iast season at the Rock,
ing to an; announcement today Py and he strinffS of acouaintaucshiio
Norman Y; Chambliss, president of 1 ' f
the North. Carolina 5 Commercial Sec- Mt. an Indiana Democrat
retaries Association.' ; the. nld stork.-"He cut his North
Western North Carolina "it strong n
afniina . iriait ehnrt Inst Rummer that
for the proposal," said Mr. Cham- L TO1vvf vetiirn and take'active part
bliss, naming Asheville and Hender- : fVl rnrHnnn c.mnnaig-n. He is a
scnvillle as two -of the cities voting Democrat fr0m boyhood and has been
in iavor oi, tne pian. nytvs receivtu party chairman in several past cam
from the 'eastern section indicated Lo;mit. we n hanker, havine- been
that. the entire territory is supporting L.-..;" of the American National
the governor's proposal, he asserted. t prankfort. When he left the Rock
: Miss Barbara Tough, seamstress for
Mrs. Hall, wife of the slain rector, is
testifying before the grand jury.
-4 l
- m mm r
a - 7
The balloting is expected to oe com- he ve n0 wor(j tnat e was a can
dieted within the. next several days, diaate fout his friends throughout
it was stated. x rn-ls state, knowing the integrity of
Raleigh,' N. C, Dec. 8. Frank Wat
son, octogenarian, serving a two years
sentence, on Bertie county roads, has
been granted a furlough of sixty days
by Governor Cameron ; Morrison, m
order that he may undergo a serious
Watson was sentenced .last May
after heincr found euilty of gambling.
The appeal for the parole 'was signed
hv t.welye citSzths of Bertie, who
gave a derailed account of the aged
prisoner s condition.
his character, will be inclined to the
belief that the congratulations, are
due the. State of Indiana. , !
is directing the organigation.
An effort is being made, said Mr.
Shipman, to keep as much labor as
possible in the vicinity of labor to
prevent,. a serious shortage of labor
when' the work of rebuilding begins. 3 , .
The .condition of the three young
people4-Claud Hefner, Miss Gladys
Hefner' and Miss Pearl Campbell
who were; injured in an automobile
collision several days ago. ' was re
ported. satisfactory .today. Mi Hefner
was able to be up town today and
expects to return to his work in about
ten davs. Miss Cladys tieiper sustain-
An enthusiastic crowd gathered at
Legion hall last evening for the re
gular weekly fun fest in spite of
the great amount of sickness in town.
Miss Frances Newton Sntrbdueed
; :ier lishing contest and as usual the
men showed their ability in . this
line and won the contest. When it
?ame to the bounce ball relay the
ariris came out with elowiner colors
K showing their skill as ball players.'
Musical games seemed to be very
oopular with those present and after
tslaying a musical mixer to the tuTii
-f "Dixie," there- was a. request for
he ever popular Jump, Jim Crow;
then followed the orchestra same and
finally after introducing circles the
ed bruises and Miss Campbell suffered t
a dislocated collar bone. Both are able L .
By the Associated Press. ;
Dublin, Dec. 8. Rory O'Connor and evening wound up with Looby Loo.
' . ...... t M,o t;ic .i v
Liam Melloves, together . with twe
other Irish rebels, were executed in
Mount Joy prison this morning, it -was
officially announced.
Roderick ; Rory - (O'Connor) - and
Liam Mellowes were leaders, of the
band of Irish insurgents that held the
Fore Courts building in Dublin in
its stand against the Free State troops
taken prisons!
to be lip.
after the building was captured.
Mis Wilson announced that directly
after the holidays a gymn class for
Tins will be organized for two even
ings each veek. All those interested
in this class are asked to communicate
with the Community Service office
phone 213-J.
. Senate Republicans have decided to
-efrain from attempting to push the -Dyer
bill through" at this time. They"
have grown weary of a situation which
'jcrmitted Democrats to do alf;the
;alkinj;, Richmond Times Dispatch.

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