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'L, M..ro. their
fS;nj wire.
i Fair tonight and Fri-'
day.V; Slightly warmer;
Friday. , ' . v " : 1
-:l 3
if ii
kiencau Commissi
1 V. - -
Mi I'
- Tim Healy Guides, Irelantl
1 s
May Go In
-4 !
L ' , f i Eca
Definite Sum,
thl, Awiwiated l'res.s.
Lbmlon. IKv. -'l.A request made
oirniittef 't Ann iicaii ousiness men
,v !l-!'l t'!'t Hoover would visit
.,..v o 'ii'.itu'i'tii'ii' a inoroupn sur-
. p . . .. . ii...i 1 1
xcii a-i ii l'-'-1" 11 m'w reparations
I A 1 . - -
-.t'liU'lit v.'as m'cm mr louuy as per-
hulk el' the rumor m to Amen-
inritwuif': into the German re-
Gnat Cnta;: it is semi-otfieially
IfSt'l" "' il.ll'iiiim mi" .illli.' I Kctll
Udopar:'!U'r: u!' 'ts t,(,nst'nt to such
jlin. The British government's mcs-
;e i.U'Xpu't'-'ti to re toiiowcu tiy the
r,t from Franco to which the pro-
alwas t(in;iiu:iii.att'(l by the Amen-
piveri'.tiicrt. .
Ihi-prifi'sal was made hy a govern-
r.t firrniNsi ! headed by Chancellor
: to tiif I'nitu! States chamber of
h in turn asked Secre
lrc?ent the matter to
V HurVfi'
ThcG-rinans propose that the Amer-
cuiumisMon determine the extent
Ct'rn'.:iii,v's ahiiity to pay and assert
wuu! 1 ::tit tn irvet this amount
lircat iirilairi and France would
Kr.t.T'i this end. Secretary Hughes
wd negotiations with Great Urit-
iir.il France.
Sill ATI O.N H'iRK
;!if Assnfiy.tvii Press.
Tahinntti lec. "JI. German over-
p titi"0':'n :':'.''ri::al ciaunels for
hrican ititu-v, ntion to obtain revi-
f tin: icpai ations reported in
the Associated Pres;,
tin- rew itiiiuT'nco at wmch
tricsn interest will he directed.
Hie next ftep to be looked for, of-
il ..":.'. is an indication of the
nth attitude on the German pro-
Jl that iir. American economic
"mwu'ii rc iew (Itrmanv's ecln-
w (.'tiniat'' her caoaeitv t
-T J
i nr.son to believe that
i"u 'juveir.nuT.t reports lrom
n Mi j.ist:fy h'); v fiat if Fran; :
Mnif no obstacle will remain in
Rv of Germany's paying repara-
ant such agreement up to this
. officials hvre and at Berlin
id to have felt, has been the lack
an exchange f views- between
'1 and l';,i is. British agencies
;il hanjly ot't'er their services, as
t Britain is too fullv committed
i'i.')aratioii;j tjuestjon in op-
to the French position, here
w.'rttiMi would not be acceptable!
t" the proposal approved by the
'""viTiiroi iit is seen here, -it rep-
cnts einnli,vm.,r, ,.c a
-j -j ..... m. ui iiii-i iv rtu vjiii '
ftiiil and
w' Gehnan and French view.)
5n l Vm KJ
Associated press.
N (., t),.t. 21.Tho sDecial
'"iittot! itniioint,,! IniMiufiirnto tiif
, rili"'i f Dr. W. P. Few, prcsi-
7r'inity College, that the Dur-
-iTth - ar"1 thu Ui',ivt'rsity of
Jr) fai'olina enter into an alliance
j I (,(,ll;'t ruction of a medici
whs in session here today.
row iieaiti outlinfd hi nronosal
ifi.. . . i
tilt' rilOI'Iiiroi' unuiimn nl nt.VlPf
...... .....iiiivii hum v VM V
.- " ''''Ifitiri'" to t.hf. mjitt.er were
details were given out
noon recess.
"'mittee was appointed by the
ica,i 'st'V(;i;'4 mnths ago to study
"7 -'Vral mo
a'JvL-id)ilitv of
.,,rm "'. Few here yesterday
Li, I pr"P"sition from the Duke and
,f interests to R'ive $8,000,'
"f hl. ,.ui.. ir , ... . m
. - ' i.ioiisnmenc oi a menicu
Llin Government Has Asked Secretary Hoover
to Push Investigation of Country's Ability to
Pay Reparations with View to Getting at a
Uy the Associated Press.
Washington, Dee. 12. A conference
of the world powers to consider eco
nomic questions, to be called by Presi
dent Harding for riscussion of possible
afrreementa to establish more stable
f.naneial and business conditions and
also to bring- about a reduction in land
and sea armaments, -was proposed
by Senator Korah, Republican of
Idaho, in an amendment to the naval
appropriation bill.
The naval bill carries cash anpro
nations of $295.(?C4,000, an increar.
of $1,797,000 over the house and au
thorizes the transfer of $35,000,000
additional from unexpected miscellan
eous funds to the new construction
fund which was left at $55,000,000
by the senate appropriations c.om
riittce, without change from the house
ruthorizaticu. The bill as reported t.
the senate exceeded the budget bu
reau's .request by about 515,000.
Of the committee increases $1,00,000
w:is added to the $;.5.0C0,000 for th
navy reserves ,and $55,000 was pro-
vidrd.-for torpedo rvVrv'
Uy the Associated Press.
Montgomery, Ala., Dec. 21. Judge
Ijon II. M'.-Cord in the circuit cou t
h?re today had under advisemt-rit .the
claims of two women each alleging
1o be the lawful wife of Samu'el Frank
deceased. The case was heard yester-
!dav in which Lcvada Frank, mother
cf four children, claimed to have
married Frank " several years ago,
' while Nevada Frank also claimed "he
was married to him several years ago.
Both are seeking to collect a $2,000
life insurance policy.
The ease arose when the Modern
Woodmen of the World, un:l3 to
decide which of the women was the
legal beneficiary, appealed to tr
courts. ' ,
By the Associated Press.
Hendersonville, N. C, Dec. 21.
Funeral services of State Senator R.
M. Oates of the 30th senatorial dis
trict, who died here of ipfluenza last
night, will be held this afternoon.
New Caliph
SZ governor
. t.vi tiic ascension
d iho Mohummeuan world, of A
' ' , ,AiniM.tQ llisht left
v i, v.-nosu p'i ni-.
.... .. cVinw
0 r
S ; I H H H H W 8 3 6
fj l S it J n 1
B 3
6 fc 1.15 t Si'JH
Py the Associated Press.
idio!i ko;;t, La., Dc. 21. The
ivuiiiimoiv. oi me Louisiana national
;;uard late yesterday draed a p-irt
vi Lake Laiousche, about eight miles
troni here, in an effort to locate the
bodies of two men reported to have
been murdered by a band of masked
an:l white robed men last August after
t.-'.e kidnapping of five nrcmirent Mo.r
P.ouge citizens war. unsuccessful, 'it
v.as learned here" today when a second
detachment was detached to the lake
Lapu V. W. Cooper, commander of
the company, interrogated before the
work of dragging the lake is going
i:;rward. I have nothing to say."
One of. the guardsmen declared the
lake was dragged yesterday after
i oon, but without success. Captain
Cooper has given order to his men to
hz on the lookout for outsiders who
.light interfere with the diving opera
tions. It is believed orders of the
guardsmen are to shoot to kill.
Hickory Rotary club at its luncheon
this afternoon unanimously voted to
V 'ek. the local Juniors in their efforts
t ' obtain the proposed branch orphan
i:';;e for Hickory and made plans for
Vii-tributing some 31 baskets among
he poor next Sunday afternoon be
t .-een 3 and 5 o'clock. The Rotarians
.;ill meet at the hotel. Henry Tucker
a good lunch before the guests
i:''.ay. President Lyerly named J. D.
:'liott', Geo. S. Watson and John H. P.
Cilley as a committee to cooperate with
i he Juniors.
The meeting next Thursday will be
at 7:30 instead of 1 o'clock and the
board of directors of the Kiwanis club
and the Chamber of Commerce will be
guests of the club.
inc.- Pickery club stood first in the
(li.-.trkt for attendance during the past
month, coming from 22nd place to
lirst. It was 12 points in front of its
nearest competitor, Secretary Hugh
O'Anna announced.
At the luncheon this afternoon
Christmas plans were discussed more
than anything else, and efforts to bring
cheer to the poor will be made.
By the Associated Press.
Washington, Dec. 21. The navy ap
propriation bill, with the house pro
vision calling on the. president to call
another international conference for
the limitation of craft under 1 0,000
tons, was reported out today.
the caliphate, highest religious oJlice
' annnnnmiT nm
! nvrn urn n a
HI f il S S5W3 2iiill I iViid
bd ul-Mcdjid. He succecus wuuamiuwj
vacant the Turk throne and caliphate, j
(loit) at tnc tieaasi iiatt'
rrms-.t.smtlnonle ana Kcmal's right a
.CoiiStantinopl. ana
By the Associated Press
i jj-js Angeies, uai., ueo, Zl. Kosco
j (Fatty) Arbuckle, comedian, was rn;
ing ready today for his re-entiry into
the motion picture field; January 1,
. .. . '
wnile members ot thg Los Angeles dis
trict women's clubs announced that
they could not accede to bifi' plans. Will
H. Hays announces yesterday that Av
buckle would be given another change
to come back.
Mrs. J. C. Urquhait, president of
the district, stated that although Ar
buckle at his, third trial in San Fran
cisco had been acquitted of causing
the death of Virginia Rappe, screen
ii.iit.-s, luu i,est,iiiiony was sucn a;
"to bar him forever from appearing
before self-respecting audiences."
By the Associated Fress.f
Livingstone, Mont., Dei 21. When
clergymen here were intormed that
Arbuckle had been given a chance to
come back into the motion picture field,
said: -
"Give Fatty a chance' The Rev.
S. M. McCarthy, president of the Liv
ingstone Ministerial association, added
that t!e organization would not ask
motion picture officials to bar new
Arbuckle pictures.
Milwaukee, Dec. 12. Th? Ill C TG S lI i" -
gastion of the return of (Arbuckle to
the films is an outragd and insult
to the public, the Rev. EtG. Bchner,
ccrctary cf the Milwaukee fadc-ratioii
of ministers, said "when? he 'earned
AiDucxie again .intended no go on-
the screen. j .
J. Parks Robinson, who for the past
two vears has been a member of the
Hickorv police force, with the excep
tion of a few months, has resigned as
sergeant and S. G. Jones known tc
his friends as "Casey" has been elect
ed as sei'geant in his place. -Mr. Robin
son has made a good officer, and he
resigned because, of the long hours
Mr. Jones has many friends who will
ielp him in his work.
y the Associated Press.
Marion, 111., Dec. 21. The name of
Hugh H. Willis, member of the Illinois
ine .v.'oikers executive board, was
brought into the testimony today in
the trial of five men charged with
jurder in connection with the Herrin
iots by two state witnesses. On cross
xaminatioh, however; the two men
said they would not be posiliv.2 as to
is identification.
vv Whitphnrst. a neerro man who
ame here with the "Florida Blossoms",
colored show, is dead m South Hick
y and Chief Lentz has failed to find
-iv vplstive to Maim the body. His
show went broke here six months ago.
In a memorandum Whitehurst kept
was the name of a colored woman in
Georgia, to whom should be sent in
formation about him in case of acci
dent. The chief wired her and she ad
vised him to have the man buried here,
but to send her his clothes and watch.
Fire last night destroyed a mali
house occupied by a widow the
Yount mill village at Conover, accord
ing to word received here today. All
the personal effects were burned. Con
over women got busy this morning,
however, and will see to it that the
unfortunate woman,, who just moved
there three days ago, is provided for,
The fire is believed to have originated
in the kitchen flue. "
4pn It
mm ? n
nn n nn
D lu'J s
s. -e,;' V-A ? fL Tr I
ife mLsA? y
r4? -hWW '
ovimi ji mC Anon i'lts OtctLU IS KilOWT" t'A on
tour of Dublin in his new official capacity. He was snatpsil";"pW
img a river-lock which is being piotecttd urei Republic. n.-;-7u';.'
Concord, N. C, Dec. 21. Attorneys
for O. G. (Red) Thomas, Charlotte
automobile salesman vho recently was
granted a new trial following his con
viction in court here last January ot
the murder of Arthur J. Allen, of this
city, are expected to ask for a change
of venire, when the trial is called,
according to authen4-' - reports.
The. trial is scheduled for the Janu
ary term of court. Thomas contended
he shot Allen in self-defe-nse. The
shooting occurred in Kannapolis Oc
tober 25, 1921." Mrs. Robert Lowe, who
was said to liave,, been with Thomas
at the time; has". Ie.lt the state,.-;she
was a' witness for the defense. Other
persons testifying at the first trial
also are said to be in other states. '
Thomas was 'convicted of secont"
degree murder and was under an
eighteen .year sentence. During the
trial it was intimated by the defence-
ant's attorneys that it would be im
possible to obtain a fair trial for him
in Cabarrus county.
The state is expected to again ask
for the veridct of murder in the first
legree, acocrding to information in
?ourt circles.
The first trial attracted state-wide
ittention and the court room was not
large enough "to accommodate the
large crowds attending it.
By the Associated Press.
Winston-Salem, N. C, Dec. 2L
Henry F. Shore, a prosperous .Yadkin
county, farmer, and farther of Ernie
Shore, one of the famous pitchers of
the, American league, is expected to
recover from a pistol wound inflicted
last night 'by "Boots" Shore, a negro
who had been in the employ of Mr.
Shore for "Several years, a report re
ceived here this morning from the hos
pital to which he was carried last night
stated. "'- ' !
"Can you take a ioke?"
"Oh, jack, please don't prc--American
Legion Weekly.
Klan iG6es'toTGhurch
' '.' " '' " V"
- -first picture taken
The most unusual " weather ever
known- hereabouts,, according to. old-
timers, has been on deck for the last
few days. The mercury yesterday reg
istered 21 degrees, was about 25 this
morning, and was due to rise some
more before Friday. Last night there
was a little sleet and scarcely no rain,
and there was likely to be anything
todav. Tomorrow will be fair, it is said
in Washington, and a mild Christmas
may be in order.
In snite of the fickleness of the
weather-goddess, the holiday trade has
been- gowUind ws dtined to. he even
better the last three days before
Christmas. One merchant said today
that his Christmas trade was ' much
larger than it was last year at 'this
time, and he expected it to go above
the average by many dollars.
Those who are accustomed to visit-
ing the stores and that is about ev-
erybocty in this section have remark
ed on the unusually good offerings by
the merchants. In some cases articles
ordered months ago, were not received,
but that was not the fault here. The
display of holiday goods, however,
has-been so generous and attractive
as to arract general comment. If it
can be had anywhere, it can be had
in. Hickory. . '
Ne'al : Abernethy, a Burke county
man, is out on $1,000 bail pending the
result of his appeal to the superior
court on two road sentences imposed
by Recorder Russell in recorder's court
Tuesday. Abernethy, who left Hilde
bran in a hurry, ran over Pink Thorne,
killed his mule and injured Mr. Thorne
painfully. For - running over Mr.
Thorne Abernethy was sentenced to
nine months for assault with deadly
weapon and for driving a car while
drunk, as alleged, he was given six
months. '
John Lail, who sought a ride to Hick
ory with Abernethy, told the court
something about the drive. He liked it
so bad that he offered the driver a dol
lar to put him out beside the road. He
had to stay, however, until the team
was hit near the Hickory Spinning
Company plant.
, v, TCn Klux Klan
'oi .vi4: ,T:vnwss their
By the Associated Press.
Greensboro, Dec. 21. Three years in
the state's prison was the sentence im- '
posed by Judge W. F., Harding. on
Basil H. Hedgecbck in Guilford super
ior court today for making a false;
entry in the account of M. J. Wren'n, a
depositor. Notice of appeal was given,
no additional bond being required, the
prisoner being under $25,000 made sev
eral months ago. c
There are several other counts
against Hedgecock, but there will not
be pressed, it was stated. "
Greensboro,. N. C., Dec. 21. Basil H.
Hedgecock, former cashier of ibk
Home Banking Company of . High '
Point, was found guilty of niaking
a false entry in the. account of M. J
Wrenn, one of the depositors if the
bank, the jury returning its verdict
shortly before noon after , being on,
the case since late yesterday? Sent
ence will probably be passed This
afternoon. . .
The case against the banker grw
out of an alleged shortage of, funds .
discovered in the High Point institu-
tion when the bank accounts ivere au-j
dited last April by examiners .under
the direction of the state banking de
partment. Charges were prefer red
against Hedgecock and he was releas
ed under bond.
An alleged shortage of $l23,f00 is
shown by the audit, but - the specific
account on, which the former cashier
was tried was the Wrenn' account,' a
shortage of $10,000.
The case began Monday at 11
o'clock, the evidence being concluded
Tuesday ad the jury receiving the
case yesterday at 5 o'clock.1' "" "'
Wilson; N. C, DecMLl.-t Wflf '
son tobacco" market has closed for th
Christmas holidays with a record of 1"
40,637,910 pounds of tobacco sold on
the floors of ; the auction warehousiS
here since the opening of the season, f .
The market will reoperi -January & : "
The total . receipts for , the season to
date are $12,223,082.83. ' The average .
was 30.07 per pound. : " " '
When the market closed ; December "
1G, 1921 for the holidays, 39,050,252 .
pounds had been sold for $11,187,027.
88", with an average of $28.64. "'
These figures are "from, the report '
of H. B. Johnson, secretary of the! Wil- .
son Tobacco Board of Trade. : -;
Murphy, N. C, Dec. 2L: Governor
Morrison has called a SDeciaL term of
Cherokee county superior court for the '
purpose of trying certain land ', con
demnation suits of the ;Carolina-vTen-
nessee Power ; Comoany asrainst the
Hiawassee River Power Company, In
volving the riperian right to ;abot'
25 miles of the Hiawassee river be
tween Murphy and the Tennessee state
line. There are 14 suits 'docketed; all a .
part of the same litigation. .
The Carolina-Tennessee Power Com
n.inv has stated that if the suits are
terminated in its fvaor, between fire
and seven million dollars wiU.e ex- -pended
in development of hydroxeteC4
trie plants. ' v -
narlSnri. there's nothing '1tOX9l
than, to be old and broken."
Young Hotpeles-Yes, auf-,;
be young and broke.J:' Punch Bowl.
By the Associated Press.; tk'v,
Lausanne, Dec. 21. A wordy alter
nation between ex-Premier , Veniiiel ;
of Greece and Riza Nur Bey, Turkiih
nationalist delegate, caused the presi-
dent of the near east conference com
mission on minorities to; abruptly end
this morning's session of the commit-,
sioh. ' ; ."'.;
The dispute was over the question of
immigration.. Venizelos bitterly at
tacked the 'Angora government and
protested the deportation, of Greeks
by the thousaridsf " .-. ; ty
Riza replied irt the same vein, chatf i
ing Venizelos with beings responsible -for
the-Turko:Greek.war.and itedtt
sequences. , -The
voices of the two delegat rbse
to a high pitch, both spealohsr it
the same time and refusing to .heed
the command of the president to stop.
' 'i M'
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S L'
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' M .' si-
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. : .1.
i : !
. I f. !
f. 3
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t j !.
i I -1:
. v .
' '
7Ut lu. han,. ; C fct Panha, governor C
wu taken yeskrday, 1 BMi

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