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i.wirr i n.i; (VJera 5ubooena
to be Issue J lur High Of liter to
force Detailed Report ot Com
pany's Financial Condition.
Ckk-uo Jh.
iH-tailt-d information regarding
the tinaut-Ul condition of the Staud j
an! Oil Company ia to be giveu in
the luitcl Slate Uistrict Court)
Ix-fore Jmle landia, even 'f
mtvisory to auuimon the leading
men of tlie rompanv to tUtiu it.
This made dVar today when
Jude ..audi, alter an unsuccw
ful lit tern .l l. oNaiu the iuforma
I mil dvsiivd trow other source, or
dered l uiled Watcs Pislrict Attor
ney Sim t i-Miie ubMituaa, re
turnable on July !, for officers and
director ,t the Standard til cor
Mimliii. K will le left to the
diacrwioit of the di.-Jrict attorney
hal liien an tule summoned, but
the min t aiiiummcd that the infor
mation in 11 -I lie procured.
The day' proceeding were tml
tilled Willi (infill t fur the Standard
Oil t'iiiiiaii or ill attorneys.
.Inline I.itmli N-erul weeks ujro
iliivrtcd that tlie iittoiucya for the
ouiipaiiv and for the p eminent
nine into court on June 'Jti, pre
pared tn iHtnisli lii in with inloi nia
lion n ai ilmij the liuitiicial coudi
t '.it of the Standard il Company,
:in iie li lii xi tl thai if a line was to
lie iiM-M-d :iaint the company ill
pui:aiu I- of its recent conviction
on the lii','i' of iimii illegal
fiviyht r.iti-s !t should lie projior
timied to the amount of asset poa-Scv-d
by the ih'felidaiil.
Attorney Juliu S. Miller for the
S'amlanl Oil Company, at the
opeiiitu; of court made a motion, for
a new trial. This was overruled,
lie then entered a motion in arrest
of im!"iieiit. ami this was over
ruled, lie linn in. ule a uiotiou
that the overinueiit should be or
dered to elect a speeitic coll lit ill
the iud'i tinei:t on hieli to base
the tiual iinluieiit of the eon it.
This last inn I ion. if sustained,
would have limiti-d the line to j-'l',-i
mi i. the maximum for a single of
fense. The motion, however, was
denied, ami the toil it ran, under
the com hi ion, punish the com
pany with lines abrogating i?'."t,
2iio.W" on the l.lii'. founts in the
ititlii-Uiif nts that hae la-en held
pmd by the court,
Seei il witnesses were then
called but I hey all proved unsatis
factory ami .linlp- l.antlis then is
sued the oiii.1 milliiicil almve.
Immediately prior to the issu
ance of the oi'ler the attorneys for
the Standard Ui! Company ileclined
to liiriii.-h the inloiniat ion retpiest
ed by .ludje l.amlis. declaring thai
his deiuai. d was evtra . judicial ami
Hot pel t iuclii.
Do vo-i it- I'lii .y h.it yiui eat:
I - "ii ! -J t.i.-tt" Rorup 1 Kj y-uu
Irt-f In;; .tin unt nioii'1 Or Jo
yn'i h ive a heavy, ilull It-ilun; ofter
inr i!-, -oi:i l -ii: n il, ItIcIiiiii;, ;as on
the si 'in l !i In. Uc.ilh, iiiclinrstton
iin-.l .lyspi-p.i.i' Il so, yon should take '
a little K kU i altt i racli ine.il. Kixlul
will iii.iiii-h .oil sti eiiKtlieu your Ji-K'-.-tie
oi .;,im ,iii. I fnn.ii.li the natural
ili'-ii'.i' !in (M tut yioir stomach. It
will 1 1 1. 1 kc I'.i: 1 1 will make ynnr
to.nl ,-i j.. a "..1. l:nii your food
into s "' !. h i. 1 1 ioiI, K'ulnl On;csts
whut yn'i e.it. S .1,1 by S. J. Welsh
ami C. N. Smii's-m, Jr.
I.iplituing struck the Steele cot
ton mills at Hock ingliain a few
nights a.i uiid hut lor prompt work
the bniiiliii would have U-eii burn
ed. I. .s-i csiiniated at jl.ooo.
I'eas.' Ves, we've got tliPin.
A 'hippom v il's ami Clays at from
to J ,'nl per blldiel.
Miuiioe Supply Co.
When you want to buy or sell
aiiythin..: tor either the kitchen or
the table, don't fail to call on the
hosier tiri.ccry ( iiinpaiiy, the pop
ular glutei v house of Monroe.
Tb Black TbougfeL
I a rcceut ddra to the Artists'
Benevolent Institorioii, London,
Kudytrd Kipling said: '-The Black
Thought u Ibe ooe emotion that all
men of imagination hare in com
ion. It is horror of the great
darkunw that drops upon a man
uubuldea and driven him to thiuk
lucidly anil couueetedly withCrmk
shank detail of all the aerideuts
whereby, through no fault of his
owu, he may be cut off from his
work auu forced to leave those he
loves defenseleas to the world. You
know the Black Thought, gentle
men. It possesse some meu iu the
dead of the night, some iu the suu
shine, some when they are setting
their palettes, some w hea they are
stropping their raors, but very
few of us are exempt."
Yes, perhaps everybody knows
the Black Thought; it is likely that
mine of us are exempt. Judge
Bennett, in one of h s famous obit -u
ai les, wrote of Sam Fort w ho at
3 o'clock iu the morning fell dead
troiu bis chair: "At that hour of
the uight wheu men are not cour
ageous he blundered upon death."
That is wheu the Black Thought
iuit frequently comes: "at au hour
of the utgbt wheu men are uot
courageous." And Vet it is often,
(erhaps, something other than the
mere fear or the stroke ol ileal ti,
for many agiee with the greatest
of men who said that he bail often
thought iiHu death and found it
the least of all crils. These are in
the main those who have sounded
all the ilephs and shoals and can
say with the Psalmist, "All Thy
waves and Thy billows have gone
over me." F.veu these may wish
to postHine the period for the rea
son that they would leave some one
unprovided for or some work mi
tin. shed; and uo one can contem
plate the termination under undig
nilied circumstances otherwise than
with horror. And yet, as said!
above, the Black Thought is not '
liect-ssarially associaUtl with one's
death for there are some who are!
largely iudill'erciit almut that; hut'
it is sometimes an umlellable some-!
thing, a sickness at the heart and
iu the brain for which there is uo
explanation. It may lie an appre
hensiiin without rcasou that one
may at some time iu a moment of
w eakness do something criminal or
otherwise unworthy; that some one j
very much beloved may die and go
away forever, with not a backward
glance, never the sign of a beckon-!
iug hand. It may lie any one or (
several of a hundred things, or it
may lie nothing. But w hy under
take to define the indefinable? The
Black Thought is well, the Black
The Cotton Sulk.
ChArWtt Ckrixor.
The information that C.atfuey. S.
C, men have invented a machine
to separate the bark from the rot
ton stalk aud thus seeure a mate
rial for is per pulls and that their
machines may tie built in Charlotte,
ia interesting. If the machine
prove siicceiedul, it may develop a
great industry in the Smth. con
verting a waste material iuto a
commercial product aud save the
forests that are luiug devastated
by the wood pulp pajier men. A
good uuality of rough wrappiug
Iaper has been made from cottou
stalks. The difficulty iu manufac
turing a Guer quality, has been iu
the separation of the black bark
from the white filvr. That once
accomplished there is no reasou
why every newswper iu tlie coun
trj' that wants to, eaumit le pnut
ed on paper made from the picked
out cottou liehls of the South. Who
cau foretell the future possibilities
of the now valueless cottou stalk?
rUJ Man Bites His Daughter.
A Frenchman last week went
mad as a result of having hceu hit
teu bv a mad dog some weeks ago.
Feeling the tit coming on him, he
ran from tlie house crying out for
his daughter and w ife to stay away
from him. The daughter iicrsisted
iu trying to get him iu the house
and be bit her in the neck. Aeigh
Isirs came to help secure him and
he bit one of them. While be
fought with them he cried, "I can
not help it! I cannot help it!"
He was fully conscious of Ins con
ditiou all the time and asked to lie
routined when the lit was over.
Usually when the lit is on, jieople
are not conscious of their state in
actions. Not Appropriate to the Place.
Wahttii.'tii smr.
The late Bishop James Scwlierry
Fit.gerald iu address in St. Iouis
once declared that sympathy far
more than eloquence or learning
made for success iu the ministry.
"Too many of us, through lack
of sympathy," he slid, "say the
worst, the most inappropriate
things. Thus a young Baptist
friend of mine, condoling with a
housebreaker in a jail, droned:
' Ah, my friend, let us remem
lier that we are here today and
gone tomorrow.
'You may lie; I ain't,' the
housebreaker answered shortly."
The Doctor Away from Home
when most needed. People are often
very much disappointed to tinJ that
j their family physician is away from
i home when they most need Ins sei vi- j
Ices. I'lneasrs like cramp colic and
I rhnleia morbus require prompt treat-!
inriit, aud have in mauy instances
i proven fatal hefore inediciue could lie
j procured or a physiciau summoned .
The rij;lit way is to keep at hand a hot
! tie of Lliamherlaiu't Colic, Cholera
I and Diarrhoea Remedy. No physiciau
I cau prescribe a better nieJirme for
l these diseases. Uy liaviug it in the
house you escape much pain and sill-1
fering and all risk, buy it now: it may j
save life. For sale by bullish Phir Co I
At its meeting Tuesday night the J
hoard of aldermen of Wilmington;
granted license to sixty saloons
and gave them the privilege ofi
doing business from oa. m. to mnl
uight. The popular store ol the Poster
Grocery Company is doing business
at the same old stand at a livelier
rate than ever, notwithstanding the
dull season. This shows Hint the
people know where to buy their
stull to the best advantage.
V. tf. f.l M -NK.V.
l're-iitk nt.
.1. ('. SlKKS.
(1. B. CAi.nwKi.t,
Sec. and Treas.
For Sale and Rent
Two building lots on South Hayne Street.
One tract, the best in the city, on Morris St.,
cut to suit purchaser.
One five-room cottage with very large lot on
Washington street.
One new six-room house on South Hayne St.,
for rent or sale.
We have farm lands to suit any purchaser.
One lot on Vann Heights.
Ask us about your Life and Fire Insurance.
It will save you money.
Monroe Insurance and Investmsnt Co.,
Monroe, North Carolina.
I The SiKes Co. I
Now is the time to buy a new buggy. We
have just received several car loads. Come
and let us show you through. Solid car
load of famous "Old Hickory" wagons just
put together. Remember: If you can't
pay cash, we will credit you.
Tf)e Slices Co.
Examinations for A. & ."I- College.
Applicants tor ad mission to the
Agricultural V Mechanical College
at Kaleigh, w ill Is' examined by
the county superintendent iu his
ollice at the court house on Thurs
day. July II, at H o'clock. I'.y
standing these examinations young
men may save the expense of a trip
to Kaleigh. The A. .V M. College
oilers 1-0 scholarships to bright
needy Isiys desiring industrial ed
ucation. There are courses of in
struction in agriculture, textile and
engineering i civil, electrical, me
chanical, chemical and milling ).
It will doubtless interest many
of our farmer readers to know that
l'rof. V. F. Massey, so long and so
successfully idetitilied with the
Practical Fanner, has severed his
connection with that paper, mid
will hereafter write regularly for
The Progressive Fanner of Kaleigh,
X. C. Certainly no man iu South
ern agricultural work has won a
greater following than Prof. Mas
sey, and as his life work has liecn
in the Month, he will hereafter con
tribute to Southern farm papers.
His letters will apjiearin The Pro
gressive Fanner each week.
A Memorable Day.
One of the days we rememlter w ith
pleasure, as well as with profit to
our health, is the one on which we
liecHine acquainted with lr. King's
New Life Pills, the painless pun
tiers that cure headache and bilious
ness and keep the Imwels right. -.I
cents, at F.nglish Drug Company's.
In Pender county they are mak
ing three crops a year. The lettuce
crop is over and has lieeu followed
by cucumbers, which are now being
sold, and alter these, peas will lie
Wheu there is the slightest indica
tion of indigestion, lie.irllurn, flatu
lence or any form of stomach trouble,
take a little Kodol occasionally aud
you will be afforded prompt relief.
Kodol is a compound of vegetable
acids and contains the juices lound in
a healthy stomach. Kodol diRCsts what
you eat, makes your fond do you good.
Sold by S. J. Welsh and C. N. Simpson.
The "stiff house' at the Univer
sity was burned Thursday night.
entailing a loss of t-'.ooo. Here is
where the young doctors cut up
dead folks, aud there were about a
dozen lsxlies in the house at the
time, worth (l,H0, but they were
in an Iron vat and 'escaped."
Thousands of people are daily aul
ferine with kidney aud bladder trou
blea dangerous ailments that should
be checked promptly. Hewitt a hid
ney and bladder Tills are the best
remedy for backache, weak kidneys.
inflammation of the bladder. Their
action i prompt and sure. A week'
treatment ror 35c. bildliy S. . Welsh
and C. N. Simpson, Jr.
The famous liallou iron mines in
Ashe county were sold last week
for .i),(MM) to the Virginia Iron,
Coal and Coke Company. It ia said
this pioperty ia very rich in re
sources. The Charming Woman
is not necessarily one of perfect
form and features. Many a plain
won an who could never serve as
an artist's model, possesses those
rare qualities that all the world ad
mires: neatless, clear eyes, clean
smooth skin and that sprightliness
of step and aetioo that accompany
good health. A physically weak
woman is never attractive, not even
to herself. Electric Bitters restore
weak women, give strong nerves,
bright eyes, smooth, velvety skin,
beautiful complexion. Guaranteed
at English Drug Company's. 60a.
1 i -.Ai-
W.JI.J I f lit Uif tj w U1 Mil IL-
Here Are A
Few Brilliant Bargains!
These you will find on our counters for June and July.
We arc now making special prices of Spring and Sum- M
mer Goods. - w
40-inch White Lawn,
worth 12'. cents. Onlv a few yards
left, at - 'A
y 40-inch White Lawn,
a very fine iiiialitv. worth 20 cent,
at- I IdV.
I Piece Dotted Swiss,
in large ami small dot plaid effect,
worth &ic spciul price. iV.
fcS 2 Pes. Dotted Swisy,
one medium ami the other a small
dot. worth "iV.. at .
Lot of Figured Lawns
A beautiful lot of firureil lawns,
worth 12! ami 15c.. at ..lik
3000 Yards of
Figured L&wns,
worth 7'c, special price
Plain Nainsook.
We have a few yards left of that
lMc. plain Nainsook. This ia the
nicest tiling out for cool shirt
waist, etc. 2 to 10 yard lengths.
While it lasts at 10c.
Arnold's Soie Imprime
in fancy flowers, colors in green.
chain iagne, grcv and blue, worth
75c.. at 50c.
Arnold's Coreme,
Chiffon, Amhre, Puis de Soie.
Printed Silk Tissue, Chiffon, Sym
phonique in all colors and flowers,
worth 3.V.. secial at 2.V.
The People's Dry Goods Co,
P. S, Make our store headquarters on the Fourth o
July. Plenty free ice water for all.
9wt - ,1- .11- it-vr -wi
Special Rate via Seaboard Account '
fourth of July.
The Sealxiani announces rate of
one and one-third lirst class fares
for the round trip, minimum rate of
'iO cents, nsinj; fares in eflVvt l lirn
aiy 1st, l'.K7. I'liildreii ltw.vu 12
and .", half fare, tinder .1, free. Tii k
ets to be sohl .Inly 2nd, ,'lrd and 111),
with limit of July Sth, to all points
south of the Ohio and east of the
Mississippi. For further information
as to rates, schedule, etc., apply to
The State reward for A. W.
Anian, the alixcoiidiiig sherill of
Sanipwui county, is now L'."iO. The
man cannot he found. He stole all
there was in the treasury.
I2t)-Acre Tract of Ijind lor Sale in
l.ane Creek Township.
Hy virtue of an nnk-r ami ili rree of
l. A. Houston, cli-rk of SiiH-rior court
of I'nion county, N. ('., in i-xpurtr
iinK'ifiliiitis iiiKtituti-il by the hi irn at
law of It. A. Parker, ili-'r, 1 will sell, at
I'liMic aui'tion to tin1 highest liiillir, at
the court house iloor in Monroe, I'nion
i-ounty, N. I'., on the
'iMh day of July, J'.'7,
at 12 o'oliwk, for cash, the hereinafter
ilesi-rilied real estate, which consists of
two contiguous tracts, Isiunileil anil ile-scrilH-il
u follows:
1st Tract, bepinninc at an elm where
the olil corner hIihhI by a hall bush on
the west side of Cool Sprinc; branch anil
runs w ith H. ( Ashcra ft lines alonRthe
various courses S. K7 W. 2H ch. ; thence
N. s" W. 4.7(1 chs. to a stake by a K"'"
and I'. O. on th' south sale of saiilroiul;
thence S. IsJ W. 12 chs. toa stake by a
pum ami I'. (). ; thence S. 71 i K. '2.1 chs.,
the iliviilini; line of lot No. 1 anil lot
No. 2, to an ash by anash in the branch:
thence down the various course of said
branch to the lieKinnintf, on the west
side of said branch near the big road,
containing forty acres, more or less,
and iH-intr the' land deeded by G. li.
Hrewer and wife to B. A. Parker bv a
deed dated 12th day lec., 1SS4, book
I I, patre 4(12, to which reference is here
by made.
2nd Tract, hci;inninfr at an ash by an
ash on west side of Cool Spring branch,
and nins the dividing line of lot Nos. I
and 2, N. 7IJ W. 2;"i chs. to a stake hva
irum and 1'. ).; thence S. 1SJ W. 21.2."'
ihs. to a dead K. 0. hy two V. ()., Wil
liam Perry ' corner; thence with thedi
vision line S. .12 K. 14.511 chs. to three
nines; thence S. 7.1 K. Iti chs. to an ash
liy a over cup oak on the west giileof said
branch; them-e down the various courses
of Cool Spring ltranch to the leginninif,
containing SO acres, more or less, Ik-iiik
he lands willed to Jane Morgan Parker,
dee'd., as will appear upon reference to
bonk of Wills in the ollice of the clerk
of Suerior court of Union county, to
which reference is hereby made.
This the Wth dav of June. A. D. l'.T7.
JOHN C. SlKES, Commissioner.
Redwine & Sikes, Attys.
The lightest riiiiuiiic
hull lieariiix
sliilltle iniirliine
on the inai let.
Price $20,casn
Manufai tiircd for and
guaranteed hy
Notice of Administration.
Having qualifled as the executors of
the last will and testament of the late
Kev. I). A. Snider, this is to notify all
persons holding ciaimi against the es
tate of the said deceased to present
them for payment before the sixteenth
day of May, 19US, or this notice will lie
pleaded in bar of their recovery, and all
persons owing debts to the aaid estate
will make immediate payment.
Thig the 16th day ot May, 1907.
I). B. and S. C. Snider.
Gxeeutorto(D. A. Snider, dee'd.
Administrator's Notice.
Having qualified before D. A. Hous
ton, Clerk of the Superior Court of
Union County, as administrator of Ku-
mcy tlinaon, deceased, this ia to nolity
all persona holding claims against mid
intestate to present the same to the
undersigned, duly aathentk-ated, on or
before the lath day of June, VMM, or
thii notice will be pleaded in bar of
their recovery. Parties indebted to
said estate will please make prompt
settlement This the 18th June, ltKlf.
Thn Saving, I-oan & Tat'ST Co.,
Admr. Kunicey Hinson, Deed.
A. M. SUck, Attorney.
Rocky Mountain Tea Nuggets
A BitT l4ttM t Buv PmsI.
Briip OoldM Bwlta uA lma Tlfw.
A tpx-lft. fnr CnlnMln.. In tlrloo. IW
4 Kidnr TmnblM. FlmnlM. lffwna. unlm
,U,inrl. Bud Irwh. HuB,nh Bowria. llMblwh-
imi DmctMftom. li t Bock? Ilnuatain TV In imh
tot form, K mt. a kai. OwiIm mmit
Hauwrsa Dm Ooanrr, Hultana, Wkk
nft I JI If tosee
t Hie Best
i i
You can be sure that It l the best, because we'll show you the
lniJe. Vou don't have to Judge by outside appearances alone, ai you
would if you shopjied elsewhere.
It is IniposMule to make any better than
The Stearns RFoste
(Otr unM srovM ICi e.ui. Lwk fee ft.)
BW) filmy wehs, form the nine mow while downy felts of which It la
built. Not a particle ot snytliinj but new, cletn cotton goes Into sny
Stearns & Foster Mattress.
Don't be satislied hy seeing "open end" Samples, nor eeen an open
ample mattress. We'll show you the Inside and outside ol tlie Iden.
tint nuttress you buy. And we'll let you try It sixty nights, free
then ifyou arenot satisfied, will promptly return your money.
Couhl anything lie fairer than tlistf
Not a luxury, but a necesnily in all households.
Come in to-day delay means regret on your part.
UP? Ab-KJxY KJW ficS:, K.W
in Your Home"
Lend a Cheerful, Clean and Pure at
mosphere to the home. Make old,
worn Floors, Furniture, Bric-a-Brac
and Interior Woodwork of every
description look new and attractive
10 Rich and Beautiful Colors. Easy to Apply t&J,
Made by
C. N. Simpson, Jr., Druggist.
Eight flea Bhma ta Atom.
Aa tb reault of a premature n
ploaioa of a bos of tly DJuuite Bear
Tula, Charlotte eouuty, yeterday
aftemouo, eight peraooa vere killed
outright ami ail other, arrioualy
injure.1. The tvoAraericana killed
were EJvard (lark of Charlotte
county, fireman of a dinky engine,
and Coroeliua Sullivaa of Laoiout,
I1L, foivBiao for the Mrliemiott
Construction Compaoy of Chicago,
which baa the contract for the con
at ruction of a part of the Tidewater
railway. The aix other, killed are
all Italians, who are known by
number rather than naiuea.
The ace ulent happened io a deep
cut where a force of about 1.1 men
were engaged. A box containing
aUiut ."ai Muiila explwled and all
in the iuiinetliate viciuity were
killed. The victiuia were blown to
atoiua, and frajfnienta of the bodice
were acatteml in all directioua,
For aotne distance aronnu the aoene
heada, arms and leg were picked
up. due Italian wan blown ao far
up iuto the eiiibaukment that the
IkhI v hail to lie dug out with pick.
A dinky engine atandiiig in the
yarda waa blown to piece. The
explosion waa beard for mi lee
arouiid and nearby houara were
tlainageil by the terrific shock.
The cause of the expltwiou ia un
known aa the victims were the ouly
IM'raoiis iu the viciuity. (ieorge
Mason, au enciiici-r, waa fatally iu-
l.onjj Live the Klnfl
ia the popular cry throughout Kuro
eau coiiittriea, while in America,
the cry of the present day ia "Loug
live lr. King' a New Discovery,
King of Throat and Lung Reme
dies:" of which Mrs. Julia Kyder
Paine, Truro, Masa., gays: "It nev
er fails to give immediate relief and
to quickly cure a rough or cold."
Mrs. I'dine's opiuion ia shared by
a majority of the inhabitants of
this country. New Discovery cures
weak lungs and sore Uiroata after
all other remedies have failed; and
for roughs and colds it's the only
sure cure, (iuaranteed by Knglish
Drug Company. 50c. and 1. Trial
bottle free.
The corporal iou commission has
Ui'ii hearing the nutter of enforc
ing the law aliotit how many hours
telegraiili operators shall work
The legislature passed a law fixing
the hunt at S hours, but the rail
roads want 1'2 hours work out of
them. Mote than 10,tMH) telegrams
have Ik-cii received asking thai the
commission stand pat ou the law.
A cleansing, clean, cooling, sooth
inr,, healing household remedy ia De
Witt . Carbulued Witch Hazel Salve.
For burns, cuts, .cratches, bruises,
insert bites, and .ore feet it i. un-
etualeil. Good for piles. Beware of
imitations. Get DeWitt'i. It is the
best. Sold by S. J. Welsh and C. N.
Simpsuu, Jr.
A mail shooting at a rabbit with
a lillc in High I'oint came very
near killing a Mrs. Kussell, who
was sitting on the porch of Mrs.
Metlicliatuo when she exclaimed
that something struck her neck.
The ball had just grazed her. There
should be a law prohibiting the
hunting of rabbits iu High Point.
lor handling cotton Is tht beat
thing there Is for that purpose.
Your cotton ahould be CLEANED
which lowers the price of it.
It should he put up in NEAT
The machinery should be the
ate. We furnish the PNEUMATIC
ELEVATOR under the Murray
patents, the nt'RRAY CLEANING
Our outfit does all these things
and it's the aim pte.it made.
We build THE ENGINE that
goes with it and are responsible
for the whole. Write right now.
CItII Engineer,
Phon 44. Wing ati, N. C,
('rttftr! of PntfWiM'y In rturrrylnir trvm
on iif ih iMcllmt IrfM in N t'. Ttofwn
tpaarienr t kativiavj, Muulclpftl rt
Office op .Lira, Fittgerald Building,
Northweat of Courthouse,
Monroe, N, C.
Solicit, tht patronage of the people of
Monroe and surrounding community.
Call, answered io day from English
Drug Store; at night from residence
on Church street. Phone No. 48.
Columbus just landed; meeting a
big Indian chief with a package
under his arm, he asked what it
was. "(ircat medicine, Hollister's
Itocky Mountain Tea," said the
Injuu. ,'15 cents, tea or tablets.
Knglish Drug Company.
An old negro in ltaleigh, crazed
by Holiness teachings, got the idea
that he was so sanctilieil that be
could tly, and ao he essayed to
skim the vasty blue by jumping
from a window. He hit the ground
according to the law of gravitation,
discovered by the lute Sir Isaac
Newton, and Saturday he died.
Talk altout your brrsifa.t (ikhI.,
A IIiuiimoiiI yttu call aee;
I w.mhl nl have tht-m a. a irlft.
Hut wtiultl liavi K.K-kjr Mountain Tfa.
KuKUmq Ilru.CuDJiiaiir.
Oppii'ks iu 0Mra House building.
Mir 'Phone 158.
Charge, reaaonable.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Office over Rudge'. Book Store.
MONROE. It. 0.
Will be at Marshville, N. C, on first
and third Monday, of each month, and
at Matthew, on second and fourth
Monday., Phone 23a
190S 1907
Eggs for hatching
from Singlo Comb
White l'gliorns.
I'botiHTV. I' ll Hoi s
First PRizt Winners miinkok. n.i
Commissioner of Deeds lor Soutb Ctrollni, Il
Norti Urolmi: also t Justice of the Petco
(or Unloi County, tad NoUrj Public
for Nortli Cirollu. :-: :-:
Special attention given to taking At
fidavit., Acknowledgement or Proof of
Deed., Mortgages, Contracts, Bill, ol
Sale, Power, ol Attorney, Renuncia
tion, of Dower and Inheritance, Dep
ositions, Writing and Probating Deeds,
Mortgage, and all other papers, issuing
State Warrant., Claim and Delivery
and Attachment papers, Civil Sum
mon, and the Collection of Claim.,
Office at M. L. Flow Co.'. Store
east of courthouse, Monroe, N. C.
Air Line Railway
Jamestown Exposition,
Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Va.
April 26th to November 30th, 1907.
Kound trip season tickets........ .. . $15.20
Round trip GO day ticketa .". 12.70
ltound trip 10 day ticketa . . . ........... 11.00
Kound trip coach excuraon ticketa... .. 0.M5
Coach excureioj rate sold day prior to opening date and on
each Tuesday thereafter, limited seven days aud endorsed "Not
Good inlileepiiig, Pullman and Parlor Cars," Other ticketa go
on aale April llth and continue nntil cloae of exposition.
For rates from other poiuta, apply to your nearest Seaboard
agent, or representatives named below.
unexcelled Passenger service
Seaboard iir Line Railw'y
Watch for announcement of Improved Schedules.
For information and literature address
c n. OATHS,
Travelling Passenger Agent, Kaleigh, N. C.
C. W. JONES, Ticket Agent, Monroe, X. C -

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