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"the MoxftoK jornvvi, ranuv. wynmtnt. go. mio.
i .
fcO.MK KXrF.UlF.M F. ltU-ll U Al.I.Y
He H Observed Flection Frauds in
the KM. WH ami South in His;
Day. i
To the Editor ot The Journal: :
Polities make strange bedfellows.
fcave had them myself while slumping
the country in strange hotels! :
I used to be in politics for Ta.nuia-!
Iiv once in New York, at so much per
politic! I would have been there still
It I could have invented some other
way to shae. On election day when
I first voted I had a fine full beard.
At nine I had a nice Vandyke. At
ten I had a moustache and Imperial.
At eleven I had an nice rncleSaiu tuft
At noon 1 was clean shaved. There are
surely a lot of ways to vote cue ticket
Et aitfereut places.
If I could have invented one more
way to fix myself I belie e I couid
have been mayor of New York. 15
voting for myself. Let s see: I hsd
five wavj to vote, and 1 only voted fit
twentv-seven precincts each tiuu.
which" made 625 votes at n-e dollars
each, or a total of o.l23 per ekcucu
dav certain, and scum tinier it nut ..'.
to $4. . Thai's what I call an hon
fi din's work. What do you think?
I was tired ot pohticfvins ill .f ;
York, as in the first place the price of '
votes went down, and the lenpth of
sentences for lakinu won up; so I
came to North Carolina. v!.ere when
I cheat tin nesroes out of ttieir votes,
and swindle the other Republicans, it
is accounted to ire tr i ithteotisness.
You see 1 am set tins particular .n my
old a-e.
Even in ihis state they can $.ive the
New Yorkers points. For instance m
one place, which shall he nameless, m
the mountains. 1 assisted at a little
swnee in the election lm which was
manaued like this: We had tour!
judges of election. Three were down- 1
Stairs in the body of the liven stab.e
where the voting precinct was. and
one upstairs. The man upstairs was,
"in cainera-obseura." of course. He
was furnished with a bo identical,
with the box below stairs. The pre-,
finct was almost solid Republican,
end when each man cave m and vot
ed the jiuU'e below stairs said m a
loud voice, -Mr. So and So votinu.
end the nidi up sti'.-r ci;l...!y depos
ited in his box one Demount ic ticket.
The two pemotralic .indues ;.t the
clos-e of day then uu:;e,tcl ih.H all
and take a drink. They cart fully
locked the door, utter turnu.t: even
one out. and wish the liepubhcnn
JucUe. went to the Hack .U ihe s'.ii'le,
l:i the tiaikuess, ;i..i mere th- on
i..i i,muihr:i gallon )UK ol "lllte
l-.i-htn'riK. While tli
suit of the election, or mho says it aint
fair, can settle with my triena nere,
and he pointed to his shootins iron.
There were no disputants, but
Oh vou polities'.
At an election in Wyoming I over
heard the following conversation be
tween the circuit rider and one of the
bovs: .
Where were you born." asked the
I Methodist minister. .
! -Death Gnleah." remarked the
i Cowboy.
' "Christian parents. I suppose,
said the parson.
Sure," was the answer.
"What persuasion?'- went on the
minister. ,
The cowboy hesitated, scratched
the ground with his spur, blew out a
lone blast of smoke from his cigarette
and said. -Same as mine. Smith and
The minister collapsed, il.e cow
man had mixed tip persuader and per
suasion. At a Co!oradrt election.
"Mr. Jones ou are sure;. , , .
the prohibition ticket."
-Sure." says Jones, but I'm dry as
shin "
-That'- nice of you. U.:i over
home; Jack has a bottle of re.,l pod
Oh vou politics!
- The Innocent Abroad.
The late Dr. Watt Ash
craft office.
Office Phone 113. Res. 53-J
Office over Union Drug Co.
Telephone 4rt-J.
ill ii
FOK A I TO CAM. No. 3.
(Jood Cars.
Caivful Drivers.
We are always in the market fot
Iron, metal of all kinds, bones, paper,
ptc Open every day.
Near FreieM Depot
M. C. Howie
i:i FCTr.icAi. covnacron
The years of satisfactory work
that we have done for the people
of Monrce is the best recommend
ation for any one seeking an elec
trical contract. We solicit yours on
the basis of this reputation.
W.C i .I:
-in ca
ill its
.avia" ui'sian
box f"oii.
and dcpec-if
; lace.
tri'.'tlds c;,,i ,e
w:.s . :l
:.umii- on in
m Uau been
s down and
:.,i'S 11,1-
the vote. H
x fviencK theie v eif i..'c
in that i!lat-e :lu.t nW'-.l tin ti
dei ! here. Tlo-ie h- ii .t
vi in., ,,i et tier ' ,1 nua.-.
Get a bottle from your dnisnist
It's Ciiiaranteed.
5 HI! STANLY SlI.I'S l t.
AlbeinarlP. - N. C.
Mate Rrou jj
-trri. r -
'1 I
Mils. (,li(. i. SiOYAI.I., W
:2 I raukin St. Hj
S.-4S.J y
l will
' irai-
cr." o'C, than you eei ne.nu.
Vn in Virsiuia. I'olliics are .-iiaiie
sometime-,. K.r insiar.c they have
a rettulaiic.it ! ,'u'r' '; A lml". h" ;
to be able to read and explain at .east ,
cne paragraph of the consii'.unoii ot ,
the state. One day I was around
vhen the board was uuulilyin.L voters
I'p conies a man and they took his
r.ame. etc.. and one of the !,ialiders
reuiarUed to him casually, you re a ;
rer-.ncrat." The man said -Certainly ,
lam." wherranon te-ehniiumn ol I he,
board said, "Kead that." and pointed,
I, a paragraph of the const. tut ion
which lay primed in t.iu .pe oi the
table The candidate read stiiinhlinp
1v -There shall be a Governor and (
Li'eu.enant Governor." "Do you know
,-hat that means?" the chairman as
ed. "Sullenly 1 do. sah'. said tne
pian It means that there shall be a
Governor like Mr. Hope Tyler is now.
to rule the state."
That will do." said the cha.nnan.
Up comes another man. "Nou re a
Republican," remarked the sain b
standor as before. "I sure am, said
lh "Kead "i hat." said the chairman
The state shall have the ritiht ot
eminent domain," read the man clear
" " "Whafi that?" asked the chair
man. -Damfiuo." said the candidate
for" voting honors. "Sorry but under
the law m vou cannot read and inter
pret a paragraph of the consn.ut.on
of the state of Virginia, you are dis
qualified as a voter."
The man w , , '
"What does that mean.' the bv-,
zander asked the chairman. Dam-j
flno" said the chairman, but l was
told' to ask all the Republican, that
rth vou politics!
M v ne ;t observation of the working
of 'the political machine as ' the
creat state of Kentucky.
E Just before election day. the friend
at vliose home 1 was t otM.inp -ed
from a messier a note and this
fs how U read: "We . indewand .hat
vou are tixins to vote for Mr.- -Cut
it out. or you will have a Msit
front the committee."
' T asked friend why he shot; 1
not allow the committee to visit hnu.
He explained that the committee was
B body of gentlemen who rode out at
nlchts for their health, and incident
r called on people who did not vote
as they wanted then, and administer
ed a coat of tar and feathers of a se
vere castration."
Oh vou politics.
V. ..h mm! inn. 1 innocently
.k"d: "I the 'Republican party
Jo1t in this r.ater; fnd . he man
from whom I en uire .u.,...
londerlnplyand said; "Only ... ,
It's dead; been dead a long time
';.?",. , ..,,, rt ml innocently apa.n.
:n:.. .v. ,... vote the
sure y .o ui, ,
,i..uot "Thcv may. h
r.77.M Ohio. Here they are too
huv on election day to vote.
Oh you politics!
... in one of the coun
ties. It was the day before elect .on
I was in the courthouse and to n.j
inmrise fotumlttes was f.ts.ng up the
m . nnt l PUD
e,T.," ,..,:,"",That elect. Bill there
.i,..i,"f tab" treasurer, and Whitney
rut i " -
unaitenf fit f
" i romnrted. "But tO-
1 lllliwcuiij 1 ' . . .. ti
i. oioMinn rfav." "That a all
murium io jvti-'w.. ... .
n v cald one. "We will be too
buny to worry with it. Rodeo, on
and anyone who doesn't like the re-
AUTO Tractor School
LanierUniversily Co-Educational
Uepo:.,.. an AUTO or T K AC I Oil Mb
demand. Hi- position open. Be a
leader-a master. Arm and Tractor
Mechanics earn
$.,Oii lii tttMMH Annually
We guide vou step by step. You
learn to do by doinjj. Short courses
Terms reasonable. Diplomas con
ferred Don't delay. Kull informa
tion free. Send for it "NOW". Enter
.ta.i. 1st or any time. Write also for
Law, rharmary. Business Courses.
Music. Literary Courses, Expression
and Domestic Science, i These last
courses open to women also. I
I. AM lilt t'NTVERslTY, Allan!:., tin.
Fowler & Lee Stable
Monroe, X. C.
Phone 308.
Residence Phore 159-J.
i:l-.Stl K OK LAND.
By virtue ot an order made by R.
W. Leiuuiond. Esq.. Clerk of the Su
perior Court of Union County la the
Special Proceeding entitled "Anna L.
Garland. Administratrix, et al.
Charlea F. Garland, the Sike Com
panv. tt al." the undersigned will on
Nat unlay. January UK
12 o'rkHk in.,
at the Court House door in Monroe.
X C, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder the following tracta
of land, lying and being in Buford
Township, adjoining the lands of K.
B. Laney. the Huntley land and oth-'
era. and bounded a follows:
Ki.i tract: Beginning at a stone In
an old road by hickory and 2 P. O'a.
Garland's comer, and runs with 2 of
C. arland s lines, 1st S. IT E. 75-100
chs. to a stone in said line by a hick
ory and 2 P. O s. a corner of division;
thence a division line due Kast 23.65
cbs. to a stone in Huntley's line by 3
pines; thence with said line N. 19 1-2
K. 5.23 chs. to a White OakSouth
.lid near a spring: thence S. 72 1-2
K S.t.O chs. to a stone about 40 links
-t.uth of Buck Branch; thence N.
' 1-2 K. i; ."0 chs. to a pine knot and
stene bv P. O. & V. a division co.--:er
ami in Huntley's line; thence due
West with K. B. Laney's line 34. SO
chs. to a stone in J. A. Garland's
line bv B. C. and 3 pines; thence
with 2 his lines. 1st S. 6 W. S.23 chs..
to a sione, 20 links X of a P. O.
pointer; 2nd. S. 13 E. Mo chs. to
.he befiluaing. containing 56.31
acres, more or less, save and except
in n..,v. viiieh nar.lv used as a
grave yard and is hereby set apart
tor use of said Laney lamiiy anu ior
u i.f while nersons onlv.
' SECOND TKACT: Adjoining the
lands of Caswell Williams, V. U.
Kobertson. S. A. Williams and oth
ers, and bounded as follows:
Bet-inning at a pine stake. Cas
wiilimin corner bv 2 hickories,
p O. nnd dead pine, and runs with
his line & S. A. Williams' line S. 4
2-4 W. 123 3-4 poles to a pine knot
In Koberison's line by 3 B. J.. Wiatt
Bibb's corner; thence wit pine stump
bv B. J.. P. O.. U. O.. pine nnd dog
wood; 2nd, S. S 1-2 W. 105 poles to
a P. O. slump and pine knot. CO links
North of a drain by a P. O. and 3
pints: thence with K. A. Armfield's
line X. 71 3-1 K- 47-6 Voles to a
small P. 0. and pine knot by a P. O.
. i .... t n i. v' pnr
H lino pines, n-u,
U net thence with 4 of her lines. 1st.
P X. 17 1-4 K. m.60 poles to a stone.
a 'little L of the wagon road in the
field: 2nd. X. 87 3-4 W. o poles to a
ioiie in an old road: 3rd. X. 43.t'.0
poles to a stone. 20 links X. W. of a
'. O. poiniirs; 4th. X. " 3-4 i: 101.
2o poles to a pine knot and Pile of
stones in or near Adolphus Parker's
line bv 4 pines; thence with said
Parker's line X. 6 1-4 W. !? poles,
passing her and Caswell Williams
corn, r stake nt about & 2-4 poles to
.he be-Mt'iiins. containing 108 acres,
rum- or less. (See deed from C. X.
Simpson to .1. A. Garlands. Hook 20.
P ;"."3. in Register's office i. less 50
ncr.s sold off to James W. Williams
on 1st Dec, ltUl. as follows:
Beginning at a pine knot by -hickories
and P. O.. Caswell II
Ih'iiis' corner, and runs thence with
ti-e S. A. Williams' corner, and runs
thence will, the S. A. Williams line
S 5 1-2 W. 20.30 chs. to n pine knot
i.v 2 dogwoods, P. O. fc B. J- 1" "aid
lin- thence with a new division line
S. S5 1-2 E. 24.17 chs to a rock by
a persimmon tree and 4 small pines
in the original line; thence X. 6 1-2
: E. 20.30 chs. passing K. u. uaue
i corner and with his line to a pine ;
I knot and pile of stones In or near;
I Adolphus Parker's line, 44 pines; i
I thence with said Parker's line X. 8o
; 1-2 W. 24.75 chs., passing said Cash-,
' 'sii WiltinniK corner stake nt about i
121.60 chs. to the beginning, contain-
ing 50 ncres. more or less, being a
I part of the 108 acres described above
(see Book 46. P. 513 in the Regis-
We are running a bank for the public one that
considers only you and your needs.
We are not so much concerned over what we
think is reasonable and proper as we are over the
handling of your affairs to your entire satisfaction.
if sound banking practice will permit your every
wish will be granted here.
til t I TDirs NOTICE.
lla'.-it.g (iiialilied before the Clerk
.ei' ihe Superior Court of i nion coun
lv as eeeutor of the estate of' 'the
lute .Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Kuleiiwider,
this is to notify all persons bidding
ciaims against the decci'.sed to pre
sent them to the undersigned on or
before .he 14th day of Xov., I!i20, or
this notice will bar them of the right
of recover). All persons-indebted to
the deceased are requested, to make
prompt payment.
This 14th day of Nov., l!Ufl.
Kr. of the estate of Mr. and Mrs. G.
O. Knit nwlder. Newberry, C
North Carolina. I'nion County, Su
perior Court: Fred K. Owen?. I'laln
"llff. vs. Dora Owens, Defendant.
The defendant above named, Dora
Owen, will lake notice that an action
cut il led as above has been comnieuceu i (pr,g offlfp )
in the Superior Court of Union county j T))e ,llujerspne(i Commissioner by
to secure an absolute divorce on the of a R,iPpleinental order made
ground of adultery; and mm tne sa.u hy J))e fm)rt ,a authorUed and em
defendant will further take notice .(re(1 t0 eli 1he interest of Rll
that she is required to appear at the ; '.,, jn ,he above-entitled lands,
office of the Clerk of the Superior , ,..,,,,, rinwer Interest of Mrs.
Court, at the courthouse in Mnnroe;iAnna Garland, and the purchaser
North Carolina, on the 17th day fjwll, KPt' a g00(i fee simple title to
said lands. .... .
Terms of sale: 1-3 cash. 1-3 In 4
I months, and the remalnding 1-3 In
I R months from th confirmation of
the sale with option to the purchaser
! to nav all casli.
j Bidding on the two tracts will be
! glu at $5,000.
This 19th daw.of Dec., 1S1!).
j A. M. STACK. Com.
! Stack 4 Parker & Craig. Attorneys.
!.,,, n.-v 1150 and answer or demur
to the complaint in said action, or the
plaintiff will apply to the court for the
relief demanded in said complaint.
This 12th dav of December, 1919.
R. W. I.EMMOXD. C. S. C.
Stack, Parker & Craig. Attys,
oft as the peteled hearts
of the rose from whenca
its fragrance came
"just little better than the
one yon thought was best"
that is
Fsce Powder
In th vord of Edith Stony.
popular motion picture ttart
"lt nojisit trslnnee.
dainty ttUtmcm nd
charm, will hnd usvikii
frivndt urnons the meet
duenmincuni women.
Other Dv Drcm Etmdoir Crea
tion are Prrlnma. Toilet Water
Talc, Sachet, taep.
Bohona Drug Co.
n n I
m reasons :
the woman's
tonic, for your troubles,
nave Deen snown in
thousands of letters from
actual users of this medi
cine, who speak from
personal experience. If
the results obtained by
other women for so many
years have been so uni
formly Rood, why not
give Cardui a trial?
i k Millions limn:
W W a e w weew kfl 1
1 IN
AlA. ST-r-fi JK .MA kl bellies 1
XAJ N all my work." E-80
Mrs. Alary J. Irvin, ol
Cullen, Va., writes:
"About 11 years ago, I
suffered untold misery
with female trouble, bearing-down
pains, head
ache, numbness ... I
would go for three weeks
nlmost bent double . . .
My husband went to Dr.
for Cardui
taking about two
becan coine
around and wbea i took
three bottles I could do
all my work." E-80
Dr. Edward J. Williams
The lute Dr. Kubaiik's Resilience
To the Taxpayers of Union County,
North Carolina:
Vnder the Revaluation Act as pass
ed bv the General Assembly of North
Carolina, Kesnlon of 1919, all personal
properly will have to be lifted as of
the ftj-sl day of January.
I hereby notify all taxpayers to
make an Inventory of all personal
property on the first day of January,
1920, in order that they may know
what property they had at that time.
Merchants must take slock on the
first' of January so as to know what
amount or stock they had on hand to
gether with the amount of open ac-
itnunl. rlltp them.
1 would surest that all taxpayers
take stork of all corn, wheat, oats,
fodder, cotton baled and in seed,
meat, lard, flour, and all provisions,
live stock, watton. bi.KKies, automo
biles, farming Implements and all oth
er property including money on hand
and In bank and any. moneys that may
be due them in order that they may
be able to make Intelligent returns of
iwhnt they have on the Bret or janua
! rv 1920.
I ' The personal proper.- will he list
!ed by appointments In the different
townships as heretofore.
! The places and times for listinc
, personal property will be advertised
'hereafter for the different townships.
so as to let the taxpayers ku i.t
to-meet r.ie and my assietants.
There is a severe penalty fcr uil
ere to comply lh the law.
31. L. FLOW, County Supervisor
OfBrrt eassseesassswea .
at - "
When you have
Money you have
Have you ever noticed that when a man is known to
have money in the bank he invariably has friends,
many friends? Not necessarily because he has mon
ey, but because the possession of a banking account
is a strong indication of his success in life and suc
cessful men art always admired.
AVe invite you to open an account with us today.
The Savings, Loan and Trust Co.
R. B. Redwinc, President. H. E. Clai k. Cashier
n fv
.-kauri I
c a package
before the war
c a package
during the war
c a package
Feel Like Home.
The visitor at the aylum paused be
fore a lunatic who alternately amote
Why do you do that?" he asked.
"Because." Quoted the nut, "it
his head with a Hammer ana suiiieuieeis w tuuu -" -'

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