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Tin: momsoi" joiuxai.. ti i:snv. jamaky . 1920.
It makes a prettier ceiling Is
cheaper than wood Easier ap
plied and done quicker Takes
less paint Lasts just as long
"Nuf ced; ask us about it.
We Can
Brighten Your Home
unit aiiJ considerably to it comtort
and airacl;eiiess by the use of prop
er lighting.
We hae just received a shipment of
teauiifiil I1I5TI.I.K I.AMIN. which
were ordered for Holiday trade. On
account of their late arrival these
!.u.i;s will be sacrificed at almost
one-half theiractn.il value.
If jou will step into our stre we
v i be glad to show you lhee lamps
M. C. Howie, Electrical Contractor.
You UKiy not I"' particular about dress or style
but cannot afford nt to W particular about the
ti-.inss you cat. In tin' first place you want the
tr.iius you cat clean ;ik1 fresh. Yc have a clean.
r:vh and new stuck of fancy and heavy rccries.
Next you want variety. Man is so eoiistituted
that he cannot live u one kind of food. We have
the greatest variety and our stock is as complete
as will he found auvwlicrc.
We are ,u'in; to have a special sale of Octagon
Soap Friday, January Mil. Thirteen cakes for
This price is for that day only.
J. F. CARTER, Manager.
482 " PHONES 486
V "Vi . tu'ttA 111 fcr f 1
uir mm
WW - : 7KU
We wish you a most Happy and
Prosperous New Year
Your;Mnl Will and Fin Spirit of Co-operation has resulted In
an enlarged ability cud willingness for service on Ihe part of Ihls
Here I" to Hie licafMi pf each rtieiid and patron of our store:
may our relations grow closer. our place in ur grocery purchasing
become larger, is the wish that accompanies this New Venn
Riveting, i
? PHONE ol
IM4W sr.
M.iislivillc l.uj Holiday JvaMiu.
M jrsli. ille, Juu. 5. The o'.lege
Ikijs and girls reluctantly abstain. ted
the Kuiely of Ihe past two weeks and j
j The attractive home f Mrs. J. K.
; Laney u the s.'cue Friday evening
ol an iii'eiesiuu gathering. Ihe occa
sion n : u surprise dinner si veil ill
.......... ..t" . I . I ..... l.i-tl..l-i.
'. , , . , , ... , sum which probaMv bciok.-:is a pros
.the brothers and MMers and other . ..... ...
retimed to lhe:r resicctive dutlcj
this week. The merchants are all '
i!.imi..!i lukini: (link and most of
ihci.i are w taring a pleasant cpre-
iein!'i I ihe iuii'.iei:?!e family
I Wi re present and the hours paused
only too r.1 1 idly with reminiscences
fc.iil days. .Mr. l.ane.i is the third
!so,i ol the tale Al.x A. Lmey and
IMis. M.u Kliz.ib-ih Lauey. there be
, mii l lve i !uli'.iiii in I lie fatnilj. ten
of whom attained their majority. Mr.
' Frank Laney 's home now stand on
the pardon spot of the old homestead
I where he was liotn in biii. Those in
jxited to t'ie d. nner parly were:
I Mr. mid Mrs. George S. Lee and son.
j Archie Laney l.'c of St Louis, Mr.
'and Mm. 0. IV Laney. Mr. and Mrs.
I ("has. V. Aysrue. Mrs. H. II. Laney.
, Mm. I.iira Lvans. Mrs. Vircinia L. Pa
Uis, Miss Isatielle Laney of Charlotte.
I Mr. and Mrs. Heuih Lee. Messrs. K.
;.. Francis and Alex Laney and Miss
Mary Oeane Laney.
perous year al au cud and Ihe out
look for another good one not bad.
Nearly evi ry one seems heller of their
bad colds and indigestion incident to
Christina-; tcai-tni and frolickiuc; so
on Ihe v. hole we believe every thiliK
has about toiton down to normal
limes ai:aiu after spinnliiiR ihe festive
M-ason on its way.
Aiuon?; the social affairs of last
week was a watch nij:hi parly fivn
by Miss Mable Lous on New Year'u
eve. Miss lieruii'ce I'hifer a.ain en
loriaiuetl the joliim people on Friday
eveniii)!. Haneini: was the feature or
both events which insured the pleas
ere of the pilosis. Prof. II. L.
sers has been quite sick with grippe
lor several days. Mrs. II. C. Cun
nincham and children are the guests
of Mrs. Cunningham's sisler. Mrs. J.
in. ISailey. Mr. V. G. McBrlde and
Mr. K. L. Davis and danshter of amilv h"ve ""l" ,hoir '"".JJ'
n,H ky Mount spent Saturday and Llame Har ns of Polk on
iih Mr. and Mrs. John Ful- f 1 .": V., " :; " o. '. .: . ,
Ma!thow relumed lo her home Sat-
Mr. T. Jeff Little of I nionville hag ' 'lay after spendhig severs day. with
K U. ...... f ,1... I....ur 1 n.rhv " MSiei, .M IB. H. 1.. UIIIUI1. HO.
SiMiday w
M M u i -rna.i. win- wv ii , . .... iiu r r I ilia vr-imi.
.ending the holidays with her l- !f 8 T , 11 a ,0 ,e -Comrad of the American
rents. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Stack, re- m 1 ,,r' ' h.f . , gion. we are here io.,ih. and an
farm in north Hichniond county. Mr.
Little and his family will leave for
their new home Wednesday.
Miss Maude stalling has returned
home alter a visit to Cheraw.
Miss Lillian Stack, who has been
turned last niuht lo Washington.
where she holds a ciil service position.
The Wesley an l'liiiai li'a class of
Central Methodist church will meet
with Mrs. Kugene Ashciaft Tuesday
evening in i :.('.
Mi. C. W. Siuiih has returned to
illiiis after a pleasant visit to Con-
Mioses Until and Pattie Sue Free
.. . . . . i i ..
t.ian ol ttnimci reiuriu'ii uuiur
u.day after spending a few days wutu
rclath es here.
Mrs. F. II Wolfe is in Charlotte
with hei Mster, Miss Hetilali frice.
who is undergoing hospital treatment.
Mrs. Thomas II. Allen of Green
wood. S. C. Is visiting her sister,
Mrs. V. J. Ilollaway.
Misses Guerard Stack and May
fleasley entertained a few friends at
a dinner party last evening at fhe
home of Miss Beasley the honorees
being Misses Kuth Moore and Ssther
Sut tie of Shelby. Other guests pres
ent were Messrs. John Douglas, More-
head Slack, Dewey Kncllsh, Harry co
ble. Mr. and 'Mrs. G. II. Caldwell.
Mr. W. F. Hetilon. Jr., and little
daughter of Cheraw, Mr. mm .Mrs.
Herman P.enton of Abbeville sim-hi
last week with Mr. and Mrs. . f.
and Mrs. Seymore Taylor were in
town one day last week greeting their
many friends. This was Mrs. Taylor's
first visit here since moving to Mor
ven. Mr. James Morgan, who was
carried to Presbyterian hospital at
Charlotte last Wednesday for an op
eration. Is doing well since under-
' .''- . '--!
(((':; )
I s
S vsi' -v '."' v'v s
W-' in
Marshville did not have a deal h
from drinking poison whiskey, but
that is not saying there was no whH
key drunk here. There was, if :bcre
is any truth in the saying, "your nose
knows." Fortunately, however, 'h-re
was no rowdy conduct on the sttoeis'
that has been heard of, which tvr-!
tainly breaks the precedent.
We are glad to announce that the:
street lights of our city are once
more In good working order. Doubt-'
less the rewatks that were being
hurled hi their general direction oy !
Ihe citizens stirred them to actio:i.
Or perhays they were merely wnilln J.
for ihe moon to shine again so they
would have company.
Mr. and Mrs. Benson Marsh moved
Saturday to their farm in the Gilboa 1
section. Mr. Marsh has been with
the Maish-Bownian Company for sev
The following tribute to the Amer
ican dead, who lie in France, in this
country, and at the bottom of the
Atlantic, was given by Major Hugh
Hinde at the American Legion Ban
quet, which was held al the Joflre
Hotel Friday evening:
(iii nd
us Is every sign of joyous festivity
i that il is possible to have al this our
tlrsl reu i on of the New Year,
i "Hut no matter what joyous occa
sion we may attend, or what festivi
ties we may have, at no lime does the
They died as victors, having carved
their names on the deathless pages
or history in letters of flaming fire.
"All nations have their ranks of
knighthood, their crosses and their
decorations, but who will dare to de
ny that the wooden cross that marks
the soldier's grave is not the greatest
murk of chivalry that's known to
"We, their comrades, as we pledge
Iheir memories tonight, pledge our
selves that the charier of liberty
they have gained for the whole
... i ...in i . .. ... t.....i t .. .i
true member of our Legion for one I " ""umuhicu .., ...
moment forget that these festivities : ,1"- children after lis. mis., lied and
were made possible lo us hv the su- nwnihejl full a:id uucurtailed down
pre.ne sacrifice of those of our com- lhe corridor of lime,
fades who have gone over "lo rest mi-' "Coiuiad. s. let us drink, standing
der the shade of Ihe trees'." and in silence, with bowed heads,
"Some sleep beside their comrades while 'Tups' are sounded, to the ineiu
iinder the wooden cross in far oiT ory tf the Fallen Brave."
lands, over some the ocean sinws
her ceaseless dirge, and some rest In
the nearer churchyards among their
kith and kin at home. Their glory Is
undying and everlasting, I heir mem
ories Immortal. They served the
Hag. for it fell gloriously, and now
.. v "i"l'ii; " ..... ,,. i. .hude. A
erul years. The town regrets to lose ,i ... .i,.. .,...
I'Mlllll. Illlli. Minim., i.. in' ii .
these good people.
Mr. W. G. Ilea run spent the week
end In Bishopville, S. C. j
is the wonder of the known world.
To thore who resl in Flanders fields.
Or 'ueath the Popples lie;
And those who left us here at home
To join ihe ranks on High.
Whether they fell In camp or field,
On ocean waves or shore,
All glory to our Fallen now- -
Yes, and foever more.
Hugh Hinde.
Miss Lillian Cole of Waynesville
arrived yesterday to assume her du
ties as Home Demonstration Ageni
rr ihl niiiniv. The past year she
terved in this en parity in Montgom
ery county and Is most efficient and
. -
Miss Janie Sanders has resigned
her position In the Fltvt .National
Bark to accept work In the Ilegister
of Deeds of (ice. Miss Lucile Ma ran
ha, taken Miss Sanders place in tne
Mi- mid Mis. Fred West, who have
been living In Nashville. Tenn.. for a
number of months, have returned 10
Monroe and expect to make their
home here.
Mr. Furiiian Maness of Elberton,
Gsi.. is the guest or tils parent, wr.
and Mrs. T. V. Maness.
Mr. . F.. Stewart has resigned a
cashier of Ihe Bank of Hemlet and
has been appointed deputy clerk of
Superior court to succeed Mr. .?. H.
Price. Mr. Stewart has been in Ham
let and his many friends are glad that
he has derided to return.
Miss Eleanor Beasley and Mr.
! George Frederick of Wilmington were
. . c A.-ai.ln? a fhn
i married -hmii..ii' -.rin..-i
Ihnnie of the bride's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. G. M. Beaslev. Hev. John A.
' Wrav performed the ceremony, fol-
lowine w on ii in'- ."
for Wilmington, their future home.
The Camp Fi'c Oil's entertained at
n lo.tp year pn-tv last Flldiiv evening
I Each girl Invl'ed a bnv una esrorieu
'him lo the club room In the ritv hall
'which was attractively decorated w-ith
! poliiseltas. Chiif'ins bells and ce
dars. After a (Micioiis salad course
I was served th o"tig people repair
ed in (he Strand Theatre. .Miss Sa
rah Welsh w.n chnp"i(ne for the oc-1
Mrs. J. E. Clnrv of Atlanta has ar
! rived for an e ten-led visit lo her
! mother, Mrs. C. W. Burner.
Cut Flowers
Floral designs, wedding boquets. A
and flow ers of all kinds. X
rrices reasonable. j
X We make shipments to Waxhaw, A
Marshville, Wlngate and other I
? nearby towns.
At I'nlon IriiK Co. Phone 221.
Tli conpbt Electric Light and
Powar PUnt
Endorsed by more than 70000 sat
isfied users throughout the world.
Monroe Fleet rlc Service Company,
A. L. Heldermnn, Manager.
Wanted It lllght.
Nancy was saying her prayers.
"And. please, God." she petitioned,
"make Boston the capital of Ver
mont." "Why Nancy!" exclaimed her
shocked mother. "What made you
Bay that?"
" "Cause I made il that way on my
examination papers to-day and I want
it to be right."
"Who live In that big house on
the runic ;. Dennis?"
"The widdv O'Malley, sor, only she
is dead.""
"Indeed. 'When did she die?"
"If she had lived next Sund.-vy, sor,
she would have been dead a year."
" ..................... . ...... I .. . .... . ... .. ...... ......
The MiHlcm Answer. ' Two snull chaps were boasting
"What was Noah supiw-d to be; about their relatives
loing while the animals wer? passing; "Aly father." said one, has a
into the Ark?" asked th Sunday wooden leg."
school tei-cher 1 """' ,h , !hpr'
Takln' ticke.s." promptly replied, nothing at all. .My sister has a cedar
one Joiing feliow. , chest."
Moiiiiw Market
Itowden - -1H
Short cotton 39 4
Cotton seed $112 W
Hens 75 to SO
Young chickens 40 to
Butter 35 to 40
Hams 30 to 35
Eggs 0
Irish potatoes 11.50
Sweet potatoes $1.25
Vn..l 40
3 Farms
For Sale
Apply to
N. C. English
Monroe, N. C.
52 1-3 Acres
At Union Grove, about
nine or ten miles north of
Monroe. Extra good com
munity church, school
etc. House, barn, water,
timber and good land.
Price per Acre $50.00
119 Acres
On public road between
Marshville and Pageland.
Two tenant houses, barns,
plenty of wood and good
community. About one
mile north of Walter's
Store and known as Burnt
House place.
Price per Acre $33.00
75 Acres
Four and one-fifth miles
north of Marshville, on
main highway, between
Marshville and Olive
Land lies well almost
level. Lots of old field tim
ber. No buildings.'
Price per Acre $43.00
Tnrh. 30 AAAAAA.XW
Rabblti i ...... 2" J$5"M

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